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27 Oct
Bible Quiz

Posted by computervision in Education | Oct. 27, 2015 | 109 Comments

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In this Bible Quiz FREE App, we have two main categories:
- Bible for Kids
- Bible for All

Bible Quiz FREE game will quiz your knowledge of the holy book. Challenge yourself with thousands of original Bible trivia questions! Have fun and God bless!

Thanks for using Bible Trivia, do not forget to rate or let some comment to help us improving this app.

computervision part of our Education and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Oct. 27, 2015. Google play rating is 87.5853. Current verison is 2.4.3. Actual size 3.6 MB.

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clement obajuluwa

Bible Quiz for kid It's interesting and educative. A must have for every home

John Radford

No opinions please, just questions otherwise fine app

shirley winters

Bible Trivia! It very motivation for teacher children at home and church on their tablet on the go!

Moreñita Hernandez

Love It!!!! I don't know the bible 100% but I am learning all though the question about Genesis 21:9 that one The answer seemed wrong so I looked it up and it was wrong so this app may have a few flaws no one is perfect It still is helpful I think this app challenges you to want to study more that way you can know more about God. I reccommend this app I don' think you will find a perfect app out there

LISA Oconnor

HEALING in its own way - Between the Nightly News & daily Mean Spirited human beings -we ALL have to deal with eachother- right? ITS NICE TO TURN MY HEAD OFF & THINK ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE PURE, HOLY & RIGHT. AND... ITS S I M P L E. THANK TOU

Victor Oluwaseyi

PERFECT It bruises your ego if you think you are a Master of the Bible. GOD bless All that put this app together.

Shamara Walker

An amazing way to learn the Bible it's amazing! I didn't know much about the Bible and it teaches me new things daily.

Rhodes Autry

R It looks like a neat game but the answer for the day that Adam was created was said to be on the 8th day which is incorrect. An incorrect answer on any educational software really bugs me, but especially on the subject of the Bible.

Donna Morgan

Awesome way to learn the Bible I have no honesty say that I do think this Bible trivia is a very good way to check yourself plus learn more about the Bible !!! :)

Kelsy G

Typos... and doctrinal controversies I'm fine with not always agreeing 100% with Christians from different denominations... it was interesting getting a question on defining "tongues" incorrectly. A language that I speak to God with that doesn't necessarily have human interpretation. But typos. Angles instead of angels. Just makes the app seem.... unreliable. I'd prefer less controversial questions and no typos.

Susan Minor

I have a massive appetite! Knowing learning about God is so extremely exciting to me. Hard to explain, its like I can't get enough of God I want to learn every aspect I can of him to know him his character is built in all that He has done and will do and that's to know him and through tests when your answering the questions you're thinking about it and it sticks with you in all actuality your learning the traits of God that he has instilled in others dad will recorded in the Bible.

Jadia Hale

Amazing This is the best bible trivia quiz I ever had .they got some great questions the only problem is that they repeat questions whoever think this game is horrible shame on them

Daniel Peterson

Add scriptural references please WARNING!! Be careful, make sure to verify answers in this app with the Bible. Answers are not always accurate according to scripture. Please add scriptural references to answers so we can verify its accuracy with the Bible.

Sunshine Johnson

Full of wrong unbiblical answers A lot of these questions have blatant wrong answers, not good for kids or new bible believers who don't know bible truths...smh SAD

Emmanuel Ojiah

Too easy All questions are too easy and childish, I want some good challenge.

Cheryl Cates

Cheryl It's fun and it'll sure show me where in the Bible I need to study more

Venice Lawrence

Include Bible verses for answers, & u get full rating. Still, this is an informative app

Faseluka Samuel

Very good. Thy word that I've hidden in my heart that I may not sin against thee. Psalm 119 vs 11

Tony Cicirello

Good app Interface is easy to use. Going to try it with my family. Would like to see more age ranges for children. Perhaps 5 and under, then by grades, 1 to 3, 4-6, middle school, high school. The concern is reading and compression. A preschooler wouldn't have been exposed to some of the questions asked of children and (maybe some adults too if newly saved) and could become discouraged. Also for future consideration, some graphics and sounds for successful completion of an entire quiz.

Lloren Lee

Great Christian education! Very good bible facts and i love the reference to the scriptures you get when you click the light bulb!

Renee Webb

Good stuff This can really help with learning and remembering Gods Word.

Chinelle Kas

Most amazing app ever. I think this app is just like reading the Bible accept it's a little bit more challenging then I expected.

Jaxin Imoh

Lovely. Just that you need to include "where to find answers" for further clarification.

Alice Simpson

O how i loved the name Jesus It's. The sweeties the name, i no


"Good for christian " It good and helpful for me and it good for you too, please installed.

Kyle Berner

Shockingly inaccurate In multiple instances the answers provided by this app disagree with defining bible verses which are clear and in agreement across all reputable translations. It is also highly repetitive.

Autumn Henkel

Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE this app. It teaches me more about God, and brings me closer to him!!! I really do love this app!!!

Ruthann Kelley

Bible quiz Very good keeps you on your toes.

Kyle Harwell

Wow This is another app with too many wrong answers. Shame on you creators for not doing your research if you didn't know the answers to your own questions. I strongly recommend not downloading this app. Too many wrong answers. Not safe for your soul!!!!

Myrrh Quintana

Very easy, not challenging. I wish it will have stages of difficulties.

Marilyn Miller

Wonderful let me know what I need to read over again

Yolanda Quintana

I like it it has been teaching me a lot. Makes me look in the bible to verify the answer.


lt will blow your mind..wooow!! This is exactly what l have been looking for all this while. Open your mind in the bible with this....Fantastic app.....

Asha Jagdeo

I love the Lord. This will help a lot.

Eva Lam

Wonderful It's good but I disagree with some of the not biblical

Judith Ashelin

I use Bible Quiz Everyday! I would like to see scripture for the answers. My only complaint. Enjoying so much. Helps me remember my Bible! I use it everyday.

Jerry Liner

As for the ads to tell the truth, I ignore them anyway, but I love the game although you may want to actually get your Bible out and check the accuracies.

Yolanda Everline

ADS Intrusive! A lot of Christian apps are lame for different reasons. This is one of them. The ADS are distracting from the quiz. I know it's free, but still could be better. I don't understand why we can't make apps with more excellence. Not even worth 1 star really, could be, but not with ads like this.

Joe S

Warning: Not Biblical States as an answer that the Kenites survived the flood. This is not true according to Genesis 7:23. I have not continued, so I am not sure if there are any other red flags.


Bible quiz Am really enjoying it and it is really challenging me to read the Bible very well.

Rea Johnson

Problem solver Help me to stay in correct fashion with bible parables.

Eze Chuks

It keeps me updated to the word of God , nice one.

Leviticus Ra-Zamien

Keeps me on my toes and encourages me to go back and study.

Erick Tanudjaja

We are like it .for pratice,Good apps

Yanick-Noah Tuzolana

Bible Very good app for people

Ajish Aj

Worst App Many answers are wrong. Example God created 6th day not on the 8th day as mention in the quiz

Gerri Perez

Great family game.

Renelle Laborde

Its the best

Chab Roderno

AwesOme!!! It measure my knowledge about bible! So Awesome!!

Altoria Horne

LOVE IT Great way to freshen up on the bible! !!! !

Carolyn Wilson

Bible quiz Why would a donkey not say "bray bray?" A bray is the sound made by a donkey. Check your dictionary. Also questions about animal noises are not biblical questions.

Joseph Christian Cruz

Catholic & Anti-Protestant Quizzes This app is Anti-Protestant, and Catholic heresy. The first question was about the Apocryphal books and substantiates Catholic claims. Do not download, Christians. May God bless & correct this Bible app. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Daf Hila

Good day.. Thanks i love it... Please but questions are small... Please add to them.. Ok...

Bradley van Rij

Awesome quiz Wow! I really love this Qiuz! You can choose how many questions you would like to answer and the range between difficult and easy is wide. Love it?

Elmer Booc

Blessed I have been blessed by this app for me not a frequent reader of the Bible can find really interesting Bible facts.. God Bless you guys

Deshawn Davis

Bible trivia million quiz I was excited to try out a new bible game my dad is strict on the bible we a seventh day Adventist we go to church on Saturday and I have fun playing bible trivia million quiz I hope everybody rates you guys give stars the game is so fun I got all the questions righr on his mode now I am going to get out new modes of the game I am having alor of fun like always.

Sandy Parker

Thank you for putting bible games on here,

Caylin Fletcher

Not that bad It's okay, but, It doesn't always tell the truth about things. Just my opinion. And its easy for me, mostly because i go to church every Saturday and we read the bible a lot. So i know a lot of stuff. And i watch the movies they make about it. So....

Jada Phillips

Lul j I love Jesus and the gane

Indomitable David

Awesome. I love this app Very inspiring.

Kiesha Jerry

The app I like this application for the first time playing

Herbert Cunningham

Learning is good See what you know

Tressie Dawson

Love it Its a great way help kids as well as people of different ages to remember Gods word/ promises.

Hallie C

This is a great way of learning and it's fun


Love it Makes you think

Derrick Amponsah

Admirable App It's very useful. I remand for every believer

Chora Chinaman

Great!!! I love it! It challenge me to read more in the Bible.thanks for this apps.

Jean-Gabriel Sainval

The best bible game ever Awesome. Praise God. Thanks Jesus

Elsie Montano

love it so much

Cherul Weber

Love it It gives answer when you wrong.

Word Buzz Jones

Enjoyable and not complicated.

Tumi Mahlangu

The best

phara jean

It was ok

Angela Femiwa

Helps to study the word of God ,add also more complex questions too.

Cheryl Galen

There should be level choices This game goes right into advanced bible questions...with just an occasional beginner question. Though I have been reading the Bible for some time, I did pretty poorly on this compared to some other bible trivia and challenge games.

Apisalome Dederu

Bible Quiz It's a good one though to quiz ourselves from the Bible jus to make us know more about the author of the Holy Book.

Ethan Rigdon

Love the bible Great app fun, I love it, Recommended to all.

Asamoah Thomas Kofi

Great app Helps in knowing the bible events well.

Witonia Robinson

I really like this app. It's fun and insightful.


It nice But questions should not be repeated

McKenna Danner

Not too sure I'm doubting the biblical accuracy of this game. If you could give scriptural reference, that would be good.

Godwin Chukwuemeka

This an amazing app Iv seen.

Marilou Lebrilla

It is very nice app i learn a lot about the bilble and it is very enjoyable

Louis James

Best This is the best I've found. We play Bible jeopardy at church with it.

Roman Gurung

Bible This appointment really good and fun to play

Anton Stserba

Very good And it gives you what's correct


Love this I really learn things from this app!!!


Good So thrilling. Need more concentration and patience to give the correct answer. Really fantastic. God bless you.

Amy Tilly

Extremely Comprehensive First: I'm not a follower of the Abrahamic religions; I study the Bible and other holy texts for academic purposes. That said, this is a very detailed and engrossing bunch of trivia. Some of the questions are worded strangely but, other than that, I recommend this app for those who wish to test their knowledge on one of the most influential books in history.

Valerie Jackson

Bible quiz I enjoyed all the questions they were based on different people,and times i fill that this gives people a greater opportunity to test there knowledge of the bible in the privacy of there homes great app.

Deborah Brayboy

Bible Trivia Multiple Choice questions about the Bible. Very educational and fun.

Elizabeth Nwasor

Holy This app brings children closer to Jesus Christ

Kim witt

Love the lord Want to be closer to God hope this helpd

Tammy E Brown

Bible Trivia Million questions Love this makes for a good study,

Jerrarideen Inkoom

Enjoyed it Gives a measurement as to knowledge of the Bible.

Meillard Mokambila

Amazing I learned so much

Bradley van Rij

Awesome quiz Wow! I really love this Qiuz! You can choose how many questions you would like to answer and the range between difficult and easy is wide. Love it?

Vickie Brand

Bible. Trivia Only problems are the answers are not always correct and it doesn't give you scriptures to show what you get wrong.

Annette K

Don't take the answers as gospel. Many wrong answers, don't know where this person got his info from. Uninstalling.

mduduzi thomo

I learned a few things

Cherul Weber

Love it It gives answer when you wrong.

david sudhakar

After each segment ads popup

Kaysider Daniel

Love it Sections of the app are okay. Very good for kids. Excellent Job. Keep it up!

Derrick Amponsah

Admirable App It's very useful. I recommend for every Christian child .

Benjamin Quainoo

Bible Quiz Infact I love it, it's awesome and it's helps you to learn something from the Bible

ebor majaw

It helps me a lot

Ruth Priscila Domingo

Bible Trivia Very intetesting

Chyan Edwards

I love it I get to test my skills of how good I can remember

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