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12 Dec
Best IQ Test

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How Many Brain Teasers Can You Solve?
Play The Best IQ Test To Find Out If You're A Genius!

Run your imagination and find a logical explanation for the mysterious puzzles!
Find the solution, open the Cryptex and see what awaits you in the next stage!

"IQ Test - Cryptex Challenge" is entertaining mental free game consisting of 60 unique riddles, divided into 5 levels of varying difficulty!

The first level can solve 90% of the population. The last is only 5%!
How many of puzzles can you solve?

This is real good memory trainer!
Exercise your brain with the most addicting IQ test ever!

♥ More than 2 500 000 downloads around the world! Thank you! ♥

★ 60 unique puzzles!
★ 5 levels of varying difficulty
★ 120 hints!
★ IQ measurement (like the IQ test)
★ detailed statistics

Best game for all fans of puzzles, word games, brain thinking, mind games, logic puzzles and riddles with answers!

During the game will be measured your IQ, which will allow you to know the strength of their own mind.

Each riddle has 2 hints. Remember, however, that their use would reduce the value of the iq.

Open Cryptex! Maybe you're a genius!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein

IQ of famous people:
- Leonardo da Vinci IQ 220
- Garry Kasparov IQ 190
- Wolfgang Mozart IQ 165
- Albert Einstein IQ 160
- Bill Gates IQ 160


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Have fun!

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matt baxter

Not great You can't just plop a periodic table down that you can barely make out and circle oxygen then not explain what your looking for. Makes no sense. You ask for a hint then it says periodic table really? Duh. So big hint then oxygen in its molecular form ahhhh o2 so it's more like here's a picture and guess what it is I'm looking for.

arvind venkatesan

Einstein Seriously makes you think so hard that you might eventually turn into Einstein..... But seriously a great game and really widens your horizon on intellectual thinking

Christian Rommel

A lot of fun... I really like this app as the riddles are difficult and fun to solve. But on the other hand the rating system of your personal IQ doesn't make much sense as you can easily get a high IQ

Kahar Muzzakar

Good app. Has lots of great puzzle. It's really challenging. On the other hand, the IQ scoring system badly needs a change if you want to accurately measure the IQ points.

Edgaras Rasikas

Well, it's nicely done, beautiful. But the first minute i started playing it, i had already encountered a mathematical mistake, so the creators should check the puzzles that there wouldn't be any mistakes left, and it will be an excellent app.

brian franklin

Asus transformer prime Would give it 5 stars if not for the fact that you can't make out some of the puzzles; they're so small and indistinct...... and I'm using a 10`` tablet. Wouldn't consider using it on a phone.

Bob Hatami

2 Mistakes There is a mistake in Question 36, hint, big help. It is written: 24-19=4 It should be: 24-20=4 There is a mistake in question 39: At the middle of the right star, there should be V not U. Because the sum up of the opposite letters, is 22. And 22nd of alphabets is V. (that is written U by mistake).

Sherry Jung

Love it! I've been seeking for this kind of games. It's fun though some levels are pretty easy while the some others got me stuck for an hour ^_^. I like it so much and I intend to clear the Master Levels.

Ra' T

Easy 5 This is so far the best puzzle and IQ game I came across in the play store, give it a try, you won't regret it.

Narin Chamroeun

Kills boredom effectively This game will make you want to go back to it over and over again until you figure out the answer. It keeps your mind occupied and sharpens your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Great for a long trip on an airplane.

Sherrilee Franks

Good So far so good! No issues. I was looking for IQ games and this is perfect. It also keeps track which is cool. Edit: Just did #39 and I think the overlapping triangles on the far right are incorrect. #42 as well.

Miriam Weathersby

It gets quiet difficult, I love the challenges. Retraining all those little gray brain cells that have been dormant since HS :). Nice app.

Kevin Pryor

Best One of the best games I've played on a phone. A couple of the questions I believe have typos or multiple possibilities for answers, but was still able to figure them out without losing any points.

Shannon Sturgis

Great Thinking APP!! This app really exercises the mind. Every level gets harder and harder. I love games that really make you think. And this one is definitely one of my favorites. A must download for anyone who likes a challenge!! A+++++++

Frank Sappell

Can't turn off the noise Even before playing my first game, I became frustrated. I turned off the music, but was then unable to turn off the sound. After exiting and restarting the game, I could turn off the sound but not the music, which annoyed me even more than the sound effects. Why does this app even have sounds? I would think that concentration would be a key to success, and Sinosynth music inhibits that. [Galaxy S5]

Jose Fernandez

Very good brain workout I would just give it a 4 star to give space to further enhance this great brain workout for IQ tests enthusiasts like's both challenging and entertaining..waiting for that refined version.

Arushit Mudgal

Good, But not accurate So the puzzles are fun, Some are so silly to be thought and some are quite good, but the only problem is that the IQ being evaluated is not accurate cause anyone can get a 120+ IQ through this which is somewhat absurd, Right?! Overall a good app for brain exercise.

A Google User

Game is ok Print is hard to read...colors are blurry..this app stinks when using on a use a tablet..

Robert Meredith

IQ Test I have had an amazing experience with this app. By far one of the most challenging games I've ever confronted. This app will keep teaching even if you have failed.... It's Awesome!!!

Eric Pare

Number 28. Every question is fine until number twenty eight. This question can have multiple answers depending on what the author of the question wants you to achieve. Please review this question and refine to make sure that only one answer can be achieved. Other then that it's great.

Milos Tziotas

It was fun I didn't regret downloading this game, it was great fun for a couple of hours. All but the oxygen level were good and logical except for an occasional error. Plese fix it for the future players. I can remember at least 3 levels having wrong clues. Or maybe that was on purpose :)

keith lake

Challenging, but fun. The game is really good and it tells you a well rounded score if you don't cheat, I got 158 IQ on this thing but I completely guessed on some of them and got 3 stars haha. So I would say my IQ is more like 145 or 150. I definitely recommend it even for fun.

Habibah Ahmed

It's good but difficult! It really pushes you to your limits! Love it though, a good challenge.

Ning Abaño

Great Brain Workout :) Just started playing.. and I'm already hooked! Love challenges? Try this one! :) You won't regret it.

Dunk man

Pretty good Most of the puzzles are great,but some of them are just ridiculous.For example,the one with the 1 7 and 1 was really ridicilous

Ajune' Richardson

I've changed my mind. It's gotten quite dull after a few easy questions. Perhaps I should take a real IQ test. It entertained me for a short while, though, so nice effort, game creator(s).

Larry Yelen

Some puzzles have several correct answers Be warned. You can't complete the puzzles unless you actually believe that 17 + 5 = 21.

Devon Nelson

I finished the game and enjoyed it. But several flaws. Wrong numbers and letters in questions and some hints don't help. Also no way of showing how an answer was figured. Two questions i was completely stumped on and the answer didn't add up! Fix please and maybe add more puzzles. Overall a great app.

Loki Yelnats

A few errors I understand this app is meant ti be challenging, however there are errors that should be fixed. Level 39, top right star should have a V in it instead of a U. The clock problem was also flawed. Maybe I'm wrong here -- just giving my opinion on the problems. EDIT: Just did 42. You should realize T = 20, not 19.

Rebecca Charlton

Fun games Games are challenging and fun. Some are to hard to read because of font is to light, same color as the background or way to small. Better for tablet but still small.

Dylan Gee Malloy

Sometimes i don't get the answers right because i don't understand the problem, then i have to think, and i get the problem, and the answer like hits my brain. I just don't know why i have to go through all the trouble of thinking, when the answer could be made a lot clearer. Thanks a lot. But nice app, i guess it's kinda fun to think sometimes, when i get sick of all the other media mind control options.

Steven Estep

Challenging, and frustrating Some puzzles have more than one logic to solve. After spending 10 minutes and coming up with logic that gets the answer in all of the samples, you find your answer is wrong. Then you check hint and find another logic results in the same answer on the samples but a different answer on the variable requested. If you can handle looking for other logic, then youll enjoy it.

Poornima Samarakoon

This is great!!! This makes our brains like a genius,woow itz cool,some iqs are very difficult to answer,bt itz pretty fine,sounds graphics all are best

Jeff McPherson

Errors in the puzzles #39: The letter next to the "F" looks like an "O", but is a "Q". #42:"T" should be "S". #59: "32" should be "38". As difficult as some of these puzzles were, errors in the puzzles were just downright frustrating. The creators should have been smart enough not to have errors in their own game. Gotta love the irony! Otherwise, it was fun and challenging. I saw some comments about the IQ not being's a game, guys. Not an IQ test. Otherwise. ..I'm a genius. And Einstein is God.

Shehan Morawaka

Not bad! Nice and helpful mathematical problems to be solved! But, in some problems, It is confusing to understand what the question is. There is no way to understand until we take hints.

Misel Djurovic

You have ERRORS Number 32 is not working even help lies to us. I had that problem once more, but forgotten the number of question. Fix it fast. Number 39 small help solves the puzzle, and U is mistake in sec star, it should be V.

Denelle Hunter

Cryptic Challenge I just started playing the game today. I think it'll be great fun once I get the hang of it. The flashing ads at the bottom are distracting. I'll rate again once I get the hang of it. I think it's going to be fun. I do wish some of these apps had a little bit of instruction.

Wendy Jackson

Cryptex Chellenge IQ game that begins very simple but then rapidly advances to wicked brain challenges. I love it!

Joe Battaglia

Challenging. A good brain workout Couple of flaws make 2 or 3 puzzles extremely difficult if not impossible to solve w/o using a hint, but otherwise the best game of this type I have played.

Melissa Lucas

Challenging Good puzzles! A couple were frustrating because I figured out answers that worked but they were not accepted. Otherwise a really great game - I hate math and there are a lot of numbers in these puzzles, but it isn't about math so much as it is about logic and patterns and creative thinking.

Zhelya Yosya

Enjoy I glad to play with game like this)))

issac morales

One of the most accurate apps ever!!! Really right after I played this I took a real IQ test and in the real one it was two points higher then the game said probably the reason is I play hundreds of puzzle games like this so I guess my IQ grew so I test this with my brother made him take a real IQ test and boom same thing happened except his was one point higher then the game said he hardly plays stuff like this so I also made him play more stuff like this so if you want a accurate IQ app here it is but I agree that you can't just plop down a periodic table so whoever made this please make it more specific and actually ask a question please so if you don't do that you will get lower likes so if you don't do that in two years consider me a zero star also the IQ point system I think is perfect the reason why people think its not good is because there so smart and the reason why people think there are math errors and things like that is because those people are thinking wrong I mean I figure out every math puzzle so far so ignore those retards who say there's a error

Pamela Jackson

Ads I can't use this app because of the ad's at the bottom of the screen. They make it impossible to select anything at the bottom of the page. If you are lucky enough to X out the ad and not be taken out of the app at the same time another one comes up in a matter of seconds,

colin vandompseler

Errors Pretty sure there is an error in #59. There are 18 letters between g+z, making the result of the calculation 36, not the 32 shown. Kind of impossible to determine the equation needed to solve the problem when the developers don't stick to the equation and just dump random numbers in. Maybe someone should have pulled off their socks to enable counting above 10. Jeez!

jaren godblaster

Doesn't make sense While some of the levels can be either easy or challenging, some just don't make any sense whatsoever and the hints being incredibly vague. Even with all the hints some puzzles leave me saying wtf just happened. Still there are moments where the game does intrest me and challenges my thinking but I can't help but focus on the negative

Karan Gulati

Fun and Teasing My score was 165. They call it genius intelligence. It was a great game to finish. However don't try sometimes too hard it may have an easier way out.

S. LaPrad

Okay Takes a bit to figure some out, others are so obscure in their meaning, you can use all the hints and still not grasp the meaning.

prashant rawat

Fix level 21 In this level ,symmetric number is the answer but it is not accepting 0 ,only 8 is not correct.pls fix it and make it little bit more difficult.

Rebbecca Cormier

Not always right Number 28 is wrong they give you 3:00; 4:15; 6:45 you should come up with an hour plus an extra fifteen minutes each so 1hr 15; 2hrs30; 3:hrs 45 but it tells you it should be 11:45 next not 10:30. 46 is also incorrect. I broke into fifths and tenths which are the only ones that come out even in both cases the math figures out at 192 but the game says 200. Run the checks more carefully. I am learning a lot about the creators IQ. :s

Timothy Olson

Mildly entertaining but flawed Fun, but glaring issues. This definitely needs explanations of the logic behind the solutions, as well as a reexamining of possible answers. On several occasions, I found an answer that worked, but the game wanted a different answer, one which to me, made no sense. Other puzzles are lacking in explanation or data, again resulting in multiple possible answers. Last and definitely least, I was mildly annoyed the game denied a numerical answer for accidentally including a extra zero on the front.

Anthony Gilder

Not accurate The developers have simple math mistakes. Since when does 24-19=4?? Most of these puzzles are really unclear on what you have to do. Count lines? Calculate area? Convert letters to numbers? This is mostly simple math without the math symbols (+×÷-) basic sudoku is better than this. Don't bother with this, the "iq" score is just accumulation of scores on irrelevant inapplicable puzzles. Too bad though, I really did enjoy the tones if nothing else. 2 solid stars for the tones.

ernst Hemingway

Great game with some flaws While the game is pretty entertaining, it has some misleading flaws #59 should be 38 instead 32..among others. There are also some riddles than can have more than one possible answer. I wonder if someone with not much liking for maths and numbers would solve the riddles. And they could perfectly have a high IQ, though

Rajesh Nair

Great fun!!! On level 45 now, and enjoyed the puzzles so far. As most of the people stated, there can be more than one answers to some of the questions. For e.g.: level 28. You don't understand whether to add 3hr 45min (progression of 1hr 15 min) or 5 hours (twice of the previously added time). But still, super workout for the brain! Great work! :-)

Danetta Woodman

this is intriguing to figure out how to solve.. Im not sure ive ever had a test like this one... & even tho there r absolutely NO directions to explain anything, i get excited when i figure each one ou t as i move thru it. The graphics are a bit bland but over all im impressed with this app. Thanks for sharing... ?

Ri Ly

The ones I struggled with and used hints explained the rule of the puzzle but there were numbers that did not fit.

Catherine Walton

puzzles are definitely challenging but theres some basic addition errors in some of the puzzles which end up making them nearly impossible (unless you get it wrong in just the right way).

Caleb Strong

Been playing the game for a little over a week now and have gotten to the "master" set of puzzles. At this point the puzzles become not so much challenging but rather have multiple patterns going on and it literally becomes a guessing game of which one is right that then results in the loss of possible gained iq points. If there were a way around this flaw I'd love to continue playing.

Andrew M

Great game but over estimates IQ. Fun games but given unlimited time I was able to answer most. My game IQ is 158 but my real IQ is about 130. Some questions took me a while to get but a true genius would have seen the answer right away. Also there are some errors in about 3 puzzles. More on that later.

John Thonney

Dissapointed Was fun until around lvl 40ish I found error in puzzle, so don't work too hard on these puzzles they are not even error proof themselves

David Mitchell

Very well done Puzzles are just hard enough to be fun, but not so hard that you want to break your phone!

Taylor Hedge

Ulterior Motive The goal was to test your IQ with this game but there is some faulty information... however, I would strongly recommend this to anyone because either way, it really gets you thinking outside the box and is a very good tool for putting your brain to work. It is a muscle that needs to be worked out just as much and this app does the trick. 4 STARS!

Katie Earhardt

It will definitely make you think especially if you have been out of school or have not received a formal education in quite some time this is the game for you! It will let you know just how smart you have remained or how much you do not remember and need to brush up on! And it might just shock you with the results. A little advice on something we all forget at most moments when we test our selves under pressure: keep it simple - don't over think a problem and make it harder for yourself than it really is!

Aquarose 2411

I absolutely loved this game! I loved every bit of it. I'm someone who loves challenges, and this fulfilled all requirements I look for in brain games. The riddles aren't easy and requires you to think outside the box. In fact we tend to overcomplicate the riddles often when it has an easier way to solve. This game sometimes gives common logic the middle finger! I enjoyed it as well as improved my maths and my brain power. IQ of 140 according to this!

Alejandro Hernandez

Love this game Unlike any boring games, this game is challenging your skills in math and deduction. Not going to lie I did skip like 3 question cuz I was to lazy to write down the numbers and figure out the result of the figures, but so far I been doing pretty well my iq is 119 I'm almost done I hope to finish it in a few more days

Chinmay Gupta

This app is truly a ?STAR ? App. Much better than the other higher rated IQ test apps. Highly recommend. Personally, I had no problems using this app. I knew how to use the app, and the questions are especially challenging and professional. They don't drive you crazy with cheats and in app purchases it's all the way it's supposed to be.

Mike Hayes

What??? Show me the periodic table with oxygen circled and no other context? Answer isnt the atomic number, mass, group #, not enough spaces to spell the word... Dropped my score to zero with that one. The whole "just the puzzle no explanation" thing is cute for SOME of them, but not all. And have your hint be something better than "remember periodic table from chem class teehee ;););););)"

kevin cope

Best puzzle game ive found Ive played alot of puzzle games and this one shines for every puzzle having a perfectly logical solution. Whenever I use a hint i end up feeling dumb for not seeing the solution beforehand. The first 20 or so tend to fall into one of 3 kinds of puzzles, but later ones get damned inventive :)

ann onymous

very well done script is a little to light. hard to see. for me. but this app is fun. its is not frustrating by leaving you hanging. it teaches you in a way that allows you to feel accomplished. it does not just give you the answers or cause you to cheat. instead it removes a portion of a point of your overall score for hints. and it helps you to learn. other apps just give you a score. they say in essence, hey, stupid, heres your stupid score. excellent. make more lots more. loved it. thank you very much!

Michael Chunke

Started out great! All the puzzles started out great and were a good mental challenge without being impossible. There were a few puzzles that had to be derived from sheer guessing because they lacked solid correlation and a few that were a number or so off which can easily throw off the entire puzzle. Other than that it was a well layed out game with some interesting and challenging puzzles.

Marlyn Rosent

I knew the answer to a fairly simple puzzle but my solution was rejected. [A=8, B=8, C=5 ,D=7]After that I checked the game`s solution which was the same as mine. Not able to progress after that. I have no time to waste on a game that won`t accept its own answers. Was fun up til then.

Amira Sheikh

Amusing The game is allot of fun. It is very cerebral and pleasantly amusing. The puzzles come in difficulty levels, some that took me too long to solve. I would give it five stars if it really assessed my IQ level. Otherwise, it's a wonderful game. Kudos to the developer :-)

Dave Cochrane

I have an IQ of over 150? Really? Having completed this "IQ test" with no imposed time limits on each section and a good few hints utilised along the way, I am told I have an IQ of 150.5. I don't mind admitting my actual IQ is significantly lower than this (about 105-110 at most) and so the results are patent nonsense. However, many of the puzzles were frustratingly enjoyable, and there was some satisfaction in completing this thing. I've played more enjoyable puzzle games, though.

Rogue Nin

Good one Good app, thoroughly enjoyed, but what I'd like to see added, maybe, is how do you get to that certain solution. You are stuck beyond belief, little help and big help didn't do it for you, so you ask for the solution. It would be nice at that point if you could show "why and how" it got to that answer. :) if you had that it would've been a 5 star easy.

Jay Son

The puzzles are fun and challenging. Not an I.Q. Test This is a nice puzzle game. Very challenging, perhaps too much for some. Don't feel bad if you can't score well. Obviously this isn't a true I.Q. test, and it's not close to one. Some of the questions are knowledge/education based. These "riddles," as they call them, do not measure your raw intelligence. It is a fun diversion nonetheless.

Chloe Morton

Fun challenge Great game. I seriously have an issue with 46 though. The top right shows 1.3333333 repeated do one would think the answer would involve 1.666666. However you use 1.6 instead. This changes the answer from 192 to 200. Since its pictorial, that's too much of a guess rather than a use of intuition. A series of answers should be accepted in my opinion.


Poorly designed tests Many puzzles do not give enough information to come to a single answer. The info provided can lead to multiple solutions depending on what pattern you decide to follow. One example is a periodic table with oxygen circled. The answer can be a letter or number. So which do they want? Do they want 'O' for oxygen or its weight of '8'. Since you could see the 'O' on the chart, I figured they wanted '8'. I was wrong. They wanted 'O'. There are more examples like this.

Trish M

Great Challenges and lots of fun! App is challenging and has great brain teasers! Some people found what they think are errors. I didn't go back and check them all. For q28 though, check again - the pattern may not be what you are assuming.

Matthew Potok

Good app! It has been great figuring out these answers, though my only qualm is that is it highly math dependant. I like math, but sooo many of the problems deal with math, that it is somewhat grinding. But!! It has been quite fun solving these riddles even still! Just wish for more diversity.

robert guyett

I like the challenge but to be fair you must have 20/20 vision. It is so small its not fun to play it at all. It seems to test eye sight more than iq. Should be able to read it better to be fair. Improve that and rating score would be better

Matt Roche

Fun and challenging Nice app, nice interface. My only issue is that some of the later puzzles don't have distinct patterns. They may have multiple patterns that receive the same answer for the examples but provide the wrong answer for the one we need to work out.

Rachael Ray

Designers lack math skills? Seemed like a game to challenge your logic & reasoning skills, but many questions don't follow mathematic rules, ex: some of the questions have no regard for order of operations (multiplication/division before adding/subtracting), etc. Could be a fun game if it was accurate.

Angie Fayre

Love Very fun app. Difficulty grows gradually. I'm at a point now where the game seems hard as puck, but I got up to master level all by myself. With 85% of my 38 questions marked with 3 stars! I didn't know numbers and I were friends like that. It's a real boost in confidence. :)

pit bull

Brilliant!! This app is the best 'IQ test' app. It really tells you your IQ, plus the questions are really nice nd tough. The best part about this app is that there are no in-app purchases nd u simply dont need to collect hints after solving questions, u can get them whenever you want to use them, the only thing which wud affect on using these hints are the stars that u wud be getting out of three. Furthermore there are categories of questions which are divided on % of ppl in the world who can slve these questions.

Caroline H

IQ test Test was repeating, long and you can only take it once. My daughter wanted to take it but i have to uninstall then reinstall so she could. Plus if you want to try fir a better score you can't. If this would change I would give a higher score.

garrett krygier

There are more than a few mistakes in this app which makes some of the puzzles impossible to get right with out hints. Several spelling mistakes as well but those dont matter as much. Also no replay value at all so when you finish just delete it because this will only take up space on your device. Kind of a waist of time, there are much better apps out there.

Jeff Levy

It's ok The puzzles are not hard, but they are CHEAP! They're mostly based on arbitrary manipulations of digits and they only give you 2 examples to try to spot the pattern. I made it to puzzle #46 (IQ=137) before I got irritated and uninstalled. But it works and the ads aren't too obtrusive.

Buddy Austin

Sometimes vague Fun when figuring out puzzles, but like the periodic circles Oxygen. Does it want molecular value? Does it want decimals? Or does it want the molecular structure? There were too many answers and any answer should have been accepted that correctly defines it.

Kelli Harbour

Don't waste your time! I can tell you one thing for sure and that is my IQ is higher than whoever made this app! So many mistakes it's sad! Hard to get a question right if the problem is flawed!

ajay kumar

Awsome A very beautifully designed game and it exercises your brain very well. It is good that no time limits is given for the game. As the game passes, you'll love it more. Not so much of difficulties but are interesting. 1 star less rated because i want this game with more difficulties.

Tom Stevens

Awesome Dont normally write reviews, but this is one of the best I played (and I played a lot) of mind games. I love figuring things out on my own, and this allows you to get a small hint, big hint(or small hint & big hint), or solution - but affects your IQ score. You cannot replay beaten levels, and get a better score. When you get past 25 levels you might want to get out a sheet of paper. 5 stars! Ads are on the bottom and out of way of gameplay.

Danetta Woodman

this is intriguing to figure out how to solve.. Im not sure ive ever had a test like this one... & even tho there r absolutely NO directions to explain anything, i get excited when i figure each one ou t as i move thru it. The graphics are a bit bland but over all im impressed with this app. Thanks for sharing... ?

Kerri Meisner

Decent but riddle 16 is flawed I saw the periodic table knew what was circled (oxygen) and tried xygen because there's 5 open spaces was incorrect then tried first hint. Told me what I already knew. Then tried second hint. Told oxygen in it's molecular form. Well oxygen in it's molecular form is just that. Oxygen. Used the solve button it told me o2 which isn't oxygen in it's molecular form it's actually 2 molecules of oxygen that have bonded, so just so we are clear you made a terrible mistake.

Joel Nagel

Great app! I love mind-bending puzzles like the ones in this game! UPDATE: I have had to change my rating of this app a couple times because I am continually finding incorrect answers to some of the puzzles. Nothing more frustrating than spending 15 or more minutes figuring out a puzzle, only to find that the developer made a mistake on the answer.

Shadab Taj

Good Its a good game but misses logic at times. There are blatant mistakes in level 39, 44 and 59. Overall easy to complete once you start following their logics. Completed level 60, shows IQ 162. Dont b misled by the score. Just hv fun

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