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24 Jul
Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall We?-

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The "Love Love Mode" will activate depending on how you touch him!
The one and only Sweetheart for you and just for YOU!

***** What is "Bedtime Sweetheart"? *****
Don't you want to live with a voice actor? You can choose from a famous one, an aspiring one, or an experienced one.
They will wait for you patiently on the bed as you return from your busy everyday life.
Sometimes they will greet you with a calming voice, and sometimes you may get something exciting.
Their voices and dialogues will change depending on where and when you touch them!
Caution! If you touch them at the 'right' places, your Sweetheart may get extremely excited and---?
Perhaps you won't be able to sleep after all!
There are more than 250 different types of sweet dialogues to make you feel dokidoki! It's an app that you have never seen before!

***** Characters *****
1:Ryuunosuke (Character Voice: Yuiya Hiiragi)
Everything he does will get extremely popular instantly.
Although he doesn't speak much in day to day life, he changes his personality when he meets someone he can trust.

***Sample dialogues***
”I want to hear you say "kiss me" before you go to sleep. Come on, say it. I won't let you sleep until you say it.”

2:Mao (Character Voice: Sakuya Hiratsuji)
His aspiration is to becoming a seiyuu, but sometimes he could act like a spoiled child.
His appeals are his appearance (looking like a kitten) and his personality (being mean from time to time).

***Sample dialogues***
”Stay like this...forever... It would be my greatest pleasure to hear that you never want to leave my arms... Say it for me, won't you?”

3:Hayato (Character Voice: Tsukue Mizuki)
He is charismatic and has some very convincing acting skills.
A very kind hearted gentleman, yet there are times when something seems to be amiss with him.

***Sample dialogues***
Sun's up! Come on, look this way. Good good, let's do our best today.

*****More Stories await you!*****
Right now, Koyonplete apps have novels in the categories of school life, first love, office love, YAOI , forbidden love, idols, romance, suspense, history, comedy, Cinderella, Ikémen, Royal,illicit, Forged Wedding, Princess, Scandal, gossip, Seduced, triangle, forbidden, etc. More stories will be added each month! Check them out when you can!

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Trina Kuntz

I use to like it But I lost all the stuff I unlocked and my in app purchase if there is a way I can get them back I would love to know .

Marina Oneill

I liked it but... I tried to restore my purchases, but it had no record of them. I had deleted the game after I had 'beat' it, but with the update I thought that maybe there was added content. When I went in I found that I couldn't restore my purchases, how disappointing.

Kiyomi X

Omfg-- //retarded fangirl noises// (*0*) their voices...

Ana Catalig

The voice in the start scared me! So yeah it's CREEPY I should stick to Shall we date stuff bye.

Dina Azrai

Advice If any of you are wondering how to get the other lines (after you get the main special one of course) just tap everywhere using all the moves.

Emmalyn Nathanson

Voice their voice is so heart-melting. I have no idea how to unlock the one in the middle though but thats okay with me. :-) :-) :-)

Hunter Gabbard

Noo~ I cannot receive any videos to get Mao. I even uninstalled and redownload the app andit's still buffering or saying no Internet access even though I clearly do please fix it this star rating hurts me but I want to just bring that at your attention I really love the voices and character reactions but I want to get Mao so kindly reply on anything to help or I will have to completely uninstall it leaving this rating a 1.

Hooodnini Robokit

Very good I was blushing do much in this game. Also the ad doesn't work for me

Jimel Felicia Latayan

Loved it! Totally loved it :3 Their voices are just amazing. However I can't seem to get Mao with the videos stuff. Are the ads only shown in specific countries?

Cheyenne Daye

Won't even let me into the game automatically crashes please fix!!!

hannah hill

It won't play videos.. I love this app, but I can't play videos to unlock the character, please fix this

Vina Lovely

help! how to get special scene?( =.=)

Akane Shiyuu

I'M GONNA FAINT! XD After getting to different places in our house to get Mao... I finally got him! (By watching vids) xD MAN! I want more characters! XD I'm definitely gonna bring my cellphone with me always. BECAUSE OF THIS APP! >_<)

Law Choon Lee

Can't get to unlock Mao's collections!!!

Arifah Haziyah

I can't watch the video for unlock Mao what happen to this game

ripalbert wesker

It was ikay just stuck on how to get lines 12, 39 and 76 for Hayato Help please

Leilani Sweigart

ERR MA GHAD.......I love it X3

Ariel Tan

Their voices are soothing and the sounds they make are great too. I won't mind paying for mao's version

Elishia Hudspeth

Love it But how do you play

song ha rin

Kawai!!! I really love this app! >\\\<

Sylviana Marlyna

Wow I really dunno the secret move????in want to know.tell me!!!!!!!!

Scarlet C

Amazoooooooonnnnnnn. Pleeeaaaaaassssseeeeeee. Make on Amazoooooooonnnn.

Matthaeus Halkias

Tablet support please!

karizma speer

Wowowo The noises they make are so hot...igot the app and just when i clicked on it they talked to me i was in a awwww moment for a its free....get THE app havent unlock the middle yet

Amya Mason

OMG I love this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ ^

Seri Ayuni

love the game

Jayree Black

No need for words

Amy Mew

Its really fun ? I find this app really fun and a great time passer if your feeling lonely or just want a bit of fun ive already unlocked love love modes and they were really cute i havent been able to get all the reactions yet but they're getting closer and the voice actors make it really fun to play along with the setting of each character for a free game i love it although i recommend putting in pictures and small clips to excite the players to want to play more and be able to change it from day to night and vice versa?

Nya Rin

Hell yea Omfg its so fun,i get all fuzzy when I play this. BUT I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE SPECIAL VIDEO THINGY UUUGGGGHHHH!!!! But other than that it's a gr8 game and I lobe it

Neilshaynee Baluyut

I simply felt all fuzzy just by listening to it

Sivera Raven

I cant even get on the screen! I just get a black screen

Paige Decker

Eh... It WAS fun, until it got hard. I could not unlock any new voices! Stupid game!

Anushka Saxena

English This game's really a nice one...but I wish those voices were in English. Not everyone can understand Japanese, including me.

Yovena Ramhith

I looooove it sooooo much °~° **Their voices are so exciting , XD , i really like this game <3

Scarllet Titan

Saxy!!! Oh Yeah well...*nosebleeds * wish I have hayato next to meh!!!!!  ̄ω ̄

Lily Rainne

Good... Very Good That It Makes Me Fan-girl... UGH. Those voices are just too hot! DX Good thing I unlocked Mao by watching vids xD it took me quite a while for that. Over all, I hope more character's will be released! :D *I somehow get the feeling that I wanna touch Mao in that game... NOT just by tapping >///<*

Erlin Omoras

Can't watch ads to get Mao. Please fix it and I will give it a 5 star rating.

Ashley Hopkins

Hmm All it is is just voices :( thought it was a gam

Life Not worth living

When will it be night. Is it on Japan's time or the country's?

Charlotte Star 0921

Confused I have a problem, how do you get them in night mode? I'm here in night but the game is not in night mode. Please help me. I really love this game. And I want Mao to be available without using any fees. Please....?

Maria De Los Angeles Rodriguez

Mao problems I can't unlock him even though I have internet and it says I can't because of internet problems. My internet isn't the problem. Please fix Mao. Thank you.

Esperanza Szumanski

??? It is super weird

Janelle Kirkland

Can't play an ad when I want to unlock Mao. For some reason it keeps on saying "cannot connect to the internet" when I clearly have internet connection, can you fix this? So far the app is good (THE GUYS ARE HOT OMFG SO ARE THE VOICES, nice artwork too ;D) and I'll give five stars if you can fix this. Please, I really want to unlock Mao. ;A;

Marianella Smith

MAO VIDEOS Everybody's asking about it, so why haven't you fixed the videos in order to unlock Mao? I was looking forward to his!

my little pony

Voice Its just a voice. Its not a story

Nell O'neal

FIX MAO NOW!!!!! I try to play the video that lets me unlock Mao but it tells me there is no connection. This is obvious crap.

Charlotte Star 0921

Confused I have a problem, how do you get them in night mode? I'm here in night but the game is not in night mode. Please help me. I really love this game. And I want Mao to be available without using any fees. Please....?

it's juni

I needed this in my life This app has taken over my life and I don't regret a thing

Himi Hannasi

CAN NOT PLAY VIDEO?! I try to open video but it said cant connect to the internet. wifi was fully..... But important why i cant open video to unlock mao?! Plz help me

Mya Biggins

I'm blushing get the watering hose I like the male with the glasses

Yuuki Cross Kuran

Cant get Mao Videos wont load and i have internet

Trisha Padilla

Boring It's so boring..

Sylviana Marlyna

Wow I really dunno the secret move????in want to know.tell me!!!!!!!!

evangelina dimas

Unlock? Can't play the ad.. Want to hear Mao.

clear serigaki

Here's help If you want the secret scene here purple hair dude 1.shake 2.single hold script 3.swipe to the right 4.double tap face. Hyato 1.swipe to left 2 single tap chest not stomach 3.swipe to right 4.double tap eyes. That's all I know hope you enjoy

literal disease

I needed this in my life This app has taken over my life and I don't regret a thing

kendall adams

Meh I love the app . But it's saying I can't watch ads to get Mao . I've been all over my house . And my WiFi is fine . Please try to fix this

I want mao It's so annoying.. It says that I need to connect to the internet but I already did... I'm so sad.. I really want Mao

Sakura 桜

Help Appreciated I'm almost done with Hayato, but I don't know how to get 33 & 74.

Its great but.. How do i get tp play the night time ? Please help meeee someone

Sarah Santibanez

I love it I love it, I feel like I'm gonna have a major nose bleed

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