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3 Feb
Beauty Idol

Posted by Star Girl Apps in Adventure | Feb. 3, 2015 | 99 Comments

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Live the dream and become a glamorous rock star, actress or supermodel in this cute, anime and manga inspired Fashion RPG! Romance and love are yours to explore as you make it big in the city! This app has it all, whether you’re seeking luxury, cosplay, Japan, Romeo & Juliet or pretty princess styles!

It's all just a tap away in Beauty Idol where fame, fortune and love are waiting for you and your girlfriends!

Move to the city and show the world that you have what it takes to be the next Magical Pop Idol. Sing, act and model your way to success and achieve top idol status. Go on photo shoots and grace the covers of famous fashion and lifestyle magazines. Look your best and wear the trendiest outfits at all times.

As a rising star, see and be seen in the social scene. Hang out with your celebrity girls and boyfriends. Go out on dates with the hottest celebrities in town to find your perfect match. The possibilities are endless for an up-and-coming idol star like you.

Have fun, stay beautiful and dream big!

- Bright and colorful candy colored manga and anime art style
- Create your own moe and kawaii anime girl
- A wide array of cute clothes and accessories to choose from
- Three main career paths to follow: singer, actress, model
- Complete various jobs and challenges to earn cash
- Play mini-games to earn cash or unique clothes and accessories!
- Shop ‘til you drop in a Ginza, Harajuku, and Shibuya inspired setting.
- Hang out and go on dates to find the guy of your dreams
- Chat with various virtual celebrities and live the Shōjo and Seinen life!

PS: fansubs and fandubs not included.

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

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Star Girl Apps part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Feb. 3, 2015. Google play rating is 85.6936. Current verison is 1.2.0. Actual size 45.0 MB.

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Lindsey Force

It was 5 * but It is taking an unreasonably long time to save. And when its done. I'll get back on the game later and it never did save. All the progress I had made was gone. Very disappointed. I really liked this game and was considering getting gems.

Joanne Kan

Savings failure If there's an option to make your savings should be better, since it doesn't recognize my last or previous savings as it should be! better keep one beauty idol or beauty idol: fashion queen! uninstalled beauty idol~

Hawra Alsalami

Really nice But it gets annoying sometimes like when I go to my house it takes forever to load plus when I try to watch the video for 20 diamonds I press it but then it wont let me watch it good but verrry annoying

Jessica Venegas

Saving is bad I keep losing my saves...if that worked better this game would be better. Other than that it's fun, like a dress up doll.

Isaac Atienza

Almost good I like the games concep and the things that u can buy but the prices of the items its high the same sa star girl if there are items that are lower maybeit will be better. I hope when the other shop had open the prices of the items will not be that be expencive. I hope u can also create a way to get gems and money easy if not create a shop that not heavy on cash or gems. Thanks

Hiyen Hi

so cool? I love this game.?It is so cute especially the contest it is so fun try to play this game it will be so fun! ??

Jaye E

Good game, but limited The game was pretty addicting. I got up to level 21, but only because I wanted to see if I could get into the other stores that say "coming soon." I don't know when or how to get those stores open. The character and boyfriend avatars are adorable, but again, the interactivity is limited. Regardless, this is good for a free game.

Adrienne Lessie

Fun but a bit expensive.. I truly enjoy this game but my only pet pevs are the diamond purchases out weighting coins, there's barely anyways to earn diamonds as well, getting bfs can be really expensive as well but i do like the fact you get gifts from them that costed more than you paid out to bf them lol. Other than these things its pretty fun time consuming game. Oh and the new clothes updates need to be more coin purchases instead, also bring back starpon too!=} oh and friend me! Friend code is: BIKTRME

Esther Mpofu

Great... Great game...but the things are sooo expensive. BTW where is star chat exactly?!!

Skyy Chan

Needs to update. <3 I love this game and have been playing it for a good while with my friends and it really needs to update the stores and the boyfriends and possibly the games... There is promises of more shops and everything that have been there forever and its about time these updates actually happen! But it is a super fun game that isn't too demanding, which is really nice. I highly recommend it :3

Jezzi Jiang

Great game, but expensive in-game things Nice game but hard to buy things. They're expensive. BINXWGG

Kirsten Hill

Love it, But.. Every time I try to earn diamonds (like that video that pops up after a moment into the game) I don't get the diamonds, and it's really annoying me. Please fix it, and it'll be 5 stars.

Destiny Agbonyeme

More gems It's unfair when you start with only 100 gems. You can't buy anything, and you don't really earn gems so much, and it's really not fair. I don't have the money to buy gems and coins and stuff. In Star Girl you start with 600 gems, so you have the advantage to buy stuff and energy. I suggest you start the game with about 200-225 gems to pull in more people.

Bryanna Guerrido

Pretty fun I like it and it's pretty straight forward. Do jobs and missions to level up and get money to buy new clothes. I just wish I didn't need diamonds to buy almost everything.

Jelva Robinson

Not bad But no new content! I originally had alot of fun playing this. But in two weeks I finished the game last year. And there's been no new levels since mind you there is really only 3 levels. I even deleted the game then and redownloaded it last month and still nothing. I gave it two chances to update and get new levels but I'm completely done with this game. No point earning points to get new clothes to wear it no where but for yourself.

Kristi Perez

Coins quickly become useless! I really lived this game AT FIRST but the in game coins that you can earn become obsolete VERY QUICKLY. I am now at the point where I cannot buy anymore things for my idol with the coins I earn in the game doing missions. There are so many things left to get for her but they all cost diamonds(which can only be obtained with real money). I'm getting rid of this game, its useless at this point.


Love it I just play this game because I see it to my sister and this name its not my true name my name is nancy and thanks for this game I realy love it so please play this evryone thank you

simran saini

Contest I can't enter the contest it says me to download beauty idol fashion queen..i use both the apps..but i can't enter the contest in this app..since it has a new update i want to play my game on this app..pls fix it.

Faizan Ali

Lost my diamonds I have lost 200 diamonds almost which i had collected by playing tutorials now i want them back plezzzzzzz i really like this game

Azniza Mohd Noor

What in the world?! When I installed back my beauty idol and press existing beauty idol, somehow my likes from 72 has go back to zero.pls fix this!??

Danie McCafferty

Cute game, super fun and addictive. But honestly it crashes so often that there's not much point in trying to do anything in-game since there's likely a 70% chance it'll get lost anyway.

julianna salcido

I'm no more alone I played this game a little bit troubles here and there?. But now I have a friend and a boyfriend I'm no more alone ?

Jean Santianez

Its all gone I hate this game. I already install the fashion competition and I already enjoying the game but what the heck just happened. I Am So Disappointed. Its all gone. ITS GONE. I dont want to play this again nah. Thats all... Why? huhuhu...

noor 'atiqah

not my account at first, i dont even play or linked this game with fb...but, when i link with fb, i suddenly saying that i already hve account, which is, i dont even know....its write in Japanese word

Dennise Flores

Amazing Customer Service. In one of the competitions I didn't receive my prize so I contacted the customer service and they gave me the prize that I earned ?

SowriUma Kolaka

Don't want money as a gift from boy friend I flirt using 90 diamonds&money>100000$.as a gift I got 1400$.very disgusting. But except stars as gift everything is fine.

Roka Mohamed

There is somthing going wrong with votes i was actually ranking #91 with 121 votes and now they become 11 vote with #9122 as ranking how this happen !!! Can any 9ne help cz i will quit this game it's totally not fair ???

Michelle Mushonga

Does not work My little sister plays it so she cryies when it does not work

Legolg Lagollg

What a Junk game to humonkey from greedy Asian company. Uninstall so fast. No I'm not racist. I'm Asian too. But not greedy

melody mular

BITKU6M / BIHM5YZ / BIH57CH good game for girls :)) has to have many friends :)

Lucy Heartfilia

Really liking the idea and design of this game! But one thing bothers me. Why is there such a little selection of clothing items and accessories? Is it because I'm a low level? Even with the locked items the selection is slim.....are you making updates where it says coming soon or do I need to just level up? A little confused and I wish you guys had a bigger hair/eyes/mouth selection......

Mia Dominguez

Beary Loved it but one question how come you cant buy any furniture

Hana Reika

Its taking a lot of time in saving and still the progress didn't get saved and it goes back and a lot of progress is lost please fix this issue

Daryl Dulla

Awesome game ? My idcode:BIZ9NC4 if u need friend :)


? Love it so much just having problem with beauty idol queen fashion..

Apple jack The cowgirl

Fluttershy is nice I love you so much even let you save you if you tap on that cloud that's why it doesn't save you need to tap cloud in order to save I named my character Fluttershy she is nice she loves pets

Tricia Holcomb

Missing items I've tried repeatedly since the one update that kept loosing everything when I'd leave the game to do something else but the items are gone and I can't find them in shop but I do enjoy this game.

Fira Ryuka

Uh.. What wrong with data saving? I lost my bf, that dragon.. And then lost some item.. Now, i can't even save the progress.. Both this idol and fashion queen idol.. The item in the shop are most likely have to use gem than gold, and even gold item are rather expensive.. Flirting in the bar require 5 friend for efective result, 2 aren't enough.. No hope for 1 person..

Hawra Alsalami

Really nice But it gets annoying sometimes like when I go to my house it takes forever to load plus when I try to watch the video for 20 diamonds I press it but then it wont let me watch it.its good but verrry annoying:-)♥also I would give it 5★s if u would of unlocked the new stores snd the new guys because I am on level 120 and the stores and the boyfriends are still not opened plzzz try to unlock them and try to make these changes thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fara Leeyana

Saving failure The game is okay but the saving took a long time. When it said the game was saved,it actually not. Its keep returning to the previous game which caused me to lose all the previous rewards that I've received. Please fix it. And another thing, how do we know other people's ID when we want to add them??

Axe Ecliptica

The gameplay is good, and the ideas are great. From a developer standpoint I can really aplaude this game. However as a player, this game needs WAY more of a clothing selection right off the bat if it wants to be more successful

Mia Davis

its a decent time sucking game.... The game isn't bad but its not great. Gems are hard to come by. Adding friends to gain more help and energy is also hard as no one I know plays this game. You also can't just add people whom you see in the game as friends. The game is very expensive. Overly so. They make it very hard to earn money to afford all of these things you need to even play. All in all, if you lower your expectations and play to play its fun. Irritating, but fun.

Daisy Lamarre

Cool but It a cool app but you if you cud lose the pentagram for the symbol not everyone would appreciate it and they could be offended by the symbol but the game is awesome I love playing this game and Cell with many others and I think if kids were to play at some of their mother would not like I'm playing a game with a symbol of a pentagram on it so it would be bad for business please get rid of the pentagram and thank you for the lovely game bye bye


Fun but needs adjustments I was pretty addicted to this game when I first got it...then I saw how unreliable it can be at times and am a little more "careless" with it so I don't get frustrated. Saving times are generally not a problem but can be slow (I think you need internet/data for it to be more reliable, that should change). I will get random pop ups asking if I'd like to collect free jewls, when I click "okay" I receive nothing and it goes again need wifi which is not fair. Still fun but Don't rely on anything.

Sanday Cal

Not so Intense... Not so good but... I hope the Bugs will be FIXED.

Samantha Graciano

This game has so much potential! I love this game. It's so addicting! But I often find myself just checking in on the game for like 5 minutes. I spend my energy and start a job and check in on it a couple hours later. I think with some small adjustments the game will be more enjoyable. I spend 4 energy on a carnival game and I win a gift instead of getting a disappointing 1000 dollars what if I get 20000 dollars? That way I can buy some more clothes or spend it on a boyfriend and extend my time playing the game. Again, potential.

Kristine Cerilles Endozo

Kills Boredom I love playing this game. But is there any updates? Can't open some of the shops. Otherwise, this is a great app :)

Lila Mae

I love this game and I play every day. I won 100diamonds and a 30% ticket but when I try to use it it does not let me purchase my desired item. Please fix?

Suzanne Smith

I love it, but I can't gain access To my previous save, and I have the save connected to Facebook and everything.

hikaoru tetsuya

Wtf?! Ok so the first time I played it, I screwed up in wasting my jems so I uninstalled hoping I could start all over again, I installed it just now and played the game with a new name.. I tried to save my progress but it said "synchronizing to ACC" or wtvr so I thought fck, it probably will synchronize with my old account..but surprise!!!! It didn't, instead, IT CONNECTED TO WHOEVER'S ACC IT WAS..IT WAS A DIFF NAME, DIFF BOYFRIENDS AND DIFF CLOTHES, LIKE SRSLY??? I rly liked this game, pls fix this ><

Kisha Chance

Add BI4LUP8 VOTE 4 VOTE Some how I lost my old game and they do not keep our saved games in they're systems... they just offered me 10 thousand diamonds for my new game. I was P.O! I still am, I just started over code BI4LUP8 name BossLadii. Old beauty Idol: Prettiiwoman is my name BIYJGAE.

Lainey Cruz

Saving & Adding Friends Issues Not sure if game saves, and it won't let me add friends via codes - it keeps saying no user exists, even if i correctly copied the code. :-(

winx musa

This game is good but ................... Hello I didn,t get friends hello star girl aap can you fix it but this game is very awesome and star girl was very awesome but I uninstall it because it do sent have fashion contest and no I'd band no flirting and then I installed it was having what silly thing was that I just don't under stand but this id is of star girls MY ID IS B3CDPD please add and like and vote for me make me the number one (1)please will you?

Andreia Martins

What happened??? I was playing the game normally and suddenly it just turned into someone else's account! Please fix it and I'll rate it 5 stars

Janet Warfield

Beauty idol This game is awesome, it doesnt cheat and you have the fun you pay for. And you really dont even need money the game gives out free clothes! Cant be happier.....

shiro S

I heard you stole a Kotori Minami hairstyle, and Nozomoo's eyes. DONT STEAL MY WAIFUS BODY PARTS!!!

Cecily Foster

My friend code is: BI92QGM I love this game but I have running out of things to do ..... Also sum of the shops in the mall say coming soon ..... And I really want to know when they are coming out ( I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for that)

Alluki Hoshizora

Keeps saying Unfortunately beauty idol has stopped, lost 2 dresses that was paid by jewels and my likes was back to 0 When i play for every few minutes, it will stop. Then i lost 2 dressed that was paid by jewels then all my likes which was 40 likes went back to 0 Please fix.

claire jaramilla

? I like the game but i am just beginning to get bored because many of the mall stores are not yet open. There are no starpons. There are also the same set of fashion contests. Pls do have an update!

nicole lim

Why? I played this about two years ago, came back to start a new one and this saving icon appears. It was fine at first but later on it kept asking me to save every five seconds, it's so damn annoying! And I can't even move around because the game would automatically load my saved game. This is so horrible. I can't even play.

Yurah Jeon

Sigh... I liked that game more than Star Girl because of the graphics but I still don't like many things, And the most thing that I hate is that EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE!!! I can't buy anything... another thing Is that energy is too little, even tho I have many friends(my ID BIWRYEW) is its still the same... BI needs real work...


It's fun but pretty annoying without friends haha thank god people here put their friend ID, really helpful for new players. I enjoy these kinds of games so I know i'll play it a lot.

Savannah Vue

Oh no! Please help, i've had my beauty idol synced with my google, i insisted on syncing it with my facebook, so i did. But now everything has gone and everything has started over ;o was originally lvl 91

angela ortiz

Beauty Idol I love making boyfriends i think all of them are SUPER CUTE i love the texture and all the gifts you get I think Beauty Idol is the BEST GAME EVER. on my phone i was in level 30 and it did not work any more i had to buy my new computer and i started back all over agian but i still love this game!!!!

Shelby Huntley

Good way to pass time Fun to play kills time fast if youre on the bus or something. Would be nice to have more options of things to do and be more interactive with fake and real players.

Jyoti Sahani

Nice but take so many time for loading.... I really like this game but they have various problem so I wanted to tell you that please check the game and find the problem..... In this case

Emilee Metcalfe

Idea? So I really like this game and it's pretty fun and entertaining but I got all my boyfriends and I quite enjoyed that but, I have an idea. How about we make our own boyfriend? As in we can create him to look or be whatever we want his careeer to be and he can give us gifts like the others but they'll be more useful and spectacular. You can break up with him and make another one but he'll turn into one of the boyfriends you have to flirt with and I feel like this would be more fun. The game also lags a lot...

Catalina Santell

it's awesome awesome things people don't know it's true beauty it's almost like Star Girl how come people don't like it I hope you like it cool boyfriends

everfree 2000

Never gets updated and more issues. I'm pretty sure they have abandoned this game. I've been playing for more than 6 months and the game is never updated with new content. It's always coming soon. It also says for you to use "star chat" but it doesn't seem to exist in the game. Another thing is that it's very hard to get diamonds unless you pay money. Almost impossible unless you win big in the contest. Other than those things, it's a 4 star game.

Zenia Mazhar

Awesome Game! :-* :-) I love this game but the clothes are expensive that is all :) otherwise this game is TOTALLY PERFECT!!!! ~

Jasleen Kaur

Its fine though Hi family and friends,animoca is a great gaming station for girls but the only thing i hata about it is the amount of money given is not enough and to buy awsome clothes are too ecpensive

Alisijamaskalane Maskalane

It's okay but... It's just far to boring why can't we just buy clothes and stuff on eney level and yesterday I had 700 diamonds today I went on only 55 diamonds please fix only 3 stars.. (don't worry really I havint rated eney game 5 yet so ...)

Loreine Villa

question I like it and it's okay but I just have to ask. When I downloaded it on my Samsung note 3, I received 50000 coins and 600 diamonds as a newbie. But when I downloaded it on my other phone, an LG-X145, I only received 15000 coins and 100 diamonds as a newbie. I'm not saying that it's unfair or anything. I just want to know why???

claire jaramilla

? I like the game but i am just beginning to get bored because many of the mall stores are not yet open even if you are on the highest level. There are no starpons even of ypu play everyday. There are also the same set of fashion contests. Pls do have an update!

Emjhay Samonte

Can't save I really Luke this but the problem is it won't let me use the back up save or whatever but I'm having a hard time to save it now its repeating all over again

Charles cs

I very hate it so much i give 1 star for you because When i want start a new game it turn to old game I WANT TO UNITALLS

Ashleigh Haunted

Love it Awesome! Play it everyday. Easy to get money and gems and itz very fun. I'm 17 and thoroughly enjoy it so I think it's great for people of different agez. EDIT: after id hard-reset my tablet, i had redownloaded this and attempted to retrieve my previous save by connecting through facebook as before... but it said no save found, even though i had definitely saved it through fb :( EDIT AGAIN: sorry no worriez! just had to go to my tablet's setting and turn on backups and then it worked c:

Kitty Darkfold

Cute The graphics are adorable; better than some of the other games. I just never get used to the whole boyfriend thing. Also, the Flirt at first sight game in the bar/club is hard if you don't have more friends. And you can only play it if you bring a friend along.

Dewirana Maulina

Can't open the video Hey, after the update why i can't open the video? I need the diamonds. When i try to open it, it always restart. So weird. And why u didn't update more? Put some new game in carnaval, new dress, and new boys in cafe&club. Hope u can update it again cz i really in love with this game and im on level 91 now. Do something too with the contest because it always with same players in top 100. Dont u think if it isn't fair for the others? Thanks before.

Lorelei Bahian

I hate it.. ?? Its nice but it makes me angry like a hot boiling water.???? That "back up save" it keeps on synchronizing game progress, its time consuming and whenever i save it, it goes back to your last level again!!! Make an action for this beacause its really pestering me!!! But i cant uninstall it because i love this game but make sure to make an action for this!! ?

Casper Love

Fun and interactive At first I didn't think I would like this game. However it has greatly grown on me. It's fun being able to play mini games at the carnival and you are able to interact with other players avatars in game as well. I enjoy playing Beauty Idol.

andy lee

Didn't give me my diamond It's a good game but everytime after the contests finish, I want to take my diamond. Then, it says "Restore Save Game Complete" and restart my game so I did not get my diamond. Later, I went back and it did not gives me my diamond-------BADDD...?

Saran Nasim

Awesome Nice game.... download it.... n join the contests it's awesome...... u will also love it... don't get sad n angry if u didn't get the first position.. just try n try more n u will reach the first position...... do your best friends... I wish the next one be you....

Marie Adae

Save Game Problems (BIDR89P) I'm tired and bored of this game. I've been playing for a year and I'm uninstalling it. If you people won't open up more stores and give AFFORDABLE clothes, then I see no point in playing and entering competitions because the hackers will win anyway. Fix it. I'm done with this game.

Danniela Limon

Pls. Fixed this app because when im level 34 it is always restore.It so hard to reach the 36 . How many days i waste to reach the 36 but it can't worth because always restore it so pls. Fixed so i give 5 stars

Jesyka Arsenault

Love love love this game!~ I simply love this game, its really addictive! I would like it if some of the clothing was more cheap and able to buy using coins instead of gems. Also to have the shops updated (have the new ones in) and the wallpaper of the room changed. Other than that I really love this game!

asuka kurashina

It was an accident Oh no it was accident to got new game in other beauty idol to install and then I logged in then save it to the old game and then I logged out again then save in my other fb back then when I'm thinking that it would not save in my old game in the new game but I was wrong it would save it oh my gosh I tried to back my old game but it would not be back again!!!!! now,,, I'll game again in the first place :( :( :( I'm so stupid I couldn't realize it my old game is now gone ??? what do I do?

Susann Murd

2 major problems! 1) It almost always crashes when I make the settings HD, it will then start as standard quality again. 2) when I promote my character the points go missing basically. In example, when I have 4800, and then spend 30 diamonds for +25, it shows 4825. When I come back in a while to promote again it's back at 4800, a waste of diamonds and coins.

S N Balasubramaniam

Super bad When I installed beauty idol fashion queen today, I am in third level but the same level gets to beauty idol and now all my favourite accessories are ruined. Please fix it then I will rate it 5 stars

Suraiya Ratri

This was my love Me & my two cousins used to play this all day long. I was addicted to the game.. But then all my game data got lost & I fell from level 157 to level 5. All my clothes & pretty things went missing. All my hard work of 10 months gone. It hasn't been fixed & I'm starting to believe it never will. I don't have anything else to say. Thanks

Shiro Ageha

Unfair I never recieved a notification about when I finished my jobs. My gems are missing! I never used them but they're missing! And why did I drop a level?! I already saved my game with my high-level then it suddenly dropped to level 20!

Ryan Garcia

Make Me Anger while im playing this game, it always say that u need to backup your game to save data. And i always did. And then it comes that i need to reset my phone and i was comfortable that it doesnt matter if i reset my phone bcoz my data is backed up in my email and in facebook. So i reset my phone and then when i download this game again it say cannot recover your save data. How come, i patiently play it everyday to earn coins and diamonds and its all gone. Pls fix. It happenEd to me 2 times. ZMC ACCOUNT NAME.

Mariah L.

Why I would like to give this app a 5star coz I love this game! but I always encounter a problem, it took a lot of time to save,when I go to my house and when Im shopping, and sometimes it crashes when I open it again it was set in SD graphics even if I didn't do it. I want to play it in HD. Recently my saved data was lost.

Preeti Gandhi

It's good I have only one problem that it says to save but if we click on it only loads and then take long time and if we didn't click whatever I have done in past it all goes and tell to do again.

Best game ever no words to describe it but i had this game before also but after some days it stop responsing so i delete it and again downloaded it but after downloading i found that i am at lvl1 but i were at lvl 52 Plz take me at 52 again i cant spend more on dresses and accessiories replye fast

Jenicamarie Dela Rosa

I think something went wrong.. I already played beauty idol before but I stopped for a long time. I just downloaded it today and it was still fine when I opened it with my google account but when I logged in with facebook My saved data got, switched? With an another account, and it kept on doing so when I try to save

Kaylee Tackett

Small Complaints and idea When are the mall stores going to unlock? Because some new styles would be interesting. How about adding more stores too? Like a store for pastel clothes, one for Holidays, one for tattoos etc. And when are you going to add more boyfriends? Maybe a doctor!

sneha thapa

Love it I enjoyed playing this game and love it but after few min. Of playing it always says "unfortunately beauty idol has stopped" I uninstall and re download it but again the same problem.. Kindly fix it otherwise gr8 game..

Victoria Nguyen

Great, but one thing. I love the overall concept of the game, but the only thing that really kills the fun are all these gem items. Yes, I understand that they want profits, but the stores shouldn't be 80% expensive gem items. I just wish free players had more options on clothes because literally anything that is actually pretty is gem accessible which makes beauty pageants unfair and basically pay to win. I'm not saying to get rid of it in all, just give free players a little more content.

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