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22 Sep
BBC News

Posted by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC in News & Magazines | Sept. 22, 2016 | 238 Comments

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Get the latest breaking news from the BBC and our global network of journalists.

The app also offers the BBC News Channel streamed live, social features and personalisation so you can re-order the news categories to suit your interests.

Key features:

Top Stories brings you the latest, breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists.

My News is a newly introduced feature allowing you to personalise your news offering.
Add topics wherever you see the + icon for a quick route straight to the stories you care about.
Stories from topics you add will appear in your personalised My News feed. Here you can order stories by topic or time, and use the Manage Topics screen to stay on top of the news of the day.

Find content fast
The app can suggest topics based on your location, stories you’ve recently viewed and what’s in the news now.
And you can quickly find topics that interest you using the Topic Search. Choose from the familiar list of BBC News indexes such as Politics, Business, Entertainment and Health or search for your own subjects of interest whether they’re people, places, things or themes

More of the news you care about
We now offer a fuller selection of stories from the newsroom, including:
- Most Read and Most Watched. Keep on top of popular stories across the BBC, regularly updated throughout the day
- Live BBC News channel, up-to-the-minute reports available 24-hours a day
- Read the best journalism from BBC correspondents
- Access to our full range of video and audio
- Photo galleries and full-screen images

Other features:
- Push notifications for breaking news stories
- Video over 3G and wifi
- Improved offline experience. Download the latest stories when you have a signal and then read them at your leisure
- Settings to allow the app to automatically update in the background
- Share stories to your social networks, or email/SMS to a friend
- Home screen widgets. Configurable to reflect your choice of topics, resizable to suit your screen layout and stylable to view as a stack or list widget
- Font controls to increase or decrease the story text size to suit you
- Related stories, related topics. Go deeper into a storyline with suggestions for further reading and viewing and a range of topics related to each story

If you choose to receive push notifications, a unique identifier relating to your device will be stored by ProcessOne on behalf of the BBC to provide you with the service.

No other personal data relating to you (such as a username or email address) is processed. The BBC will keep your information secure and not share it with anyone else in accordance with the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy, available at

You can choose to unsubscribe from push notifications in the app’s settings screen.

- INTERNET: Used to get the latest news content from the BBC
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used to determine whether you are on 3G or Wifi to deliver the best quality content
- WAKE_LOCK: Used if you enable background updates in settings
- GET_ACCOUNTS: Used to determine if your device is capable of receiving Push messages
- C2D_RECEIVE/C2D_MESSAGE: Used to receive Push messages if you opt in
- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Allows the app to suggest news based on your location (Android 4.0 and above)
- READ_SYNC_SETTINGS/WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS/AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS: Used for managing background updates to get the latest news content from the BBC (Android 4.0 and above)

Whats new

    - Updates to fix offline and improve performance
    - resolves an issue with push notifications

Media Applications Technologies for the BBC part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 22, 2016. Google play rating is 77.1767. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Job BZ

Please make multiple Please could those who do not like it make more than one google account and dislike this app. It causes me endless frustration. We need to get the BBC to roll back!

Neil Weaver

Bring Back The Old News Format I find this new News Format confusing and nowhere near as easy to use as the old one. Sometimes change is not better!

Lee Higson

Getting there Took a while getting used to the new format but am pleased with it now. Would like to see regional news accessible with less clicks.

Mick Devlin

Good but not great Give me back the simple style of the old system. Data usage has sky rocketed. It would seem that I am better using the news web page now as this app has become BLOTTED and FAT.

Chris Cunningham

News is a new read not a read available two days ago BBC app seriously lacks the intellect to continuously update their news. Big event happened in Belfast today, sure the news two/three days ago is still bigger. Learn to update. Other than that, it is well designed and you're able to pick your own topic areas which is an advantage.

Alan Hall

Preferred the old version Getting used to the new version, Loved the old one. Runs smoothly however even with all the added extras. New compact mode is an improvement.

Pete Harman

For the NEW version - Please listen to the critics So many people agreeing that this app is now virtually unusable, please won't someone at the BBC give us the old app back? Obviously not, (9/4/15), so I'm uninstalling it! One month on and I reinstalled it - still poor compared to the old version, doesn't load new items automatically, loads of wasted page space even on a 5" screen, will probably give it another month.

Chris Jeffery

Odd priorities for main news stories The app is useful to have the news on your phone but it does get flooded with pointless articles about unimportant topics that can make it difficult to find what you want to read about.

Jeanette Cubitt

It's great! However, I can't decide whether I prefer the older format.

Keith Moore

Doesn't Refresh. Doesn't refresh on opening, especially in the My News section. Feed regularly showing news over a day old. Always used the BBC app, but looking elsewhere now.

David Lawrence

How to ruin a good app First, reduce stories on the front page to an uninformative headline. Second, stop users swiping through stories in a section. I dread to think what the next great idea will be.

Katharine Laming

Good but could be better The news items with one line bold titles are much more accessible than those with an obscure title in bold followed by an explanation in normal type. Pictures are nice but not on every item - way too busy.

Jeremy Webb

New News? Getting used to it but as most of my news gathering is on a 32 inch screen it feels a bit underwhelming. I think you still have to hunt harder to find what you want.

Amy Sharpe

Preferred old version Had to update app as I got a new phone. New version too cluttered and not easy to find news I'm interested in. There was nothing wrong with the old version... why update?

Trevor Wildman

Why This used to be a good app so why like all orher apps do the developers think they are improving but in fact they are not improving app but causing annoyance amongst the ones who upgrade download app thinking it works better but it does not

Gary D

Latest compact version a step to improvement. Updated feedback up 2 stars: I read about compact version so reinstalled app - MUCH better!! If there was option to remove 'most read / watched' tabs I would give 5 stars (I couldn't give a fffig about what anyone else is reading I'm not a sheep!). Jury still out on heavy memory and battery use and have binned widget as it is still a zero score compared to the 'old' version. Text needs to be black btw.

Francesca Stefanyszyn

Old format best. The old layout was better. Was easier to find articles and found there were more content on it. Now full of pointless articles that arnt the news.

Richard Coleman

Don't like the new layout at all. Much preferred the previous version. Change is not always good.

John Bennett

Giving it another go but still overly complex. Actually improving at last! But still can't strip it down to the simplicity of the old one. More options please. Ability to remove "Top Stories" stuff would be good. Many of us are not crowd followers.

David Davies

Only one suggestion I think it's very good; even better than its predecessor. Just one thing would make it better - have a tab for stories that are running in the ribbon at the bottom of the News 24 screen. So many times there's a cryptic headline that you can't quite understand and the story can't be found on the app. I'm sure it would increase traffic to the app if everyone knew that's where the full item would be.

A Google User

Really like but... Could be improved, should be an option to share stories on network sites also it's annoying that a picture is shown in the thumbnails but is not included with the main report and photos that are included can't be enlarged and finally would be nice not to list the same story more than once just to tidy it up a little, sometimes if a really big story breaks its will appear 3 or 4 times. Oh and also an option to add the days weather report would be cool.update: actually hate the new layout.

Kieran Turner

Continuous development At first this major update made it very slow to load, and the widget changed shape so it wouldn't fit it in my home screen any more. But they've since addressed these issues and are adding more features. Right now, I like it, but I'm afraid I don't trust them not to radically change it without warning...

Alex Wilson

Great app. If a little bias Informative app that covers a wide variety of news. Still wish it would be more neutral in its political reporting, still infulanced by liberal views and that's not the job of a publicly paid for organisation .

Steve Bevan

Awful! Compared to the last BBC news app, this is awful. The last version gave an instant update on all news articles that included pictures - this version is seemly random. News articles are all in randomly different sizes also. Bring back the old news app - it was perfect!

Philip Watson

Not as good as the old version. Why the hell do software geeks have to keep tinkering with stuff that was perfectly fine as it was? I suppose they have to justify their massive salaries somehow, but really, did the bbc need to spend a load of money it hasn't got making something worse than it was previously?

Ali Cameron

It was fine the way it was What's the point of changing something if you're going to make it worse? Now when I want to read a news story from the widget and I'm offline, I can't because this new version wants to take me to the mobile website everytime. Before I could read a news story from the widget without having to connect to the Internet, like when I,'m on the tube every morning & evening. But now I can't. And when I'm finished reading I can't back up out of the thing. Stupid/unwanted update

Terence Evans

The old news app was better .here you are restricted as to how much news items you want to see. If you open an article and then go back to continue viewing titles you have to start all the way from the beginning and what doesn't help Is that the viewing order suddenly changes. The actual content is good though and there is lots of choice for good content.

Craig Gooden

Local news Can't access local news. A year on and still can't access local news. Useless app and poor use of licence fee money. NEW VERSION: can only access one local news and this is done on my location, why can't I pick the local news I want and more than one region? Badly designed with no thought to the end user. REPLY: Thanks for the reply. But the search function does not work so unable to add other topics like local news. UPDATE, app runs slow, difficult to navigate and news not regular updated, don't bother.

Adam Lawrence Foreman

Doesn't work on Lollipop 5.0.1 If you click on any story, it just refreshes and fails to go anywhere. Just plain awful programming and code. The BBC should be ashamed

Marion Pollard

Structure too complex Old format was much better for getting quick overview of headlines. I'm not interested in video on a news app, prefer to get information fast from well written articles. Content is still good

Gill Marshall

Chaotic! Your lovely clear easily naviagable app has morphed into a dinosaur which is so busy it is difficult to use. I also hate the fact that many news stories are condensed and require video to hear the whole story. Shame.

James Whiteman

Not understanding the negatives... Works perfectly fine on my N5 (Lolipop) and S4A (KitKat). All refreshes fine, new "compact mode" option to get more on the screen at great for me! Makes the original version feel like a cumbersome pre-release! Ha!

Nasir Khan

Not sure at first ... Was not keen at first, but find it much better, and faster than previous version. Compact setting ideal for those who prefer the older version format.

Samuel Hagger

Why? Just Why? What was a great news app is now an atrocity. What was simple and clear is now confusing and muddled. Who user accepted tested this? A twenty five fingered 3 eyed baboon? Terrible.

John Kerr

Used to love it. Now I hate it. This new version is a dog's dinner. Far too much stuff on it, many of the channels have duplicate news and it is really hard to find what you want. It's not user friendly, it just chucks everything at you. Updating to recent news seems sporadic and not easy to manually trigger update. Bring back the old one before I bin this and get sky news app. How did anyone evaluate this and think it was better?

Neil Kelly

Bring the old format back! This used to be a fantastic app, especially for me when travelling to college. I don't have phone service on my morning route and it was great to be able to update at home and read later! Also the news sections do not update fast enough, and stories from several days ago are still hanging around in my feeds. There was nothing at all wrong with the old one, and now its bloated, a data hog, difficult to navigate and very cluttered! Give us back the old format!

Armon H. James

Some updates are welcomed but the constant scrolling is frustrating The previous version of the BBC app was brilliant. It did what you wanted...tell you the news and allowed you to select which stories you wanted to see, such as Technology or World News. While the features above have been kept, the app has also adopted a more modern look which for the most part is very up to date and welcomed. The problem I have most is that the interface now requires a lot of scrolling. And to make matters worse, the developers have removed the scroll bar which I find very annoying.

Holly Whyte

Used to love it but now.... It doesn't refresh, no matter how many times I pull down. The 'tap here to refresh' thing appears less frequently than my ex's maintenance payments and the local news is just seriously awful....just so bad. Major events in my town aren't reported, stupid stories are the lead piece for days and most of tem are nothing to do with my town, but if Sussex is mentioned in anyway it appears on my feed. I like the old app. I will probably be deleting this very soon :-(

Andrew Forsythe

Still a difficult bloated data hogg spanks data allowances Uses exsesive internal storage and data. Difficult to use/navigate. Bloated with exsesive sized images & exsesive swiping. V3.0.0 consumed 60Mb. V3.0.5 consumed 20Mb. V3.0.8 consumed 42Mb. So now on to V3.0.9.4, consuming 42Mb & still munches data, so only use it on wifi. I'm still currently using the BBC news website instead of the app although there currently in the process of wrecking that now. How has it got to this from V2.5.5 which used 5.44Mb, very light on data allowances & quick + easy to use.

Mike Willett

Previous version is still much better V3.0.9 This version is dreadful and now it crashes a lot. I just want to read the news - the previous version did it much better than this rubbish. THE MORE I USE IT THE MORE I HATE IT. Theres a feedback button in the app. Fill it in and tell them how awful this is. Latest update is still rubbish. Now using v2.

Dave Hills

It's the BBC, news is their thing ! New layout ok, I always like selecting my own news subject matter. Works really well on a HTC One M8.

Samuel Ayres

Why? If it ain't broke don't fix it The old app was simple. This app is a seudo-CNN monstrosity, complete with ever decreasing sub menus to create the news you want to hear about. That's the thing with news, it's news for a reason. Currently the 'My News' section is just another column showing the same articles and reporting that the previous 30 sub menus throw in your face. I don't see why they have added all these extra options. It's messy.

Paul Phillips

Poor search, limit on favourite topics is too small, some sections too hidden Various releases have crashed. There aren't enough default or suggested topics (eg where is magazine?) and the limit on number of topics in my news is *WAY* too low. Accessing the old website sections eg All of technology or all of Business seems too hidden and too much scrolling involved. Overall though it looks and feels fresher. Search feature is terrible.

Gordon Valentine

Bring back the old version Yet another update. But still the app is of no use. Come on BBC do the right thing and bring back the old version. Then you can have your 5 stars back.

Mark Chadwick

Good app - just a small qualm, though, the breaking news option seems to keep turning itself off, would love it if that could be fixed.

Pete Harman

For the NEW version - Please listen to the critics So many people agreeing that this app is now virtually unusable, please won't someone at the BBC give us the old app back? Obviously not, (9/4/15), so I'm uninstalling it! One month on and I reinstalled it - still poor compared to the old version, doesn't load new items automatically, loads of wasted page space even on a 5" screen, will probably give it another month. Another month on, it's still rubbish, I use it about twice a week compared to daily for the old version

Shuyeb Uddin

I prefer the old app Don't really like the layout of the current app. It doesn't work for me

John Gallagher

Not better Works OK, but I do not consider this an improvement over the previous version.

Tushar Chauhan

News? The app is confusing. The overall design is alright but the 'create your own news' idea is not very convincing as you always get the feeling you are missing out on actual news and only being delivered the news you've shown interest in. That is all very well for the hawks on footsie but it is not what I would call news. It's not a product, for me.

Gavin Sims

Battery and cpu drain My battery doctor app flags BBC news up all the time for unessessary restarting, using loads of cpu and 8% battery in 30 minutes. Uninstalling. Much better apps out there, use feedly and just use the BBC news urls in that.

Matthew Lovibond

Too much wasted space Only manages 3 stories on a 7" tablet without having to scroll. Then mixed in with the stories is a row of pointless videos, more scrolling. Looks very nice but not as useable. Lots of bug fixes but still rubbish. Promised compact view doesn't appear on my tablet. Another version and it's still crap.

Nick Drake

At last, the Carousel is back! Still too much video and overblown navigation Would prefer the old interface, but latest version (3.09) is a big improvement over the initial release - less video, dialogue boxes now have more appropriate language, initial news page easier to read etc plus the news at a glance on one page (carousel mode). Would prefer option to turnoff video and pop-up notifications. Also would prefer an option to emulate old navigation.

M Holbrook

Just dreadful I loved the old ap which was so well suited to the smaller tablet and downloaded the news fast and presented it in a very efficient way. The new app concentrates too much on video for fewer stories and just eats bandwidth. I had to go and find an archived version of the old app.

tim whitehead

You don't listen! Its worse. CPU and battery drain awful. 19/6/15.I now have blank screens. 23/3/15.The worlds most frustrating app! News is ruined. Still you don't listen. 20/02/15. You're deaf and stubbornly stupid. You designed it to be to busy and it doesn't load. Make it simple, direct and functional like the previous one. How can you be a media organisation and not listen? You're supposed to be experts in communicating but you can't even communicate the news through this awful app.

Richard R

Massive battery comsumption Even with notifications switched off, the battery drain is phenomenally high. Force the app to close, and it just restarts the next time the phone starts, unlike other apps.

stephen rose

Slow, crashes.bring back the original, why upgrade when it was great anyway. All bbc stuff is superior to all others, except, I'm afraid, this one.too much repeated information. Please stop it crashing.

D Pereira

BBC News App A very good layout and well categorised. Easy & user friendly. Nice to be able to customise it. One annoying feature is that the same pages are repeated after every 10 pages!

Andrew Forrest

Over reliance on video and hard to find topics of interest Not enough information available as text. Users should have the choice of video or text. Only way I can get more than a vague idea of the stories are to watch the videos. Also hard to find content other than a small selection of editorially curated content although mynews is a welcome addition.

sophie candfield

Disorganised widget Widget for android is disorganised and a bug is stopping me from changing the widget's physical size on my desktop. The old widget didn't have that. Also kind of too many stories come up. Finally, BBC edit their online things quite badly -often headings exist without any text and bits of articles sometimes don't make sense. That said it's a handy way to check the news and being able to choose "my news" is useful.

Andrew Forsythe

Still a difficult bloated data hogg spanks data allowances Uses exsesive internal storage and data. Difficult to use/navigate. Bloated with exsesive sized images & exsesive swiping. V3.0.0 consumed 60Mb. V3.0.5 consumed 20Mb. V3.0.8 consumed 42Mb. So now on to V3.0.10.12, consuming 42Mb & still munches data, so only use it on wifi. I'm still currently using the BBC news website instead of the app although there currently in the process of wrecking that now. How has it got to this from V2.5.5 which used 5.44Mb, very light on data allowances & quick + easy to use.

auzman auzman

To much information. To cluttered and same news stories stay around for months. Literally. Really. Come on BBC this shoddy lazy and out of date. Much preferred the older version. This news app is awful. I'm moving over to another news app as this is appalling.

Dave Watson

New update horrendous time waster I can see a lot of work has gone into the update. OTT. It worked before, now the page refresh is so slow it's unusable - even on WiFi. Just trying to read the main top pages this morning, I get the refresh symbol forever. I'm a software developer - BBC why don't you expand your testing? Same with the old iplayer updates, I never trust a BBC update because they rarely work and frustrate the hell out of me. Old version was simple, great, very fast, usable off line.

David Thorne

An improvement in some areas but not all I like the more customised approach allowing me to pick more of the news I want to see, especially allowing me to see the most read (useful for a snapshot of news) but I did prefer the horizontal scroll of the old app, or the approach of the BBC sports app (Closer to material design, an approach to design favoured by Google). Design is subjective however. Functionally the app works and gives me what news I want relatively quickly. I do wish the notifications didn't keep resetting on my moto X though.

Joy Tuc

Old style far better New app is confusing, hard to find what you're looking for. I appreciate trying to update the look & style, but now I tend not to use the app anymore. It's like wading through a quagmire. A bit laggy on the phone as well. Old app was to the point & easy to use.

stephen long

Every weekend the Scottish newspapers are a day or sometimes two days behind this is so ridiculous, I've mentioned it before but nothing has changed .

A Google User

Slow ponderous and a step backwards This new version whilst giving you more choices of information from the BBC News website seems slower, and uses up more memory for its cache. New news stories are not retrieved automatically on start up so you have to wait for the old cached news to be displayed and then update the page so you have to wait for that. Why not just auto-download the headlines w/o pics straight away on start up?

Jane Dicker

Much better than cpu! All the info crammed into smaller area which makes it feel like the old main site. Quick and easy access. Prefer to use the app rather than the desktop.

Helen Alden-Farrow

Not user friendly Sorry but this was a backward move. Not easy to use. Messy and disorganised. Much preferred the previous version. Very disappointed.

Mary Wilson

Awful Bring back the old app which was much more user friendly. I find this new app confusing to navigate and rarely use it compared to daily use of old app

Philip Bennett

Battery! Like this app but has used 23% of my charge since I last charged it so will have to delete it shame

David Wood

Still more jumbled than the old app Best feature: no ads, reliable reporting. Worst features: jumbled. Pics are too big, especially the huge one on the home page; would like to be able to disable all video articles

Andy Fellows

Gah not good for offline reading Latest update is bad. I used to click refresh in the morning then read later when I dont have a network. Now I have no idea if its latest news and most of the time it tells me I cant read it cos I dont have a connection. Not good.... 5 months on and offline use is still useless!

Miss Fitsell

Great so easy to use Great app that is easy to use and can be personalised to your own interests. Concise writing that gets the news across quickly.

Ben Law-Jones

Great app Runs well on my Sony. Great app well laid out; much better since recent revamp.

Dean Foster

Preferred old version Why is there always the need go change apps that worked fine before. It's like a supermarket changing around it's aisles. Annoying and unnecessary.

Emme Foster

Changes Made it Worse The app was good before. Now it's slow and doesn't load new stories even when requested. The layout is awful too. Trying to be simple but just being impractical. I visit the app much less now.

Bradley James used to be nice, simple & easy to use. Now it is quite simply crap.

Thomas Williams

Not working properly Breaking news not pushing to my email, updated news not coming through, refresh page does not seem to work either. Sort out please, was OK when downloaded but as time passes so does my interest.

Alan Crane

Overkill Way to much having to organise sorting out what news you want to complex for its own good. How you going to manage this on a lower spec phone god only knows. This app for flagship devices only and iPhones so the BBC snobbery attitudes continues.

Stuart Hunt

Not too shabby Would be good to flag articles as read so you know if there's anything new, otherwise 5 *

The Watsons

Needs a classic view The new look is too fussy for a phone, just about okay on a tablet. The worst thing for me is the text being so fine, which I find hard to read on a small screen. A nighttime setting would be good too. It's good bring able to customise the My News section, though preferences often seen to get reset when the app updates.

Ian Dickinson

Ok but needs further improvement Generally works okay but often links to news items brings up a list of related items only so can't actually read the news about it. The app is far to fussy in its interface. Simple is best! Now much more difficult to use and find news than previously.

Ray Dyke

So far so good on my SGN4 I have used this app from the moment I have had a smart phone, but it used to be so frustrating that whilst I was watching the news feed on my phone SGN2 or tablet Hannspad 13.3, it would either freeze or stop all together. But now 6 months on I have had no problems with this app. I like the flexibility, choices and the video's .Thanks for the updates keep it up.

Tom Bennellick

Ruined it Used to be low effort way to get news. Now you can only see a few articles at once and most of them are video.

Pete Ball

BBC trying too hard The old app used to be a great way to quickly get to the news and read the articles I was interested in. Who's big idea was this new one? Not everyone can watch videos so a written version of all articles should be available.

Andrew Duff

Changed for the better Having given this app a poor review a year ago, I now think that it merits four stars. There are now few, if any, hangs. Pages load as quickly as you would hope. The news content is as good as ever...

chris white

Too many videos I want to access this to see news headlines and further details of things I'm interested in. Rarely watch videos. If I want to watch them, I turn on the TV!

A Google User

Needs further work Nice looking and well polished UI. Suffers from a very annoying bug whereby the list of news is sometimes refreshed after reading a news article taking the user to the top of the list and forcing one to scroll back down to where one was. Would be a decent app otherwise.

Simon Evans

was much better before last update why do developers always think things need improving. was fine as it was then new update new look and guess what not added good as it was now one star keeps crashing

Chris Gamlin

Still prefer simplicity of old app I held off upgrading for ages after all the bad feedback and trying the update on my wife's phone, but eventually decided to give it a go as the old app wouldn't show certain "live" pages correctly any more. Overall it's not bad but still too fussy and picture heavy for my liking. The old app you could scan down and get a good idea of anything new happening within a few seconds and rarely missed an article of interest whereas scanning is now harder and missing articles more easy.

Mark Allen

Rubbish New app is rubbish, why limit topics you can add to your feed. Will have to stop using. Tried again, nope....rubbish. ***Latest version, still limits my news topics, why why why!?!?

Darren Davis

Slicker? I preferred the simpler interface of v2. This has lots of sliding panels and slick presentation but less actual news per swipe. New version - no change but it does insist that I rate it again.

A Google User

Why break a good app? Despite all of the reviews requesting a simple video-bloat free version like the original you choose to ignore your users and the consequent drop in rating. I now try the tablet version only to find that it has a different interface. Well done BBC. Finding new ways to alienate your audience. Keep it up, you'll soon get your rating below 3 if you try hard

Frances Willmott

Trying to find an old version The previous version of app was much better. I am trying to find it again having already factory reset new phone once to get Facebook & BBC news back to old versions but auto update got to me first. If can't find old version will just give up on news. So sad.

Len Simpson

Varies with updates Generally a good app, but occasionally an update will cause issues. Like wiping out all your settings so you have to re-personalise it.

Pauline Albiges

Bbc news The new app is not as good as the older version. It is more complicated to view what I want to read.

James Virgo

Old version was better New version is not as user friendly or easy to navigate. Newer isnt always better! Sky news app here I come.

Liam Keating

Good but could be better Works OK but occasionally freezes and lots of links do not open/display

Leslie Blackburn

Good Application One of the best news ? channels going and this BBC News ? Application is simply clever and the design is second to none (*)


Awful I can't put my finger on exactly why I hate this app. it seems that the only news you see is the news the BBC deems "news worthy". It's a pain to find a subject matter you are interested in and a lot of the time if it's a developing story its never up to date.

Olivier Massart

Much better Excellent source of news with varied and interesting articles. Functionality is far superior.

Jonathan Young

Poor Clunky, clumsy and cluttered. I've Stopped using.

Andrew Underwood

Keep right up-to-date Well presented, unbiased news at your fingertips - a great app!

Cath Ford

Excellent overview I like the new layout. It's fresh and easy to navigate. No bugs, loads quickly.

Simon R Mitchell

Nice app.. All the top stories in one place. Needs a bit more work on the regional stuff but it is great for national/international articles

Alan Puzey

Now I rate it as average As this week it has speeded up. Let's hope BBC do the same with their Sport app which still functions at snail pace. Please revert to original format. The new app is not a patch on the previous ones.

Andrew Faulkner

Still Not Impressed.... I much prefer the old app. This new app isn't as easy to navigate and isn't as simple in looks and features, it feels awkward and bulky compared to the old app. Cannot customize this app (give me the option to remove "Most Watched", "Most Read" etc.). I don't see how this app is more personalized than the old app. Uses a lot of memory.

Ramin Javanmardy

Best news app I have been using it on all my devices, very consistent, fast and easy to use. Well done BBC team

Stephen Mason

Submitted news/Reporting news or making a contribution of truthful statement about a particular character in the news/should be reported to the people about! Should be available aspects of the BBC news applications! Best Wishes Stephen Mason


Took a while to get use to, like it now Like the app now but I can't expand pictures anymore. Used to tap images and they went full screen. Not anymore, been like this since maybe Nov 2015

Ivor J

I have clung on to the old version I have changed my phone was forces to have the new version there. Ugh. On my tablet I still have the lovely old version. Much better view of the articles available.

Gary Swann

No application can open that link When on football and I press live coverage I get no application can open that link. Fix and it will be 5 stars

morgaap A

Previous layout worked well It was great, its a big step back from previous layout.

James Downes

It does it's job It's ok, does what it needs to although it's a very limited app as far as news stories. The Android wear app doesn't work at all though.

steve hoyle

Local news You local news pages are rubbish, you would think there's nothing going on in the local area, sort it!!

Nicholas Jones

Happy to report That the app is very good, will more topics to read and share. Keep up the great work...

Bernard G

Great on Samsung Tablet Good for quick updates. Also informative when time permits for in depth reading

Alex Simms

Helpful I check the news everyday and it has become very useful for me this app.

Philip Meston

It's OK It works, but even on a fast internet, some news stories don't have pictures where they're supposed to be.

Charlie Brown

Great new look My news covers everything I need, great layout and content more than other media,regional news needs more content

Nick Troth

I like the lay out and the fact that the reporting is less sensationalist than some others News programme content should not be created out of what is happening where the cameras and reporters happen to be but real events should be reported upon without undue influence or the conjecture of the reporter or any supposed efforts wheeled in to predict what might happen next. Just the facts please without opinion. BBC is better than most.

Graham Garrett

Typical BBC.... They know best It's just a cluttered cumbersome uneditable app that lacks the slightest bit of sophisticated user based customisation. As always though, the beeb knows best. It just isn't enjoyable to use. IGNORED BY DEVELOPER.

Wilber Wilberforce

Far too biased towards homosexual and lesbian rights It is such a pity. I love what the BBC used to stand for. Independence, fairness and balanced trust worthy reporting. I worked at the corporation as did my father (for 30 years). The website is a poor reflection of the BBC of Lord Reith. It is very unsubtly run by someone with very pro gay right views. This detracts heavily from the trustworthiness of the website.

Darren Johnson

Redownloaded this and is better Not that the BBC take notice of this but yes at last your app is useable unlike before, but still uses too much battery and resources running in background so ive take it off my phone and left on my tablet.. Please sort this then ill give you 5 stars

Dan Stimson

OK but a huge battery drain The app works well but even fairly short and simple usage bears quite a heavy and disproportionate burden on battery life.

Peter Davies

Concise and flexible. Being able to determine your own news features as a private list is very useful. The rest is very easy to use. The use of the site is smooth and despite some older repetition this is a very useful and navigable source of up to date news.

Chloe M

Really good - definitely recommend! I have the BBC News app as a widget on my Samsung - so useful! Extremely straight forward to use: allows you to edit what type of news you are most interested in, and from specific areas, through 'My News'. Ensures you are up to date, with all of the news, from all categories chosen in 'My News'. Very helpful, handy, and useful. Really good, would definitely recommend!

Terence Cattrell

Getting better. The bad. - Please make the widget change the headline every couple of seconds. Widgets are supposed to bring information to you. They should act as a ticker. Having to change the headline manually completely misses the point of a widget. If I have to tap the widget to see another story, I may as well open the app. Look how CNN do it. It's obvious. The headline on shouldn't be on screen for much longer than it takes the average person to read it. Also, The title. Home-screen space is valuable too much is wasted on telling me it's bbc news. I know it's BBC news already.The good-Clean and nicely scalable widgets. Independent feeds for each widget so you can have your, politics, business, sport etc all categorised onto each widget.

Phillip Osborne

Too busy The site is to busy and fed up with having to accept cookies etc every time I open at the beginning. Once you've accepted on my tablet it should be stored but never is.

Luke Grant

Works well as an app but the bbc has become too bias but this app allows you to edit what you see which is good because i can remove the political tory propaganda the bbc seems to spout these days don't get me wrong im neither left nor right but i believe in fairness when it comes to reporting and you wont get that here

Michael Bickerstaffe

No have your say The new format is slow to load. Still no have your say section anywhere and following an agenda or sensationalism

Phil A

Disappointed Content very poor. News appears without depth or background. Since it started encouraging 2 minute video clips have to search sky news etc to find out what is happening.

Euan Mciver

Fast way to keep up to date on the BBC News App Easy to navigate and always updated. Love it !

John Fortescue

Easy to read I use this site to keep in contact with UK news whilst living in australia. Its easy to navigate and right good read. Well done.

Simon Barnes

Coverage of Brexit is poor Come on journalists, what is the matter with you? Gather some detailed factual analysis not just high level opinions!

Gideon Ugwumba

BBC News App A piece of excellence. Keeps me updated in the office, trainings and everywhere. A day without it is like a day without the Air.

Steffan Howard

Was better Don't like the new format, there was more news on the old one. Hardly use it now, I'm only keeping it because my licence fee funded it so feels like I paid for it.

Keith Asher

Not bad Start positive, sport particularly football is up to date, local news often contains stories a week or more old. Paper reviews often 2-3 days old, and sometimes when it updates I lose all my customisations. Also having to download BBC media player to play clips a pain I have good media players and don't need another

Bill Johnson

Good app Not bad I use it most days and am generally very happy with it. Difficult to say whether the news quality is the fault of the app, BBC news or the world in general.

Stephen Williams

Not subtle enough All these things are a miracle to someone born in the 1950s. But the range of choices offered for Personalising with Your News is so unsubtle and basic; and I already know most of the so-say Breaking News.

Drummond Lawrence

Growing on me I've got two versions of the BBC News app., the old simple version, and the updated new look app., both on Samsung Note 2014 tablets. I didn't update the old version because it got well criticised when it came out, and the new version was forced on me when I had to buy my second tablet. But guess what, I like them both! In spite of my earlier misgivings, the new video heavy version is very, very good, and offers WAY much more than the simpler version, with lots of related and historical news items. Not terribly intuitive to use, but I'm beginning to like the interface. Only criticism is the new version videos freeze quite regularly giving the "Unfortunately the BBC News has stopped" message.

Graham Walker

Good Need to be able to amend subjects easier. I could not find regional ones easy

Godfirst Ironman

Is just ok but not the best Is cool and nice app , but still having problem with live news.

boblebobbob bobington

Good app pity about the bbc Technically a good solid app keeping itself up to date with current events. Can't blame the app for BBC bias.


Very well made, tiled widget is fab Smooth and well structured. Helps me keep up to date easily every day

Nick Broughton

Biased If you wish to see current "news" i suggest you install a different app. If you wish to see what the British government allow you to see then this app from the Biased Broadcasting Company is perfect. Will be keeping it so i know what bullsh!t propaganda the government are pushing. BBC =Bought By Conservatives

Judi Sliti

Very poor content coverage Content for news and in depth discussion points has a bias rather than reporting news. Major global events not covered and flagged up well on main page. I have stopped relying on it for my main source of news content.

Neil Roberts

Not so bad as I feared Held off the 'new' style for months, as I loved the simplicity of the old version, and because of the total panning the new style received when it came out. I finally gave up evading updates. After a little while I've learnt to live with it, and I sort of get where the designers are coming from. [Updated after a few months use] sadly it hasn't grown on me, so still just 3 stars for style and ease of use.

Richard Street

Slick app couple of niggles Great news app with good mix of text, images and video. Crashes out quite frequently on my Note 3 and doesn't keep itself updated despite requesting download every 3hrs. But it's still my go to news app.

Dan Golding

Battery Usage Seems to always be running and is always in the list of most battery consuming apps despite not having actually opened the app for weeks! Also even if I "force stop" it starts running again within an hour. Not good BBC.....

Paul Farr

Style over function The BBC has fallen into the trap of trying to look cool and trendy. In doing so it has come up with an app that can be slow to load (especially live football). The content as always, is top notch but I do wish they would just keep it simple

Gary Tanner

Really really Shite! Do the developers of this app even bother to test it before release? The latest version just doesn't work. Lazy lazy coding, and for an app associated with the BBC it's just not good enough. My licence fee pays for this dross!

Andrew Finlay

Breaking news feature pointless 911, war, man on moon, Ebola, stock market crash OK I get as notifications...but cat up a tree...get a life and stop trying to route traffic that way to your site or folks like me will simply switch off the crap feature....I didn't learn about Brussels from your app as had stopped the setting....

Kevin McHale

Very useful. Up to date news wherever you are with notifications of important breaking stories. Easily personalised for topics of particular interest.

Dee Rama

Doesn't work well and uses loads of memory Articles regularly load without any content... very frustrating. Also, it sucks up memory like crazy. Still use it, though, to check on the news.

Graham Garrett

Typical BBC.... They know best It's just a cluttered cumbersome uneditable app that lacks the slightest bit of sophisticated user based customisation. As always though, the beeb knows best. It just isn't enjoyable to use. IGNORED BY DEVELOPER.. This review can't change. The BBC won't so I can't. They think they know better than me what I want, I disagree. BYE!

Nigel Beane

Nothing special anymore This was always my news app of choice but the revamp etc. has left me cold... a year on April 2016 and I'm now bored. The infrequent news updates beyond the main headlines mean that in many categories the stories can be 1, 2 even 3 days old! Downgraded now to 1 star and I won't be back for some time

Rich Payne

Update, fail, update, fail,,,, So it seems every time this app is updated theirs problems afterwards. Since the last update four day's ago the app and widget have stopped working completely, getting very bored of intermittent service from a service provider that we all pay for!!! BBC you are useless.

Chris Lowes

Stop ruining good things! I used to really like this app but recent updates have utterly ruined it. Horrible layout and menus, terrible design; avoid it. Still ugly and badly designed since latest update.

Rebecca Lloyd

Lovely app I love the way the app works and looks. Easy to use and very informative of what is current. The BBC do report on all things that happen across the world but it could be more positive - highlighting good things happening around the world wouldn't hurt. It could be a section of its' own. Otherwise I'd have given it 5 stars

Dennis Relojo

Made by British monkeys It's a stupid app! It auto rotates videos whether you wanted to or not. There's no option to stop this. Why would this be the default setting anyway? Made by British monkeys, I suppose.

Joyce Belfort

Repetitive content & loudly bias User friendly, but the content is very bias and borderline propaganda. I am uninstallimg because the repetition has become unbearable. News is supposed to be fresh information.

Tony Dee

Utterly useless Always crashing. A very poor app. Probably the worst app I ever installed unless I am meant to report it crashing every few minutes.Have now uninstalled and installed ITV News instead


Sky news is better This app is okay but sky news is up to date and quicker to report breaking news

Shaine Derrick

Biased news Awfully corrupted news controlled by British government. Only reason it's still installed is so I can keep an eye on government propaganda. Truly disgraceful

Dancho Ignatov

Unresponsive, prefer the old one, where I can get it? Much improved easy to navigate

Brian Murphy

Most Viewed App? I'm a news junkie and this is probably the app I look at most often during the day. Good reports (It is the BBC!)... Well organised and easy to navigate... Options to customise your reading... And NO ADVERTS! What's not to love? Definitely 5/5.

Chris Walther

Offline reading doesn't work! App has a nice feel & good variation of stories, however... Background sync for offline reading doesn't work! I've ticked the options for background sync & set it to sync every hour but no joy. Everytime I open the app offline & click on a news story I just get a connection error. Please sort this out!

Stuart Bramford

Worse with time Have this app 2 stars initially after the update but now having used it a while it gets 1 star. Horrible to navigate, can edit everything except what I want, no longer easy to see an overview of news stories. This app is just a huge, horrible backwards step.

Andy G

Heavy but effective app Sometimes feels like a burden to open the app, but once it's up and running there aren't many complaints about speed, UI, navigation, or customisability.

Lewis Hunt

Terrible when there is no network I much prefer the older version that cached news articles, this one seems to require network access or the pages don't always load.

Craig Griffin

Excellent - great app, best content by leagues Fabulous content, solid performance, constantly improved. Well done the apps team!

John Downing

New look is a step back Gone back to an easy summary page which I like. Very customisable but still gets you quickly to the headlines. Liking app again now.


Unavailable off-line The old app could be updated at home using wifi and read on the journey to work. This one however appears to need an Internet connection to view detailed content, otherwise you can only read headlines. Disappointing

Adrian Drewett

Okay but not the best Good ui and easy navigate but frustrating I can't open it straight into my news. Articles are okay but not updated frequently and very frustrating when they try to link you badly to breaking live news events

Adrian Mars

Delighted to pay my licence fee for this Excellent app, quality news. Only niggle is, I would like to add an unlimited number of categories to 'My news'.

jc jc

Still Crashes regularly It is still often very slow to respond to screen presses & crashes regularly. Seems to get worse with each update.

Alan White

Not good for travel I use this when I'm traveling. Managed to keep the previous app which I could read offline until an android update change my settings to auto update and updated this app.

Chris Redmond

Upgraded app is so much better The compact mode shows more stories and the layout is greatly improved on the last version. All my complaints about the previous version have been addressed now

Elane Bartley

Great little app I find this is an excellent way to get a quick run down on the news before I start my day. Some of the sections could do with more frequent updates though and that's why I gave 4 stars not 5

Patrick McNulty

Overall its good The layout is responsive and easy to navigate. But the news content and updates lag a little bit behind the competition.

Suzanna Raymond

Great content but needs 54mb! Great BBC news but though basic app is 11mb, it takes 54mb once I've added my news options, which is tough on a small phone. Unclear why some video needs Media Player when others OK to play in app. Debating whether to delete this to free up internal memory.

Kay Robinson

Good for UK and International news As the title says but local news is slow to update usually a day or so old. Great to be able to get science and technology news too.

Olly Mcwilliams

Great news app I've had problems on the iPhone but the Android app works perfectly and is now very customisable

Jonny Wilson

Nice slick App This is a very smooth App. Very stable and yet to experience a crash. The perfect App to distribute their Pro-EU Propaganda.

Colin Field

Excellent but addictive! With a constant update of high quality news directly to your phone, and an interface that makes browsing it all easy, you may find yourself spending far too much time on this app...

Damien Gerard Latchford

A big improvement. I find that I use this app more often than I thought, it is a boon when travelling, ie I am in touch with current and breaking news stories. I like the wide range of quality journalism, which covers both serious and light news. I think this App is a positive example of the new tech that exists on our smartphones.Helped with EU referendum and subsequent fallout after the vote

Jayne Pearce

Does the job Efficient app...delivers all news , high and low profile. Easy to navigate and good visuals. Use it for quick updates usually but can give more information if I am interested in the detail.

John Devane

Given up - unpredictable, uniform behaviour... Very slow loading / reloading times on tablets. The recent Egypt Air hijack, recieved no push notifications on the news item - yet during a recent BBC hosted EU debate, I received almost verbateum reports on the debate! In short, I'm deleting this app in favour of standard web site! The BBC is living on the sliding reputation of the BBC overall - nothing special anymore.

Kirk Barron

Downhill with new design / build While the design makes it harder to find interesting stories to read than before, the implementation is worse still. I used to rely on the app to read stories while travelling through black spots in mobile phone signal, but now the new app is so bad it doesn't even work when I have an HSDPA signal.

Paul Cater

Not very good The whole layout of this app is awful. Annoying video strips. The UI really does need to be revamped. Some of us still like to read the news!

Suzi Bain

Terrible This update is awful. Hardly ever use the app now. You have to scroll through so much to read the story you actually want... Looks busy, packed with rubbish. Want the old one back!!!

Val Warren

App good, grammar appalling So many interesting articles have been spoilt by incorrect punctuation, incorrect word usage, or poor spelling. The app itself is easy to use.

Alan Nonweiler

Think it's broken Think this app is broken. There's absolutely no mention of the tens of thousands of striking doctors marching through London, the serious fraud squad investigating the Conservative Party for election fraud or the racism directed towards Sadiq Kahn during the London elections anywhere on it. I've checked the settings and definitely haven't switched on the 'only see government propaganda' button so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm sure the BBC used to be a trustworthy news source. Deleting until it's fixed

Liam Richards

Temperamental smartwatch Probably 1 in 5 times will this app correctly open on my smartwatch. It constantly tries to connect before falling. It shows stories fine and smoothly once it does but even with full connection and my phone in my hand, it won't give a strong signal anywhere, I've tried at home, work, and outside.

Steve Oldham

Pretty good I would like to be able to filter out videos - I hardly ever look at these - or perhaps put them on a separate tab.

George Inglis

Comprehensive content, app works well The app is great. Move quickly from section to section. Organise sections quickly. Content updated quickly and often. Plus trustworthy content and no adverts.

Connor Stuart

Really great news app I truly don't understand why this app is getting such a hard time. Perhaps there are a few technical glitches that some people need to have rectified, but for me it has worked perfectly. Great app when you just want the news.

Andrew Finlay

Breaking news feature pointless x10 911, war, man on moon, Ebola, stock market crash OK I get as notifications...but cat up a tree...get a life and stop trying to route traffic that way to your site or folks like me will simply switch off the crap feature....I didn't learn about Brussels from your app as had stopped the setting....

Kevin Burgess

Reliable News 24/7 The BBC news app provides fast reliable access to unbiased news at any time. Its use of very brief breaking news snaps usually beats other news sources.

Paul Lakra

The news I want is always here Not sure I liked the design change. I could find all I wanted before so had to relearn the layout for no benefit. I am not a sports fan though in case this is the aspect that was improved.

A Google User

Permissions excess removed! Success! 22 Sep 2016 update wanted access to my media files by default! Seems this excessive permission has now been removed following feedback here!

Stuart Burch

Wear the News! At long last, you've fixed the app so that headlines show on my LG Watch! Really like the long press function giving the option to open the full story on the paired phone.

Keith Wilding

BBC news No updates for over four months then updates twice within a week now it updates twice within twenty four hours? This app wasn't so great in the first place but now it's updates for no real reason, probably time to delete.

Ricky Burgin

"fixed an issue with push notifications" Is that the one where you send a breaking news article about a celebrity split up at 2 in the morning?

Martin Allison

The go to news ap Nicely laid out and straight forward to use its the only news ap I need.

Sera C

Great news app It provides me with up-to-date news on the go. It runs smoothly.

Chris Harte

Missing topics Finding All the information that is on the website is a real chore. This can not be considered a replacement for access to the website. And you cannot swipe zoom either. I wear reading glasses so this is quite important

Rob Brearley

Bring back old version New version is cluttered and hard to follow. Old one was simple. Bring back old app. Will be using sky news app till something changes.

A Google User

Great look and feel but....... So much better, more news and easier to find, better linking of topics but if you're not in a position to listen to the videos, this reduces the content mostly to short articles with no real detail.

Eck Thump

Slow to update news. This update is worse than the previous version. Slow to update, my news constantly buffering until you move away and back to it. I presume this is the same team as iplayer and they have made a pigs backside of that. This looks like it's heading the same way. Get rid of the BBC permanently.

Trevor Munton-Willis

Really good Updates very often and is very easy to use.

Graham Jex

Review Always informative and simple to use

David Freedman

Widgets back! Most recent version ( fixes Widget problem. Looking forward to stable operations for a while!

Ivan Delany

Broken widget The scroll bar is now there, thanks. Still too much video getting in the way of browsing text content though.

Julia H

Not bad Could improve layout a bit

Tahmur Raja

Offline Mode. I would rate 5 stars if you were able to use it while offline.

Chinmay Pandit

One of the best apps ever. Runs very smoothly, perfect buttons and menus. Keep it up BBC :)


Excellent Up to date and always on the ball with the news always

Andy Ross

Excellent service Most of the time I object to the way the BBC spend licence payers money. This is not one of those occasions. Easily accessible, well organised, regularly updated and innovative use of available technology means I can access good quality news from a world class service anytime, anywhere. Well done BBC.

A Google User

Downgrade to 3* What is it with the overload on video content? It seems like we have gone picture book. Can we get more readable content back?

Ryan J

Doesn't work Newest update makes the app crash on launch and then spam 'BBC News has stopped working' until I restart.

John Macleod

bbc news I am installing this app again hoping that some miraculous thing happens by way of news

Milan Makhecha

Broken widgets The widgets no longer works and needs fixing

Ian P. Hamilton

The BBC are world leaders. The BBC are the real leaders in News Gathering. No day is completely understood without their analysis.

Pieter Vroom

Why do you need permission to access call info?

Matthew Fair

Seems better Latest update seems to have fixed reading offline. There's still too many videos though

Nick Taylor

Using on Samsung tablet Works very well as well as an S7

Barrie Rothman

B.k.rothman. 10 out of 10 for news coverage

Bob Tsang

An institution well represented I love the BBC and I love this app

Stuart Charters

Excellent app Keeps me updated and easy to use

Christopher Dutton

Good local news

David Tarbox

Used every day I use this every day now and try to avoid buying newspapers or endlessly looping breaking news tv channels. I like the ability to go deeper on many topics. Most read/watched feature is fascinating to see trivia that becomes more popular than serious news items. Business,science bits could be better and technology is not well covered imho

Harold Cataquet

Best news app I've tried a few news apps, but the BBC app seems to be the one that is easiest to use, covers the things I'm interested in, and most importantly, doesn't swamp me with advertising. The reason it loses a star is because some news stories seem to hang around for a long time. It would be nice to have an "Exclude news stories older than X days" option.

Jake Hardiman

Slight improvements needed Love the new minimal design the app performs well with fluid transitions. I feel that app could do with a number of improvements.You should be able to save news articles for offline reading. The app uses far to much data and take to long to fully load. Also I would like to see a comment system put in place. Allowing users to interact with the content you provide.

Adam Jastrzebski

My favourite news app I have found myself looking at BBC News on my mobile several times per day for many years now. In particular, I like the grid structure where I can easily scan through the headlines in the topics of interest to me. Articles are informative and professionally presented. And there are no adds.

Jay Watson

My 'go to' app for the news - great app..! Excellent app, headlines to light hearted articles it has the lot... Fully customisable it fits to suit ur needs and wants, hear design and UI, I couldn't really ask for much more... The only thing stopping 5* award is a lack of fully downloading the articles in background whilst phone internet connected and idle, always needs me to update them and 90% of the time the headlines in each topic need manual updating and won't do so in background but still excellent..!

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