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14 Sep
BBC Media Player

Posted by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC in Entertainment | Sept. 14, 2016 | 178 Comments

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BBC Media Player works with BBC websites and applications to provide video and audio playback on your Android device.

Once you have downloaded this application, continue to use your favourite BBC websites and apps on your Android device as normal. Whenever you play any video or audio the BBC Media Player will launch and handle playback of the content.

Please note that information about your playback experience is collected when you use the BBC Media Player app. If you are not happy to be included in our usage reporting, please do not install the app. For more information visit

You may notice that when you install the app it asks you for permission to access your phone's network communication, phone calls, and system tools.

These are standard Android app permissions that are defined by the Google Android platform. The 3 permissions the BBC Media Player app asks to use are:

• Network Communication - full internet access.
Granting this permission provides the BBC Media Player app with access to the internet so it can play programmes.

• System tools - preventing phone from sleeping, retrieve running applications.
Granting this permission provides the BBC Media Player app with the ability to prevent the phone going to sleep when you are watching a programme.

• Phone Calls - read phone state and identity (Android Honeycomb and below only).
Granting this permission provides the BBC Media Player app with phone communication status and notifies the application if the phone rings or a phone call is in progress. We only use this permission to ensure that the BBC Media Player pauses if you receive a phone call and temporarily reduces its audio when you receive a text message or other notification while watching a programme. The BBC Media Player app does not access or store any personal information, phone numbers or IMEI numbers.

Whats new

    In this update:
    - Fixes seeking and playback issues in Android Nougat

Media Applications Technologies for the BBC part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 67.9622. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Mark McConville

It doesnt work When i try to play live coverage from the website, it starts media player up, but after a few swirly yellow things, it just goes blank. When i touch the screen, it shows the title of what i am meant to be watching, but there is no sound or video.

Cerys Taylor

Not worth it Why I just dawn lode d bbc I player it wouldn't let me watch enemy thing u need to dawn lode d this no just it's not worth it

Jason Yeager

Apps to get other apps working!? Really? What's the point of developing apps that require something else to actually work? Why is this not already embedded in the iPlayer app? Typical BBC garbage.


utter garbage BBC used to work fine, now all i get is "This content doesn't seem to be working - try again later"..... at least 8 out of 10 programmes. what is the matter with you people? Utter rubbish. Sort this out NOW.

nathan nicholas

Propper garbage Whoever is developing this app needs a slap! I've had my s3 for over 2 years now and there's been something wrong with this app the entire time. Now it looks like I'm loading a game on my spectrum! Seriously!!! It just get worse and worse. Its apps like this that make me find ways of getting paid apps for free because half the time they don't [email protected]#king work!!

Virgil Hawkins

This is why I want to pirate your things This app is trash. It can't restart itself after moving to a new window and can't restart playback without crashing every single time while loading. Why do we need an external app to play something that is already embedded into the website for desktop browsing?

Oscar Bird

Why? Your app has made streeming more temparamental and has left me with even less space, why do you do this BBC?

Michael Hickling

What have the BBC done?? Its shocking and I can't even cast it anymore...time they got sacked and went pay per view like sky.

A Google User

Another 'fix'... ...and another disappointment. programs now play for a grand total of 7 seconds before entering the same endless loop. Which to be fair is 2 seconds longer than it used to be but, well, you know, its a bit bobbins really isn't it? Update: still bobbins.

Praveen b

Ahh, that's a bit better... The latest update has fixed the problem where the sound became scratchy and distorted after playing for a bit.

david gibbons

Doesn't work On Samsung Note 4 (6 month old device) it won't play, just has a black screen with the pause and play bar.

Graham Bull

Samsung Galaxy S5 Latest version doesn't work with my Samsung Galaxy S5 running Lollipop. Well, it is an uncommon phone after all, why bother to fix it? ;-)

Paul Roberts

Why? OK, so I get BBC iPlayer and need to have this as well. Why? Put it all in one like everyone else. I want one app that does what it was meant to not two to work as one.

Mike Gilbert

Does not work on Lollipoop I cannot believe that the BBC tested the latest version before releasing it. Same problems on my Nexus 9 as before. Main one is that the sound stops while the picture continues and then the picture freezes while the sound catches up. So you get everything but not at the same time. Hopeless for viewing live streams and of course not everything on iPlayer can be downloaded. Time to switch back to watching the TV as it is clear that the BBC have neither the will nor the ability to get Media Player and the apps that use it working on Android.

Peter Andro

What is this? I really do think that the BBC is this best tv in the world, but this player just doesn't work. What a pity since I can't watch something I really want to see. Why make a custom player when so many good and tested player exist already???? The faq page is totally idiotic and doesn't provide any fact at all. Doesn't speak about Samsung s4 on kit Kat. That's what I have and it just doesn't work anymore than it does on other devices. Somebody f*ck*d up badly and some heads need to roll.

Padraig Pearse Mateer

Absolute waste of time! Has never worked once for me! Garbage at best. One star is one too many!!!

Agatha Akello

Fantastic choice of progs, freedom to watch whenever, anywhere bug on tab 2 - has limitations. Selection of catchup progs is unrivalled. Being able to watch live tv is also great but on my tab 2, keeps crashing too many times and tells me progs only start playing after 2pm. Really!!!! Works fine on my Note 3. Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling so many times but still problem persists. Looked at my time zone and location too, still no solution. So now forced to use my phone instead of my tab to watch live tv. Its not the best especially when its live sports. Perhaps it just no longer caters for slightly older tech.

Stephen Haworth

currently not working when using Lollipop 5.0.2 - patiently waiting for a fix :^( - symptoms - blank screen and no audio... then crashes (like every other review on here) You've mentioned in responses to other reviews that it's not your fault (which it might be, since btSport app is doing the same thing!) and it's a fault with Lollipop. Do you have any details of the fixes made?

si bla

Great Never had a problem with this app on any of my HTC phones. Works perfectly and very user friendly.

John Harding

When it works... It is a pretty decent app. My problem is that it seems to be incredibly sensitive to bandwidth. Whether using a Wi-Fi connection or a cell connection I sometimes get slow-mode audio interspersed with normal rate. Also the app starts, loads, then immediately stops. There is plenty of memory on an HTC One M8, yet this seems to halt incessantly. Countering this is a flawless operation for hours regardless of being in a hotel room on Wi-Fi or out in the middle of nowhere. Inconsistent.

Lewis Sutton

HTML5 now! This separate player stuff is awful and it doesn't work. If you need help BBC don't go to Adobe go to pornhub! Now There's a streaming service!

Clive N

Pretty poor showing! Just had to install this to watch the snooker. Locked up within a few seconds. Eventually recovered but aspect totally wrong. Never had any problems before with iPlayer. How did this rubbish get past QA? Were they at lunch at the time? Off to watch the snooker on Eurosport courtesy of Sky Go.

veronica g macdonald

Still bad. Give up. I keep checking back as I would love to listen to BBC Radio on my tablet. You keep saying you fixed it and it still doesn't work. Just stop teasing us, give up, pull the app and let someone else have a go.

Henry Dickson

Not working on lollipop samsung galaxy s5. Simply will not play - wait and it delivers an 'is not responding' message

Alex Charlesworth

Worst app on my phone Trying to load a video is impossible. The audio will work but the picture lags and stays in one frame. Changing to a different point in a video is impossible. Why even have an app that helps play videos from other apps?! Just awful

Tony Fletcher

Crash after crash. Use this app every week to watch programmes and since YOUR update all I get is a black screen. I pay tv lisense and this is the treatment we get from YOUR app after taking OUR money. If you didn't spend your budgets on people who are classed as A list celebrities in the states you might be able to afford to run this app properly.

Simeon Jones

The reviewers confuse me... I guess I'm the only one that had the app for free? And it works brilliant apart from some videos don't load correctly and the sound is all distorted and jumpy, but its only some videos. So its not a worry but it should be fixed. :)

lee oberg

Freezing is frustrating Many months of many complaints and absolutely no action to fix it. Rarely plays 5 minute news summary without freezing multiple times. Each time requires a forced stop, clear data and restart. Unacceptable. On Galaxy Note 4.

Tara McGuinness

The bug isnt fixed I havent been able to use this app for weeks, blank screen always! uninstalled as bug 'fixed' & reinstalled it's still not working! BBC you need to sort this quickly, most of my friends are fed up too! disappointing service for a supposed top british institution! Shoddy!

David Stanley

Utter Terd Why have BBC made us download this piece of crap app. What was wrong with the old player? This one rarely works and when it does it's jumpy and the sound is awful. Sort it out BBC you gang of inept chumps!!!

Daniel McEwan

Would've been 5 Star had it actually worked on Lollipop. The BBC Apps that require this app (BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer Radio, BBC Sport) will now not even load the content. Just a black screen, with the bar loading away saying its playing when the screen is just black. Any attempt to press 'Back' causes the app to crash. Was excellent in 4.4 KitKat, literally useless in 5.0 Lollipop and CM12.

Phil Howe

Inferior media App Why can we not choose to play content in our own choice of player (like we use too) instead of having to install yet more unwanted bloatware onto our phones / tablets ? And yes it is bloatware if we are forced to install something that we'd rather not use !!!

Matthew O'Connor

Doesn't work No BBC media will play and any video I open using the app will freeze my phone.

Cody Doyle

You say the update has fixed the problem for Samsung galaxy s5 I have updated the most recent version and it still doesn't work!!

Rob Keeling

Awful If this is the media player fixed, I dread to think what it was like broken. Stuttering commentary on the Chelsea v PSG match. Used previously it just crashed, with no audio, or visual, so maybe it is improved! Better free radio apps out there that give clear quality. This is, truly, an awful app from BBC

Mariann Smallwood

Blank screen!! Samsung s5 updated from lollipop to kitkat now app won't play properly. Get on iplayer ok click to watch programme and nothing, have black screen with loading bar and that's it... sorely dissapointed ?

Craig Taylor

Pointless What's the point in having 2 apps to do the job of 1. Wasting valuable space when the player should have just stayed embedded in the old app. Even better would be let us play through our own media players like VLC. Thanks for wasting my time and space!

Sasha Sharpe

Won't work on S5 Despite saying that you have fixed the bug for S5s on Andriod version 5, I am still unable to watch programmes from Iplayer. I have checked to see whether my OS can be updated but it is up to date. Currently, I am able to find my programme on Iplayer and click to watch it. It will appear to load but once it appears to have loaded, the programme does not play and so is stuck on 0 seconds. I hope this matter will be looked into.

Sion Lloyd

Blurry video Every time i try and watch something the video is blurry, its not pixilated or buffering just blurry. When i click on the screen eveything is fine, I can see the video in HD or whatever quality its set on like its supposed to and the title appears at the top and a scroller thing appears at the bottom. When after 5 seconds after I touch the screen the title and scroller thing goes away the video goes back blurry! I have tried uninstalling reinstalling the app but does't work. I have tried evey setting!Fix it

peter morrow

Consistent problems - but I still use it everyday I re-install every other day. I have learnt that when I encounter a problem with a download ie it stays in the queue and does not progress to download. I Un - install, restart my phone and re-install the app. Works fine for 2 or 3 downloads before it has problems again. I haven't come across any app that is perfect, but please keep making this app better! I enjoy using the app to watch TV I have missed during the week. Solve the problems & ill give it a five!!

Jevgenij Sidorov

programs only download over wi fi, no 3G :(

Ирина Щугорева

Thanks a lot to developers! I can listen my favorite BBC Radio One now, and it's a pure happiness. Thank you! And the app is great, btw :)))

Адильбек Рустемов

Loud noise Often begin loud noise or even rasp when I listen podcasts, it's unpleasant.

Natasha Bondarchuk

Brilliant I can listening my favorite BBC radio 2 in Ukraine. Thank you!

Ardashka D

Good Awesome


White noise

Laurie Ellis

Been this way for months Doesn't play video or audio on my samsung galaxy s5 running lollipop and you sacked Clarkson you wankers

Douglas McRaethanan

This is Crap Tried again 6 months later and this STILL applies: This is buggy as hell and crashes nearly every time! I've not managed to finish watching or even listening to one piece of media for more than 5 minutes before this disaster decides life's not worth living and crashes. Why am I paying for a TV licence when the BBC aren't even able to present their media in a modern form? I tried this 2 years ago and had exactly the same experience and now I'm uninstalling for the same reason yet again!

Martin Griffiths

Waste of time Whenever called upon from the BBC sports app, it'll manage a few seconds playback before it judders backwards and forwards by a few frames ad infinitum... And this happens with EVERY video I attempt to watch. Truly a waste of storage space.

matthew rennie

genuinely brilliant works nearly flawlessly. and at least we are given proper and full information on what's been fixed and what's to come. there's still some slight bluring on the outer edge.

Cherry Blackmore

You sacked Clarkson and wrecked Top Gear, the only programme you lot ever show that's worth watching. And then you hire Chris Evans as Jezza's replacement?!? Don't think you're getting any praise from me. The BBC is no longer worth the licence fee.

Gavin Taylor

no complaints does the job it needs too, no issues at the moment.

Andrew Marjoram

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running on Android 5.01 and it hasn't worked for months now. Tried clearing data on app as suggested by previous reviewer but that doesn't work either. I just get a black screen. Really disappointing :-(

Nicholas Monro

Fixes My god ! BBC, or together with CM, finally fixed the blurry screen problem... and it works... at least for Oneplus One owners. Lucky us, some are not so fortunate. This was an appalling mistake which took too long to fix. My faith in BBC is already shakey. Please check your QA process and adjust accordingly.

Robert Herschell

Better for me, still has issues. Videos play ok, sound OK. Every few minutes I get an on screen notification saying that iplayer has crashed, although when I go back to iplayer it works fine.

Chris Skinner

Rubbish.. This app used to work fine but recently just give me a spinning wheel on nexus 10. Downloads either fail or never start. Not worth the download space.

James O' Neill

Terrible radio stream Always crashing when streaming radio on Samsung Note 4. Lowest sound quality. Wouldn't expect much more from local DIY station, but from BBC...!!!!

Angela Owen

Inaccessibility for Visually Impaired People Media Player cannot be controlled at all using Google Talkback speech when playing video or audio from a website. I was very surprised by this as Iplayer and Iplayer Radio work very well with Talkback.

J.W. Klinkenberg

Only sound works, no video Read a review of someone else saying it's a sound app. At first I understood it wrong because for me it's literally a sound app: the video is not working

Jack Perry

Terrible App Doesn't Work Still doesn't work on my Galaxy Note 4. Have all the latest updates and doesn't work. Forced to use ITV and Sky apps until this is fixed. Totally unacceptable

Ralph Lumley

Why is it linked to a browser? Why can you not access the channels directly through the app instead of it having to open a browser to find content? Just seems really unintelligent.

Sean P

Works perfectly For those whinging about it not working correctly - CLEAR the cache AND data for the app, then try again. Xperia Z3 running Lollipop.

Matthew Hall

Still doesn't work on S5 with lollipop Lots of people have said this and I'll say again. Just updated again and on Galaxy S5 you just get a blank screen with the scroll bar at the bottom. SORT IT. Been this way at least 2 months!

Tim Burdett

Does not work on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Every time I click on a audio/video link in Internet or the BBC news/sport apps, the player just goes blank, crashes and sometimes restarts the phone. Used to work fine on KitKat. Since upgrading to Lollipop it hasn't worked.

Bingfeng Mei

Quite buggy on my Android 5.0 phone. IPlayer and BBC news video unplayable. Always freezes after 15 seconds

Paul Ryan

Regular Doesn't work Why is this so hard to get right and taking so long. Didn't work well on Sony Xperia Z from 3 years ago now doesn't work o Galaxy Note 4.

Patricia Clarke

Bbci player and media player Stopped working on my galaxy s5 (WHY?)...It just freezes and then I can't exit it straight away...pleeeze fix it :( :(

Will C.

Works for me Allows me tae catch up wi Tv, while having a jug or 2, in ma favourite J.D.'s.

Andy Rider

Not working Galaxy S5 This app used to allow me to view content on all BBC websites which I use all of the time... However, that should read USED to use all of the time. Now it just doesn't work - so iplayer and the bbc sport app are severely hindered. I have checked and my Galaxy S5 is using the most recent system update, so that is not the problem. Been like this for MONTHS & even the latest update doesn't sort it out!! Fix it soon please!!

said Omar

Doesn't work I have samsung galaxy note 4 and I can't watch anything on I player

John O'Connor

Pretty Dire Pauses every minute or so. At one point just bombed out completely. Freezes if you try to skip forward or back. And this is on a 30mbs fibre connection. The resolution is poor as well. I persevered because I wanted to watch one particular video that was only available via a BBC Web page, but don't bother unless you're desperate. Uninstalling it now.

Kristian Kassinen

Broken (still). Nice one BBC you ruined one of my favourite apps. You forced me to update and now I get nothing but a black screen when I try watch anything on my galaxy s5. Been like this for months. What a joke.

M Smyth

Once vital part of my life ruined.. Still no solution for Galaxy Note 4 users .... terrible service...

craig blackwell

A no go. Another update. .but still doesn't work.

Michael Abogunrin

It don't work on the note 4 No videos play back on the galaxy note 4

Jane Estanislao

Doesnt work Not working on s5

Roger Penniceard

Still doesn't work with Samsung Note 4 and Lollipop.

Lloyd Griffiths

Doesn't work Plays a few seconds of video on lollipop 5.0.2 (OnePlus one) and then video stops whilst audio continues

Valiant Heart

Media Iplayer It's been 6 been six months bbc couldn't fix the problem of their iplayer app for the Android phone which is absolutely shamfull because whenever i try to watch something the video goes blurry,fuzzy and crashes such way literaturlly you can see it when it fliks screen goes green.I hope organisation like BBC will get this fix ASAP.

Robert Bullawa

App is not working After the update, on Xperia Z2 tablet (Android 5.0.2) app fails to load and play the sound content. Es ist kaputt!

Mary Karavaggelis

Doesn't work! Literally nothing happens Hated it doesn't seem the right word for something that doesn't do anything

Simon Longley

At last, working with Lollipop It's a sound app, but really why did it take (literally) months to get it working with Lollipop? BBC not being very impressive with new technology!

Simon Smith

Doesn't work - videos won't start ; endless spinning wheel then crashes.

Amer Ramzan

Freezes (edit) Crashes on note 4 since lollipop Thanks for the update.. used to not stream only blank screen, now app crashes totally. It's def NOT the OS it's UR app. Can you use my license fee to contract the work out to some organisation that knows what they're doing?

Isabel Taylor

Good But glitchy. Sometimes it won't load. Or freezes but apart from that it's excellent.

Ashley Miles

Doesn't work Has never let me watch more than 10 seconds of content from the bbbcsport website before repeating the same frame over and over again whilst the sound continues. With the flash of green between the frames being repeated.


Come on BBC.... Come on BBC. You can do better than this. We don't need something that's flashy and has as many features as VLC, but at least something that can handle simple playback. It will just freeze on a frame and keep playing the audio, every minute or two. It's such a shame to have so much good content on the iplayer, and not to be able to watch it properly......

Cara Pettigrew

Whatever I wanted to hear the new Beyonce Coldplay song and couldn't get it elsewhere so I downloaded this. Then I deleted it but it was kinda glitchy for that 3 minutes so...

Richard Davies

Can't turn it off Munched my battery and had to off/on the phone to get rid of it

ian sedgwick

Buffer-tastic I have a very fast internet connection, and never had a problem with iplayer previously, but since being forced to this POS s/w every programme is interrupted with the buffer wheel of doom. Nice work devs - theres a phase between build and release called 'test'. Why dont you try it in your next release cycle?

franny YNWA

A bad review I really gave you a bad review a couple of months back about this app.And if I could of give you zero stars I really would have.But I have just give it another shot and it is much much better now.I downloaded it in under 1 minute which was cool because ive only got a Y330 HUAWEI.But there is still little kinks that need ironing out like when the picture freezes for a second or two.But apart from that I will give you 4*** stars get them bugs out please and you will get 5***** stars...Thanks

Martin Hughes

Rubbish! Complete waste of space. Runs for 9 seconds then freezes. Is this the best the BBC can manage?

Chris Davenport

How to make a bad app Well done BBC, you've insisted I install this app to watch iplayer and to insult to injury it just plays the first few frames and freezes. At least get something working before insisting users use it

Precious Nwokeji

Yeah, u smashed it! I can watch anything I want to of I miss an episode. I'm a huge eastenders fan and I'm trying to remember some EastEnders characters. Thanks so much for this app. I really appreciate this app, whoever created the BBC IPlayer. ??

Brian Hetherington

Ruined Had always been a bit slow but at least worked, now after new update it freezes after 2 seconds, making iplayer useless as well. Typical bbc really, nothing works properly on any of their apps for long.

Jack Smith

Still an embarrassment for the BBC, continually crashing. I listen to online radio from across the globe with no problems from their apps but this is shockingly poor. I feel lucky to listen to thirty minutes unbroken on this crap. Reports seeming to just get ignored. Get it sorted.

Jonathan Badness

Something is wrong with iplayer and the BBC in general. Over the last few years the BBC has become nothing but a tory mouthpiece. Pro Israel, anti corbyn and totally rightwing. Grow some balls BBC and don't bow down to tory threats about the licence fee. We loved you but now you are worse than useless

Sian Snyman

It's alright I like it plays well on my hudl but sometimes when it loads it freezes for ages and doesn't let me go off the app. To make it work I have uninstall it and the install it again. Why does this keep on happening?

lee oberg

Freezing is frustrating Close to a year and it still freezes more often than not. Patheric engineering. Bad engineers blame others. Good engineers take responsibility and fix problems. complaints and absolutely no action to fix it. Rarely plays 5 minute news summary without freezing multiple times. Each time requires a forced stop, clear data and restart. Unacceptable. On Galaxy Note 4.

Otto Hirr

Failed 2015-07-21:BBC News video wanted this to play article. (Why not standard player?) I installed, it failed. I immediately uninstalled. Samsung Galaxy S4. Update:2015-10-28:Repeat of prior... So many(most?) of videos I watch via BBC News app will play in the app, only a few seem to want to fork from BBC News to this app, which has yet never worked for me. Why not just play in the BBC News app like all the other videos... Waste of time...

Adam Burnett

Android 6.0.1, Nexus 6P. Crashed a lot. I got it running for about 5 minutes before the BBC Radio stream i was listening to froze then unfroze then went slow mo then crash. Please fix this BBC, you have some of the best content in the world, don't spoil it with a bad media player. Do better.

Amal Ali

Good I remember having this spp before.I used to be axi g but I have to day that the update had made it horrible and now watching shows cost money this I'd a waste I wouldn't reccomend downloading it anymore?

Paul Vernon

Unreliable and buggy The app constantly crashes with pauses in video, buffering, video freezing with audio continuing or it just stops altogether. All on a 200Mbps internet connection. Virgin media's TV anywhere and ITV's hub apps have no such problems. IPlayer on Android is truly terrible.

Ga Ph

Plese sort it out I wanted to watch something and it told me no content to be found plese refrain from clicking. I am really disopointed

A Google User

Rubbish Unwatchable, picture just freezes constantly then gives a wonderful pic of a circle spinning round and round and round untill I turn it off. With all the bad reviews you'd thought the developers would have popped up and attempted to explain why this app is so bad. Btw, I have a wonderful WIFI connection.

Chris Zidani

Working again for note 4 You need this app to watch video on BBC website. After a lengthy period of it not working at all it's back up and running again and seems to be ok so far.

Mandy Shaw

Absolutely appalling on my ICS tablet, starts fine but then the audio stutters and breaks up, eventually hangs. Seems very dependent on bandwidth but provides no option to use lower resolution. Also, as others have said, volume ridiculously low, again with no option to increase. Dreadful. iPlayer was brilliant on this tablet in 2012 using Flash, watched the whole Olympics on it. Big backwards step.

Jon Peck

Unstable and useless Forced to use this abominable piece of garbage to listen to the Museum of curiosities. Couldn't even listen to an entire episode without the thing crashing. Constant audio problems, couldn't see other episodes or navigate to anything that it could access, this is just a terrible digital rights management wrapper. I'm sure there's a group of people in a board room somewhere that thought this is a really good idea, applauded by minions who do not have the courage to say that the Emperor has no clothes.

Charles J. Sundmacher

I am a Whovian. "Make no mistake about that!", as Then President of The United States of America, Richard Milhouse Nixon (or, the fine BBC Actor in the role of President Nixon during the Doctor Episode "The Silence", may have had said in character in this episode. So it is with great trepidation and caution that I hesitate to stick my pods out on the chopping-block and state I have just have downloaded the BBC MEDIA PLAYER on my HP 15" Lap-Top PC, so I have yet to use it! However knowing BBC America and it's fine programming (or "programming", as it is spelled in English English) I rest assured that this BBC America product which shall bring to my Personal Computer's 15" screen and Dolby sound-system, every past as well as present and future episode of Doctor Who just as the BBC 1 intends it be--- In a word, PERFECT!! A sidebar comment in an interrogative, though--- I wonder if BBC America also has a download app "Trenchwood" as well as this one for Doctor Who, too!? C. J. Sundmacher Belvidere, Illinois 61008 USA 01/27/16 : 03:30.45

Mike Pacy

No longer works On hudl android 4.2.2 simply no longer works. Cannot play directly from player and cannot download and play.

Alexander Pirie

Doesn't work on Android Samsung note 4 with iplayer What you up to BBC? Iplayer and the media support hasn't worked since autumn. You blame android they blame you. Worked before...

Steve Millington

Rubbish Plays for the first 10 seconds then flashes between green screen and a still of what was just showing whilst the audio continues. This happens on every video I have tried to watch.

Philip Dodd

Shameful Absolutely terrible. Plays media from BBC websites. I guess it does sometimes. It's very very poor on anything other than an LTE connection. On LTE it's only very poor. Sometimes just stops randomly, sometimes doesn't even start. Edit : actually, that's not a fair review. It's much, much worse than that. It's strangely spooky that anyone can come up with a media player that offers so little in terms if functionality but still actually doesn't work. It's truly appalling. The BBC should be ashamed.

Brittany Way

Does not work When I open the app it does not look anything like the pictures provided when you download it... It does not work, blacks out when I click on a video it acts like it wants to work but then it does not...

Daniel Brown

Picture freezes After about 10-15 seconds of working correctly the picture freezes jumping between two frames. The audio continues. I expect very little from the BBC. However this is a problem that has been occurring for a long time. I had the same issue on my old phone. There are no decent TV shows on BBC anymore (except sport which is covered poorly - why is there no BBC Sport TV channel? Could show uninterrupted sporting events without having to switch to bbc2!) Use my license money to do something useful; fix this app!

Nick Moore

Idiots "For legal reasons you can not watch this program. Try turning your television to bbc 1". Wtf.. why do we pay these muppets a licence fee?

Dilan Munga

Useless does not work I barely write a review but this app is just horrible and useless.. Why have a separate app so I can watch videos. What's worse the app doesn't even work. When I chose a video to watch it loads up in the media play and the video plays for about 5sec until the video freezes and I can only hear the sound. This is only good if you want to listen to the radio and not watch a video.. Utter rubbish

Daniel King

Unreliable Have a Sony Xperia Z3 here in Australia. I like to listen to podcasts from Radio 5 (which generally work) and Radio 4 which almost always never work. Media player crashes, plays media slowly. I am forced to use this media player whereas before I didn't have to and I streamed programmes with no problem. It's very annoying.

Wendy Young

Awful A genuinely terrible player. It freezes,blacks out and sometimes just stops working altogether

dont be evil

No seamless playing. This version must be buggy. All I wanted was listing to the online radio programme, no video. But nevertheless I experienced stuttering all through the programme not only at the beginning which I would have willingly attributed to initial buffering. I'll have to go through previous versions. My device: Galaxy Mini 3 with Android 4.1.2

Macca Be

Just pointless Don't know why BBC have a separate app for this. What's more frustrating is that it doesn't even work most of the time, get video glitches, crashes and all sorts.

Stuart SMITH

Doesn't work on Sony z3 I only get a few seconds of any video before it gets into a loop - flashing image with green background - very disappointed

Daniel Gavin

flaky as f**** and doesn't like being interrupted - dies often when paused.

Darren Darren

Disgrace Galaxy S5 user here. This has not been working for so long. It's a disgrace. I can't watch Wimbledon. Why did you mess with it? Why am I paying a license fee? You should be ashamed. Pathetic. Update: it is now 15/11/2015 and this player still doesn't work. What a joke.

Chukwuma Ndubuisi

Absolutely Rubbish This app is a piece of crap, all it does is it plays only the audio and won't let you watch the video and totally a waste of time, thank you bbc for wasting my time and megabyte. RUBBISH! ???

David Boothe

Useless Constant buffering problems destroy any continuity, especially on music (Choral Evensong). Uninstall.

Lema Wakman

Cool I love catching up on episodes, but the quality of the videos is really low and bad and they repeatedly buffer.

Vlad Acsinia

broken app I don't know how this was released. It's full of defects. Many blockers, stopped working while listening to neverwhere and could restart it.

Sebastian R

Horribly buggy! Wonderful when it actually works, but crashes immediately after loading the content 9 times out of 10. In its current state, this app is completely unusable. Really have to wonder where the 5-star reviews come from.

Chris Kenners

Radio Playback = non existent TV Playback is OK, but with radio, let's me play 3 seconds, freezes, crashes and quits then reopening the app takes me back to beginning of broadcast. Every time. Doesn't help that my local BBC radio station isn't available via the iPlayer Radio app (yes, I've tried searching) for downloading a show for offline use. Shame as this could have been so much better...

Jackson Cole

Crashes Constantly HTC M8- Crashes constantly. I have to hit play about 10 times before it will actually play and most times it won't play at all. If it weren't for Neverwhere being aired right now I'd delete it immediately and never look back. The voices then sound distorted. Can't rewind or fast forward because it crashes. Incredibly disappointed. This is very simple technology and shouldn't be crashing like this. Please fix.

Mark Royall

No simple way to listen... No excuse not to have a one touch play option. Instead you have to open the app, select the station, decide whether to listen or watch. It's poor BBC, sort it out.

Michael Capalbo

Downright bad I've never written a negative app review before but this app is special. BBC news app forces you to play short clips in this app, while they could easily be played in the app itself. Then the player app has never played any of those clips successfully, and I've tried on three different Android devices. Surely the BBC can do better!

womble dung

Working now Did a fresh reinstall of iplayer and media player, and they now appear to be working fine. Not sure what the difference is, but are working. For anyone who doesn't know yet, as Flash support for Android has ended, Iplayer needs BBC media player as a get round for this. So, if we want to watch, then we need both in tandem. It's a bit of a pain, but seems so far a reasonably good fix for the time being. Good luck, as it won't work for everyone.

Martin W

Very bad Picture freezes, sound continues. Sometimes crashes. It's just very flaky and the BBC should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this. It's a beta at best. Sort it out!

Barny Freke

Constantly crashes Very unstable on xperia, crashes for all sorts of reasons. Doesn't seem to buffer far so if signal drops then ur stuffed. Very basic with no features. Expected something much better from BBC and now looking for an alternative.

Marnie Stirling

Rubbish Forced to download this after going on the BBC iPlayer website to watch documentaries on my phone. Using 5G home WiFi and the playback constantly buffers, stops but plays audio or stops completely. Don't download, save iPlayer for your computer!

John Martin

No off button Absolutely rubbish on Moto G. Have to force app shutdown to turn it off and close it when a radio station is chosen from website. First review of an app ever, because it is the worst piece of software for android and had to be commented on.

Roberto Graziosi

Cannot work I'm only able to play some videos. Most of them keep loading forever without open!

nop head

Keeps saying "content doesn't seem to be working' when actually it is the app that doesn't work. Can play BBC radio on my PCs where it doesn't need an app. Keeps dropping out on my tablet despite 4 bar wifi connection.

Andy hammonds

Garbage Doesn't play any live media just freezes up. Plays some videos from iplayer most don't load though. Been this way for months. Sort it out BBC.

Matthew Force

Totally pointless iPlayer works much better on its own. Don't bother with this piece of crap the iPlayer app is brilliant stand-alone these days. Pull the plug, maybe??

Daniel Wilson

Clearly abandoned and unfunctional Plays for about 15 seconds at a time then just closes without even a crash report?

Dave Conway

RUBBISH! Downloaded after the bbc website sent me to the app store as i wanted bbc alba to watch the football in Scotland. Nothing. Just links to my radio app. Absolute rubbish. Do not download/install. Waste of time. Deleted the app

Siddharth S

Forced to install but Not working 0 star if possible... ? Why can't the media in news app play without an additional media player... You guys forcing me to install this player and then i find its not working.... Ridiculous!

Justin Riley

Doesn't work Everytime I press the audio icon to listen to Lancashire I am greeted with a message that BBC Media Player has stopped this means unless you are sat at a desktop PC you can't listen to county cricket, I wonder what the league think of that?

Jay Sinha

Good video quality But needs a subtitle option. Also feedback option in the app does not work. It asks for the email address to send to. It should know that!

zee smith

doesn't work. plays the first 2 to 4 seconds of the essential mix and then crashes. not sure why bbc has to reinvent the wheel when there are tried and true technologies out there that actually work. i'm sorry i wasted the time downloading and trying to get this app to work. uninstalled.

Becky Bannister

Rubbish I used it to try watch them clips on BBC bite size and it will work for 3 seconds and the sound will go off and its really glitchy it needs to be sorted out

Tarn Kirk

Have to reinstall every day I listen to county cricket. Every day when I first try to listen to the commentary, the Media Player won't work. I have to uninstall it and reinstall it before I have any success. Similarly after another app has taken over the audio and I try to go back to the commentary.

Eugenio Pillkahn

Crashes and doesn't play smoothly... It crashes often and when it works it's buggy, it doesn't play smoothly... it stops and keeps playing by itself every few seconds. Why do we need this anyway? idevices can play normally and smoothly straight from the website without downloading an extra app like this. You would think that by downloading something extra it will give you a better experience but NO... It's far worse. And it's not the phone... this happened with my Note 4 and note 5 now.

Jamie Wagland

Needs some repairing Trying to watch Springwatch watch it for a while then it stops and the sound just rolls on surely there must be a brain box smart enough to fix this app

Fabio Colella

Extremely poor performance If the app works, which often is not the case, it's anyway slower than an average stream. Sometimes it breaks and makes the voices in slow mo and women's voice becomes similar to Pavarotti's one. While that's very funny it's probably annoying as much..

Denzil Chamarette

HP 7 G2 On this 7" device when viewing TV show on the BBC iPlayer the picture quality is poor and has a halo effect around objects. Also the playback keys are restricted as they are cut-off at the bottom and is impossible to stop playback and cannot access the subtitle S button. Can you please fix this bug for the HP community. All other video players, such as ITV Hub and All 4 are working fine.

Ian Ford

White screen on play back plus max low volume level. Many times when using the media player with bbc iplayer the video has started playing back ok then the screen goes white and I have to stop and start the video to restore picture. No problem with sound but I would say the max volume level is low compared with other apps like YouTube. I am using the samsung galaxy s5 g900h with up to date firmware.

Gareth Molland

Galaxy S5 Now works with Android update. This app stopped working after it was updated and developers said that S5 users should update to latest Android version to solve problems. This has now been done, either by Samsung or EE, and the app is once again working flawlessy. Just watched MOD3 over 4g and there was no buffering or lock ups.

Thomas Monument

HTC One M8 Incessantly crashed. Was trying to listen to my sister on a radio programme from this morning. Heard a couple of minutes of her voice, but most of the time it just crashed and disappeared or went either very slow or very fast. It certainly didn't sound like my sister!


Doesn't work When I went to use it the play back was breaking up and slow then it just crashed. When I went to rate it, it had given itself 5 stars, I had to hit edit to give it the 1 star it deserves. BBC are on the make with this one, it's worse than useless. Also I have just read all of the reviews, maybe 1 percent positive, all the rest negative, BBC you should be embarrassed by this useless piece of app!

Zach Johnson

There's no design in it and it skips constantly I'm sitting here listening using 4g data and it's skipping literally the entire time, you can't enjoy any radio. What is the point if it's skipping the entire time? There's also no design within the app, it's just a black screen with a pause button at the bottom. Installed and immediately uninstalled.

Levi Beyer

Poor Audio It's been two months and your audio player still sounds like a bad buffering you tube video. This does not happen on my tablet with and old version of the BBC News app. Fix you streaming player this does not happen with other streaming apps with a 70 mb/s connection.

Kevin Harrigan

A sort of thank you... and goodbye ? You have convinced me that this 'app' is not a priority for the BBC so I have switched to podcasts and am I glad I did!?! There are tons of really good podcasts out there that I previously had no idea of, particularly from NPR, Gimlet et al. Now I wonder why I wasted so much time with this. TODAY IS FREEDOM DAY, UNINSTALL DAY. So much for BBC soft power. So, goodbye ?. This update does not address the fundamental flaws in this app.

Allan Fodder

Freezes every time!! The media player won't play more than the first 4 seconds of any link from BBC news /sport etc before the video freezes. I can still hear the audio playing in the background it only happens on this app. I've tried uninstall/ reinstall, same every time. Gutted.

Lovejoy Peacemaker

Crashes to blank black screen as soon as I sign in with Beeb ID! Crashes to blank black screen as soon as I sign in with Beeb ID. Just like the others I say what are you upto BBC? You are supposed to be one of the frontrunners in innovative technologies for tv & radio and yet your iPlayer is already generations behind most of your competitors. Where oh where is the visible fastforward and rewind so we know when to stop? Where is the slow motion replay for sports and other programs? Where is the zoom in and out etc etc etc?

Christopher Maybury

If only there were negative star ratings Useless. Can't play a simple 6 minute video that I used to be able to watch in the browser without issue. Well done for isolating people from your content bbc. Audio and video speeds up / corrupts making video unwatchable.

Elisei Filimon

If you're willingly installing this....don't Holy hell this things sucks. Installed out of necessity just for one video. The video didn't have any sound, then the app froze/became unresponsive after I tried rewinding. Quality product.

Charles Hertz

Full Screen Video Crashes Often in News App You know full screen video does not work for years in many instances on news app. Who is responsible? YOU. Worse yet, it keeps running in background after crashing and quickly drains the battery. Where is the bug report & schedule for this in BBC? Nowhere, shameful for years.

Simon Williams

What's the point? Oh God. What a waste of time. It doesn't select music according to your criteria, it serves up a load of spurious rubbish, most of which won't even play! And when they do play it's a small portion of the song. Can't be bothered. Uninstalling now.

Oishii Ohimesama

Never worked from the start I downloaded this app three times so far and I use the links on the websites and never worked. It always say try again later. I just want to watch the Dan and Phil Internet Takeover shows. And One show is on today, and because of this problem I can't watch.??? please fix it!


Won't switch off. Galaxy tab A on lollipop. Major bug that requires you to force stop. Even clearing ram in settings or closing all apps doesn't kill it. Embarrassingly basic flaw from a major broadcaster. It does play content so 2 stars for that.

Matt Smith

It shouldn't exist. The BBC programmers need start building in their media players into their apps. I shouldn't need an extra app just for their media. Just take this player or build a new lightweight player and add it as a module to the other apps. BETTER YET: Just redirect the media to ANY media player installed on the Android phone. Saves me having an unnecessary media app in my app drawer.

Álmos Soma Horváth

Does not work First of all you have to download this media player, to play live TV. I could accept this if it would work. But after 10second the video freezes and the sound carries on playing. Tried it n multiple occasion, hoping every time but could not get this work. :(

Benjamin Elliott

I like the audio content. I do NOT like how it likes to freeze for 10 minutes, jamming the phone. How you tune into a live stream and it cuts out 5 seconds later. They need to make the Android version compatible with Android phones.

Kim Burks Easter

HTC One: Does not work with any episodes. Opens. Plays one or two seconds of the episode's audio. Closes with an apology pop-up that reads, "Unfortunately, BBC Media Player has stopped." Very disappointed. If I must download a separate application to play content, I would hope it would work at least some of the time.

Thomas Zaglaras

i wish it were better I am getting repeated crashes every time i use it. There are no settings to change to even attempt to fix it. I really wish i could get it to work more consistantly. It also crashes if i get a text or phone call.

Virgil Hodge

How is it so bad lol Stutters and skips every few seconds. Barely listenable. I don't know how the BBC made such a low quality app, but they get away with it by giving users no other choice

paul eves

Hilarious Read the reviews. Was sceptical. Low and behold they are right. I installed the media player app and within 3 hours my phone s6, new, so battery is still okay, went from 97% to 41% in 3 hours. Whilat not even in use. What I would like to know is why. What is this app doing in the background on my phone to cause such an indiscretion. Obviously I unistalled. No that really bothered by the BBC any more. Poor apps poor programmes and quite blatantly do not give to hoots about the license payer.

Rehan Khamaruddin

Just doesn't work Simply won't connect. Reports that it cannot connect to content and asks to try again later and then quits. The only reason I installed this dismal waste of bytes was because the BBC app automatically took me to the app but page in the store upon clicking a video link. I suspect that this is because of location. If you don't want users in a given geography to watch your video then put in the effort to make your application behave professionally and not advertise video content all over the page.

John Cassidy

Disaster What a disaster. Ever since I had to install this stupid unnecessary media player (seriously, EVERY smartphone in existence had an inbuilt media player!) i haven't been able to watch any news videos at all. Stupid, excessive, unnecessary and really really really annoying.

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