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22 Sep
BBC iPlayer

Posted by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC in Entertainment | Sept. 22, 2016 | 268 Comments

Apk file size: 25.0 MB

Features include:

- Watch live TV
- Catch up on the past 30 days
- Watch on Wi-Fi and cellular networks
- Download TV programmes to watch later (on devices running Android 4.1 and above)
- Browse Categories and Channels
- Cast content to your TV using Chromecast
- Share your added programmes across other devices with a BBC iD account


We’ve developed the BBC Media Player app to improve video streaming playback on Android devices. You’ll need to install this separately from the Google Play Store.

To make installation of the BBC Media Player as easy as possible, BBC iPlayer will prompt you to install it when you first play a streamed programme.

The BBC iPlayer app uses standard Android app permissions that are defined by the Google Android platform. The permissions the BBC iPlayer Android app asks to use are:


"Read the contents of your USB storage" & "Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage"
This permission is used to store downloaded programmes. The application must be able to write, read and delete these files.

Device ID & Call Information

"Read phone status and identity"
This permission is used to read the Android "Device ID". This is an anonymous ID that cannot be used to identify the user and is not used to track the user. It is used by iPlayer's content protection system to ensure that downloaded programmes can only be played on the device that downloaded them. iPlayer does not use this permission to determine the device phone number, whether a call is active, or the remote number in a connected call.

Other permissions (not explicitly mentioned when installing BBC iPlayer, as they are more general to most apps):

"Prevent phone from sleeping"
This permission is used by two features: Downloads & Chromecast.
While downloading a programme, the application prevents the system from sleeping when the device is locked, so the download can continue. This is only active while a download is in progress.

While "casting" a programme to a compatible receiver like Google's Chromecast, the application stops the system from fully sleeping when the phone is locked. This stops the application losing connection with the receiver so the phone can continue to control playback.

"Full network access"
iPlayer needs access to the internet to download programmes, schedules and information about programmes and configuration, and to send usage statistics.

"View network connections"
This permission lets iPlayer determine whether a network connection is available before accessing the network, and provide better error messages when it can’t retrieve data.

iPlayer also determines what type of network connection is in use (Wi-Fi or Cellular) for the Downloads feature. Downloads are enabled when connected to a Wi-Fi network. On a cellular network, downloads are disabled/paused.

"Test access to protected storage"
This allows the app to check if there is space on your device to download programmes.

To give you with the best experience, certain details like your Search History and Added programmes may be stored on your device or securely on BBC servers.

To analyse and improve the app, it also uses technologies similar to performance cookies used by the BBC. You can alter your settings for this on your device. For more information about this and privacy, cookies and iPlayer more generally, visit the BBC iPlayer privacy FAQ page at, or the BBC’s Privacy & Cookies site at

The app was developed by Media AT (Media Applications Technologies Limited) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).
Full details of Media AT are available on the Companies House website at:

Whats new

    We've made improvements for users with phones and tablets running Android N, you should now be able to download & watch your favourite programmes offline!
    PLEASE NOTE: We are aware some users are experiencing issues with Chromecast – we are actively working to resolve this in partnership with Google and appreciate your patience on this matter. Please look out for updates where we will address this.
    Anything we've missed? Let us know @bbciplayer on Twitter or

Media Applications Technologies for the BBC part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 22, 2016. Google play rating is 71.7539. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 25.0 MB.

Download bbc-iplayer.apk 25.0 MB

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Richard Hooper

Android TV Support Would really like to use this on my Nexus Player. Yes I can cast to it, but I want to use it on the tv! Not everyone has a smart phone at home.

Michael Parker

Still doesn't work Not sure what's been fixed, still get the stuttering problem on Xperia Z1. The one plus point was that it forced me to stop watching the Peter Kay sitcom, pity it didn't crash sooner!

Tony Hemmings

Not good enough When off line it gets stuvk looking for a connection. When it cant find one you get an error message stating the bbci playing is not working and to retry. The whole point is to be able to watch programmes offline.

Stephen Luck

New update still Broken Still not fixed. Samsung Galaxy S5. How much longer do I have to wait? Now playback on news app has problems

Amy Barnes

Programmes don't play! Dunno what you've done in the update but it's totally messed the app up big time!! Can't watch anything at all, I use this app to watch programmes in bed but now can't do that because the programmes won't actually play

Darren King

Very slow and becomes unresponsive often iPlayer as a concept is great but when the app is constantly extremely slow and freezes completely while navigating to downloaded programs it isnt very useful.

Amanda Lamb

Update has ruined it! Since the update I can no longer watch any tv programs I would like to see as it just shows a black screen! However BEFORE the update I could with no problems. There was no need to update the app it was fine the way it was!

Bindi Pearson

Total sh*te Haven't been able to use since last update, force closing every time, isn't worthy of one star but had to give one to do review. I have since got a new phone since this last review and I've just updated iPlayer and its stopped working. Freezes and I have to take the battery out of my phone to get it off iPlayer. So its still total shite after 2 years. Uninstalled again.

Richard Floyd-Walker

Completely useless Screen blanks out after a few seconds of streaming. Turns back on when touched only to blank out again. This happens regardless of screen timeout settings. Luckily there are a whole plethora of illegal sites streaming BBC content who to be able to 1: Code a working media delivery system and 2: Care more about their user experience than the BBC does.

Stephen Hargreaves

Blurred I can't understand why the picture goes blurred until I touch the screen ( and then goes blurred a few seconds later again. This used to be a good app. (OPO phone)

Christian Westcott

Latest update caused frequent crashes. However, after uninstalling/reinstalling (which is possible without losing favourites now because of BBC iD) it's all working perfectly again.


Very buggy In its current state the downloads section is barely usable. Black loading screen on the downloads section, when downloaded videos do finally appear after a minute of loading, they don't scroll smoothly. Also the downloads section seems to require an internet connection, or will at least attempt to find one before timing out and allowing you in. Needs fixing on HTC one kitkat

Christopher Hughes

Was good, currently very broken Can't watch videos any more. The player comes up, but has a blurred overlay that only goes away when I tap the screen to bring the controls up, and returns when the controls go again. Makes it entirely unusable.

A Google User

If only downloads actually finished Both on my old s3 and my new s6 it does this incredibly frustrating thing where it downloads a whole programme then it sticks in the queue never moves to download and can't be played offline happens about 60% of the time and was not fixed last year.

John Yates

Picture keeps disappearing.... Awful experience. How hard can it be to develop an app and then test it across multiple versions of Android to make sure it works prior to releasing it on the Play Store? Lots of people complaining about the same thing? Hello? During playback, every 2 or 3 seconds the picture disappears. I have to touch the screen each time for it to reappear. Please fix this for my oneplus one running lollipop 5.1.1? It works perfectly on the ios version on my ipad air 2?! Come on BBC, sort yourselves out!

Sue Cassells

Stopped working with the Android Lollipop Update This app is a must have..... and having just updated 2 Galaxy Note 4 phones to Lollipop 5.0 It has stopped playing shows! You can open it, you can download and watch, but it won't just play. PLEASE fix it. Cannot function without this App. Please tell us what you are doing about it.... off to watch W1A on download.... brilliant brilliant.... not!

William Tench

Still not working. Doesn't work since last update, and you're taking forever to fix it. Stop persecuting Clarkson and start fixing your apps.

cory sugden

Huawei Ascend Y300 It keeps shaking during videos :-( so annoying after getting new phone problem is solved but if you think of getting a huawei acsend y300 dont bbc iplayer doesnt work well on it

Alison smith

Ok I do like this app its good but I went on it and after I had watched the episode once and then i wanted to watch it again and it has gone off the server. Please fix this and I will give it more stars

Prokash Debnath

WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE FIXED?! Audio distortion on the nexus 9 Video play back of either live and on demand has a distorted audio output. Audio is muffled and sounds like there is a lag in it. Video playback from other apps is fine its just BBC iPlayer which seems to have problem.

A Google User

Just updated app and still unable to play anything. Only change is it only hangs my phone instead of crashing it.

Matt Hogan

Great if downloads did not stick in queue Very frustrating. Probably 10% success rate. Doesn't seem to be specific to a particular download. E.g. I downloaded 'Downfall' twice, first time it was available in Downloads section after downloading and worked fine. Then deleted app to clear other failed downloads and reinstalled. Downloaded 'Downfall' again, only to remain in Queue and inaccessible like many others. All downloads complete, but do not shift into 'Downloaded' for offline viewing. Would be great app otherwise.

Peter Buckland Merrett

Playback on KitKat Unacceptable that for a year this has been broken. The "apology" blames Google and suggests waiting for Lollipop. As if that will happen anytime for people not buying a new phone! Makes this app useless for me, as a commuter. [Update] Playback still broken, despite claims to have fixed it!

A Google User

Very slow on HTC One M7 Ever since my phone was updated to the latest Android version, the iplayer app is dreadfully slow to show me my downloads - takes up to a minute to render the listing page. Also downloads hang at, ie, 341 out of 341mb if the screen locks during a download. Not sure if I'm watching them by streaming or from local storage at that point. Finally, it's quite laggardly in general now. This was previously a great app, I hope it can be improved.

Jaz Gilles

Tempermental After working fine since the last update, it started crashing when trying to access downloads. I downloaded something else, which was fine, but still crashed when trying to access it. I had to uninstall and lost all my downloads. Nothing changes. Still doesn't work properly after update.

Andy Ed

Tried update. . . Wow On my Galaxy S3 I downloaded and played a prog fine . An improvement at last to as quality over network is good , just a tad stutter , but not a problem . . . Well done guys it's getting better . . Cheers

Daniel Lester

Not reliable or useable I have a nexus 5. After recent updates, the app has significantly improved, and now is very useable. Only problem I have is when I am on the tube with no internet, the app does not recognise this, and won't let access my downloads.

Sally Kane

Downloaded programmes keeps crashing the app Every time I play my download programmes the app crashes and shows the report screen. Previously this didn't happen. Now sure if it was since last update. Please fix it as it's very frustrating. Thanks

Bill Wellham

No longer works I used to love iplayer. Now since the awful lollipop release I just get a black screen. This has not been fixed yet! I am just another in a growing list of unhappy users. BBC... look at all these comments! Sort it out soon so I can give you back your 5 stars! Update .....And..... after another update today, it still doesn't work on a Samsung Note 4 with lollipop

Stephen Daly

Never ending story My first ever rating, thumbs down, how long does it take to fix a buggy app. It is the most unreliable app I have ever had. I've reinstalled so many times, getting bored now.

Andy Lowry

Great app. If it works! Good interface. Well thought out and put together. But doesn't play locally on nexus 9. (Chromecast is fine) Judging by other reviews blaming hardware seems to be standard response to problem, other similar apps don't have the issues. Maybe time to fix the issues instead of blaming hardware. Only hurts the BBC if their app doesn't work for anyone.

Thomas Gibbs

Good but not perfect Overall very good but needs BBC media player which isn't made very clear on the page. I'd also like to see the guide feature from the I pad which is great for browsing if you just want to watch something. The guide on the phone only does one channel at a time, which is ok but not perfect. But not at all bad (except from the points I mentioned)

Robert Littler

6 months on and still unusable How hard can it be to make an app that works with all the money collected from the tv tax. Still extremely poor quality video that constantly freezes and turns to a mess of corrupted pixels. It's beyond a joke now.

Simon Callaway

Speechless Like most other people with an up to date phone, trying to run out of date software is a pain . Astonished that my hard earned taxes and licence fee are going a long way to achieving nothing. How can a world renowned huge corporation like the BBC allow something that is clearly broken to still be available to download . Take it down and fix it then put it back up you are a huge embarrassment to the people of Britain.

Sara B

never works Had this app for yrs . Now it never seems to want to work even if i do all the updates for it . Am now just going to delete this app from my phone . Whats the point of having it when it wont work !

Tony Carrick

NO LONGER WORKS! App now crashes as soon as opened...used to be great and worked well with chromecast, would be nice if app could remember which episodes we have watched when we mark programmes as favourites

James Wellings

Why are all iplayer platforms terrible? Resolution on chromecast cast is awful, image freezes constantly with audio still playing. Below standard definition. It's not my Internet as other streaming services provide perfect 1080p no problem. Giving this 1 star but would give lower if I could. Also sort out your smart TV apps. Just as bad.

Gareth Wright

Chromecast works like a charm, Although it's irritating that having a moto g 4g 8GB,and a 32GB sd card it insists on storing downloads to the almost full handset ignoring the almost empty card. Improve that and you have my 5 stars

stephanie tscholl

Not downloading Using HTC One Mini. Every tenth download or so gets stuck and can't be resumed or deleted. Only way to fix it is uninstalling and reinstalling the app which deletes everything else as well

Alastair Hawes

Downloads Why does it try to find an internet connection before giving access to downloads?.... The most frustrating thing ever when on a train.... must be so simple to fix

Jevgenij Sidorov

programs only download over wi fi, no 3G :(

Dmitry Gromov

Tablets Add 10" tablets support and it will be fine

chris jones

Wheres my choice ●28th June..Dont like it after new update. As soon as I touch a tv program it automatically goes full screen. No intro anymore, just goes straight into play.... I preferred it when I chose to make it full screen. .Some things I preferred small...!!

Nick Hill

FINALLY, the sound is working on nexus 9 Why did it take so long for the sound issues to be fixed on nexus 9 running lollipop. The release notes say it fixed issues on kit Kat but whatever it was it fixed lollipop as well. DON'T BREAK IT AGAIN!

Miles Atkinson

Finally Streaming on Note 4 Lollipop 5.0.1 But still no downloading over 3/4g. Wake up Beeb many of us have unlimited data packages!!

Daniel Matthews

Uninstalled No motorcycle racing and nothing else worth watching. Resent having to pay for the licence and not find any entertainment other than that which I provide. Time to go for a blast, stuff corporate zombie vision.

Mark o neill

Updated app makes great app a pain Managing my downloaded pod casts used to be simple but now they are not in updated order I have to look through all the programmes to find ones I've not heard. What took minutes before can take 20 now

Louise Hope

Absolutely crap It won't play sound on any programmes i try and watch! It also won't do it through a web browser! And yes....i do have my volume right up! You would think a massive company like the BBC wouldn't have such problems, but i guess i was wrong! What do i pay my tv licence for? Really annoyed!

Tony Woods

Blank screen note 4 Iplayer was perfect till the last up date now all I get is a blank screen no sound but if I download it plays perfectly any news on what wrong iplayer

Les Martin

Absolute bollocks Latest update does not fix the lollipop issues on Note 4. Seriously though, will this ever work on the Note4?

erdal gurbuz

Note 4 lollipop update Does not work on note 4 after lollipop update. Deleted and reinstalled and updated but programs won't play. Used to be 5 star app.

Chris Patten

Licence payers milked for this! £25 million or so when realplayer was better. Crashes, freezes, buffers. Almost as bad as their internal phone system!

Adam Stephenson

A whole new approach needed Completely ruined what was my favourite media app. Downloads don't finish, sound is muted, screaming doesn't work at all. What on earth have you done BBC? Let me guess a committee of job justifying politically correct gobbledygook speaking executives meddling in what doesn't concern them came up with some suggestions. Burn them along with account executives hospital administrators and government special advisor's at the stake. Destroyer's of everything simple elegant and decent about British life.

Richard Clements

Note 4. Not many of those are they? Please can I have iPlayer back with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Aunty? Pretty please? No idea what broke it but simply black screen on a brand new note 4 after no issues with any number of other android devices.

Elz B

Black screen Since changing my phone to the Samsung Galaxy S5 I cannot use this at all! No matter what I try to watch I just end up with a blank screen. Tried reinstalling but doesn't work. Beyond disappointing as this was previously one of my most frequently used apps.

Clare Kent

Good app. Icon keeps vanishing, can only open it via play ? Uninstalled and reinstalled several times now to no avail, its there until I use it and then it disappears. Weird.

Frances Grazier

Does not work at all I can't play videos at all on the Samsung note 4, the screen just blacks out. I even tried reinstalling it however, this did not make any difference.

Keith Goddard


Sarah Denton

Video stops Recent update made video lag, then stop. Audio works fine though... Used to work perfectly until i was forced to update.

Tim Ash

Used to be fantastic, but... The iPlayer used to be my favourite app, but there have been problems with the download function on android devices as far back as I can remember. I have Nexus 7 running lollipop 5.1.1 and downloads appear to complete but don't move out of queue into downloads section. You can't watch them on the move - they just attempt to stream. It's been going on for several months - I'm better off illegally using torrents. Christ, BBC, surely you can get this sorted?

Matthew Rodgerson

Works really well on htc one m8 Using it to stream to Chromecast and works perfectly. Very nicely presented app. Only flaw seems to be that the notification item won't go away even when app is killed, only a reboot gets rid of it.

David H

Works but never quits the app It works on my s6 and streams to Chromecast but I cannot get rid of the notification icon telling me the app is running - even after a reboot.

Omar Farooq

Doesn't work now even after update - still doesn't work even now The app doesn't work now as when I try to play something it starts loading but doesn't start playing the programme. Please fix this as I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S5. This used to be a really good app but this bug needs to be fixed. I will edit my review when this is fixed. Also it doesn't play any audio or pictures after loading. The channels part of the app doesn't work either as it loads but there is no pictures or sound. Very poor app now and really unusable.

charlie kearns

Are you serious? This no longer works. ...n hasn't for a week. On 5 .2..lollipop. ...absolute joke. .cmonnnn bbc. .ur a huge corporation. .fix plz..update..15/5..still not working. Ha..joke..update 21/6...still not working

Joe Owen

Poor and Disappointing This is a really poor showing by the BBC... I am really disappointed as the app only points you to the mobile website! What is the point?! I despair in iPlayer!

Sam Mcdonough

Fix it. It doesnt work on my Android Phone. It skipps and stutters, the picture doesnt show and its slowed my phone down LOADS.

Eric Barlow

A Con! Will let you down! Designed by Amateurs ...does not work on popular smart phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 4..The developer needs to contact professional development teams who make Sky Go Netflix and Amazon Prime ...BBC spend less on your £1 billion plus HQ more on making your so called universal devices Universal!

Ali Malik

Was fine till lollipop Review is for last two updates. The screen goes blurry while playing any video. Its like a blur filter on top. One can see the video in the background. its been 4 months like this since i upgraded to lollipop.

wadmore d

Always a problem Since it updated last night I can't stream to Chromecast from nexus 7 or moto g. Considering they are my only options it is now a wasted TV license. Terrible app developers who don't even test the functionality on popular devices.

James Hindle

Awful Can't believe you idiots. The app has always worked fine for android kit kat so why fix a bug that isn't there. It's lollipop your app doesn't work with so fix something that needs fixing. We just get a black screen when trying to watch anything. Idiots

John Roberts

Android kitkat on minix. Black screen problem renders this app unusable. Considering I only really watch bbc through iplayer it would seem my licence fee is going to waste.

Jonathan Westlake

Terrible jerky playback - unwatchable (HTC M8 w/Lollipop) What used to work now does not. Ridiculous jerky playback making programmes unwatchable. What on earth have you done?

drew Meldrew

Should have 0 star rating Can't stream on my Galaxy Note 4 (lollipop). Very disappointed as I used this a lot on my old Note 2. 11 June 15 Just installed "update" STILL CRASHES. A spotty kid could produce a better ap!

David Gourlay

Frustrating Good content but i find the app slow and particularly infuriating when there is a poor connection and all i want to do is watch downloaded content. Also, downloading fails to complete about 50% of the time, stalling right at the end on 'x'mb of 'x'mb.

John Wright

Black screen Now screen is black, but there is sound. Tapping the screen gets the picture. But this disappears in about 5 seconds. One plus one

David Walls

It's stopped working App won't open. Says "iplayer has stopped working". Worked fine two days ago. It was always temperamental about opening if there was no wifi connection. Now it is dead. Pants!

Kenneth Neilson

Useless Still rubbish, the picture is fine as long as the controls are present on the screen, once they time out, the picture goes out of focus. Until such times as a fix appears 1 star is generous!

Rob Jeffrey

Make an sector TV version It's a near little app but had limited use for me on my phone other than to control Chromecast. What I really want is an android TV compatible version!!

Awesome Pie

Garbage What a sh*t app. You try to view something online it stutters after only seconds of watching yet the sound carries on as normal, you download it which can only be done of wifi (surely it should be an option if we want it doing through wifi or not) and when you do eventually get it downloaded you find the same problem but the video stops not stutters, Itv and channel 4 work fine and they don't force us for payment to see pensioners selling family treasures to pay off debts probably caused from your TV licenc

Gemma Wilson

Not happy Galaxy S4, iplayer is not working, click on a program and doesn't even load let alone play, just sits on a black screen. Doing my head in seen as just upgraded my phone from the S3 and wasn't working on there either for the past month. Having to catch up with programs on youtube is getting pretty annoying to say the least. Really need to sort these problems out now

Billy Butler

Unable to play some channels with chromecast Not sure what's going on but I'm unable to play certain channels on my Chromecast anymore. What's the point in paying for my TV licence..?

Mj S

Poor selection! VERY limited selection of rubbish programmes for a VERY limited time. We're compelled to pay for this pathetic service by law. Time for an ultimatum to the BBC: become accountable or disappear.


Mixed results Works great on my S3 but the tablet running KitKat 4.4 looks green and out of focus on playback. YouTube etc all fine. Just iPlayer that is odd. Updated 20160218 and still no joy on KitKat. It is like the colours are out of sync.

Pc User

Vs 4.15... Won't allow content to play Installed the new vs, vs 4.15, and content won't play. Checked on the BBC site and they know that approx half of users can't play content, but previous vs 4.14 is OK. Seems pointless to allow this app vs to remain. It should be withdrawn, and reinstate the previous vs until this issue is fixed. Just updated to vs. 4.16... But still cannot watch streaming videos via the iPlayer!! The app does not work!15.2.16. Downloaded current version and still can't watch streaming video!

Pango Reo

Officials said that I am going to the best dance in the world And I am not the first time to the first time to the first time to the best for a

Andy Howarth

Not working Why does it all of a sudden not want to play anything. It says content not available even tho the programme was just yesterday. And when downloaded it still doesn't play. BBC are rubbish

Tom Wilde

Meh Just not that great. No play back controls on lock screen and notification often doesn't self clear when finished with the app,meaning a force close is needed. Quite why the media player app exists separately is also dubious.

Brian Lee

why only wifi now wnt work on KitKat was a good app til latest update, i use app on a android tv box using a ethernet connection, but latest version only works on wifi, so much faster on ethernet have bought 4.4.2 android box all I get is black screen with sound sort it out BBC ' updated to new version alls good no more black screen using 4.15.0 beware updated to 4.16 picture quality very poor so reinstalled older version from aptoid back to 4.15 alls good again if it ain't broke don't fix it PS now works on Ethernet connection

Sam Weller

Can't complain Works well and is easy to use. Content is good and the ability to download is good. Would be nice to see an android TV app instead of having to cast it

Nathan Jordan

Piece of crap Appalling overcomplicated junk

Samantha Lousvet

Been giving a pixel picture for days now can not watch Please sort other wise I won't give any more stars shouldn't even get 1

G Garratt

No microsd card support Crashes when reaches end of download or just doesnt finish. Without being able to change location of downloads to microsd card, this app is useless for offline use. Please bring back the logical organisation of categories I'm unable to find anything anymore - where's the factual/ crime etc? There so few customisation in this app, you would believe they've contracted this apps development out to google. Android 5/6 cm13 Zenfone 2.


Acer tablet problems This is the 6th time I have had to remove the app and download it again as it just crashes every time I try to watch anything......Come on guys,.....!!!!!

Kelly Wright

Update stopped it working. It worked fine before the most recent update. There's a saying; 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'.

Marco Cacchioli

Oh BBC How and why! Everything worked well. Then forced update...why do people..not just you, think that things constantly need to be improved..just to justify your jobs perhaps..I get doesn't work now so sort it out for crying out loud. How else am I supposed to watch documentaries.

David Jackson

Rubbish After latest update now works on my S5, but still not on S3.

Glenn Cambell

To many updates Far to many updates expected better from the bbc wish I could give negitive stars someone needs fired now almost daily updates useless now unistaling

Jayne Holmes

It's useless I've been in hospital over a month and I've not managed to watch a single thing on iPlayer. Uninstalled and re-installed daily, sometimes multiple times. It's ridiculous!

Tony Pennington

New update Don't work any more was 5 star's before it started crashing.

Naomi Mhomwa

TV on Go Anyway as long as I can connect, the best

Sajid Wahid

Rubbish Perhaps the worst app on my phone.My downloads keep disappearing! Have re download every single day! Bbc is a multi billion pound entity. Spend some of it in fixing the apps!

Christopher Gray

Continual buffering when using with Chromecast, even with downloaded programmes. Pales in comparison to the likes of Netflix and YouTube.

Andrew Eccles

PERFECT All others got worse this one works perfectly and has loads to choose from? please don't change it

Theo Durant

Very Good I find this a good way to watch my favourite tv shows when my brothers are playing on the xbox

Susanna McClintock

It's ok Omfg u can't go small screen with this app and I was wanting to watch him&her but it made me download something else to watch it but I could watch anything else???

King Mark

It should be on tv The fools took it offline you can't even see the images on the app

A Google User

Stopped working in past couple of weeks Crashes on launch. Reported. Please fix.

Mark Robey

Make it possible to watch programmes and I will change review. If it isn't sorted will just delete app.

Tom Collings

Unstable Live streaming always crashes after 10s on lenovo tab2 a10-70

Kal Wright-McCuish

Unreliable when used with Chromecast In particular struggles with bbc in the morning seems to have started since regional segements were included - works on iOS but android app is buggy by comparison.

Suraj Khunti

It's alright Can't really watch a missed football match

Phil Rogers

Valuable app Have a Note 4 and this app now works correctly and is great for catching up on programmes

Martin Farry

Works well Works well on samsung galaxy core prime handset.

Steve Heap

New version for Marshmallow No longer Chromecasts, why please?

A Google User

Nexus 6P Excellent. ..does what it says!!

Ethan Bradshaw

Very good No problems with the app at all, great shows, highly commendable

Tom Milnes

Great on Lenovo 7 inch tablet Amazing although didn't work at first I just had to turn the WiFi on and off on my tablet

Kevin Hiscox

Doesn't play live stream on Android 5.0 Still not playing live stream. BBC, you are pants.

sam Thorne

Not to bad Really liking the new update.

Jonny Aitch

I have Ethernet connection but can't download !!?????

Anthony Lane

Last update has solved the sound problem so can't find any faults.....brill..

Russ Hancock

I've download programs for later playback but can see no method to play these files??! The last update has made viewing downloaded files, the menu navigation is ridiculously slow, please put it back a version!!!

Tom Billingham

Truly awful Couldn't watch the Superbowl because iplayer can't handle more than two hours on PS3 (a console that has been available for 10 years now). Buffering is ridiculous and constant. Luther season 4 had episodes 1 and 2 available and then vanished into thin air and don't even get me started on MOTD. Sort it out BBC! Simply not good enough.

Erica Thomas

Great Issue with the audio volume. Have to have it near full all the time and sometimes full isn't enough. Don't have this with other players, so not a problem with device. Annoying when you forget and switch to another app and it is LOUD!! Please turn it up so I don't have to. Also, if you exit from and go back to live streaming sometimes says content not working, won't refresh to current programme.

Mia Gipson

Like...BEST-APP-LIKE..EVER!! It is amazing and a great help for me to catch up on things that I have missed (quite a lot actually)!! :-D ;-P

Naomi Dyer

Great app Love this app, it's really to easy to use! Occasionally it does decide that it doesn't want to work through lack of signal when I have full bars which can be annoying.. but over all great!

Paul Moxham

Utterly wonderful, but.... It's still amazing and pretty much unbeatable, but I've recently bought a Chromecast and the cast icon frequently disappears meaning I can't watch through my telly.

Jeff Blake

what The fudge should have just kept it on the TV channel take off BBC4 instead because that channel is a load of crap.

Rakeeba Bibi

Out of focus and grey This app worked well untill recently. It has been grey and out of focus. BBC please sort this out ASAP! I would have given 5 stars prior to this issue..

Ashleigh Langham-Morris

Cuts out frequently, no issues with Prime / Netflix Can't clear the notification either... Just a buggy app.

Richard Le Moignan

Good but needs improving. Great to be able to download: well done Beeb. But searching through a programme when not downloaded can be patchy, leading to the picture freezing. When watching a download the subtitles can be way out of sync making it unwatchable..

naz khan

Only tv player that's working! I've downloaded ITV player, channel 5 player and the channel 4/e4 one. BBC iPlayer is the only one that's actually working (judging by all the comments left for the others) so gets a full 5 stars. Let's me catch up with all my missed programmes wherever I am and works every time, I've had no issues.

Jonathan Collard

Great but why the grey bars on new version? New version on 4:3 tablets (ipad 4 and galaxy tab s2) has grey bars above and below the video. I think it was black before and less noticeable.

Peter Jameson

Ruined AGAIN. Thank you for incessant update number, BBC. It was working quite well previously but true to form, you've ruined it AGAIN with another of your incessant updates. Does anyone test these updates? Now we have low-quality pixilated video with ugly visually-distracting grey borders top and bottom, not to mention 90 seconds of stop-motion vision and sound at the start of each programme. Fortunately, I'm wise to your incompetence, and always keep a copy of the previous version. Why on earth don't you just leave it alone? After all these years of getting it wrong, it's never going to work properly, and you're making yourselves a laughing stock. And before you think "It's a case of slow broadband", I've re-installed the previous version, and it works perfectly again, so it's your update that's the problem.

Susan Woodeson

Susan Terrible useless app - it doesn't work at all EVER!! BUT 6 Months on - Samsung have just (tonight in fact ) upgraded the software on my phone Don't know if they have done everyone else's phone or not BUT IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING! !! SO FAR SO GOOD Sorry 2 months later the I Player is worse than useless on the Podcast for Radio 4 I have reported it lots of times and it's still no ---- use!!!

Glynis Morrow

Awful update_not working for lollipop The iPlayer all is now totally useless since latest update. It consistently crashes 40 secs into playback on any and all content. BBC, my licence fee is going toward this rubbish. Please fix ASAP...Dreadful....

Ashley Emery

Google search feature a bit lame Only programme entries which you have viewed in the iPlayer app show in Google app results. I think it would be more useful if the whole catalogue of available programmes were candidates for the search results.

Jordan Thompson

Love but hate I love the app but you took bbc 3 off the TV and you say it's now "online" but I can't find it anywhere.. so why not make us be able to watch live from mobile devices no more?

Liz Morris

BBC iplayer I have no clue as to why this app has such a bad rating. I use BBC iplayer every night to catch up and on both my phone and tablet it works like a charm. This is a great app and I would definitely recommend!

George Lunt

useless! Will not download anything at all. claims that I have no network connection despite my memo pad 8 accessing and downloading dozens of other sites.why can't these people produce things that actually work??

Jon Saltmarsh

A bit buggy but my most used app A great app for watching BBC, still a few unexpected crashes but wouldn't be without it on my commute.

Der Dwet

An improvement from months ago but.... and still it can't stream live for more than 7 seconds: .. Meanwhile catch-up streams fine without stalling on Tablet Express Dragon tablet.

Shahram Homami

Horrible app Spend more time restarting this app than anything else. Despise having to use it.

Ruby Morrison

I would give it a 5 star but... I love this app but when I watch telly and I don't get what is going on in the show, I would like to see the show again but it takes about 25 minutes to apear on the iPlayer. So maybe they can improve it by outings shows on quicker.


Rubbish This stupid app just freezes and crash ive had 20 crash reports in a 5 days please sort it out bbc

Chantelle Mcshera

Epic I love it cus i can watch all my fav shows incluing eastenders and hank zizpzer

Louis Green

Galaxy s4 - no download to memory card option I have a micro SD card mostly empty. I can't get app to change Download location. Phone memory nearly full

Ian Morrow

I player Its about as us full as a pair of air wear for ghandi it just doesn't work, bit like evertons defence but there you go

Chris Jones

Back to fuzzy pictures Usual story : in the pursuit of some fancy features no-one asked for, the developers have bungled the fundamental requirement of iPlayer - watchable pictures. Incompetence! Please roll the change back so I can start using the app again.

Lego bricksfan

Love it But Could you extended the TV guide to 7days to make it the same as the iPlayer website.

Kieran O'Neill

Good, but it has it's quirks The content is great, the app is good, working nicely with Chromecast, except for a pretty major issue. When I am watching a programme and turn the Chromecast off, the notification of the content I am watching is now stuck in my notification bar, permanently. To remove this I have to perform a reboot or cast an iPlayer programme through to fruition. This is quite a major issue hence the low rating; killed apps should should clean up.

Brian Lee

managed to get older build made big mistake by updating to then picture quality became pixelated and unwatchable managed to install older version from aptoid now alls good until bbc force an update as sometimes happens with this app moral is if aint broke dont fix it using an android box using 4.4.2 kitkat

Karen Seear

Awesomeness I was watching the same time on TV and I had to go out and I didn't have to have to WiFi!!

A Google User

Permissions You list Device ID & Call Information permissions but it's asking for permission to "make and manage calls". I don't think I'll allow that until you provide an explanation why you want permission to make calls, which is a shame as I can't download without allowing this.

Mark Cadby

Permission to make phone calls? Why on earth does this app need permission to to make or receive phone calls? This app is for streaming videos. As a licence payer I should be able to download and watch content without allowing this app to make independent phone calls which I am liable for any resulting cost. Extremely bad choice with the permission requirment BBC!!!

cassie livesey

The BBC apps (this one and radio) just don't consider usability at all. Their latest irritating function is to give you updates on new features that don't have a 'close' option. Yes, I can see you've made a change but now I can't use your app, well done.

PM snooze

Better on PC Being able to pause with the app, much like PC version would be good. Also have a login system so only licence payers can use it, not a tickbox that says "yes I have a licence honest..."

Martine Davies

I can't even open the app! I used to love this app but now when I try to open the app it keeps telling me "unfortunately the BBC iPlayer has stopped". I am a nurse working irregular shifts and rely on the iPlayer to watch my favourite programmes. I also use the download feature a lot and as a result of this recent problem have missed the final episode of the fascinating documentary series on the brain which I had been watching. I am very disappointed with the current issue, especially as I have always considered the BBC app to be best of all the catch-up apps I have used. I will increase my rating of the app once the problem has been sorted . . . please, please sort it. ps I have tried uninstalling then re-installing it to no avail.

N'kia Carrol

Brilliant!! This app is fantastic if I've missed any of my shows then I watch them on BBC I player, the only down side is you need to install I player as well as the media app so it can take up alot of storage, but it is a great app!!

T White

Chromecast support has been removed The app shows up as a Chromecast app but support for Chromecast is missing. The app itself is poorly designed and does not fit properly with material design. The app also prompts you to download a separate BBC media player app - why there needs to be two apps is anyone's guess. Add to that the need of the application to want to make calls and it is easy to condem this app as an absolute disaster. I will be uninstalling this app immediately. Sort it out BBC. Not good enough.

Barbara Lewis

Very annoying Great app (when it works) annoying when ability to pause or stop disappears when my tablet goes to sleep

Nick Sheppard

Works for me This works absolutely fine for me. For those who's concerns are around the app wanting access to their phone - duh, that's for people who want to stream over 3/4g rather than internet. There is no conspiracy!

A Google User

Ok Doesn't always connect first time to Chromecast. Often have to clear cache and restart Chromecast on tv before it recognises it. Really annoying. After disconnecting Chromecast the iPlayer icon and last program you watched hangs forever in the notification bar. Fix it please.

Robert Waddell

Chromecast not using downloaded content Why does the chromecast stream the programme from the Internet rather than my phone when I've already downloaded it? Makes it difficult to use on a poor internet connection.

David Hannigan

Great app but lacking Chromecast consistency. The app itself seems great, the only thing that is stopping it being a perfect app for me is the bad chromecast connectivity. Sometimes it sees it but most of the time it doesn't, no matter what 5 of our devices we use. Also this is the only app that does that, all our other chromecast enabled apps work first time. Once fixed i can put this up to 5 stars, but for now 3 as we use the chromecast heavily.

Mansimran Singh

Sticky notification dont disappear Sticky notifications dont disappear when using chromecast ever after show has stopped or app closed/disconnected.

Mark Bovill

This should be one of the best apps on Google Play Store. Sadly it is let down badly by two things. Firstly, the requirement that you need to have a Wi-Fi connection before you can download videos is absurd - it is massively inconvenient, and additionally I don't have hours to wait around while being connected to some super slow Wi-Fi. Secondly, the video quality should be better - there needs to be an HD option.

Jordan Thompson

Device Running Slowly So far in 3 days there's 16 errors and the app is making my device run slowly.. Urgently fix this (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge)

Captain Michael Hamshaw

Badly programmed, run by tossers! I love the fact I can make a list of my favourites, so I don't have to spend ages looking for them, but viewing that list is a bit hit and miss, as sometimes I get my list but most of the time I get a screen showing me how easy it is to group all my favourite programmes into one list, I know how to do this hence the big list of my most enjoyed bbc programming, I just want to view this list with it showing me a "how too" on making it with no way from there to!!!

Brian Dorken

The app is useless if you want to use the favourites etc. On the web, I have always signed in using my Google ID. This option doesn't exist in the app, so I can't sign in.

Brian Fifield

Since installing the latest update my WiFi has been disconnecting and reconnecting every 5 seconds- infuriating or what!!! Now uninstalling.

Neil Colebeck

New shop purchase won't play So the new shop then - I can't play or download the files I've bought. What value for money?

Mez Pahlan

No help from support, frequently crashes with chromecast. A usually high quality app let down by numerous bugs in chromecast support. Doesn't disconnect properly unless you watch the whole programme. Crashes when loading. Sad ?.

ben ashton

Session error chromecast I keep getting Session Error code 2103 when I try to cast to chrome. Anyone know how to fix this?

Matthew Carrington

Great but something missing Kids love using it. Needs to be able to use SD Card for downloads. Many low end devices have LOW internal storage. Would like a dedicated kids app instead of the lock or have the lock limit shows from kids channels

Brian Murphy

One Of The Main Reasons I Bought A Tablet I'm a big fan of the BBC and this was probably the first app I downloaded. And it hasn't let me down. Very easy to use to catch up on all that great ad-free telly. :-) 5/5.

Danielle Downs

Downloads don't download Sick of thinking programmes have downloaded only to find they've got stuck halfway. Gave up after it happened a couple of times last year but tried again today and discovered the programme I thought had downloaded hadn't because it was stuck in the queue behind my 2 old partial downloads! Then I see a "download programmes" slider button that has to be switched on that you only see if you go to the queue page. Why *wouldn't* you want them to download?! And why keep asking me to sign in? Annoying!

Moira K

Updated for the third time recently but still not working When this works properly, it is great. However, every now and then the update causes problems. I have updated it three times recently but it is still not working. As others have reported, the picture is pixelated and the colours wrong, or the picture freezes altogether. I have just updated for the fourth time but nothing has changed.

Rebecca Graham

Usually brilliant After my phone updated yesterday, I now have to have the app open to listen to the radio or it cuts off! Not good when I use it for background noise when on the train to work and browsing the Net.

Sinead Garry

Can't see Chromecast Not giving me the option to cast, very hit or miss. Same problem on my Xperia and my Nexus 7. Also needs more control - forward and rewind. Would also be helpful to queue up the next episode of whatever you've started watching and make this your home page, instead of having to click through several screens. One other point - BBC3 is entirely online - why the crap are you releasing programmes one episode a week?

A Google User

Hmmmmm Had no problem with this app on the iPad. On the Vodafone ultra 6 high quality downloads don't work. You still get low quality. Come on BBC, test your apps please.

Angel Chido Kadzunge

Amazing? I love it really good when your doing your hair or anything really but one thing to work on is watching it anywhere with out internet so in the without having to download it.

Poppa Bear

Poor form You have finally bullied me into updating from a working iPlayer version 4.8 by denying its use, to a version which will no longer work on my device ..come on BBC you are better than this ..update ..latest version now working.. well done :)


Doesnt work (UPDATE NOW WORKING) Good app previously didnt work NOW WORKING Sometimes pauses for no reason good picture quality on 3g (4g s6) and wifi videos play fast

Ann Bain

New update This was the best catch-up service I had used. Until today's update. Now, I cannot download new programmes OR watch the downloads I already have. Please fix it!

A Google User

Bugs Improved but still bugs. Closes randomly. Chromecast icon isn't always there even though other apps can see it. Sometimes buffers infinitely, even though internet speeds are good. This app is a mess. Disgraceful lol

Glen Zimmer

Total crap,must be the worst,,,, Freezes crashes sound disapears glad to see our money waisted, y the need to access my calls

A Google User

Let me close the app It is infuriating that the app insists on running even when the programme I've been watching is finished and the notification icon remains

Charlotte Keay

Fab Works perfectly for me get to watch all my shows that have missed absolutely love it so so much thank you BBC because it has helped me a lot I've had loads of trouble with other catch up players but this one's and never let me down I seriously recommend downloaded it

Jackie Banks

Can't watch online ! Worked ok at first but last few times everything I watch blurs and freezes ! Have to download and watch once downloaded :-(

Paul Manzi

Chromecast button gone..? Was good when it supported chromecast. Where has the button gone and why has it gone. Please update and put it back...!

roger giles

Alright. Though awkward getting out of the app when chromecasting unless the programme finishes completely, Force Stop is the most effective solution

Robin Herrick

Downloads problems Downloads sitting in queue, e.g. 168 of 167mb but I can't watch it. No option to change storage location.

Darren Clark

Chromecast has gone No chromecast icon appears at all. I have to switch off wifi and reconnect on then it works.

John Holbrook

STILL no chromecast support. Hopeless.... The app was previously okay, but now chromecast support has gone. I'm getting tired of the BBC needlessly 'improving' their apps until they break them. Aaaagh!


Will get 5th star when chromecast issues are resolved Great app for catching up or watching live tv-easy to use, simple intuitive menues-only downfall is recent update made it incompatible with chromecast-when that is fixed 5 stars again

A Google User

chromecast really buggy Chromecast icon rarely appears. It's rock solid in other apps, so definitely a bug in your app. Seems to be an issue for many of your users. Please fix to get a better review. Until then I'll be recommending other online channels as a viable replacements for the BBC.


Why does it need permission to make calls? What kind of nonsense is this? This app won't download shows unless this has been granted access to phone calls!?

T Brook

Where did chrome cast go? Updated the app and now it won't chromecast. Yet iPlayer radio works on chromecast just fine. Grrr


Chromecast is unreliable I have to open the app, deactivate WiFi, then switch it back on so that it'll discover my Chromecast. I have to do that very time. Also it stops and is very unreliable when using with Chromecast

Tim Jenkins

Looks like it's fixed on Cyanogen OS Wasn't working on my Wileyfox Swift up until this update, but so far it has been OK.

grant mckee

Not casting all the time Won't show up cast icon to cast the screen every time I go into app, other apps find my Chromecast no problem every time

A Google User

Nige Has evolved into one of the best TV apps about. Bbc back on top where it should be. Innovation and user friendly. Watchwords of the BBC

Chris Rainey

Good ol' BBC What we get for our licence fee is fantastic!

Eck Thump

CHROMECAST WORK AROUND Tomaso Maccio mentioned this earlier. Start the iplayer app with your wifi on. When it has started, without closing the app turn off the wifi and then after a couple of seconds turn it back on. The chromecast button then appears. If this doesn't work also open chromecast app. Hope this works for everyone else. BBC sort this out immediately. You just have to look at the reviews to see how popular this. Still problems with chromecast after update, but they have at least mentioned this in the description. And

Claire Wood

The app is driving me MAD 9 X out of 10 the stream box doesn't appear. Either to restart or uninstal. I know currently there's an issue. When it does work it's an ok app. Fix and I'll give 5 stars

Stuart Axe

Update not working Update on 30 November has rendered the app unusable. Will not open at all. Urgent fix required!!

A Google User

Broken Chromecast Why doesn't Chromecast work on iPlayer the way it's supposed to. Icon rarely appears, needs fixing.

Thomas Hole

Chromcast Issues !! Good app but please sort out the Chromcast problem, it doesn't work!

Maria MFK

Ridiculous change which stops it from functioning BBC iPlayer used to play live streams and BBC website clips just fine (albeit with some buffering), but recently, only catch-ups play - not the two aforementioned things. Please fix this or, at the very least, offer some advice as to how I can get around this issue.

Ed Farrell

Good app with a major casting flaw The iplayer app is as good as ever but the latest update has (seemingly inadvertently) removed casting options which is a shame. Tested with a galaxy S7 phone and Sony Z2 tablet. A pity.

Jason Duckett

Chromecast support gone App is kind of useless to me now Chromecast support seems to have disappeared.

Courtney Smart

Amazing Helps me catch up on my programs never jumpy the only problem I have wiv it that it takes battery up?

Chris Jackson

No Chromecast support Would have awarded the app 4 stars, however the lack of Chromecast availability pretty much leaves it useless for me

Billy Oliver

Won't load offline With all phone apps you may not have a signal but you still should be able to load the app and watch your downloaded, poor programming, could do better

James Cook

Will not cast App updated....still won't cast.


The best TV mobile app Blows ITV Player out of the water different league

martin hatton

BBC brilliance what more to be said The world's best garbage adverts love u Britain

tom king

Update broke chromecast How about testing before release?

Stephen Toner

Would be 5 But the Chromecast button never appears to cast to tv. Very annoying

Garry Maskell

Worthless tv license Can't even get this right chromecast use to work excellent now No chromecast about time the t.v. license was abolished.

Anthony Valente

Chromecast icon no longer appears Sort it out please

Ben Tyler

Where's the chromecast button gone

Lola Middleton-welch

Good It's really good

Steve May

Getting better with every update.

Peter Platt

Chromecast. Again! Stopped recognising and playing on Chromecast again. One day the developers will work out a way of applying fixes without losing other functionality in their app. Won't they? And there you go, two hours later, an update and it's fixed. But for how long this time?

Ruby Kausar

Loved it Best programme is the next step

Martin Thomas

For Chromecast, must clear cache Since a few updates ago, the Chromecast button never shows after an update completes. I find that by closing the iPlayer, going into Settings, Apps/App Management, selecting BBC iPlayer and tapping Clear Cache, then restarting it, the Chromecast button will reappear. This is a major flaw, but otherwise iPlayer works very well.


Chromecast is unreliable I have to open the app, deactivate WiFi, then switch it back on so that it'll discover my Chromecast. I have to do that very time. Also it stops and is very unreliable when using with Chromecast

A Google User

Perfect Thanks for supporting Android N and multi window

Cameron McDougall

Chromecast? Chromecast button is still not showing up on the app. Disappointing

Christian Westcott

Downloads working now on Nougat, so back to four stars. Downloads over cellular data next please.

Billy Medlock

no chromecast detection it used to work edit seems to work sporadically

David McAfee

For all those who have been missing the chromecast icon recently here is a workaround: First, cast your screen (if your device doesn't have this built in, you can do it through the google cast app) While still casting your screen, open BBC iPlayer app. The chomecast icon should now be there, and you can then cast from the app as normal. If this doesn't work first time, iPlayer may have been running in the background. Force close iPlayer and try again. BBC/dev, this should have been fixed before now. Content and interface are fine, but not much use if I have to jump through hoops to cast.

Alex Slater

Interface nightmare, and bug in Chromecast detection Trying to use the clumsy little scrollbar to go back a little is horrible. Can you go back 5 or 10 seconds? How about 3 minutes? You need a lot of luck. Please use a decent app like mxplayer and see how they do it. And please stop me from having to force stop the app and then reloading to get it to notice my Chromecast. YouTube, Google photos etc don't have this problem. They just connect, every time.

Brian Ferris

Breaks yet again after update.. Well hard to get past splash screen about adding content, you try and log in nothing... Press back button to get to main screen options, watching a programme and now it doesn't override the display settings and dims and goes black, Eg screen off... Every other app, Netflix, plex, tune in etc etc work, screen doesn't turn off... Evertime there is an update something breaks... Couldn't use Chromecast last, don't bother anymore with this app. Pile of Croc. Instead of trying to add, fix the old issues

James Stewart

Terrible So many issues with android. Adding new features when old ones are either still broken or become broken in the addition of the new. Come on you guys earn a fortune through your wasted license fees. Use the money on hiring a decent development team!

Robert Farr

No Chromecast or Android 7 support! TV Licence payer, where is my Chromecast BBC!? How come Android 7 is unsupported for SO long after release when Google issued developer OS 6 months before launch! Never happens with Apple kit I bet! Remember who has market share BBC, it's NOT Apple!

Geoffrey Morrow

Android N If iOS 10 had download issues, it would be resolved overnight. I and many others reported 7.0 download issues 3 months ago and still no attempt to resolve. Unacceptable. We don't want "features" we want the basics to work properly. Your IT team need to stop playing with their Apple toys at work and focus on their job

Cecil Ashitey

Cannot cast to Chromecast at all, which is slightly worse than before when 9 times out of 10 it wouldn't bring up the Chromecast icon. Also STILL suffers from problems downloading programmes and crashing while navigating. And now some bizarre decisions have been made as to the screen you get taken back to when you delete a programme. This app needs rebuilding from scratch again, as it is awful to use. EDIT: STILL no Downloads option when on Android 7.0. Clearly NO testing on 7.0 at all!

tony axe

No Chromecast on S7 Just had the latest update and still no chromecast fix. This appears to have dropped off the radar completely as far as the developer's are concerned. It's useless to me without it. Have not used the app for months now.

John Edwards

I understand the BBC said sometime ago, that they were working to fix the problem with iPlayer not showing the Google Cast icon. It has now been a month or so since the BBC said that. Frankly, I am having my suspicions as to the reason for the disappearance of the Google Cast app icon on Andriod BBCiplayer. Could it be that it is a licencing issue and not a technical issue. Get it sorted BBC... your pissing us all off!

Mark Chuter

Works but no Chromecast button Since the last couple of updates the Chromecast button never shows anymore (Android), can get Chromecast button up and running sometimes by turning WiFi on and off a few times. Another problem is that when signed in and I watch a programme with Chromecast it does not register as been watched in the "watching" list.

Eck Thump

CHROMECAST Appeared after update but we are now back to toggling the wifi. Toggling works on my phone, but not my tablet. How about you fix what's wrong before adding features. Do you know what alpha testing is? This should be sorted there before going to beta test. £147 a year for this level of service is poor. Zero stars

Tim King

Great app Glad the BBC are going after all those that think they can get away with watching without a licence whilst the rest of us pay for them. What a cheek to complain!

Sam Chadwick

Good app but please fix chromecast detection! iPlayer is a great service. We use it all the time. However the app seems to struggle to detect my chromecast on the network. I have to mess around with turning things off and on in particular orders before it finds it. This surely is a very simple fix. Get it sorted!

Natasha P

Chromecast button **So you have made 'updates' yet repeatedly ignored complaints regarding Casting. Nobody cares about the extra stuff you put on- it is pointless if one cannot do something as simple as casting their device. You get enough money via licence fee/tax. Sort it out... ** All I want to do is be able to Chromecast TV shows to my television. Despite forcing my app to close multiple times on each use, it mostly still fails to show the button. Is this fault even being fixed?

Michael Burch

Chromecast not working. Normally I'd give this 5 stars but now chromecast option has gone. It's been gone for weeks and still no fix. Bit of a joke really. Why am I paying a TV licence again?

Rob Johnson

Cannot get in after recent update Lost ability to see downloaded content offline. Saw screen saying unavailable retry. Wouldn't work on line either. Uninstalled and no change - what has happened? Nexus 7 2013.

Tom Fallon

Borked Chromecast support Barely recognises there's a Chromecast on the network. Normally takes several forcestop->restarts, disconnect/reconnect to wireless and occasionally casting from a other app first helps. It has never discovered the Chromecast first try!

Danny Smith

Pathetic BBC This app is terrible. Chromecast icon rarely appears. It crashes a lot. The BBC should be embarrassed. With the resources they have, this should be the best app on the play store.

Paul Leader

Good, could be better Why can I still not download programs over my mobile data? The fact that I can stream them over mobile data completely defeats the point of that limitation doesn't it? Still disappointed by the need for a seperate media app as well. Two needless issues imo. Please fix them.

daniel annett

Casting issues Update still not fixed the google cast issue. Use some of the damn licence fee and fix it. I watch none of your programmes on "TV", so please fix it.

Fraser Chapman

Chromecast issues Used to be one of the best applications going but chromecast issues let it down. The most annoying thing is the iplayer radio app works perfectly - as does every other chromecast enabled app. I have it working intermittently by turning off mobile data so that only wifi is connected so perhaps the issue is with iplayer wanting to use 4g and hence not being on the same network?

Ben Attwood

Chromecast impossible Will not chromecast. So frustrating. The largest versions seem to have made it worse! LG g4. Work around nor working

Chris Tate

Download media problems We have been downloading content for my 4 year old daughter to watch on weekends away. It's worked flawlessly she downloads the content and watches when we don't have a network connection. since the new update checking you have a licence you can no longer get to the downloaded programmes without a internet connection. Isn't that the point of downloading media.

Matthew Male

PLEASE FIX CHROMECAST! The app is fine except for Chromecast which seems to be seriously buggy - the icon just disappears for no reason, and not even a restart of the device will bring it back. (Repeatedly toggling WiFi connection on/off sometimes cures)

marcel fernandes

Works fine 14/9/16 Works fine running 4.4.2 on phone and 5.1.1 in tablet. Loads really quickly, and good picture quality. For anyone having issues with chromecast, get a now tv box for £15, it has all the chanels.on catchup for free and works really well.

George allen

Chromecast frustration again The chromecast icon never shows up and it's not my Internet or chromecast device as they work fine on other chromecast apps like netflix and 4od. Please fix asap

Oh dear Oh dear, yet another update and still no Chromecast. It's about time that you replaced your app developers with some people with the expertise to sort this out. Your old team could then get a job on the checkout at their local supermarket if they are up to it.

steve skinner

Chromecast support is missing, i don't pay more than my Netflix sub for this sort of crap. You've had our money, provide the damn service!

A Google User

Typical BBC... To me, this smacks of an app that exists solely for the purpose of being able to nail you for the license fee rather than provide a positive user experience. The irritation factor is multiplied enormously when you consider the billions, yes billions of our hard earned cash that's available for developing apps since it is clear that they don't spend anything on new TV programs. Now ChromeCast has disappeared.! This was the only good thing about iPlayer.. typical..

Jenny Roberts

Why won't it work? Just updated the app on my Nexus tablet and I can't watch my shows, every show is apparently unavailable? I have a TV licence and expect to able to catch up on my fave TV show.

Kieran Moore

Sack The Developers!!!! Get Chromecast sorted out ASAP!!! It is simply embarrassing that this is the only supposedly Chromecast supporting app I have that fails to find Chromecast. Either fix it or remove all claims of supporting Chromecast.

Chris Nolan

Chromecast broken I'm absolutely sick of this app. The Chromecast support has always been glitchy but is now entirely broken. Inexcusable.

Jack Goodyer

£150,000 Hope all you BBC people on £150,000, an over, (of my ducking money) wake up every morning with BIG smiles on your faces. Personally, I've cancelled my TV licence, and think we All should!

Alan Oakley

Download not working I have 4.4.3 android and now download of programmes does not work. Everything else works fine, but as I only use the app to watch downloaded programmes it makes it a bit useless.

Steve Huggons

Bad Flicks backwards and forwards between iPlayer and TV broadcast on Samsung TV's H6700 / D6530 when opening player, whilst flashing it changes colours/shades of black background. Very annoying. Also iPlayer causes the TV to reboot and BBC support are totally useless!!!

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