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26 Jun
Battleship War 3D

Posted by Academ Media in Board | June 26, 2015 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 44.0 MB

Ahoy, captain! I can already hear the sounds of cannons around! Let's start the strategy game - hurry up and arrange your ships to win the sea battle! But first, pick the style: ancient empire, medieval wars, or modern age!

Ocean. Infinite water space. Mysterious, terrifying, romantic and exciting marine world with a lot of opportunities to do. Everyone will find something for himself in the sea – you can go fishing, explore pirate bay and find treasure, or you can take a part in a real battleship combat and feel like a hero of pirate adventures. Load your cannon and prepare to fight!

✮ ✮ ☠HOW TO PLAY☠✮ ✮
Tap the screen to choose the theme for our sea journey. Then drag and drop the ships to arrange them. When it is your move, tap the screen to choose a grid where to shoot. You'll see if you guessed the location of your enemy's ship.

As I told you, you can choose the epoch of the naval battleship. It's a way more exciting than a casual sea battle 3d. Here you can see everything - from modern guns, trying to sink ships, to a mythic kraken, hiding under the water.
Anyway, your main mission during the strategy game, is ship shooting! Try to guess where are your adversary's ships and FIRE! Feel like a battleship destroyer and professional boat finder, no matter what era it is now, and become a star of sea navigation!

✮ ✮ ☠Battleship War 3D features☠✮ ✮
➵ A battleship board game with exciting 3d effects!
➵ There are 3 playing modes: Ancient, Medieval and Modern!
➵ You can arrange your ships as you like!
➵ When you explode your enemies, you can actually see that!
➵ You have to use logic, strategy and tactics skills to win!

Battleship War 3D has already started! Prove that you are a better ship shooter than your opponent and show who is a sea king here! If you are fed up with old school games, but still want to try your wits, we've got a whole world, full of time travel adventures! Start with an ancient war, then go to a medieval battle, and finally get to the modern naval battles!
Enjoy the battleships and ship shoot challenges in 3D!

Whats new

    ★ ★ ★Naval challenge inspired by classic board game ★ ★ ★
    - Fight against opponents
    - Play with your friends on one device
    - Wide arsenal in your disposal
    - Unlock all the levels

Academ Media part of our Board and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 26, 2015. Google play rating is 71.0889. Current verison is 12. Actual size 44.0 MB.

Download battleship-war-3d.apk 44.0 MB


Donald Babb

Battleship Game is very nice but has a tendency to freeze during game play; happened to me during 5 successive games. This game is also INFESTED with ads; they keep popping-up nearly every move you make, and pressing the X doesn't make the ad go away, it opens it !! I recommend this app only if ads do not annoy you.

Logan Hudson

Glitch The game constantly says it has unfortunately stopped even if it's not running, it has done so twice since I've started typing this review.

Wade Brenckle

It's ok It started saying it wouldn't work. Also it only has 3levels. And it keeps freezing. But over all. It's still pretty fun.

Cody Karsjens

17 GBs of data in one day!! Do NOT download this. The ads were awful but I got over that, I just downloaded It to play with the f2f while waiting in line. Then I went to check my data usage today and it used 16.98 GB of data in the background in a single day. Why?!

Caitlin Lamb

Dont. Good game but it's made my phone quite slow. Shuts down or freezes during the game. I keep getting a message put up on my screen saying unfortunately bcattleships 3d has error or something like that - every day even if ive not played for a while. Don't bother.

Setnakt Frost

Crashes Endlessly on Note 4! Why bother? Can't believe they want $5+ for the "pro" version, ROTFLMFAO! RIGHT! Note, this is NOT about adds as one idiot suggested (probably the developer pretending to be a customer), this game simply can not preform even on the best devices. Trying running on and offline has no impact. Uninstalling and reinstalling has NO impact! Conclusion, this game is garbage plain and simple. Those who claim it works are LIARS. PERIOD.

Joe Bennett

Worked fine until you started to beat the computer then app just freezes up qnd crashes. Waste of time downloading.

Joseph Leonard

Never stops Once you start the game it continues to run in the background and slow down the my Samsung tablet. You need to clear ram memory to stop it

Lynna Neuberger

Boring After 5 wins there is no reward for winning against the computer. Here are only 3 boards, two of them you unlock.

brandon marruffo

WTF How can a game like this use almost a GB of my data plan?? ? I played a couple games .. checked my mobile data usage and was shocked ... deleted it instantly

K Carter

Forced Stop Message Message displays as soon as I enter the game. Message continues to display after exit of game. Only way to make the message stop, I have to restart my device LG G2. I have reported the issue after game froze. The game and effects are good. It's got potential, but needs a lot of work. Good luck.

Laura Pankhurst

Good but... Keeps freezing when you are winning which is very annoying sometimes it will automatically close and there is no save game option so only worth 3 stars fix things like the freezing and add a save option and I might reconsider my rating till then stays at 3.

Justin Bobalek

DOES NOT RUN Every ten seconds a pop-up error notification states that the game has stopped working.... Even when the game is not running. I can't even answer calls after installing without a pop up freezing my phone screen.

Sarah Carlson

Fun but?? When I started to think what's with all the bad ratings it STOPPED working!????


Good game! But drains battery This got my phone battery from 96% to 50% in an hour. It also runs in the background after you close it! When you are playing you constantly get a pop up saying the game has stopped working. I like the game but it's so bad of an app I have uninstalled it and am installing from another developer.

Michael Wilson

Annoying!!! Good game and good time waster, but while phone is connected to the internet there is a very annoying pop up every 10-15 minutes saying the game has stopped, even if it was never open to start with, can be very irritating as it interrupts what you are doing! Will delete if this is not fixed! If fixed I give 5 stars.

Boom Shark

Not too bad! The game works fine for me so I'm not really sure why there are so many terrible ratings for the app. Yes, I understand that many adds keep popping up and the game will never able to save by itself, so what? The developer needs money for that. It's free so you should expect this kind of things to happen. Besides, the animation is supreme effort. Some said that it's impossible to win, well that's just nonsense. I played more than 10 times and I won all of them. You just need to plan and strategies well!THINK

Madeline Chavez

Awesome graphics, very fun But, very glitchy. & a pop-up saying "Battleship War 3D has stopped" comes up every 2 min. Sometimes this message even comes up over other apps, when the game isn't even running.

kristen jones

Crash after crash I enjoy the concept but it crashes constantly especially when I'm about to beat a round. After unlocking three boards there is nothing more. Fix the crashes and I would love to play it.

Randee Jean Zeeman

CHEAT!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Horrible sportsmanship! The computer cheats so bad that you do not stand a chance. Keeps saying it has stopped working but still does. Not very well thought out. What a great way to ruin a classic game. Quit scamming people! Deleted and will not re-download!!!!

Katrina Blocker

Entertaining, yet annoying Prior to the app, I had never played the game battleship. I became curious after watching the movie. I enjoy playing the game. However, I continously get messages that the game had stopped even when I'm no longer playing the game. I received the message twice while typing this response. This is just good for passing time.

Justin Andersen

Nice but where did my power go? I played for a little while and was fun. But then I felt my phone was extremely hot. When I shut it down I saw almost all of my phones power was gone. Then I plugged it into my usb to charge and was told my phone was using more power than it was receiving. I went into setting and force stopped the game and the phone was happy. Boo!

Yao Lou

Bad game Computer cheats, annoying hard to get rid of pop up ads, locked levels that you need to beat the cheating computer to get.

Katie Forrest

Wish you would fix it!!!! It freezers and the adds are so annoying and it wants you to go on the internet all the time please fix it because I do love this game and I would have given it 5 stars if it worked properly thanks. I was going to buy the pro version but not it it keeps doing this. Hope you fix it really soon!!!

Mohamed Nawaz

High Data Usage Heights of Desperation by means of Ads in Background.. Uninstalled it the moment i came to know it used a GB of Data in background..

Trey Diercks

Fun game The only problem is that it closes at random times and doesn't save.

Michelle Stoddard

Fun but Its making my tablet over heat. Every time I play this game in particular my tablet gets super hot really fast. The game also keeps glitching and shutting off. If those problems can get fixed a five easy :-)

Richard Edmondson

Game is basically a virus Installing a game on my phone does not give you permission to fire off a popup ad from the Internet every 60 seconds. This game has background services that run ads all day long, even when I'm not playing. This garbage needs to be pulled from Google Play.

David L

Watch your data usage For some reason the is app used 188MB of background data within a 24 hour period on my phone, even though I wasn't playing it. Decent game, but turn off the data usage.

Thomas Spellman

Data killer I downloaded this app so me and my girlfriend could have something to do in line at six flags and it crashed a few times which I can handle that's not a problem, but I only used the app for a day and closed it after use to save battery. Little did I know it was somehow running in the back round destroying my data in 2 days it used over 2 gig's of data to where I'm now reaching my limit there is not one single app that I own that uses that much data in the background when I'm not even using it.

Scott C

Data HOG!! Played less than an hour and it used 1.27 gigabytes of data. Why can't this game be played without any connection to the Internet??? Don't play this game unless you're on wireless and not only that it kept stopping. I get the notice Gamestop. At least every 3 or 4 seconds i would get popup notice. I am using a Motorola turbo one of the top of the line phones

Seb G

great game but.. a message constantly pops up saying that the game has stopped but it doesn't and it gets annoying I will rate 5 stars if fixed

joshua freeman

Impossible to play Keeps 'stops working' every 30 seconds, you can see the other persons board in thr cut screen

Luka Oman

Crash after crash It used to be one of the best games, but now it just crashes and the is computer "just" lucky to hit all of my ships in the first few tries... Uninstalling.

james grimes

Question Where did you get the music for the antique war and what's it called...really like it :)

josh huggins

Game would be awesome if it didn't crash and its not my phone. I have a new one

Danielle Butler

Crashes This game is pretty amazing... Until it crashes. Which is all the time!! It would be nice to have achievements or some extra board themes, but for a free app the game play is wonderful... When it works. If the crashing issue is ever fixed I would happily give it 5 stars.

Cath Hillan

Constantly crashed and that stupid pop up that says unfortunately battleship war 3d has stopped is so annoying I've closed the game down and it's still popping up wth!!! Sort your game out I've uninstalled it coz it's doing my head in doesn't deserve no more than 1 star

rob runyan

Almost a virus! Spend more time getting rid of the porn ads etc than playing the game! Fun game when i got to play. Uninstalled!!

Narzoc Wraith

Good Game It is a good game and only problem l have with it is that it glitches sometimes. Other then that, great game and good fun.

Jennifer Kobylarz

Loved it, but... Great game! I really enjoyed playing the game, but it consistently caused my phone to crash. Even after closing the app I would constantly get a pop up stating that the app 'has stopped working' which would interfere with the open app. Even after closing all running apps and reopening only the app I wanted to use, the pop up would continue (approx. every 30-60 seconds). I'm on the new Galaxy s6,so it may not be fully compatible with the latest version of lolipop but I still had to give it 1 star :(

Akilah Groce

Stupid pop up I like the game but even as I'm typing this review, a pop up keeps coming on my phone saying "unfortunately battleship 3d has stopped" . The battleship app isn't even open! Wtf tech guys/girls! Lol fix this mess you guys/girls are smart!

Jimmy Miller

Freezes a lot I have played 8 games and of those, 2 have froze. I always get a notification that the game has stopped working but, I am able to continue playing. Strange? I have a S5 so, I would expect it to run smoothly. Game play is good. It's battleship, so it serves the purpose well when it doesn't freeze. Not at all a bad design. Would probably give 4☆ if it wasn't glitchy

Stephanie Mohler

Awesome It is just like the real battleship but you just can't go on any version enless you win 2 or 5 times

Connor Hadden

Crap I absolutely hated this, if the CPU can sink 3 of my ships in the first round, I think I should be able to do that to the CPU. Even if you improve the app, I'm not at all getting it again...

Thorin Oakenshield

It drains my battery It drains my battery really fast, it also stops like every 2 minutes.

Richard Sousa

Battle adds See how many ads you can watch before your next turn. if you think that's fun just wait it'll eventually freeze your game up because of too many ads worst experience I've ever had. I love the 3d effects in the game if I could actually play it it would be even cooler I only wish I could give it a half of a star.

Chris Ferguson

Rubbish Game itself was good but the fact the app keeps crashing is just beyond a joke. I'll not be playing the game and it still pollutes my phone with all these messages saying the app needs to close when it isn't even opened!!! Heap of rubbish and keeps freezing my phone ! Why release an app that won't even work??

Justin Jahnke

:( B.S. always seems to know were your ships are. How convenient huh

iulian nistor

What to say...i didn't got to play for one crashes every star is already too much.

Anthea Goodman

Great but... Awesome game! Loved playing it. HOWEVER, I'm uninstalling it because it constantly runs in the background, repeatedly sends 'Force close' errors and yet keeps running and slows my tablet to the point that other apps are struggling to function.

Clifford Hepler

Stopped working The game itself was fun, but when im getting stopped working alerts constantly, even when i havent run the game in days or a couple of weeks, theres something wrong. Uninstalling because that issue is just ridiculous

Brian Moyer

Forced stop I don't know anyone who doesn't like this game in general. The graphics were good. It kept showing forced stop not responding. Other than that. Great game

Charles Estrada

Great Game!....but... The game itself is awesome. Couldn't really ask for more. However it keeps saying that the game has crashed even when the game isn't open. It super annoying to have a pop up about the game randomly appear out of nowhere. Other than that its fantastic. Please find a way to fix this problem so I won't have to uninstall it.

Shaun Vernon

Has stopped working I constantly get "unfortantly battleship 3d has stopped" error even when I haven't played it in a while. The error pop up during other applications becoming annoying. I had to uninstall

Pruthvi Vooka

Cut down the ads After every single attack i get an ad and the close button is so small that i click the ad sometimes which takes me out of the game to my browser.

Rachel marie

I love this game however the computer got to go 3turns to my 1 turn

Rob Hewitt

LOVED IT!!!!!! When the game starts it is difficult to find the enemy ships same thing with the computer. :) -

Jennifer McDonald

Always crashes Even when I'm not playing, I get a pop up every two to three minutes, stating it has stopped working.

Beezer Weezer

I liked it but ...... When I turned on the game and play it for a while it would make my tablet crash a burn and then I have to wait for ever for the thing to boot up

Stephanie Hammond

Battlestar Ship 3D Love it you got to rey it bestia time killer

Fay Edwards

Errors and used 3.5GB in background data The graphics are poor and I was only able to use it once before I repeatedly got errors saying that the app was not working even though the app was closed properly. I got an error notification every few minutes until I unistalled the app. Although the app had an error and was not being used it took 3.5GB of background data in 2 days. Unacceptable!

edgar zapien

No good When playing the game an error will pop up and close the app, and it happens a lot in this game.

Adrian Verhalen

It's like windows version If you could make it exactly like that I'd be even better this 8ball pool are the only fun games out

Troy George

Its OK but needs to be fix keeps crashing and goes off when your playing

sass 007

Angry man Downloaded game but it keep on freezing. So love the game but will change rating after that's sorted and i can actually play.

Lynne Nagle

Very poor Crashes all the time. Doesn't register my wins against computer

Brandy Trulove

Liked the game but... It used 1gb of data in a matter of hours in the backgroud! I wasn't even aware that it was using so much until I got a usage alert! Now I have to ration my data allowance for practically a whole month.

Cyrus Rawlins

Waste Carrier 3D - Academ Media It'll be a better game if you add a Waste Carrier that took up 7 tiles and you can put your company name on it

Anshuman Singh Jamwal

Used up all my data Downloaded over 400 MB of who knows what without any warning over data connection and racked up a big bill for me. Really awful app. Wish I had never downloaded it.

heather Mayoros

No good Keeps giving me msg that says game has stopped... Ugh

Lauren Dunlop

Was really looking forward to this game but couldn't finish a single match because it kept crashing in the middle of the game. Really annoying

John Richardson

When it works it is ok. Freezes up when playing sometimes.


Fun game play it all the time...

Penny McGlachlin

TOO hard The cpu is all too smart it sunk 3 of my ships in a row and it dose not switch off every time you make a turn it keeps going on for ever until you miss

alan geer

Could be fun The game won't go threw a full match please fix it is fun of what I played


Gave me errors constantly Wouldn't recommend

Leland Stang

Great game Very addictive. The only thing that I question about is once I sink a ship how come the sunken ship still shows that it's firing on my ships? Also I have a galaxy S and I keep getting popup messages telling me that it stopped running. even when I'm not playing on the phone . its so bad that I've been forced to delete the game.

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