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13 Sep
Battle of Zombies: Clans War

Posted by OkApp in Strategy | Sept. 13, 2016 | 217 Comments

Apk file size: 57.0 MB

The most epic strategy game 2015. Just try this royal game!

Battle of Zombies is an exciting mixture of strategy and royal dynamic battles. Create a powerful zombie army. Produce sets of super-secret weapon and join clans. Attack enemies and deprive them of trophies and resources. Download Battle of Zombies now! Go to War!

Game features:
● Free-to-play MMO RTS game
● Online MMO RTS battles with other players
● 10 unique zombie fighting units with levels of upgrades
● 12 types of defensive structures with levels of upgrades
● 9 types of secret weapons with levels of upgrades
● Develop your Zombie Base to produce more resources
● Join clans to fight clan battles
● Bonuses for beginners
● Multiplayer RTS game
● Interesting quests for quick development of the player
● Exciting Campaign Map
● Funny and charismatic characters and beautiful graphics
● Clan tournaments and contests

Whats new

    New feature!
    Get Gems or Resources in the Shop for free!

OkApp part of our Strategy and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 79.9731. Current verison is 1.0.166. Actual size 57.0 MB.

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bradley reid

Crap So I got to buy gems and I use those gems to upgrade my town hall to give and when I connect the game to facebook it all started over again back to lvl 1 this game sicks big Tim and needs to be taken down :(

Dwight Rose Falla

Dev. Nice game i spend a lot of load to use dis game but its game signal is very poor always out of sync even mobile or wifi internet csn you fix this tnxs.

jonathan winckler

DO NOT BUY GEMS OK Apps gives developers a 40% discount on gems making it impossible to compete in this game. They are able to build mega bases almost in one day where you must pay ridiculous amount of money to be able to catch up. It is a marketing scheme to take your money.if you haven't downloaded this game dont do it. THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU.Also there is at least 1 member in OK Apps that took 80.00 in unauthorized transaction. Rating stays the same stop being dishonest.

James Davies

Sad Wtf you max your town hall and now there's another lvl to go , moving the goal posts and not compensating any person who was maxed th sad as xxxx. Beware new players game creates only think of there pocket sad would beat clash of clans

mike mart

Wtf something wrong with the game not able to reload it I getting desapointed lost about $100 an with the last account an this one this is BS Lost all my original one never able to get it back and no refund love the game it self not like clash of clan able to reload it to new device I wish it like clash of clan just enter email an that it

bolts fan

Ok you fixed it and now I can play again. It's back to being my favorite game again, better than clash of clans which is a money pit. Only issue now is how they decide what clans go against each other in duels and wars. Very lopsided at times.

David lively

Good game Worth playing

Da Grinch

Customer Service Sux.... Got a new phone tried loading my account ...Nothing... Emailed Customer Service numerous times no reply no help.. Beware they don't care enough to reply r help.......WOW.. still no reply r help.have yet to have my account fixed..

Enis Hasečić

It sucks First of all stop copying CoC second of all it doesn't work at all on my tablet on my phone and even on my sisters iphone

Brandon H

Requires facebook to backup your account. For people that choose not to use facebook will loose there account. I reloaded my os and of coarse all my other games came back but not this one. I'm deleting and forgetting about this one.

Victor Garcia

If u can update on icons for boz that would be awesome (: jst an idea

John Zervos

the way your wars and duels are matched is unfair! competing clans are not equal in strength! so our clan never has a chance to win! this needs to change!

Aidil Gboy

No people attack. .warghhhh I play this game last year but no one attack me at all

Mili S

New update Had to delete game for it to work

Richard Yates

Lost my account I accidentally signed out of Facebook in the game and don't remember or don't have that account anymore so I have lost my account been trying to get help from in game help for weeks and got no reply I have spent a lot of money and time on this game I was nearly a lv 90 and if someone can put so much effort into it and then be ignored what's the point of people playing very unhappy...................... just gos to show how much notice they take they haven't even read what I wrote WHAT A JOKE

Vicente Vallejo

Good game But the upgrades take a lot a time sometime even a week

Matthew Borth

Wast of money Does not work now that I moved over to galaxy s6 edge. And yes I have downloaded the last two updates. Graphics do not render correctly leaving holes in buildings and blind spots on map where troops disappear. Hope my building is upgrading can't see worker but my toxin is gone and one worked is being used.


Edit. Doesn't work. Couldn't even play it. It was playing up on the first build in the tutorial.Nothing would show up except for the tutorial telling me what to do. Couldn't click on anything because nothing was there, not even in-game help. Even after already deleting and re-installing it twice, still not working.

Jason Allsbrook

Addicted, but since I got my new HTC M9 its soo pixeled Needs updates it keeps closing out before that I play everyday

Irving serra

Graphics suck on galaxy s6 Upgraded my phone and now the graphics does not render like they are supposed to

Lanman8 Neaveill

I would like to say a few things OKapp you have very decent games but this one won't load and have an unscheduled name. Can you please tell me something about these lags? Thanks for reading and please mark my name so I know that you are talking to me? by Zach Neaveill

Mark Vinluan

I thought it was great but... OKapp... At first i was excited but now that i already downloaded it,it sucks... Cause i wait for minutes and minutes and again.... It wouldn't open... It is crept..... It is A WASTE OF TIME in downloading it....

Joshua Johnson

need help please for some reason after the update i cant get on my app. I need to know what to do. Should i wait for yall to fix something? Or should i uninstall the app and reinstall? But if i uninstalled the app would i lose my progress?

Sourav Sarkar

Improved Now the game needs a little bit time to open but except that everything improved.

Incogni Shack

Crap! First of all, download the recent game version. In case it does not fix the problem, contact in-game Support or email us at [email protected]

Carlos Hernandez

Awesome game This game is awesome keep up the good work

János Szabó

They are having some hard time with galaxy s6 edge. Can you update us (galaxy edge users) when you will be able give us a fixing update?...I'm waiting the solution since the last 3 updates I belive...

Jhun Camero

I like this game very much I whant to change my name this game how?pls help

Marlon Usman

Nice game More update.add some decorations

Alex Bec

Game is ok. Got banned for no reason tho, ask for proof from the ingame support and they refused to show me what was it for.

Henry Kids Account

Great game It works now I playing the game no lag okapp you made a great game

Rudy Vasquez

games ok it lags at times Games is getting better but still a few bug's

Mubashir Ahmed

Ghost tiger I love this game

Daryl Rivera

Auto update no restriction unlike clash of clan

Amanda Penny

I wish that it would let me play! Every time I try 2 play this game it stops within about 30 seconds of playing. When I first got it, u could play 4 about 8 minutes then it would go back 2 ur home screen, then u reload it. Now u spend more time reloading than playing. This used 2 be my favorite game, but now I hate it! Something needs 2 be done 2 fix it or I'm uninstalling it. My husband has this game, and he can play 4 about 10 minutes then it stops. I can't get anything done. Plz fix this. I'll give more stars when I can play it. Thanks.

stephen de bijl

Poor communication I was banned from public chat after asking why they said it was because of swearing I aksed what I said and they told me they didn't know. This is an absurd answer and I received no apology of any description for this false accusation.

John Quintana

Spectacular Been playing for more than a year... Awsome game great layout keeps improving and always upgrading fixing bugs recommend to all

Raymond Pitre

Battle of zombies Great game graphics,similar to c c but easy building And leveling a must recommend to friends

Jonathon Walker

Not really any players I'm going back to COC

alex summers

DO NOT LOAD I downloaded it because it looked cool but spent 15MINS trying to make it work but just kept going to the google play store. PLZ HELP THEN RATE 5

Dyllan Francis

I can't go on the shop or upgrade anything

Eli Dawn

It's ok It's too hard to get what you need. prices way too high to obtain items you need . It be nice if you got like a bonuses when u log in daily for green goo. Ect....will rate better if you can fix few things ..I really do like game and I do play daily but I'm stuck to level up ..

Michael Fletcher

Awsome Great app but lags a little bit and wish gems would not cost so much but all and all better then clash of clans download now and have fun

Joshua Jackson

Killer app been playing forever and I never get bored with it great content and lots to do. Keep up the good work.

Jason Tucker

Not worth it/constant connection errors So I DL game an hour ago. since installing I've been able to play for maybe 8 minutes. It seems tho that the pixels are off game play was extremely laggy to bad to. My advice is find a different game I am uninstalling and moving on epic fail. Oh and I'll probably get some random msg from admin to reinstall and change rating "seems" that's all they care about

chris hamnett

Really good game a few glitches like e out of sync but gd otherwise would be nice to see walls for tox after a certian lvl but awsome love it

Mike Hawk

Too expensive Spend 100,00 bucks gets u 2 building upgrades, a clan mate of mine has spent more then 10,000 dollars on this game and hes not that high of level

Grant Dubiel

My favorite game I love this game, but I have been having a lot of trouble linking my big account to face book, it keeps giving me a new account and this last time I couldn't get my big account back, I am Grant from Purgatory, please help

Amanda Swanepoel

love this game Anybody saying you cant play this game without gems are stupid and dont know anything about the game. Its a awesome game. Been playing over a year and im level 140.

Jacob Scarboro

8/10 Very fun and i love the missions. The only down side is its ALOT like clash of clans and i already have coc.

James Conley

Lagggg I cant put down more then 50 units without my game lagging and skipping. Every other game I play I have no issue with lag expect for this one.

Mark Duff

Needs work This is a poor quality clone of clash of clans, I think its Russian. There are a lot of problems like "screen jump" when deploying troops. It makes playing the game difficult, and takes the fun out of it.

Aztek Loks

BEST GAME OUT HERE All of the major problems have been fix and like I said here are you 5 stars. Keep upgrading the health packs though I don't think cryobombs should be higher than health. This game is awesome you just need alot of time or alot of money lol

Vincent Morn

Boosting troops is expensive It cost 50 gems for 45 minutes boosting troops for one crypt . I also play clash of clans and I pay 30 gems for all my crypts for 2hrs of making troops . I wish this game would match that boosting time limit.

Jordi Domingo Borràs

Support is horrible. Tried many times to get help and sync my account, even after author comment.. After spending more than three months with support, I give up. They are not able to fix the problem.

desky jan llaneras

Help I was banned in the public chat, and I don't know why? I was just chatting to other players, and then.....come on! Im not doing anything..just chatting with players.. help please

David P

Graphics not compatible with galaxy s6 Image is pixilated color is distorted on galaxy s6. Works great on s4. Waiting on response from devs

John Pharris

Great game! Great game! Hands down one of the best games on the market.

David Murphy

Better than clash of clans by far. So much to do. Raiding, warring, duels, daily questions and clan quests. But warring is what I like best. It's fast pace and lasts all weekend. This game is the shiz nit

Ewan Ridhwan

Okey I have an issue after my tablet updated to android version 5.0.2 lollipop. It stuck at loading background with a note. It said that "context3d is not available. Possible reason : wrong render mode or missing device support error". Will uninstall and reinstall will solve this problem? Ill reconsider the rate after the explanation. Tq

Jack Reinhart

Well been playing it for about a year and some got really far but now dew to anther update can't play it it won't load and I'm not going to delete it and reinstall it like they always tell u to. just wanted to have fun and play but like all apps u always run into problems so just going to delete it but if u like a pretty fun game try it maybe u won't have any problems.

Daniel Pinto

Back to normal thanks Good game its really fun but one question why is toxin so unless you might as well let us use it on walls or other important upgrades cause once in high lvls barely any electricity to use. still love the game don't get me wrong on that

Mili S

New update Love the game wish for more troops upgrade

Cheryl Roberts

Frustrated. I was a level 54 went to battle in Russian language and when i went back to English i was a level 5. I just bought gems and don't want to start all over HELP!!!

ycon sto.domingo

Problem latest update Before i'm enjoying the game but after the latest update so many problem i encounter first i cannot change my request details... sync error everytime i train troops always says wrong action please do fix it...and also when i'm farming i always get back to my home page...please fix the bug and i wiĺl change my rate..thanks

Kian E

Graphics glitches Your "improved graphics" update needs more improvement, i am missing a wall, you can't see it but it's there when you click on it. There are glitches/pixels on the blades of the wind generator and over the walls, please improve your updates

Collin Sutter

A few issues I am experiencing some of the same things a lot of players are. 1) The game lags horribly when i drop all of my troops. It makes it hard to watch battles. 2) Some of my walls dont fully connect. Some are even invisible. 3) Sometimes i have issues connecting over wifi. I cannot connect via 4g data at all. The wifi works but sometimes it is super lagy, and rarely doesnt save....Overall the game is fun to play. I enjoy the characters and base features, as well as the graphics. This game has true potential.

Dav Tan

Some bugs... Walls are not connecting when i edit it, when i ask for troops it says SORRY ERROR OCCURED and restarts my game. Pls fix. Thanks

Steven Doakhur

Loved it Great game update please it keeps unlocking my phone and going to a white screen and also won't stop playing the game music even when I leave the game or lock my phone

Patrick Bennett

Problem!!! This app needs to be optimized for the galaxy s6 edge plus, it is distorted!!! AND NO I WILL NOT CONTACT IN GAME SUPPORT!!! THIS IS THE DEVELOPERS(your) PROBLEM!!!!I will not Change my rating until it is fixed!!! Still not fixed with the update!!!

Dexter Ellis Jr

Want free gift .. Use my friend code and get rewards .. use code .. 88FF8E98 .. Thanks and enjoy!!

sarjan Shah

I like it but due to this there is a problem.if u change it I will give 5 starts Can u tell me how to save the base..if my phone broke then what can I do to get my old base back...I do not want to save it on fb n tell all what I is better with Google mail...plz make the change it.✌ ans plz


Very buggy, walls don't connect together, the tutorial battle made no sense, it's very obvious that it needs major updates, once these are fixed I'll rate 5\5

Aaron Shuman

Galaxy note 5 Had my new phone for almost 6 months now. When i first got it and saw there were terrible graphics problems i asked you to fix it. Is 6 months not long enough for you guys? If you are going to "improve" the graphics actually do it. Your new update did NOTHING.

Michael Salinas

Game It a cool game ,,it's like clash of clans

Carmen Nagy

Transfer to new device and more. Talked to "in game support" and they told me to use fb. I told them from the start that wasn't an option. They can't read or understand English, nor fix game codes that have plagued this game for over 2 years. I will not contact "in game support". They can stop being lazy and read the reviews themselves, or get a translator.

John Stein

Clans. Finding a good clan that speaks English is hard.

makanthony tampos

Nice I want more quest and i hope that more gold to

Atri Prabhu

Less graphic Good game but yet 2 improve guys keep it on !!!!!! All the best OK apps company

Jon Fletcher

Graphics and Performance I have a note 5 and this game sucks on it... suck great potiential! But when i click on something i expect it to work and your graphics are dostorted on my phone... unacceptable

MrProPlayer Plays

AWESOME My friend told me to donlowd it and it was super fun

Rob Morris

Nice Nice graphics from the picture???

Paige Sparks

Its ok Loads slow and is kinda weird

Ciaran Maclaren

Its a little laggy I only just started and when i drop all 20 zombies it starts to lag

Gothus Touchstone Singularity

Always lags on Samsung Tab 3. It works fine on Samsung Tab 4. What can I say? It's a pretty decent game...

Tertius Myburgh

It is so cool but clash if clans iz better now at townhall7 Awesome

stenn m rogi

Not too bad Better improve on chat.. Another bad is when click troops (on attacking) cursor go nuts. Fix it

christoper franco

So much lag when attacking Keep encountering lag problems when attacking on samsung galaxy duo also sometimes when lag problem encountered my attack cancelled and force me to be back on my base and progress loss

justin porter

Administration useless Administration allows a clan called red army to cheat other clans out of winning the tournament, game is also 32bit if you have a 64bit device games rendering is terrible

Joseph Brainer

Easy to pick up, hard to stop playing Great game to pick up and come back to all day, download now!

Gene Mazzola

New improved graphics?? Not so much. Bunkers are there but not really seen since this update. Buildings look weird during attacks. Hopefully this gets addressed soon...

Shaun Potts

Great game and very addictive, like clash of clans but, trying to open game and it say's update available, when I go to update that option is not available, what is going on?

Carlos Poblano

Very good mechanics! Not an exact copy of Clash of Clans, it has some interesting differences :) I do however wish they would update the graphics soon, they remind me of 90s console games. You'd expect better.

Kieren Harris

Love the game but.. Honestly, it's a great game. I don't agree with the latest update. I feel like it was a one size fits all type of deal. You claim it makes things fair but the latest duel, my team of lvl 20s got hammered by a bunch of 5x higher lvl players so not much has really changed there ey. Because of your greed for more downloads and I'm sure, money, you have simply given favor to newer players where you should be taking care of the veterans, like me, as well for sticking with the game for so long.

Bivien Kikigue

Booo I change my mind its horrible, the resources on the shop is not free you need to install an app. I always lose when i attack, the buildings and enemies are hard to damage, and my resources are always gone. Dont install it.

Efrain Pantoja Jr

Lag pls fix. I like the game very much. I love clan style mmo's and this one is great but when I attack it lags and sometimes freezes. Maybe better or more servers. Fix and I will 5 star.

Thomas Jones

Has bugs Watching the ads doesn't complete my upgrades, game crashes, very slow to load up, game always stays online unless I force close the app, but the game itself is fun, zombie type clash of clans with a couple "better" features not available on clash, but very buggie you think for as many people downloaded it they would fix it.

Brian Salas

It ok but bori g i like clash of clan beter plus im tall hall 11 on clash of clan

Zainudin Hassan

Boring game, pls include new updates or characters like clash of clan. And the price for the gems and gold or elixir, pls reduce the price

Vikas Aazad

You are ruining this game. Developers may want to shift users to coc. DO NOT PLAY OR PAY..... I was addicted to this game but this new update is irritating. Sometime we want our trophies to low but now there is no way to loose trophies even after losing a battle. If u can't do this I'll surely move to coc.

David Winner

Awesome game The only thing I don't like... Is that I lose the troops that are still alive at the end of the battle.. But that's OK, because this game is too freaking awesome, I can't find a complaint I have, other than the troops, yet. Good job guys, ballin game too

Rose Storrs

New update Why do I not have the free gems option like other people do? And the update still glitches. Fix and I'll change my rating.

Michael Barrett

Update ruined They say fixing game to make more fair and balanced exactly how is it fair that I can't do anything now my trophies so high I'm stuck fighting bases way bigger than me not being able to get there resources since my level is low to break thru walls like game the way it was before update won't spend anymore money on this game. Download something else waste of time here now not fun anymore

Connor Mueller

Walls I love the game, but the walls won't connect and when you upgrade them the upgraded ones won't connect with the others. Please fix this!!!

Gamer-H.K -

BUG!!!VERY IMMORTANT Plz Fix the Problem in game ,,why we can't drop troophies???

Jake Rawlings

Can't lose trophies The last update you guys ruined the game. I don't like playing seriously so I keep trophies low now you can't do that. Go play clash of clans is a better game now

Rick Davis

Dont waste time Ever since new update the game sucks no way to drop trophies to farm and game is no fun anymore until they fix new update play something else

Joey Montenegro

Nice game Pls fix when i attack i will stockup. . . force closed . . .. . . at the biggning this problem not been solve until now. What are u doing admin. . . . your suck

Andrew Wenman

Was an awesome game One of the newer updates stops you from losing trophies caused the game to lose a lot of the strategic aspect

steve brown

Battle of zombies Only installed a day ago , but so far so good. Good graphics, easy follow, good fun. Worth installing.

David Lee

I kind out from the games administration that if you are on facebook you are penalized and do not have the opportunity for free gems, from being one of my favorite games to now being my least favorite. I don't get why we would be penalized Having graphic problems, my clan can all get free gems from the shop by doing different things I have nothing in my shop to do this. I have done the update and still nothing.

Alpha Jupiter

3rd Best Strategy Game | Suggestions Hello! Thanks for making this game! I also have suggestions for the future update. 1.) Special Items (Like Airstrike, Artillery Bombardment and Tomahawk Bomb) 2.) The defenses are almost copied from Clash of Clans (PLS. Change them into military likes) 3.) Instead of Ages 7+ change it into ages 10+ cause some people create uncomfortable base designs

Bioterror Biohazard

Cheating This game cheat you. After watching videos for Cristal or for finish upgrade nothing happens no free Cristal or upgrade. Don't lost your time with this game. Uninstall it.

Joe Burks

Trophies and keeps popping up won't let my phone sleep unless I close it out Cant lose trophies ? Pointless! Invest money spent on gems to make app better should close like coc does

Sancho Wayan

bug and for the attackers its -0 trophy since update there is now a bug ..please fix it 4 stars for now ..had to remove 1-star

Kaeden Theberge

Better than clash Just like clash but better

Hairy Back

Awsome!!! Great work guys. I need help on my town hall plz☺☺?

Jenika Janel Villaruel

B.O.Z This game is good before but now its soo irritating because everytime I attack it stop because always said isnt responding thats why I give only one star..please FIX this..

Robert Willyard

Great game. Better than clash of clans! My only issue is that it lags in battle mode. Plz fix and I will give 5 stars!

William Clark

Most recent update ruined game Most recent update ruined game. Not sure I'll keep it installed

Fourwani elfrida

Like this One of the best game that i've ever played well done but still need to fix it

Loading Please Wait Loading Please Wait

Thanks for fixing bugs from prior update quickly.

sd main shuvo

Very poor games That is just like a stupid game

C-dog Anthony

Controls are hard. The game is good though.

Don Montes

This game is so cool! Like and subscribe

jahnvi gupta

Good Copy of coc, but I like it

Wendel Smith

Well I like it but it takes up a lot of storage

Blake Botha

This crap Why that hell would u try to copy COC

Josh White

Was a great game Recent updates have killed this game. More glitches than ever too

Thomas Moody

Love the game Really great game but has some minor problems. 1 I've downloaded two apps and have not received the gold for them those apps they were Lords mobile and the Samsung app. 2 the game is a bit laggy when attacking and slow loading. Other than that I really like it.

Antony Sharp

Clash of petty children Literally a zombie skin for clash of clans with one or two minor features unique to this app. As a result the game is fine but it's major downfall is its community - by far the worst I have ever come across, just kids looking for sexual partners and fights.

Aaron Ruther

Trophy update makes no sense In response to your reply, how does this balance the game exactly? It does all people to attack without risk and does disable rewards for successful defence. Seems more breaking than balancing. How many trophy's on average are gained/lost with this update compared to how it was before? The risk to losing a battle has been removed allowing people to loot without any penalty if the get zero stars, I'm sure the people I attack don't like ending up broke seeing I got no stars, they get no reward for successful defense and I get no penalty for being defeated. Good job, biggest balancing break in recent history. I already reported to in game support and they stated the players wanted these changes, this seems quite incorrect as your reviews here show a steady decline in rating since update. Seems to be an intentional push for buying gems by making farming more difficult as well. These actions are taken by the players as a big middle finger to as you just want to make a buck rather than deliver a quality game.

Kevin Cotton

Broken game Previously, despite the lag and excessive use of data and phone RAM, it was a decent game. Now, since they froze trophies, it make no sense trying to even play anymore. It makes the game pointless. Like others in my previous clan (now disbanded), you lost another three-year player.

Lisa Winfrey

Dont install, Dong spend any $ if u do. Plan on no help from the support and plan on being frustrated more than 1/2 of the time u play They say report problem and it will be fixed thats funny ive been reporting the same problem with the apps. slow motion, kicking me of, losing connection, and freezing from hell. It freezes my phone so bad it doesnt even let me exit out or power down. I have to take the battery out and restart the whole system. None of my other apps, games, videos do this so its not my service provider, or my phone. They only send what seems to me to be computer automated replys back to.make u think that their listening, b

N'eka Wright

??? So yeah this game is fun and have a great support system when things go wrong which is Awesome!

James Swank

Poor customer service Great game just wanted my base back but im not waiting no longer.after i put in a ticket. Uninstalled rated a 1 star can you guess why. Good day.

Scott Myers

What a joke Game play seemed mediocre. Poor knockoff of clash of clans. Had some great ideas loved some of the differences. There is no Google play sync only a Facebook sync. However when you sync your Facebook make sure you do it as soon as you start because you restart when you do. So basically if there was a safety net ie Google acct backup or something I'd give more stars but for the time you would invest in the game it's not worth it to lose your account when you get a new phone

Aika Konata

Reply to bob fleming What you said is actually not true. I went up to townhall lvl 7 in around 2 week while i didn't pay for anything and the 1 hours free speed up really make my farming time enjoyable and faster, while it took me around 3-4 month in clash of clan to get to townhall lvl 7. The only thing that could be improved is that you lose throphie when you lose an attack or defense

mark hendricks

Could be the best? It restarts freezes i wish it worked all the time love it when it works looses connection all the time when i attack or look for someone to attack please help a frustrated gamer

Lucas Johnson

Pretty good The animation is pretty good. The movement is awesome.

Jason Gama

What makes you different? Convince me that your game is as per design is better than Coc. What makes you different from them & how can you make me wanna stop playing coc and trade for your game.

xii Keylla

yeah , just try it . but if it more better then i think i cld rate this gme for 5 star

Skyler Alexis

How do it will load ...? I did installed it yesterday but now it wont open... how can i used to play this game.. its nice app i love it but it wont play...


Add the option to upgrade by watch a video Well after playing it for a while, I liked the idea of finishing upgrades by either spending gems or watching a video which was a great idea but unfortunately after some upgrades that option is removed ? I thought thank god these guys are not as greedy as the rest of Android game developers then I found out you are all the same, there is no fun left in playing videos games anymore. There is no option to give you one star.

Hazzy B

Decided to try again... Been 2.5 years... Where's my old account? Also, the watch ads to finish construction don't work!!

Tenz Udarbe

We're s my gem? I download the app magic rush for free but the gems are not give to me?250 gems it said

Chhinder Duggal

Nice, fun but could have some improvement You should be able to and take away spme glitches and long waiting its a simalir game to clash of clans but not a copy

David Moran

Sucks I got banned in public chat for using capitals if u wanna install DONT BOTHER!! Why do that to me WHY!!!!????

Gavin Foord

Nice game Game is pretty awesome ... resources is a bit slow and everything gets hectic expensive

parvez khan

Hello battle of zombies admin just I was format my phone my old account was not continue my game when I was stop at level 4 and starting with level 1 plzzz help me out

Stephania Fetty

It is a waste of time I played it and then it took all i got. So if u want to play a dumb boring game that u lose the things u earn. Then play this game. This game is so dumb.

pranay maturu

worst this is the most disguisting ge i ever play..cannot be compared with coc not even 1%

Princewilliam William

Why? It can't end the loading..i wait for an hour but nothing happened!! I want feedback please....

Pedrus Niloy

Great app Highly addictive and love playing it thank you developers FYI I didn't get my free gems from completing offers

Tracy Stephens

Won't load 4 crap On the title screen it gets stucknat 99%

Steve Gonzalez

Battles of zombies It's a fun game but it likes to lag a lot. Also freezes up sometime but all in all fun

Len Sokolsky

Needs a facelift Resource generation at a crawl. Not enough PvE events. Gems dont amount too enough power to buy items.


The base looks awesome but... It takes so long to build even tho you don't need money to get builders, to long to build ?? army of heroes is more fun and addictive

jayraj pandey

Its OK Its like satisfactory result its not so bad and not so good its OK but it is not good as clash of clans

Jonathon Brooks

Mr. Freezer It will slow down or freeze up at times and it makes it hard to play(it only happens when I am battling). Also when I try to watch a video to speed or finish up something my sceen will turn complete black or complete white.

Raisul Islam

This is the bestest strategy game that I have ever played. I love this game.

Crystal Lerma

Its good I downloaded it just because I want jack

Tony Frederick

Battle of zombies clans mmo Good game! But lost my big Account. :"( I would give 5 stars if I could get it back. Not sure what happened. Not helping I got other games I don't want to lose

Dakotah Smeaton

Love They should put new update for this game and I love doing the wars and duels those are fun cause you get to compete with other clans

roylane rooroy

Good game i just bought a builder for 200000 but it still remain 2 builders where is the other 1...? 200000 angry

carl langford

copy cat you just coped clash of clans and just namin them diffrent

Tony Mula

Classic 8 builders, awesome, get some.

Felipe Arteaga

Horrible They offer gem bonuses and do not give the gems I completed the mobile strike gem bonus and still have not gotten my gems I will change this review when and if I get the gems I have earned it has been over an hour I'm deleting the app and leaving the review I hope everyone reads this

Farhana Jesmin Momo

Hate this games Its a foul games. Previous day I downloaded this game. I thought it will be a awesome games like clash of clans. But no... its take so much time to opening. And it's too much slow. I can't play. And can't attack. Its become hang!!! What is this... Please update this games and make it fast like clash of clans as soon as possible than player will be satisfied to play this games. I request to the authority.

olimpiu pampu

Is not ok Sincronize with facebook and no recognize the progress on another device. FIX IT !! :-) wach movies and then exits with no reason and time for build remains! Also installed apps for diamonds has no effects. HUGE BUGGY GAME !!!

Harkz K

Graphics are crappy and too colourful The game is not bad but the graphics are rubbish especially in a battle and everything is like a rainbow. Its a zombie game it should have deeper colours not rainbow kiddy crap. And its stupid that u can buy more troops in a battle it makes it impossible to lose if u keep buying gems!!!! Which makes it a pay to win game. And nobody like that rubbish so fix ur shiit

Isaiah Gonzalez

Zombie clash of clans Its literally clash of clans in zombie mode so if you like clash of clans this game is a perfect side game. But the only things i dont like is that if you stay on the app for almost 25 mins the app crashes and it also says that you can finish troops and get free boost for watching adds, thats false and ive wasted about 6 hours of my time watching stupid adds thinking that id be getting free gems and power boost or my troops would be finished and i dont get anything when the add is over.

Mike Rey Remoreras

Disappointing If u could answer my questions maybe I can rate it 5 stars since this is a very nice game before, because it's unfair I recently attacked an enemy & I got 9 trophies, after a very few minutes, SUDDENLY out of my expectations the enemy whom I attacked a few minutes ago, maybe 2-3 minutes after I return to my base it suddenly attack me and got 34 trophies with a minimum of troops like 50 throwers & 3 Fatsos, while when I attacked I use 25% more of troops than of my enemy, & IS THAT POSSIBLE TO REVENGE?

Heyns Mummbrauer

DAMN WAITING TIME I don't like that you have to wait if you leave a clan before you can join another clan

Hello Kitty53

Terrible too many problems Game is a CoC rip off. Very laggy and glitchy. Running on galaxy core prime. Keep a tapping random stuff across the screen, loads very slowly, attacks freeze and place all of my troops at one time. If you can fix errors and flaws it may be a good game.

JimLiz Adkins

Game fun developers crooked Downloaded game, made several purchases, backed up account and account disappeared one day. Noone will make any attempt to refund my purchases or return email for that matter. If you play the game is alot of fun. But dont buy ANYTHING from the developers. (Update) they still have done NOTHING to fix the problem or return my money. They will bounce you back and forth between in game support and email. Their promise to fix it is worthless. DO NOT spend a dime on this game

Hunter James

Install now This is a great mmo if u haven't downloaded do it now its slow at first but when you get a certain level u get amazing. Upgrades and things

Ankit Gupta

Needs lots of work to do.. Please update and make bugs fix.. Lot s and lots of features are missing. Dude you are completing with clash of clan.. And you even don't know how much wall need for level 1 town hall. Right now game is horrible.. Talking to someone in this app is horrible.. Because a white screen like message box come..which irritate most of the time.

Fortunado Desperado

Clunky, unpolished Laggy, also doesnt give gems when you download and run a game for gems. Dont waste your time.

Subam Das

It's not a good game don't waste your time guys play coc

Scottie Phillips

Its a good game but it will use up your data real fast cause you are completely connected to the internet to play the game

Luke Jake and Nick Billings

Oh yeah. Pretty good, I like it. Good stuff. When it sometimes keeps stopping, I get angry. But it's good.

Frank Valiquette

It's all right It's not the best but they tried and I think it's pretty good

Logan Stafford

Best game ever I love this game it the best game there is so download it and you will have fun

Ed Brito

Customer support Won't restore my account ,was lost due to update. Support won't reply to restore it. But they are very happy to take more of my money for a new account. I've sent 6 messages to support and still no reply from 4/29/2016.

Tony Frederick

Battle of zombies clans mmo Good game! But lost my big Account. :"( I would give 5 stars if I could get it back. Not sure what happened. Not helping I got other games I don't want to lose. Thanks for all your help.

julie egan

The door on the right, where u give troops, WON'T CLOSE...i have to keep leaving the game, so i can come back to battle...IM NOT OPENING THE DOOR won't close :-( pleeease fix ...thanku :-( Was a good game, not now though :-(

Wyston Smith

BEST STRATEGY GAME EVER BUT... I am town hall 11 and would LOVE IF we can link our base with google play that would be greattt. Please i beg you.


It's not bad. Even though it's a copy of clash of clans...

Ramesh Bavaliya

Nice Good game for playing. this is nice game ..but you never reset your data of game. BUT VERY BAD THAT YOU JOIN IN UNACTIVE CLAN AND YOU LIKE TO JOIN OTHER CLAN ...SO YOU WAIT 60 MINUTES. I DON'T LIKE THIS. I AM BUSY MAN SO I DON'T LIKE THIS. And game loading time is very long time.

Peggy Maleski

FIX!!! I installed mobile strike and upgraded my HQ to level 6 to get gems but I did not get any GEMS!Please fix and I will give 5 stars.

chris hamnett

was a 5star game now ruined by the god dam advert options for rushing and has lost all it's good merits in doing so. shame the devolpers got greedy and sold out

Darryn Smith

Trophys How do you drop trophys please someone... I see max lvl bases sitting on 0 trophy so must be doable... help pls...

Jeffrey Thames

Fun game but have graphic glitches with Nexus 6p Game plays great similar in lots of ways to Clash of Clans. My only problem is there are a ton of graphic glitches with my Nexus 6p

Eu Amo Minja Esposa

It erased everything I contacted ingame support and they tell me they never created that game ...OK app something Created that you need to help me with this ...ingame people has nothing to do with it

Mike Myers

GAME USED TO BE FUN Game used to be a blast to play. Alot of players who used to play have quit. Once they launched a new game, they have forgotten about BOZ. No updates in 6 months and English chat room is flooded with filipno and other languages..hardly any English. Game is not like it used to's a shame. I played it for 3 years and it has turned to junk...dont waste your time and money.

Anmol Sahib

It's good Game is gud but it has one problem we can't change name in this game that's only problem otherwise the game is awesome n everyone should try it...n its addictive game too

Chris Pastrana

Help admin! How am I going to load my game on my previous device to my new? My old one got stolen. I already sent an email. Thanks!

Sazidul Islam Prantik

Graphics problem This game is not compatible in my htc m9. Very bad graphics and laggy

Rashmipriya Baranwal

Best game What a excitement of training our own army and attacking others

Paul Rumbelow

Gone down hill waist of time now

Ankit Gupta

Copy of clash of clans This game is a copy of coc...... All things and troops are copied from coc.... Graphics are very poor.... Hated that game

Norman Paras

Used to be fun. Can't farm anymore. So now takes forever to gain enough resources to upgrade.

Robert Wolf

Challanging Just good old fun.

Gareth Wilgar-Farr

Fun BUT.... A bit of a slow grind too.

N Shshsb

Ek number cash of clans se bhi acha

Shravanthi G

Shar What a game loved it

Nice but Takes very late to load but otherwise the game is awesome thank you creators

khan nahid

Nice game Very good game and very butfull

Raj kumar roy

Very fantastic game Once you download you will love this game.:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Bugs !!!!!! I love the game but damn!!! Fix the bugs! I try to watch videos and the video will play but doesn't pay out! We contact support for help and 3days of no reply????? If I can find a decent game I'll spend the $ on it but if ingame support can't be bothered replying to questions then this game is nothing but a waste of time. My wife and I were mods on another game, thats how much time and money we spend on a game....Your loss!!!

Jason Bytwerk

Battle of Zombies This game is a lot of fun and very addictive, but still has issues. Collectors fill but don't flow into storage unless you get on to put it there. This is just an example. Having just found this game, I'm sure to find others. If you have time to get on 5x a day, those things won't bother you. Good Luck!

candi yuask

DEVELOPERS SAY NO MORE UPDATES ON THIS GAME. IT IS DIEING. Ok app says it wont offer any more updates for this game. They will focus on their new game instead. Dont waste your time folks. 3 year player here. All this hard work for nothing. **UPDATE** CONFIRMED NO MORE UPDATES ON THE GAME. They say they support it but there will be NO MORE UPDATES!!

Trev Linke

Dont bother wasting your time Developers ruined the game when they changed the trophy rules. Since then they have had nothing but bad reviews and people leaving the game. Now there giving up on the game and not offering any more updates. Guess they have paid the price for being greedy. Play clash of clans if you want this sort of game.


Add the option to upgrade by watch a video Well after playing it for a while, I liked the idea of finishing upgrades by either spending gems or watching a video which was a great idea but unfortunately after some upgrades that option is removed ? I thought thank god these guys are not as greedy as the rest of Android game developers then I found out you are all the same, there is no fun left in playing videos games anymore. There is no option to give you one star.

Aaron Bucko

Just a copy This game is a complete copy of Clash of Clans. You get the same troops, build times, battles, and even the grass is copy pasted into this game. Also the first thing the game makes you do is a 15 minute upgrade where you can't do anything until it finishes. It is in no way original or an improvement on Clash of Clans.


Knock off I played for a couple months but couldn't take it anymore. Would be in the middle of an attack and it would give me an error code and kicked me out. The graphics are not very well designed and the troop deployment is awful. There would be many times I would drop a troop and it would end up on the other end of the screen. The leaderboard also hasn't changed the whole time. Its a bad knock off of clash of clans. I'm just waiting for them to get the baby drag and miner haha. Uninstall for me.

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