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27 Jul
Battle Flight Simulator 2014

Posted by AxesInMotion Casual in Simulation | July 27, 2015 | 95 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

The new 3D Airplane Battle Flight Simulator Free Game of the Year 2014 has landed! This game of war aviation industry is a cool 3D combat flight simulator. In this 3D flight games you become an expert pilot whose duty is to destroy enemy's different airplanes. In Airplane Battle flight simulator 3D 2014 you will pilot an aircraft through the air and the sky. Your mission is to take up the controls and fly a big combat aircraft. In this Android flight simulator game you can get flight hours in your aeroplane while you dodge other airplanes. This is not another airport landing game with Airbus and Boeing aircrafts, so take the real challenge of this 3D flight sim war game.

Don't forget that your duty in this 2014 flight simulator game is to destroy all other planes with different weapons. Pilot your aeroplane as a pro, take the control of these war airplanes and combat your enemy in the battle field.

Airplane Battle 3D Flight Simulator 2014 Free Game features:

Different airplane missions: From a WWII plane, to a fighter against UFO's. Have fun!
Realistic airplane physics: Improved physics engine.
Cockpit view of every plane model.
Different weapons to destroy your enemy.

Take up this challenge, take down those other airplanes in the sky and don't let them make you call mayday, mayday.
New aviation missions and new combat airplanes will be added soon.

This realistic 3D flight simulator has been made to bring you tons of fun, so don't let others tell you what the best android 3D flight simulator game is. This simulator will be updated soon to bring you even more aircrafts, even more missions and even more weapons!

Have fun!

Whats new

    Improved performance on low end devices

AxesInMotion Casual part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 27, 2015. Google play rating is 78.3923. Current verison is 1.06. Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download battle-flight-simulator-2014.apk 28.0 MB


Bobby Cavanagh

Ok I would give the game five stars but the controlls are not very good it would be better if you could use the actuall phone to controll the plane and it would be good if there was a selection of planes or jets to choose from and other than that the game is really good.

Elijah Hampton

More the exquisite! This game is awesome. Y'all just need to remove the ads during gameplay and wait til the the battles are over. A little tweeking and experimenting with the game wouldn't be bad either.

David Crowell

Retry. It just closed on me before I could finish the comment. Anyway... Why do the TIE fighters in invasion mode try to slam right into you? In next update please make it so they don't slam into you. Try making them fire lasers at your jet. Oh, and also add teams in classic and modern modes. Why is it a free-for-all game except invasion mode? Also, in classic, I cannot see the propeller? How come? Other than that, it's an awesome game. Though it is strange that your name is sport games soccer pro. This is not a sport or soccer game. Just saying.

Shawn Gannon

Addiction for free time This game is not one that will drag you into some never ending plot. It's just a fun game to play between other stuff happening around you. That's what makes it so great.

Ferney Vasquez

I like this game but any more weapon and more planes. Also to have gravity mode so we can use the tablet not the screen. Over all it a great game =)

matt eckelkamp

The controls are very jumpy, need a settings menu to change sensitivity or give the option to use tilt controls

tej k

Good app One of the simple and effective game But still require some improvements. And I see my name & highest score in 'all time' list but I don't see my name on weekly and today's list while I had highest points! And CAN NOT CLOSE ADVERTISEMENT SOMETIMES EVEN WITH 'X' BUTTON. Thanks

Ezra Martinez

Unique This one of the simulaters I was trying to find, but you nedd to add a new map like a city and airplanes pls reply and say you sould

Ted Crocker

Great game. Good control and grafix. Too bad there are no goals milestones or achievements. But lots of stress free random enemy dog fighting with three different modes, classic WWII, Modern and Invasion where the enemy look like Darth Fader fighters. Good game. I would have given it a 5 if there were noted achievements but enjoy playing without for a change. Cheers

Brandon Waters

Samsung Galaxy S5 Very fun and looks good on my S5. Would give 5 stars if these stupid adds would go away.

Barry Critchley

Complete AND utter shite Got to menu twice, saw flickering plane once, shortly before crash, but mostly got kicked out for refusing to give Google everything but my inside leg measurement. Why have to sign in? Why not just play the game? Uninstalling. Would uninstall twice if I could!

mason heath

Alright Could have missions and bases and landing gear but it's still one of the better phone flying games

Ali Abid

Great good game Super duper best game of the world I love it it hated the GTA5.

Satya Yoga

I'm Number 1 I Beat Someone Today And I Got Number 3 In Modern Mode, Thanks For The Creator Of This Game ;) -Satya Yoga

Jeffrey Dalumpines

Its hard to play Because to maneuver the plane you need to slide the other side of the screen...why it cant be just tilting it??but its good

Finn Casternalt

Wow Wow. When it reach 100% on its download. It stopped.. Wow so great. Its so WTF

jhaycee david

Great Game Just fix the controls and add more planes and stuffs, but other than that, great game.. Keep It Up..

shadowking X

READ PLS!!!! This game is pretty fun but I would like for u guys to add different planes,option to invert or uninvert axis that's all for now but good job so far :)

SharonGiz Martin

Add a team mode Add a team mode so I'll make a 5 ps you need to reply also add multilayer plz plz plz tax peace

Kent Bongolo

Need some improvement. More often on classic mode. The planes in classic mode does not have a bomb, hope the next update it will be conducted. Also in the invasion mode hope you can put buildings in the battle field to make the game realistic and there will be more obstacle. And please add a tilt control

Jessie Murray

fun, different modes this is a great game to just waste away the time real easily!!! adds are annoying, but every free game has to con a kid into a random click, yay!

Eric Jackson

Pure awesomeness! Hands down best fighter game ever created in history! There is nothing better and never will be period!


Reality Fix jet to allow realistic control for aireal maneuvers such as an inverted six or other tactical combat skills that these platform can perform.

Raj deep Das

Great game Piloting two era of fighter plans is a great concept in a simulation game .Handling two era of weapons make me so existed to play this game .UNITY Guy's keep it up. You guy's are the best, well done.

Michael Sutton-Thorndale

Great game Can u add a single player and a area where u could make your own ship and weapons

Joeterbator Genita

Nice game But it needs more option. Like coop game through bluetooth .or set a team in a single player game

torrey murray

Online play I love playing this but it will be better if it was online play to just fly around in a lobby with other people causing mayham. So I'll give it a raitting of 4 out of 5 keep up the good work if y'all are still upgrading this app

Lito ER

Amazing game It's amazing. . But we need more missions -more choices of weapons - Radar - more aircrafts .. and the most important thing is ( improve the plane CONTROL) thank you for your great game. .

Tyler Adams

Battle flight simulator The best fighter jet game I have ever played in my life.

Davantae Kearney

Good, needs more... I love it! I had to get used to the controls, but it's still awesome! Add update so we can choose different planes.

Yocheved Levine

Ok I love this game but the only prunlom is that u can't play moltyplayer

Riley Schneider

Love it!!! I like this game, and guys, I also reccomend rortos air navy fighters.

samuel evafresh

Fun Good game but add tilt control it would make the game mre realistic n fun

Rajabu Changwe

Hi It very nice game but we more version to complete gnt.

Juan Ornelas

This game is so fun I really hope they ad more planes and weapons

Christopher Nazario

I love it its give you moeny nah jk im high asf

Mohsin Maqbool

A v good game Works a bit too fine xd enjoy heat seekers .simple game but good

Stone Stieb

I liked it I would like if you could have more skins for the planes

Raymond Rohrbach

Ads Your advertising keeps shutting down the app as soon as it pops up. Can't even play it.

Denise Sweeney

Pretty bad This game is really cool and realistic but to many bugs

Brayden Manseau

Fun but would like it if you could allow selections of jets and planes

Kellen Person1

I HATE INVERTED CONTROLS grrrrr There's no Option for the controls and I hate that it's inverted!!!! It's so hard to drive! And why is no body else caring about controls? Come on guys, add tilt control that NOT INVERTED. Please answer me. This game has potential

Ian Hillier

AWSOME!! the planes are a little shaky but the invert controls are how most plane games are so that's how I'm used to flying a plane but otherwise I love this game it deserves a five star rating

josh wheeler

Good but needs work Love it but the control sucks there just slow and feel laggy

Joshua Barrera

GET IT NOW!! This game is really awesome get it now. Who cares about the inverted controlls because it will eventually come out with regular controlls but if it doesn't then just deal with it. Btw to the creators of the game, add more planes!

Yentl Defraeije

Controls The Controls suck!!! When I want to go to the left it almost goes to the right! And when you want to go up it goes down!? That's not good so pls fox it!!! But for the rest... It's fine •-•

Grumpy Tiger

Its really good I always can do stunts I was never able to do in other games.

Stephanie Lilliston

Loved it I have been looking for a game like this for 4 years.thank you very much.

John House

It's awesome but It would be more fun if you could make your own custom plane and play multiplayer and there was 0% ads

Sophie Crane

Get it now I love this game but the could put other planes on there.But u have to get it

Pyrex Scales

Controls suck In general its a good game, its fun but there are literally no settings at all, if it had options for controls I would easily give it five stars.

Keven Michael

Controls suck. Cant control speed. Enemy can maneuver but you cant. Graphics are good. Weapons are good. Please fix controls. Maybe a tilt option?

James Dawson

Ppl obviously don't know aircraft For everyone complaining about the controls....that's how planes fly! The controls are inverted!

Rhett James

It's OK It's fun to play for while. Controlling the aircraft is not easy, let alone get a kill with the machine guns. Head into the fray with your thumb on the Fire button, just keep shooting. You're bound to get a hit.


It's good when I do a different view of it, it crash's the game

Chris Nixon

really great game the controls are fine this is how plane games are, figure it out. its a really fun game need new planes and bigger worlds to explore.. overall its a great lil game

Jostin Daniel

I really like this game,but can u guys put more planes pls


Very fun app I think you should add more planes


Amazing ! But you guys should make some control changes and more planes to play with...

Cristian Garcia

Heard it's good I heard it is a good game I also heard bad things about trying to go up but go down I hope you guys fix it cuz this could be a hit and a bigger map have not started but what I read

kermit dillon

Flight simulator 2014 Great flying game just love it!

Kevin Roca

More options for planes would be better Im giving 5 stars because its the best airplane game out there

Erik Estrada

Review Great graphics, good download speed. Good controls and up to date action. Love the fp pov and tp pov. Good worth it game just to kill aliens. Lol

Samuel Olsen

The best ? U can't live with out this game

Ramdus Prime

It's awesome but It could have been better if there was DIFFERENT TERRAINS, A MULTIPLAYER MODE AND MORE PLANES THAT U CAN UNLOCK.5 stars if updated to match these requests pls, thanx ANYWAYS I LOVE IT.

Kameron Brown

I got my first kill!!!! This game is a 5 star game but no new planes?

Cody VanDyke

Was very fun for 30 mins Wish there was more to it.. not just a few planes and battles.. needs missions and upgrades and this would be a amazing game! That's why I only gave it 4 stars.. good but not amazing

Jaylon Reid

Battle flight simulater 2015 Games is OK. The graphics are quite corny and cheesy. What would make this game better is a lot more planes and more weapons. Overall the game is really good.(:

Tony Anderson

This is awesome You guys have to make more weapons

joe kemp

Could do with control options other then that good game

madeto run

Love it but It gets boring add a few more still is a five star game

hoxha egzon

Nice app Pretty cool game actually no words to improve add or anything else like that

Hayden N

LOVE IT!!! GIT IT!!! I love playing it when I'm bord. But there is a bug on classic mode. I'm flying and this plane spawns and fly out of the battle field and go's up so HIGH and i follow it but i can't get to it because it is so HIGH and FAST. PLEASE FIX!!! IT'S CREEPY!!! but this game is still good!

Micah Krause

Loved it Pretty darn awsome get it

Timeea Bucsa

Nice. Is nice and work better

Wayne Graham

Battle flight It's so awesome

gary dasher

Fun. A real good fly and shoot game. The ads are a bit intrusive, otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Brennan Nick

Give it time It takes a couple tries to master the controls. But when you do, Amazing game

yolo man

Needs a radar I was hoping for good controls like battlefields (2 analog sticks) but it turned out its a weird control system that doesnt feel nice

Batman Bruhh

Awsome game 7/10 i would play again this game is really nice and if your looking for a dogfighting game here it is.

Michael Powell

Fast and Furious very addictive the only Improvement I can see it needs is that right when you get it missile lock he suddenly run out of missiles and it always hesitates before it fires. Other than that it is an excellent game it would be nice also for an option 2 have control over the controls. Good work guys!

Flinch Fu

Fail, fail, failfailfail! Again, controls limit you to up and down and banking left and right... so if you enjoy rolls, inversion or real dogfight tactics, keep looking!

Mont West Black

Controls! Why are the controls inverted? Why do they make games with inverted controls! Also the controls will slide. Meaning if you turn the plane it will just slide back to strait. Please fix these to problems. Give an option in settings for inverted controls. (And the sliding) Btw I hope you guys fix this or I will have to move to another game. (Like call of modern war:warfare duty) Great explosions though! Looking forward to updates! Please notify me if you plan on addressing my problems

Marshall Duncan

Destruction Just destroy no friendly stuff its terminating time

soul killer

Make it easer to fly and add buildings and stuff I'd be really cool if there would be buildings and make it easer to fly ☺☺☺

Ken Chau

Its a good game but bad controls :( I love the game and the planes i just cant stand the controls it tool me sooooo long to master them :(

Joey Foster

Great game Would be better if the plane spun when the phone was tilted and keep it inverted its a simulator. Both control make it so you can make tighter turns when combining them. Just my own input I feel it would feel more real. I would also make a lock on warning where you have to do a barrel roll to lose it. Sorry its a lot but add a dog fight chase mode like you have to chace an enemy plan and shoot it out of the sky. Then move on to the next plane. As they become smarter.

Chris Wren

Great game For all you people claiming the game is bad because of inverted flight you obviously have never flown a real plane of any kind. In any airplane you pull back to go up. Its common sense to think a good flight sim should do the same.

walter melon

The controls are the worst. It is safe to say DO NOT DOWNLOAD it unless you want to get pissed off and wanting to break your device. So don't download this game because I really want to give it something less then 1star because its a sucky game Worst controlled ever, do not download

Skyler Gibbs

Love it! The only thing u need to add is a landing pad for the planes to take off on but we don't do it, the planes take off by their selves.

Kayden Levendahl

Ok wow I thought this would be bad So good you should get it

Donald Jackson Jackson

fly Verry good. Just make controls a little better. DC

War thunder

Great game but a couple longer ads The thing is that, this is a great game. But needs to have a skip ad button. Please fix and I will rate 5

Roy Clements

Crap Graphics are bad enough as is then you have no tilt control. Try playing this with a tablet in your hands and moving fingers at same time. Put tilt control on and you could rate alot more stars.


Need more control options Cant control my plane cant go up down right or left

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