Download Basketball Dynasty Manager 16 apk 2.2.3 free for Android smartphone

1 Jun
Basketball Dynasty Manager 16

Posted by InczeTigate in Sports | June 1, 2016 | 130 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

DO NOT update to DM16 if you are half way through a saved game you want to finish. Updating to DM16 will reset all game settings/lose all saved data. Essentially due to the updates and new features this is an entirely new game but the only way I can get it to all users of DM15 for free is to roll it out as an update.

This app has no adds or in app purchases. enjoy the full game.

- Take control of your own sports team and chase victory.
- Edit all players names and ratings and fully customise your experience.
- Sign players, make trades, and watch your funds.
- Pickup a star in the draft and change the way your players train and upgrade.
- Upgrade facilities and invest in selling merchandise.
- Sign Head coaches, Assistants to help develop your players, and scouts to find new talent.
- Track players yearly stats, career highs, and much more.
- Win MVP's, All Stars, Rookie of the year, etc.
- Scout players from 3000 cities world wide.

DM16 Update now includes.
- All updated rosters and player stats.
- Inclusion of 70 upcoming rookies.
- "Switch" between box scores and play by play mode.
- Retract offer made to a player in free agency.
- In "Statistics" you can now view a list of Rookie leaders.
- Player Traits included on inbuilt players like Future hall of Fame and Show Pony
- Add HOF tracking so now you will see which players made the hall of fame when retiring.
- Cycle through coaches with + and - buttons like you can with players.
- Smarter AI, teams will now intentional foul when "Watching" games and take advantage of time management.
- Resolved issues some users experienced with slide menus.
- Pressing next all the time at the end of the season is removed.
- Introduce new play by play and play calling features. Get your favorite player the ball for the last shot.
- update of many UI buttons.
- Choose to intentional foul, running out shot clock, or take fast shots to better control game time.
- "Inspire" players in game to reduce their in game fatigue.
- Ability to import players name, stats, teams, logos, from .csv file
- Much more!

Whats new

    DM16 Updates :
    - All updated rosters, Rookies and player stats
    - "Switch" between box scores and play by play mode.
    - In "Statistics" you can now view a list of Rookie leaders.
    - See who makes hall of fame when retiring.
    - Get your favourite player the ball for the last shot.
    - Choose to intentional foul, running out shot clock, or take fast shots.
    - "Inspire" players in game to reduce their in game fatigue.
    - Ability to import players name, stats, teams, logos, from .csv file
    - Much more!

InczeTigate part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update June 1, 2016. Google play rating is 86.6474. Current verison is 2.2.3. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download basketball-dynasty-manager-15.apk 21.0 MB


Josh Droke

Great basketball sim It's not perfect, but it's great. And an easy developer to support and root for. If you're looking for a sports sim, this is the one to try first!

Nilja Wilkes

Great!!!!! Only problem I have is dealing with salary but its still the greatest android sim, just like NBA 2K.

Keith Holderfield

Still Improving! Best SIM on the market. Follower since DM 13. I sent you an email dev. Hope here from you soon. Keep up the great work!

Jayson James Guerta

Yeah Im the GM!

Tonee Jared

I love it How bout making it where you can edit the coaches

Cohen Simpson

Fantastic Bball sim. Easy to pick up and play. Smooth interface. Huge replay value. Absolute bargain.

Brian Welch

Best game I love this are and will recommend it to all of my friends and people on here to download

Eugene Steve Aguilar

Best dynasty simulation.. If you love playing dynasty mode and managing a team, going through free agency and all the other things that involves running a franchise, this is it for you...

Nathaniel Bain

Gr8. This game would be better if the rookies stats and potential were better

arvin orfiano

Great game please add team defense ranking and injury list..,,,i mean points allowed per team

David Scott

Great game, but lots of glitches This game, overall, is pretty impressive for a mobile basketball manager sim. However there are some pretty frustrating glitches. The biggest glitch is when starting a new franchise. When you've just starting out and you're at the final week of free agency, the 'next' button doesn't work. This prevents you from going forward. I've tried starting a new franchise about a dozen times (I'm persistent) and I've only been able to get past this glitch once. This is a game breaking glitch that needs to be fixed.

Daniel Opitz

Best Basketball Sim Brilliant. Addictive. Gets better every year. Love the new UI. Replayability on par with Kairosoft titles, value for money better! Money issue - fixed with update, thanks! Would love to see player's salaries when trading, and being able to re-sign players before contract are up over the cap and pay a luxury tax (not just veteran), even perhaps a MLE in Free Agency. But it's not a $90 2K outing, and is already awesome. Might feature in my podcast when I cover 'Gaming on a Budget' if you guys would like that?

Sean Adams

Since The Start I've been supporting this franchise since the start and will continue to do. The devs are so responsive, friendly, and care about their users.

Renese Carlisle

Love It Love It Love It The Best Basketball SIM game on the market. Very challenging too, especially when trying to build a team from scratch to a championship. I've been playing since DM13. Keep doing what you doing.

Gabriel Kemble

Finally! I was so concerned you guys weren't making anymore. Put a pre-emptive 5 star because of how well made the previous games turned out. Now if you'd only do this for American football too ;)

Kenneth Smith

I've played the last 2 seasons and loved them. Just downloaded '15 and I'm not able to select anything when signing staff, scouting and signing players

Ashton Wade

Not much of an improvement Basically updated rosters and bird rights are the only thing that has changed they did speed up the sim speed which is nice. However you go into debt no matter what unless you make the playoffs

Stephen Schwetz

Best Better every year. New UI is cool. Would like to see in game play calling

Nathan Smith

Pretty good Don't normally rate apps, but I felt I needed to for this one. Actually a pretty sweet game. Big NBA fan, and this lines up pretty well with it and a bunch of nice features.

Michael Incze

Plenty replay-ability.... great upgrade to the series

jameson hernandez

Money issue I love the game but getting funds is so hard to get

sam sterne

Just disappointing Excited because of the teams and phony names. Not fun to play at all. Obviously it cant be up to the standard of NBA2k Association but the system doesnt work. Your budget doesnt make sense, only need 9 players for a team, i had cap room to sign players but my funds were in the -18, then in 3rd year -36million. The game doesnt make sense and i had no fun to playing it.

Chris Bat

Great game but one major issue Galaxy 6 - love the game. But, after my second season, all of my draft 's attributes and positions go away causing the auto lineup feature to completely ignore them. Please help. Would not be that big of a deal if it only happened once or twice. But, this happens every time.

J Crow

This is a great game. I would like if you could add selling draft picks back in. I can't get my team any better then it is currently. I don't have the money. I can't upgrade the stadium or any other of the facilities. I can't afford it. My team isn't expensive (20m unused cap) the game is a lot harder then the others. Thank you for replying.

Alex M

Quite fun but proven difficult! When I first played this I figured it'll be one of those easy to complete games, Boy how wrong was I, when you first start off your team you get 2 draft picks and a reasonable amount of cash. The only true it is a 4 star oy is difficult to start off with a decent team, for instance I was only able to get 10 guys in total one to fill in each position and have a back up. I hope in the future there could be a bigger draft just to get say... 3-4 picks in to start your team, or increase of the funds available.

Alexander Stauter

Great Game Great job! Best sim game on the market! The only question I have is about rookie contracts. Are they all only 2 years? It's tough to keep under the salary cap with good players I've scouted.

Jim Yang

Good Game, much more of a Challenge than the past Like other users have said, they removed the ability to trade draft picks for cash. This makes starting a new franchise really difficult to do and it makes you think. - I DISLIKE all the flashy backgrounds added and sometimes the game flips out and pressing stuff is difficult but I just restart the app and it's back to normal. A lot of the UI has changed and overall I think it's a nice update. Scroll bar on scouting is very helpful - Scouting players is a little harder now, I remember being able to find an A++ talent every year in the earlier versions, now not so much. How to start a new Franchise successfully? Abuse trades and scouting. You'll have trouble the 2nd year with money, so what you do is trade players for players with higher contract values and draft picks. then trade the player to another team for cash and more picks. Slowly you'll build up a franchise.


Good game, missing a few aspects Great game, like the managment aspect of the game. Great structure to the game but missing a few things. When a game is finished and the stats screen comes on, if the players position where beside their names it would be very helpful. Also if there was a comparison screen where you could compare players stats for when your trading, drafting, or even picking your team. Get this for your next update please. Thanks

David Houck

Great like 14 Awesome , love the updated roster. I do have a request for the next update though. The ability to change the background in the main menu. The white is the pic clashes with the white text in the Bio. I have less then great eyes. The ability to insert a team logo if someone choose too would be a good option. Keep up the great work. Also for the HATERS, you need the judge the game/app. For it overall. Not just your inability to win, or make money. If you learn how to play the game. You will succeed.

Daniel Opitz

Best Basketball Sim Brilliant. Addictive. Gets better every year. Love the new UI. Replayability on par with Kairosoft titles, value for money better! Money issue - fixed with update, thanks! Would love to see player's salaries when trading, and being able to re-sign players before contract are up over the cap and pay a luxury tax (not just veteran), even perhaps a MLE in Free Agency. Found a game breaking glitch - my newly drafted SF's pos is... 0 and he doesn't exist. Instead I get a random SF playing 66 minutes in his spot.

Mike Wilkins

Good Game Played All the previous years and this is so far the best one. Nice UI. Game-Play is still pretty simular except its now a little harder to make funds. I still won a championship my first season but its harder to get funds. No real complaints cant wait till your football game is released.

Ferjohn Maglalang

Great game I love this game. I'll make it 5 stars in one condition: My only concern is my team's finances. I've reached the playoffs twice in a row and my attendance maxed at 15,000 but it shows that I don't have any ticket sales. 3 of my players became all stars and I didn't receive a single dollar of revenue for that whole season. Please fix!

Danish Harland

It's my second year buying this game. The add of real rookie is great, but i think the rookie shouldn't get paid a lot of money for the first contract ex embiid. I think the salary cap should increase every year like real nba. There's glitches when we sub players while opp got free throw. Oh and i think when player got shot blocked, the lose ball will be a rebound count for the players. Overall it's great game for me. With improvements,it will be awesome

Troy Scully

Where is the "back" button EDIT : In didnt see a lack of respect in my initial post, i spent money on your app and have a valid suggestion. Maybe you should take suggestions like a big person and stop being whiny and going on about this 95% (Probably previous users anyway) and look to improve your UI for newcomers like me. A back button is a very valid suggestion not a lack of respect. 1 star for being rude and demanding respect and not earning it

Michael Huff

Keeps me occupied for hours. Its pretty much my favorite game. Thanks for creating it fellas.

Rj Rodriguez

Amazing Great game, essentially the best sim game I've played on the android and probably my favorite sim game I've ever played. My iphone friends are jealous :) great developer too that provides comments to feedback and delivers requests. Can't get any better!

giannis Tsetselis

Stuck again Hello i reset my app and it stuck again on 2069 1st game second quarter....i have to start again...after 25 back to back championships

Garrett Galt

Very fun Definitely a step in the right direction. Very fun and addicting! Also very challenging. Overall awesome job!!

Matthew Morwood

Absolutely fantastic! Seriously good game I have played alot of nba gm simulators and this is by far the best android one. I love the random names to avoid copywrite. One issue that needs to be sorted asap is why on earth can't I resign players if I don't have the "funds" to do so. I enjoy having to budget my marketing and upgrades but not being able to go negative to resign a player just wouldn't happen. It wouldnt be hard to account for this and all nba teams owners will resign a player if it means a shot at the title.Kthksby

Peter Barcelo

Playing my saved game to continue on another device. Nice Hi dev, got my saved game to work on my new phone by transferring the saved data in it. Hope you don't mind, but i have few suggestions that might make this game the most awesome manager game: 1.) i think this will be more cool if there be a "coach of the year", "most improved player", "6th man of the year" just like in the nba. 2.) I miss the part where players who got selected to all star game get additional value/fame/morale boost to them. Like in dm14. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this present version :)

Carlos Rodriguez

Contracts It would be better if we can edit Contracts instead of having them randomized

Kenneth Haynes

Love this game been playing since dm14 good job guys

A Google User

Love it! Add Create a player? I wouldn't mind being able to add a player not on the game or free agency

Brandon Poppe

Fun but one issue When I want to play with an existing team, I will pick the team and the screen will go completely grey and won't load. I have to close game completely and restart I have to make my own team. I use Samsung galaxy s5

Jesus Santana

Thank you! Thanks for the reply. Also I encountered a small issue when I scouted a player not in the rookie list his position showed a 0 instead of PG and I couldn't play him at all but instead it would copy another player and give me all his stats so I won almost all the games I tried to see if dropping him would get his position back but the player just disappeared from the game.

Casey Greene

Nice work Yes the game has its issues, and yes, it could have more features, but overall it is the best sports simulator I've played on android. If you like gm mode on 2k15, this is as close as you'll get on a mobile device.

Rayfield Bethea III

trading would like for you to trading draft picks and also allow trading during drafting as well

Dominic Hartono

Ball count! Well its one of the best basketball sim. Please add more sponsorship because its still none change from previous one. Moreover, difficulty setting is a good idea. Make the cap higher by sponsorship or other influence so become a champion is worthier than now. Make the sponsor interest on prestige and fame should do it.

Carl Ojerio

Wonderful. Add a real calendar system, visuals when watching the game just like in Football Manager by SEGA, and maybe like more trade offers, training camp, cleaner professional backgrounds, soundtracks, and more complexity. And maybe soon a real NBA license. This is a must have for basketball manager fans. Keep it up!

Avery J. Briones

It's about time... I have been looking for a game like this. It seems like basketball is the easiest sport to manage, but if you were to eventually come out with a baseball/football version, I would be addicted.

Naphtali Strong

Greatest Simulation Game hands down the only problem is the money when you start a new franischrie we need a little bit more when it comes to that

Brody Hudak

Great Game! But..... Great Game! Only thing is when I try to sign a contract to someone in a new franchise it says there is not enough money when it says I still have room for 40mill more

Janus Matematico

Best sim game ever. I'm on the year 2031 season already. 13 championships in 15 seasons. It's really fun for me having to manage a team, doing all the scouting and trades. Hope it get bigger and better. Big props to the devs of the game

dylan heffner

Could be better

Nilja Wilkes

keep it up

Tonee Jared

I love it Why you can't change the players expectations in the costume mode

Kyle Nissley

Love the game, but.. There are a few too many bugs for me to give it 5 stars, I have to force close the app way too often because of issues like the trade screen will only scroll on one side and i either cant select my players or cant select the other team's players. The schedule menu will also bug out where itll show the leading scorers ontop of the buttons and I have to back out, save, and force close in order to simulate again. The simulation and everything is great, the bugs just get a little too annoying for 5 stars.

Erik Brown

Free agency issues Essentially gutted my roster to make a run at a marquee free agent and am being told I don't have the funds to sign him when I'm being told I have about $5 MIL more than I even offered him. Definitely takes away from the playing experience.

Alan Barnes

I'm Addicted!!!!! A Banner page to keep up with team history championships. Rookie contracts should allow for a team option year on first deal. Contract extensions that would allow to front load or back load a deal. When searching for a should be able to use the -/+ button to go to the next coach. Should be able to sell stadium naming rights, get bank loans, and sell shares of the team. Salary Cap has to start going up. Should be able to control ticket prices. Would like to be able to see career earnings

Denus Nicole

Great basketball management game. 5 stars I supported developer again. Although a late buy from me never regretted my decision. Funds is a problem very tight. Do get back the pick for selling as well. Everything is good. Waiting for more game from developer heard u r doing NFL! Awesome. Please hurry. Please make it like this management game.

Josh Clerks

Amazing Been playing since the first one, always loved the game, super addicting, one thing I dislike is how awards are given, I mean a team that loses 55 games in my load game wins MVP, very minor issue though in an other wise fantastic game, would recommend to any one :) brilliant for basketball fans and people who are looking for a fun game to kill time

Ronald Minter

Would give it 5 stars if you could see the length of how long your players were out for when they get injured and what their injury is.... other than that gr8 game..... would love an "NFL" version of it . Just got ur answer to my review... upping it to 5 stars now... really gr8 app. Love it... feel silly for not noticing the injuries in player bio..... very excited about the NFL version... how can we find out about it when it comes out ?

Andrew Kurniawan

Best NBA Game GO BUY Please add *trade draft picks up to 5 years ahead *can go over cap but pay luxury tax, repeater tax *if over cap can sign using trade exceptions and veteran minimum *multi team trade *revenue sharing via the luxury tax other teams pay *expanding cap space(new tv deal!) *ps i like dm 14 ui better way simpler and quicker but it could just be me not used to new ui ***this is the kind of game mobile is good for imo but brainwave detecting headsets might change that ****i should shut up now *****GREAT JOB DEVS!!

Anthony Hinson

If I could make a suggestion This is the best game and I'm always playing. I bought all the games in the series. I like how you have a difficulty modifier, although it is still challenging. Things like a D-League, Summer League, playing overseas. If you could add that it would be cool, but I understand that's a lot harder than it seems. But one thing I would really like is an in-season player editor (optional of course). Like we can have an option to have in-season editing so we can tweak attributes as we see fit as the seasons go on.

Rodney Whalen

You should add a score ticker for the other games while we play with our team! Great game! ! ! I saw in the comment section youre working on a NFL version! That would make my day!!

Aaron Toro

????? PLEASE hurry and add version 2.0! And PLEASE release DM16! I CAN'T WAIT! And you should add a way to do call ups from the D-League, Euroleague and be able to assign players to your D-League affiliate! THANK YOU!

Luis Taveras

Add a couple more features You think you can add features retire jersey numbers relocate your team all in I love this game

Scott Asher

Broken Revenue Issues: #1 the game requires you to have cash to sign people. That's not right as the salary comes out over the course of the season. But if you want to sign a guy to a $5M contact you have to have AND USE $5M cash even if you have salary cap. #2 you don't make money like you should. Unless you go deep in the playoffs you end up losing money. #3 save game corrupted and no help from developer. Please fix these issues.

arvin orfiano

Great game please add computer to computer trade,points allowed ranking/stats,coach name edit..

Tre' Hale

Don't really understand how to make money other than selling jerseys...any help? I also think a lot of the players are overpriced

Skyler Sprouse

Great game This game is great Do you still know if there will ever be a football game

Josh Crowley

This is a great game. I would like if you could add selling draft picks back in. I can't get my team any better then it is currently. I don't have the money. I can't upgrade the stadium or any other of the facilities. I can't afford it. My team isn't expensive (20m unused cap) the game is a lot harder then the others. Thank you for replying. New update.... I found a glitch where my 60 value rookie turned into a 6 value player. I can't drop or trade him. Thank you for fixing my problems.

paul cline

Fund problem It seems that the fund issue is this- you get to the end of year and it adds funds earned but immediately dings you for salaries. we are paying the players salary twice. If you could do a quick minor update before the large update it would be appreciated. I cant play another year and lose all of my stud recruits! Will revise rating after fix

Tonee Jared

I love it Are you coming out with DM 16 ?

Anna Obgartel

I deleted but after I did I wasn't able to download anything else. And there was a notification that kept on saying that the downloading of the game was complete

Steven Cepeda

Great Game Support you all the way.there's a few bugs but that's to be expected. Any time stamp for when 16 is expected to come out?

SerDarius Davenport

Great Game ??? An NFL one would be amazing, I have ideas


Football This is so good. Are you thinking about a football game

Matthew Morwood

Absolutely fantastic! I can now make adjustments to my original review. Fantastic work by the maker to fix every issue we had. Awesome game!!!


Money Is it at all possible to include a fantasy draft in this game? That would really spice things up. And selling draft picks is essential because real teams sell picks and players. Otherwise I love the app

Jair Mccraw

Great Has been favorite game since it came out. Can't wait for next season

Bing Bing

This Game is Awsome This is the best game ever i'm even a champion no one can beat me! And this is far from amazing it is super duper fun its my #1 Game simulator in the your the man keep up the good work amd please make a called dynasty 2016 please!:)

Jaquan Downs

Update PLEASE I love the game but the it doesnt update enough. If this game keeps evolving like an 2k it will be the best basketball mobile game ever. Thanks

Jose Godinez

Very good game I wish we had more salary cap and can get edit mode on the season when we play so we can edit during the offseason we play overall love it

Carldini Oreste

Carl76 What is the next game u guy's are making

Aaron Hamm

Can't scroll Can't scroll through lists, or one list will scroll and one on the other side won't.

Mau Kay

The best manager sim game available

Armeo Penafiel

Cant wait for the update, goodjob

Paulo Carlos

Another great installation These games are awesome, perfect basketball simple experience, only critique I would offer is a redesign of the UI and smoother / minimal loading times (Running on a S6). Buy this game ASAP if you love MyLeague on 2k!

Guillermo Álvarez

A must-have.

Alexander Stauter

Great Game Great job! Best sim game on the market! Hope you guys are still working on a sequel.

Jarell James

Worth the money

Nicolas D'Esposito

Can't wait for 2016!!!!!!!

Koko Nurdian Syah

Bug fixed Addicted to this game

Gerald O. Ramos

Amazing and fun! This game is fantastic! Each time you guys improve the app in ways I didn't think you could do. I love the changes you brought to this years game. The one suggestion that I have been wanting since your 2013 game is maybe having the number value of the rating show up inside the blue bar. It would be really easy to have a quick glance at a persons value just by looking. Look forward to another great season in the game! :P

Jacob Clayton

Two things that I'd like to be added and changed are 1. Rookie contacts should be more than 2 years. 4 years is what they should be that's what makes drafting desirable over FA. My rookie was okay the first year and then his value exploded the second year and I couldn't resign him. 2. contract extensions would be nice That way even if you don't adjust the rookie contracts with an extension would allow for the resigning of a player while not taking on the financial burden till the end of the current contract

Ben Gooley

Very good game Only 2 issues I think to improve. Make age more of a factor as I have had continuing to improve into their late 30s. Also once you establish a winning team it is too easy to create long dynasty so somehow make it harder.

Jonathan Coyle

Confused!! So i have commented before and have had all versions of this game. I love it! Simple, yet not to simple it's boring. I've been playing it on and off for years! So i decided to have a look at the app store, see how popular it is now. I was shocked to see it only has a thousand or so downloads. I don't understand this!!! Did you offend the app store owners or something? haha.

kiyo scott

Very good game love it ,,, waiting for football would be the best thing in the world

Yayan de Leon

Bullshit Game, Developer has no idea how to manage a sports team Salary Cap at 62mil, cap room above 30mil, yet i have negative financial year and can't even sign my own drafted players for extension, really bullshit

Aditya Mota

Negative Funds Issue I dont get how take your franchise out of negative funds. Can you add other ways to earn funds like team apparel sales, company deals(Nike and Adidas), and also endorsements. Apart from that, this game is very addicting and very fun!!! Cant wait for the nfl edition!!!!!

Nilja Wilkes

Quick question if there's to be When will ur next game be developed


Reset I turn off my tablet for 5 mins, then my data for the game is back when I first got it. All of my players are gone. Team names are gone. Can you please change it back

dog bark

Draft picks Plz make it so that you can trade draft picks for money again

Nilja Wilkes

Developement League? I don't mean to question you, but Ive played all basketball dynasty manager 13, 14, 15, 16. I know your app is worth a download even if a large app of 450 megabytes. My players potential always get lost, I always would like a NBA team and send them down until there actually ready instead of being Coach Chokers. Seeing them go on road rage for potential. It's scary to even sign free agents not knowing if I am ready to play next season. Scouting rookies for a star isn't hard from a foreign country but weird.


CSV files? Cant find any files to update the rosters but great game

Aaron Toro

Amazing but... You should add a way to do call ups from the D-League, Euroleague and be able to assign players to your D-League affiliate! And fix for how long you can sign rookies and add signing pitches! THANK YOU!

M. K. Canada

Amazing You should add the rookie challenge to All-Star Weekend.

Alexander Stauter

Great Update! Still the best sim on the market. Fantastic game. Just one question about why rookie contracts are only two years?

Arvin Orfiano

Great Game Pls add Opponent Points per Game and “R” tag for rookies.

Tantan Ong Gue

Simply loved the new update. Hope to see more positive vibes :)

Mau Kay

The best manager sim game available. Dm 17 please

Anooj Bathula

Great Game, where's the sequel?? I've played all the dynasty basketball manager games. They get better every year, but where's 2016?? I'm getting impatient, it's been well overdue.

jeezy m

Great GM game,has almost everything you would want in a game like this..few issues makes me close the app and restart a few times a day..let's say I'm on game 50..and after a few trades and stuff..when I wanna sim to the next game.. it ends up showing game 12. And won't let me sim.. only way to fix is closing app ,and restart it... if u can fix that issue.5* rating. also I think the salaries could be a little less .Also if u can add a record list..I'd like to know if my player/team beat a record.thx

Jake Andrew

Good game! Is there a way where you can turn off the auto save? Or just a no injuries option? If there isn't I hope it will be available in the next update. Thank you!

Dark Matter

Best NBA Sim out there I know people are always complaining about something, but you've done a fantastic job with the DM series. I've played other sims and nothing comes close to the depth and replayability that this game has. Thanks!

Aaron Toro

Amazing but... You should add a way to do call ups from the D-League, Euroleague and be able to assign players to your D-League affiliate! And fix for how long you can sign rookies and add signing pitches! Also more EOY awards. And add updated teams and Rookies please. And can you add more save slots too? Thank You!!

Totoy Bitoy

This game is so great eversince I won like 30+ straight championships on a "New Franchise" from the DM 14 but this version really gave me a sweat, without the selling of the picks it made me struggle to find an income for the funds, and I only can do the Pro level on app lol. Anyways, great effort! I bought it months ago, and I am still loving it.

Joe Lewis

Schedule is unrealistic Would be 5 stars, if you actually knew how schedules work in the NBA. Using Memphis, I didn't play Dallas once during the season despite being in the same conference. I did however play Toronto from the East 6 times. Teams in the same conference play 4 to 6 times a year, western teams play eastern teams twice a year. They also do not schedule 3 straight regular season games against the same team. I played 3 in a row against San Antonio. Please study the NBA before making games.

J Thomas

Gun Game But... Its addicting and fun to switch up the play styles but...when I download a mod how does it actually install and go into effect? I just cant seem to do it right.

Trill Johnson

Gr8 game I have a good time playing this game, I'm just waiting for someone to update the rosters with the rookies on their teams instead of in the draft class pool. The pool should be 2017 rookies now, an updated hawks, bucks, cavs and kings logo also, other than that no complaints, keep up the good work!

Takuto Kobayashi24

Great Game but... Why are the 3pt shots only worth a point? Maybe it's just my game but I did the math and the 2pt shots are worth 2 like they should be but the 3pt shots are only being counted as worth 1pt.

Carldini Oreste

Carl76 Yo I was first sead and got defeated by a team that s 8th sead really dm makers

Seth LeBreton

Fun game I know you already have this in mind but 6th man and Most improved award would be nice. The edit player option is great fun


This app isn't a must buy. There are a few free basketball managers I would suggest first.

Kyle Congdon

Glitch The stats keep reseting mid game


Reset You should add Sixth Man of the Year award and most improved player

Lorenz Dela Cruz

Suggestions! Can you add more awards and can you tell me the date of the next update or version.

Skyler Sprouse

Great game This game is great Do you still know if there will ever be a football game would really love a football game

Apple Core

College Is you guys released a college version for phones it would be greatly appreciated

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