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27 Jan
Basketball Dynasty Manager 14

Posted by InczeTigate in Simulation | Jan. 27, 2014 | 65 Comments

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Welcome to DM14 (Dynasty Manager 2014)

NO In app purchases, NO Adds. Enjoy the full game.

- The only basketball management simulator for mobile.
- Edit all players names and ratings and fully customise your experience.
- Sign players, make trades, and watch your funds.
- Pickup a star in the draft and change the way your players train and upgrade.
- Upgrade facilities and invest in selling merchandise.
- Sign Head coaches, Assistants to help develop your players, and scouts to find new talent.
- Track players yearly stats, career highs, and much more.
- Win MVP's, All Stars, Rookie of the year, etc.
- Scout players from 3000 cities world wide.

Whats new

    PLEASE READ** This game saves data on your local phone, and not online. Updating may remove all your saved data. only update if your are prepared to lose your Data
    - New "PERKS" to purchase.
    - New "TRAITS" that players unlock
    - New "View Result" Button, skip viewing game results
    - New "Save" Button above the current year display.
    - Minor changes to player progression.
    - Minor changes to Coach progressions.
    - New "R" tag for rookies.
    - New Computer initiated trades.
    - Additional fixes/additions

InczeTigate part of our Simulation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Jan. 27, 2014. Google play rating is 82.7406. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 14.0 MB.

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J.D. Gaddis

One Problem It is a great game but my team rarely wins any games even after I got a lot of good free agents. "Drew Wade" was one and yet my team still gets killed in most games. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what?

Andrew Guffey

Good If you wanna win games trade for paul George first and then sign some good to mediocre players and then you'll start winning but be smart with your money. Hope this helps

Evan Sanders

Great game but So when I create a new franchise like ann arbor something I cant sign good people with high money like seriously

Robert Norton

Great Game But This game is very addictive but it could use a few things like, you should be able to see where you are drafting before you waste all of your scout hours. Also you should be able to make more money some how during the season. I still gave 5 stars cause game is still fun and im hoping it gets better

Mike Fields

Let down So, I finally built up my team and won the championship after about 10 seasons. But then during the following off season, the moral of everyone PLUMMETED. I couldn't resign ANYONE. Why would this be? Then even though my team was still good, attendance dropped through the floor. We were defending champions, retained our core players, yet no one was showing up to games? After earning $56 million the previous year, I was $21 million IN THE HOLE the next year. It basically ruined the game for me.

Ferj M

Off-season issues I was having fun with this game until the contracts of my players ended in the offseason. I wasn't able to resign my players since my funds werent updated when their contracts end. For example, I had a player who was getting paid $5 million per year. When his contract ended, my funds were still decreased by that $5 million, and I wasnt able to resign him. Please update and fix this. 5 stars because it's still an addicting game!

Samuel Oh

Great game but problems I love this game and was really surprised that the 2014 series came out. Love the upgrades and all but you got to add a scroll key because I cant scroll down the player list and I constantly press the view button.. Please change this Thank You. Other than that problem the game is great but that problem is a big one inhibiting me from playing the game enjoyably

Juan Carlos Campos

Funn sim!! Please add something for the scrolling up and down because I keep accidentally clicking view more and make some buttons larger pleasee!can u also show what some symbols mean But still awesome sim!

Mike Simpson

Best b-ball sim out! Most of my suggestions have already been mentioned by others but two are worth repeating...1) You need a HALL-OF-FAME, dude! Winning rings is satisfying but developing that star player into an enshrined legend would add more replay value to game. I understand it would be difficult with some current players already at the ends of their career but just include players drafted year 1 and after! (2) Realistic/local names are a must. I'm sure there are very few guys named Jamal from Japan! Hugendong = not funny!

Adrian Hines

It's Solid The game is fun don't get me wrong but very frustrating when you work so hard to build a good team and it translates to nothing. I had my team playing well at 16-10 on winning some nice games then go on a 25 game losing streak scoring no more than 80 points a does that work. I've also seen than when you start winning really good chances your players get injured have been much higher than when your a losing team....something isn't right there. But overall a solid game

Collin Gillaspie

Great Game, Addictive but needs some improvement. I have had this game before and deleted it because there was sone issues that I didnt wanna deal with. As for resigning players. You have one good year then when your star players contract is up you dont have enough money to resign him so the next 10 years your team stinks. In the draft you already know what kind of player you're getting. But fun game. If your a game creator that will actually fix the game and listen to your reviews, then youll always see me buying your games.

Kyle Kezema

Great game, but... First off, great job. You've made an excellent game. However, I have two issues. One issue is a bug. I can't get the regional scouting to work, and I would love to use that feature. One other thing is that its difficult to make money without selling players. Implementing another money making feature like sponsorships or concessions would help. Good job on the game!

Dominic Hartono

Great game Usually i never enjoyed myself to play basketball manager. Well its the first time. Btw i found some glitches on my roster after i reset my data to default opt. I got glitches on my trade option btw.. Ive been rejected because sometimes my choice which i made suddenly changed by itself and added by the team randomly. Hall of fame sounds like a must for u guys. Uhm.. one more thing should be added on this game except the difficultily levels that some people talked about, i think its ownership and sponsorship

David Houck

Awesome Sim Game I think one of the best made, and researched basketball sim games, since EWR. Needs a couple of financial changes for the owners profitably stand point. Which I send thought FB but Outstanding game. Hardcore simmer must HAVE. Great for traveling and breaks at work. It is a great product and it needs to grow. All about the numbers; no flashy graphics needed. Excellent work...

Nathan Reiter

I love this game My friends and I play this game and compete to see who can make the best teams and what not. We love this game but we would like you to make it a little more challenging or add more things to the game to upgrade because I was able to upgrade everything fully in a matter of season. There were also a few players we were kinda disappointed you left out. But seriously still 5 stars. I would have paid 5 dollars for the game.

Geoff Moore

Fun game Great job with the game been having a lot of fun. One of the main things I would consider making changes to is the whole scouting rookie potential thing. I feel its too much of a guaranteed way of knowing exactly how well each player will develop and there seems to be 0 risk of a boom or busts in your picks. To make it worse, it seems the CPU takes no consideration in potential. This leads me basically sweeping the competition every year. Making the game too easy after a few seasons.

Rémi Pelletier

Great! (Suggestion*) It's a great game and a lot of fun. A lot of detail and work was put into this. I haven't come across any game breaking bugs or glitches really. Twice when I clicked to type a team name it crashed the game. But it's only happened twice now and how often will you be creating teams really? One suggestion though. Could you maybe add a faster scroll option? It does not detect you scrolling very well and when you're trying to pick a lower city from the list (Ottawa), it takes somewhere between 2-5 minutes to scroll down the whole thing. But overall a great game! 5 Stars!! Thanks for all your work on this and continued responses to comments here.

John Soon

great game!! Love the game, some ideas to make it better... You have the future hall of fame trait, it would be cool to actually have a hall of fame Increase the salary cap marginally every year as all players want more money as time progresses In the achievements and awards section, it is puzzling that only the MVP of the finals gets anything, I think you should have an achievement for winning a championship, as this would play into the hall of fame trait. If someone was a 4 time all-star but they never won MVP but they did get three titles or so they should get the hall of fame trait Just ideas, I love this game

Justin Transue

Solid manager, bad touch controls. Love the game itself, though I can't seem to understand the financials or make profit very well. Very deep and solid sim. Touch controls are, without exaggeration, the worst I've ever used though, sorry to say. The biggest problem is in scrolling menus where it feels like there is an invisible grid for the list, and if you aren't lined up right, options are entirely unelectable until you scroll up and down searching for that sweet spot that actually allows for selection. Sorry to criticize...

Daniele Odorico

Lot of work still need to be done... many improvements requested Good simulation but... 1) Add the concepts of "RFA" and "UFA". 2) All first-round rookie contracts are guaranteed for two seasons (ok), with an additional TEAM OPTION in years three and four. 3) Add something (sponsors?) that gives you money. Obtain money is really difficult and a few injuries or a single bad year can force you to disband team. It's not fun to play without coach because you can't afford it. 4) Improve the all star game match... it's hard to believe there are players with 0 minutes played. Also add olympics and world championship calls. 5) Improve championship stats with the possibility to see the previous years full stats. Add full team stats and the possibility to see full career stats for all players. 6) Add an hall of fame section with best retired players and the possibility to retire franchise stars number after their retire. 7) Add the possibility to add names to database. ... 10) Add the fictional Arkham city, so I can create the Arkham Horrors franchise! --> Yes, I'm serious. :D ... 3 stars. Good but largely improvable.

Paulo Carlos

5 Stars- Great game, great potential, however lots of improvements First of all, I will say this game is fantastic... It reminds me alot of the NBA 2K series Association mode, the mode which I spent countless hours on. This game is great and it has a lot of nice aspects to it. However I will mention certain aspects like finances are great, but it also needs some polishing. Also, trading is way too easy. First round picks can be over valued and so high value players can be obtained much too easily. Also the on screen control is pretty bad, scrolling itself is challenging. However this game is great and as the series go on i'm sure we'll be seeing great updates and more features to come! Love this game :D

Tyler Lewis

Great game I love this game!!!! There are some suggestions that I would like to give. In customize mode it would be awesome if we could change the height, weight, and how long the player has been I the pros as well. Also it would be cool if in the dynasty mode you could sell, relocate and rename your team. It would be cool if you could buy other teams and create more teams during the dynasty mode too! But still this game is AWESOME and tons of fun!

Ivan Anchant

Good fun but with some annoying issues Fantastic game. As well as managing an already existing team you can also create a brand new franchise made up of draftees and free agents. I really like this feature. The really annoying issues are the fact there's no back button functionality meaning it'll take you right out of the app when all you want to do is go a step back. You can't undo anything either, so once I accidentally traded Paul Pierce for absolutely nothing, I couldn't go back. Also way too easy to highlight buttons when trying to scroll resulting in very unwanted results. Also, very hard to actually scroll sometimes with the screen hardly moving or the screen scrolls on the opposite side to where your finger is. Fix the back button or add an undo, fix the scrolling, and allow people to actually spend the money they earn from tickets and merchandise without having to wait till the end of the year and this would be 5 stars.

Nicola Nicoletti

Loved it. Addictive - it's actually bad for my sleep! Really enjoyable management game and the dynasty mode has players' progress, character issues, chemistry etc. Loved the coach hiring too. One thing you should improve is the ability to resign your own players regardless of the salary cap, which in your game is impossible to do, cause u can't resign them if u surpass the salary cap (contrary to real life nba however). For the rest a truly excellent management game.

Josh Holiman

Amazing game! I loved the '13 edition and have loved the huge upgrade in the '14 edition. There are endless options and replay value. Upgrading to 5 stars now that I've spent some time with it and have seen the updates. Fantastic sim! Wish I could find one half this great for the NFL or MLB. Kudos to you guys.

Joshua Zero

Tightly built little sim. I'm a Bobcats/Hornets fan who has been looking for a basketball sim for quite some time. Big Win Sports Basketball is good for filling this void but if you're looking for realism then BDM 14 is a much better choice. I'm obsessed with statistics and sports history and BDM serves this up in a variety of ways, from league stats to specific team info. Really, it's a solid sim with very few, if any, glitches. I run it on an older device and it's smooth and doesn't seriously drain battery.

Nathan Seyler

Love it! Its a blast to play and its getting better. One thing I would like to see is when you start a completely new team I would like to see it filled with players automatically. No one good or anything even if they are scrubs that would be fine just something to start with. Also being able to go over the cap to sign a player you already have would be nice. Great work tho!

Kyle Chuang

Fun but flawed. Whole lot of fun. Until I discovered that you can win at an absurd percentage if you set all your players' offensive focus to low. I did this with a team full of players at around 40 to 50 value and still went on a 20 game win streak in year 1.

Dominick S

Great Game This is a great game for a b-ball fan like me. I just wish that it didn't delete my stuff from the update. Had to redo all the team names.

A Google User

Great Could you maybe add like a fantasy draft for new franchise mode like let us choose to play real or fantasy roster

roque cantoran

Put more players and players updates I think y'all really put real possible drafties and need international players that could sign for couple seasons and i will love game y'all put that

Benjamin Martinez

Great game but... Love the game but I have one request for next year, please let us edit the rookies names before the year starts or before the draft every year, just the names that's all please thanks

Dan Cyriacks

I think this is a great game. My only suggestion would be to expand the owners options to increase a teams revenue. Similar to madden where you can set the price of concessions and have sponsorships depending on a teams performance. Just a thought. I would love to see this game expanded to football and baseball. Hopefully you guys are considering it because you did a great job with this one.

Anthony Lam

Probably a great game Really appreciate the effort to get this as close to the real deal as possible... but I couldn't get over some usability frustrations that make the game hard to play, especially on a smaller screen.

Blain Hizer

Are you guys making a DM15? I am very excited to play it if so! Love this game!

Kay Reynolds

Great game There's room for improvement. The single most important thing is to add sign and trade for expired contracts. Then also being able to go over the salary cap and pay luxury tax. As well the salary cap should increase slightly each year. Lastly trading should have a who is interested option instead of having to scroll through 29 teams to check each one.

Lucas Bina

Best bball sim available As I suspected, if I took over management of the Timberwolves, they would be a contender this year and every year for the next 10 years. I've been looking for a sim like this, great job devs!

Corey McDonnell

Fun & Addicting Great simulator with alot of thoughtful features. Highly recommend giving it a try. My only suggestions to add would be a way to cycle through staff list like the free agent lists, and a way to see upcoming draft picks even after trade deadline.

Jeremy Grant

freezes all the time not worth the money. All thanks for the response. froze after 15 min. Thanks so much for your earnest concern

Aaron Bird

When is DM 15 coming out?? This is the best sports sim game ever!

Clay Harris

Great game After three straight losing seasons I've soon the nba championship seven years in a row with Paul George. Dudes a monster

Johnnie Cochran

Pretty good game but.... The trade system isn't balanced. It's Very easy to bring in star players for role players. I got Blake Griffin for Pau and kaman.

Koko Nurdian Syah

Addicted Get addicted to this game. Using LAL and trade some players make me the best team in regular season with more than 0.900 win percentage but lost in the final. I hope its easier to get funds and higher salary cap. The other are good already so far.

Marquel Robertson

I love the game, but can you do something about the financial problems. Besides that its a full five star game that everybody will love.

Leobeth Manalanh

It's great but Why don't u add sixth man award and most improved player ???

A Google User

Great Could you maybe add like a fantasy draft for new franchise mode like let us choose to play real or fantasy roster

Amir Tampis

Great game but It's a great game, but I keep losing funds! Can someone please tell me how to get funds?

Noah McGuire

Really hard sometimes too hard but fun I'm always after two seasons in negative funds or no cap space when keep player salary low and the funds always goes negative.

Duke Du

Why the height n weight random? Itis a very good game. Give it 5. One question is why players' weight n height random to an extend? Does these two factors effect their performance? It should be if we think about a C with 6, or with 7 feet high. Can you explain?

Kevin Heath

Touch and Financials Are Broken I really like the depth of the game, but I have a couple of issues. First, Touch is not working properly. I sometimes have to hit a button on the roster a million times to get the player's card to open or to move around the depth chart. Also, the financials are clearly broken. I'm going to be in the red after my first season despite my best efforts to raise funds. There's only one way to get extra money and that merchandise sales. How am I supposed to keep my players and coaches?

bob the great

Easy I'm getting tired of winning 70 games every year. I even tried making a bad team but I still won the title. It gets boring when all you do is win and win. But good game though.

JM J. Paton-og

I love it but... There is only one thing I ask, can you put a hall of fame section where we can see all our hall of famers? Especially those drafted players who made so much record than Lebron James, Kobe, etc. I redownload this game coz I missed it so much when I reset my phone. Thanks for this game. ?

Joel Maxwell

Great game! The game is amazing but there are a few things you can change to make it better. 1- whether you are starting a team or using a current team you have 2 maybe 3 years until you will be negative in money. I've tried several different scenarios but they all end up the same. 2- the scrolling needs work. 3- After the first year this doesn't matter, but we need to know where we are drafting in the first year. It would help a lot when scouting. Other than that the game is great! Please make football baseball!!

Eduard Ishov

The game is awesome! My first review for a game never. Here goes. First I'm not sure why people are complaining because I haven't really encountered any major problems with the game. My team sucked first 3 seasons, then I made playoffs next 5 seasons but was knocked out. Then won 4 championships in a row before losing my 5th. Then my 3 star players retired. And I'm rebuilding again. Love this game. Thanks!

Joe Parrillo

Awesome game This game is great, especially for a phone game. The amount of things you can control is great. I would like a to see league history where you can see past champions and maybe a hall of fame. But those are just add ons to a great game. Pretty hard. You'll win by 40 pointd then lose 10 in a row by a point. And 1 bad season is a hole you can never dig out of.

Corey Morris

Year 2076! This is a solid sim management game with a decent in depth look into the world of owning a basketball franchise, offering great gaming replay value. Unfortunately my game has become broken and I can't continue as it freezes every time I try. I wanted to share with you some of my hall of famers during my play through... (I wrote their stats down because I'm a sad little man) Darko Feed PF, 16 all stars, 11 national selections, 10 MVPs, 15 finals MVPs! Craig Hinton C, 11 all stars, 8 national selections, 4 defensive players of year titles, 7 MVPs, 7 final MVPs. Jason Jubby SF, 9 all stars, 8 national selections, 2 defensive player of the year titles, 5 MVPs, 5 final MVPs. Tyreke Val PF, 12 all stars, 8 national selections, 1 MVP, 1 final MVP. Lenny Meere SG, 13 all stars, 6 national selections, 1 defensive player title, 3 final MVPs.

R-Guy jdI 'new' #79

Dynasty Manager 15 Yo, incze tigate. It 2015, and you haven't made a DM15 yet. By this time last year I had just downloaded this game. I lov it so much, but quit wasting time. Lots of people want a 2015 version to be released. I think it would be a great idea!!

Damien Snyder

how to become a DBM14 god step 1: download the game. it's really good. 2: choose an existing team because expansion teams just go broke. 3: trade your mediocre players for studs. 4: sell merchandise. merch = free money 5: scout in the US. if you see a guy with 62+ overall, ask him to join the draft and draft him. scout as much as you can. 6: if you can afford it, upgrade facilities. 7: AI ruins their teams. 8: a player will bug out and get ridiculous passing stats. GET HIM. he will get >15 ast/g. 9: win. ezpz

Martin Koiv

Nice but unresponsive menu Ovrl very nice and constantly improving game. One major issue I have is the unresponsiveness of the menus especially when trying to click on players for example mid game when making substitutions . I've got a nexus 4

Zach Dickson

Salary issues Fun game but salaries are totally out of whack. Cant resign own players as seems to max me out very quickly. Pls sort asap. Whole fiances are a bit rubbish really. Funds and cap are not the same thing!!

Joel Fredrich

Good Is it possible to update the game with an option to scroll through available coaches like you currently have for the players on your team. Having to look at coaches one by one is a pain in the butt.

Jesse Baker

Financials are off It's a good game in many respects, but completely fails to understand NBA player contracts. Veteran minimums, exceptions, maximums, etc are completely ignored and it makes it tricky and sometimes impossible to build a team properly.

cj Kaizen

Good games Its a game but,, you cant resign a player again coz u dont have a fund,, i dont know how can i got money.. Even u selling a player merchandise

match chewy

Its ok Not a bad game but it has some huge flaws. The whole financial aspect of the game is terrible. My team ends up like 20 mill in the hole after every season. Its impossible to make money even when u penny pinch everything. Easy to cheat aswell. Just trade for 2nd round picks and scout foreign players. I got the best pf and pg in the league in 1 draft...but ofcourse theres no money to re-sign them lol...and who is labron

James Johnson

Great sim Just won my first back to back championships. One thing i would like 2 see is the players that win a championships get a career boost something like championship winner which helps a team once that player is released from a team or traded.Other than that very good.

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