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4 Apr
Baseball Kings !

Posted by Appnori in Sports | April 4, 2015 | 113 Comments

Apk file size: 41.0 MB

Baseball Kings is a Real 3D game you've ever seen before !

“Fun in Your Pocket” - 9.7)
“Amazing 3D baseball game” -
“Taking the Action off the Ballpark diamond” -
“Excellent game for die hard MLB baseball fans” - Zaheer Shaikh
“Perfect example of how a baseball game should be”-
“Best sports game ever!”-Freddy Rivera
“Very Engaging and Fun!”-Andy Wu
“Perfect baseball game for mobile”-
“Fun mechanics I dig the feel of pitching”- Ian Jones

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Baseball Kings | Real Baseball Simulator Game features:

• Easy, fun and realistic
• Uses real data, photos, and stats
• Real Baseball Strategies
• Different game modes and difficulty levels
• Individual player statistics

▶ SIMPLE and EASY yet FUN !

Simple controls and short game play sessions let you play anywhere, anytime!
High-End 3D quality performance with low capacity storage (under 50MB).


Strikeouts, Double Plays,Slugger, Perfect Inning,Homerun derby / Flies and more happen exactly as much as fans would expect! In short, a super-realistic 3D baseball simulator


Rookie - Single A- Double A – Triple A – Major League
Regular Season – Division – Champion Ship Series – World Series
Compile lots of wins and qualify for intense Playoff Games in 3D baseball stadium.


More SAVE / Blown SAVE,Loss, ERA,RBI,IP and Individual Player Stats than any other game!
Even K per 9 inning,CYP point as a MVP allstar pitcher!


Get your players in shape so that they can play at their maximum performance.
You can also raise batting average and improve the pitching ball’s speed up to 110MPH !
Work hard and build yourself an unbeatable team. Lead your team to World Series Champion !
16 USA Major team included : New york,Chicago,Los Angeles,Pittsburgh,Philadelphia,Sanfransisco,ST.Lous, Baltimore,Boston,Detroit,Minnesota,Oakland,Texas,Atlanta,Cincinnati and Toronto.

Baseball Kings | Real Baseball Simulator Game it is a great and realistic game for you to play in your spare short time due to its short gameplay sessions.

HOW TO PLAY : Pitching/Batting guide for pitcher/batter

- Put your finger on the ball and flick forward.
- Throw the ball following the pitching guideline and in a direction where the catcher is leading to.
- If you flick your finger a shorter, the ball is thrown low.
- The gauge of the arrow shows ball's amount of spin.
- The ball curves toward the direction of the arrow, so throw it to the opposite direction to fix it.
- The larger the amount of spin on the ball, throw it by tilting your finger at a proper angle .
- Press the fireball button you can pitch an extremely powerful ball.

◈ google + will be a great help to the developer. ◈

Whats new

    ▶ New stuff in ver 1.5
    - Add a New Batting challenge mode !

Appnori part of our Sports and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 4, 2015. Google play rating is 89.2188. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 41.0 MB.

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April Hoffman

OK game, Needs Work I like the game. It needs a few fixes. You can hit the ball after you already swung the bat. With some updates, 5 stars.

Mike Davis

Suggestions Plz replay to this love the game btw hitting isn't as hard as I though but could u plz make it where u can pick off and control runners instead of just hitting thanks for reading and rock on also sorry for adding more on to this but you could just make a real big update where u just control your guy where you hit and have fielding situations in the game and not just controlling the whole team

kiki youmans

You have no choice While playing your game starts in the 9th inning. Sometimes you're down by a couple of runs and then the opposing team has a couple of players on base. If you're tied after the 10th inning it will randomly pick the final score. Hate it!

Robert Bonilla

It's cool Hitting is a little terrible but all in all not too bad. Please fix will only let you hit ground balls. The hitting in my opinion should be a bit better. But I love the pitching

Adam Robinette

Interface is really awesome but be aware.. You're forced to buy coins to level up, else you lose a lot of games trying to do it for free. Ex: Your hitters can barely hit past the pitchers mound at first. Even levelled up half way they can't get it out of the infield unless by accident. So you won't score runs. Fielders can't field a thing unless you level them up too. You get angry and just buy the coins, as it takes tons to level up. The slots game is rigged to make sure you're fairly capped on winning free coins also.

Pete F

Bribed to do this. It offered game currency to leave a good rating. It is fun though, once you get a hang of it. Not five stars, but fun.

Jacob Ekhoff

Could be great, stick with 9 innings I don't mind the situations you're put in but the lack of control of base runners is brutal. You're not sending the winning run on 3rd home on a come backer to the pitcher however they always take off. The hitting system is the extremely inconsistent even after watching the YouTube video. The tutorial says late swings will produce fly balls and early will lead to grounders but that's hardly the case, you'll understand this after a few cuts. There's never any "getting the feel" for the hitting system because of this imbalance. The pitching system is solid and unique. Stick with 9 innings in my opinion.

Samuel Estrada

26hcjdhdej ,but I don't think I am not a good idea, I am Here is my resume. I will not be able to do. I will have

Dakota Maurice

Bullcrap Impossible to hit the ball I've played 2 seasons and hit twice what kinda game is this super unrealistic and thank god it's free because there would be a lot of refunds poor game by the game makers maybe a better tutorial on hitting and I'd rate game a 5 but it's deff a 0 considering you can't hit

Johnny Freeman

Hit the ball & Run the Base's! I feel that it needs a batting tutorial ,maybe a home run derby, other wise it's a challenge!

Ozzie Florez

Fun game Fix the second base runner running o. A groud ball towards third and short stop and he always runs to third and they throw him out. Why would he run if he is the only runner in base ?

Todd Garman

Batting is too hard Can't figure out how to hit.....uninstalling because it is way too hard to figure out how to bat....not fun at all. Update: still can't hit the ball...GAME IS NO FUN WHEN YOU CAN'T HIT! UNINSTALLING

Drew Sell

Awesome Great but why do you make it start in the 9th inning?? It also makes poor choices for the runners but is a great game overall.


It's ok Its a good game but the fact of it randomizes the last inning and just gives points is kind of unfair. I've never seen a cpu get 0 but I have. Other than that, it's a good game

Beck Boy 16 Cowboys 16

Kind of a throw back bball game..Simple, Fun, Addictive! One thing that would get this game closer to 5*'s...+Easier to hit or gain power WITHOUT Spending a Sh¡t to of $....Cuz grounding out to the pitcher and SS EVERY AT BAT ....IS GETTING OLD FAST!!! & I'm not complaining about batting...Its easy to hit the ball and I don't mind earning more power to hit it deeper! But GD...I been hitting dribbles to the pitcher for a week now!!

Hells PIT75

Batting SUCKS The batting SUCKS!! Apparently u can only hit grounders to the same 3 infielders, absolutely LAME, pitching is pretty cool.

marc parent

Great! I don't know why people are complaining about batting. It simple, You swipe up when the ball meets the line or waste high if no line! Good game play with simple controls! Loving it.

Dls H

The game is great Cant not stop playing this game it is addictive.... I like how u have to play to get your team better you dont jus start off good its like a real season.. taking to much time writing got to get back to winning my division!!!

Virus Detected

Disappointing!!! When i press the play it keeps on showing the playground again and again so I cannot play,I waited for it but its too long ,so guess what i did? uninstalled it

Kevin Miles

Cool game, great way to kill time Enjoyed playing this game. Had hard time hitting the ball but figured it out

bogar arual

This game is the bomb!!! It's simple, fun, and best of all just can't get any better. !!!

Misty Boykin

Dont like never get the game stinks lose energy for no reason pitching and hitting is not cool

Steven Peterson

Its greats No ads be popping up and u don't need wifi and fun

Eray Whitaker

Hitting controls?? Game seems fun but I can't hit it out of the infield? Hitting controls need some work or I along with others can't figure it out. Otherwise would give more stars!

C.J. Esposito

Cool Pretty good so far. Easy to pickup.

Dean Howell

Hitting I feel like the timing for the hitting window is WAY too small. I've played many baseball games, and this game is the hardest to make contact while hitting.

Marcel Whitehead Tyson

Was enjoying till I played the 9th inning of one game and they asked me to pay for energy...I'm done with games that ask for energy and want you to pay after 2 mins of playing

Jordan Mason

Pitching is exciting, batting is horrendous in comparison, but once you get the feel for it, it can be just as fun as the pitching.

Hornet Lonebee

Nice one Batting can be hard at first, but not when u got used there. But, can't we bunt?

Creepy Alpha

Good game It's a good time waster, you'll get about a couple days worth of gameplay out of this game. It's pretty fun and it's more arcadey than realistic. Definitely recommended!

Goh Meng Xian

Hard pitching Pitching is very hard in major. Is very very hard. I almost lose 10 marks in a single inning. We should able to choose the ball type. If not really hard to pitch.

Chase Daniels

Okay. Runners always advance unless pop up...leads to a lot of dumb outs. Usually guy leaves second for third and gets tagged out instead of staying on second. No ability to bunt or steal. 7 seasons in and still stuck at rookie..hard to hit the ball in the air..i end up line ground driving the gaps.

Greg Wilbanks

Great game just want to vent...just a little ? Great game but it seems the game is out of your hands. Sometimes it seems like an opposing is going to when no matter what . Sluggers can turn a bad pitch in to a homerun, easy groundball ends with an error by your infielder and your outfielder chaces down a pop fly but missies it. Not complaing, just venting. I'm not a developer, but i know there is a lot to it. Some people can be ridiculously rude with their reviews...where's the game they developed?

Tristan Cold

Baseball kings Best baseball game on an android. It wins the pepsi challenge hands down any day.....

Della Fontenot

Love it It has one fault that is when game is tied it chooses who it want to win most of the time it is the other team

awsome vids by gamer joe

GREAT GAME This game is.the best game.ever list in to me it's great I love it and.I rarely play video games get I LOVE IT

owen grant

Love it A little hard at first but its basically baseball u have to build ur team

Andrew Bumgarner

Fun Great game but I wish you could play more than 2 innings at a time.

Christine Lehotsky

Love it It is aweskme I just wish it could play the whole nine innings not just the last inning

Rod Jones

Crap app Waste of time.. This is the worse baseball game I have ever played.. garbage

Corey Arthur

Okay game Fun to play. It would be more fun if the timing didnt have to be so close when batting. Some minor bugs but they dont ruin the game.

Corey Lareau

Good, not great Better than some of the BB games I have played but not as good as others I have played. Decent

Charles Allen

Great game Although I wish the game wouldn't start in the 9th inning it's overall a great game I just wish it started in the first inning (for a longer game)

Jennifer Earles

Cool but Ok,the game is awesome but,its a little no a lot hard to hard plz make an option button hitting plz this would makes the game a lot easier

Rehman Musa

Batting is damn tough Edit: after all its just about timing and nothing but timing. Loving it now even though i am not that consistent.


Great I love this game I tell all my friends about it. Can get cheesy at times but 2k is way worse. Overall great game! Also, I don't get everyone's batting trouble because my average is over .500.

Leny Swan

I really love this game, because I'm a big baseball fan. Then sometimes I hate it, because it cheats. Number 1: Whenever I hit a ball back to the pitcher, he always catches it. When the other team hits a ball to my pitcher, he always misses it. And there are always so many errors on my team, and very few on the other team. Otherwise its a great game.

Jordan Cuevas

LOVE IT I'm bad and good and it is so fun. I hope you like it like I did.

Andrew Ramirez

Cool I really like this game it's just the players are slow and batting is kinda weird but other than that it's ok

BaBy RevelatioN

Boooo!!!! This game is Wack!!!! Doesn't throw the ball where I want it and keeps hitting everybody with the ball, or keeps walking them. Plus it don't have all the cities, like Cleveland for an example. A lot of these new games that's being made in the market are really becoming more wack everyday. I'll stick to the old games in the market.... Uninstalled.

Josh Jarrell

Pretty good game. Great game for free. Energy refills quickly, and ts a fun game. Small complaint about the laggy play.

Randy Koeller

I don't know what everybody is crying about not being able to hit. I smash the ball n bat like .550. Love this game...... It'd be cool if you can make your own player and let him go thru the ranks. But good Game Guys!!!!!

Martin Trevino

Good game It's fun and simple. A bit clunky worth a few bugs but it is fun to play!

Vinh Tu

Game Needs Alot More Work Batting Is No Sense Until I Figured It Out Pitching Doesn't Do Right

Scott Alleyne

Absolute garbage. Please dont waste your time or energy..

Casey Kehr

Fun Very fun game. Pitching is simple once you learn the angle. Hitting is very hard as I top the ball every time and the ball never seems to come below my shoulders. If wait till the ball drops, you will swing and miss.

Bernard Poyner

Good chill game! Fun but I don't understand why the would give me a challenge of a double play but when you start the round you already have 2 outs and no one on bases. So how do you get a double play. Other than that pretty fun. Wish I could play all 9 innings to.

Preston Kummerer

Great game but you should Change one thing. Baserunning.When I bat someone is at second and I hit grounder, runner goes and gets out. We should be able to control baserunners.also batting just press to hit swipe to power hit plz update. Hold to bunt. Also people who are having trouble hitting the ball you have to swing a little late. I was frustrated. At first too

Lorenzo Pietrangeli

Awesome Just a bit difficult to bat, but once you get used to it's fantastic ?

Miko Saptadi

Love it but I'll gv 5* if there is some way the batting not as hard as rightnos. Very diffucult timing it. But its fun love it.

Jose Munguia

Such A Great Game. At First I Thought That The Teams Did Errors On Purpose But When I Realized You Have To Upgrade Them, It Made It So Much Better.

Ginny Spring

It's decent It starts off very difficult to understand.. Not knowing the top choice brings you to tutorial.. So it was very hard at first, but now it is becoming easier and pretty fun.

John Rogers

Fun but needs work The game is fun but can be difficult to hit. Small tweak and it could be a 5 star game

Alberto Araujo

Addictive Game Batting can be challenging at first, but with a little practice and you won't be able to put this game down.

Valarie Young

Great game It's a good game, but there are some things that could added/taken away other than that it is a good game.

Esther Oyelumade

Cool game Could have better things to do so you can get more people


Awesome This game is good because you can play it when you are bored and it is very easy and simple for little kids

Steve Hernandez

Fun Nice game. Easy to pick up controls but it ask me to post to Facebook then tells me I don't have permission. Overall ok

Cory Wilson

Baseball Kings This game kicks azzz! If you morons cant figure out the hitting then too bad. Hop you enjoy losing. Totally unique!

Jack Ptrsn

Great I love this game I tell all my friends about it. Can get cheesy at times but 2k is way worse. Overall great game! Also, I don't get everyone's batting trouble because my average is over .500.

Gregory Wilbanks

Great game Great game! Some people can be ridiculously rude with their reviews. All games should be given a review based on the entertainment, playability, replay value.... overall game quality etc., not your personal issues.

mark waner

Awsome Love it. I think it a good game. It was hard for me to hit at first but I got the hang of it and I'm hitting a homerun like every other at bat

Samuel Leon

The Worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fielders make too many errors. The batters run slow. They don't let you play the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th innings. It is extremely hard to win and hit a homerun. Even if your fielders are upgraded high they still make a lot errors. When you pitch the ball even if the ball doesn't hit the batter they computer says it did and they get to go on base. The people you hit that got on base they run like they were not injured at all! If you are safe they say you are out.

Scott Troike

It's free if u want to lose They have a dozen guys batting and continue with homeruns, but when your batting good with no outs it jumps you to another team and you lose the batting. Why can't we bat until the three outs you cheating losers or does playing fair cost money. Don't spend a dime on this pos.

C Boehme

Batting is garbage. Can hit the ball everytime but 0 of them are line drives or pop ups. All grounders. And the so called video on YouTube teaches u nothing.

Bryan Lloyd

Polished Love the ability to "buy" energy simply by watching an ad. THIS is how to advertise vs annoying popups. Game is polished and a great time waster. Nice work.

Sdominikxz# Xzivurexz

Not a bad game just need more improvements but i just dont get how the energy works out.Its fulled and after 1 game its like halfway empty.a full tank basicly u can only get like 2 games out of it.Try and fix that cheers

Tommy Funaro

Batting is simply terrible and no fun at all... This might be the absolute worst batting mechanic ever implemented in a baseball videogame, mobile or otherwise.

Carli Walters


Alex Thomson

Worst game ever I play a lot of baseball games and this is by far the worst. There is no instruction on how to hit. There is nothing to tell you if you are late or early. The timing has to be perfect otherwise you hit the ball 10ft. The pitching portion is so easy its boring and you dont even have the option of fielding the ball or choosing who your fielders throw it to. Uninstalling this game immediately.

Sunny Emukah

How do you hit the ball? This game teaches you how to pitch but not hitting. Please improve in all aspects. Thanks

michael barrington

Great fun !!! Even with its poor fundmentals e.g; runners go on every ball put into play, its still quite addictively fun. Would like to see a version that's more fundamentally sound e.g; never throw behind the base runners...etc.

Arshdeep Bawa

Last baseball game which I used to love was the one in video games and I love baseball again Very nice game although stamina is must but this game you want to play more and more, once you get to know how to hit the ball home runs are all on your way but once I started playing it frequently I found the pitching the best part great combination for a game

Demetrius Silva-Bentley

Awesome Awesome best game ever I recommend this to anyone.Also good graphics

Chase Mora

It's fun but also difficult This game is a fun challenging game but u loose money and energy too fast

Vince Mack

it sucks It's a great game at first and then it gets ridiculously hard the computer I always hit home runs it's not even fun anymore do not get this game

qwerty asdfgh

Simple, Fun, and Addictive baseball game Do not believe other negative comments about the batting being so difficult. Actually it's not very hard to learn and everyone can get used to it in no time. The hardest part actually comes from the pitching, once you reach AAA league. I played lots of baseball games and I'm tellin you this one is a keeper. While the free version requires energy to play, it also offers free full energy refill by watching ads. Great one dev!

Nathan Schnell

Great potential. This game is fun but the problem i have is batting. You must be far to perfect to get a hit. Most balls you contact wont leave the infield. Pop flys are non existant. Dont even imagine a home run because it wont happen without using stamina. Oh yeah and the more you play the more stamina you use even when you arnt changing leauges. This game is designed to force you to pay to win.

Mike Ripple

Horrible Mechanics/Not Easy or Recommended Batting is awful and hard to even make contact. When you don't strike out its usually a grounder and an out. The game advertises as easy, so it's misleading. I also agree on the errors, which happen much too often. Don't understand how this gets rave reviews unless false. Removing from device

Michael McHugh

It's ok All in all it's better than I expected it. The hitting controls are a little tricky, but I should get used to them. I don't like that when you reach the 11th inning, it randomly chooses a winner. Please change that.

Jay Jhaver

Love the game. It just cheats a lot. Bad errors all the time. If the game stops cheating in the new update I would rate 5 stars. (I would not recommend his game if you have rage or curse)

Ryan Turrentine

Best baseball game on the market Needs a little help on the batting and when pitching why does the computer go for the first person about to score and get them out but my team will just always throw to first base and never does a double play

jamaal woody

A lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Hitting is particularly tough, move your finger upwards so that it meets the ball in the zone. Finger must accurately meet the ball, that's the hard part. Once you get that down, its lots of fun and challenging

Jason Jelken

Biggest pet peeve of this game. When I have a runner on second and the ball is hit in field there is no way that runner should get thrown out at 3rd base especially without getting tagged out. Stupid.

Abdulahe Jammeh

Fun Baseball Game Baseball Kings is a really fun game it has great graphic is so 3D! But can you please make some improvements and actually let up play all of the innings??? Besides that, great work Appnori!

Elitedjcam YT

The fielders look like idiots going after a ball they obviously can't get it. And these guys can't hit for their life. The lefties can actually make contact. Fix and I will improve.

Ricky Torosian

Awful Literally every hit is a grounder. What's the point? I upgrade my power and they're still grounders. I can barely win. Just no. Plus I'm a Mets fan, so the fact they don't have them is also bad. One star.

Tim Hauber

Sucks bad You need to add a "How to play" mode. Trying to hit the ball is a joke. You need to do some work here. The game seems like it might be fun if there were a demo to show you how to play.

Steven Olkiewicz

Worst Baseball game ever Batting is ridiculously hard. And you never hit the ball anywhere. Energy drains to fast, money making to slow to increase stats. Horrible.

Liam Locock

Worst baseball game of all time! There is literally no indication as to when to hit the ball and there is no hit box, you need to be 100% accurate to even hit the ball. Pointless waste of time.

Dolan Wolfe-Callanta

Fun until major leagues... It's a baseball game where you play the last inning(s) of the game. A decent time killer. However, once you hit the major leagues, the game stops being nearly as fun imo. The pitching is kind of broken where you can't choose your pitch, and instead try to compensate the spin of a ball to aim for the catchers glove wherever he decides to hold it. If you miss the very center of his glove it's automatically a "ball" regardless of the ball's position over the plate. Try it out and decide for yourself!

Ashley Williams

Rigged at major level Made it to majors where game took a bad turn. Game forces you to lose. Catcher sets up outside, you throw perfect pitches, and they either dont swing for a ball or hit a homerun. No fun in games that cheat you to try to entice you to spend money. Donot recommend

Anjeannae Hall

After about two seasons you can't even hit the freaking ball anymore. Even after upgrading my batter to level 7 I still can't hit the ball. Then the pitcher throws my balls then anything. Some of them balls and they say their strikes. Fix it

Tristan Lowe

Money problems The bonus missions don't give you anything and I am having trouble getting money. Make missions give u money! And make runners faster

Ryan Galante_Poff

Don't waste your time You are not in Control of winning or losing.. You are put in impossible situations that u didn't put yourself in... Just dumb.... Their should also be a key that will at least give u a basic idea of how to hit

Jesse Bakay

Could be better Way too hard to hit at least in the early stages of game. Ball won't leave infield unless I use power up but only enough energy for 1 per game

Dark Matter

C'mon Appnori Your hitting system is broken. Just admit it. YouTube tutorial was not much help. Next time, include the tutorial in-game. The focus of this game is obviously on pitching, which I admit is fun. Not enough to keep me entertained. Deleted.


Need to give my $6000 Would not give my $6000 that I paid for.. $4.99. I tried to contact y'all with no prevail. Either give refund or put the $$ credits on. Cause I use to play this game a lot more than others that I have... please do something about this and I'll put back my great rating that I edited to this rating

David Glose

Good game I finally found out how to hit... you have to wait late late... the sooner you hit it, the more likely ground ball... this made a huge difference... haven't run into any issues so far

Steven Booker

Not bad but needs improvement Hitting is fun once you get timing but way to many errors made by fielding team which happens to be mine. They computer makes far less errors and beats yiu

Bradley Stevenson

WTF is up with the scoring? Guy hits a triple and scores...then I throw a wild pitch and the runner from 3rd scores, again. Same player Now counts twice?!? Keep better track of base runners and give control to the player would b great 5 star update

Adam Schrag

Not possible I dont get it at all. No tutorial. Pitching is hard. Batting is nearly impossible. Still looking for a great baseball game besides tap sports. If the creator of this game could reply and tell me how that would be nice.

Saul Escalante

Batting is very difficult I can't hit a ball past the pitcher or out of the infield but the pitching is very good. If you all improve the hitting, ill give it 5 stars

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