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8 Aug
Bang & Olufsen Watch Face

Posted by Bang & Olufsen a/s in Lifestyle | Aug. 8, 2016 | 89 Comments

Apk file size: 7.6 MB

"With this original design by Bang & Olufsen, we celebrate every sunrise and sunset, as your watch face seizes the beautiful moments. Every day we celebrate our precious time."

Whats new

    Added support for new displays.

Bang & Olufsen a/s part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 71.7312. Current verison is 1.0.8. Actual size 7.6 MB.

Download bang-olufsen-watch-face.apk 7.6 MB


Sam Bartle

Still problematic on Moto 360 Yes after update It still doesn't work properly on Moto 360 5.1.1, the background doesn't load properly. You get a glimpse of the correct background if you tap the face.. But usually it's just black. A shame as it looks decent.

Joe Katon

Still has issues Original comment: watch face didn't seem to match screenshots above. Update: starred off like screenshots.. Then switched back to a static dark image all day no longer looking like screenshots above.

Matthew Brittelle

Beta at best The background does not update as described, and it should have an option for 12 hr time.

David Moodley

Background doesn't always work Unfortunately using this watchface is a hit/miss. The background doesn't always load and most of the time it's just black. Moto360 Lollipop 5.1.1

Dan Fedida

Still not convinced it's working correctly. Just got the update and I saw a hint of dawn at around 7am. By 8am the watch face was dark again. Not entirely sure what the problem is here...


Background is always black. Background is always black. We are hoping to improve!

Alexander Wekell

12HR format? Doesn't appear to be an option anywhere to have 12HR formatted time?

Tony Torres

Needs 12 hour time cycle

Scott Prebble

Works perfect now. Very classy.

Christopher Barraud

Dull Was expecting something stylish and different. Got an average watchface.

James Scott

Nice idea, badly executed Simply doesn't work. As others have reported the display doesn't match the time of day. In fact mine is now just black

Bret Farris

I was hoping it was as pretty as the images say it is, but alas, it is not. That's because it only shows those sunrises and sunsets at night, when you are asleep. Unless you happen to live in whatever time zone these developers are in. So, I'm uninstalling it since I can get a plain Jane digital watch elsewhere, and with more functionality.

Dan Goodes

Does not work as advertised... When I first installed this face, about 7:30am local time, it showed what I thought was a sunrise. Then that disappeared, and its been a black background ever since. There was a hint of grey (maybe the watch thought "pre-dawn"?) but that didn't last long either. Please fix!

Daniel Lindsay

Love the idea Its a great looking watch face, but the lack of functionality at this time prevents it being one of my daily faces. An update to make the graphics work would be great and also a better rating.

Phil Waud

Bang and Olufson should know better They should test out a product before putting their name to it. Moto 360 doesn't display it properly. Shame.

Josh Steiner

love the screenshots and the potential, but its just black with a white half-circle

Trent Sanden

Background Yup, does not work. Just a black background.

Blair Ginley

Not working on Moto 360 Just a black background and should be able to set to 12 hour format

Bo Andersen

Nice but It looks like it is on Struer time and show sunset based on that time zone

Tom Partlett

Dissapointing Not displaying correctly. Black background, moto 360, android wear 5.1.1.

Graesen Arnoff

Looks nice, but forces 24 hr time Looks great but I prefer the 12 hour format, not 24 hour format - there's no option to adjust that.

Ryan Joseph

Not good Just too many problems. The background never appeared, it forces 24 hour digital time with no option to change, and ambient mode is boring, as seems to be the case with all of these new faces.

skylar jordan

Beautiful but... It currently crashes immediately when watchface is selected on Moto 360 running 5.1.1

Andras Nagy

Does Not show the background.. just the time text.

Evan Gilner

Please add an option for imperial time! Thanks.

Steven Tzanoukakis

Just beautiful Love how simple and beautiful this watch face is. Great job

Darren Wong

No background Just showing black on my moto360 on 5.1.1

Namir Bacha

Not working, just a black background

Christian Ahlin

Looks awesome on images But its just black background on the moto360 5.0.2

Cody Hittinger

No change in the background on the Moto 360

Adam Shepherd

Sony Smartwatch 3 Works perfectly on a Sony Smartwatch 3

Michael Freed

Good looking watch face, but simply doesn't work.

Shawn Altorio

I assume it should be more ...More than some white text on a black background. That's all I see on my Moto 360.

Matthew Majeika

Very clean and minimal. Not seeing any sunrise/sunset in the background. Only white numbers (and test) on a black background - possibly because it's 1pm? Will check later and report back.

Adrian Mace

Just like everyone else, having issues with the face just being a black background, also would prefer 12 hour time. Also what's the outer thin line for? curious.. Moto 360 running 5.1.1

Chris J

You! Morons. Wait till sunset before you say it doesn't work

Israel Méndez

Not showing any background on Moto360, just text.

L. Correll

Moto 360 issues Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat as everyone else, only black. Pretty setup, but 12 hour format is a must, and the animation should work.

Dan Hardaker

Problem fixed, a really nice simple watch face. Well done!

Amy R

Bummer Awesome idea and design, but 12 hours off. Apparently they aren't very motivated to fix flaws, judging by all the past reviews about this problem.

Matthew Silcox

Great Design, but Flawed As others have noted, the time is off by 12 hours. 3 in the afternoon is 3 in the morning, according to the watch face. 5 stars if fixed!

omar eldasher

After update... Still no animation other than them first day after update and that's it. Its awesome when it works, but sucks when it doesn't.

Johnny Morrison-Howe

Now works well Works well now and shows day/night, even better: animations only at sunrise and sunset, maybe add more for day and night...?

Dominique Weber

Probably the most beautiful watchface I really like this watchface, especially now that it's finally working properly, however, I would like of the sunrise started a bit earlier and that there would be more of an evolution instead of it jumping from barely lit to full sunshine within a minute

Jess B. Balatbat

Simple and Elegant I used this for a few days instead of default moto 360 digital. Ambient mode is a nice simple classy digital watch. Some level of configuration would have been nice.

Zubin Joy

Please fix US Time zones Love the look, but the watch face animation is always 12 hours off! Please fix!

David Moodley

Background doesn't always work Unfortunately using this watchface is a hit/miss. The background doesn't always load and most of the time it's just black. Moto360 Lollipop 5.1.1

Kevan Mann

Time zone issue The time zone seems to be off by 12 hours. Thinks it's night when it's day, and vice versa.

Angad B

Charming It really defines my timepiece as an individual with a personal iconographic statement. I mean come on its bang and olufsen.

Ron Jordan

Great with Moto 360 App is fixed. Face diminishes flat tire appearance.

Ian Bowers

Looks neat But in no way functions as described. Just numbers and shadows.

Jaron Mc

Beautiful and Practical Watchface Nice design that's quick and practical to use on a daily basis

cameron verrells

OMG thank God they fixed the UK time zone I only ever sore the dark part but now I get real time sun rises thanks for listening

David Waller

Same problem as others... not following local time. Seems 12h off.

Nathaniel Pitts

Awesome watch face, but... This would be such a cool watch if it worked as advertised. It displays the wrong state of sky for the current time (currently, 9pm in north hemisphere in late quite dark out, yet the watch face is displaying twilight...). If they can figure out the time zone thing, I'd definitely use this face.

Tayyab Ahmed

Taking battery even if it is not set as a watch face.

Erika Smith

It is not synced to the right time, it is reading not am but pm

Doug Akers

Doesn't work Must be foggy all day and night where I live. This does not work.

Nick Orie

Wrong time zone! It looks beautiful but it seems to be 12 hours off or something. Please fix the time zones!

Brandon Joerges

Looks Good It looks good but, is it supposed to be dark during the day? It be nice if it showed the earth during the day

Allison Law

am and pm are wrong Beautiful, simple face, but the times are off by 12 hours.

Kim Jensen

Night and day I like the watch face but I'm in eastern time zone and i get the sunrise at around 5 pm. It's 12 hours of.

Carly Haddon

Off by 12 hours

Fred Joe

Works good for me!

Volodymyr Ivanov

Great! Loved it

Sam Thornton

Pretty but broken As everyone else has pointed out, the watch is convinced the sun is down throughout the day. Kind of embarrassing a high end tech company can't even get the basic feature to work.

Adam Durham

Almost there This looks sleek and stylish but unfortunately shows night time all day, I'm in the UK and using a Moto 360. Please fix for 5*.

Chintan Desai

Timing is not US based and not customizable The design changes based on time, but unfortunately it is European based and shows night in US for most of the day time. Unnstallng it till the timezone is customizable.

Austin Quick

Great Potential But it doesn't work on the Moto 360 yet. Even with the new update it's still not working.

Nick Léger

Shows night time during the day, as others have reported. Also, please consider added a step counter. Thanks.

Kevin Jackson

Nice style But as others have stated the animation doesn't sync to local time..

محمد امین

It doesn't work on moto360!?waht should i do?

Ben Plant

Of all the things to be unable to tell the time properly... It's pretty much always night in the UK during the day according to this. Pity.

Matthew Majeika

Very clean and minimal. Saw sunrise this morning, matching screenshots. 9am shows black background with white text. Will check later to see about sunset.

Casey Cunningham

Doesn't work Still doesn't work. Lg G Watch r

Gary Clark

B&O watch face Installed on htc one mini and nexus 7, cant see any icons, cant use it on either device...shows in apps list and tells me its installed but cannot see it

Johnny Morrison-Howe

Animations only at sunrise and sunset, maybe add more for day and night...? (Turns out that this is due to me having a Sony Smartwatch 3, which only supports low-bit ambient mode.)

Tim Kiernan

12 hours off. Why bother if it does not align with the time. B&O just did not care.

Jeremiah Tan

Simple and nice! I have install many watch face. And many watch faces have wonderful design. But ultimately this is the watch face I have been using. Just love the simplicity and elegant of it.

Trina B.

Never changes! Beautiful but never changes like it's supposed to. Uninstalled.

Andrew Mills

12 hours off Telling me it's bright out when it's midnight.

Sam Huffman

Sunrise piece off Love the design, but the sun is WAY off! If it's 12PM it's dark with no sun. Please fix the timing issue!

Adrian Pang

If only time is right I'm in Sydney. Watch shows time that's 12hrs off. Currently 5pm but watch says 05:20. Image is showing midnight/dawn.

Ok not Ok Well, the design is simply stunning. The sun to twilight color is really gorgeous. However, is it ment to be dark during the day? Update to fix it please. Vær venlig. Tak.

Ken Cappon

Nice looking watch face, but how long does it take to fix the 12 hour bug?

Arman Nasiri

Very beautiful and attractive

Bob Mc. Joe

Eh Looks great, but I don't like how the timing is off with the sun. I shouldn't have to wait until it's pitch-black for the sun to come out on the watch. Fix that and it's a great watch face.

Finn Carroll

12 Hours off

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