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25 Jul
Bamba Burger

Posted by Bamba in Educational | July 25, 2016 | 103 Comments

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Kids create their favorite burger, flip the patty, make French fries and dispense the drinks – just like in a real fast food restaurant! They can choose from lots of funny ingredients to make their happy meal.

"Do you want fries with your Octopus Burger, Mom?" - Vicky, 4-year old Bamba Burger Employee.

Kids assemble the meal, ring up the order on a cash register, and finally eat their custom-made burger! There’s lots of creative fun when role-playing either the customer or the cook.

- Dozens of buns, ingredients and drinks to choose from: Hamburger patties to Unicorn Juice!
- Cook the patty and flip it on the hot pan
- Make the type of fries you want – and fry it in the deep fryer
- Dispense the drinks – 12 flavors to choose from!
- Mystery toy that comes with every meal
- Fantastic, beautiful artwork
- Kid-focused interface
- No external advertising
- Great for kids 2+

Bamba Burger is an interactive toy designed for kids. There are no scores, complicated interfaces or stressful time limits. This game is great to play alone or with an adult.

Bamba is a kid game studio that makes interactive toys for kids. We believe that interactive toys offer a new and exciting way to educate your child. We design interactive toys that are designed to stimulate imagination and creativity.

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Bamba part of our Educational and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 71.51. Current verison is 1.2. Actual size 71.0 MB.

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Alexa Delgado

I don't see what makes this game educational ... The only thing this game teaches you is how to work in a fast food rest ra rant if you don't go to collage so it's not a role model and it's not at all educational educational is what's 81÷by9?

Guillermo Alvarez

LOVE IT? We don't listen to HATERS we listen to our disteny so...if you wanna fight you might you all enjoy the game I'm not the owner of the game but...I LOVED THE GAME it was AMASING so don't be rude it's just a game entertainment indeed live peaceful and don't bully no one peace out✌?

Angela Intal

It's ok... But in the second times that i replay I cant choose or scroll down what to choose to decorate my food and,The Suprise thingy IS GETTING BLACK SHAPED,LIKE COVERING IT AND IT LOOKS LIKE IS NOT RESPODING,But my PHONE is not old I reeboot it,SO CAN YOU FIX THIS

Kimmy Joseph

It's OK Its fun but when i try to click the pony drink it always go's to the one BY the pony plz fix and i will rate 5 ⭐s

Glenda Merced

I like it but... The only problem is that if I press the orange juice or other drink it appears the wrong one PLEASE FIX THIS?

Andrea Bookout

Won't let me put items on my burger. Gets to screen with option to choose items on the side and doesn't respond. Please fix for better review.

Fatma Al Zahraa Afifi

Nice games but... I chose the bread slice it then cook it and when I want to chose the ingredients it does not drag PLEASE FIX IT

Tasin Zahir

It's really good! :) This is a fun game, but most of the stuff cost money! Can you please make all of it free? :(

Alyssa Rugg

Eeeh Well I love this game! But...after I make food and serve it and everthing, when I try again after I click the buns it will just show random locked icon on the left side with no buns on the table.Please fix this until then ill give 3 stars.srry

N-- --G

2 only It doesn't work I can't put stuff on the burger I can't put the ham on it or anything if u read this plz fix it

Isabella Daniella

Its fun at first But when you get to the putting what you want on it then it wont let me put anything on it and i cant play the game anymore. Its always frozen or something.

gymnist Felicity

Loved it It is sooooooooooooo good it has bregers fris and you can mix the drinks

jules dare

I liked it but.... When I play this game it is fun but when I will put the toppings sometimes its a little bit slow so I point it long and pls. Fix that

Ceteria Matthews

Ok If only there were more options

Anirah Evans

It mas up on my phone but I love this game

elizabeth wanjiru

Omg Never found like this my child is in to it and now helping me in the kitchen and gives me tips that actually works get this game

Mimi Uetsu

Super amazing if you have more games ill download it ok

Desy Fnu

Boo I cant get the toppings to go on my burger and I cant even complete the burger so boo hoo

Nicole Gsndoza

Burger It is soww fun to play with my friend and if I have a position I will create a burger to all of my family mom tell me that I'm lucky girl

Samantha Brown

It won't downlod but hi Jennie Laboy(:

Rhys Baker

What?! Can't put anything on the burger, please fix!

Aimee Oneal

Stupid When I got to the part were you put things on the burger it won't let me put things on the burger

Nao Tsuda

Error B4 when I played this on my best friend iPad I like it but know when its done downloading it say error please fix

Renee Gabrielle Mapugay

How to put bacons and cheese etc.. How to put decotations on the burger

Amya Rucker

Oh come on It wouldn't let me put on the pieces of food

Kyla Sumande

Please fix it Ughh why cant I press some toppings on the left corner

Makayla Broadnax

Can some one put where to sit all the stuff

sage Biheller

not working it wont let me do anything

Misty Ayala

Hate it It doesn't let me put anything on the burger

Leah Mowling

Bad It doesn't work when you put the toppings in the burger

Ada Cabezas

Not working It won't let me put stuff on it when I want to

Hope Joseph

Every time I go to press on the food it want let me pls fix:-( :-(

Mya White

So cute Qutous to who ever invented this game

Cupcake Moo

AWESOME This app is so so so good me and my brother play it all the time. But one thing the other bamba apps are on iphones ipads and android tablets. I've got a android LG phone and is a swipe phone. Please can you get all the apps for everybody and make some stuff for free. Oh a.d please can you make bamba hospital and bamba hotel with a swimming pool. But I really love it second favorite app. THANKS I HAVE SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS APP YAY :)

PinkiePie Rainbow

Flip Well my daughter made it into the patty part and it shows to flip the patty in a weird motion like if ur gonna throw the tablet in the air and well the patty would not flip for NOTHING:'(

Claire Ntaimo

It is not Working ?? I the tried putting ingredients on my burger, but it won't let me move any of the options. Based on the other reviews I can tell this is not only a problem for me, but for other people. I've played this game on my Apple device before and it worked fine and I ?loved? it, but on here....... I CAN'T EVEN MAKE ONE DECENT BURGER. It took about 5 minutes to get one item on the bread (even then, it was a shoe I tapped by accident). This game has SERIOUS BUGS, so please fix it.????

Haley1 Mckeska1

Alexa shut up its a game and it never said anything about teaching u if u say it that way now people will see ur commet and u are the one teaching them that


I can't swipe it I just got the game, but when you get to put the burger and the other stuff you want it will not slide over there I'll give it 5 stars if you fix it

klaudia Miingo

Won't work It will not let me choose the stuff that I want to put on my burger

Ndea James James

Please help me I can't flip the burger and I am doing the right moves. So can u make a animation that u just click the burger to flip it

Just-A Knight

I Got It Cool Game, But I'm Not Really Sure Why I Got It In The First Place.

Aker Yor

It frozen I cant get the ingredients on the patty it just froze on me. Also i have a question... what does 'fixing bugs' even mean like it says it on there

Anjita Limbu

Don't work Does it up to go flipping the beef then didn't work

Jemimah Dawn Pagbilao

I love it Me , my brother and my twin like this game

hannah koay

Hated it I hate it I can't put anything in the burger

Kid Reaction

I hate it!! I'd rather play 3d dick to suck for fun then this game because I can't put ingredients on them!!!!!! I don't like it

Nor Ellisa Farhana

Suck The picture always turn black ..hate it so much?-angry ppl

Hayden Oberrick

This is bs I can't get past the condiments and everything is hardely even sensitive don't download this!!!!

Aishie Summer

Bamba burger How tio flip it is to not throw your tablet just .make your tab go up and down and how to get your money is to get it at the bottom of the money and drag it to the register done

Cristina Jane

It won't work Im putting the ingrediends but i always tried to do it several times but it really cant. FIX IT!!! yhen I'll give you 5 stars

heididog 5

What? I have no idea how to move the ingredients! I tried dragging tapping tapping and holding, basically everything I could think of but the indgrediants wouldnt move. I even tried d iferrent ingredients and some other buns but nothing worked

Noor Hussain

Hey No working please don't download it so bad game ever because so many games I am downloading I am seeing ok ok it's some ok but after I down load this game my tablet off why why it off because of this game ok now I do my tablet again arrange it then I open it was closed??????????????

mahesh gupta

doesn't work I m able to put d ingredients in in Burger ...seriously its not working..plz fix it.. :(

cutie kitten

No don't get this app This app sucks I tried to make a burger but I can't place anything on the darn piece of bread like what the fudge they should have tested the app on other devices first before the put it in the app store DUH STUPID BAMBA BURGER PEOPLES

Caitlin Gilbert

Couldn't flip burger! I was really excited to play this game but when I got to the FIRST part where you flip the burger I couldn't!! I was shaking my tablet so much I fear that I have damaged it! Please please please fix it! It seems like such a fun game and I am so disappointed I cannot play it :(

Charlotte Samuels

Bamba burger Bamba burger is just the right thing for people that loves cooking and that's me I love to see more bamba games?!

Jasmine Bachtiar

Cool+weird+boring Its very cool.ihope there is more food.its kind a boring.because we just have to do it again and again.i like the toys.

Eysha Sumaiyyah

Best but.. How to put the topping into the burger? I have tried many times but i couldn't.. please help me.. :'-(

Kay M

I LUV IT NOW!!!!??? IT IS NOW AWESOME CUZ I GOT A NEW PHONE IN LIKE SOMETIME IN NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER OF 2015 AND NOW THIS DUMB AND VERY STUPID GAME WORKS!!!!!!??? jk bout the dumb and stupid???? anyways, FINALLY!!! Fina-flippin-lly!!!!!!!!??? thnx 4 ur time. Byeeeeee?

ShirMells SweetTemptations

Cool but... OK so my daughter was playing it and she flipped the burger just fine but then she went to add the burger and stuff and it did nothing she would grab something and it would just scroll right through the slextion!!!!

Anaya Lambert

Um fix please I got to flip the burger but when the adding the stuff to it wont let me ? i dont even know why theres so many 5 stars on a game that doesn't work sometimes

Dandi Cosplay

Good But it gets boring after a while...not worth the stuff you have to pay 99 cents for

Bella Lala

Cant get anything onto my burger... Its cute, its fun, but after I totally mastered flipping the patty (and after throwing my tablet around multiple times x3) it came to the all mighty Burger Decorating Time! -triumphant music- but, I wasnt able to get anything on my burger... D: -sad piano music- my fingers were counting on this app to give them their pixelated lunch... please fix and there will be triumphant music again and fingers with tummies full of pixels! xD

Kym Lenz

Why plz tell me! This app is so cool but i got a really bad problem everytime i go to eat it the game shuts down so i took 1 bite of my burger then it is gone my kids love how u get diffrent opcions for the drinks but there fav part is eating but they dont get a go so plz help that problem :-)

Trinity Simmons

I like it it's fun ,but it won't let me take the last coin from the lady's purse and it freezes, please fix it I want to get to continue the game.

Emily C.

This game was a little fun but every time I got to the toppings nothing would show up?? I would not get it

Pinky Oliver

Bug? Can't even press the ingredients I just can't press it. All I've done is slice the bun, fry the patties. I can't press the ingredients like pickles, vegetables, or whatever and there's where i stucked. I tried to drag or press or restart the game, it's still the same. Fix please..

kok muihong

Quite good I would have rated it 5 stars but I am not sure how to put the toppings on the buyer.

britishmen104 Robert Lopez

3 star for android Fix the android version where there's black parts and it doesn't do the thing when I do it, that always happens on the fries then I'll rate 5 stars, thank you.

Leah Cupitt

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( How do you put the food on the sandwich its so not working I tapped I double tapped I flipped I dragged I don't get it plz tell me plz I hang to now

Chan Lin See

Can't make the burger After frying the patty , i try to make my own burger but all the ingredients cannot drag out and put on the burger ! Sucks

Penny Money

Fun game I just wish you could make more than just burger patties since there's so many bun types

Adam Gabby

Ingredients I hate it!!! I can't get it to put them on I tap I drag nothing works. Please if someone knows please tell me how to do. Please I want my little cousin to know I love her

Maisha. A

Bug When ever I try to add toppings, they don't work. Fix, I'll give 5 stars


I can' get past part after flipping the patty!! What am is supost to do!! I tried clicking on them,but nothing happened!! I'm confused.

xXSky GamesXx

Hey not bad ? I kinda liked it the game works perfectly and you don't need Wifi I like how they make weird toppings a option ( shoes) ??you can play with your buds and laugh all about it and this game is pretty creative

Hanzel Eugenio

Castu What the heck is this game is like a freak ficks this please ficks this or else I will never rate any stars it keeps on going out

Shari Casado

Adicting but... First of all it has to many adds! second of all I would like it better if people would tell the employee what they want and third of all to baby-ish

james joseph

It is not even coming when I am opening it I am very angry please fix it up so that I can this game

Like it I don't like how long it takes for the hamburger to cook

Unlock plz Why we have to rate and you don't read complains

Loved it I like to make pattys for the custermer

Lei W

Just a little feedback This game is super fun guys should make it to where you can charge dollar bills and there is a zero on the register... Also you should be able to cook the patty and fries for however long you would like. One last thing maybe you can add more fries and make toppings that can go on them

Claire Ntaimo

It is not Working ?? I the tried putting ingredients on my burger, but it won't let me move any of the options. Based on the other reviews I can tell this is not only a problem for me, but for other people. I've played this game on my Apple device before and it worked fine and I ?loved? it, but on here....... I CAN'T EVEN MAKE ONE DECENT BURGER. It took about 5 minutes to get one item on the bread (even then, it was a shoe I tapped by accident). This game has SERIOUS BUGS, so please fix it.????

Kaeli Storer

Help Please When I try to drag food on the burned bun it won't work, can someone please help me with this? I would appreciate it!

Natalie Huitron

Fun, can't use it to the full potential. My 3 year old loves this game, but always has trouble putting the ingredients on the Burger. He gets frustrated and I end up having to do it for him. Fix this bug and it'll be 5 stars!

Nina Gittens

This game is the worst. I made it all the way to putting in the things in the burger. They won't let me put things in the burger. What games do that?

Cassidy Nowak

Please fix Every time I want to put something on the burger it freezes and says that bomba burger could not be found. Please fix and I would be so happy also I would rate 5 stars!! Thank you

Mystic loveing

Hateing it! This games give me ploper with part 3 put the patter put it didn't go on the bun

Natelle Ryanne Filipus

Ingredients!! How can I put my ingredients on my burger? I tried everything but it still won't work. I had this app on my mom's phone,and it works perfectly well. Please fix this!! ?

Grey Wolf

Bugged It is pretty fun, until I get to put stuff on it. Then I can't do anything! ANYTHING! like in, I can't put anything on my burger, so I can't progress in the game. It is HORRIBLE! Dont get it and all!

Anaya Lambert

Um fix please I got to flip the burger but when the adding the stuff to it wont let me ? i dont even know why theres so many 5 stars on a game that doesn't work sometimes

Oriya Thomas

There is a problem The burger when I make the burger I flip the paddy then it won't let me put the burger and stuff on it FIX IT???????.Than I will give you 5 Stars

aftab alam

Great but.... I can't seem to put toppings on my lower bun and please fix it is annoying

Jessica Shane

I HATE THIS GAME I won't let me drag it into the cashregister & when I click the button it went let me u need to fix this game then I will put 5 stars. ?

Joselle Fernandez

Disappointed I just installed this game and I was so excited. But I can't even make a single burger, because the game won't allow me to put the ingredients. Please fix this as soon as possible.

keeva official page

This thing do not work It won't let me put not one ingredients on my bread y'all need to do something with this game or make a new one cause this game is bogus an fufu I usually say y'all toca Boca games are good but this one is bogus this just blew my hole day...ugghhh?✌?????

Montara Fanfic

Won't work!! I can't put the ingredients on my burger! It's so annoying, at first I thought that my phone had problems but I see that this happens to many other players as well, if you fix it I really think that this game will get 5 starts, but for now we hope that you'll fix the glitch :T

Muhamad Priambodo

hete it its not fun i cant get any higher im sorry if the words is not right because im 9th and indonesian

Its ok Its fun but it tajes a lot of time and u get bored of it?

Brandon Jackson

It's boring It's soo boring you can bearly do stuff.I'm so done

Preeti Lilha

It so cool It's really good game but u could add something more ......

It needs to let you to do it by yourself

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