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19 May

Posted by SWAROVSKI OPTIK in Tools | May 19, 2016 | 84 Comments

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Accurate and easy ballistic calculator designed for the use with Swarovski Optik Distance Reticles or the Ballistic Turret. Covered are individual ballistic calculation of klick-values for the SWAROVSKI OPTIK ballistic turret respectively of aiming-points for the SWAROVSKI OPTIK distance reticles.

Determine your individual klick-values (ballistic turret) resp. correction values (distance reticles) according to
- Your riflecope (including your personal settings)
- Ammunition (choose from a database or enter manually)
- Atmospheric conditions and
- Shot-specific factors (zero range, angle shot, type of target)

Advanced Features
- Calculation of ballistic coefficient (BC)
- Expert-mode for atmospheric conditions
- Display of trajectory table (incl. windage)

Whats new

    * new design
    * enhanced user experience
    * new rifle scopes added

SWAROVSKI OPTIK part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 19, 2016. Google play rating is 84.0297. Current verison is 3.0. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download ballistics.apk 21.0 MB


Don Francisco

Realistic Most civilian shooting is under 200yds. Not too many 1000yd ranges. Hunting also. This being said, 25 meter Zero techniques are the most affective, it keeps your adjustment minimal and shooting options greater. For realistic hunting and target shooting. Unable to set Zero below 100yd. Slide bars are aggravating it would be easier to just type numbers.

Stephen White

Great App I have used it for two years now with a variety of calibres, rifles and makes me ammunition. It has proven to be accurate with all of them.

John Class

Nice app helped friend get on 500 yard gong just ask him what load he was shooting. And told him what the drop was next 2 shots. Went where they were supposed. To

Adam Duff

Pretty decent Would like to swap between fps and mps with speed. Also is this a G1 or G7 BC app and why is there no select for that? A projectile library would also be nice.. if you fixed those small issues id give it 5 stars..

Richard Charitat

Table is too small to read in the field. Should be able to magnify. And there should be a preview of the various reticle images.

Paul Weaver

Best Free Ballistics app Really like this app. I can input factory ammo or can input handloads.

Dave Kolb

Would be nice if you could preview the reticles before selecting.

Pierre Le Roux

Z5. As promised it punches way over its weight class Never had it failed to adjust even just one click. Clearest glass I've ever looked through... saving up for a new X5 when they hit our shores. Viewed on at a show two weeks ago. Cant see myself settling for anything but a Swarovski and the app makes it so easy to adjust especially now that I have got all my favoured loads saved

richard liberatore

Awesome Simple to use, does exactly what it says

Toon van Kleef

Great app!! Very simple to use.

Thilo Sauber

The best ballistic app I have used. Everything is customizable, even hand loaded ammo. Only four stars since you cannot choose between different Drag functions, it only has the standard G1 function.

Phillip DuRant

Great App Seems to be very accurate. I've used it with my hunting rifle out to 400 yards and first shot was within 1/2 inch of bull's eye.

william ferguson

Ballistics They were dead on thanks!

Paul Bass

Ron Williams did a great job helping me with the app, very easy to use. Thanks

Justin Said

This works. Used it for my 338 winmag and I now confidently can shoot up to 600 meters.

Arivai Aks

Not good This aplication is not good and there are not for airgun or rifle.

Connor Ware

Exceptional Use this all the time, I have every load I use saved in here. Tons of info available and everything can be customized. By far my most used and useful app.

Michael Edmondston

Simple Easy to use and read. Fast setup with factory load data.

Paul Cahill


dan Pausig

Ballistic app Swarovski ballistic app

Fredrik Bengtsson

Very confusing Does not adhere to Android UI paradigm. Seems only possible to save one hand load per favourite. Some bug/inconsistent behaviour when selecting reticle, why is ballistic turret listed among the reticles? Pity on what could have been a very useful app.

Arash Kouhro

270 winchester Very nice for remington ans sellier bellot cartrigde.... Zero at100meter so by BT can use to 450 meters

Gavin Boser

No .338 Lapua?!?! Very disappointed that there's nothing in the database for a .338 Lapua Magnum, one of the most popular long range calibers. Who needs ballistics for a .22 hornet? You'll never shoot far enough with it to even worry about ballistics.

Colten Comeau

Amazing and accurate I love to do long range shooting and this app does wonders! Its accurate to a .25 MOA. All my handloads are accurate to a ..25 MOA only thing that's a con is that they need to add more scopes such as a Vortex viper with a deadhold reticle, It's perfect for long range shooting! Thanks ballistics!!!!

Casey Goss

260 Remington I would like to see more support for 260 rem and vortex optics as well

Dennis Tilley

Looks useful... Where is the .260 Remington? Please update and include this popular round...

Scott Athey

Great App This app is extremely useful. Especially when calculating wind drift. Easy to print off a table to attach to the stock of the gun or just refer to it on your phone.

Joshua Jennings

Issues App works good for calculations but the optic view won't load and freezes up. I have to use task killer to get it to stop. Would like to see the ranges on a scope view for using my mill hold over

Dustin Altizer

I updated it. Everything I want is there now Just wish it could store info

Keith Bryant

Great! A must have for any serious marksman.

Don Hamer

This is a great app

Bob Stanley

Great app works great!!! Has tons of factory loads plus handloads. Plus options for weather is really great. I would add a 25/50yrd zero and make the altitude quicker to change.. Now to afford one of these:)

Sean Strader

Great app Easy to use great accurate info

Andrew Simpson

Cool app. Haven't tested it thoroughly but do plan on it.

Bruce Stevenson

Great app. Works well with my Swaro optics.

Wayne Morgan

wayne morgan Wish this app had 50 metre minimum zero!


Awesome Great application. Very accurate if you use it properly also has heaps of factory set ammunition.

Preston Tyndall

Great App Used for 17 Fireball to 270wsm. If you enter correct info seems to be correct.

Johan Odendaal

Awesome tool! Much more user friendly than other apps. Extremely accurate calculations.


Love this app I shoot my mauser with this app, very helpful

Adam Skerritt

Great app Ammunition database could be more comprehensive

Hans Ryrstedt

Overall very good, provides good information for my 4A-300-I reticle. However some negative points: -1. Tiny tiny font in the table. I have no chance to read it, cannot be enlarged -2. You MUST enter irrelevant information when setting up a handload. All that is needed is BC and velocity, yet you have to enter cartridge caliber and bullet weight. Looking forward to a small upgrade of the app.

Charley Standridge

Excellent I can use saved ammo info or put in custom, also I can save any chart I need. Very quick and user friendly. My favorite ballistics app by far!

weich morrison

Best of best swarofski Great app very accurate!

calvin crossman

BRX Exellent ... gets you some where near. I home load and chronograph. Then put into this app

Angelo Dallas

Nosey, up ur butt, rooting 4 info! Why, just tell US why u need access to virtually EVERYTHING in my phone? :-{ WE R WATCHING U !!

Cory Marley

Dead on Great app. Has been dead on for my win mag using multiple elevations.

Justin Horsky

Good app and data Works well for getting a base line on my z6i and z5 scopes

Emsad Ceric

Numbers to small Numbers are a little hard to few on the table on the Samsung note 4. Keep up the good work.

Paul Sebold

Great app but the print on the ballistic table is very small for use on a phone.

Rory Merkley

Ballistics When trying to teach long range shooting, more info is better.


Works great. Need to add barrel twist to make it 5 stars.

Squirrel Wuttwutt

So far, no good Scope not there. Ammo table screwed and my ammo not there. I have yet to find anything useful. Hopefully an upgrade will solve the problems.

Janos Pocze

Swarovski ballistic app Best app available! Couldn't be happier!

Donald Musser

The best app. For long range Covers more ammo types then the other apps. The most complete app. for long range shooting out there.

ras carbutt

Where is Updates Then are we giong to see new X5i Ballistics!!

Malcolm Osborne

Swarofski ballistics calculator Really works in the field.

Ethan Snyder

Awesome This app helped me so much with my long rang shooting

Todd Edge

Dead on Table needs bigger font and ability to print

Joel Nickels

Pretty average.. No graph data. No overlay of different loads etc. Just a reticle display.

Dawie Christie

Played with the App. Taking it for a hunting trip this week.


This works Title says it it works...nuff said


Could not read the ballistic Tables Don't was too small to read on my 5.5" screen. No zoom option made this critical feature unusable. Great for scope guidance though.

Ante Prlic

Accurate enough for my reticle, I reload, so I use it often, as I experiment with different loads.

Bruce Stevenson

Great app. Works well with my Swaro optics.


Great app Very easy to use, and the ability to save favourites means I can move between the charts for several different rifles

David mackee

Reveiw Got new app 4.3 version don't like it as I use imperial and this version only gives metric with no way to change between metric and imperial. .definitely not be using it swarovski has a better one if you go online and use it there. ..

Andrew Grayson

Poor now This was very good but now it's filled with untranslated words and doesn't have options to save ammunition recipes etc like the old version. Also it refers to general settings that I can't find. For the money I spent on the scope, this should have had enough funding to write it better.

Dimitri Vlahos

Doesnt have option where you can save your custom handload. Other than that they have killed it!

John Tan

From good to bad Why use system language to set preferences like units? Firstly in Android there is no English (Canadian) setting so I cannot select English, metres for range, grain and fps for cartridge. If I select English (US) range is in yards not metres, if I select English (UK) all units go metric but cartridge in Canada are labelled same as in US! Frustrating, why not just have a separate settings screen to customise own? The previous version not perfect but worked better.

Ryan Cline

Changing from yards to meters back and forth is a headache. No longer has energy of bullet easy to find.

Camil Durakovic

Translation not done There are still german words even u turn to english regional settings... for example METRISCH on units option... and on BT instead of zero range it says FLECKSHUSSDISTANZ

Hooman Jamali

Not very good

Delano Kirkpatrick

Accurate Great app, Hans is spot on about the tiny don't. But it is right on (or close enough) for everything I've used it for. Great app, just needs a zoom ability on the chart or something.

Pete Chambers

Please give US the choice of metric/imperial Not really used this as much as i could. I have the X5i but don't work in metric, yards, fps and grains for me, well, would be, given the choice. But the only way is to adjust the whole phone setup, and i flatly refuse to do that.

Dave Mcculloch

Horrible Bring back the previous. Once I updated this app. I lost all my old info. It takes forever to go from one saved load to the other. No way to delete old information. Does not give ft./lbs. of energy at different distances like previous app. Does not default to your scope reticle like other app. Very disappointed.

Kevin Holden

Needs an update ▪ I have a Z6i 5-15x56 P scope with the 4A-I reticle which currently isn't available on the app. ▪ The location settings are inaccurate, perhaps an update requiring gps permissions would be an option. ▪ Converting from imperial to metric is a nuisance, we should have the option to choose either. ▪ The ability to calculate Altitude, Pressure and temperature at the tap of a button would greatly improve this app.

Garrick Powell

Horrible Unable to set configurations due to phone settings. Bring back the old version.

steven ayotte

Utter crap Before they changed it to what it is now , it was hands down the BEST ballistic app! Now it's complete garbage don't even bother with it. Whoevers idea it was over there to change it should be slapped! Hey here's an idea ......CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!! If somethings not broken don't try to fix it

Randy Politte

Trial version Trial versions needs more options unlocked in order to rate properly. Maybe give full version for 90 days and then lock up options unless purchase takes place.

Andrew Sesum

Rubbish update on previous Cannot adjust some settings which seens pointless.

Dennis Lewis

Swarovski Ballistics As programs created to be used on a cell phone goes, this program is very good in my opinion! It has a very small foot print on your phone,which is a desirable quality for cell phone use. Yet, despite it's size, it performs very well. I love it!

Shane Green

Works well Table is a bit difficult to view.

Perry Atwood

Good Doesn't have every ammo type and load, but that would be almost impossible. I recommend this app.

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