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19 Sep
Backgammon Live - Board Game

Posted by Come2Play in Board | Sept. 19, 2016 | 217 Comments

Apk file size: 82.0 MB

Backgammon Live is a free to play board game and the best backgammon game on the store. Backgammon Live allows users from all over to word to play with each other and with their friends in a one on one online match.

Backgammon which is also known as Tawla ot Tavla is a game of skill and strategy and one of the world's classic parlour board games, played for recreation and as a gambling game, by playing Backgammon Live you will learn proper back gammon rules and improve your back gammon strategy in two shakes of a lamb's tail! With amazing and exciting features like Backgammon Tournaments, Nitro Games, Play With Friends, Custom Dice Collection and many more the largest bacgammon community in the world is waiting just for you!

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Whats new

    The best Backgammon app just got even better! Update now & check out these great new features:
    • New Daily Bonus: Spin the wheel for your free coin bonus every day!
    • Upcoming Boards Locations: Hawaii and Hong Kong
    • Event Announcements: Find out about weekly challenges, new boards & more!
    • Minor bug fixes

Come2Play part of our Board and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 19, 2016. Google play rating is 87.2309. Current verison is 1.93.59. Actual size 82.0 MB.

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Christian Nunley

Cheats-game hacked rolls Impossible! It's getting better at 8 months. Needs more bonus point. Was my favorite & would rate 5*. Wtf is dealer tip this isn't cards-Rip Off. Play 25000 point game on 4-19. Winning & I rolled 1&2/1&3 4x in a row other player rolls 8 doubles end of game lost 50000. Lost 10000 other player out of time wtf? 41 yrs not possible real life! Un-installed. liked the game will try 1 more x. If improves will rate 5*. Nobody rolls10-14 dbls in game. Impossible rolls continue will un-install permanently rate 0 stars!

Judy Holm

Rigged dice! That's right, rigged dice! Just play it for awhile and see for yourself. Someone thought that the laws of probability didn't apply to their algorithms. It WILL make you angry. Let's see what my dice do after this review. If it actually gets posted, that is.

Worldly Guy

Enough performance issues to make me play another proggy Slow to load. When my connection drops I loose the game. Sheesh.

Tony DiNardo

Randomly stopped accepting commands I lost $3000 because the dice wouldn't roll when I was clicking the button

Lewis Kanarek

You take cash from you and state you ran outof time when its not you're turn to roll blatant cheats biggest cheats on internet neophytes rolling ideal numbers playing them wrongly still winning absolute stupidity

Rola Malik

Wow and wow ? It's the best app ever !! Realy !

Ledion Juka

bad resolution inew v7 doesnt show full screen...

Tommy Anagnos

Backgammon Live These are not true odds in regards to the dice. Crazy.

khan jaar

Worse game ever If throwing up to 6 consecutive pairs means luck.... This game is biased and chooses the winner according to its algorithms

Chris Vanz

Pathetic game Moves are completely predetermined. And same as Lewis says, I went all in and was leading by far, but "ran out of time" while it was my opponent's move. Very disappointed in the game.

Light Dark

Wtf ?? This game is designed so that persons that know how to play lose like wtf i have 10 different strategies of playing but none work cause well the person that I'm playing against gets exactly the dice that he need to win fuck you're algorithm's

elizny 01

Piece of Garbage! Attempted to download and use 3 times and it just freezes. It constantly shuts down and gives me error reports! Seriously if you can't produce a functional app for android users... don't waste our time posting your crappy app to the the play store! Don't quit your day jobs!

David boyajian

Lock up Game constantly locks up. Plus purchased coins and haven't received them yet. Game seems to be fun if it would work. Lost many games due to game not responding, in turn lost coins and then had to buy more that I did not receive. Seems like a scam

Arnel Sharan Šarić

2 more stars coming your way... ... when you stop blackmailing us to use Facebook account to play and track our progress. G+, please. Some of us don't have Facebook.

Robert Cole

UNBELIEVABLE Perfect game in every way, except, for the nonstop, unbelievable cheating. Double, double, toil and trouble. If you enjoy getting cheated with 5, 6, 7 or even 8 doubles in a row, (seriously), not to mention the perfect number to win or lose the match, then this game may be for you. As for me, I will wait until a fair, honest backgammon game is developed. What a rip off.

John Mckenzie

A couple of improvements wanted It oftens feels like the dice are loaded against you, particularly when you're made to dance 3 times straight with only 2 blocks but I hope luck isnt dependent on spend. Sometimes my fat fingers send the wrong counter it would be nice if you had a second or two to withdraw the last move. I also dont like that you can only log on with face book, I dont have a fb account . Other than that I love this game

Costantinos Costa

Fake dice I am 7 times champion in backgammon but here i loose almost the 50 % of the games even sometimes the game is 100% mine the dice ? is so unfair that I loose the game.

Loretta Balanchi

Love the game but it's too small on Samsung Galaxy Pro Tablet. I can barely see. Hopefully they can fix it soon.

michelle green

bs You lose because you don't make the move you suggest!?? Dumb

Lara Saleme

I have a 44 000$ but the game does not work what is the reason please help

Trudy Boyd


Javad Naghibzadeh

Absolutely is the best There are something to improve. I suggest add other games like "Narde" , "Tawla" and "nackgammon". Thanks;)

amir asadi

Tablet I've installed this app.I have galaxy s ( tablet) . it's very smal . I cant play on my tablet,but on my phone is wonderful.

Paul Wehbe

Finally!!!! I've been waiting for the app since when it came out on facebook. The app is amazing, runs smooth. Simply, I love it? Thank u so much for this app. Keep up the good work developers! ??

Ahmad Ali

Best appp I really love this gam and i was waiting for it

Tim Manning

It's ok,beats having to get the laptop out!

Radoslav Mladenov

If u like backgammon, dont install it! Never had that less luck with the cubes. Feels unfair somehow...

Olivia Brown

Please fix I would actually like it If I could play it won't let me put any of the peicesin the Colum thing you have to get in at the end and I have all my peices on side thing please fix asap I like playing it but can't hope you read this thank you to whoever fixes it

Ionut Dorin

Best game Best backgammon game i ever played is finally on android. Yay..

Fred Bigman

the game does not exit. always open, that might cost the player some coins if it plays itself without the player knowing

Erez Naveh

Vegas is the best board! Love the Vegas board, and NY is also amazing!

ibrahim michael

This is the best

Haamode Assad

The best The best game ever

Bogdan Lescaie

This game sucks! !! If u don't buy you don't win, simple as that, i know how to play the game, but this is bull. .. i had 15k some how i lost 5k not in game, I'm sure, that's why i delete the game, fix itor I'll never install the game.

Markel Golemi

THANK YOU FOR ANDROID Thank you all that you created the fame and for android

Christian Nunley

Getting better- but bad dice &hacked! It's getting better at 9 months. Needs more bonus points. Was favorite & would rate 5*. Wtf is dealer tip this isn't cards-Rip Off! Play 25000 point game on 4-19. Winning & I rolled 1&2/1&3 4x in a row other player rolls 8 doubles end of game lost 50000. Lost 10000 other player out of time wtf? 41 yrs not possible real life! Un-installed. liked the game will try 1 more x. If improves will rate 5*. Nobody rolls10-14 dbls in game. Impossible rolls continue will un-install permanently rate 0 stars!

daz w

Not that good Will take your chips if you lose connection..theres no customer services available...uninstalled

Andrej Saveski

I will never play again this app fake

Отстой Застоев

Stupid game Too many lucky bots. Made by motherfuckers. Don't pay em any money.

Alex Znamensky

Dumbest AI ever This game is worth only one star

Alex Mo

Cool game! It is really nice and fan, enjoy it!

Sharon Lovett

STUCK ON LOADING Will not load, it's stuck on loading. I restarted my phone, I've Uninstalled n reinstalled again and still not working...please fix so I can play again!

David boyajian

You're a bunch of thieves. When your computer plays, no way can it roll that many doubles in a row. Plus, Game constantly locks up. Plus purchased coins and haven't received them yet. Game seems to be fun if it would work. Lost many games due to game not responding, in turn lost coins and then had to buy more that I did not receive. Seems like a scam

Pat Collins

I dont like the game automatically taking over plus it doesn't read the dice correctly

keith barrett

Bollox Been playing this for a change from my preferred app this seems rigged no one is as lucky as my opponents last game opponent had X2 4 times going off really come on anyway ok game they don't answer u install and enjoy

daz w

Awful Will take your chips if you lose connection plus you cant get back into same game.theres no customer services available...uninstalled...dont bother...very are you supposed to win if the algorythm has already decided winner and where is customer support...really...really dont bother..very making scam...why are come2play not escalating the matter

Don Brink

I keep getting e-mails that tell me "Here's a 1000 free coins" . I press the button to receive them but I just get taken to the Google Play install screen. Please help. Otherwise love the game and have no complaints. Thank you, Cindy

Paul R Sellers

Backgammon Live This game sux!!! All it wants is your money. The dice are crooked.

Courtney Perryman

I'd say don't download First things first, I like to think a little before I move. I completely understand you don't want everyone dragging out the game so put a time limit, I support that but this app does not give enough time to think. Next people should not be able to buy luck, it's backgammon can't we just play fairly. There is no reason someone should be able to roll 6 doubles in a row. I feel the game is highly unfair and the time limit is too short. Plus needing coins to play is also ridiculous.

Vardan Vardanian

No respond for a while If i had a chance to rate twice, I would give the same rate. If you hit a board by chance, then you can't cancel the game. I just lost all credits. time given is little and you can't take a break not to lose your game when receive important call .also would be better to have chat option. First of all backgammon is for chat, not gambling. Also I tried to buy coins, the app said it failed but the money ? was taken from my account. And it's about a week that no support team answered to my mail. Too bad

Linda Brown

Crashes after update Please give a bug fix for your bug fix update.

Luis Victoria

Crashed after instalatión No wonder this game has so little stars. 6 2Bles on a row

Sayed Hashimi

Please do not waste time or money on this game. It is rigged just to make you spend more money. I have never seen a game that I roll 25 times and can not get back in. I have never seen a game that the opponent roles double after double to come from behind and win. With 50000 chips on the line it would not let me move, and c I lost because time run out. I have tested this game 100 time it is rigged in every way.


Fantastic game... i give 5 to this game and 0 to tavla plus

Diana Mckimmie

The best, I play it everday!

khan jaar

Worst game ever If throwing up to 6 consecutive pairs means luck.... This game is biased and chooses the winner according to its algorithms

Paul Ioan

Fuck this game I buy chips and i lose game after game , it s a piece of shit.

Sigal Zahavi

Good on desktop. On tablet way too small and none of the bottom buttons work, e.g. Can't stop the music.

Jade Norris

Horrible Dice rolling rigged, and it freezes after you spend money to buy coins. Please fix

rebekah scollard

Unfair dice!!! There's no way that someone should get 6 doubles in a row - and 10 through out the game! This happens with every game to where I felt I needed to start taking screen shots to count them all! Fix the cheating dice and it would be a 5 star game!

shervan b

They've stolen my money I've played once and collect near 10000$ and then loose it in their tricky show called "double or nothing" that always come one-one for me and six-six for app! But it wasn't all! I bought 10000 more coins and I loose all again and this time by through me out of the game 2 times!!! This is not a free game at all!

Christian Nunley

0 Stars Nobody rolls10-14 dbls-Hacked! 0 0 STARS Nobody rolls dbl 6s - 5x in a row. Worse after 11 months. Was favorite. CHEATS HACKED Rip Off! Playing over 42 yrs never seen such impossible rolls. I'm winning everytime play 1 guy at end of game he says better luck next time & rolls 6-8 dbls & wins- Game HACKED! Winning-50000 point game I rolled 1&2/1&3 4x in a row other player rolls 8 doubles end of game I lost. Lost 20000 he out of time wtf? Tried 2x -Un-installed. Nobody rolls10-14 dbls. Impossible rolls Un-installed permanently.

Jennifer Slemp

Rip off..Horrible!!! I can be winning everygame with all my men ready to take off the board. My opponent will suddenly roll 6 doubles in a row to come from behind and beat me this happens almost every time I play. This game is totally fixed don't bother if I could give it 0 stars I would. I cannot believe they get away with doing this what rotten people they are to make such a game and call it backgammon. Trying to irritatand frustrate people playing a game that is so wonderful! Sorry! Rotten game!!!!!!

john tomlinson

Shocking Dice Couldn't agree more with other unfair dice comments, it's embarrassing when you win with sooo many doubles in a row and want to through phone out the window when on the receiving end! Such a shame as the boards look great and plays pretty smooth but uninstalling as it's not a true game

Abu Ali

There is a problem Every time i earn cash it goes less for no reason plus i experienced some reports and disconnection recently so please guys work on it! again im playing and loosing money for no reason

Attila Kilinc

Creators are cheater! Computer calculates the odds and rolls accordingly. Very very low probabilities (rolls) keep repeating (that is a very very low possibility as well since I'm an economist and studied statistics pretty deep!) to make you loose and buy more chips! Someone should take these guys to court! I suggest that you download and play with another app and avoid this one...Thank you

David James

Sound off should mean quiet Turning sound off makes the games tolerable but then at random times you'll get OBNOXIOUS LOUD ADS THAT CONTINUE TO BLARE UNTIL YOU CONFIRM THAT YOU *REALLY* DONT WANT TO BUY ANOTHER GAME.

Gregory Apple

Not Good I play backgammon all the time. This is a horriblely restrictive version with bad gameplay and a good UI. Don't waste your time. There are far better free backgammon apps which don't look as pretty. Try those instead. Uninstalled.

Tawnya McLain

This game is rigged This game does not play fair. It has drones that take your coins and also people that play as opponent for the company that are superior players. I met a guy who works for them. They are to get everybody's coins the more wins they get the more commissions they get. It is mathematically inaccurate to throw 4 - 6 doubles in a row as their opponents do to steal your coins. Also Google has a app you can download called backgammon live cheats. Don't tell me to go to another site and give my suggestions please.

Robert Thomas

It's fixed Why did I loose a game said I took too long. Really? Again it is cheating said out of time. What's up with that? Cheater, Cheater. Why have I lost every game since moving up to next level.Thanks your game froze I lost my coins. Guess you don't care. Your support team is just as bad. Same old response. Uninstall stay away from this one.

Chris Hinkley

Unfair and improbable dice rolls 4 days in a row opponent rolls 4-6 doubles from the first turn while I consistently roll less than 6 total every turn emailed support and they do nothing there are many other apps that have fair rolls the odds are against you visually the best but game play is always biased

Kris Johnson

Fun but... It's fun but I recommend NOT to purchase coins. Too often the game will freeze resulting in a loss of a game and whatever coins you bet (will say you took to long to move) and I have a very good Internet connection.

James Anderson

Well desiged The game rewards stupidity and dice rolls are fixed. The dumber you play the better the rolls you get just deleted the game, because it is too frustrating to play.

Ciprian Diaconescu

I have to modify completely my first review. this game stinks! whenever you will play with a "GUEST" be aware not to double because the GUEST belongs to the developers and there were created perhaps to take money. The GUEST will start dicing perfectly when you are about to win. this happened to me several times, if you cancel a game with a guest from the beginning, even without starting the game you will lose the money. also what I noticed, when you increase the level your luck disappear suddenly even when you play with real players. so I confirm this game as nice as it looks is rigged and made only to make money on all the ways possible.

David Wardlaw

Backgammon slots These are great slots machine and graphics and layout . you really appreciate it. .payouts are great you winn big wins. Bigcountry like the man of steal. really pushing to do the right thing. BigcountryonlineproductanGoogleplaystore Bigcountry said everyone should try these. I recommend everyone to come and play an have fun. David Bigcountry Wardlaw

Jessica Huenefeld

Great game but freezes too much My only complaint is that "the opponent's connection is slow or he has disconnected" message appears frequently now that I'm playing at a higher level. Happened today during my turn and so my play clock ran out and I lost 500 coins... even though it says since it's the opponents problem I would be awarded a win. So that's a 1000 coin swing for me. I want my coins back!

aaron giloff

It is fixed every single effing time i cant get my man off the bar i roll doubles for nothing i thought it was me but the game cheats now that i read all reviews

Cavonna Armstead

Rigged I finally see what everyone is saying about the game being rigged! !!! I used to love it but I realize now that yes it is rigged. Please improve or I will be forced to download another backgammon game and permanently Uninstall this one!

Jim M

Geared for people who buy chips This is truly a bulls#%& system that only rewards those who buy chips. I just watched 3 different players who were losing by over 50 pips roll multiple doubles to win (one rolled 3 double 6's and then 4 more sets of various doubles). They claim its true dice logic but after playing this game for over 35 years, I have never seen anything close to the way this system is rigged.

Nicolette Simmons

Cannot win at this. Do not, I repeat not buy chips for this piece of crap game. There are so many bots and players who have downloaded scam software. This is from Israel and apparently don't understand the concept of fair play..cultural differences? Maybe..but I am done.

h makki

big cheat for ever if thay scheduled you to lose .definitely you will lose the game ... i dont know after these much complain still you didnt improve the game ...thats not fare ...

Joy Leathers

refund backgammon live I believe you owe me 300 coins. I was trying pumy piece into end slot where win. My piece were all my side of the board and it won't not me bare off. I lost three games because of it not letting bare off.

Lori Garrett

I do enjoy playing this game. But i have noticed that lately whenever you win your coin total decreses instead of increasing. I have lost over $10,000 coins since this has started happening. Update 1/28: just logged in again to play and you will never believe what has happen! ANOTHER $10,000+ has been just taken. Played earlier in the day and had over $68,000 logged in this evening and i was down to $58,000. WHAT IS GOING ON?

ervin marko

Some stupid people buy coin's.I will never buy a single coin from this game Good game,full with hacker's


Designed to lose Terrible game with a poor algorithm simulating random rolls. Odds are stacked against you in order to promote a purchase.

Dee Riedel

Coins are often stolen Don't pay anything in this game! Even paying players are cheated! Zero rewards. Boo. A one star is way too good a rating!

Osan Guler

G WTF. Not happy at all. Why does it say out of time and takes your V I R T U A L coins And say you lost.. Don't tell me about Internet connection;;: I press on my player and it does nothing. . When I can take a player out it moves the wrong man when clearly I can take him out with my dice. Not happy.

Vincent Husband

Does game is a cheat do not download it it always make sure your opponent win if they above you

Cynthia sylvester

Addictive game Thank you for this game the only thing I have a suggestion for is maybe get the app to allow conversation between players other then that it works good

Sandy Hoffman

Stupid game It makes moves for you and you can't change them

andrew eckenroth

RIGGED!!!!! Why does Google Play support this company? It's obvious it's a scam run by slimeballs. Google Play doesn't read the reviews of the companies they represent? Bad business

Faisee Ali

Biased game . Tried it many times seems to be bised to regions ..

Araz Bennington

I'll cut my díck off if the dice are randomized.

Adam Mashinter

If that's random.... Don't bother with this one, unless you enjoy buying imaginary crap with not-so-imaginary cash.

Adrian McKee

Locked up, said I was out of time. Was doing great and all of a sudden nothing responded. It also seems to play backwards from other boards. Some boards are very bad for low vision. Seems like a cheat to me.

Jon Madison

Rigged Worst backgammon on the playstore. Do not download

Tim Hanekamp

Disappointed Do not load game it's rigged.

Julia Bishop

Great Need to make the boards bigger

Jessika Robertson

Cant play on my s4 Can download and load the game but just goes to a black screen try to install it again after installing but still wont work plz fix i love the game otherwise...

tangi mendoza

Bullshit Cheats when you win! Not live! Oh i cheats! ZERO STARS!!!! BUT THEN YOU WOULD SEE MY COMMENT ABOUT HOW BAD THIS GAME SUCKS! someone works on this app with5!

Christopher Sattaur

Game is 100% Rigged Mechanical unnatural dice rolls. Game cheats players. Not fair or random dice in the honest sense. PRedetermined to favour one player and designed to get money from you. Developers claim that this is "free" it's not! SHAME ON YOU FOR MISLEADING PLAYERS.

Margie O'Connell

Terrible! I'm guessing the only people who really win are those who buy chips. Nothing is really free. I'm an expert backgammon player and I have won many real life tournaments. This app is a joke. I will be winning until the moment I double and then all of a sudden my opponent rolls nothing but doubles. I don't mind losing, but I lose to people who clearly don't even know how to play, but its easy when you roll doubles 7 or 8 times in a roll. Very disappointed. Don't waste your time with this app.

Rose M. Loggins

IT CHEATS!!! DON'T download!!! Somehow it is rigged. It stutters like loaded dice. It let's other player "run" the board. How can one not get a needed number for up to ten turns???

Craig Maunder

Backgammon rubbish don't download omg it's rigged definitely It's crap definitely fixed.worst game ever. In the real world it's fair but in this games world it's fixed. What a rubbish app. Ballancing the dice. Rubbish... s5 technical difficulties no I havnt the game is fixed. It shouldn't even get 1 star.


Its kind of fun It could be better with more interactive things like chat but i like what it does have. The dice can get frustrating when you hit the same numbers 5 times in a row when your traped.

barbette burbon


Jerry Malcolm

App cheats - You play 2 games, 1 against the cheats of the game.

Angel Martinez

Dice are rigged The dice are rigged to force you to pay. I'm 100-15 when paying and 120-225 when not paying. Terrible game big waste of time.

Dianna Williams

It was a 4 until I updated. Now I can't always get a board to load. Constantly tapping trying to get boards to load.

Ciprian Andrei Ciobanu

In Nvidia Shield K1 tablet dosen´t even start the game!

Gonzalo Del Negro

Rigged dice roll I've been playing this game for a while. I am a semi pro gammon player and i know for a fact that the probability of throwing 6 doubles in a row is very unlikely. You are playing against another player who has a much lower rank than you and he wil most definitely get all kinds of dice combinations to beat you, not to mention all the doubles. The dice throwing system used by the developers is far from making it more fair. Instead of rigging dice, you should try matching players according to their rank.

Christopher Sattaur

Game is 100% Rigged PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD. Developers of game lie. 100% game is rigged. Mechanical unnatural dice rolls. Game cheats players. Not fair or random dice in the honest sense. PRedetermined to favour one player and designed to get money from you. Developers claim that this is "free" it's not! SHAME ON YOU FOR MISLEADING PLAYERS. Make The Game Fair and Random.

Pairlee Vicente

BACKGAMMON LIVE IS THE BOMB!!!!! Backgammon Live is a much fairer and fun game then PLAYGEM BACKGAMMON. PLAYGEM freezes up and then takes the points from you instead of your losing opponents. I have written them many times and they have ignored me. You have many options of boards, dice, even blessings and gifts. I LOVE BACKGAMMON LIVE and I will NEVER AGAIN PLAY PLAYGEM BACKGAMMON because it is terrible and is not even in the same class!!!!!

Tammy Maypole

Ok so its fixed but it's a game and unless you are buying coins it's fake money. I've had it "fixed" to my advantage as well so can't complain.

Nicolette Simmons

You're getting better I am so tired of the players time not running game out..without kicking off..but I can never beat the buzzer, even though it should let me roll and move.i play as a guest also and it happens. I lost 500k.

Shari Passen

Great fun! Love this app, the different game boards and stuff you can do are fun. Don't like that it does not ask to confirm before picking a player. I have accidentally pushed it by accident and got stuck playing a game I didn't mean to. Other than that the game is always fun and challenging, easy to play.

Panikkos Georgiou

Completely fixed not real players How can you make a game so bad that the opponent can bring 6 double dice in a row and from a loosing point win the game. The game is not thought out fairly and the worst player wins every time. I play a bad game and I win. If I play smart the dice favours the looser. 5/4/16 still rigged as hell. I bought coins and lost them nearly straight away. How fixed is this game

Raed AL Kubaisi

I love it It is the best until now comparing to the others I downloaded but only on issue it has that the player can cheat by cutting the connection so the game won't consider the player lost, the guest player 1053 did that with me at least twice

Samantha Zammit

Don't like how if you're in a game and it gets doubled. They at times just give your opponent triple ur coins and drain you dry. It's stupid

behnam Nabavi

Good game but 4 star because of 2 issues, 1.almost always after doubling you know that there is a good dice as a matter of fact when ever you need a good dice you can request for doubling 2.very bad dice rolling

Amy Wrenn

Great for backgammon lovers. I love playing the game, love the various boards, the graphics, etc. I also like that it doesn't have chat because I think it distracts from the game. However, it would be nice to have the ability to express a few friendly phrases such as nice roll, good game, etc.

Amy Nardone

Ok I like the game but I can't seem to use half of the things that are gifted to me...can you please fix this? I mean I click on the eye, or the fairy and nothing happens...

Karola Crothers

This is a great live action interactive game. This backgammon game has a lot of players and a lot of board choices. I don't think it's rigged. I have never paid money to play.

M Obeijy

Very bad This program have not scurity for coins. 1.When the apponent disconnet if you reload you are loser. 2. Your system will hacked and you cant played.,and time out,you are loser

Vanessa Sawyer

I love this game so much, i have been playing from 5 years old. ThebBombgiggity

Sandra Geimer

Backgammon Great graphics but obviously the game always favors the opponent by being programmed for the opponent to get many many doubles.

Christina Chambers

Love to play daily :-) This is possibly even more fun than playing on my computer or in person! My only complaint is that there's no chat feature in the mobile app; add that, and I'll rate it 5 stars!! :-)

Patricia Bruce

I like it mostly. But there are times it times out on me while I am trying to move, Has cost me games.

Clyde Erskine

I just want to play I do not want to be forced to buy crap and or bother my friends!

evelyn benard

I get cought this game .its as if im playing gotta play.

Denyce Athey

I just started yesterday and I love it already thanks for keeping us backgammon players on board

Jonathan Crawford

Don't waste your money. The game itself is great but the ingame store is buggy. I paid $.99 for some nice dice and 6000 coins and while they took my money I never got anything in game. Edit: they gave me a lot of in game goods to make up for it. I still love it!


Hard to find another Gammon game like this Its better than other one's I've tried. It could be better, maybe some mini games so you can earn gifts and blessings. But i like what it does have. If they had a better random number generator I would pay money for this game,

Donna Santoro

Backgammon If you like to play backgammon and have no one to play with this is a great game

Robin Welch

Backgammon My favorite game, best backgammon app by far.

Johanna Douglas-Hicks

Addicted I play everyday to start my mornings it is coffee and backgammon. This is the best setup I have found on the web!

Angela Cain

This game cheats, but I still like it. Different boards to choose from are a nice feature.

Theresa Mazurkiewicz Raymondallen8822550

Backgammon, Haven't played it Yet, But always loved border game.

Lisa Hird

It's fixed and it ANNOYS ME! yet I still play it all the time

Ian Webb

Awesome fun, well played out and clear graphics!

Melissa Fuller

Needs to be a bit more creative with fan page rewards gifts etc. Like 1 free play random high buy in board just to try them out or something. Other than that it's got the best graphics for moving pieces

Amir M. Javaheri

Most games are fixed You are wining suddenly the table turns and with giving your opponent good tosses 4 times in a row the game make you lose...never happens in reality

Marshall Archie

I love this app all the different rooms of big money

Seyid Tagiyev

Liked it Design is the most improved among the other backgammons games

Gloria Washington

It's great for helping me learn to take risks and learn to stratigize.

Serxho Stojku

I am an exelend player and i lose whith an ameture.terrible game.i will deleted this game

Tim Davenport

I wish you could play different boards without paying more. I also do not like having to pay the "dealer" when I win for keeping it fair

Tracy Fair

Worried It seems like I lose a lot more often when buy coins.


Backgammon as it should be. Simple, straightforward and easy-to-use. I've got it on my phone, on my tablet and on my laptop

Christy Wainwright

Great game. If you use the blessings, you do better. Also giving coffee or beer helps you. I've noticed the more expensive blessings help you beat the computer otherwise when you should win or are a better player the computer will tank your game. Good luck #genie

walter wright

This is a great game. Beautiful graffix and fun to play. It plays like Las Vegas. The House always takes a share. There are a lot of losers crying in these reviews, but that's just the nature of gambling. I've won over a million dollars using only the Free game provided funds. Anytime dice are involved there is a chance you will lose when all seems to be going well. Just try to stay out of bad bets and have fun. If you use real money and blow it, then its your own fault.

Matthew Jeffery

Frustrating! OK, so I had a piece on my 4-point and my opponent had 2 pieces on his 1-point. It was my turn. I needed a 1-1 or any roll higher than a 2-1 to win. The one and only roll I didn't want was 2-1. What did I get? 2-1. I nearly threw my tablet across the room.

Kamal Jafri

My favorite game. But unfortunately, the phones are down version is very weak, especially when the proxy for Facebook to connect with me.

Olga Tomarevskaia

98%players are fake,means machine playing with you and,it always beat matter cheats!!!there are most of fake players that's taking your money,I see comment of others and 100%agree with them...if U buy coins make sure U play on low money boards otherwise you will loose all your money...and many people asking same question,why you can't chat with others on this game?answer is simple,because 80% machine playing with U..this gamers are riping u off..U buy coins U will loose it no matter what.

Kourosh Mokhtari

Drains the battery fast, proof of randomness of dices Nice game but it drains battery fast on LG G4 and various Samsung handsets. My main concern is that the dices are not random and this game forces you to buy coins in long term. Developers need to provide tools to statistcally prove the dices are random, such as being able to record rolled dices during a game for subsequent stastistcal analysis.

mikr fix

Cheat cheat cheat Everytime you get bumped and try to get out youll roll doubles on what you enemy is on. Everytime. The doubles are staged so bad it gets to a point when you say f . It. No other bg game caters to paying players more than this pos game. Say your in the lead and putting your guys in they get 3 doubles in a row. Wow no shiiit everytime. Dont waste your time on this pos game. Trust me other games dont do this then i clear my cache and memory so it starts over. 1 and 6 everytime. I did it 30 times. F uck

Tamara Blakeman

I just don't like that you can't become friends with the other players or chat with them.

kamyab alimoghaddam

Big problem in transfer coins This app has big problem in transfer cions when you win or lose and doesn't any place for complain inside app. Last night I lost one game and I lose all coins .this problem happened 4 times before for me.

Robert Bennett

Cheats all the time! This game will give you fits with how it cheats! Go find another one, this one sucks! Just read the reviews below!

Laura Martin

I haven't played since I was a kid. It's fun and challenging!

Eleni Perentes

Fast, immediate, some flaws This is a quick game, reacts, doesnt crash. Only thing is that when the system plays you... No name players... It always wins you ESPECIALLY when you double the points, and try doubling again, THE SYSTEM Wins, not good!!!!

Diane Lind

So much Fun! Play this knowing sometimes you will Win and sometimes you Lose. Have fun with this app. I have fun changing cups or throwing out wishbones to my opponent.

Marshall Archie

Awesome does not get any better than this great game

David Ghiurau

Fix it I lost all my money because my opponent lagged out

Donella L

Love this! I like all the different boards.

Connie Wolff

Awesome game to play with people all over the world! Great game!

Marcio Alves

Other players keep purposely disconnecting, I get a loss and lose all my money This problem needs to be fixed fast as it takes away from the fairness in the game. Otherwise the games' GUI is nice.

Traci Roberts

Traci Bishop Fun game!! If opponents weren't distracted I would give 5 stars.

Juan Alvarez

1bigbeaner Very fun!! Oldest game known to man!,!,

Alana Kelly

Loving it Its about time this game came back... My only complaint is that there is no live chat

Adriana Mendoza

The best I play nothing else and this game is so quick and fun and fast and easy to learn! I love it so much i play it every night before bed. I connect to facebook so i can play with friends and the friends i invite that have never played even love it too!!!

Jeff Morris

Accurate game feel. Dice are very random. Nice quick play. Relatively good competition.

Lino Iapaolo

Very competitive for all players. Great graphics too.

Carl Herbert

Good app The app has been reliable, though I must say I haven't used it much yet.

Michael Myers

Great game Love this game I play this game daily

Bob Mikkelsen

A little predictable but enjoyable

ammaralsharak Videoman1978

Only to try you to lose your many Silly

eli bensela

Worst game ever! They will never let you gain money, make you lose on purpose, garbage!

Lorelei Cheap

Backgammon is still my game?

Hesam Tavakoli

Not good!!! This application problem!!! on and off and error and lost money!!!! ?????

Bg Woodbury

Love Backgammon Great game really enjoy it. No problems playing.

Maria Guild

Love love love this game

Aaron Alberts

My first description was not it is Wow. In the negative. This game has some runs. Runs that are or should be non-existent. I've seen doubles 7 times in a row. I've lost 95-32 with the most bizarre hands. Me thinks you need to purchase their tokens should you enjoy their great falls. Aside from that all serious gamers you will not see a fair game on this site. **** I'M ON AGAIN...i can't not play this but once again, I stand by this review....i guess it is technically possible but I feel like an angel....for I am witnessing miracles of dice..

Christy Wainwright

Great game. If you use the blessings, you do better. Also giving coffee or beer helps you. I've noticed the more expensive blessings help you beat the computer otherwise when you should win or are a better player the computer will tank your game. Good luck #genie

Richard Gonchar

VERY FRUSTRATING, either Win Or Lose before it starts, Can't even congratulate I so sad, because this really is the best backgammon game out there with one HUGH exception. The DICE will have you SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER before it over. I can be down to my last roll to stay alive and not be backgammoned. Only a miracle could save me. I need about 10 miracle rolls to maybe get me back in the game. I end up winning a game I should of lost, and it happens on a regular basis. Of course it happens both ways. Worse even no Congratulating no talking ever, Please reply.

Laura Foster

Backgammon live Very happy to see that you are listening to your players, for example, adding the option to play with Facebook friends was my suggestion. There are occasional glitches, but to play the game with actual people,so quickly is worth putting up with!

Karen Shubert

Backgammon- I'm pretty much addicted to this game. I wish we could talk to our opponents, though. I love this app. It should let you keep the dice you buy though.

Fun game but it steals your coins I like this game but it doesnt give you all the coins you win. The last game I played I had over 6000 coins and I won over 5000 coins but my coins didnt even go up to 8000. It does this a lot.

Amanda Prince

Backgammon live Think the winnings a little bit on the poor side but the over all game is great.

Marty Katz

Great except for.... Great except I'm not on Facebook so I can't play with friends etc. I find that annoying. Otherwise it's a great game.

Connie Wolff

Awesome game to play with people all over the world! Great game! Such a fun game, lots of strategy too! So many different skill levels and strategies. Great fun!

Jerry Mindich

Excellent interface! Great app! Well designed. Only suggestion I would offer is to make it more visible when you're about to run out of time.

kelly j

hate it it doesn't give you enough time and its not played correctly. the game isn't like real backgammom

Diane Lind

Play this knowing sometimes you will Win and sometimes you Lose. Play every day. You will get lots of Wins and coins!

Ivy C

Since this game is a major battery killer could you PLEASE make it so I can rotate my phone which ever way wont bend my charge cord while I play? Unless of course you'd like to purchase a new cord for me that is...

Patricia Herrick-Copeland

Love it... The best 1 I play constantly...addicting

Astra Keena

Addictive...but sometimes you do not receive the coins that friends send

sergiu cojoc

Owesome Its really intriguing and it has very good graphics which makes it almost obsessive.

Sviatlana K.

Great app On my opinion it's the best app of backgammon from that I tried. Also excellent graphics of the game. Thanks to developers.

Tara Quinton

No faults.... ever Win or lose, love the game. Plenty of levels, challenging opponents, never a game glitch. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Dotan Swisa

Dotan swisa Dice are program. Very nice game very nice graphics but the dice are not real.

Les Pickersgill

Addicted. Love.playing this game.

Debra Moncayo

Deb Love this, just a little difficult with pieces moving for me

Cindy Curci

Best Backgammon Game! Play live with people around the world. It's very addicting!

Mark Anderson

Super great Outstanding old school game...we need some acey-deucey next....

Linda Van Damme

I enjoy the game, but looking for a backgammon game where you are able to communicate with your opponent

Alvin Whitaker, Sr.

Backgammon Live Love it!!! I wish I could play three chips with my friend's.

Chris Keene

Great! Fair game play certified would be nice! 3 or more doubles in a row is BS!

Brenda Register

Can't log on with Facebook. ?

rod gatte

Everything up expect from a game

Christian Delcastillo

Awesome! Great gamcompetitione! All roles are fcompetition. Nice graphics

juju juju

Perfect Its about 3 years since i play on this app and i just love it !!!!!

Margaret Webster

One of the best Backgammon games out there!

Jalice Patton

Classic fun You won't regret the download.

Hussam El-Din Hammad

Best board ever I loved this game very much

Omi mz

It's the best and comes my always hobby

Sherry Stevens

It's gammon

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