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23 Aug
aweMech for MechWarrior Online

Posted by aweFalafelApps in Entertainment | Aug. 23, 2016 | 83 Comments

Apk file size: 3.3 MB

aweMech is a Mechlab for Android that offers full loadout customization and basic loadout statistics. Loadouts can be saved to your device and shared via Further integration with smurfy-net includes opening URLs and loading your personal Mechbay in aweMech! There are a lot of features planned and you can be a part of that process at

At this time, use of this tool assumes you have prior knowledge of the 'Mech customization process. I hope to have a tutorial available in the future.

An In-App Purchase is now available to help support this project and remove advertisements. Donate whatever you feel is appropriate. Regardless of how much is donated, the result will be the same: advertisements will be removed from aweMech.

Though aweMech should run fine on tablets, the UI is not optimized for these devices. UI improvements, including better tablet support, are certainly possible in the future. Also, due to the amount of data required to be displayed, the UI may not function or look as intended on especially small phones.

So, what's next for aweMech? I'd really like the MWO community to decide what's most important to them, so please visit and vote on features or suggest one of your own!

A big thanks to the beta testers:
•  GMan129
•  David "Solar Levitas" Juenemann
•  Ninja Daddy
•  Tom "Penderyn" Page
•  James Salyers
•  Saxie81
•  Nik "Aodh" Thomas
•  Brian Wong

Libraries used:

aweMech Copyright © 2014 aweFalafelApps

Mechwarrior: Online Copyright © 2012-2014 Piranha Games Inc.

Whats new

    v1.1.30 - 08/23/16 - Update source to patch #1.4.81
    + Cyclops
    v1.1.29 - 07/20/16 - Update source to patch #1.4.79
    + Viper
    v1.1.28 - 06/21/16 - Updated source to patch #1.4.73
    + Phoenix Hawk
    + Catapult Butterbee
    - Fixed an error display crash when saving Smurfy loadouts

aweFalafelApps part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Aug. 23, 2016. Google play rating is 93.1313. Current verison is 1.1.30. Actual size 3.3 MB.

Download awemech-for-mechwarrior-online.apk 3.3 MB


James Dickson

Purchased Full Version Love this app! It does exactly as advertised. Whenever I feel inclined to experiment with a build, it's always available at my finger tips. Quirks are shown in a very convenient manner. Thanks for making this available.

andrew ap simon

Awesome just what I've been waiting for Brilliant app easy to use and no Internet required. But does have the occasional crash. Not too keen on it loading the mech list everytime you open the app rather than the last mech you were fiddling with.

Gregory Kelderman

Works great and has a slick interface. Just like the title says. Might be a little resource intensive for what it is, but that's probably just my phone being old

Ryan Parrish

Needs rotation and scaling UI Good app, works alright and can import Smurfy's builds, but stripping parts off of mechs is difficult because the 'X' is way too small and doesn't scale up at all (especially problematic on tablets). App should also allow screen rotation, as the overview seems wide and a landscape view would be a nice option at least.

solar levitas

Great android mwo mechlab This app simulates potential loadouts well, and the dev consistently releases updates to keep up with in game content releases the day of the patch! Omnipods are configurable, select an omni mech > left menu without tapping a component > far right tab (similar path to selecting armor/engine/upgrades). Keep up the great work with the app!

Cory Irwin

working great I was looking for something mobile similar to smurfys mech bay that I could use on the go and this is it! Now that it shows quirks this is my preferred quick ref. Even over smurfys

Howard Hung

Fixed crashes from sharing loadout Good response by developer

Robert Nelson

Good job Donated for ad free! It makes looking at smurfy builds on my mobile so much better.

Chris Weiland

Currently my favorite app Full-featured, Smurfy API integration, runs smooth as butter, pleasing UI. More than worth the donation for ad-free use. A shining example of well-executed home-brewed app development. 5 stars.

Patrick Hodge

Good start for a new developer. As the title reads its a good start for a new developer. The layout is simple and intuitive. The ability to set armor ratios is a wonderful idea and the ability to use both sides of the screen for different pages is a welcome relief. *Edited* maybe add a screen during first startup showing that it's contextual setup, add a change log, and add some arrows next to each mech segment to adjust armor on the fly. Other then that, 5/5 stars.

Will Irwin

Omnipods Love the app but it dosent have the ability to change omnipods for clan mechs yet hopefully that can come soon

Trista C.

Great mechlab app! Android has been sorely lacking a mechlab app for a while. This one is great and integrates with smurfy. Latest version has a crash bug where trying to share the build results in a crash at the "shortening URL" stage. Happens every time for me. I have submitted a crash report for it. If not for that minor bug, would be 5 stars! Update did indeed fix it! Thanks a bunch!

Ryan Martinez

Great app Keep up the awesome work!

Akira Yuan

Fun App Would be great if on the list of Mechs, it would list the hard points as well

Steven Lipp

Great work I really love this app. Quite functional and easy to use. I think it would be cool to have a few more weapon stats or a section of general weapon info.

Gaflem Meckta

Great with one problem right now I have an s4 and every time I try to enter my api key it crashes the app when I hit enter. Other than that it is cool and handy to look at while at work. Yes I have sent 2 reports in so far one was yesterday.

Jacob Grayson

Grateful app But I would rather play gta 5 on pc with mods than MWO ):

David Collins

Perfect! I use this all the time, and it does exactly what I need. I'm able to pull up my mech loadouts while I'm in game, and play around with them without wasting time in the awful MWO UI.

Drew Juszkiewicz

Nice This is a must have app for anyone that is into Mechwarrior Online.

adam horn

Exactly what I needed I donated 3 minutes after trying it for the first time. Solid. Thanks dood! Keep up the good work!

Tim Bruns

Highly functional and improving. Fictional mechlab for your phone, and it's seen numerous improvements in a short time. Smurfy integration gives you access to your entire saved library on the go. Not perfect but a well done touch screen implementation, and it continues to get better.

Gregory Steltenpohl

Great job! I love to use this on the toilet. It is well made and since the author is not a software developer it is even better. I rarely find any issues and it imports/exports to smurfy. Great tool to use if you play MWO.

Paul Kohler

Excellent companion but some issues A tool like this has been long over due but there has been some issues with smurfy mechbay integration. Overall though a great tool for for spur of the moment changes and keeping tabs on your ever expanding mechbay.

Filippo Abbruzzo

I like to read about mechwarrior while I'm on my break at work, this app makes reading builds so much easier! Great job!

Erik Anderson

Good functionality Little bugs here and there, but overall nothing bad enough to lessen its usefulness. I love this app and am excited to see how it grows

Steven Beard

Basically Smurfy's Mechlab in app form Neat app that allows you to mess around and customize different mech loadouts as you would with Smufy's Mechlab. It even has the option to share loadouts that will load into Smurfy's once clicked. Great app!

Nathan Mecseji

Awesome app!

David Wachtman

Excellent Mechlab! This app is smooth and so far completely free of bugs. I would easily give it 5 stars if it included an infosheet for every 'mech detailing the 'mech quirks each mech has. Thanks for the great app, I've been dying for this for a long time!

Patrick Sherman

Scratching the mwo itch at work Slick app. Interface is straight forward and easy to use. Thanks for putting this together.

Peter Hill

Now I can build and work Thanks for making this app! I've been hoping for one for sometime now, awesome job!

Evan Reynolds

Slick Nice, clean interface that is as smooth as butter. Awesome job man!

Matt Rougeux

Well done! Great apps for viewing and customizing your mech loadouts

Derek Paretti

Awwwwww(e) Yiss. Right now and for the foreseeable future, you get 5 stars because OP actually delivered. Also, I've been waiting for someone to to create something like this since 2013. WOOOOO!

Alvin Lam

Omg Omg! Finally... No need to do my job anymore...

Brian Wong

Beta tested to perfection. Comprehensive, easy to use and the Dev is a cool dude. =D

Tyson Muehlhans

Awesome Needs some things added to it, but the current functionality is nice.

NotLiquid Q

Thanks for making Good functionality for such an early version. Good work guys.

Robert Culshaw

Finally! I can theory craft awesome builds while out and about!

Ivan Dolvich

Great app, still some little bugs though It's a very useful app. It's free, it's actively developing, and the developer is always in direct contact with users. There were some bugs but it seems they are fixed.

Carlos Arce

Best mechbuilder ever! Easiest to use and even has the quirks! Had an issue w the executioner showing extra tonnage when stripped, but seems gone now. Loving it!

John kimball

Works with smurfy So when my girl is talking or Iam in the restroom, I can now redesign my mechs and then load up to smurfy website. Love it and will be using.

Amihai Ben-Arush

Exactly how it should be! The app allows for easy customization of mechs, the interface is very friendly and easy to use and it's being updates regularly shortly after every patch release. Well done!!

Michael Olsen

Awesome app. Better than smurfy in my opinion. That and I can take it on the go. Only downside is you can't just overwrite a load out to save a new one under the same name.

Adam Hollings

Figured it out, great support. Very useful app and I like the smurfy Mechbay synergy

Eepples Perley

Perfect This is so much better than using smurfy on my mobile browser. The design is simple, easy to use and does everything I want it to. I have so many builds brainstormed on here. The only bad thing is that I forget about them!

Sloppy Wolf

It's awesome and easy to use I've been using this app for a long time now, including previous versions. Anyone saying that they can't figure out how to use it may be blind to fail to notice the arrows on the sides. Only issue is it crashes on opening a bit (s4). But it's fixed by relaunching instantly so still 5 stars. If it cost money I would give it 4, BUT THEY'RE GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE!

Matthew Simon

Good program. Needs updates/fixes Great program if you're only looking for minimal build info. I've only found a couple bugs, and most have been fixed pretty fast. The lingering bug I've found is that the clan Jenner is treated as a innersphere mech. Ensuring that all clan and is mechs are treated properly would bump this up a star. The other way to bump this up would be to put in a feature that if we click an (i) button or on the item, it would give us more than stat tonnage.

Ty Senger

Great idea Definitely better than using my phones Internet browser.

Toby Sennett

Good, nearly great Very useful and well made for the most part, but regularly crashes when first launched (Galaxy S4). Re-launching works fine.

David Alan Bates

Engine heatsinks Did something happen? I can no longer add Engine Heatsinks. The + - signs are gone

Eric Harbeston

I love the smurfy integration, keep working on the UI to make it easier to customize mechs and it will get 5 stars!

Alexander Dobrev

Thumbs up for a swell app An absolutely invaluable tool for build tinkering on the go or while waiting for that next drop. The only thing missing that is in the browser version is the price tags for 'mechs and components.

Dnavono Kiirole

Expertly made app! As an avid MWO pilot, I am always tinkering with my mechs. This handy little tool is a must have for any pilot who likes playing with builds. Well worth the download - it's the best there is for an MWO builder app on a cell (use MechLab in a browser). Huge kudos to the programmer(s?) for a first rate job!

Misuta Baker

Better time sink than CoC This app is freaking super. Let's me brainstorm builds from work even. I can't believe how fast the updates get rolled out on this app. PGI should just pay you a small salary.

Faeon Darkfox

Thank You Thank you for making such a wonderful portable mechlab and keeping it updated. I have terrible cell signal where I work so this has helped my downtime zip by.

Kirk Lever

Best mwo app evar! Are there any others?

nelson bruton

The ui is awful I have been fiddling with this app for about 15 minutes I still haven't figured out how to change a loadout other than removing weapons and items. I'm sure I am missing something. The dev may be an amature but they are a pro at hiding menus.

Graham Frick

It's very confusing and needs a tutorial

Chad Bentley

Best tool to check possible Mech builds. Whenever I want to check out different ways of customizing Mechs I own or am thinking of getting in MWO, I use this app first. It allows me to quickly compare various alternatives to find the best combinations which saves loads of time in game. Love this tool, thank you for all your hard work!

Michael Hilliard

For someone who is not an app dev you did a bang up job!

kashmira rai

Confusing Everything is all over the place and there isn't a tutorial. I want to know how it works but I can't as there is no tutorial

Nathaniel Snider

Awesome! Must have for MWO players!

Jozy Big Mountain

Amazing App! Super easy to use and has better info display than Smurfy (which you can connect to and save on Smurfy through app) My only gripe is that I think it would be nice if filter options would stay when "Recalling" mechs like when using the "Change Mech" option. Makes it terribly hard to compare builds I have made. But that isn't even a mouse on a wheel compared to the hours I've spent building mechs. Amazing things happen here! 9.95/10

David Tichinel

Best app...period If your not using this app...your doing it wrong. There's no app out there that works along side an actual program this effectively.

patel ax

FRR will live on! But seriously, this is a great app for those who want to create builds anywhere they want.

Karl Rehberger

It's dank Very fun. My Computer is currently incapable of running mwo, but this has let me theory craft my heart out for the past few months. 8/8

Francis Guillory

It works :3 well! It has the quirks listed easily available. And the sliding functionality it very well done and easy to use, especially for someone who tweeks and tweeks and retweeks like me. I have only used it for half a hour but it does just about everything smurfy can on mobile convenience. ^.^ well done!

Joel Crouch

I can now make mech builds while I poop. Yaaay 5 stars

John Ressler

Black Knight *update* please

Quinn Radford

Functional Everything seems to work well enough but the UI has room for improvement. For example: Items should be added when tapped; The plus for adding items should actually be a minus for removing items when equipped, removing the need to switch between views; The keyboard should hide when switching to the layout view and/or the next button should be changed to done to allow the user to dismiss the keyboard without pressing the back key; using a number picker would make the keyboard unnecessary for small changes.

Roger D.

Great app for MWO Great app for Mechwarrior Online configuration of mechs! I've contributed to the developer. Thanks!

Андрей Мерцалов

Great app! What more can you wish for as a free app for MWO? (besides in-game integration, that would be awesome)

Scout Derek

Just one TINY problem.... :p Kodiak's heat sink button crashes the app, please fix when you can :). EDIT: Alright, got that nasty bug with the kodiak!!! Keep it coming :)


Awesome Honestly, the only thing it needs is to view prices, but even then it's practically perfect, just the occasional crash here and there which is quickly patched. It feels more user friendly than Smurfy (which is good too) as well.

Quinn Auer

It just does everything This is honestly the best mech builder out there, even including PC and web based versions. It's well designed and fits a lot of options into a small screen, as well as accounting for and showing you all the relevant quirks.


Excellent Great app. Only problem is it can crash when resumed from memory. No big deal. Otherwise perfect. I'm guessing it doesn't take into account the quirks?

David Tichinel

Best app...period If your not using this app...your doing it wrong. There's no app out there that works along side an actual program this effectively. UPDATE 06-05-16: I can not upload to smurfy after having to obtain a new API key.

Robert Egnor

Definitely helps when you are wanting to mess with mech tweeks offline.

Kevin Gutierrez

Great For when you're offline

Crex Spindle

Fantastic app, slight room for improvement Really nice app, I get a lot of use out of it so I donated. Only two things stop it from being perfect: 1) If when a new mech had its details released, it could be added to the app, would be a fantastic way to play about with load outs and see if it's worth it 2) Adding quirks for clan mechs (this one is a nice to have and I understand that it's a lot more work, so if I could choose I'd take you implementing point 1) any day.

Chris Fletcher

Works great Does everything easily, shows everything I need, and doesn't take up much space. In a word, perfect.

Zadok Little

Awesome This app is awesome. Had a little trouble trying to find all the right menus (especially the one with all the equipment) but I can now say it's great

Brendon Veinot

Moar! Prep for shootin' stuff from your phone. Then shoot the stuff on PC.

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