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20 Sep
AutomateIt - Smart Automation

Posted by SmarterApps Ltd in Productivity | Sept. 20, 2016 | 195 Comments

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AutomateIt is designed to make your life easier by automating various tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Define a set of your desired behaviors in response to events on your Android device.
Each behavior/rule is defined as a pair of Trigger-Action listed below.

"If you need your phone to adopt some autonomy, you can’t go wrong here" -
"sometimes I’d like my phone to do stuff all on its own. It’s an Android after all" -
"AutomateIt Is a Simple and Free Android Automation Tool" -
"It's truly an amazing app" -

AutomateIt provides a default set of useful rules to get you started:
Low battery warning
Quiet at night
Normal sound mode at morning
Max volume when headset unplugged
Lower volume when headset plugged
Unmute by SMS

• Any SMS Trigger - Triggers on SMS received
• SMS With Text Trigger - Triggers on receipt of SMS Message with a specific text
• Battery Level Trigger - Triggers on a defined battery level
• Bluetooth State Enabled/Disabled
• Bluetooth Device Connected - Any device or specific device
• Incoming/Hang Call - Any call or from a specific contact
• Headset Plugged/Unplugged Trigger
• Location Trigger - Arriving/Exiting a defined region
• External Power Connected/Disconnected
• Screen On/Off
• Wi-Fi Enabled/Disabled
• Connected to Wi-Fi network - Any network or a specific network
• Time Trigger - recurring time events
• GPS Enabled Changed - GPS Activated/Deactivated and started/stopped looking for current location
• SMS from contact
• USB Connected/Disconnected Trigger
• Airplane Mode Activated/Deactivated
• Dock State Trigger - Docked to Car/Desk
• Application Status Trigger - Triggers when selected application activated or deactivated
• Outgoing call - all calls or calling specific contact
• Sound Mode Changed to Silent/Vibrate/Normal
• Boot Trigger - triggers on device startup (assuming service starts on boot)
• Manual Trigger - Requires user explicit execution of this trigger
• Cell ID Trigger - Trigger when connecting or disconnecting from defined cellular cells
• NFC Trigger - use NFC tags to launch rules
• Weather Trigger - Monitor weather at your location
• Mobile Data State Trigger
• Activity Recognition - an EXPERIMENTAL trigger that detects when you are in a car, on a bicycle, on foot or standing still

• Notification - Shows notification on notification bar
• Play Sound - Plays selected sound
• Set Bluetooth State - Enabled/Disabled
• Set Sound Mode - Silent / Vibrate / Normal (With/Without Vibrate)
• Set Speakerphone State - Turn on/off
• Set Volume - Sets volume of all streams or a specific stream
• Set Wi-Fi Adapter State - Enabled/Disabled
• Start Application
• Enable/Disable other rules
• Vibrate action
• Enable/Disable Data Connectivity action - [NOT supported on some devices - see why on developer website]
• Kill Application [Requires Root - see why on developer website]
• Launch Home Screen
• Activate/Deactivate Airplane mode [Supported for Android version prior to 4.2 and all rooted devices]
• Enable/Disable GPS [Supported for Android version prior to 2.3 and all rooted devices]
• Enable/Disable Sync
• Set Mobile Data - Enable/Disable Mobile Data
• Set Screen Brightness - Automatic or specific value
• Enable/Disable screen automatic rotation
• Dial Phone Number
• Send SMS to phone number
• Set screen timeout (Including "Never" turn off)
• Shutdown device [Requires Root]
• Text-to-Speech - Say defined text
• Reboot [Requires Root]
• Set Wallpaper - set your home screen wallpaper

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Supports English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Danish, French, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Chinese, Hungarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Russian

Whats new

    • Updated Activity Recognition Trigger - Use new Awareness API by Google, allow multiple selection of activities, allow selecting "not" activity (such as "not driving")
    • Enhanced location trigger - Improved battery consumption, improved accuracy, easier editing of trigger configuration
    • Neura Trigger bug fixes
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SmarterApps Ltd part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 84.1066. Current verison is 3.0.201. Actual size 22.0 MB.

Download automateit-automate-your-droid.apk 22.0 MB


Caitlin Lea

I'll know for sure tonight if it's five stars.. I uninstalled and reinstalled Automateit when it stopped working (the update didn't seem to take effect), and now it seems to work! I'll be certain it works right when my "Turn Off Volume" rule triggers tonight. Fingers crossed! ?

Mike Tjepkema

Nexus 6 Works like a charm. Does everything I'm looking for. There are some more advanced rules that are missing, but this covers 99%

Amy Chan

Points system makes trial unusable You need 'points' to unlock any of the features that make this app usuable, and in the trial version you only get 30 points. Must spam the 'rules market' or your facebook/twitter with duplicate rules to build up points to even unlock 'composite actions' action or 'composite events' trigger. Hence can't even trial the app to see if I want to pay for an upgrade, because can't unlock the triggers I'd actually use.

Chod Ddles

Total automation If you guys could get together With the ifttt & souliss guys it would be great, Neura recently added awesome

Linda Chua

Love it!!! I love this app!!!! Now if only I could control my led light by time... O(≧▽≦)O

akash shah

I like the concept

Joshua Lim

Best automation app! Does what it says and automates so many things in your life. Automatically turn on WiFi, switch off or on Bluetooth. Silent mode. Your smartphone made smarter that's what this app does! A must-have if you like to automate things in your life!

Karl West

Fix issue with Android wear When the app is triggered the notification on the watch (Moto 360) does not go away or you can swipe it away and it ends up keeping the watch lit up and kills battery. The only way to get rid of it is to reset the watch or disable the action that triggered disable BT etc.

Nick Kosmides

Nearly perfect execution. No longer need with Android 5.0. Not only does what it is meant to do, but does it effectively and rather efficiently. The only caveat being in-app purchases and jarring points system to unlock the better triggers.

Dave Consiglio

Actually works Not nearly as pretty as IFTTT, but this actually works as promised on my HTC one, so 5 stars for you

Jason Murphy

Intuitive, functional, fantastic! I love the functionality and intuitive UI, but severely limited until you pay up. UPDATE: There is a way to earn points and unlock features. Fantastic! Now I love it! Thank you!

Aaron Horler

Works well with root I wanted a way to turn on Location services and Data remotely if I lost my phone and needed to find it. This app does that perfectly. Will probably pay for Pro.

Derek Peldo

Great app Edit: taking star away until unmuting works on S5 lolipop. I have a rule that mutes (no sound/vibrate) for church, but when the time comes to re-enable sound, it's still muted. Yes, I already have interruptions set up for night time.

Anant Vemuri

Stopped working since android 5.1 update Was working quite well until the recent update of android 5.1. The WiFi and other similar options don't allow me to set enable or disable option when using composite action mode. It resets to toggle automatically. Could the developers provide a fix this... It is a major inconvenience.

Robert Tafaro

Awesome You can create anything as a trigger n almost anything as a rule. Repeating the rules is easy too. For instance, important can't miss phone calls during quite times. Great app!!!!!

Brian Greenfield

Its ok sometimes I use this to toggle Bluetooth on or off if I'm connected to WiFi or not but I find Bluetooth on a lot when it shouldn't be if this was fixed it would get 5 stars

Mior Noor Azrin M Ibrahim

Nexus 4 kitkat crash Crash after update, using ART. Make it work again to get another 3 stars

Marshall Moonstruck

Good idea but limited Cant have GPS turn on by opening maps.. only have mapes open by turning on GPS. CAN'T auto connect to a Bluetooth device by opening an app.. only open an app when connecting to a devive.

Tina Wrend

Automate nolonger working on android 5.0 lollypop It nolonger switches the phone to silent or bk on at am i have to do manually now can you please check this and fix it works on other androids but not 5.0 lollypop

flatchest32 #

I think I'm Going to like this app. It's closer to Smart Actions (Motorola) and so much easier to setup. Tasker makes me feel like I need a college refresher course to set up! LOL!

Enlighter Minh

Battery hogger I'm using an Xperia Z1 and since i started using this app my battery has drained more quickly than usual. Still, great app if you want to turn your smartphone into a truly smart phone.

Abdalla Al Ali

Amazing Now my phone is really smart because it can make stuff in its own.

Lynn Allison

Not good enough Painful to create a new rule for every thought, especially time based rules. Should have a start and end time for one thing (silent for meeting/church/etc). Also should be able to set more than one action for each trigger

Brandon Meeks

Great Works great! One problem is that it won't let me share to Facebook.

Mikhail Zavadski

Terrible UI, modifing a rule becomes a pain. Trigger by any connections is unusable because connection may be lost for a moment and the app doesn't know how to handle it and starts all actions again and again

tudor lenesche

Am I doing something wrong here?!? Created a few rules on my rooted Note 3, none of them seems to work...

Aleksandr Oreshkin

App is ok, but always gives me stupid notifications The app is working good but every other day it gives me a stupid notification about what rule it "thinks" I should download. I don't care to download any stupid rules, and there's no way to disable this advertisement without disabling notifications all together. How dumb!

Kristen Friedman

How to power off I want my phone to turn off when it's fully charged so I can leave it plugged in overnight without it overheating, does anybody know how I'd accomplish that?

Alex Toradze

Used to be great Cannot get mobile data to trigger on/off. Tried with enabling/disabling Bluetooth and GPS to no avail. Just upgraded galaxy s4 to 5.0.1 lollipop yesterday. Please get this to work on lollipop!!!

Dany Read

Can't get points! I can't get more points! I shared rules on facebook, I invited friends....

Gordon Truong

Nice but... The scheduling options for creating and editing automation events are lacklustering. If your going to implement such feature, then there needs to be more advanced options for scheduling.

Pardha Saradhi

It works really! Awesome application not like IFTTT

אלכס גוירברג

This is a great automation tool Getting much more from my device

Anthony Sandoval

Not as good as smart actions The point system used to unlock functionality and download more rules makes this app feel like a game, and the only way to get more points is to advertise the app.


Drains battery I thought the app was great , simple to use and powerful but it kills my battery in no time.

Vinnie White

Issues Just got the new Android update and it will not toggle mobile data. Is this due to the update as it was working fine yesterday.

J Johnson

More Actions There is no Action for Auto reply for incoming calls while connected to Bluetooth.

Nelson Lopez

Pretty awesome How about one trigger with multiple actions. 4 stars till then

Jason Novich

I would like an explanation as to how tonearm more points to unlock features.

Shaw Hedayati

Almost perfect but... Would be great if we could easily stack triggers and actions.

Sergey Valiulik

App is ok, design fail.

Дамир Десюпов

Not working on Android 5.0.1

Даниил Грунин

If you'll stop demand money for every rush, I'll give you 5 out of 5.

Amber Richter

DO NOT BUY The paid version of this app doesn't communicate with the Podcast Addict plugin. It won't play my podcasts. The developer has ignored every attempt to resolve the issue. I will never get my money back.

El CaNgRii

Note 3 Doesnt work did not enable gps or waze while driving


Fantastic app, no way of activating gps on, through activity trigger or bluetooth connected trigger. Hope to see this option soon.

D Chakrabarty

Excellent utility, using it for last six months very convenient.

Will Morrison

Really handy for automating phone I've several apps now which can automate my phone on and off at certain times. This is the best so far.

christopher pechacek

Awesome app Get it, figure it out, love it. So many options

Avi N

Best app on this category!!

Tosin Damilare Animashaun

Really handy app. "In-car" trigger doesn't work.

jessica silk

I only wanted this app to mute phone and allow alarm to ring and turn phone to normal at certain times. Set times doesn't work ??? Am I missing something or is this junk?

Mark Graham

Decent but not great It's just too basic. Needs to have actions for when a certain person(s) calls between a certain timeframe to perform a specific action. Adding another "if " clause would be great.

Jim Henderson

Little intrusive confusing and limited I like the concept but the app has to many notifications out of the box, way to many confusing setup screens and one of the simplest things I want to be able to enable and disable mobile data isn't available on menus

Ed Butcher

Useful app for those little tasks!

chas beach

Good control of Mute Got it to automate mute and it does it as I want. Will check calendar features and augment this rating.

Anand Padhye

Amazing app Provides good level of control for many annoying things in android os

Stephen Richard Cruz

Automatic? Use this! The best when it comes to auto transitions. Set it up and see it do it thing. You wont be disappointed.

Steve G

Works fine for me, I only wanted it to do two things though, quiet at night and loud in the morning

Bojan Tadic

Isn work at Lollipop!Set flight mode at some time isnt work!Pls repair!

Olivier Laviolette

NICE... Works very well and easy to program! A must...

Rich Yanek

Fixed The issues with this app are now fixed.

Stan White

Stopped working Had a couple of rules working and was generally satisfied. One day just stops running rules. App shows rule start but doesn't do the action. Uninstalling.

Michael Berger

Most actions won't work Tried many ways to turn on wifi , none worked. Today tried a really simple one: when Waze activated, switch to normal sound (non vibrant) + raise all volumes. It only succeded to switch the ringer, failed to raise all volumes, plus the trigger activates every 20sec!!!! As if i'm launching it all the time. Overall, as a paid user unsattisfied, as the app misfunctions even on basic action

Chris Whitfield

plz no ads other than the new ads... I would like to see the no popup option for individual rules effect the android wear popup also. still a great app!

Duane Appelman

I love the idea of this app, as I manage a support team that is on-call. automating turning the volume back on is great when a phone is set to silent, and an email comes in that needs attention. It would be nice if it would raise the volume rather than just turn it back on. We've also adapted the wearable vibration, however it only seems to work with Android watches and not Samsung Gear and Gear S. Hopefully they can add that feature as well.

Rahman Mahmoodi

Not able to turn off my mobile data automaticallly anymore Since updating to Lollipop disabling my mobile data when connecting to wifi don't work

Joan Yema

Can you please enable the option to disable the advertisement via points? Please! Because it's annoying everytime I save a profile

Dara Jackson

I use this app all the time and it works great always. I use the Quiet at Night, Normal Sound at Morning, and a Wifi managing rule and it's awesome. I'm having some problems with the Do Not Disturb feature not disabling on my GS4 after Lollipop, so I'm trying to figure out a rule to fix it.

Michael Millen

Don't even work Tried 20 times to even get the default actions to work it never activated any of the rules no matter what I did to try and fix such junk uninstall. Only thing that did work is all the stupid ads that it put on my screen

PeterPam Lynch

Big help Let's me sleep at night!?

Jack Crowther

Hit and miss If this worked more than 50 per cent of the time, I'd rate it higher. By any standard, 20 per cent is unacceptable -- especially if the app needs to be manually started several times a day.

Greg Boyd

Lock / Unlock screen not working I downloaded this app because I believed that I could use it to unlock the screen while wearing my Android Wear device, and have it lock when the wear device isn't connected (say I accidentally lose my phone or it gets stolen). However after testing the app a few times, I couldn't get it to lock when the wear device wasn't connected unless I manually activated the trigger which defeats the purpose. If this feature gets fixed, I'd be inclined to increase the number of stars I give it. HTC One m8 - Sense 6.0 - Android 5.0.1

Caitlin Lea

It works! I uninstalled and reinstalled Automateit when it stopped working (the update didn't seem to take effect), and now it seems to work! Woohoo! :)

Chris White

Broken something changed now i cant set mobile data status, uninstalling as rubbish. Update (01/06/2015) - still broken no ability to enable/disable mobile data. As before was great but now rather pointless.

David Storfer

Should not reapply same rule Why does it reapply a rule again? I have it setting my volumes at home, but if I'm using my phone I might want to change music or other volume later. There is no need to have this reapply the same profile again and again. Should at least be a checkbox to avoid that if desired.

Jan D

Profile Icons Really missing being able to set different icons for the profiles, so that you can immediately see the active profile in the statusbar.

Mike Adamski

Very Basic until.... Very Basic profile tool until you either pay for upgrades or earn "points" to then buy upgrades. Doesn't work completely either, when disabling a rule it will still run. Llama app is better even with cell triggers not working.

My Other

Automates courteous cell phone behavior. I love that I can automate things like muting my phone when I go to class or at night when I go to bed, automatically turn on GPS when I use Waze or Google Maps, turn on battery saving mode when the battery hits 35% and so much more. Haven't had a chance to use the unmute by sms option when I lose my phone yet... but I'm sure that's coming... lol. I DO wish it was intuitive how I upload rules I create to the rules market, hence the 4 stars, but overall a GREAT program!

Basit Nizami

Just tried it on an LG G3 D850 by creating two rules. The app says that the action was triggered in toast messages but the action was not actually performed. I'm on Android 6 Marshmallow and rooted. First trigger I created was "All answered or dialed calls" and action was "Disable Mobile Data". Second Trigger was "All ending phone calls" and the action was "Enable Mobile Data". I even tried to trigger the event manually using the provided "Perform Action" button but the Data was not switching on/off. I can confirm that the app is listed and given permission in "App Usage Access" section of the phone's security settings. Seems to be some kind of Marshmallow specific permissions issue here. Giving only two stars here because it doesn't work for me but it does have a very easy to use interface which I loved. Please fix this.... ALSO... Let me know if you want to ask any other helpful information regarding the fix of this issue.. and/or if you want me to re-test this when you push the updates.

Kevin Wibowo

Problem with android wear notification The rules work well on my phone, but wheneever a rule is activated and notification comes out on my android wear, the notifications always freeze without anyway to remove it from the watch unless I restart the watch.

Xander Turner

Great, everything I needed A wonderful app, but I still have no idea how it detects being in my pocket

Graham Robinson

Love the idea but Looks great, works great, but has its problems with Gmail a deal breaker for me at the moment.

Dan Thompson

Lost All My Rules What kind of app backs up 2 of 12 rules and gives a success message? Very disappointing.

Iain Gibson

Package file invalid on update today

A Google User

Almost perfect I have tried tasker and macrodroid too, but this one is more stable and reliable. Only thing missing is CONSTRAINT as what Macrodoid has.

Ogal Finklestein-Birl

(2016-Jan) Takes about 24 hours after re-installing the app to a new phone for the app to re-unlock features it had on the old phone. Initially I could only import 9 out of my 58 rules. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2015-???) 5 stars -- Out of the box, it has quite a number of features. I like the ability to earn points to unlock items instead of paying outright for them. One downside: does not execute actions in order (try: set sound to low; speak text; set sound to high; speak text. Sound volume changes only once not twice.)

Sahil Kumar

Automatic Data enable not work Hi I also grant root permission to your app,but automatic net on/off not work,I use time trigger but not work,my phone android version is 5.1.1,please solve this problem.

Kevin Chan

No Discount? I thought the Pro version was supposed to be on discount right now, but it's not for me. Is the discount restricted for certain countries only? Please check it out & hopefully correct the situation before Cyber Monday is over, because I hate evaluating watered-down versions, thank you!

Prabal Gupta

I love it It is truly awesome. I could not imagine automating my phone could be so easy and fun...And it works like a charm.. I feel like the usability of my phone has increased 10 times with just this one app. Thank you so much...

Todd Rabenold

Smartactions?... Missed Smartactions moving from Droid Razr Maxx HD to Droid Turbo but this app seems to do everything and more. I've had good luck with it so far, not a complicated app at all to set up.

Shane Nickelson

Work mode Would be nice to be able to apply a silent mode (work mode) for only week days. This app will allow you to set up a silent mode, but it's only option is for everyday. Doesn't give an option to turn it off during the weekends.

Andrew Matsumoto

Free version has gotten too greedy Used to be simple to set triggers, now we get blasted by three ads and need to purchase triggers. Trying out ifttt

Ben Deshaies

Good but not great Would get 5 stars if I could get it to automatically disable vibration with wireless charging but it won't allow me download that rule.

Bill S

video ads with sound??? wtf im used to display ads in free versions of apps, but this one played a video ad right after it turned sounds on when arriving at work. very annoying, make sure sounds are muted when using this app, which kind of make this useless. also downloaded rules from the market that are inept and triggered improperly, lots of time wasted trying to figure these things out.

Коста Радић

There is no options with two or more trigger in one rule. You can't activate WiFi and time for trigger in one rule. Also there is no the end time for trigger of. You can't choose pictures for rules only txt. Also, there is no automatically sending sms to all missed call(er). Very poor option.

cucoara costel

Good app Please add action to switch network state. 4g, 3g, 2g

vittorio maier

Good idea, but BAD interference with smart watches. Notifications are clattering the watch display

William I.

It didn't have ability to select the 3 volume streams independently, or i could not find such a thing.

Anna Karavay

Doesn't work I have root, gave all permissions and autosart to this app, but every time I start it manually it wants the phone to be rebooted and never started automatically at all.

Dean Bellone

The idea is amazing and it is pretty easy to do some complex things. I just hate that it drains 5-12% battery daily. I'm using this to save battery by shutting some things off and it is taking more juice than what I would be taking off. Please help with this and I will gladly change to 5 stars.

Brent Bailey

Love it Love the app, just wish there was a way to limit the number of replies to the same number in one event or if there was a way to make exceptions to rules.

Atc Atcdroid

The 'Smart' on your Phone Except for the kind of unattractive GUI (which doesn't hinder functionality) this app is just excellent. Without this app, ur phone is a pretty dumb phone. Make it Smart with this app.

Chris Bidmead

Superb The beauty of Android is customisation, this app provides features you never knew you needed.

Dan Falconer

Great Default rules are awesome, customizing correctly can be quite a chore.

Jonathan Otto

Pretty sweet Super easy to use and very useful.

Josh Campbell

It stopped working! My rules for calls have stopped working. Not good.

Ethan Woodbury

Very useful Easy to use and incredibly useful app. Highly recommend.

Wakkie Ish

Support for tab This app is amazing but I can't seem to set time trigger from my tab the clock doesn't come on tab to allow me to set time please see this problem and fix it I really wanna use this app on my tab thanks

Sheikh Sheese

Helps a lot Please give the option to run action / app minimized

Sidhu Singh

App not working. I try even by multiples triggers

John Frost

Does not do all the actions I want in a single rule.

Narsimha Reddy

Works great Tried Tasker, but never used fully, this app doing well with better ui/ux.

robert karton

Annoying I was a SVOX user. I bought a language. Automatelt program asks me every time to set the language. It is annoying.

Baba Rajendhra Prasad

The best app that ever invented in Market. It's a collection of thousands of actions.. The Great App

Omar Ramos

Awesome! Does its job.

Alexander Marakhovsky

Endless duplicate primitive rules Stuffed with loads of ad.

Iain Gibson

Just got cubot h1 Have used this for years on note 2 which sadly passed away at weekend. Unable to set mobile data off /on any more. App issue or phone?

Nathan Phillips

Good but not essential for me I like the app. There's a variety of functions that make the app cool. But being that the app runs all the time, I'm sacrificing about 7% to 10% battery with each charge. Unfortunately, there's nothing about the app that makes me want to keep it badly enough.

Sarad Gajurel

Its superb! please add a sync status in the triger so that turning sync on/off can also triger the action

Andrea Martinez

Who wouldn't want it? It is remarkable it make my phone seem more advance then new ones.

Jim Barr

AMAZING APP Realy helps your phone's automatic performance :)

Rob Casey

Quadrupled my battery life! I have an older galaxy s3 that would last a half a day barely used. After making the screen off data off rule I can go almost two days without charging when I'm I'm not checking it every five minutes.

עומרי סבתו

Really love it but I want to download rules but even when I share rules on facebook I don't get any points

Sandesh Auti

Nice Text to speech should have voice speed option

Noel Morrison

Almost everything I needed Stupid points idea. Which there was a few extras included out of the box. But maybe a little developing on my own will fill the gap. Good job I like it so far.

Dennis Cheong

Why everything erased Did the recent update erase all my rules and points?

David Birdwell

Exactly what I was looking for Very intuitive and powerful Take control over your phone without rooting! Basically create if/then actions without knowing any code

Ray Luo

Actions are too limited I can not change GPS status (OK perhaps this one needs root), can not connect to a specific wifi network, ...

Maaz Ahmad

Add rule for turning off wifi when not in use..

Isma Pervaiz

Can it be done? I want to make it that my Mobile Data is turned off when I'm successfully connected to any Wi-Fi connection. I don't see the opention to do that. Is that in the paid version?

Kellina Nesbeth

Bug Since update, my two triggers that have a 1 hour time delay keep getting stuck about halfway through and therefore the action never happens. Also, once stuck it won't let me cancel by clicking notification. Galaxy S5 on Android 4.4.2

William K

Useful. Could you make print larger? I have bad eyes.

Igor Ganapolsky

Doesn't work as described. A simple task like powering off my phone at a certain hour doesn't work in this app. I've tried it and tweaked it for several days, and nothing. I also contacted support, and nothing

J Nevinsky

Complete shite useless AVOID Really limited and actually a waste of time. If you're looking for a proper and powerful automation app search for "Tasker".


Better than all the other ones Doesn't require you to press a button to launch. It also has A LOT of options, nice job!

peter railton

So far no problem Just makes using the phone so much easier, love being able to get in my car and have Bluetooth automatically connect.keep up the good work

Ziltoid Racer

64% usage of the battery in a day is not an optimized app at all... android os and android system used 8%. why is your app so battery hungry?

Chris Gamlin

Too simplistic to be really useful Only being able to build a rule from one trigger and one action is way too limiting. For example, creating a rule to put the phone in silent mode when its on charge next to my bed at night. Do to that properly needs a rule with multiple triggers for when it's plugged into the charger AND when time is say between 10pm and 7am (to prevent triggering silent if I charge during the day) and even perhaps only when I'm in my home location. Shame as the GUI looks good.

Kellina Nesbeth

Bug Awesome app, except my two triggers that have a 1 hour time delay keep getting stuck about halfway through and therefore the action never happens. Also, once stuck it won't let me cancel by clicking notification. Galaxy S5 on Android 4.4.2

David Velazquez

Puts the "Smart" in Smartphone Works really great. Only problem is that it crashes and it never reactivates the service unless you reboot the phone. Other than that, it's really great if you want to take total control of your smartphone.

Joseph Pires

Can't save a rule ? Can't seem to save a rule whats the point if I can't save rules

Adam Ruggeberg

Great App This is an excellent app for automation. It's easy to use and does just about anything you'd want to automate your phone for. You can set it and forget it.

David Harris

Ok Just barely useful enough to keep on phone. This app is geared more towards social and media users not function oriented.

Eryn Moore

Nice try Not able to create new actions for lifx light bulbs the hugest reason I downloaded it

Marcus Ponting

Lovely app, one request.... I have used locale for years now and refused to use anything else due to having spent £10 on it. That app has been dead for a long time though, so I took the plunge and found a replacement. Tasker was not it. This is. Only thing I'd love to see is the ability to enable power saving mode on samsung phones. Do this and you get 5 stars and a purchase of the pro version :)

Christine T

I like Seems to do the things i need it to do so far

Amir Tal

Stopped working Unreliable, and so it is worthless...

Kayla Brown

Love this app!!

Mary Iswalt

Great app! This is a great app with many useful features.

Professor Goshball

Easy to use in a car installation I use this app to control my N7 in car installation and it works perfect. Just quick a few things I would love to see a rule like external power disconnected device go in to deep sleep,kill all apps when power disconnected something like these.Thanks

Julian Kemmerer

Time based triggers and Wi-Fi based triggers do not work In three days have twice experienced time based triggers not working (i.e. could never rely on as alarm clock) and several times had Wi-Fi triggers not work until phone is unlocked (with all Android permissions and Automateit settings set correctly). Too bad, seemed like a good app.

matthew keller

Great alarm Works great if you start to tone out the same sounds after a while. I set it to open my Pandora so my alarm sounds different every time.

Dan Eldridge

Best automation app - I've tried them all Former fan and loyal user of Llama here. Llama was abandoned by its developer in 2014 and is now virtually useless on Marshmallow. Before trying AutomateIt I tried Tasker, Condi, Automate & MacroDroid. AutomateIt strikes the best balance of power, functionality and ease of use out of all the alternatives. I can't recommend highly enough!

Chelle Wing

Helpful I've been using this app for several years, and in many cases it has been a real lifesaver. My biggest frustration recently is having rules that I've purchased and set up go missing. I was thrilled when I saw the push notification that the rules market was going to be free until the end of May, except when I go in and try to download some that seem very useful, I'm informed I have zero points and need to buy more. Puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Sheikh Waseem Gulzar

Could be better. Composite triggers should be made available in free version. Gps enablef triggers don't work.

Richard Kipp

It just works I've used it for a year, to do all kinds of phone automation. Good product.

Samuel Barford

Great app but please fix bug Mobile data does not switch off on android 5.1.1 please fix bug

Paulo P. Mendonça

Very powerful yet very simple I use it to turn sound on when connected and switch to vibrate when disconnected.

Lasker Saw

Keeps crashing every few minutes Probably because of Nexus N. But it keeps crashing every few minutes. None of the rules ran.

Mike Herman

Excellent automation Great for putting phone on silent when I reach work, starting music when I get in the car, unmuting my phone when it's lost... And so much more.

Chris Lucas

Awesome App but I give any app a 1/5 when they have ads that play loudly even when phone is on mute. Dump your sponsors who make this annoying ads I'd rate the app 5/5 easily

Farshad K.

Not worthy! Push you to buy it but even the paid version could not be that helpful

john namitgira

Too many limitations Lost me as a customer, deliberate limitations programmed into app to extract more $$

Vicki Erickson

Best App Ever! Does EVERYTHING you could possibly need for your smart phone

Kendall Harrington

Handy tool Have installed this on all my android devices

lakshitha madusanka

It doesn't trigger gps. I setup a gps trigger when map is launched. But still permission pop up is displayed.

Rohan Kayani

Great idea Automatically changes my phone profile during the day and turns on my wifi based on location. However, sometimes doesn't execute actions. Also crashes.

Ahamed EN

Excellent App!!! Really does what you want it to do!!!

Al Henry

Great app! Here's an app that I can actually recommend.

King Kimwele

The best for mobile automation

Jamie Hayden

Automeltodown Awesome app

Delfador Jack

Love it But I hate that point system.

Its Me

Awesom does everthing

Eric Stiff

Wi-Fi hot spot plugin not working S6 Edge on Marshmallow. Hotspot plugin will not turn on hot spot.

Shawnna Griefnow

This app has replaced 2 apps for me I was using one app to turn on iheart when bluetooth connected and another to adjust volume when bluetooth connected. This app is better in that it is only one app and it actually adjust the volume back when bluetooth disconnects and the other app did not. So far I am loving this app.

Robin Trela

Automation at it's finest This app gives you complete control of your droid and then some!!!

Sayful Adrian

One more star for fixing problem of shell plugin on my galaxy tab, thanks

Ahmad Dabo

Good app. But Good app. That has a lot of features but would deserve 5 stars if it was fully free

Kevin Dethlefs

Persists from uninstall Application seems to do something to the phone that constantly overrides the system. Rules execute even after uninstall. Doesn't seem possible but nothing else on my phone ever modified my volumes on its own.

Tony Munger

Used to love it. Not now Had this running on my phone and loved it until I had to exchange my note 7. Now I have to earn points in order to download.

Laurie Smith

Great! Set to make my phone quiet when I arrive at work. New version is very reliable.

Phong Le

Many issues! Rules and triggers are overly complex. Too much micro management with the automation features. Too many ads that interrupt the rules. Some screens do not honour the hardware Back button (Language screen). This app could have potential if the UI is simplified- the complexity should be handled at the application level and not at the UI level. Anyway, I found DroidSet. The developer of this app should look at the simplified and powerful automation feature of DroidSet as a guide. Uninstall this app for now.

Icepax Knight

Crap! Rules did not fire at all! Too many repetitions with rules. No multi tasks with rules. Too many intrusive ads- I might need to install Android Firewall and AdAway to removes the ads. UI is too complex. Free version is also crippled, so can't test much. I think I'll stay with DroidSet as its UI is simpler and allows multi tasks with each profile automation. Tip for dev: don't copy Tasker and make your app too difficult. Be unique! I already dump Tasker. I'm dumping this app, too! Uninstall.

John Gareri

Great app! I'm impressed at the depth of options in this app! Simple to use and it works great. I have only used this free version for 2 days, but I'm blown away. I will most definitely get the paid version if I still feel this way in 2 weeks.

tung pham

Not good Rules are not working as they should. I had to disable Internet access for this app with Android Firewall to remove all the annoying ads- particularly the audio ads. Free version is too crippled to be much use- let alone evaluate. Uninstall.

Daragh O'Donoghue

Not sure I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or not but can't accomplish what I want to. I selected an app to be monitored. When its activated I simply want to turn on location? Can't do it though.

Joanne Scafidi

Doesn't work on Marshmallow Tried simple triggers like turning mobile data off based when WiFi in range and changing home screen wallpaper based on location. Samsung S7 and Nexus 7. Uninstalled.

Brian McWaters

So I've used the free version for a long long time... and I have come to like it so much that today I got the Pro version! Pro version has more you can do with it... But the free version is just a light version of the free with a few ads, not really limited.

Nikhil Pendurkar

Useful App I needed my phone to do somethings automatically, as I kept forgetting to do those. This is by far the best app to do so, as it is easy to use, straightforward, and full of features. I've tried other automation apps, but this is by far the best. 10/10 would do again :)

Євген Гарастович

Great app Does what it's supposed to do, low memory footprint. Great job, guys. Keep up the good work

Chirag Goyal

save button problem save button not working

D Snutz

Works good I just wish all features were free since they have ads on app

Oliver Smith

Can't save anything created

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