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6 Feb
Auto Redial

Posted by Solar Systems in Tools | Feb. 6, 2016 | 82 Comments

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Finding yourself calling back to see if the line is free, download Auto Redial!

Line busy? Need to get in touch? Auto Redial lets you redial numbers automatically. Set the number, and the time between calls, and let your phone dial automatically for you. Use it to get on-the-air of your favorite radio show, or win tickets to shows and sporting events or win your chance in connecting to a busy Call Center.

Please read the "How it Works?" section before writing any negative comments.

• Option to dial alternate numbers in Contact. Eg: Dial Work number if Mobile line is Busy
• Option to enable/disable redial
• Number of Redial Attempts can be configured
• Delay between Redial attempts can be configured.
• Enable Speaker mode when Redialing
• Home Screen widget to Enable/Disable Redial.

How it Works?

Once Auto Redial settings is enabled you can close the application and dial any number from your phone dialer.

The Redial application runs in the background listening to any call you dialed ending with '0' seconds ( All busy calls ends with 0 seconds in the call log. Some carriers do not support this). If the last call ended in 0 seconds then the application automatically redial the number. If your busy call does not end in 0 secs but ends with in certain time then you can configure "Consider a call busy field". If the busy call does not hang up at all then you need to manually hang up for the system to redial the last number immediately. Currently the Android SDK does not support detecting a busy signal.

Between the redials a prompt is displayed helping you to Cancel the Redial. Press Cancel if you do not want to continue further.

How do I dial it real fast?
If you want to make repeated dials as fast as possible follow the steps below
Set the Delay between Redial to 0 seconds
Switch Off the Prompt before Redialing option
Dial the number to reach from your dialler application.
When you hear busy tone just Hang up by pressing the End Call button. This will redial the number immediately.

If you are not satisfied with the product, please write an email.Giving a negative rating will not help me to understand what you really need.

If you have any questions please look at the developers website or email the developer.

Whats new

    Bug Fixes
    Additional features through In App Purchase
    Enhanced UI

Solar Systems part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 6, 2016. Google play rating is 77.1652. Current verison is 1.33. Actual size 3.4 MB.

Download auto-redial.apk 3.4 MB


Gerad Coles

Worked great for me I needed this app for getting through to the California DMV. On my HTC One S w/Cyanogenmod Android v4.3.1 it worked flawlessly. I created a contact with several phone numbers for the DMV, launched the app, told it to use alternate numbers, 50 retries, and initiated a call to the DMV. Plugged in my headphones to avoid annoying co-workers with busy signals, and just waited. Around 35-40 retries in, it connected to the DMV and I was able to complete my call. No complaints about the app so far. Thank-you to the developer for providing this free of charge.

Aisha Sharif

Doesn't work. At all. (Nexus 4) I tried using it as a practice run by setting it to redial my sisters number 5 times and it flat out did NOT work. It took me to contacts and I had to do everything manually, which makes this app absolutely useless.

Anastasia Pak

Automatic speaker mode doesn't work (Zenfone 5) Worked perfectly on Sony Xperia Neo. Upgraded to Asus Zenfone 5 (kitkat) and the automatic speaker mode doesn't work when redialling

Nick Rider

Does what it says Perfect app works as intended. These redailers are the only way to get an appointment with a NHS doctor's surgery unless you're Polish!

Rosy N

Good app but don't see prompt option I read that there should be a way to get prompted to stop the auto redial and also a setting on whether to get prompted at all. I don't see either of those on my android phone. Why is it missing?

kamona gayan

Its good but.. Sometimes it doesnt work and then i hv to re install its frustrating..and u cnt use it for sim2..plz add this facility

Brandon Reznik

Great app When I click on launch dialer, it opens up the contacts though

Bolivar Skagnasty

Doesn't live up to expectations The idea is to be able to hands-free continue to dial a busy number until you get through. This app failed to do so. Uninstalling. (Note 4)

Matt Bramley

Not bad Really useful app. However, given most users would probably want to redial asap, would be nice if the app detected when I've hung up and not try to redial. Also, prompt dialog could do with design update for lollipop.

Jamel Gay

Doesnt work with lollipop

Derek Anderson

OK but.... I wanted an auto redialer but this app redials on any call i make that is busy. Should only redial on calls made with the app. You have to uninstall when you don't want redialing or go into the app to disable - annoying!

Trevor Hammonds

No longer works after I switched phones Worked great on my last three phones. But, after switching to a Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, it no longer works properly. It will redial a busy number only once, then it quits.

Balamurugan Manogaran

Balamurugan review comments Definitely it's really helpful for me... If you are interested try urself

Felipe Micaroni Lalli

The idea is clever It's a pity that it simply does not work.

Urban Larsson

Useful, slick and free Does what it's supposed to do with no fuss, excellent!

Rekha Chopra

GREAT Works great, Thanks a lot for making this app, I owe you

Badrul Badrul

Badrul Yes liked it

Manish Chevli

Good time saver

Balaji Nadinakanthan

Excellent app I loved it

Lucky 1

anonymous doesn't work anymore with lollipop, please fix it!

Thirumalai Kumarasamy

Thanks for this A full stop for frustration moments. It works perfect. If possible make it for Windows too.

Robert Brewster

Lollipop problems This is a fantastic app, bit does not work with lollipop, is it possible to sort it out?

Norm Bolser

All I get is the settings screen No where can I find a place to use this. Settings screen and nothing more.

Devan Greer


hari Itpl

Not working with lollipop

Steve Anderson

Works perfectly This is exactly what I was looking for. The settings cover all the possible bases too. Anyone saying it doesn't work probably hasn't read how you use it. It does not have UI to actually make calls. Very nice 5 star app.

Florian Knoblich

Dual Sim ? Does not work with dual sim ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 992D. When redialing app doesn't make phone automatic choose sim card. So you have to choose manually every redial attempt. So no "Auto" Redial

Robyn Moran

Absolutely did not work. I had really high hopes for this app, but it wouldn't let me progress past the settings page. I would love to email the developer for support but could not find this information.

Louis Simoneau

Does what it says Airline went bankrupt and the phone lines for ticket transfers were totally jammed, this app got me through eventually.

Greg Lemaster

Could not figure out how it works. Tried using dialer as normal and app would not automatically kick in. So I went to app settings. Didn't see anything there to make it work either!

Андрей Рысев

Please, add russian language.

Mash Mellow

Very usefull programm, thanks.

Christopher Merrifield

Wow! It's true the auto speaker didn't work, but my first time using it, I got through to a radio station and qualified for the contest!! Awesome!

Phil Boyd

Awesome app - worked like a [email protected]

Silver Ashour

Loved it Better than the other programs... Actually I don't know why it has a 3 rating

Admir Karalic

In Canada we have FREE health Care, but to get to see a doctor you have to call your Clinic First and a get an appointment, which is very infuriating, since there is no wait line or what so ever, you have to redial every 5 seconds to make sure you get in line before that other dude tries to call. So this came really handy :D

Phil Reynolds

A "should be standard" feature... This app provides what really ought to be a standard feature. Only gripes are due mainly to limitations of the phone system rather than the app - "funny busy" not dealt with - this is a pain - and allowing for it by the hangup timer not much better. You sometimes have to turn redial off to avoid funny things happening, because of that. However, this is such an important app, I recommend it to everyone. It is, however, problematic with dual SIM phones.

Amalia Maryunita

Finally I could make a wake up call to my sleepyhead boyfriend without trying to call it again and again, But unfortunately it won't end by itself when the phone's busy, i should hang it up then it automatically redial. Please... Make it auto redialing after calling for few seconda

Daniela Arevalo

Omg I lost my ID I'm in a different state whether the out come is good or not this app got me thru!

Jhype Dev

Magnifico! This app is great and comes w/ a widget function to start/stop redial. Works well in 4.x. It saves me a lot of time. Couldn't find anything like this. Thanks. -5stars! UPDATE: so far it's still working well in Lollipop 5.0.2 w/ dual sim. This is still the most simple UI out there. (hoping for material look) ?

panneerselvam ananda rubhan

Allsaid fine but but is found very convinent to mannuay redia tjan depending the app. useess ever seen

Shomit Sarkar

Needs more options/refinement Does the work of auto redial perfectly if call not picked up, but keeps redialing even if i manually try to disconnect, this needs to be fixed asap please.. I want to use this app on my LG V10 as it does not have inbuilt auto redial feature..... Also if possible please remove the option of the app showing up itself while redialling.

Madz Madz

Nice app Functioning well as promised. Thanks But it should include in the settings an option to vibrate once call is connected.

Bryan mathew

only lets me dial numbers that already in my contacts list. OK ill try that next time but today i called my work and when i hung up it started to dial a radio station (that i used your app for earlier) by itself. And what does "dial alternative numbers" option mean?

Jeffrey Rose II

Worked the first time, but not since. Will be 5 stars if you (or I) can fix this. I love playing radio contests, lol.

Balazs Sarvari

Hmm. Somewhat weird. By default, after a successful call it redials the number. I would expect the automatic redial to take place only when the called number is not answering. When I hang up on my own it should not call the number again, however it does. It caused me a few surprises when in the background it tried to reach the called numbers many times. I wasn't realizing this was happening and the other side may have thought I went crazy that I tried to call him 17 times... A bit embarrassing.

Roy Abitbol

Rather crude but essentially did the job. The Good: Unlike other apps in this area - this one opened the speaker The Bad: It opens it ALWAYS, while it should open it only when the line is NOT busy.... this way you wouldn't have to "listen" to the phone and only pick it up when the call went through

Kent Simpson

Great for a radio contest But I wish it would recognize the busy signal, and reset on its own.

Poker Essentials

I heart you 27 minutes of redialling trying to get in touch with surgery for an appointment this app helped reduce anger if the constant redial. Brilliant.

Bergeny Bergeny

Double sim bug Thats a perfect idea but the problem is that it shows a prompt message to choose whether to use sim 1 or 2 with every redial. hope it will be fully automatic then i'll rate it 5/5

Alex Riesen

Does not work, sgs2

Evan Danielson

Does What It Advertises This Auto Redial app does exactly what it advertises, nothing more, nothing less. There are other similar apps that may do more, but cost you. Honestly, what is there more to this kind of app? You activate the app (it runs in the background), you dial a number and if you continuously get a busy signal, you hit 'End call' and it auto redials the number for you with the speakerphone on. Easy as that. If you're looking for a really solid Auto Redial app, then look no further than this Auto Redial app!

Lee Beamer

Didn't work at all. Useless. It redialled a total of zero times

Faiza Nawaz

Great app This is so good app. Its solve my problem

Kevin Jenkins

Does not turn itself off! Be extremely careful when using this app, as it runs in the background after use and then strikes when you least expect it. It does work, but if you use it once and then don't manually kill it, and you call someone later (not intentionally using the app) who doesn't pick up, then put your phone away, you will butt-dial them until your battery dies. Other apps like this only operate when you start the call through them; I'd recommend one of those.

Teg nkush

To the douchebag who said in Canada we have to use redialers on making doctor appointments.. You are full of crap. I don't know what doctor your going to but there is never call waiting

Vaibhav Aggarwal

Works Great on My HTC Great app but would have given 5stars if call could be made from recently dialled list.

Hari Gopal

Easy to use, and works as advertised.

Chad Schofield

Presumably Kira finds breathing difficult... Very straight forward, a number of dropdown selections e.g. How many attempts before giving up. Click the Launch Dialer (as shown in images), dial a number and if you get the busy tone, hang up and the app will redial for you. It means you only have to dial/select contact once. You do have to hang up... but then if it's ringing out to voicemail then I guess it avoids that issue.

Kira Alexander

More Confusing than Physics I have no clue how to work this app - user friendly it is not. Hit launch dialer, enter the number, nothing happens! I'm still just calling a phone number as usual??? Uninstalled.

Eddie Miller

Auto redial It is the best ever works great with my k7 lg threw metro pcs

joey aponte

PURE GARBAGE!!! This app is trash. Works when it wants to and takes forever to redial. Don't waste your time.

ChasAW70 Brown

Works well

Pamela Harwell

If you dial a number and hang up, it keeps redialing it. Also, it won't redial if you get voicemail. It would be great if it disconnected and redialed if you get a busy signal.

Eric Larsen

I can't use that option because we need SPEED. It's getting better in some ways.

Ben Dover

Bug 2 fix Running on CM-13 Marshmallow the redialer did not undrstand that a succesful call was ended. Instead it started to redial back after the call.

Rob Ballantyne

Perfect Got my doctors appointment in record time with this. Thanks!

Hakam Akasheh

Good but... I would like to have the option of activating the program. If the line is busy, it would be nice if I get the option of starting the program rather than having it start automatically.

chantell k

Not good since last update Since the last update 4/2/16 the redialer does not redial again straight away even when set at 0 seconds it takes atleast 8 seconds to redial again. Not good for ring and win comps.

Phil Reynolds

A "should be standard" feature... Due to being problematic on a dual SIM phone, I have downgraded my rating - any fix available? This app provides what really ought to be a standard feature. Only gripes are due mainly to limitations of the phone system rather than the app - "funny busy" not dealt with - this is a pain - and allowing for it by the hangup timer not much better. You sometimes have to turn redial off to avoid funny things happening, because of that. However, this is such an important app, I recommend it to almost everyone.

Armijn van Dijk

Speaker phone stopped Used to work great, but after the last update the speaker phone option stopped working for me. And that was wonderful as I could just leave it on the table instead of next to my ear!

L Wilson

Great! Does the job I only turn it on for specific tasks.. like calling the dr. I am able to engage in an aggressive campaign of 0 delay war-dialing with multiple phones to ensure I get through instead of some other sick person! Love it :) - running lolipop it auto ends call on busy signal. Answerphones are a problem though.

John Brown

Please not to Redial on Manual end call Redial on not answered calls only.

Arjun Singh

Awsm app Good app in small space Perform great

BigFatFuss StuntMonkey

Very Close... yet Not Quite Right... Please contact me when issues are rectified...? After choosing all the settings appropriate for my intentions, then 'Launching' App, I dialed number (BUSY), HungUp, the AutoReDial engaged, and after 10 - 15 - 20+ plus seconds *I Ended The Call* (setting was 6s, the 4s, then Uninstall (I Do NOT Want to babysit the app, just [Listen without looking or touching phone until a Ring is connected - THEN App/Phone SHOULD Automatically Maintain The Call (or have a *Talk* Button that actually works as expected)... very close, yet rather useless to me as is...

Richard Coleman

Love this app As an agency worker having to call at a set time with 300 + people calling at the same time this app helps big time wood actually pay for this app its that good

Khajan Singh

Ever best in the world This redailer work good. Without bug. I love it best redaile4

Md Sho

Amazing app, Thanks a lot :)

Elijah Softley

Make it more configurable Instead of drop down lists, show plain edit controls. Also add an option, if it's possible, to enable speakerphone only if the call went through. It shouldn't redial if I manually hang up. Thank you! Edit: Wow, new permissions! Ads? Uninstalling

John Jackson

It's Okay but could be much better They need to make it so it hangs the phone up and auto redial so you do not have to keep hitting the end button

Nik Blackwell

Finally! Worked perfectly. My first Android phone (Galaxy S3) had built-in redial, and since I upgraded a year ago to an Xperia Z3 Compact, I've been really missing that feature. On the rare occasion it is needed, it is essential. Thankfully, I now have it again, and this time I have control over the settings too. I'll never be without redial again. Woohoo!

Jhype Dev

Magnifico! This app is great and comes w/ a widget function to start/stop redial. Works well in 4.x. It saves me a lot of time. Couldn't find anything like this. Thanks. -5stars! UPDATE: so far it's still working well in Lollipop 5.0.2 w/ dual sim. This is still the most simple UI out there. (hoping for material look) ?

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