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15 Dec
Aura for EVE Online

Posted by Jason Parks in Entertainment | Dec. 15, 2014 | 79 Comments

Apk file size: 9.8 MB

Aura is a application to track and monitor your characters for EVE Online (

Version: 1.3.16

Please join the in-game channel (Aideron Robotics) or visit the Aura
forum for support or posting feedback (I do not read market comments):

You can also follow me on Google+ ( or Twitter (@aideronrobotics).

Send your ISK donations to Marcel Devereux.

Whats new

    * Remove clone notifications.
    * Updated to Rubicon 1.0 database.
    * Removed certificates.
    * Dropped arbitrary version naming.
    * Updated to Odyssey 1.1 database.
    1.3.16 (80):
    * Fixed Odyssey database. This should fix all blank market and fitter screens.
    1.3.15 (79):
    * Updated database to Odyssey.
    Please read the description for support information.
    Send your ISK donations to Marcel Devereux.

Jason Parks part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 15, 2014. Google play rating is 88.7688. Current verison is 83. Actual size 9.8 MB.

Download aura-for-eve-online.apk 9.8 MB


Mike A

Used to be good This app is well designed but hasn't been updated in a while. Now only 1 of my charcters works even though the API keys are valid on them all. Market data is also inaccurate.

A Google User

Currently useless ...but it was great in the past! One character hasn't updated despite others on the same API updating fine. Industry screen is completely blank, which was one of the reasons this was so useful. Database has incorrect info. Shame. It used to be awesome.

Cosmic Ursa

Great tool when it's up to date I love Aura but it has needed updating for months now. No T3 destroyer info, skills and prereqs are incorrect, and the search function is.... well, nonfunctional.

travis croft

Definately a usefull tool for pod-pilots "Skill training completed" this app has helped me a bunch with evaluatinfg and comparing the benefits of the next training que, and pricing updates for us trade folks. I've used the ship fitter a few times but found it somewhat awkward to play with. Cant wait for the Dust 514 link up. UPDATE: three eveonline builds later it has fallen behind -no new ships or skills. When I train an un-updated skill it comes up null.

Mike Ryan

Update this!!! Since the new patches have been applied to the game I keep getting notices saying my clone is out of date. That feature has been removed from the game! Please fix this annoying repeating notification. Hey! Back to 5 stars! Ya fixed the repeat notification. Awesome.

Shane Smith

Works great, updated shortly after release. I've been using this for a while. It works well to keep track of what your characters are doing while you are on the go. The updates follow releases with about the same delay as EveMon, so that's fine.

Bruno Andreotti

Awesome app Awesome app, lets me follow skill training etc. on my various accounts on a whim. Only a few problems, such as some items missing from the market/encyclopedia (e.g. the Prospect, T2 ORE mining frigate) and some out of date skills (very noticeable in the Drones category) keep it from getting 5 stars.

Jack Stockholm

Back button goes to Home screen so DB unusable Navigate to the database, then ships, then industrials, then iteron, then try to go back one step to Indy's so you can view Nereus, you can't, back takes you all the way to the launch screen and you have to start again. Nice app if they fixed the back button.


Works fine, does everything I want it to. Only problem is that it I get errors that it stopped when I'm actively on another program. Kind of like a psycho girlfriend who trashes your place when she loses sight of you for more than five minutes.

Joseph Funk

Good app! Very well done, keeps me up to date with stuff. Only complaint is that it will no longer update my buy/sell orders on my trader alts.

Wood Woodling

Is this still an active app?? Still issues with numerous functions. Waiting hopefully for updates

Alexandru Anastasiu

It's developer lack of interest that killed it! This app used to be great. Now, it's fallen into disrepair. Not even the news work as they should anymore. Developer, take it off the market if you're not working on it anymore!

Scott Lefevre

Podcasts crash app On both my S5 and Note Pro everything works except the app crashes when trying to go to podcasts.

A Google User

Was great... In the past this was my goto app for everything eve. Now nothing updates and all the information has lapsed. Catch up with the times and I'll come back to using it. Until then, uninstalled.

Anthony Bonura

Doesn't work Only displays user pic and name, doesn't retrieve information.. On LG3

James McGuire

Great app for keeping you characters training or for checking stats on items uding the database. I've never got the skill planner to work though, across multiple phones and versions of android. Solid app that i still use even now the game allows unlimited skill queues

Karth Moonwalker

Nice little app Awesome app for keeping track of your characters when you aren't near your pc. However, after a couple of days it stopped tracking my industry jobs and receiving mails. Can't figure out what's going on with that.

Darian Brown

Far from complete Great app but far from being feature complete. "Coming soon" text everywhere and has been like that for a long time now.

A Google User

Good ap Search feature doesn't anything.

A Google User

Perfection When used with EVE Droid expect perfection. Aura has skill training widget, EVE Droid has easy to navigate, efficient UI.

A Google User

Funky Works perfectly, I like it.....though the databases are out of date and need updating to the most recent stats for ships

Nathan stenzel

Updated for Android 5 Occasionally fails to see multiple character training, fitting tool is broken, database is clunky and difficult to navigate. Please update. This was an amazing tool.


Works great. To get the recent update to work i had to uninstall it first. The api keys weren't working.. all good now :)


Amazing, miniscule bugs Overall, I love this app! It allows me to monitor my characters in EVE! The only problem I found is that I can't view my industry and mail, and yes my api is set up for it. I recommend everyone get this.

Julian P.

Poor functionality, wallet not updating, mails and industry the same. Used to be great

Mic Lowe

Data base, Fitting and clones Still getting the clone error. Database isn't up to date and the fitting service crashes a lot. .. look into this please

A Google User

Not as... ... Useful as it could be. Need to update the database to current release.

G1ant Murray

Coming soon But when will it be finished? Lots of coming soon this app was great but is falling apart. It needs an update

Morgan S

Doesn't work for me Nexus5 with lollipop, doesn't retrieve any user information other then profile name.

A Google User

Pity not maintained better Fails to use my character data properly, so can't use mail or wallet information

Christopher Esposito

Update more 82 Rubicon update ---- 83 removed clones really way more went on since Rubicon.

Nicholas Andersson

Was great Needed to update my stars. This hasn't been updated in a long time and thus of no use. Shame though, because the features and usabiliry is awespme.


Some parts work great, other parts not so much. For example the database and fitting tool work fairly well. But Im unable to load my industry jobs and several other character related things

Alan Mecham

One of my favourite apps I only wish it would update so the missing ships skills and mods would be included. I've used this one for a few years now and I'm still 90% satisfied with it... 5 stars when the new versions is released.

Kory Daoust

Handy Does what it says and does it well. Would be nice to have full eve mail integration like the Eve Gate portal online. Good Work!

A Google User

Awesome Thanks for removing the clone reminder, Jason!

A Google User

Outstanding application, needs updated database though.

Charles Du Gard

Very Useful. I can recieve evemail on the go. Check skill queues, even check when i get isk. Nice!

Levente Paizs

Works Great app to follow your skill training and wallet from a mobile device. 5 stars

Dane Griffin

Fixed the clonet problem.. Fix my stars :) I did otime an error this morning when I looked at hobgoblin II... Says you need scout drive skills.

Thomas Marksson

Not good Implants and mail aren't shown, but full API-key is installed. Fix it please. And add notifications for mail.

Денис Козырев

Very interesting and useful application, but unfortunately no updates for a long time.

Mikhail Nazarov

very good but no kronos will you make an update to kronos?

Rick Helm

Updates The updates for it have seemed to come to an end? Info in it is starting to fall further and further behind. Still a great app tho. *update* it is now starting to not work at all. Mails no longer pull through, wallet info doesn't tally. Starting to loose confidence in this app and have started using others. After over 6 months of no update nor any intention given by the developer towards the continual of this site, I have decided to delete it. Which is a shame. Because it used to be the best there was...

Brandon Winkler

Good but corporate tab not working All my money flow (buy/sell) is done through my corp bank. it would be excelent if the corp tab worked in this app. More corps dont have stations of their own then those that do, so prioritize the individual tabs. You dont need to release them all at once

Jeremy Mcguire

Let down Was great now it won't update the news feeds and stuff fix for better rating

Jenny Tall Mashing

Out of date No t3 Dissys and wrong slots on alot of ships

Kevin T

Doesn't seem to work fully for my character.

Rusty B

Use to be good Has not been updated in a while.

A Google User

HTC one this app was wicked now it's not picking up mails on multiple chars in same Corp or not showing people in the right Corp. Picking up skills trainning on different accounts or if you change what toon is skilling up so at this moment it's not doing what it claims had this app for about 3years plz sort it out

Chris Tall

Abandoned Used to be the best around. Now the developer has abandoned this app to work only on applications for his corp's internal use. VERY BROKEN. STAY AWAY. WILL NOT EVER BE FIXED OR UPDATED EVER AGAIN.

Michael Welsh

It use to be good. At the very least this was a good app to stay up-to-date on New Eden. Now the last news report on it was posted June 2014. The coming soon projects seem to have been abandoned, and well the app really seems to have been forgotten.


Useful, but needs updating. I've used this app as long as I have played eve. However, due to it being far outdated, several of the ships that are in-game do not show up on the app. This makes research ineffective using the app.

Keith McPherson

Dead app Used to be great, but it's no longer maintained. Most of the functionality is broken or outdated. Look elsewhere.

Kyle C

Abandonware Dev has said he is done working on Aura in favor of some other Unicorn app. He refuses to release source code or give to a new maintainer, probably out of embarrassment (the app is really buggy and broken, the code is probably a mangled mess). Its sad that the EVE community is full of people with attitude and ego issues. I suggest you look elsewhere for an app to look after your pilots. This app is dead and the person who created it has no intention of releasing any updates to anyone besides his corp.

maro lucianus

It's great but.... The one ship I downloaded this for isn't even in the system. The Confessor. If you fix that Ill rate fixe stars in a heart beat.

Blade Ravinger

Does this work for anyone?! So added my api, everything is blank, added a corp api and everything in the corp section is 'coming soon' well thanks me and my huawei p8 are removing this crap and il reset my api just to be safe

A Google User

Used to be the best!! This app used to be Brilliant. But now is over 6months without update. So it's slipped down the rankings. But I'm still optimistic that a new update will come soon.

Jamie Miller

A year out of date. Perhaps sell this project onto someone who can dedicate the time appropriately to maintaining its upkeep. A constant app like this takes time to upkeep.

Jordan Heale

Excellent tool but missing key features such as corporation data. I unfortunately have no use for the app until this is implemented.

Josh Draughon

Inaccurate The app was once upon good, but it is way outdated now. Alot of items don't even show up same with the skills. Will give it a 5 star once it's updated but doubt it will happen.

Bill Wojtas

Doesnt work well Fit tool does not work. Data pulled is days old. Not updates with latest game updates

Shannae Darkehart

Obsolete Appears to work correctly but it's so out of date that it's useless for me.

Melvin Dean

Broken app Show only skills don't see market orders. No refresh

Heather Herrmann

Update it! Update the thing! Would probably be one of the best Eve apps out there if it was. Adding email would make I even better.

A Google User

Used to be great, hasn't been updated for a long time.

Joe Martin

Used to be an amazing app When I first started using Aura to keep track of my Eve assets, it was amazing. However, it now hasn't been updated in a couple years, and the main site, if not permanently broken, is currently down. Cached content seems to indicate the developer has dropped the project in favor of developing applications for his corp members. I am unable to get my api key to even show up in the app.

A Google User

A sad fall from grace.... Used to be awesome, but lack of updates means it hardly works anymore. My wallet total works, but no transactions are updating. Shame.

Dan Confidential

Was good Once upon a time it was perfect. Now, it is a bit dated. Most features still work fine even if the static data it uses is old.

Greg Ekinz

Abandoned app? Since I installed this app, I haven't any activity by the developer. Although the app is good as it stands, there hasn't been any recent updates to coincide with Eve's new developments. Waiting patiently to see if the developer will remember those who count on frequent updates to stay in the know. Looks like last update was in 2014.

Alun King of Wales

Doesn't work. Looks like a closed project. Most features don't work anymore. I had to use the api text file to connect to my character and all it could download was my name. Skills and isk are missing. There is also no asset tracking of owned ships etc. This app urgently needs a major update.

A Google User

Used to be good... ... But has not seen an update in almost 2 years. The info contained in this app is therefore well out of date. Hopefully the dev will decide to update again soon, if not then I will look elsewhere for an EVE app.

Daniel Cahalan

Excellent. Everything seems to work, been using it a few years now. Only thing is, they don't seem to have linked the news feed to this app yet, after Mittani redid their website. The only news in there, that I have, is from last year. Otherwise, perfect. o7

Jonathan Nunez

Abandoned app Owner hasn't updated this app and will never do it. Save yourswlf the hassle and dont get this app as it has outdated info. Did I mention the author abandoned it? yeah. Great app in the past, not so much now.

Greg Eiler

Now, outdated... Really used to be the best EvE app. Now it's just outdated by about 6-8 months at the time of my review. I can't rate lower than 4 stars bc this app really helped out a lot in the past. I'm shedding a tear as I uninstall.

Ahmad Ammar

Needs update badly This app hasn't been updated since ever, it doesn't identify the new added skills and more.

Matt P

Can't view your own ships(they took out assets). I recommend eve droid, since it has all the same information with a better ui

Alan Wing

No longer supported As below, it seems about 2 years out of date. Same on the devs Google page, hope he's OK!

William Muschetto

Used to be great, but is now abandonware. Used to be an epic app, but it now seems to be abandonware. No updates in almost 5 months, no replies to e-mails. So sad, this was my go to monitoring tool.

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