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5 Jul
aTimeLogger - Time Tracker

Posted by BGCI in Productivity | July 5, 2016 | 235 Comments

Apk file size: 6.1 MB

Application for tracking your personal or working activities.

Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you'll be able to control and manage your time.

aTimeLogger is the right solution for everyone:
- business people with an intensive daily routine;
- sportsmen who value every minute of their day;
- parents in order to control their children's daily activities;
- everyone who is interested in what activities they spend their day on and those who want to control and optimize their time.

Application features:
- easy and intuitive interface
- goals to reach
- pause/resume
- automatic time tracking with Tasker or Locale;
- groups
- simultaneous activities
- many statistics available in form of graphs and pie charts
- reports in different formats (CSV and HTML)
- a huge number of icons for activity types
- the best support :-)

Whats new

    Kudos if you like the app! Leaving positive reviews with every update makes me happy and I want to improve the app again :-)
    Version 1.5.12
    - Fixed goal notification time (sometimes it appears later)
    Version 1.5.10
    - added total time on history tab;
    Version 1.5.9
    - add percent and total to reports
    Version 1.5.8
    - fixed file attachment for some devices
    Version 1.5.6
    - introduced bulk delete - you can press delete button from reports (if such option is enabled in Settings);

BGCI part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 5, 2016. Google play rating is 91.7868. Current verison is 1.5.12. Actual size 6.1 MB.

Download atimelogger-time-tracker.apk 6.1 MB


Joan Friedman

Keeps me honest! I am a chronic procrastinator, so tracking my time really helps me keep up with work. This app has helped me be a lot more productive!

Angela Detter

Fabulous app This app really does a great job. Love the fact I can enter my own categories. That makes it easy to track several things. As a student this app helped me track time for each class. Plus it gave me a wake-up about how much time I waste.

Mark Kamyshansky

Perfect app for time tracking Great app, simple yet useful widget, neat design. My favourite app so far when it comes to necessity of monitoring my daily routine. Kudos!

Sammy B.

Message to the Developers: Really great app! Would give it 5 stars if there was a feature to save my "Goals" history. That way I could track my progress and accomplishments for longer then just one week. The "Reports" function seems fairly useless and could be made more efficient with this feature.

Roger Gauthier

Awesome Time Management App This app has been great to track my time. Very simple, intuitive, personalizable, and easy to use. Love the report feature as well.

Norberto Guimaraes

Great app to figure out how you spend your most valuable asset Love the easy icons to start and stop an activity. Simple way to create groups. Could be better at adding time to past activities that one forgot to enter

Gavin Medeiros

Love it but...... I really like this app because I am able to see where I am wasting the majority of my time. There are a few things that could make it better. First, format it to work with tablets better. The screen doesn't rotate when I have my tablet attached to the keyboard(yes, I made sure my screen rotate was on. It's the app!). Second, find a way that will allow this app to automatically track and categorize the time you spend on different apps on your devices. I want to know what is consuming the bulk of my time.

Danil Sherekin

almost there! great stuff, helps a lot. couple of features i really miss though: to set a limit or a goal for not doing a specific activity or any activity in the group ("haven't slept for 16 hours - time to go to bed!" or "haven't eaten any type of meal for 3 hours - may have a snack now!"). also, i need to just press a button to add an event without duration. i don't need to know how long it took me to eat that apple, you know.

Taha Javed

Best Productivity App peripd This is life changing. Intuitive and easy to use. Few bugs with how week is tracked. Additionally, it would be great if the data was available on a website, so you could analyze it further in Tableau or Excel. (export good workaround but could be easier.

Ariel Reynante

Really Useful BUT Can be an Energy Hog aTimeLogger has helped me log what I do throughout the day and realizing just how much time I waste. Color coding, tons of symbols, grouping similar tasks, and the ability to have >1 task running @ once makes the report really easy to read. My only complaint is how fast it runs down my battery BUT as a work around I simply start & stop a given task when beginning and ending it. Then later on in the day I correct for the actual time spent & sometimes add a description in the comment section.

Lena Olson

Helpful The app is easy to use and helpful throughout the day. Setting goals is my favorite part because it gives me a visual to show how far I've got left to reach them. It's cool that I'm not limited to the preset types of activities provided. I love that I don't have to go into the app to pause or stop an activity. All around very pleased, this is a wonderful tool to help me balance studying, work, exercise, sleep, and a social life.

Ken O

Simple and minimalist design Very nice simple app. Helpful in weeding out wasted time, for instance this review. It would be nice to personalize and save task icons. But it's super duper. Time to focus on real life now my time says I have spent 2 minutes on this review already so I am going to stop typing right this secon

kathryn james

What happened? In the older version you could choose many icons and pick their color and name but now it's just limited. I'm disappointed :/

Thang Tran

6 stars but lack AUTOMATIC logging function This wonderful app deserves 6 stars; however, it couldn't record time AUTOMATICALLY: I wish the app automatically records time when I forget to do, so that when I open the app, it could remind me to choose an activity to name the most recent untracked period. I will delete this comment when the author adds this function to the app.

Gordon Truong

Update 3: Good but... There is one serious issue with this app and that is: whenever [Action on Start Activity] is set to "Stop Running Activities", the app will often times (but not always) still behave as if the setting was set to "None". This applies to both the widget and in app.

David of the Meadow

Perfect!!! It's clean. It's simple. It's customizable. Grouping activities is easy. Start and stop activity seamlessly. Summary is easy to read. But my favorite feature is the ability to swipe to the side and leave a quick annotation of the activity.

Becky Miller

Great app! Love to create my own tasks and attach one of the many creative icons.

Tamir Bahar

Really good But would be better if you can hide the notification icons. Also, the goal timers keep counting even when the activities are stopped.

Rachel Ni Dhubhghaill

Excellent and eye opening .A bit of set up in the first week or two as I kept adding activity types to my list of regulars but other than that a fantastic resource. A few more work related icons would be great

usama pervaiz

Great great great app Just what I wanted...helps keep track of activity and not get lost or neglect any.

Jenny Simon

Can't wait to test it out! All ready for work tomorrow, can't wait to test this out and see where my time is being most spent!

Tomasz Oćwieja

automatic wifi/nfc/gps start-stop would be awesome - if could setup - eg. connecting to work wifi - start work, connecting to mcdonalds wifi - start eating edit: :) well that kinda sorts it out

Peter Andrews

Exactly what I was looking for Great app and fits my needs exactly. Only criticism is the reporting and export capability is a little weak. Not enough to get in the way but a nice to have enhancement for the future.

Bennie Carter

Best App Of It's Kind! I've been able to look back in time and see where I need to make improvements in not only my productivity but my life as a whole. If you're looking for Health Wealth Love & Happiness then this app helps you get that much closer to the good life.

Mehrdad Moharrami

Best one I had tried different time manager app. Definitely it is the best one.

Saurabh Chachra

Great app but one bug Shows 'Goal reached' notification an hour before the time I set.

Duncan Craven

just what i needed would be nice to have a setting to prompt for comnent or not, but i think it is easy setup and easy use.bhighly recommended

Oleh S

App for all procrastinators Nice app to visually show where time goes. Integration with Tasker is fantastic. Wish the widgets was more compact and that one could swipe up and down on the pie charts to flip back and forward through weeks.

Vaidas Sarcevičius

Good. Possible improvements There is bug, when i edited existing items and synced data, on other device the icons on first list updated in other two just after repeated editing. It would be great to see pie chart combining all the activities of the same kind in one color, not like 5 diferent colors for reading the same book in one day at different times. Widgets to click on screen would be great. Very wide collection of icons! Also, would be nice if there were some kind of system to register small activities that almost doesnttaketime

Ven Nigell

The app is perfect. Just what I need to organize my life. I use it for two weeks and feel the big difference already. And the support it's really helpful (no, I didn't have a problem with the app, just forgot my password)

Lucija Komelj

Very practical and beautiful! The best logging app and exactly what I have been trying to find for ages! Unlimited (!) number of activities you can track, you can use subcategories and even add goals. The app can be pesonalized in great depth (colors and even it's own icon pack!), it syncs, has a widget and you can also pause/stop the activity from the notification tray. Been using it for a few months, it's completely free, not going back to any other (limited) app, I use all of the features and don't find myself wanting more at all because it does everything I want, so please don't ever change it for the worse!

Alex Berezkin

Everything I wanted! Has all the features I looked for and is not overhead to use. And its free! Thanks!

Josh Robison

I know that hard work has gone into making this app but (1) starting and stopping actions it's really confusing. I expected the previous action to stop and be logged when I started a new activity. But it just kept going. I know that is a feature but it is confusing. (2) how to see and edit my past activities is really confusing. (3) wish the logged time was automatically entered into a Google calendar.

Julie Steadman

Brilliant App This really helped me in my time management as a mature student. Simple to use with nice colourful icons. Can display time used as a list, a pie chart or a calendar time schedule. Can extract data to excel as a .csv I tried alot of android time apps and found this to be the best for personal time Management.

Brijesh Singh

Good one.. Vry grt apps for everyone who wants to save nd manage thier time..

Adriel Brunson

Best for me Tried several other time tracker apps, this one does exactly what I need. I run it on my Nexus 9 and my Moto X - syncs perfectly. Easy to rename, create, move and delete categories. Easy to add things I forgot or change entries. Good enough that I stopped looking at the competition.

Stephen Jang

Awesome App It's a great simple tool to track your time. However, the program is not completely robust. It appeared that lost one week of tracking information because I couldn't view the details in history. But it showed in the summary.

John Rodens

Great app! Can you just add custom activity functionality. So we can add our custom activities?

Sophia Karevan

Tracks time literally! Wish we could add new categories too. not such a big problem though! ?

Yannick Félix

I love it, but I would like to See the avg hours spend in an activity per day, week or month


Amazing app! It's simple, clean and has all the functions I need for time tracking. Highly recommended. :)

Илья Малахов

Supergood! Cool software! Could you please make reminder to start countdown after I changed activity. In other case it could remind directly after I change activity or after 15 minuets.

Choice Ekpekurede

Time Tracking Made Easy I find this app fast and easy to use. You can make your log as simple or as complex as you please. The best part is that it is not time consuming at all. You log your life with simple clicks once you've had your log properly set up. You can create groups and sub groups. If you are multitasking, you can track multiple activities at the same time. I really love it. I have seen the web version. It needs a lot of work. I hope they fix the many bugs and improve the interface soon. Meanwhile, this app is great.

Jawwad Zafar

Great and stupid at the same time. Developers have work very hard to make this stupid App. One question. Why would you need an app where you constantly have to stop/pause your activities? Are you playing a game of chess called life? (in a way it's true) The app does what it says: keep track of your time logs. Started reading? Punch the start time. Started eating? Punch that button. A never ending torment for your game of chess. 5 star to the developers who kept it simply stupid. :)

Siobhan Hamilton-Sturdy

Awesome app Allows great tracking of your tasks and lets you see trends in your activities. Awesome addition of goal features, though it struggles with calculating the total amount of overnight activities (ie sleep) if you choose the "per day" option. Fantastic options for how you present the data, and makes you less likely to waste time and more likely to spend more time on the important things when you know you're recording them :)

Mar Thjod

Stable, simple but extensible, very useful Loving it. Stable, simple principles, nicely extensible. Very fond of the goals feature helping you to self-improve. Pie diagrams give a great overview.

David Eggertsen

Best time tracking app I've been using this app daily since March 2013 and have been very pleased. Thanks for all your work in continually making this the best time tracking app out there!

Ritesh Anand

Great app drains battery Excellent app for time tracking but drains the phone battery like crazy... please resolve the battery issue... perhaps making the continuous time ticker optional will help

Stef King

Simple and full featured Love this app and use it all the time, it's simple yet customizable, and the widget is great. Thanks!!!

Mathias Papp

Luv it Thanks a lot for the great app. I would have a recommendation for a new feature to make it even more perfect. Could you build in a pomodoro-time. Just a simple one to notify if lets say 30 mins have passed. Thx.

Dee Dee

Great app! I love it! This app not only has helped with productivity for my employees but it is also helped with getting things done with deadlines. I have one particular employee who is a little bit slow about getting things done and because of this app they are putting a little more pep in their step because of it. I am able to track exactly what they are doing and how long it takes them to get things done. I have to say that this app is so awesome!

Rick Waterman

The Quantified Self begins here... This is the best manual time tracking app for an accounting of how one might spend all their time, even sleeping. It's easy to customize and easy to use. I found it exceptionally elegant and minimal. Starting and stopping the clocks are a breeze in the notification window. I recommend using the widget for minimal task transitioning. Be sure to check out the goals feature. Bonus points for providing a dark theme.

Luke Siler

Great as you want it to be This app gives a lot of flexibility to choose what and how you measure. For a while I used it to measure every moment and activity waking or sleeping. I've since calmed down and use it to compartmentalize and track my work day activities.

Mariah Frewen

Only good for.... Timing how long something goes for eg. Eating food, sleeping ect. I might not be right or just haven't found out how to add a reminder or tell me when I have to do something I don't really get why you need to time how long you do something this app is stupid. I am very disappointed ?

Sidney Eileen

Lots of potential I am using this app to track the time I spend on various projects, so none of the preset logs work for me. On the plus side, it tracks the time I spend extremely easily and effectively, once I have set up the project I want to track. Setting up new categories and groups, on the other hand, is amazingly non-intuitive and difficult, and there is nothing to help sort it out or direct you on what to do. Almost gave it a 3, and would love to give it a 5, but the setup interface needs lots of love.

Håkan Svensson

Marvellous I'm using the app since a couple of years and it's really very easy and fun to keep track of where you spend your time! Only issue (on S4 with lollipop) seems to be a problem to modify an existing goal, it seems that the changes are not always saved properly. Other than that, easy to use and reliable.

amirul ariff

Very much helping app This app make me know long the time did i use in my daily routine to do this and that....i can determine whether im productive or not in my daily life...nicely done..k caw

Gurtej Singh Padam

An easy way to track your time spent and eliminate the useless activities.

S Jennifer

Missing some features Clear and neat user interface! But it would be nice to include in the stats the average duration of each activity in the "reports" section (time interval: whether from the beginning or from a certain date).

Fabian Okeke

Nicely done but... It's somewhat confusing running the same task for a new day as the log from previous activities still shows without the timeline. It'd be better to have a new day without previous logs appearing. Still a great app.

Emily Fernando

Does What it says Great time tracker. Sign up means you can export results.

Tianjin Sun

I love it. I feel like I've been needing something like this for years! The app is simple to use and gives me no problems.

Shannon Vaughn

Would like to see sub categories, such as laundry, paying bills, etc. Love the app, I use it daily! ????

Shasa Thomas

This app is really helping keep track of my business practices! Love it!

Zohaib Jahan

Good but needs more features to be added Sometimes I forget to make timer ON so I request to you add a feature to enable to add working logs whenever I can. :)

Cynthia Ronchetti

Gteat time logger with cool widget Just the right amount of functionality, helpful tracking habits. Interface could be a little more intuitive, but so far it's the nicest time logger around.

Igor Nefedov

Track your time It's the best tool to watch time go by...)

Milad Alavi

This is the one!! Along side Pocket, Evernote, News Republic, Tasker, IFTTT and Time logger. These are every android user's must have's whether for productivity or time management or basically keeping you on top of things. Not only you can sync it once you create an account but it has Automatism feature (Tasker) which makes it so much more convenient to use. Hats off to the developers keep up the good work.

Lauren Carter

Great app Only one suggestion separate activities so I can see individual time spent on each category of activity, in addition to combined category time. I want to see how much time I spend on entertainment and Internet and how much time combined. Or how much time is Internet research for work versus Internet time on social media. Maybe I can, but it's not readily available...other than that small customization it's a must have app.

Vinisha Nambiar

Better than expected The app allows automated and manual tracking of time, adding many categories of activities that helps with personalisation, and is extremely easy to use. A pleasant surprise was that I could view my time log in charts, set specific goals, and track my performance against set goals. Wonderful!

Aaron ang ngalan ng aking kaluluwa

Extremely useful If you want to keep track of time

Sambeet Mishra

Useful It works for me. Please add possibility to make notes and to do list. So that I can map how I achieve my daily goals.

Ulises Moreno

Like it Love the simplicity to track time, could add some sleep tracking capability, and white noise

Danny Hile

Great way to keep track of time Simple, quick and easy to use. Access reports to track where you really spend your time each day.

Jacquelyn Hawkins

It's ok. Works really well for what it is. I guess I just found something better.

Николай Кругликов

Best productivity app there is! Really liked it. Very flexible and easy to use.

Sarick Shah

Just needs the ability to manually set when the day starts. I don't work normal hours so this would be great. Also as other people said, a desktop version would be great as well as more advanced stats than just a pie chart.

Babu Ashok

Nice app..! Does well what it is supposed to do..

Melton Jones

A very good application. Great application so far. Good way to see how you use your day. Recommend download.

Melissa Park

So Useful I've had this app for a week and have used it every day its great.

Denis Oliva

very good app easy to use and pragmatic app

Hoshi Inoue

I know that hard work has gone into making this app but (1) the lack of ability to view my data in a calendar week view so I can compare my activities between each day. You can only view one day at a time. (2) expected to click and drag handles to set times, instead have to enter times manually.

Adrian Vogelsgesang

Great timetracking app with small usability issues This app provides exactly the functionality I was searching for and does so in an intuitive way. If there were not some small usability issues (clickable areas sometimes too small, ...), I would happily rate it with 5 stars

natalia hetfield

Awesome I just don't understand why I can't decide to get individually the stats on overlapping activities. like, if I was in the subway reading, I wish my reading time to be grouped with the time spent reading at home.. i know the total will be more than 100% then, but it's a setting I'd need to select for my own data analysis!! EDIT: thanks for your prompt reply! Let me know if you need help translating elements into French.

Michael Mitchell

Great, but needs some more! For this to be the most effective, it should also have a calendar where you can plan your week or set a routine and then compare what you ACTUALLY did to what you PLANNED on doing, with a calendar somewhat similar to what is in the TimeTune app. That would help a ton!! Also, maybe a time counter that runs when you aren't doing (timing) anything to show how much free time you have between activities and what that adds up to. Besides that, I love the concept!

Ruben Tikidji-Hamburyan

I really like it. It's very useful, simple, stable and very user friendly application. Really love both app and widget! Great JOB!!!!! Update: Probably I have to spell it out more precisely. Future goals is wonderful feature! I love it. However it's a coarse time-scale tool, looking for days and weeks. What I want is final time-scale management. I want to be able to setup for specific activity: (1) time ticks (for example, when I'm in shower, I want some sound every 10 minutes to have a sense of time) of cause time interval of these ticks must be adjustable (2) setup a request to change activity for some period of time (for example, when I do coding, I want request every 27 minutes to break for 3 minutes and then request to return to work, like a pomodoro timer) Right now, I start my activity on aTimeLogger, then click on pomodoro timer or on ticker and then pomodoro indicates brack, I have to set new activity on aTimeLogger too. Its too much. I want all these time management and logging functions in one app. aTimeLogger is very good and I believe it isn't so hard to make it even better!

kai yan lin

Liked it so far, encounter no glitches, awesome option to add new category and view in different format. Just confused over pause and stop.

A Google User

Simply the best personal time tracker I've been using this app since early 2014 to track personal time and was a real eye opener when I discovered how much time I saved using this app. Wonderful for personal time management. Recently I was diagnosed with cancer had major surgery and used this app and still am to track my recovery in many different ways physical medicine etc. Simply a priceless tool for day-to-day life. Kudos to the developer. My wishlist although consider app 5 stars is for ability to search text, and bulk erase.

Adrian Ternouth

Exactly what is needed to get out of a slump Productivity increased ++. Have not found any other app with its easy to use functions. Don't forget if you want it to 'check up on you' that you have to set the hours in the 'remind me' section (which makes perfect sense).

Aziz Sabry

Great app Nice , smooth , and easy to use .. thnx for this app , but it'll be greater if you add option to clone or dublicat routine acctivities we make

Stefan Seidel

Generally great Very good app with lots of customisation options. Which it was more intuitive though (like a first start tutorial). Also why can it not display the notification always? That would help me remember to start activities.

Justin Taylor

Efficient and flexible I work in a "no punch clock" environment and this app is my way of tracking time spent on the job. It helps manage my hours and prevent work from creeping into my personal time.

Ann Tran

Easy Straightforward Amazingly Nice If the developer ever decided to start charging for this app, I am willing to pay for it. Please don't stop. Thank you and I am really appreciate your hard works.

Shiquan Xie

The app has the essential features like shortcuts, widgets and summary/reports to help make tracking your activities easy. The developer is actively engaged with its users, making it an overall enjoyable experience to use this app. Do send your feature suggestions or requests directly to them instead of commenting here, and they'll get in contact with you promptly.

Irena Djuric

Love that it tracks simultaneous activities If I am commuting but studying at the same time, it's useful that this app lets me track both at once! Same goes for cleaning while learning a language, or eating lunch while taking an online class. Super useful!! Love th at feature, as it's not part of other trackers I have found.

Sachin Sable

Simple and easy to use What I most like about this app is that it is very simple to use, intuitive and works fine for me

Kl Ravi

Good app Love the interface. Good app to estimate how much time you spend in doing daily tasks. Helps manage your time better.

Jason Clint

Great Now if you could have an option for plugging into external task management platforms like Jira or others. Make it modular so it works alone or with these other programs, this would increase the usefulness and decrease time wasting by a good percentage for people already using those setups.

Kuda Shumbayawonda

Was working perfectly but... It no longer allows dual activities.

Johnny Hujol

Great little simple app. It is just that easy and simple to use. Super stable in a very professional look.

Heather Watkins

Easy to use, attractive, useful. This app helps me avoid over-estimating how much time I spend on jobs I don't like, and under-estimating the time I spend on self-indulgent activities.

Cary Kawamoto

Good time keeping app. It would be nice if calendar view would allow you to edit an entry by tapping or long-pressing. Otherwise, very useful for making sure I'm not procrastinating TOO much...

Ali Vaziri

Fully Functional and Customizable My rating would be 5 stars if only: [1] I could resize the widget to 5x* (which is now limited to 4x*) - shouldn't be that hard to fix; [2] It had Pomodoro style timers (reminding user to take breaks or to resume work after breaks in customizable intervals) - wish to see it in future version; [3] The "remind me" capability was fixed - ain't working on my phone; Other than these three suggestions, it's a great app.

Владимир Чувичкин

Masterpiece Thanks for useful app. I really appreciate intuitive design and great work that you have done.

Rodrigo 18

The best app so far It was the kind of app that I was looking for! What was I doing that I didn't see this app before. If you like stats, sets, routine data and goals, this app is for you

Hazel P

Still figuring out how to use it completely, but it is very customizable!

Kevin Minshaw

Good idea. Needs some work. I like the idea of being able to track what I do and find time wasters. Needs some work, like auto syncing and improved reporting. But overall a neat little app.

Tommy Lu

Thank you This is one of the best apps I've ever used! I'm a goal setter for school and now with this app my completed time continues to motivate me to working harder. I don't ever rate apps but this is an exception

Margaret & Phil Thomas

Very easy to use I also like the export function

Bishop Brett

Missing incentives Great, but needs more immersibility which requires motivation through some kind of incentive; though this should come from one's own character, a five star app should interact with the user more.

Ryan Mathisen

Fantastic This app is one of many time tracking apps I have tried. By far this app is the easiest to use without sacrificing useful data. Simple to use with charts to compare how you're spending your time. My only suggestion would be to add a zoom feature to the charts.

Ike Kanoclast

Use it a ton for tracking client work Pretty flexible, mostly intuitive with a small amount of figuring out necessary. Love how simple, modern and sleek it looks. May need little more in report options. Possibly a reminder pop up in case you forget to end a session.

Brooke KM

Know where you spend your precious time This is very helpful if you've ever tried to track your time.

Hannah R.

Very useful A very good tool for utilizing time effectively. I like all the different icons to choose from for the different activities.

Samara Montilus

Multiple uses great app You can use this app for almost anything. I use it to eat slowly and mindfully and also track my writing hours. I love it.

Diana Nagy

This app is perfect for time tracking your day You will love that this app easily allows you to change from task to task w/button click. You can change colors and titles of your main activities. If you forget to click on your timer to start or stop and you remember when it was, this app allows you to change that as well. You can also go back to see what you did on specific days and at specific times. I downloaded it yesterday and have used it 15 times already!!! It's a keeper! 5*

Tira D'amor

How to change font?? Is that any way to change font?? Or, may i use my system default font for this app??

Benjamin Hardin

The most intuitive app of its kind I use this app every day at work and it's one of the first apps that are installed on my phone when I get a new phone. I love the nested categories and cloud backup, so I never need to worry about backing it all up manually.

Josef Ikafian

Simple, easy to use, useful.

Lauren MacDermut

Great app! Simple and easy to use. Exactly what I was looking for. Only tracks time unlike others that do money and such but that's what makes it great.

Natalie Vondra

Love it, will be handy to have non timed activities eg during 8 glasses of water, take pills etc otherwise good

Viktor Sundelin

Best app to log your activities! I had/have problem to figure out where my time was going. But with this app, I'm able to see it. The app forces me to only do one thing at a time. Doesn't work when I'm at work. but it works when I'm at home. Now I can export an Excel document and also see a diagram (?) of the specific tasks. It's a great way to optimized my life. Thanks!

Justin Fluidity

Missing tablet widgets Would be 5 but i have to use tablet to get the good widgets. I use this with my watch which is paired to phone, not tablet. The phone is missing the 4x2 widgets, so i cant use WearableWidget unless i pair to tablet

Amber Honke

Much better than other time management apps The customization and functionality of this app is much better than other time management apps! I like that you can record more than one activity at once, to account for multitasking. The one feature that you might think of adding that I loved about another app is smart/automatic logs based on things like location, or if you're driving, etc. Would definitely get 5 stars then!

bo ton

Could you add a function that can track all the acts according to time include untracked time in pie chart? For example,07:00∼08:00 jogging,08:00∼09:00 untracked,09:00~10:00 study, so l could see the distribution in a day,

Paul Dennis

Great time tracking app, pie chart view is very handy ;) Both simple to use and easy to customize.

jeffrey hutton

I love this app! This app helps you find what you spend your time on. It simply works. It has an awesome widget as well! A must if you are looking to prioritize your time and learn how to use it wiser.

Isha Audichya

I am not getting how to work out with this app . That timer one ????

Daniel Phillips

Works great Use it to track hours for work, does what I need it to

Bobby Williams

Very well made This app is able to handle everything that I throw at it. Been using it for over a month at the time of this rating, and I have had it track up-to five items at one given time, which it has done so without any problems.

Brenton Harris

I'm really impressed at the response and work that goes into updates for the app, I mentioned a very minor issue on a previous review, and it's been added on the latest update. It's really good to see they're committed to making this as easy to use and useful as they can.

Jarred Baines

Working great Needed an app to take down job times for work - this didn't just work, it works great and is simple but full featured. Highly recommended!

rino r

Love it Excellant app.......perfectly matches my requirements.....option to start n stop button for tasks are great.....All the best guys......rock on

Bhanana Jon

Intuitive and powerful Exactly what I was looking for to track the time in my day, with the added bonus of a bunch of pretty icons to choose from!

Saurabh Aradwad

Cool App User interface is very easy. Try this.

Anesh Sundar

Wonderful. I like this..very useful

Alexander Palásthy

Does it's job.

Linda Redmond

Well thought out, creative, intuitive! Good updates. Friendly and fun to use, understated, attractive and colorful. Wish the bright color options were way softer & more muted though. Works great! It will probably provide you with something you didn't know you needed but you will always want to have.

David Eggertsen

Best time tracking app I've been using this app daily since March 2013 and have been very pleased. Thanks for all your work in continually making this the best time tracking app out there!

Yvonne Liu

Super tool in tracking time Clean and simple. A great tool in helping me achieving better awareness of my time allocation and 8improving efficiency.

Enkhbat Enkhtaivan

Good job This tools helps a lot day to day life


useful simple and nice!

Mehrsaz Rouhani

I like it but i can say i love it when add a good alarm and i can write my tommorrow plan with alarm. Thanx alot for app

שאול פרידמן

Great app. Simple. And does the work.

Samantha Choy

very useful to rack timing highly recommend this app

Eric Ivander Jeadi

Good good apps for tracking work time

fateme pk haqiqi

Perfect app,loved it!!!

Tmax Robert

perfect for me may not fit everyone, but for me, it was easy to learn and easy to read the reports at the end.

Gary Ferrão

Easy to use This app is very simple to use. Just click on an icon, and the timer starts. Also, you can see the time spent in a day/week, in the history. One request: can the logged data be saved to Google Sheets/account so i can have a backup/more convenience? My history was lost when i upgraded my phone.

Mohammad Sheko

A wonderful app , Thanks ? We want like this app in Samsung watch.

Stanislav Voronin

Super app Really excellent app.

Phoenix Austin

This app is prefect for keeping tabs on my daily habits. I wasn't sure on how to make new activity options at first, but I emailed they makers and got a very helpful response within a very short time. I really appreciated the prompt response. Great app!

Simon Simon

I can't think of any possible improvement That's exactly what I was searching for. Usually apps look way better on the screenshots than what it really is. However this developer surely delivered. Thank you so much for your work! Perfect. There is one thing I would criticise, the pie chart should be the default one, I almost uninstalled the app because I didn't find it first, that would have been a big mistake! Keep up the good work!

Alexander Sealook

The best app for time tracking, very simple to understand and gives you just exactly what you need. Great support from developer, keep the good work!

Christopher Haley

Working well Add timers as you go and and ones you forgot. Edit timers helps keep it accurate. Would like a larger min task time than 5 min

Bobby Williams

Very well made This app is still a great app. 3 months in, and I have put it through the ringer. Like the current updates too as they make it easier to get the fine tuned time that I need. Really wish this app had a Web version as a companion.

Steve Crosswell

Great app! Quick and easy to use. I jump from one task to the next and back again and at the end of the day look back and think I got nothing done. This way I see what I got done and why what I had planned to do did not. I use time tune to help keep me on you schedule "sort of" but atimelogger helps me see where my time is actually going.

Ken Loh

Use this app to gain insight to your time usage to change your life Knowledge is power they say. In this case, it is true. With the statistics, you'll know how you utilise your time and able to find what is the amount of your strategic reserve time each day for your goals that really matter.


Best time tracking app Loved transparent background for widget

manav gupta

Just what I was looking for Very well thought out and designed. Excellent work.

Jarom Madsen

Great app and great dev The app itself works great with lots of functionality you won't appreciate right away but is fantastic when you discover them. The dev also was very quick to respond back to support and was very helpful

Soyeon K

///EDIT) I didn't register it before, thanks. But it'd be great if I can see it in pie chart too.(reports) Also, can I see the total amount of time for the types I choose only(ex.reading and writing)- whether it is on today's time log or reviewing the data? As a student, it is really useful to know how much time I spend studying for certain subjects in total each day or for a certain period of time.

Moatasem Salem

مفيده جدا ، very useful one It's a very useful app which helped me watch myself arrange and save my time

Stefan Seidel

Widget Please bring back the transparent widget. Thanks.

Steven Leonard

Been a user of Yast, found the app to lack important features (namely generating reports of any sort) . Got here after several searches at Play Store and installed this beautiful software. Already loving it just by briefly looking through the features, it has ALL that I need. Thank you!!! PS would be glad to donate for this wonderful sotware.

Gordon Young

Flexible AND easy to use AND comprehensive You can start using this app immediately, usage is obvious or very easily discovered through experimentation. Add categories, group categories, edit current or past entries, view history in list or graphic format, export... - it's all there, and all easy, and it looks good! OH! No nagging advertisements either! THANK YOU!

Szabolcs Mate

Come on, where can I pay for this? Amazing! Just what I need! Most trackers are for tracking work projects. I wanted one to track general activities to better manage my life, not just work. This can do both, but the best I found for the former. I just want to achieve a good work/family/hobby balance, for which this is just perfect! Btw, what activity category should I set up for tracking the time I spent setting up my activity categories? Picking the perfect icons and colours takes some time! (Now you all know why I need this app. ;) )

private private

I Love it Great app, with Tasker and widget support. Has many icons for activities and categories. I use it daily. Thank you for the great work. This + Tasker + AutoWear + Moto 360 = Awesomeness.

Vina Sectiana

BEST! Would have paid for this if there is a paid version. I think this is the best personal time tracker app so far. Need more polishment on statistic and web-app syncing though.

Not My Name

Ever find yourself wondering where the day went? Get this app. Pros: Pretty much everything. This is probably the most useful app I've ever downloaded. That said, there is a feature I would love to see added: tracking "states" over time (ex. amount of stress, you would just pick a number 1-10 and when you viewed the day in calendar mode you would also be able to see how your stress changed throughout the day, etc.). There are currently apps that do this, but they don't have a convenient way of tracking what you're doing, so they're not as insightful.

Jyotiswaroop Pawar

I would donate if there was an option. This is the app that i wanted. Perfect way to monitor how you spend your day. You can even add goals to assess whether time you're spending will help you achieve that goal or not.

Rahman Alz

Great Everything you want about time management.

Greg Hawod

Great app This is the best free time tracker app.


Fantastic Time Logger It's been really great to have. I appreciate the service.

Ron Daniels

Great app I found the custom categories thanks to the developers. This app is amazing and is a game changer.

Nicky Webber

So easy to use!

Rick L

Awesome, fun, easy to use What else can I say?

Staszek Gwara

Just what I needed. Great app, nice, simple, flexible. Feature suggestions: Add customizable long tap action to activity icon (e.g. start this activity with comment, start with previous activity end time, show chooser). Also some kind of stacking simultaneous activities in pie chart.

Amrou Ibrahim

Best time tracker app This app is incredible. Definitely one of the best apps I've used. Really great design and user interface.

Marisa Stoller

Great app Easy to use, great graphs. I'd really like to be able to separate the tasks performed at the same time so that they are only pie charted as a single task and not study+read. It

walter morquecho

Great It really helped me to monitore how much time I spended on different activities during the day

daniel soto

help for the best asset: time wanna know how much priceless time you waste? this app will tell you

zak k

Does everything perfectly Is exactly what I wanted to log time I spent doing activities

Theresa Pelser

Great time tracker! Very easy to use and customize, I can pause one activity to do another or multi-task.

Aya Mori

Perfect No complaints! This is the absolute best one I've found, and I searched for a long time :)

kryztella philia

Just the app I need! Thank you and great job!

Warren Linnerooth

Easy to use. Good for personal productivity tracking

Ambient Frog

Great Used it for a few days, no crashes. Works really well even on double tasks. Goals help with daily motivation. Fantastic app.

Kimberley Sibanda

Really great app It works great. Now I just have to remember to actually document my time!

Ahmed Elgabaly

Full package Does what it is made for perfectly

yousef yegane

Useful but It would be better if goals gave better notifications and had the option to define sequences in goals. Like a project. I need an scheduler beside it. All in all, excellent.

Estella Warwick

Good for tracking time at work Took a bit of playing to work out how to add extra time (e.g. when I forget to start the timer) but otherwise v easy to use & I love the clock for setting times

Amrut Sardesai

Outstanding!! Thank you so much for the much needed app. I request for some more features. Keep on updating regularly.

Reza Rad

Im verry happy for find this

Gilbertsamson Selvaraj

Gil This is what I required

Emanuel De laet

Amazing This is hands down the greatest time tracker of all time.

Antonio Andre

The best

Eran Nave

Good app for time management Great app to track and manage your time, including goals and personalisation.

shamain love

Perfect Im using this app while Im starting up my freelance business. It allows me to keep consistent track of my hours in a easy one-click way. As I grow I forsee myself needing something more comprehensive, but for now it is a Godsend.

Josh Meares

Great Except I would like to create my own categories to track and I can't figure out how. Update: figured it out. Great little app

Arun Adiththan

Perfect Recently downloaded. Works perfectly well for me.

Antonio Torrence

Exactly what I was looking for! Nothing but good things to say about this app. I needed an app that would allow me to track how I was using my time everyday. I needed to set specific categories, see a chart and/or calendar of my day, and quickly access it through a widget. aTimeLogger delivered all of that. Then I discovered that I could group categories and set daily or weekly goals. Truly awesome app. Please continue to develop. I would love to see graphing options in the reports. Many thanks to the developer.

John Sutton

Used it for 3 months and it really helped The interface and widget made this app indispensable for me tracking my time and attention. It's super easy to use and has great developer support. If you want to track your time, but are intimidated like I was with how much work it was going to be, this app takes that all away. I highly recommend it.

melinda riley

Useful App is useful for tracking personal time. The icon and color selections plus ability to group activity types are helpful. Widget interface works well. Allows for multitasking, which was a reason I chose app, but multitasked time is not tracked automatically into component parts. For example an hour of "family" and " outdoors" together is tracked as an hour of "family +outdoor." Makes basic charts useless and report generation tricky.

Wally Mahar

Can someone tell me if the widget can display a fresh restart on each day? Currently I am on my next day and the widget is showing amount of work for yesterday and today. I just want the current day in the widget. EDIT: I figured it out, I create a goals widget, this works for me!!! This app is great for work and for life. Thanks BGCI!

Justin Dickinson

Highly Recommended! Everything you want and need in a time tracker app. Clean interface, runs smooth, no adds, low processing requirments, customizable activities and report generation! O and it doesnt require access to your entire phone. No data mining here! An awesome, easy to use, functional tool for your time tracking purposes!

Cean Wu

We obviously need a web version Hey, so I'm a Chinese user and this app is pretty Awesome!!! I'd rank a 5 star to your hard work. Meanwhile, as a loyal fans, I strongly call for a web version. The current app dot website is way too antique. When we work on PC, it seems hard and annoying to manage cell phone at the same time. If there is a web version released with an stream sync function. I would definitely pay it!

Royden Monteiro

Great app Very well designed app. I'm using the app to record how I spend time during the day with an aim to minimize wasted time. I was after something quick, easy and adaptable and this app meets my needs. perfect for personal or professional use. To the app's creator, thanks for the app and your time and skill that went it to building it.

Mark Ellenberger

Working great... I should have posted this a long time ago and I apologize to the developer for not doing so. All my last review pointed out issues that existed and as is typical of most if us, we don't hesitate o complain but are very slow to praise so let me do my part in this instance to fix that. The development team has done a great job improving this app so much so that I am not sure how I would function with out it. It makes time tracking easier than it has ever been. Good job and thanks for listening to your users.

Desiree Shelley

Still figuring out the nuances, amazing support! I just wrote the following review and with in 5 min the developper had sent me a reply addressing my problem. That's amazing, This review is now 5 stars OLD REVIEW: i like this app, it was easy toget started & do exactly what it says. I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to customize items but still a great tool to keep track of time.

Danila Sentyabov

Better than everything else, but not perfect The most annoying thing is that syncing causes awkward lags and inconsistencies (e.g. I stop an activity and it “unstops” itself in a few seconds; I edit something and my changes are ignored etc. — I guess the info from server overrides local changes).

Great app This app has almost everything I need, but I would really benefit from being able to add time limits with alarms to specific types of actions. (E.g. you set a time limit of 30 min for internet use, and it beeps when that time has elapsed.) Thank you.

Dareen Hosni

Amazing app This is exactly what I was looking for. The only feature I need now is to be able to select the days of the week for each goal. For example, work for 8 hours in the working days only not everyday, or exercise for 1 hour if it's a weekend and half an hour if it's a working day. At the end I want to be able to view today's goals only and filter them based on their status (finished or unfinished). I would really appreciate it if you add this feature :)

You need to take a sip of this brah

Epic App The pervious two highly rated apps that I tried lacked some important functionalities. Disappointed, I installed this one. I did not have much expectations from it. But it has impressed me. This app actually makes me want to track my time. Keep up the good work guys.

Joseph Miller

Awesome This app ia exactly what i need to track what i do with my life. My only problem is i want to back up, and there is that option. But no option that i can see to use the backup.

Vikki Hayward

A-MAZING App. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have setup several of my job functions as my custom tasks and I am tracking work as well as off work hours to better analyze how I spend my time and see where I'm being attacked by time ninjas! Way to go on the app guys, so easy to use and so easy to get great info. Thank you!

Only Time Logging App Worth Trying Currently I've tried every other app. This one doesn't have everything, the analytics section is a little lacking. But it's still hands down the best app you can get right now.

Tickleme Elmo

Wonderful for working on time management As a college student, this app has been incredibly helpful in finding out where the time goes. Knowing how long things actually take has helped me budget my time better


One Suggestion If recording time can be made as google calendar app i.e drag nd note. It would be great and convenient to track previous times

Susan Peter

Work load must-have I have multiple projects at work and this tool is an excellent one to keep track of how much time each project (or sub-set of the project) uses up. Two thumbs up!

Shane Willard

This app makes time tracking a breeze. It's effortless. I started using this app one week ago. It's everything I was looking for! It's completely customizable, backs up on line, exports reports, stats and stops super easy, allows error fixing and is very well designed. I love it!

Konstantin Samoylov

The best I started with tracking my time in Google Spreadsheets. I changed what and how I tracked my life during two weeks, trying to find an optimal way. A then I found this app. And it supported all features that I figured out t would need after my experiment with spreadsheets. And even more! In addition to features, the UX of the app is well though through. 5 stars.

Anju Susan George

Amazing App I am using this app to track the feeding/sleeping time (& all the small details that I want to track by time) of my new born. Loved the app ! Suggestion 8) - it would be great if the option to see all the entries made by an activity (sorted by date & time) was also included.

Tristian S.

Cool I have been tracking things I've been doing for a while and it's really cool for learning what I do every day. The bar graphs are cool, and you can add things that aren't on there if you do something a lot and they don't have it. It's very cool.

Denise Clarity

Very Helpful I'm benefiting from it. One suggestion- allow things to be tracked x times per week/day/month. Helpful for weighing oneself.

Lajos Molnár

I love the simplicity and customizability of this app. While there are a few rough edges, the app functions well enough to be the simplest way to keep track of my time spent.

Sakira Lilly

Perfect way to track productivity I love this app! It is just what I am looking for! And, you can add and customize categories. I had my teen download it too. It definitely keeps in mind productivity. And at the end of the day /week/month you can run a report to see exactly what you have done. It would be cool to add multiple people for Moms or Small work teams....well, maybe that would be a bit much.

Rachel Donovan

It's not easy to see at first, but if you want to log the start time & end time on various tasks, click on the tab that looks like an open book (the history tab). Then press the plus button, and that will allow you to enter an activity from a previous date with start and end times. I want to track the following things: * time spent in bed * time spent sleeping * time spent at work * time spent on breaks I don't want to press start and stop on the app whenever I start and stop these activities. When I have down time, that's when I can input the times from the previous day or two. I'm hoping this program will allow me to easily create summaries, such as "average time spent sleeping last month or last year, etc" or queries such as "number or % of nights when I slept at least 7.5 hours." I'm also hoping this will allow me to have overlapping tasks. And as a wish: ability to subtract things out. Example: "time spent at work" would be the larger circle (e.g., 7 a.m, to 6 p.m., continuous), but within that time period, there would be breaks, such as "workout, 12 noon to 1 pm." Would love a report that shows hours at work minus hours at breaks.

Demi Cho

Language choices Suggest using selectable language setting. No matter what language I changed in my mobile setting, my atimelogger still stuck in simple Chinese.

Laura Sanchez

Easy to use! I find this up pretty easy to use. Good point on being able to modify time intervals.. since sometimes I forget to turn it on. Nice charts that's show progress daily, weekly or monthly

Luke Collier

Excellent I'm still amazed that they offer this app free with no ads! By far the most useful and flexible time logging app I've seen. Very good for recording time spent on projects for work and hobbies.

Vitoldas V

Fully satisfies the needs Simple yet flexible application. Not bloated with useless features. Widget is easy to use and effective.

Mark Whitwill

Stellar! It really helps me keep track of things in my personal's totally customizable for my various tasks. Helps me keep track of my work hours as well!

Hanno de Villiers

Simple and effective This app has just enough options to make tracking time convenient, while not making it too complicated with too many options and add-ons that so many apps suffer from these days.

Nikisha Fuglestad

Excellent Pros: I can time myself doing multiple things at once... for free!! ? Con: I would like to be able to use my camera to take a picture of my son as an icon.

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