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10 May
Astro Boy Dash

Posted by Animoca Brands in Sports | May 10, 2016 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 44.0 MB

The world's favorite robot boy wonder in his own mobile app to celebrate 50 years of Astro Boy Animation! Join Mighty Atom the Astro Boy and his cute robot sister Uran in Astro Boy Dash, an action-packed running game that will push your speed and reflexes to the limit. Based on the famous Astro Boy and Astro Girl manga and anime characters created by Osamu Tezuka.

To ensure Atom's safety and optimal functionality, Prof. Ochanomizu conducts daily lectures to teach Atom about his robotic body’s advanced capabilities. But Atom is bored of this daily routine, so he decides to run away from the lab and experience the world on his own.

Take control of Astro Boy as he makes a mad dash through the streets and skies of the metropolis. Collect coins to spend on power-ups and valuable robotic upgrades that will help Astro Boy escape Prof. Ochanomizu's boring lectures!

How to Play:
Steer left and right by tilting your device
Swipe the screen upward to jump
Swipe the screen downward to slide

- The world's favorite robotic boy in an epic action running game
- Based on the Astro Boy manga and anime characters by Osamu Tezuka
- Beautiful 3D graphics and futuristic art style
- Play as Atom the mighty Astro Boy or Uran the Astro Girl
- Seamless day and night transition
- Endless running! Survive as long as you can!
- Highly responsive and intuitive controls
- Unlock and purchase different costumes
- Pick up coins to purchase equipment and power-ups
- Connect your game to Google+ and Facebook to gain access to the Public Leaderboard
- Compete with friends and share your in-game achievements

**Astroboy Dash supports both mobile phones and tablets**

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

Whats new

    - User Experience Enhancement

Animoca Brands part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 10, 2016. Google play rating is 77.213. Current verison is 1.4.6. Actual size 44.0 MB.

Download astro-boy-dash.apk 44.0 MB



Okay This is a actually really good game, I ignored the bad ratings for glitches and wanted to try myself, and it runs smootly. Would give 5 stars for more characters from the series.

Sherif, Emperor of Destruction

Poor Good but needs changes When I turn it doesnt wanna turn When I duck it.jumps Exspensive And it is the obsticles if I wanted to jump over a pit I wont have time to jump and I end up falling its not fair please change this game to.make it good

Leigh Dappa

READ FAR TOO FAST early on. Start slow THEN speed up, like other Runner Games.

Jack Curl

Latest update destroyed the game This was a fun game that I wasn't great at but enjoyed playing. The latest update monkeyed with the physics of jumping and upped the difficulty factor by more than a little. The play is much less responsive to my touch. Prior to the update, continuing required coins. Now, continuing requires a gem, which in and of itself is no big thing. But now the continue screen is an obnoxious countdown screen with no way to bypass it. The game is no longer fun, and I'm uninstalling it.

OfficialAstro LI

It looks cool but.. It looks cool but the intro is annoying the old man voice horrible also screen get close in hard to get out... I try to move to the left and right but I die ....I really try to be positive cause I like this anime but it suck's someone do a better astroboy game please ...

alyson smith

Nice but has glitches that r annoying If they fix the glitches, like moving to the next scene smoothly and graphics distorting. Otherwise it is a nice game

islam ibrahim

Too bad This is the worst game I ever play ... I have to wait too much time to start a new run ... obstacles are very close to each other ... bad music ... bad graphics ... bad backgrounds ... very bad control to astro boy.

Anthony Chor

Haven't tried yet I'm gonna test it to confirm what other people say. I'll post my review below. Okay, so after a few runs, I don't like it already. The instructions are unclear. It tells me to do things, so I try and I just fall and die... I died before even getting a single coin on my first run. That is NOT good to start. Once I got a hang of it, it was okay, but the graphics are so complicated it's hard to see obstacles. The graphics are nice, just busy.

Dorek Bregonzo

Not better than TR or SS but it's good There is plenty of very good endless runners like temple run or subway surfers while this is endless runner like them it lacks a personal gimmick. I found it fun and good looking but it won't keep you occupied for long. But I recommend you download it and give it a try you won't be disappointed but rather underwhelmed.

Hansel Ngien

Give us Atlas! I'm sure that many others want Cobalt or Atlas to be a playable character. And fix your bugs. So many times, it doesn't respond, or jumps to a down swipe, or ducks to an up swipe.


I love atom boy but.... This game isnt... it's too fast and controls arw flimsy. When i try jumping most of the time he slides and vice versa. Obstacles are also too close to each other. It doesnt give you enough time to respond or sometimes the character is not yet done with the previous action. Please fix. I really like the graphics and all.... and this is astro boy!!!

prince rohilla

Please download this faster when it is download faster in my phone i give them 5 star And please do not give error .your star girl game is very good i gave 5star to star girl .so if you lnstall this faster i gave5star to this game also please fast the game please fast 5 minutest leaft.

Patrick De Guzman

huge changes wtf! before its hard to collect coins due to high prices, now the game is much harder... nice job for making it much harder

Alexander Chavira

Awsome game ,really cool Best game ever and cool

Haydee Opanda

I don't know this game but I think its more fun my younger brother taugth me to download this bcause its more funhe said ,I said I try that's all oh bfore I forget I'm 5 year old

Sapphire Athelia

Cutest Astro Boy Game! This game is very adorable, and the upgrades are very useful! However, I would like to have more characters than Uran and Astro. Maybe we could get Atlas, and some other robots from the cartoons? Otherwise, it's a great tribute for Astro! :D

Arif Rahman

Cuteness overload I didn't really like the gameplay. It really awkward just like the control. But in this game, Astro is super cute!

Miracle Handy

Fun but not for faint at heart Pretty challenging & keeps you on your toes , but sometimes the obstacles make it reeeally tricky. Ppl who don't have speed & patience might can't handle it.

Klu Pilipinas

Countdown seriously? I love astro boy.. But the thing is.. I hate the game countdown.. Totally wasting my battery life! And there is so much holes and obstacles on the road.. Fix everything and I will give it a five star! Please Give this classic character a justice! :(

Bradley aka patty

More features This game needs more features, such as tap the screen to steer from left to right.


Cool! I love Astro Boy! After getting the controls down, it's very fun! Love the power ups!

Stephanie Kang

See what's new and... And to try it out I tried it but I did not like to download much darn it I can't download! Why so many 5 stars

Bart Verbeek

In short It's really fun if you have a little time in your hands

Delvin Alexander

Pretty fun Thought it was gonna suck but I played last night and it was awesome.

Aaron Eddleman

Really good and addictve cause my little cousin always takes my phone and play it all day

Joanne Brewer

Sucks This game sucks,Everytime I jump over a crack here comes another crack and I fall into it. It needs to have them atleast spaced out.I'll rate it 1 star for now until that changes!!!!!! :(((

mega anderson31

Needs more character's I like that Astro has different looks but why only uran and astro. It would be awsome if atlas was a character and maybe jumbo as a power up or something like that. And characters should cost a little bit less

Cochino Chang

New update sucks Was bad at jumping and a spacing off traps was bad. But now it is unplayable. Like what everyone is saying this update just made an okay game into an unplayable one

Ezyrin Collins

Wow! I didnt think this game was fun but boy was i wronge Its fun and it reminds me of the movie

denise jackson

I'm wanna say the game is so awesome I never went far yet but I will oh but the worst thing bout it is it won't let me turn

Moredredrcdbn F.You

Astor boy Good jus has a little kinks in it but its good. I say pass.

Yasmine Black

Awesome I love all the characters and you get too run away from the bad guy

Jaden Edwards

The game is.freaking awsome nut its just like subway surfers but I think they should.make naruto dash and astro boy dash 2 It is awsome

chantal Martin

Best This is the best game ever or na I am hyped up on this game

abhishek lalchandani

simple all the animoca team can make it more challenging for good rates to come

Jaz Ho

The road got too much hole? A much difficult for a beginner, I mean a REAL BEGINNER. Don't you think?

Ashley Steele

I would give it hakf because I can't control it It is fun

Fred Ferrell

Super but You need more people and you should make your own person

Huda Rahmo

Excellent I have the phone son xperia z ultra and it's amazing that's is the best game ever time because my phone is to big and coll I play this game everyday and I like ,I don't want to delete this game best game for ever yeaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Leigh Dappa

**READ** FAR TOO FAST early on. Start slow THEN speed up, like other Runner Games.

Hannah Burkey

Keep it up! It's a great game used to play it on my iPad but know I have an android phone and I can't even get the app to open, but it works great on my tablet and its great to see these characters finally have a come back. Keep up the good work guys!

Jorrell Dove

It's not perfect but it's getting there The obstacles need more spacing so it won't be tedious to move around them. They're way too close to each other and come way too often and that's overwhelming.

Shanaaz Seegers

Best game ever who do not want to love it oh oh yeah ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah 000 000 000 000 Hey hi it's me into the best game ever seriously who is out there and I'm telling you you have to go to Play store play store click world wear click up

Ricardo Andrade

It doesn't work I downloaded the game, but when I tried to play it doesn't open in my moto maxx.

Filipp Opanasenko

Filipp's Comics Osamu tezuka' s Astro boy is one of the most popular characters ever created!

Raquisha Hurt

I waited that long for this This is a good but every single time i try to play it it will always go back to home

A Google User

Button lag Its ok but I has lag with the buttons.. Also the gameplay is rubbish it needs to be more like angry gran and it needs to be swipe instead of tilt plus they updated the it and now it keeps rolling down

Artema Art

Hi can anyone help the tilt has stopped working I don't know if this is a problem with my pad or game please help

goo man

Needs some fixing When i jump it ducks and when i duck it jumps. Please fix this bug because i deleted it now when it was really fun.

The Pixel Zelda

Won't work It won't load on my moto g3 even if I delete it and redownload it

Josiah Huyghue

Won't open to play We have downloaded the game numerous times but all it does when we open it is go to a black screen then goes back to the install page in the playstore. Please fix.

Kunal Sachdev

Doesn't work The screen blackout when you open the app.


Good U idiots who commented he is a robot of course he moves fast Jack asses

Shashi Pandey

It is not opening :(- I'll remove it frm my wishlist the worst game ever

Philip McGhee

Best game since "Hanagumi Taisen Columns" (spin-off game of "Sakura Wars") When I play this game, I found it fun to play; in the future, kids will find this game fun.

Jermaine Feltus

Immediately love'n it I love love love this game


Used to be good then DESTROYED IT I remember having an early version of this ages ago, true the characters were disgustingly expensive(Uran was 1,000,000 coins not lying) but at least you truly felt like you earned those characters. You could also play as many times as you wanted without having to pay for another heart (the game didn't even have hearts it was unlimited plays which made it GOOD compared to some runner games that make you pay or wait before you can run again) whoever came up with these updates is a bloody idiot who killed it.

Erickgamertv Funes

The best game ever! I love this game because you can be Astro boy

Tariq Khan

It is a fantastic game I like this game very much in this game there are many things and my brother also say he love this game it's awesome

Muke Ndoko

Bad graphics This game is bad and has bad graphics. I've watched the movie and thought oh this might be good . Turns out I was wrong

Travis Newton

BUNCH OF COINS I found a way to get a lot of coins go to the person you didn't buy then it will say 900 coins then just keep doing it then you will keep getting 900 coins

It's hard It's a good game but I have never gone far in this game but I think everyone should download it maybe there are some people who are better than me but I still like it.

George Hamburger

Very Addictive This game is okay to me.

Zion Zion Parker

Groovy I am Like this is groovy

Dannessa Parke

Astro boy Awsome

Terriq Carter

Astro Boy takes me back Very cool game, i can't stop playing it. Its really fun. But ever since the update blow the controls sometimes won't respond or when i try to swipe left or right he keeps jumping...please fix this...

Colleen Dunford

Would have given 5 stars until last update Loved this game! Most recent update has spotty controls. Please fix ... also the "coins form previous level" should read "coins from previous level", drives me batty :)

Philly Phizzle

A waste of a good astro boy runner idea Tilting through holes in the sidewalks,swipe to turn tight corners and stiff control make this game unenjoyable... Needs a lot more work put into it.


Um I can't even play it. Doesn't even start. Well, now it's just wasting space on my tablet.

Lena Clark

Wont work I had this game on my other phones. I want it on my lg g4 i download it but went to play and it stays black then disappears back to home screen what is up with that?I love this game and want it back.

Daniel Stekelenburg

Worst Game Ever! I was a big fan of astro boy when I was younger but I don't know what a saw in that jurk.

Rabiahtul Adawiyyah

Astro Bou I so happy you creating this game

Supersonicchannel13: Toys come to life!

So cool I love this game!!!!!!!!!

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