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9 Sep
Asma al Husna - Allah Names

Posted by As-Sirat Zoxcell's Islamic Apps in Education | Sept. 9, 2016 | 97 Comments

Apk file size: 9.4 MB

Asma-ul-Husna - Allah 99-Names, Can listen 99-Names of Allah with nice Audio with synchronized Asma ul Husna Names.

The most beautiful names belong to God, so call on Him thereby. Al-Quran (7:180)

Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of GOD, for without doubt in the remembrance of God do hearts find satisfaction. Al-Quran (13:28)

> Asma ul Husna with synchronized audio with each name.
> Complete details of Allah Names in English.
> Complete details of Allah Names in Urdu.
> Very beautiful layout designed all android devices.

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As-Sirat Zoxcell's Islamic Apps part of our Education and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 9, 2016. Google play rating is 93.776. Current verison is 2.6. Actual size 9.4 MB.

Download asma-al-husna-allah-names.apk 9.4 MB


Malik Kaleem

Heart touching app When i listen , i find myself lost in the zikar of Allah Sub'hana taala... realy awsome and superb

Umi Bashayer

Beautiful names of Allah subhan wa tallah Sensual nd peaceful feelings during listening these name .I appreciate who create this application. God bless them. Can u add beautiful scenes following on background? Thnku

Khayyam Alam

Allah hu Akbar Covers all the beautiful names of Allah SWT. With a nice and clear audio. Helping us Muslims to appreciate our One and only Lord of All the world's and universes. Although we can't appreciate and truly understand his greatness as our pyaare Nabi SAW did. But 99 names helps appreciate there greatness and great qualities of the Allah SWT :-)

Muhammad Riaz Khan

Masha Allah Very very nice. I request plz make the slide resolution a bit slower so that everybody can understand it. Jazakum Allah.

Sanya Raza Tiwana

Thumbs up. Allah bless those who made it! It is a very good application. With the help of this, I have been able to learn meaning of each of Allah swt's name. The only glitch which I hope the developers would be able to fix is that the audio doesn't start from the pause rather it goes to the start.

Danish Siddiqui

Very nice You should now add benefits of reciting each name. There are various benefits of reciting each name for specific times. You should add it.. Thanks. :)

Fahad Shaikh

ALHAMDULILLAH... Thru this app i can actually find the meanings recitation of all beautiful names ALLAH.. jazakallah may bless u all for making this app..

Fatima Khan

Best app Jazak Allah to the developer one of the best gifts to humanity, May Allah keep the developing team of this app happy n healthy in all matters of life Ameen

mohomed azver

The great names of all mighty. I am always happy hear these beautiful names wonderful Application,

Robert Romy

Awesome It's really too gud to know all de names of Allah. V can call by different names. Subhanallah.

ismail asjed

By this app alhamdulillah I am now able to recite all the names of Allah almighty without a stop. Thank u soooooooooooo much

Faizan Ali

Every muslim like to hear the beautiful names of ALLAH swt in a beautiful voice with their meaning in our mother tongue Its lovely i really like it may Allah Swt blessed the inventor of this app

nori xo

Super good ! Alhamdulillah. Through this apps i can learn and try to remember the 99 names of Allah :D

Sohail Taj

Everything is awesome But advertising something which is not good for a muslim eye's you should think about it. Apart from that appreciates ur work.

juvariah samdani

Mashalla! Super good It so nice we can hear it , or learn anyways i would like to thank all the the muslim company helped in making this video, and may Allah (reward you a beautiful paradise in hearafter ameen!!!!)

Muhammad Din

This is good app for learn meaning of the Allah. I will pray you're all team to good and happy all time


Great app You have it all with this app. Audio to assure you are pronouncing the name correctly. A short meaning and an in-depth meaning of Allah's most beautiful names.

Mohammed Ghouse

I love it. Every muslim sould read it every day after Namaz e Fajar and Ishan.

aslam khan

Gud efforts is the best app.plz try to put our Holy Prophet sallaoalaewaslum 99names.Jazakallah.

Ishaq Ch

MA SHA ALLAH MA SHA ALLAH very nice voice. ........ Ya ALLAH please for give us and our parents and take them to heaven and who listen this 99 names of allah give them also health. ......AM EEN

Abdul Ghanikhan

Abdulghani Khan Ghani I like it .it is best for Muslim .I listen this daily .khan gha khan .Dhokri Khushab .Punjab Pakistan .mason .brothers .

Muhammad Jahangir

AlasmaulHusna A great service to humanity to understand the real sense of Allah, the Almighty's names. May Allah reward you!

Amreen Khan

beautiful names of our allah swt inshallah we all will learn diz

Noor Ahmed

Noor Ahmed Jazak ALLAH Khair.It is very nice app. May ALLAH give reward to all contributer of this app.

Ehtesham Ahmad

Owsum is this app Its realy is benificial w.r.t learn the names by heart n know their meanings as well

Muneeb Khan

Less ads! Great app, could do with less ads though.

Abdul Ghaffar

A beautiful presentation,the names of Allah the almighty, the creater of the universe, the lord of the day of judgement.

Luqman Sohail

Best app I think its best of Islamic preaching app. Jazak Allah

Kb Khas

MASHALLAH nice app my family and me listen ALLAH names alot of time

mujtaba mian

Dating adds.!! Why the are adds of dating in Allah's name app ridiculous people's for money.?

Shaikh Fahad

Subhan Allah Very good app. Feeling very please to hear the names of Allah

mohd fassih ahmed


Abdul Majid Mohamed

Superb application..with soothing melody while reciting beautiful names of ALLAH..may ALLAH bless the inventor of this application...

Raja Khokhar

I thankful to the developer that they develop a very precious app for human being

Muhammad Fidyan

Allhamdulilla This app is amazing i needed this app it is amazing free app all the other apps who charge you for what for listening to the names of Allah Subhana Watala but anyways download the free version thanks to the developers may Allah keep you smiling :)

syed hameed

Daily early morning i listen the sweet names of the creator of the world allah subhan a tallah.

faraz ali

Very nice I want dis app from a long nd now happy to have it. Thanks

Suspect Zero

Mashallah one of the best if not the best. I am trying to memorise the 99 names of Allah and believe me this app is helping me to memorise by heart so easily. Hats off and tonnes of sadiqa jaria and prayers to its maker. Amen. All believers Must have it in their devices.

Ibrahim Ssebayigga

Excellent Thanks for such a wonderful app, it's helping me big time and bringing me closer to Allah. great great great.

Sadiya Khanum

Alhamdulillah jazakallah for this beautiful app. ALLAH SUBHANAWATAALA aap ke is kubsoorat kaam ko qubul ata farmaye AMEEN.


SUBHANALLAH Alhamdulillah... thank you very much for this app, may ALLAH reward your team for this efforts.

abdus sabur

Nice presentation. Really an excellent apps.Alhumdulillah.May Allah grant your work and best rewards in the eternal life in the after world.

taufique iqbal

Asif Jazak ALLAH :) keep improving. May Almighty reward your team for this efforts.

Rohail Rajpoot

Shukar Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me the best opportunity to recall him again n again, ...

Najma Farah

Love it Mashallah. This app is so good and helps me so much. Not a fan of the adverts though. Still great??

Zahida Parveen

Ma sha Allah juzakullah may Allah swt give everybody the strength to memorize these beautiful names Ameen

Shuaib Illyasi

Name of the Allah S.T. I love it too much... Is very nyc

miriam shahzad

This is brilliant for a daily reminder of the beautiful names of Allah. Only improvement would be to increase font size of English meaning and to number them to aid memorisation. Jazakallah khair.

asim javeria

Allahsubhanaotaala Mashaallah the recitation is truely captivating and pacifying. May Allah bless the reciters ameen.

oumou sylla

Beautiful Because it help to know who my lord name is so thanks for that

syed osman

Syed Osman The best application a human can make. One thing that I would like to suggest is the meaning of the names of Allah have not been clearly given in urdu. It has been given in complete sentence. It should have been the exact meaning first and then the description.

Abubakar Binji

May Allah reward you Thank you very much for this app. May Allah reward you.

Bakhtiar Subhani

This is a very good application. May Allah reward you. There are some words together like " noone".Please correct these type of words by putting gaps between them.Thanks

Nasser Abdulrahem

Asma ul Husna The best of the best.... It can realy good to have this apps....

Dawud Muhammad

99 names of allah I love it because it has beautiful meanings and the voices are beautiful. So download it!!

zabi khan

I love this Aps... sooo nice MASHA ALLAH ..

Kaamilah Beydon

I love it algamdulilaah May ALLAH reward everyone involved in this app in shaa ALLAH

Muhammad Rifat Khalid Mattoo

Excellent app. Allah bless the developers with iman

Jehangir Khan

Student Very good for memorizing these Assma Hussna

Jaan Khan

Welldone!!! Thank you so much for this great job!

Ata Khan

So nice May ALLAH bless all who involved in creating this app.

Shahid Anjum

Assalamu Alaikum! Masha-Allah, JAZAAKALLAH for who created this app.

Jasma Asmanaheem

Maasha Allah beautiful and easy app ..I love this app ..Jazaak Allah khairan

i love being a mom

It has my favorite recitation ..jazakAllah kheir Allah guide and forgive us all ameen

shahid khan

Masallah The voice is perfect. This app is a perfect way to teach Allah's names. Thanks for giving us this wonderful app.

altaf hussain

Goog I loved this app with details of alla names

Fatoumata Kamara

Good This is a good app. It would be better if there was a repeat button within the app which would allow the user to listen on repeat, instead of having to press the play button every time you want to listen. Also, the ads in th app are annoying. Other than what I've mentioned may the Almighty Lord reward you with goodness (jazaka 'allahu khair) for creating this app and making it accessible to us.

maryam ahmed

Ma shaa Allah! It's beautiful indeed. My daughter loves to listen and we learn together. Thank you and may Allah swt continue to make things easy for the entire Muslim ummah.

rose bud

Asma ul husna Excellent app for memorizing the names of Allah. May Allah reward the one who made this app n the one using it too ! Aameen

muhammed shafi aalayil

Masha allah. This application is very helpful for remember of Allah's names

Mohammed doba

So much love the application may Almighty Allah bless the builder Ameen

Shenaz Mohabeer

Bring you closer to Allah swt.May Allah bless you. Read every day,

imtiaz ali

The 99 name of Allah The 99 name of Allah.its best app and easy to use.

Mrsarifa Sultana

Beautiful saying of Beautiful Names of Allah.(SWT)

Ayesha. A

Love it! I feel so good after listening to Asma ul Husna.

Fazal Amin

Great work. Allah akbar . Allah is the greatest.And its so sweet and beautiful names.I love all names of Allah.

BINrh min

Improvement suggestion Can the Arabic text of Allah attribute shows together with the English text when the song is played, this helps user to memorise the attributes and song easier.

Mahmood Dadkhan

Attributes of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala Masha Allah, d best app which helped me a lot to memorize d attributes of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala.May Allah Subhanahu wa Taala grant d best (uncountable) reward to d person who prepare it so beautifully. JazakAllahu Khairan

Mohamed faizal Asan

Masha Allah A very good app comprising the 99 names of Allahu subahana thaala.

Wardha Anwar

Enlightining I have been looking for This narration from such a long time glad I found it today. JazakAllah.

Muhammad Zubair

Ads are there In good slide form but ads are annoying

M Bilal Ahmad

Nice app with meanings of Asmaa al Husna Plz correct the meaning if Musawir in the images on appstore (the third image shown on this page)

rabia shafeen

MashaAllah a very good app helped me in memorizing the 99 names of Allah may Allah reward you for your efforts

Badu Aziz

Please read entire review.................Great app! Now I can easily learn asmal ul husna,thanks alot... please make an app for surah fatah,hadeed & qalam also as these aren't available at's a request may Allah bless you for all this in,this world and in jannat ul firdous also......

Salha Bathawab

Mashaallah A very nice app to remember the 99 names of Allah

cute moon

love this ap i just love this app.didnt find any best app ever bt this is.

Dr Zulficar Aboobucker

Excellent Excellent app. please provide meaning the names of almighty Allah subhanahu thaala, in other languages too. jazakallah

Folaranmi Karimoh

Wow.this a good app,it make me the meaning of people names

Nuzhath Unnisa

Awesome aap! I am very much thankful to them who have created such a beautiful aap, jazaak allah.

Allah names For muslim these are power.and this is good..thats it.

Farasat Ullah

Name of Allah I like this

Ahad Riaz

I like this so much

yahya johar

Wonderful application Highly recommend

Dr Jamal Farooqi Farooqi

Asma ul husna... JazakAllah.. The best efforts ever made for the common Muslims to memorise the greatest names of Allah.. Azzah wa jallah.

Najma Farah

Love it Mashallah. This app is so good and helps me so much. Not a fan of the adverts though. Still great??

S Z Dr Jafrey

Good app Good app, but I have rated 3* only because you dont want adds while you are listning to Allah's names. Hope you will understand.

Abdullah Alalousi

Very good This is very nice app and beautiful sounds ... but can you add another artists sound ,, like "Imad Rami" or "Sami yousuf" !? ... thank you anyway ☺

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