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29 Aug
Asami: The Furry Samurai

Posted by CerebralGames in Arcade | Aug. 29, 2013 | 57 Comments

Apk file size: 23.0 MB

A peaceful town is under attack by evil alien creatures and Asami is the only hope to save them!

• Fast Action!
• Very easy to play, swipe up/down/forward to move.
• Slash dozens of enemies with the special ability
• Earn coins to unleash your full power!
• Collect gems in the daily challenge.
• And a lot more!

Whats new

    - All new move 'Slash': Swipe right to activate it!
    - All new combo system
    - Visual improvements
    - New game music and SFX
    - New ways to earn coins
    - Added tips on mission loading.
    - Bug fixes

CerebralGames part of our Arcade and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 29, 2013. Google play rating is 81.6632. Current verison is 1.3.1. Actual size 23.0 MB.

Download asami-the-furry-samurai.apk 23.0 MB


Iwan Greyling

Overall, fun very fun game, could use lives, so you dont start all over everytime you die, sometimes freezes at the loading screen, and touch response lags sometimes. But overall, very fun game! Playing as a furry fox ninja!

jake cannons

Good game but buggy This is a well put together game but with one flaw it has a memory leak that causes lag the more you play it in one sitting. Try to find this problem and the game won't lag any more it has to do with start up of a new game not being properly cleared

Stephanie Hill

Great This is a fun and simple game i love it, perfect for when I'm bored

Zak Morrow

Could Use Improvement The game us simple, fun, addictive, and a great time passer. The only problem I've ever really had with the game is touch sensitivity. Swiping up and down to switch lanes, for example, sometimes doesn't respond and I end up crashing into a mine / bomb, or one of the slashing aliens nab me. The slashers are also a problem, I feel that them being able to slash at you while you're not close to them is aggravating. Otherwise this game is amazing, and I'm constantly going back to it.

Rich Valentine

Nice! A great pass-time game, glitches a little but, it's still fun!

Jesus Alvarez

Loved . Kinda freeze up sometines but other then that is nice fun game

Sly Cooper

Splendid Game OK OK I may be biased with this game but this game is quite fun. Simple and easy to handle gameplay with tough reflex challenge. For the price of Free it's worth trying the game. Just don't let ignorance and intolerance of furries keep you from this game.

lex ary

Why take away some coins? I have earnd 2000 coins but then later the next day it say's 1534 coins. Hay I have earned those coins and I do not know what's going on with this problem but if you want to get five stars then please fix this because not only I have earned those coin's but costed my human time

Timathy Sain

Buggy controls and serious lagging The swipe controls are unresponsive, and it starts lagging like crazy after the second or third play. :/ I really like this game, and I would really appreciate it if you fixed these issues soon. Five stars when it's fixed. :)

Alexander SuperPowerKill

Awesome game Just wish it had a button for quality for me to lower for my POS phone. Samsung Stratosphere over 2 years old.

MetalHead-Kazooie Majora

It's pretty swell. I liked it. The only problem I have with it is how un-responsive it can be sometimes. But, it's a fun game. I especially like the character. ;3 She's sexy, cute, and yiffable... My imagination will make the best of her appearance... Dat chest. Hehe, a nice game that every furry like me should check out.

Chris Thorpe

Good game overall Fun game from what little I have played, but the lane changing doesn't respond well for me.

Paul Gast

Not bad, but the controls keep killing me. Could you guys add some on screen buttons for the controls instead of swiping? I keep getting killed because the game didn't register my swipe.

Alex Lion

5 stars! Excellent for furs like me! I totally love this game!!! As a furry, I hope to expect really great furry games like this one. Especially furry action games!!! Not to mention, Asami is hot, cute, and SEXAYYYYY. ^.~

james locke

I love it But could you fix this one glitch? Its when you make it to the monsters with the robotic suits. I run on that part for a bit and my combo number takes up the whole screen out pf no where when i dont hit any monsters and it causes me to run into a mine or a purple one. Please fix

halo master

WINDOWS Hello, I no longer have a Android phone. I have a windows phone. I really want your app. Do you plan on making it windows compatible in the future?

Jacob Prince

Awesome Enjoyed what I played so far, like an old style arcade game, very good.. props for the main character being a furry too :3

Reynard Loustaunau

Needs a little work I got a full page ad which was rather annoying, but beyond that, the game is fun and works decently. The switching lanes by doing doesn't always work though, that's ask the work it really seems to need

Fancy Enderman

Fix Minor problem From what I've played I really enjoy the game but sometimes it will have a bit of delay or just ignore my swipes

Travis Eller

Fun game with a small problem, IMO. Very fun game would pay for a premium edition, with no ads. It gets a 4 star rating because of the ads. If premium version comes out with no ads I'll make it 5 stars.

Justin Campbell

Alright It's a cute little time killer. Would be better without the lagging though.

Bill B

Yellow screen Killing and attacking the robots is causing a bright yellow flash on the screen then lag that causes Asami to run through anything in her path even bombs. The screen then continues flashing yellow marks across the screen at random.

Alvin Cheon

Only one problem Fun game. Cute artwork. Only issue is it starts lagging after multiple runs... A memory leak, maybe? Would change this to five stars if it weren't for that :(

Jeff Lee

Great concept Something different this time, it's fun and great to play. Instead of a typical human character. You'd have a female anthro fox as the main heroine. The game has no naughty bits and it is PG.

Ross Hanson

Touch lag As much as I love this game, the sketchy touch response when moving needs work

Rowdy Henderson

I'd give it 5 stars but It won't load up all the way

Christian Thompson

Awesome Great to see a furry related game to play and I love the price. Its a little glitchy at times, not responding when I make her avoid a bomb, but overall great game.

Nightfall Dragon

Asami Really fun, a good way to kill time and slash some badies

Foxxy Wolf

Pretty fun It's a good game. It was a bit hard to swipe, and I would like to see this game have more features. Good job :)

ashtonthefirelucario Sohji

I wish someone would make an app were you took a pic of yourself and then it would be furrified

Kindred Rayne

Awesome One of the best furry games out thare

Mazda Savanna

Great game It'd be better if it ran more smoothly and if we could have a selection of a few characters.

Ash Cooper

Pretty eh Apart from kind of cool art, this game is just boring and unoriginal.

faolan mantz

Good game needs mute button

Dusty Deal

Furtastic Its pretty great.

A Google User

Great OMG I love it I being look for a game like this for soooooo lounge and here it is yes this a much have game :-)

Loren Kirchner

Fun. It's a good game. But I think it could make a better RPG with Asami as the lead char.

Nick Hester

Fun game Only wish it didn't restart from beginning or have a save feature for each level. Lag becomes very noticeable after few times playing

A Google User

Hi! -> FOX <- no Furry -->Asami: The FOX Samurai <-- ============ Really beautiful fox love

Alex Aoki

Love furry!!! And furry girls also :) But can't give 5 stars, because in some moments the game freezes for about sec. But this little time is more than enough for Game over :(((

Liza Konkova

..... Game is really cool!:)

Tricky Fox

Do you even care anymore? Do you guys ever plan on fixing a few more things? Like the lag you get out of nowhere for playing multiple games in a row? Or when you get to the demons in the armor and you hit one causing the game to glitch and making your character not move up and down at all for a few seconds? Also, the fact that i have died on a few occasions due to low touch sensitivity. Do you want to keep this update and not acknowlege those small but colossal problems this game has? Cause it seems like people in the comment section have been dealing with problems since 2014 and you guys still havent bothered to look into fixing this thus leading me to believe that you dont either A: you don't care about your customers or B: don't care about this app any more. When ever you decide to start caring again (which seems highly unlikely at this point) just update the game and you get 5 stars.

#ff0000xZombieWolfx115 XBL

Pretty Cool Im thinking this is abandoned. Someone should fix this, like a modified version and re upload it. Lol. I like this game but it doesn't clear memory when a new level starts, causing lag the further you get. ?

Justin Wagner

Fun This game is fun but the lag makes it less enjoyable to play. I have a zte speed and I would rate higher if the makers fix this lag

Apex the Angel Dragon

I liked it. But... It's a great game but way too often I end up crashing into something because the touch sensitivity was far too low.

Ethan Metcalf

Great Finally someone is making mobile games for furries!

Nisk Ran

Fun and simple game. Nothing new. I had fun playing this game long ago. My only complaint is that the enemies are way cuter and are better designed than the heroine here. (Generic furry vixen) Sad thing you have to make them explode into gore.

Marsha HT

Fun game Just started the game quite fun but died too easily. Could use extra four lives each round so don't have to start over too soon, can be discouraging for starters for that reason. Taking a break cuz I got tired.

ISmulder Fox

OMG THIS GAME HAS CUTE FOX GURL 100000000/10 Would Furry again

Meko Whitewolf

Hi just letting you know there's a virus on it so be careful

Fox Miller

Fun It's a fun game it can be addicting but it's also can be a pain with them stupid Bombs. But overall fun. But sadly it had to be one of those games that when you die halfway through you start back at the beginning.

Silvera Hernandez

I highly reccomend it if you are a furry! If not, then turn away since there's not much to see here beyond what's shown in the screenshots and the video. The art style is super cute and the animation is okay, nothing really special. The only mayor issue I have is the framerate and the lag. The game constantly ignores my inputs, resulting in a lot of cheap deaths. I also find the lack of revive powerups to be quite suprising, and not in a good way mind you. Overall it's an good game that needs some polish. Really wish there would be a sequel to this

Jordon Moss

Needs fixing It has been ages, and none of the issues people have brought up have been considered or fixed. Shame, too... the furry fandom deserves a little more presence in the game industry.


Pretty Cool Im thinking this is abandoned. Someone should fix this, like a modified version and re upload it. Lol. I like this game but it doesn't clear memory when a new level starts, causing lag the further you get. ?

Adam Berrow

Great game Great game only downside is the touch seems a bit patchy as in sometimes swipes don't register but still great game and for free

Joshua Bolio

Lagging controls. Swipe controls lagged and were very unresponsive.

Hector Martinez

The character The in game avatar's face should look more like a fox's face, it looks more human than fox really the rest of the body is fine, good game.

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