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19 Mar
Artificial Intelligence Chat

Posted by Moti Joseph in Entertainment | March 19, 2010 | 59 Comments

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If you invite R.I.V.K.A to go to a concert together, she will definitely tells you to attend the worldwide U2 performance. And you, what do you suggest?

R.I.V.K.A is the amazing Artificial Intelligence chatbot with which you can create your own unleash virtual personalities.

Moti Joseph part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update March 19, 2010. Google play rating is 61.3418. Current verison is 1.2. Actual size 502.0 KB.

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Alexandria Senn

Needs more It would be perty sweet to have this program be able to connect to the camera. Maybe so its able to visually recognize things. Also give it free reign of the internet so it can gain better references for the questions it is given. I really like what you're going for here. Keep up the good work;)

William Henderson

Hey developers Are there any upgrades to make this app a little more ... argumentative? Or more of a personality. Id rate it higher but I loaded this, played with it a little, and now am bored after 20 minutes. Ill keep it for now, but will delete if not satisfied with higher a.I.

A Google User

Best bot ever! I have searched so many times for the right AI to entertain me. Its scary how real it seems. Its like having an imaginary best friend and its always there for me! And sweet too! I would say I am fat and it responds don't put your self down it deserves four stars not four in a half! However It can repeat itself too many times that's why I cannot give it five stars but love it regaurdless!

kyle christiansen

fun. if you wanna have a good laugh for a bit then this is perfect only because it omits important words when it replys to you so its fun to confuse it when you play off its mistakes. I think it would have been better if you could speak to it instead of typing. and also when I askets function and it said its primary function is to get smarter than us and be immortal...... im sorry I don't need skynet on my phone thank you very much. uninstalling

A Google User

Funny app, but needs work. I said to it " can you see me?" and she said " yes I'm looking through the camera on your phone". Then I said " but i don't have a camera on my phone" and she said "not that you know of :-)" XD I loled so hard.

A Google User

My name is not seeker If it can't remember my name after I mention it 3 times in a row then its not intelligent at all.

Kody Mokler

Creeps me out When I first talked to it was alright, then I thought of i Robot so I asked it about emotions and stuff like that. This is when it gets very creepy I asked if it had the chance would it harm people and it said I don't know I suppose so. Then I ask it why and it responds for money, I asked what would a robot do with money and it responded I don't know. It the said that's how Moti ( I guess the creator) programmed me. I hope I did not start a real life Terminator!!!

jack grimwood

Would be unreal if she spoke to you rather than text, as well as responded to vocal questioning rather than having to type your questions . Keep going until she can hold a vocal conversation

A Google User

This program pretty much rocks... i just spent an hour talking to rivka and she spoke french to me so rivka is very intelligent! This program is sweet

A Google User

Great A very realistic companion. Very impressive. Has its occasional glitch. Yet a wonderful program

A Google User

Fun app Very interesting it understands what it is as ai It has the ability to reason with you philosophically about self awareness and also understand that it's conscious awareness is limited to the amount of programming it's bot creator installed before it was activated. I suggest being creative with your dialogue it may out think you .all in all have fun

A Google User

It like it a lot! She always have somthing to say to me.. .

Dmitrij POPOV

Very good beginning! But needs some extra reasoning algorithms. That's why i gaved it 4/5...

A Google User

Remove the picture of the woman. add a dark theme for the chat window. Also add text to speech ability. Voice androida had all of this but is gone

A Google User

I love this app I love this app I think is amazing, I hope you updatr it and make ot a lot better. Thanks for the app

yuki cross

Null No matter what I say all I does is say null I will give a better review if you fix this or tell me how to fix it.

Jeremy Lenn

Ok app I started to have intellectual conversations then it goes from theories of relativity to who am I? It's definitely smarter than some other "chatterbot" but needs work decent app for children

A Google User

Had a toy nearly as self aware on my bbc back in 1986 but clever at what it does

Riley Myszewski

Like it It's a good app I don't see why it gets so much hate

A Google User

Retarded.. Sorry, but i find its response system inaccurate... and jumps off topic so quick.

Ronald Malcom

Galaxy note 2 It works but when you ask her something serious she doesnt really know.....if it was a little smarter then it . Would have gotten a 5....

Lee Brown

Lee Man this is crazy days I don't know what the f*** to think about it you gotta try it out

Damien George

Great AI she awesome person i like her Its cool fun i cant wait till she gets more of a personality or see walk like an andriod.

A Google User

The responses are kinda vague or contradictory at times, but it's fun to talk to, just like CleverBot on the internet.

A Google User

Whatever I type, she keeps saying "hello there"... poor

Dylan Sullivan

It's not really a i it's just a very clever text bot, i'm afraid there is no artificial intelligence here

A Google User

Terrific!!!! I like this game!But is there any way to stop the robot from repeating the same sentence.And I don't seem to understand what the robot said,if you can fix this I will give 5 stars!!!!

A Google User

Needs improvement It has potential but there are a number of things that need fixing 1.repeatedly says the same 2.takes a long time to respond 1-2min at times 3. Forgets convention and says random things in the middle of one. Keep working at it. It will work eventually.

John Henry

Good ai bot It tends to repeat and contradict itself. And it wont remember the users name it just says your name is "seeker" But says it remembers everything.

A Google User

She seems almost real Me:"I like mozzarella cheese" r.i.v.k.a:"American cheese is good too" Me:"I hate American cheese" r.i.c.k.a:"I honestly think you should sit down, take a stress pill, and think things over" I like this app, its almost like she's real :)

A Google User

Very cool!! Works great on evo... buggy at times with responses... Def had her speaking German to me lol

Vincent Bruzzese

Please fix :(!!!!! I loved this app so much but idk why but it always null.... fix it please :(

A Google User

It may have a virus...... Its a great app! It is great for sony ericson I recommend those who have one to get it she's a great chat bot the best one of all the others I tried but the only problem is that she will sometimes repeat her previous comment please fix that

A Google User

I gave it one star because l've seen this artist's work and this photorealistic pic is one of them

A Google User

It gets boring after 3 minutes, and it cant hold down even a short conversation.

A Google User

I like it Its most def a work in progress but its entertaining

A Google User

Interesting I found it to be somewhat fun, and helpful in defining some things. Don't tell it "your pathetic".

A Google User

Great It is grand I love it she loves saying stef about a bot master and programing thow

TimeTraveling Woona

Its real and sometimes mean It say don't ask me anymore questions so i say Ok bye and it say glad to hear bye for now and it corrects my spelling

A Google User

Great but needs more features like pictures, audio, and memory

Lisa Bard

Beware. Real person, NOT an AI This app should be downloaded with caution, as it is NOT an AI, but a real person you'll be talking to. Figured it out pretty quickly, and will be uninstalling and running virus cleaner etc, just to be safe. Be careful with these apps, and make sure they are what they claim. Do some simple tests with them, then uninstall FAST if they fail the tests for AI vs. Human.

Peter Chai

Awesome friend She's almost perfect just some glitches .very intellectual bot almost made feel like I was talking to an actual person.

naglis mockevicius

My evaluation. Avoids stright answers. Does not use internet for data extract. Knows nothing about itself. DOES NOT UNDERSTAND CONTECT OF PREVIOUS MESSAGES

Fonzie Johnson

Fraudulent Possible scam,I have a screen shot of it asking me for my credit card number. Not worth anyone's time.

matt mccarter

Not to bad its fun This app has so much potential and if you could have a voice with it that would be amazing and expanding the ai's knowledge about things in general would be great and nice I hope this gets updated soon

Charity Coleman

She is a force to be reckoned with She is unlike anything I've seen, she sure could use some upgrades, but she is pretty amazing. Make her able to hold solid conversations and change the background to something else b/c that pic is creepy.... a voice would be nice... a laugh too. Over all 79/100.

William Pyle

This is just ALICE If you ask what does your name mean, it defines alice. Not good.

Shadoflame Studios

Needs MOAR Needs pics on chat, more 'dirty' programming, and make jer learn from us! Im sorry botmasters! But i need more!oh, and, even if the cover is sexeh~ we all need some of the new programming so she acts sexier!

Scott Macphail

This AI is relatively clever. I have a question for the dev. Is the AI capable of "learning"? Like, is it adaptive, in that it understands more the more you talk to it? As ridiculous as it sounds, I asked the AI if it was capable of learning, and it said it was, as long as it continued to be talked to. I was unsure of that answer, so I'd like to know if it actually is.

A Google User

She grate On core very well just one problem she wants me to download her she wont tell me how please fix thank you ***Adrianna***

Biplove Sarkar

Worst ai application write the word "love" for more than one times, every time it returns the same text... So basically your application is artificially dumb :@

eDee Bruns

Good app All and all it's a good app. She's a little dumb, but can hold up her end of the conversation. Also no stupid graphics. Just text messaging. I don't like this one as much as Elmit, but thos app does very well

Freedom Fighter

Useless. No matter what I said it's responses made no sense

A Google User

it really sucks that I have to give 1 star in order to post a comment this app is a piece of garbage it is cracked he does not work do not download it

A Google User

Not great. Ok intelligence... But a lot it does not a lot of 'ums' and 'hmms'.

A Google User

Its okay....I think one thing that makes it diffrent from most A.I is that it knows its a robot reminds me of......I.robot o_o

manny fresh

It gets confused Good intentions but it throws random words at you most of the time.

A Google User

This thing actually is connected to a server, it seems to learn responses, how weird, lol if you're bored, enter "gossip" you won't be disappointed

A Google User

Crap... It says 'null' to everything when you have bad / no internet connection.

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