Download ARPIO a new musical instrument apk 1.0.3 free for Android smartphone

13 May
ARPIO a new musical instrument

Posted by Alexandernaut in Music & Audio | May 13, 2014 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 2.7 MB

ARPIO is a new musical instrument designed to play arpeggios*. Move up-and-down the matrix to set the arpeggio's speed, or left-and-right to set its pitch. Tilt the device for accelerometer-controlled volume and pitchbend, or shake for vibrato.

You may be interested in ARPIO if you play piano, guitar, violin, drums, synthesizer, arpeggiators, cello, or bass. Also, if you use digital audio workstations like Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro, Fruity Loops, or Pro Tools.

In the future, MIDI support may be added depending on interest. This would turn ARPIO into a MIDI arpeggiator, allowing you to control hardware synthesizers like those made by Moog, Roland, Korg, Dave Smith Instruments, Elektron, Arturia, Yamaha, and others.

A similar version of ARPIO is available on iOS devices, under the name Arpeggionome.

*An arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played in sequence, rather than ringing out simultaneously.

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Alexandernaut part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 13, 2014. Google play rating is 79.0257. Current verison is 1.0.3. Actual size 2.7 MB.

Download arpio-a-new-musical-instrument.apk 2.7 MB


dustin Burns

Ive purchased the full version and the extras but.....The screen is upside down. It wont flip around when I tilt my screen. Its the only app that wont orientate correctly on my tablet. Samsung galaxy tab 3 10" Any fix for this?? 5 stars for the creator if there is a fix.

grainne mellon

Amazing!!! Love this so much, but please bring out more pattern packs!! I don't want the fun to stop!

Anthony Bossio

Amazing app, but needs a few things First and foremost, this "new insutrument" is awesome and super easy to use; however, I would like to see a few things added... 1. If you guys could add the possibility of recording, that would be awesome! 2. Add different colors...? Each bubble can have a different color. Instead of seeing the same old orange and blue, maybe add like red and green, blue and black, white and gold, etc. I haven't bought anything yet, but I do plan on it in the near future. :D

David Diamond

Most Innovative Android Musical Instrument. Enjoyable! This is the best, most innovative, Android Musical Instrument that I have found. Other apps imitate natural instruments. Some have good sound. But none of the imitators have the feel or subtlety or vibrational characteristics of the real instrument. Arpio is a wonderful instrument that leverages a tablet as a natural medium to produce wonderful, relaxing music. Some people love to doodle with sketchpads and other drawing or design apps. I, on the other hand, love to doodle with sound. Arpio has its own pleasant, relaxing tone (not an imitation of a physical instrument). One can choose from a variety of automatic arpeggios, and then can improvise melodies on the bottom rows of the display, enhanced with various speed arpeggios in the middle rows, and trill-like glissando accents on the upper rows. Arpio is motion sensitive, providing the ability to bend notes, create vibratos and tremolos, and support musical dynamics. In-app purchases add even more arpeggios, and more key signatures and modes (major, minor, dorian, pentatonic, etc.). One gradually evolves from musical doodling, to more deliberate composition, using the Arpio as a legitimate musical instrument. Delightful!

clintus maximus

If I could create my own patterns and export to midi, I would pay for this. Can't justify it just yet.

Aaron Hughes

Awesome app but... Its the wrong way around on the xperia phones (or atleast, the M2). Its 270 degrees out, so your hands cover the speaker. With this fixed its certainly worth 5 stars

aaron marko

I like this app A LOT. It just doesn't run without latency like I need it to. Also, I'm running it on a 7 inch tablet and I feel like my fingers are still too fat to play it the way I want to.

Ted Thivierge

Pretty cool and pretty trippy it won't make Beethoven's best but it will make some pretty cool sounds

Mike Kaiser

Very nice. This is awesome. I didn't realize the notes bend when you shake it too. Excellent idea you should make some different sounding synths and maybe a drum version would be epic

John Godwin

Black screen App works one time only when first installed. After that it will still run but can't see anything. Just a black screen but when I tap it it works as expected. Just can't see what I'm doing. Also note that when I could see was upside down and could not be rotated. I do love this app quite a lot but it needs a lot of improvement. Updates anxiously awaited.

John Lovelady

Pretty Neato! I've only just gotten the app itself. Its an awesome music app! Gonna use it this weekend at the jam! Also gonna buy the upgrade too!

Patrick Boileau

Really creative! Should have more options then I might buy it, but other than that great job on this.

Daniel Navarro

Not what I really expected I'm actually learning from this, even if I have the version one starts off with. I like the tunes, reminds of some 8-bit Dubstep I've heard :D (One for all, all for one by: Razihel, is the song I'm talking about btw) :)

Ian Enciso

Dope App... though features require paying Awesome app to help me with music ideas.... However... the dam screen only landscapes one way.

Tayler Thompson

I don't think you can justify making people pay for the packs and the settings. Pretty interesting sounds, but they are all based on the same tone. Would be cool to see some new sounds and recording capabilities with this.

Jon Weir

This thing Nice arpegiated instrument that works on x/y plane. Arpegiation speeds up and slows down depending on up down and left right controls pitch!

luke de charmoy

Yes please This app really strikes my interest. And the background is quite fascinating... I do however you suggest you let us save and quickly switch between different combinations of the specific octive, key, and scales. I hook it up to a little speaker and schmaak the sounds:) great app

jordan patangata

Nearly perfect In the next updates or in any of the ipcoming updates can you pleasemadd in some sorta dubstep typambeats. And thanks for the awsome app ive bought everything of theninappmpurchases

Jackson Fountain

Great app, however... I really like it, but I wish that A. There was a setting to recalibrate the gyroscope and B. That if you purchase the advanced upgrade, you would get all of the melody packs as well. I also think that a record function is necessary.

Garrett Kindle

Very cool but needs work Whenever I try to play it out it just kidding kicks me out after awhile

koko chong

suggestion can you add record function and more touch so we can mix the would be nice..

Noah Waddle

AMAZING This is the app of awesomeness! There is no reason for anyone not to download, I'm truly amazed in this app! Wonderful sounds and pitches. Although, it needs a rec. button, YOU'LL WANT TO BUY THE FULL THING!

Joshua Martin

Super fun It is a great concept and unexpectedly versatile. Now I just need to be able to change sounds and create my own patterns.

CJ Jherick

AWESOME Been Wanting To Find These Thank u So Much !

Caleb Schmidt

Great app could use some featres I love how the app is set up. Its fresh and fuctional and looks great in the dark. My only problem with it is that it has only one sound, granted that one sound sounds pretty good, but i would like to see an update with more sounds and some way to record it. Other than that it is a really cool app


Not bad! Could be better, but it's an interesting way to make music. Need to use it for a bit longer to get the most out of it. If it's better than I thought when I wrote this, I will give it better feedback and maybe an extra star!

Jacob Fabian

Great app! What a great app! love everything about it. Just one simple mistake, its on the wrong side :/

Evan Atkinson

App and idea is great. Could really use some more sounds though. More sounds would put this at 5 stars. Hopefully soon.

Veronika J

Limited No record option. Could be much better but is not. More preloaded free packs would be great but only 2 are available. Needs more improvements.

Mohsin Ali

Love it I dont know but why i feel really relaxed nd great while playing tht...i really appriciate for makng tht app...keep it up..

Quinn VanDeMark

Didn't work I used it for about a day and the next time I opened it, there WA's no sound. Tried restarting phone several times and didn't work. I really liked it though. Advice to fix for five stars.

Sarp Suerdas

surprised! i wasn't waiting to love the app this much, it is amazing and can actually be hooked up and used in a recording.


I loved it I was so cool?, but can cause a seizure to some one?

Mac Powder

More sounds and a variable delay or pattern slicer Desperatly needs more sounds just listen to morphwiz play and throw in a variable delay and experiment further with a pattern slicer would round it out five stars four for sounds were paying for it quite handsomely so please put in some more time as things are going great. I've also purchased all that was available.

Nurul Huda

Amazing? I want to try it...let's see what happend

Glenn Gordon

Wow awesome I made some really cool song and the rule

Jesus Carrillo

Love it! But you should try to make it multi touch

AIS Nguyen Phuong

Awesome app I think i am Jordan Rudess :v

Fluo D'Tine

Got the vibe Pls add multitouch and midi/osc to use it as a controller over wifi. Eerie ambient feeling, so great!

Tony R. Graham

YesyesyesyesyesYEEEEES. this is just beautiful. I can't wait for updates!!

Qua Couron

Wow, Totally unique, but reminiscent of the theremin! An (truly) innovative app/instrument unlike anything I've ever seen. The closest thing maybe being the Theremin. Very mesmerizing to play music with this & I was so hooked that after about only 5 straight minutes, I bought it & some of the extras, too! Wow, my bf & I just sat here playing with Arpio for what seemed like forever. It's very entrancing & calming, very soothing. Very good developing, too. Well made & very interesting applications of the gyro & sensors. Deserves awards, IMO! Thanks ??????

Alanson Eldrich Butiong

I LOVE THIS THING! SO MUCH! This a very unique app! Ive never seen like any app like this! I really like it! Thank you for making this free even with some few patterns!! :D

Storm Shade

I created 15 songs! With this masterpiece you could create awesome songs with this music maker just like I did! :D

Ryan Harvey

Dubstep is luv dubstep is lyfe I really like making dubatep I'm not the best but pretty good and this is my 2nd fav dubstep maker :D

Sumako Artist

I have this on an iPod touch. I am really happy to see ARPIO is now on Android. It sounds great as it is and with Lollipop 5.1 on my android, it runs amazingly well. Though like this software, before I make a purchase I really need those midi features. Now that Lollipop 5.1 has been revamped for better midi handling, it should be easier to make midi happen through OTG USB. So as soon as midi is added I'll buy the full program and change my rating from 3 to 5 stars. For now it is just a fun toy but

Liam Choi

Awesome It would be amazing if you guys were to eventually add in the option to loop/record multiple paterns and add some simple toggles for the user to play around with (cutoff filters, delay, reverb, perhaps distortion) being able to record it in MIDI & export what you make in it. I know its a lot of stuff, but they are just ideas which in my opinion would make this already amazing app better for people who want to take their creativity to another level and it would be super useful because its mobile :)

Pinkie Pie

Amazing Its amazing and love it so cool it may not look good but it is amazing :3

Harry Blowfish

FUN TO MESS WITH, BUT... I don't see any way to use this and expect to get any kind of musically recognizable tune. Also, those tones get annoying... I think you'd do much better to use "familiar" tones, like Harp, Piano, Marimba, etc. Might be fun for children, tho.

Tronomatik Skillz

Love it Its like a mini launchpad but on an android phone. But the only one problem i have is the colors. In the next update can you add like a option for colors. And can you make the other sounds free because im 11 and i dont have any money.

Jack Witherell

Android 6.0 Midi Support. If this supported Android 6.0s new Midi over USB feature I would instantly buy it. If I could use this program as a Midi instrument I would buy every pattern pack and the advanced upgrade almost instantly.

Evan Houck

The new musical instrument If you look at the ARPIO in an easy perspective, you'll find it very entertaining and groovy.

Kevin James Tolentino

I like it, but........ There's no record option on this thing, I would appreciate it if you could do that.

Francisco Villanueva

SUCKS LOL It sucks because you need too buy all of that seprertly and no buying that crap lol

Tyler Souza

There should be more instruments available right off the bat and the tempo and octave shouldn't have to be purchased

Michael Chandler

Amazing can't get enough! This app is beyond brilliant in my opinion. Over the last couple of months of using it I can make some amazing riffs using just one line. I've purchased the full version including all the packs and theres one or two I can't get a decent beat with but besides that it's awesome and fun for hours. I had an idea of you guys maybe including a way of having two packs loaded up and ready to use on the same sceen. And maybe keeping each pack down to about four lines. Love it though guys cheers.


One of the best app ever!! I really enjoy for making new music by this app ? Awesome app! Maybe I could give 4 thumbs

daniel francis

80/20 I really enjoy the sound and the whole concept of it. But it's lacking some options I think would put it over the top. Like being able to push two notes at once and create composite arpeggios. And possibly having a small bank of additional sounds. Aside from that it's a very fun and playable instrument. I've had a lot of fun playing it with my tb3 and tr8.

Gavin Shortall

I purchased it on my phone, including one or two sound packs. Went to use it on my tablet and it hasnt carried over?? I upgraded once, why should i have to do it again. Unhappy.

Josef Tot

Best Arp This is definitely the best arp I've come across. It is intuitive and the interface is visually appealing and adds to the overall vibe as you play your patterns. I'd definitely love to see a save to midi feature or direct control of software instruments over wifi. I would definitely pay for more patterns and advanced options as well, like setting different in build sounds or playing with the reverb. Great app!

Richard Whitt

Amazing It's so fun/easy to play it and sounds amazing

Qua Couron

Wow, Totally unique, but reminiscent of the theremin! An (truly) innovative app/instrument unlike anything I've ever seen. The closest thing maybe being the Theremin. Very mesmerizing to play music with this & I was so hooked that after about only 5 straight minutes, I bought it & some of the extras, too! Wow, my bf & I just sat here playing with Arpio for what seemed like forever. It's very entrancing & calming, very soothing. Very good developing, too. Well made & very interesting applications of the gyro & sensors. Deserves awards, IMO! Thanks ??????

Braden W.

Have I really been playing for an hour? You know you have a good app on your hands when you forget how long you've been enjoying it! One thing though, could we have one more pack to start out with for free? Thanks. Ohodqh. (Anonymous)

Simon Eddie K

Boring Push button, receive arpegiated loop. Could have done so much more like multi touch, but oh well

Jon Abilitv

Epilepsy Warning FLASHING SCREEN This application flashes as you use it. I can't find a way to stop it. Possible seizure warning. Make the flashing optional get five stars.

Shadow_ Dankitina

Hwoly mother of gawd..... This is one AMAZING synth/arpeggiator. I literaly locked myself in a room and played on this for HOURS! I would continue writing bit I am soooo thirsty.

Emil Tywoniak

Unusable 'buy more than two patterns in the store!' 'get the advanced version to change the tempo and more!' GFY! STOP PRETENDING YOUR APP IS FREE

Kristupas M

Awesome I really enjoyed the app, but you need to make more paterns and pitch thingies to be free if you want to get a higher rating. Im giving the 5th star to you, and expecting this to happen.

Adam Vargas

Needs to be like the iOS Love it on my iPad, but Android needs some love too!! I have the Nexus 10. The iPad app had way more things to do. Please update!

Gabe Herbert

Demo is limited, but shows promise I didn't find out of the pro version actually allows you to fully define your own patterns, but that would be the feature that would make it more than a toy for me.

Easton Bittner

Rotation issue Great app runs pretty smoothly on my asus tf101 tablet however it forces rotation to the upside down position and will not rotate to any other position.

Nabil Hawa

Sad app Again another app that had potential but lacks so much. It's nothing more than an arpeggiated tone. No option for random, up, down. Arp sounds are awesome but they are boring after a bit unless you drop a beat, right??


I'll buy it if there's an option to make our OWN patterns and add samples. The one and only robotic sound gets boring in the long run.

Michael Temme

good just need a few changes to be great so i really like the idea of this app how musical it can be what it really missing in my mind is midi out or some other way to let this app control other gear if midi out or a midi sequencer was included in the pro version i would buy it straight away

D rain

Very cool, needs more A great application, I've been looking for something like this for a long time. It's on the right path but should offer more, especially for the "premium /pro " version

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