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28 Jul

Posted by FX Network LLC in Entertainment | July 28, 2015 | 85 Comments

Apk file size: 34.0 MB

The New Archerisms App is here!

Add more awesomeness to your life with quotes from Archer and his double-crossing cohorts from ISIS.

Listen to your favorite quotes from your favorite spies with tap once, tap twice and shake features. Tap once and the character chooses the quote, tap twice and you get to choose from a menu... or mix it up completely by pretending your phone is a cocktail shaker and hear quotes randomly from Archer, Malory, Lana, Pam, Cheryl, Cyril, Ray and Kreiger.

Archer quotes are just the beginning of the intrigue. You also get top secret videos and new in-app tweeting with the cast and show, plus send your own tweets tagged #ArcherFX to show up in the live feed, follow Twitter updates from other fans, retweet and reply. Plus keep up with Archer on Facebook, peruse kinky pics in the Image Gallery and tap into Archer Mobile to get show info and see what's on FX now. The spy who loves himself wants everyone else to love him, too - so share the new Archerisms app with all your suave friends.

Whats new

    Write the World’s Greatest Texts with help from the World’s Greatest Spy. Get a link to the FX Emoji app to download custom Archer emojis.

FX Network LLC part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 28, 2015. Google play rating is 62.102. Current verison is 2.0.0. Actual size 34.0 MB.

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Kenton Kamolz

Danger Zone! I love the show, the app is great. I really enjoy it when my phone glitches and randomly plays clips..could you make it possible to do that? Play clips as ringtones or be able the put them in texts. That would make conversations more awesome..

Symba Kkinneas

Hate it! All of the best audio sounds are gone! Your supposed to improve with the app with more content than the last version not strip it down and give it some weak graphics! Put "I am awesome" and the themes back in as well. I'll rate better when I see the improvements.

Blair Wilson

Kewl It's .......meh......I would give more stars if it had more of the classic archerisms on it and more characters like Kreiger, etc... and what is up with some of the sound being really low??? Please fix and I will up my rating

barbara ford

What happened to Archer Deluxe? This is awful. Whyd they pull the deluxe one?

Edgar Lopez

Awesome. Any chance you guys can add Krieger and Woodhouse?

M Abernathey

Awful. Fox bans best Archer app and puts this up. The clips aren't even volume normalised.

Ben Carlson

Not complete Really? No "phrasing" and no Krieger...

Bill Brockmiller

Love Archer but this isn't very good Buggy and limited, there are much better 3rd party Archer boards out there

Kelly Spacht

This one was poor. very little selection. Only bites from last season. Desperately hoping for 'outlaw country'. There used to be one out there with hundreds of archer sound bites from multiple seasons.

Patrick Malterre

Un installing - Just season 3 Archer Deluxe soundboard is much better. Also you would think that since FX did this app; that they could do better on the sound levels.

francesco benson

No phrasing quotes Would be 5 stars if there were any "phrasing" quotes or if you could assign sounds to alerts or ringtones. Kind of boring without that last bit. Also the scrolling is super glitchy. Overall meh.

Brad Golden

Good but not Great Would be nice if it was more like a classic soundboard used for prank phone calls or trolling people in online gaming, instead we have unequal volume levels (for some reason) and are even missing some classic lines like "Phrasing", "Suppressing fire!", and " LANA!!!!" It's like the people that made this app don't even watch the show or even understand its culture.

Byron Clarkson

Okay at best. Decent clips but not enough good ones. And no dr.krieger. thats a big no no for me

Valarae Cothren

Just one that's missing I totally wish there was one of Archer screaming lana!

Alexandria Smith

Is there a way to download a clip and set it as a ring tone?

Christopher Meade

Almost complete Where the hell is Dr. Krieger?!

David White

Aggravated I want the list. Can't ever get it to display the list.

Darryl Towles

Danger Zone Pretty much every good Archer line in on soundboard.

steve soper

No good catchphrases no kreiger thumbs down.

Oran Fine

Meh This app needs more organization and Krieger quotes pls update!!!!!!

Matt Gueulette

Very disappointed no krieger and only a limited selection

Richard W

Means well... Horrible layout.. Running on a Samsung Note Edge...The only response is when i shake. Sounds are 100% but the layout and interaction are horrible

Johnny Lowe

Lame All I see is a giant ad for Its always sunny in Philadelphia. Renders app unusable. Uninstalled!

Monkey Butt

It would de better if it downloaded faster

Vincent Schad

Hilarious This app helps me fill my Archer withdrawal during the off season. Only things is I wish it had some quotes from Kreiger.

Paul Watren

I love ARCHER... This app, not so much. The video chips will not load. After "shaking" my phone to randomly select audio chips, the app drops out after 3 shakes.

Mike Caliguri

Must be an alpha Clumsy and barely useful. It's obviously designed to be a humorous diversion however all it does is frustrate

Taylor McLean

Better than before It works now

John Winfield

Archer disappointment Looks like nothing but ads

David Intrabartolo

Great app, but... I have to ask: Why in the name of Burt Reynolds is Krieger not on this app?!

Frank Iacono

Hello Razor Wecome to the party.

Tanisha Toro

You can't download them


Kinda depressing there is no Krieger

Cory Beaulieu

Worst Soundboard on this Entire Planet of Earth This app is severely lacking with features. This should be an EXTREMELY broad soundboard with clips that are downloadable and can be assigned to ringtones. Needs ability to request sounds. Should also include a list of sounds we can choose from, and if it does, it doesn't work on the Galaxy S3. You need to accept and respond to requests. SUPPORT YOUR SHOW AND IT'S MILLIONS OF FANS!

Jonathan Medeiros

Ringtones This is the first Soundboard I've ever seen that doesn't allow you to make the clips into ringtones... Please fix this -_-

Trudy Schamberger

Classic misdirection The app appears to have loaded in a format too large for my phone so I am unable to get past the loading screen.

Lucas Castelli

Needs more. This is a nice soundboard, although having multiple pictures of some characters just facades the fact there isn't actually that much content. Many of the iconic sayings are there, which is great; with more characters (woodhouse, jakov, the scientist whose name alludes me, etc) it would be perfect. For free, I am satisfied, with more content I would be enlightened

Maranda Shain

Can't set as ringtone! The clips are ok, at least it has "danger zone"...but they apparently can't be set as a ringtone, so what's the point of the app???

Something witty

Naw. Assholey Can't use them in my phone for actions. Blows

Kraziest Kraken

Haha awsome All the best quotes

William Pullen

Needs a phrasing button.

Stephanie J

Missing a lot of the best ones Volume isn't consistent. I wonder if the people who picked these have ever watched the show, they are missing a majority of the best sayings. Inappropes. :/

Fran Patty

Wishlist Archer always makes me smile but there are a few key phrases that are missing. "Phrasing" and the "lana, Lana, LANA" are two that come to mind. Reminded of a few that I had forgotten.

Christopher Sisk

Missing way too many iconic lines Fun, but missing way too many iconic one-liners in favor of long, drawn out bits that don't make sense out of context. It would be much better with those great small bits that could be thrown into any random conversation.

Derik Van Derbeken

Suck It Archerism app! Don't know what happened to the app I downloaded over a year ago which had so many great audio snippets. Sadly this Archerism app is seemingly now the only app available. Really!?! It doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy 6, and from what I can tell when it does barely work, it pales in comparison to the app I deleted due to memory issues over a year ago, which is now sadly not available.

Brandi Devey

Fun! Just needs a save feature. But I would like a feature that lets you save the clips I want as text tones.

Mi Ke

This app blows. Poorly made. Sound quality is all over the place and missing all the good one liners.

matthew rupert

Id give 5 stars, but Krieger isn't on here. I think Krieger is pretty awesome. And should be added.

Keith ODay

Needs save feature Without a way to use them as ringtones or msg alerts the app is kind of useless.

Sam simonsen

DANGER ZONE! It has the Danger Zone quote and that's all I need.

Zach Rawlings

Great Though I would like to see Pam's "**** holster" one and Archers "shut your ****trap"

Mark Bowling

Useless What's the point in having this if you can't save tones for ringtones?


Needs more Like others have said, it could use more quotes and have more consistent sound quality. I downloaded it hoping to hear Archer's "Eat a dick, jungle" phrase.

Roger Jackson

Great sounds, but have a hard time closing the box

Michael Black

Blah The sound levels for each clip is all over the place. No krieger, phrasing, LANA!, and many more. The list of quotes does not scale well on a GS6 edge. The text is so small you can hardly read it. The application seems forced and half assed.

Nathan Baggett

Bad clip choices Really so much greatness not even on it. And half the stuff on it is crap. The person who picked the lines must not watch the show.

Pete Andre

It's a nice soundboard Would be a super sweet soundboard IF you could download to use in texts and if the audio level were even. One is so load the next a whisper


Useless You can't even save them as ringtones or notifications

Devon Boswell

Ok I would have liked it more if they had the one were archer says"look it all ofthem wearing turtlenecks.they look like a bunch of gay copycats"

Byron Clarkson

Okay at best. Decent clips but not enough good ones, no dr.krieger quotes, and you can't save the clips to use as ringtones which makes the whole app useless. Please fix FX


Kinda sucks I mean it's Archer and the gang , but the majority of the really good sayings aren't here. Use to have a few other Archer saying choices but this is the only one in the store .

Mario Del Valle


Andrew Knoblach

I needs a Krieger board.

T Crews

Meh Only reason I wanted this was to download some soundclips, but no.... This feature is not offered. And the sound quality/volume it's all over the place

Michael DeLise

Very poor sound quality Such a crap app for such a good show

Mike Ruthless

Make available as ringtones and text messages!

Miriam Colman

this is fun


No Krieger clips Fun but disappointed that there weren't any sound bites of Krieger. He's got some of the funniest lines in the show.

Hayden Green

No kriger! Will give 5 stars if it adds kriger. And "you're not my supervisor" for cherl

Kevin Vatanarom

Love it...but... I really wish you could make the Soundboard into a ringtone or notification tone....

zack shelsby

Missing a lot Its just ok. Its not bad but at the same time its not good... Seriously if you just added some of the iconic sayings this could easily be a five star application for all of the Archer fans out there.

Kevin Ranges

Obviously never watched the show I could make a better list off the top of my head. Don't make an app about a show you've never seen

Jesse Lejarzar

What happened to all the other Archer sound boards This one is nice with the graphics but there were others that would blow this one away with all the content

Anthony Weare

Missing a lot The quality of the sounds aren't constant, which is sad being made by FX. It also doesn't have anything from Krieger. While Krieger may not be in every episode he does have some popular quotes that I believe would be important to any soundboard.

Jason Smith

Srsly FX stop What is wrong with you guys? There was a much better sound board for Archer by Jason Maxfield from a couple of years ago. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel why don't you guys just go with a product that already works and work to improve it? This collection is only marginal and doesn't have any of the capabilities Maxfield's had because you can't option to use the clip as a ringtone or notification sound. Now that I think about it, this deserves negative stars...

Fran Patty

Wishlist The app no longer works. Darkened screen with direction box but no way too close it and move on. Can't switch between characters. Uninstalled and re-installed to no avail.

Ryan DuBois

Lacking options This lacks the ability to save tones as a ringer or notification, which to me is a negative for any soundboard app. Also missing lots of great phrases from the show. Poor showing FX.

Fawnya Willson

Pretty good I like this app but its missing some seriously good opportunities! Like when cheryl sees the ostrich say 'do you think that's wiiiiise?'

Oscar Dorosario

What happened to all the other Archer soundboards? This app SUCKS. Can't even set as ringtone. What's the point? FX prob had the others taken down and now we're stuck with zero selection and none of the features people want. Way to let the fans enjoy themselves, FX.

Howard Savage

Bipolar I'm disappointed they left out characters like Mallory Berry and Krieger but the same time it's Archer so you can't fail. Also many clips are missing mean it's like forgetting an onion in mother's martini. Trust me it's a dark place like the closet .ceirel hides in...PHRASING


It's a great Idea...? Archerisms is a fantastic concept, one poorly executed. The character selection screen is inefficient and unresponsive. The character's themselves are missing some of the best lines. Seriously. Where's Cyril's "Suppressing Fiiiiiiire?"

Billy Klein

Missing more than it has Not one version of Carol saying "you're not my supervisor"? Have you even seen the show? This has 1\3 the clips it should. Also, it needs the ability to make sounds into alerts and ringtones.

Pat Rosenthal

Sucks sucks sucks Where are the good one liners? You don't even have you're not my supervisor. Like the most iconic line from Cheryl.

Bart Townsend

Love it! Maybe could you think about updating this app with quotes from all the seasons? Missing some great quotes.

Steven Waite

Why? ! No Krieger and what is the point if you can't save the clips for ring tones?

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