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2 Mar
APUS Locker - Easy and Fast

Posted by APUS APPS in Tools | March 2, 2015 | 103 Comments

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This is a simple lock screen software that allows you to double-tap on APUS Launcher to lock screen quickly. With APUS Locker, power button could save half its work!
1. APUS Launcher is required for this app to work;
2. Device Manager needs to be activated for this feature;
3. Deactivate device administrator to uninstall this app should you decide to go.
If this app brings you convenience, please give it a 5 star rating. Your encouragement is our motivation.

APUS APPS part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 2, 2015. Google play rating is 79.5421. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 231.0 KB.

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Plz some one tell me how to take it off or use it To the people tht made this app u need to work on new apps cuz this sucks and it don't work and u can't unstall it u tricked us so we can keep it and u get more money u suckkkk

Travis Eekhour

It sucks It is so shot it cannot even be unistalled as the people who made it just are money thieves and can't even make a good app except for all the others they made

Nuwan Chanaka

Great That's great and work well. If you think use it to wake up screen also 5 stars work:-D. However good job as normal as always from APUS team.

Alin Zavada

Good If you lock the screen by double-tapping, why not double-tapping to unlock the screen? It would be better and more interresting.〽☺??

Kristiyan Dimov

Don't know whats up... Works like a charm. Don't know whats up with all the not working...its not rocket science to go to gestures menu and activate it from there...

Joel Sanico

This sucks, but I found a way to uninstall the app... Go to your settings. Next go to manage device administrators. Then tap the check next to the Apus Locker. Finally you should be able to uninstall the app.

Christopher J T. David

Can't remove I wanted to try it out because I wanted to lock and unlock my phone by simple double tapping. Apparently it can't do that. What's more it can't be removed. I'm now considering removing the Launcher itself just to get rid this annoyance.

Roshan Kumar

Worst Hey guys those who want to uninstall can use trust antivirus and go to app manager and deactive it and you can uninstall it easily. I have done this and i succeded.

Kaitlyn Nicholson

Cant deactivate and cant get off my phone. You better fix this rn its taking up way too much space on my phone cant download anything

Adnan Yousuf

Patterns won't work :-( It doesn't work smoothly. My galaxy note seems slow after downloading this app. But APUS theme n locker are good looking light weight with nice features. .You should try it

Yeajee Ahn

Best app ever!! I like how you dont need to turn off my phone, all you need too do is to tap the screen

Hitesh Jotania

Easier Good to use .there is no tantion to lock the screen by power button.its easy to dubble tap on blank screen.

devi widianto

greattt!!! to uninstall, go to setting-security-device administrator. then uncheck locker,, afther that uninstall from app manager. thats simple brooo :)

Daniel Colin

Remove this! I thought it would work. Turns out it's crap and can't remove or uninstall. Please help!!!

kristlyn tate

Hate it so much U can't delete it like I font want it anymore and they can read ur identity on ur device .

john mark desembrana

i doesnt work on my device its says i need to upgrade apus launcher but its already updated!

Vince Kamboj

Greater Really it lock my screen 10 Times faster than my normal phone lock you can activate it ........ apus setting<gesture<double tab<lock screen. It also accelerate my device

Llynn Rose

Doesn't work Screen lock worked fine when it was part of launcher/before screen lock became seperate app.

Bethanator Awesomester

It won't go! I downloaded this because I loved the other apus apps, BUT THIS IS RUBBISH! It didn't work and now I can't un install it. I have even uninstalled the other apis apps I had and it still won't go. Wouldn't download for a million pounds

Dafcil Liwanagan

Finally!!!! I finally discovered whats wrong! I went to APUS settings then in the gestures menu u can select what reaction should play when you double tap now im reinstalling this app...

wenvert tabaranza

disgusting! how to uninstall this application i don't want it on my phone actually..sorry

aan choky

Like it Can this apps upgraded , to add tap ON too ?? I'll give 5 star,maybe more if i can hahaha. Lol

Shalin Sitwala

Good Works like a charm! Don't know why is everyone rating it 1 star. Even to uninstall the app, you can simply go to Settings- Security - Device Administration, turn Locker off.

Debbe Price

Sucks It doesnt work at all. I want to get rid of it.

Khayyam Lodhi

Hi gyz .. if you want to uninstall it . It is simple . Just go to settings >security>and open device administration and unmarke appus lock .. best for Samsung devices. . :-)


Tap to lock Works well, yet they should allow it to lock on apps as well.... When that happens then the full 5 stars ☺

Edwin Tan

The best For those who complains that it doesn't work please read this. Go to settings and gestures and adjust the double tap to lock, welcome

Rider johnson

Don't download it It suck it doesn't work and I can't uninstall it

Mohammad Mahdi Zanganeh

When I use it my camera doesn't work.

Addy Smith

Idk I don't know really how to use it. What does it Do.

Yuvraj Tada

It's don't a app it's a piece of shit

Nagwa Mohammed

it can't be Removed. I tried to remove it but it hasn't removed, l hate that ?

steven spencer

WTF It don't work it send me to wallpapers

Bianka Macias

HELP! HOW DO I DEACTIVATE IT Ive been looking everywhere to deactivate the app just the double tap, dont get me wrong but i really like the effect and all but i just want to uninstall it and ive look through my settings and nothing, absolutely nothing not even in app management does it let me take it off i dont know how to uninstall it. Im out of ideas????

Mark Jason Rodriguez

Sucks BIG TIME Doesnt work and I can't even freakin uninstall this crap!

MichaelMartinez KO

Why IT doesn't works and how will it work?

milan milesevic

It works great on my phone at frist i had problems didnt work i deactiveted it and installed again and its great and please add too unlock too soo it works like the LG G3

Kishan Naoroibam

Best app ever.... For those which doesn't work u go to apus setting and check what u saved for the gesture and try again coz it works really fine on my Micromax canvas gold....

TawanaKeith Matsika

No please I beg you do not get this app Too simple for me whenn you want to uninstall the app it won't let you

Vaneet Sharma

Wastage of time Don't install this app.....not working properly

Kenneth Cox

It works everyone. Hey everybody. This app really does work. You just have to set up the function on your own in APUS settings under Gestures. Go to the Double Tap Screen option and change the function to the "Lock The Screen" function and you're all set. ??

JoeLuke Fulmer

It doesn't work Every time I double tap a blank area it opens the wallpapers

Amitkumar Modha

Not wotking in new update. Hellow will you please find the solution for the best.

mahmoud qaseer

Warning I Can't remove it until from app manager so no one install this shit

Muhammad Iddyn Fisol Iddyn

It doesn't work It doesn't work.Can you show how to launch it,please??

bogdan marius cioci

good job A useful tool for my phone, I can't wait to improve this software with double tape on the black screen to wake it up. Anyway even right now is so good.

Hazem Ahmed

... Tells me that i should deactivate then uninstall but its not deactivatable if it was working i was going to give 5 stars and please dont install this app

Pooja Patel

Cool.. Love it. It's really nice app and those who don't know how to use it please don't give bad ranking at all..

Hope Lane

I totally dislike it. I can't even take it out of apps! Ugh, please fix.

Sheeyumi AJ

How do you use it? Its really hard and i cant figure it out please help i cant lock it if i double tap it will direct me to wallpapers

Md.Mujtaba Raza Picturewala

Totally Awesome Now I can lock my screen just on two touch :-D Cool n Great. And haters just go to Security->Device Administrators->Deactivate it. Bye Bye >_<

Wilmer Zhinin

can someone from this company please tell me how to uninstall it, i dont want this app on my phone any longer, i cat even force stop it why would anyone make an app like this, dont install or youll regret it

prashant sureka

Nice app It work great.. But plz add screen wake up feature also..then I give it full five star..

Richard Solomon

Cool...loved it... Pls do not give bad comments if u don't know how to deactivate this....this app is awesome and I m using this from a long time till now I didn't faced any issues....keep it up guys ....u r rocking... Just a small comment that in this app....we use to lock the screen by double tapping in the Mobile works so nicely but at the same time pls do work in this app by using the same thing (double tap) to open the will be good to use it...

Jack Chen

Good work Apus I am here to encourage and praise Apus. This app is very convenient and it brings out amazing features as for those who are complaining please do take note that apus launcher is needed in order to use this app. To activate simply activate when installed and go to your Apus Launcher and change the gesture to lockscreen that way this appp will be used fully. I also recommend other Apus apps as they are my favourite. Not being biased or anything but I think Apus Launcher is the best because it has many feature

Bah Yhan

great!! I love this! I do hope you could also come up with tap to wake..looking forward.

Rafid Ahmed

Doesn't work When I try to lock my screen it just brings me to wallpaper change screen

jacob bowman

This sucked I hated the whole set up of the app and the launcher, it wouldn't let me use it and Now it won't let me uninstall it, somebody please tell me how to get it off

Abdullah Shaikh

Haters just shut up... When i was going to install this app... I saw the comments & got confused.. Still i installed it.. It works just awesome yaar.. Superb app, thanks a lot DEV, ignore the bad comments, just install this app

Hazel The Angel

How to delete this from your phone All you need to do is go into your settings find security tap on it and then tap on device administrators and then uncheck it and then you will be able to get rid of it

Danielle Stratton

It doesn't work When I double tap the screen it brings up the APUS wallpapers

Ramin Rabani

It's not working well on my phone... Screen turns on again after locking! Whats the matter? Do anyone knows how can i fix this problem?

Tan Alvin

Please improve it ! Hey , will you guys make this app not juz to lock the screen but make it as a LOCK SCREEN ? Im sure everyone will like it! THE FASTEST , SMALLEST LOCK SCREEN !!!!

Gael Lopez

How do you take it off? I can't uninstall this thing ?

Kevinlloyd Buliag

The most worst i installed, If u dont want ur phone feel malfunction , etc. just ignore this app......sooner or later i will realize the notices from the comment of the apps complainants

ather ali

To uninstall this app you all need to go into your phone setting and find your administration setting in them. Just unmarked. Then uninstall this easily. Hope this helps

Kaylee Marie King

I know how to uninstall it. If u have a Samsung hold down your home button and click on "task manager" slide over to "downloaded" and click on the app click on "administrator settings" and "deactivate" it and you should be able to uninstall it.

Yash Doorgachurn

bloody shit Don't works correctly and while lock screen is off on double tap it don't get on.... plzz rework on it and the other apps plzz...beg u

amir amer

How to use ? I already tried it so many time.. But still nothing happen .. Just help me to make it work as it describe !

harry appiah

Superior It's very nice..please don't hear the comments some people are raising about this app. it works perfectly.instead of going the normal way of locking ur android screen with the power bottom, u just double tap n u re there..good job.

Victor Suarez

I hate this app because it didnt do anything and just in case you cant uninstall just get antivirus and uninstall it from there it worked for me .

Ainol Aizizie

Fixing double tap error When you double tap and it brings you to wallpaper instead of locking it,go to apus settings then gestures.. Choose double tap and change to lock screen..Now it will not go to wallpaper and it will now lock the screen..Hope this help.

Kiến Huy Nguyễn Lê

Like shit The man was made this app, his need more creative more this app isn't a app for the user this app just's like have error or something and more I can't uninstalling this app

Yohan Irawan

Go to administrator, and deactive APUS locker,, and than you can uninstall it,, but i think this apps very usefull, thanks APUS. :). I hope for the next it can opened the screen, not only lock the screen. Thanks. Apus. :D


What the heck?! I wanted to unistall it and install it back, but for some reason it keeps saying "Uninstalling" alredy 1 hour. So that means I cant even unistall it! now my mind changed, I dont want those app anymore!!! who would keep this app and waste their MB??? to be honest I put 0 stars for this. Horrible app, they just want to keep this app in your phone/tablet and make money. Dont install it, or you will have the same problem :c I will report this company for this. Its called hack. They hack your phone/tablet.

Wolf Draken

WHY SO HARD TO DELETE?! I had to go into my settings and disable this from being administrator. Wtf does a dang lock screen need that access for?! Not only that but you can't ever USE it unless you want to be forced to use the launcher. WHY?! Well. I had been using other things from these developers. Now I'm deleting even that.

Valerie Monson

Can't uninstall I liked it at first till it made my phone lag. I tried to uninstall it but it won't let me! This is so annoying.

shree kulthe

Cool Its very easy HD and nice love it

Jay Raval

Superb ...for all the users who can't get it to work ...pls goto to Apus settings in Apus launcher then goto gestures and last option Double Tap select it and change it to Lock Screen like magic ...hope this helps everyone !

Rajath Budnar

Poor service Hello Apus team, can u please let me know how can i uninstall this apus locker?? I hav already uninstalled Apus launcher due to its laggy performance! But this locker is'nt gettin deactivated nor uninstalled! Please reply how to uninstall this thing?

swagiee harsh Patil

Nice and instant lock app.. bt I wud lyk to give 5 stars bt.. if ew put double tap unlock da screen lock.. all are waiting foe ds new feature ..n b proud dat der is none oder app lyk urz... if ua doin ds.. so b quick..

jerzus venturina

It works! I'm using oppo Joy This app and Oppo's double tap feature to wake up is a perfect match. Just follow the steps. After following the steps in "Read More" follow these steps: in Apus Launcher settings > tap Gestures > Tap Double tap > tap lock screen. That works. But I don't know if it needs rooting.

Abhinav Desai

Works fine This app works great. But I found a replacement for Apus launcher so longer wish to keep this app. However it won't get uninstalled. I have been trying to deactivate it in the device administrator settings but in vain. Kindly assist team.

Gary Fuller

Works well. Works well.. you need to go into the Apus launcher settings then gestures and change the double tap method there for this to work. For those having problems uninstalling make sure you go to the device administrators section on your phone which will be in settings and disable "locker" this will allow you to uninstall. Would be nice to see the double tap to wake the screen, hopefully in the next update?

Scott Strong

Very fast and convenient. Those who have said that it doesn't work or they can't unistall obviously cannot follow simple instructions. If you need help just refer back to the posts in these these reviews and you will find posts that tell you exactly how to activate, deactivate and uninstall should you wish to do so. But it works great, does NOT slow my phone down. I will say that the options could be a bit easier to find but just slow down and read, follow the instructions and enjoy.

Tanner Schaan

Hoe to uninstall I was very frustrated trying to uninstall this junk app. EVERYONE.... you have to go to settings- lock screen and security- more security options- phone administrators- then uncheck locker- restart your phone- then uninstall it. What a joke!

Natalie Recio

Hated it Omfg never get this app I could not disactive it. I had to resort my phone to the factory settings and lost everything my pictures videos contacts ect. teribble app I hate it so much these people who made it need to fix it ???


Cool Thicker silicon back case would made to search lock button and now it's great to lock the screen within two taps!!! I love this app! If you people provided a pin lock option I could be great app. Several people who doesn't know about this are making some newscence!!! That's it

Aaron Diaz

It looks good but... I have downloaded it, but I tried to use it and when I double tap the screen it takes me to the wallpaper downloader screen I'm not sure how to fix this people so any feedback would be great

Mike Grant

Maybe I'm missing something... But what good is it to lock the screen, if the screen stays on sucking the battery dry. I would think if you want to lock the screen, then obviously you want to turn the screen off as well... But as I said.. Maybe I'm missing something.... ?

Kevin Sunny

Does nothing. Jst for a tap thing we have install this [email protected] Could have put in simple n boosting lock screen n lock too

Bianka Macias

HELP! HOW DO I DEACTIVATE IT Ive been looking everywhere to deactivate the app just the double tap, dont get me wrong but i really like the effect and all but i just want to uninstall it and ive look through my settings and nothing, absolutely nothing not even in app management does it let me take it off i dont know how to uninstall it. Im out of ideas????

alhakim ikhram

Need improvement Can you add double tap to wake up the screen? It will more help the way..thiss app really cool and work great with my device..thanks developer

ganesh nani

Waste app ever I have ever seen. To delete it go to Google play and open my apps and there it will be present in up to date apps goto it there will be a option called deactivate. Do it to delete it.

Rica May Jamakeo

Gooood I like it, but it will be much better if this can wake up screen also. I need to use it for wake up screen also pleaseeee. I badly need thaaat. My lock button is already broken.

Noriesa Ann

Great app! It's so cool. I tried downloading it even though i read a lot of negative comments about this app but it worked in my phone! It's so awesome. Thumps up!

Jeanne Pauline Cruz

Worst locker! This app dosen't work properly and i can't uninstall it , could you please tell me how to remove this!

Tomo Tomlinson

Love it :) Works perfectly, to people who don't know how to use a phone properly you need to go to the Gestures section of APUS and activate the Double Tap Lock Screen Function. It's very simple even my 3 year old nephew could figure this out.

Vu Phong

For stupid android user dont know how to delete this this plugin is working perfectly,if you want to delete it.First you have to deactivate it from device administrators in security option of the phone.

Raj Saha

U make guys good gesture.... I have a request, pls add a double tap wake up screen.... After that, I would like to give 4star at least..

Nur Cholif M.

Guys, its can't be uninstalled because it's still used in device administrator. Apps need device administrator to control hardware and such directly. You have to deactivated it first in settings>security/privacy>device administrator. Don't you read description first before install any app? It was there!

Abdul Mansur

TRASH!!! WTF is wrong with this apps. It said 'you need device administrator to deactivate this apps. So, you could uninstall the apps'. I try to deactivate it, so.....nothing happens. It makes my device had a virus with this trash. I need to format my device to get rid of this thing. WHERE THE DEVELOPER? PLEASE RESPOND????

Jay Jadav

I love it I'll give you 5 star but if you add one more thing like double tap to screen lock and screen on please do it on your next update

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