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8 Nov

Posted by AppEase LLC in Entertainment | Nov. 8, 2016 | 94 Comments

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AppMan lets you earn awesome rewards for discovering great free apps and games. Get rewarded for free!

How it Works:
• Install AppMan to your device, you will be registered and redirected back to
• Download the latest free apps from Google Play
• Earn credits by trying these games out, for at least one minute
• Redeem your credits for free gift card!

Plus you can earn unlimited credits when you share your referral code with your friends on Android and iOS. Refer a friend to receive a 250 credit bonus when they install their first app. You also get an extra 50% of the credits they earn every time they download!
Your friend gets a 100 credit bonus.

This is the BEST referral program on the market, so don't wait.

Download AppMan for your Android Device and start earning now.

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AppEase LLC part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 55.2239. Current verison is 2.33. Actual size 1.0 KB.

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Brendon Fleming

Help please Can someone help me... i have installed the app and it makes me sign in with facebook and when it directs me to that page it says i dont have permition ask creators... or ask admin for permition... reply and help would be appreciated much! And then i will rate 5!!

Nicholas Wright

Good Make a update where everyday you log on you get some free credits. Edit: Sorry no longer using it. Need FACEBOOK VERIFICATION just no just no. If it gets fixed ill install again

Vincent Untalasco

cant even log in my facebook .... fix it then ur ratings might change

Goten Son

This app has so much potential but it's meh at best. So far the app has been able to recognize when I download and open an app but that's besides the point. It would take me weeks to earn 12000 points to get a PlayStation card when all the offers only give you double digit numbers while the promo pics the app has on their Google Play site has like 500+ points for doing the same actions. The only two offers I had that were 1000+ required me to pay 2.99 or give out my address / personal information .

Euan McDonald

works but not great I had a second look at the app and figured that is but better than I first thought but,no where near as good as it's competitors but, I'm glad the developers are open to suggestions on improvement. I would personally like some paid apps to be sponsored for some fast and easy points. Though, must paid apps are very specific in what people would buy them,a good variety to choose from would be good for everyone looking for a little cash back. I would also like to see surveys a bit like google opinion rewards. They are nice, quick and easy and can be done at any time

William Sharples

Its great but the only problem is you cant get psn or xbox codes in the uk :(

Xi Chen

Great app Much better rewards than all the other similar apps, especially great referral deal!

Mathais Dowd

I'd maybe like it if it actually worked You know what's fun? Actually being rewarded for what you do. But no, this app decides to stop giving you credit after 1000 credits. F*ck you Caddicarus and your recommendations

Corey Schelke

Waste of time This app wants you to download apps so you can earn a trivial am out of money. the apps it wants you to download are piles of crap and you couldn't pay me enough to even put those on my phone even for a couple seconds. Now math time, to earn $5 you need 4000 points and let's say 1 app gives you 100, then you need to download and open for 30 seconds per app. That is 20-30minutes + download time, to earn $5 and I was being nice some apps give you like 30 points to download. Anyone please don't waste your time

Dung Nguyen

rooney Appman is scam. Payout is bad. Admin is scamer. You will not get the money to do with this app

Snack Cabinet Gaming

Good concept It's easier to get prizes than other apps with this concept but it would help if we were told how to refer a friend

Sean Wilson

Not Working App is not redirecting to the app store.

Raul Camarena

Dissapointed I really wanted to use the app but I was stopped as soon as I opened the app. There was a sign in through facebook button right in the center. I don't have facebook nor do I ever want to have one I honestly don't like facebook at all so I guess this app is not the app for me.

Ryan Wilkinson

Not everyone has Facebook I cannot comment on the functionality of this app because you must have a Facebook account to use it which renders this completely useless to me.

Josh Stevenson

Couldn't even sign into the app.

phyo wai

money likes it good

Daniel Nabil

CODE: 1XV5BA Really good app indeed no crashing no freezes but sometimes I get connection error I am not sure what causes it but please fix that in the next updatr! if anyone wants to get 50 credits straightforward after downloading and installing the app just use this code it's not my code it's a code I found on the web 1XV5BA

Stephany Minamino

Not getting credits... Well, I installed the app a couple of months ago, installed one or two apps on it, then dodn't touch it. I just opened it a couple of weeks after I got the Lollipop ipgrade to gfind that I lost the credits I got, but also that it wants me to verify it on facebook, which I'm pretty sure I did before. I installed a new app, but didn't get the credits for it.

arielle garcia

Not saying fb acc is verified It says that my face book account is not verified so then i clicked the link to verify it then once im done face book says its verified but then appman says its not and appman wont let me resign in to my fb acc

nnuahs meh

Great! This app has been great. While there were some problems with the credits the developers have been super nice and supportive. I think there is much improvement needed still but hey, free money.

Oskar Dudkiewicz

Not earning credits So I downloaded the app about an hour ago , decided to do a few offers that include downloading and opening apps or reaching a level in a game , it was ok for the first offer because I got the credits but then later it stopped giving them to me ( I done offers that would add up to around 650 to 700 credits but I never got them given to me...) Please fix this

evelyn calderon

It would be perfect but it doesn't let me use it is just white when I go to the app. Plz fix this I want to use this I think that its because its on android and not on apple because I got it on my I phone and it works but not on my galexey

Beautygru 1

A big no no It wanted me to log in with Facebook and I don't even have it

Sue Fishbeck

Didn't give me my rewards for some of the apps that I downloaded.

chowder oscar

The app doesn't load On My Samsung Galaxy S6 the app doesn't work

dakota allan

Says facebook isnt verified Doesn't load well takes a long time and says Facebook isn't verified i made sure i followed the steps and triple checked help!

Cody Brown

Needs improvement App is a good idea but the rewards don't work to often. After I download an app and complete the required things, it won't give me credits for the offer.

Leslie Valdez

Cool Awesome App i found a referal code use this one :1HLAIF

Den119 AAP

Terible Don't do sh*t just I white screen with adds

Lilly Z

U can't use it if u don't have facebook

James Chapman

Great way to earn for little effort Invite code 12TF49 I recommend trying this app and seeing for yourself. Credits are fast arriving and seems great sofar!!

thomas toma

Seriously u make an app that let's u buy gift cards and u don't even put google play cards on Australia

Chester Weiley

Huge Problem I just downloaded this app, but when I open it, it just shows a white screen and nothing happens from that point on. I would love if you could fix this as soon as possible. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A5.

Ashlynn Martins

Awesome It is a very good app and rewards u for downloading other apps and games

Jianna Snow

Why facebook?! Why do you need to sign into facebook to use this freaking app!?!? I dont even have facebook! If you want an app to get gift cards and stuff get appnana

kate johnson

Do u have to have a Facebook account? I wish u could do this without Facebook because I am not allowed to have one. cant u just sign up with an email and password?

The Dancing Cookie

Doesnt give me my credits It needs to give my 34 credits that it owes and needs to give them immediately after you have done what you need to do

Cameron Bomkamp

I downloaded and played many of the game and didn't give me any points

Kavanagh2490 Sophiedavies

Won't even load the app only say something like error receiving ur information try again plz fix I really really really want to use this app

Evan Besaw

Only 1 Why was there only one thing to get credits?This is not the best way to get money for games and other. Don't waste your time on this.

Adrie Waz here

Doesn't work I hate it every time I get on it it says error retrieving your information try again later this happened on my tablet and phone plz fix or respond

S Durham

Terrible I open it earn like 1000 points close open next it's all gone

Jose Aquino

Doesn't load The second you install it It gives you an error its a scam

Gabby Morales

Won't work I downloaded the app and it won't work or let me do anything it's just a white screen with a blue bar at the top

daneshia overton

It always says error try again I ever restarted my phone I can can play this app I still didn't work


So Bad It's not even give me point after 15 minutes playing offered game

Bre Wright

Fake as A Snake ? Doesnt work. Wtf does my information have to do with ANYTHING when i first open the app.?

Monica Berry

UGH! It won't even let me load the app!

abb ba

Is this app not working any more? 0 apps to try...

Sarah Kier

I cant do it It says it dont have info and I have no clue what that means

Angeleve Rivera

It does not respond like I do not understand why I need help to who ever create this app plz send back k when u figure out What is wrong

Isabella Harrington

It would say can't load information and would exit :( :( :(

Niysa Reed

It does not even want to opean up ?

Brian Luna

It doesn't Even let me open the app

Travis Duggan

Caddy sent me here. Thank him... not me.

WelcomeTo MyLife

Yas Earning money just by playing apps.... GENIUS

Lilly Therebore

Stealing my points They are not giving the points.

Anonymous Z

Can't even get into the app itself. This needs to be taken down.

stefani prieto

So stupid had a 1000 and now they are all gone

Katie Shonebarger

Crappy How is there an error receiving my info?

Alice Burgess

It says error in receiving information or something so can't use. Fix please please answer

Mya_ Bug

It doesn't let me in

Kimberly Davis

Very good way to get money

Stephanie Lopez

Stephanie This is the best app ever

Olivia Miller

Amazon In canada It's not fair that they have amazon in diffrent contrys but canada. Please add amazon to Canada

constantino almanza

This freaking app sucks is a worthless peace of y'all know what

Kayla Smith


Erika Villa

Bad app dose not whrck

simmy Gantshar

Loading and loading and loading and loading and loading and loading

unknown 1208

It doesn't work

Hallie Phan

Perfect I ordered so much


Its not working

Peach Face

Can't Use On Different Networks? What is this crap? I last used this app at work and now I'm at my boyfriend's trying to use it and it gives me a warning for using this app in different places on different wifi networks. So dumb. Also never gave me credits for an app I installed and played. Terrible.

Cari Bergstrom

Dumb It doesn't give me points

Nakaa Hassan

Does not work I downloaded apps but I never got anything. Hate this app.

Heartgand Jager

Its perfect Now i have xbox live membership thanks

yesenia serrato

It's legit It's cool but you have to download a lot of apps for a dollar

Gage Fenton

Its stupid

eloise Simpson

Terrible All the gift cards at thousands of credits and you only get like 10 - 60 ish credits when you install the games. Also there is hardly anything to get with the credits you get given.

Archana sahu

Perfectly works! I thought that it's a fake but my clash of clans is hacked now

Clearly Claire

Can't go on to app. Just tells me only 1 account per p.o box

Loren Courtney

Its Perfect! This actually works! At first I thought it was a scam!!!? and now I have a $50 gift card to amazon!!!!!!!!!

Leroy Williamson

This app only allowed me to make 380 points then it said"uh oh, this app only allows one app per device" which basically robbed me of points

Xochilth Rojo

Horrible This app doesn't work it sucks don't get it

Evelyn Druger

Only one up address. Doesn't work

Karla Chavez

I download the apps and open and use them but I don't get my points.

This don't work please fix it

Bre Wright

Fake as A Snake ? Doesnt work. Wtf does my information have to do with ANYTHING when i first open the app.?

LinkFrom DaPast

This DOES work! No matter what other people say, this app really works. You just have to be patient and soon enough you'll be raking in points and getting cash. I really wanted money so I got this and got my friends to use it too. Sometimes the reward doesn't work, but that barely happens and when it does, I usually delete it and try again. This app is great and you should really try it!

Sebastian Michaelis

What The Heck? It says I've been to over 2 countries today, and tells me to wait so they can get offers meant for my country. What the heck? Ive been waiting for two days now and nothing! Ripoff! The only reason I'm trying everything else is because my Google Play balance refuses to buy anything and stupid Google aren't answering my prayers! Even replying to me would be nice! ?

IWanaBeEpic101 :p

Love ut I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns please visit the lockouts page and the other day and I am not sure if you have any questions about this one

Gracie Wilson

Hate it This doesn't work at all. Don't download this.

yesenia serrato

It's ok It's cool but you have to download a lot of apps for a dollar

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