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13 Jun
Applied Ballistics

Posted by Applied Ballistics in Sports | June 13, 2015 | 78 Comments

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State of the art ballistics solver by Bryan Litz, Applied Ballistics. Calculate accurate fire control solutions for long range rifle shooting. Accounts for all major and minor trajectory variables including the use of measured G7 BC's and even the option to use custom drag curves for specific bullets. Output is available in several formats including single shot 'HUD' view, table output, graph output, and the highly effective reticle output view, in which you can see a single shot or trajectory trace in the context of a specific scope reticle which responds to magnification adjustments and 'dialing on' elevation.

Ballistic calibration feature allows user to 'train' the software to match a specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range.

The Applied Ballistics Mobile app is a professional tool intended for the serious long range shooter.

=== Feature List ===

* Firearm/ammo/target organized into savable profiles

* Bullet library with over 1,300 bullets to save you from having to look up BC information

* Custom drag curves (i.e. rather than using G1 or G7, Applied Ballistics has measured and developed specific drags for specific bullets, no other calculator does this)

* Support for multiple BCs at specified velocities (aka "stepped bcs")

* Sync your profiles to the cloud so you never have to worry about losing all of your data

* Load atmospherics based on GPS location and nearest weather station

* Load atmospherics via your Bluetooth-enabled Kestrel

* Support for Spin Drift and Coriolis Effect

* Reticle views that support scope magnification levels and accounting for what you've dialed-up on your turret

* HUD solution view for fast re-calculations for changing target distances, wind and lead

* Doesn't need cell/internet service to run calculations

* Advanced ballistic calibration unlike any other software available to date (aka "truing" or "trajectory validation")

* Distance, look angle, and target azimuth calculator built-in

* Zero-atmosphere support

* Support for auto-adjusting muzzle velocity based on powder temperature

* Graph your bullet's flight with drop/wind graphs. Also compare with other ammo in one graph

* Send trajectory output via email

* "Night" color theme if you prefer the dark-look

Whats new

    * Fixes for in-app drag curve purchases -- purchases are now restored from the main screen in Menu->Restore Purchases
    * Fixes to Web Sync
    * ActionBar is now in use within Single Shot and Trajectory screens

Applied Ballistics part of our Sports and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update June 13, 2015. Google play rating is 88.2313. Current verison is 1.1.6. Actual size 1.9 MB.

Download applied-ballistics.apk 1.9 MB


Brett Borix

Having trouble I can't get it to match what my rifles actually do. Try to calibrate the ballistics, but it's asking for distances that are a little unreasonable. I have accurate data, From chrono and bullet weight etc. Pretty frustrating all in all.


App has glitches still. Love the interface but app crashes on galaxy S5 if you check subtension values in options and click trajectory and reticle tab. Also, there is no option to correct drop or email tables as advertised. I'll change rating to 5 stars once fixed. App has glitches still. Love the interface but app crashes on galaxy S5 if you check subtension values in options and click trajectory and reticle tab. Also, there is no option to correct drop or email tables as advertised. I'll change rating to 5 stars once fixed.

Jimmie Todd

Great Mobil ballistics app Tons of features all in one app. Needs more reticles, but other than that it's good to go. On-line instructions are benficial.

Greg Olmstead

Extremely accurate. Excellent program. Farthest shot with it is 600 meters but the point of impact was within a 1/4 INCH and I attribute that to human error.

Anthony Collopy

Wtf Dowloaded on galaxy s5 just get a white screen. I can add a rifle but that's it just a white screen.???

Mike Gruenes

Its great but.... The ammunition library is slim to none. It'd be great if I didn't have to manually enter in the ballistics of every type of ammo I buy. Then it would get 5 stars.

Randy Messer

Not for me I found other APS that do a better job for free.

Daniel Cunningham

Works for everything I have needed it for, haven't had time to test it fully when the weather turned

Adam Skerritt

Excellent ballistics app - the best However, ballistics calibration option does not show on all devices. Perfect on my nexus 7 but does not allow me to access the menu on HTC one m7

Dave Hoing

Very good BC app If you enter good data the app data is surprisingly accurate

Chris Umfress

Ballistic goodness Excellent practical tool.

matt kennedy

Takes the math out If it did any more it would not be fun

travis smith

Very good app Its a great app that really simplafies shooting long range.

Oscar Bartholomews Sepulveda

Not better than strelok

Jake Caulley

Great calculator Well laid out, easy to use. Nice to be able to save info to the cloud. Would be nice if MRADs were added as a measurement and the Vortex EBR1 MRAD reticle.

Justin Colter

Well done ballistics app! Great app that has proven accurate so far. I would like to see support for the Weatherflow wind meter added. This along with the Samsung Galaxy S4's built in sensors would totally negate the need for a stand alone weather meter. I would also love to see the Vortex EBR-1 SFP MRAD reticle added for the Viper PST 6-24x50 scope.

Rock House

Excellent App After using the App on a Samsung GALAXY S4 for several months I have come to love it. Few little things need fixing: Text and tick boxes are really hard to see: -Spin drift, pressure is absolute and Coriolis tick boxes. - in the ballistic calibration page, entering in distance and elevation is impossible to see. Another little issue, is that I have changed the temp and pressure to metric, however the app keeps putting Fahrenheit and mmhg numbers as default and I can't seem to change the default #s

Craig Levesque

Many features just got the app, so far I am impressed with it, yet to calculate a shot on my rifles with it, but it seems to do all I want and more! I would definitely recommend this to a friend, already have! I only gave a 4 rating cause of the price, but if it does all the calculations right at the ranges I shoot, I will definitely come back and give a five! nice features, and I hope I entered all the data correctly for my rifles. if your having problems with the calculations, maybe you missed something in the data entering, cause it seems to me there is much to enter before doing calculations. wish me luck, and good luck to all you shooters out there!

A Google User

Just started playing around with the numbers, so far this app is way off from what I have verified so far. Maybe I don't have the numbers in correctly, but compared to my at home ballistic program it is much more detailed. I'll continue to play around with it until I figure it out, or chalk it up as loss and dump it. Perhaps I'll report back at a later date to update my review.

Kevin Humrighouse

Simply Awesome First round hits at 780 with a .223 and 1000 with a 7mm Rem Mag. All inputs must be correct. I chrono'd right before I used the app to make sure. Wind reading is also critical and leaves lots of room for error on your part. Muzzle velocity variations can easily help you miss so do all your homework. I'm happy. The weather and azimuth from device is a big help.

Ghassan Moussa

Great app Could use debugging on the reticle view option that crashes alot. User should be able to.change measurements units while editing the weapon profile and projectile profile. More custom bullet/ loads are welcommed! other than that its great!

Robert Izatt

Great app! Would be 5 stars if there were more reticles. On website it says there are more reticles for in-app purchase, but not in the app. Need more reticles like 30/30 duplex, 6 and 9 mildot, etc.

Keith White

Upgrade from Shooter This was worth the money, same as shooter with a few things added. I bought so I could pull the temp, barometric pressure, and humidity from my phone's sensors until I can afford a kestrel. Please add the Leupold SPR reticle. Please add a way to edit info online like shooter. would be nice to have a faster way to get to the range estimation function, like have a button at the section where you would put in the range, or a section for mils, and inches of target that would automatically fill out the range.

Aaron Queen

Great app Need the vortex razor hd ebr 2b 5-20x50 reticle.

A Google User

Very good Used chrony to get muzzle velocity, input the rest of data. Laser range finder on the shoulder of the deer. 745m, dial the scope in. I zero wind calm as can be. Heart racing, animal moving in and out of cover. Finally after nearly an hour a shot presented it self. Receck distance. Adjust for elevation change. Then settle and take the shot. The buck droped on the spot, did not move. Awesome. A new addiction.. LOL

Robert Higgins

Great app o Have had it on my HTC One, just installed it on my Galaxy Tab

Joshua Martin

Great app Truing function doesn't work with g7 curve type for my .300 win mag load data, but otherwise easy to use excellent calculator. Would like to see the vortex EBR-2C reticle in the mix but since it's a newer design I'm sure it will be implemented in a future update.

Jim Burkhart

Fantastic app Considering the original program and the pda it came with were around 400$ I'd say $30 is a steal. First time out I shot my 308 at 700 yards. Used the calibration to correct for drop since I was guessing muzzle velocity, and it was spot on. Next five rounds landed on a 14 in target at 900. I couldn't be happier.

Michael Miller

Good program but needs more bullets & reticles Runs slick on my Samsun Note 2. I would like to see Hornady GMX bullets and Weaver ballistic x reticle added. I shoot a .375 H&H w Hornady 250gr GMX. I hope there are some updates to include some of these hot new bullets and scopes.

J Brewster

Not worth it. Used it for ten months. It only works if you keep the default settings. Adjust the options AT ALL and it gets buggy and gives bad solutions. Absolutely no support or updates, this app has been abandoned by the developer.

Dustin Coleman

Great App This app is awesome other than the lack of reticles. I know there are a million different ones out there, but for $30, there should be a lot more.

Bradley W. Smith

Awesome App!!!! Great App! Keep Up The Good Work! When Time Permits, Could You Please Add The Leupold TS-29X1 Reticle To Your Scope Library? Thanks............

Will Westlake

Same as shooter Just with reticles added. Otherwise identical. And the reticle thing does not work for FFP scopes.

Nathan Berg

Excellent App! Used it out to 1450. Works great when correct parameters are input.

Josh Taylor

Good to go Need to update all of the new berger bullets

Terence Watts

Very good value Put the right info in and spot on at 1000yds each time. Awesome.

Joseph DiMercurio

The problem is the Vortex Razor scope is not listed.

Lynn Ward

It does what it says it will do


Awesome app. Their recent update fixed the bugs I had. Awesome app. Put me right on the target out to 980m.

J Brewster

Edit: Almost perfect after the update. Awesome! Please consider adding Lead as an output option in the reticle view pages. Please consider adding Bushnell Elite Tactical reticles. Thanks for updating!

Scott Abeyta

Long shot Awesome app

Deon Du Plessis

What a awesome app, best on the market.


Great ballistic solver This app has been very accurate. I've use this program to put rounds on target out to 1000 yards with the first or second shot each and everytime.

Joel Blackburn

Great app...custom drag fixed! I first used this App with my new 338. After finding a load and only shooting it out to 300yds, I took it out to 1760 yards....cold bore shot was perfect elevation and one moa right on a 1 moa target....made a third round hit at a mile for the first time. Great tool for the serious long range shooter.

Fred Kantzer

For some reason, I've lost the ability to zoom in on the reticle subtensions view and I've spent the last 6 days trying to convince them that this problem exists. Impressive amount of research and time went into the gathering of real world ballistic information, but if you lose the ability to transfer that into a usable form, it isn't worth much. **Update : was told, "you can't do that with this version"... No explanation. Again all the knowledge in the world is useless if you can't export it in a usable form.

Cody Smallwood

Top tier solution Every aspect of this is tuned exactly for its role. Ease of use, performance, reliability, offline use... It can make or break a day doing long range shooting and is the only software I trust in pair with printed ballistics tables and hand calculations.

Sir Mace

Nice work. Initial impressions are good. Pretty intuitive design and good options for imperial vs metric, MOA vs Mil etc. It would be great to see some Bushnell Tactical reticles included. Also is the new MIL-R NF reticle coming soon? Thanks!


Works but The ballistic calibration doesn't work. It's just loads, infinitely.

Stephen Mawle

Applied Ballistics for Android 1st use: 300 winmag with 208gr A-Max in a 20 mph cross wind at 940 yards hit target 1'' off using the custom drag curve. Easy to use and understand. Integration with Kestrel is really useful and saves time inputing data for quick shots. Could do with more choice between imp and metric units for each imput and multiple wind zones and vertical wind values would be a bonus. I think these may be already used in the military version?Any chance of adding to the recreational version?

Adam Duff

Just exceptional Excellent ballistics app.. the best by far.. please update and tidy up your bullet library. And add twist rate BCS.. CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TIDY UP THE BULLET LIBRARY. THERE'S NO MANY DOUBLE UPS AND THINGS MISSING SUCH AS 6.5 129 LRABs... thankyou

Chester Pratt

App works great if you do your homework. No longer picks up current weather conditions. Have emailed and ask but no solid answer yet. $30 should work. Use to work everywhere now nowhere with data. Funny all other apps pick up location and weather.

Ian Foo

Incredible tool for LRP This isn't your average app, it's a serious tool for long range precision shooting. Accurate data in will yield incredible results. Integration with GPS and built in sensors is extremely well done. A must for serious shooters.

Jordan Pilat

Needs the Vortex EBR-2C reticle, or some way to allow users to build their own and specify subtensions.

Lee White

Love the app! This is great and very accurate. Would be nice to have android wear interface for a quick reference tool and maybe an electronic dope book with all the normal pages.

Andrew K.

Buying the custom drag models for your bullet is well worth the money. Predictive velocity bands are spot on provided you enter good atmospherics.

Chris Turner

Great ballistics for competition use Can you please add the Vortex Viper EBR 2 reticle? Otherwise it's a great app.

Jeff Jarrett

Great app! Been using it for 3 yrs. When I needed help, help answered at 9pm on a sunday . Good stuff!

Robert Ramsden

Best ballistics app on the market... Awesome!


Didn't get to really try it because no G2 Bushnell Reticle You want $30 for an app, I'll pay it. But get more reticles. Requesting refund.

Terry Raines

Not worth the money,don't bother. Doesn't work, and when you try to get someone to help No one answered not worth the money

Justin Krage

Emailed about missing spin drift option. Response within 30 minutes received at 10:00pm. Problem was with me not entering a bullet length. Very impressed with the customer service!

Timothy Gardner

Would like an update Really needs an update for the reticle, this is the one of the reasons I went with ab over another app, and it doesn't include the reticle I use the most.

Nathan Strahle

Reticle Everything is great but please put in the vortex viper pst 1-4 (MRAD) & (MOA)

Kenneth Mitchell

Dead on Retired SF Sniper that wishes he had this app during his 26 year long career

Lee White

Love the app! Love the app!! Can you add support for wind meters new wireless weather meter? There is an SDK available for it on their site.

Francois de Villiers

Kestrel 5500 The app has not been updated to work with the Kestrel 5 series. Very annoying.

D. West

Great job! (Won't import Kestrel 5700ab w/link) ***Update 8/10/16, still fantastic dope, but currently unable to import Kestrel 5700 AB w/link data) Use this program all the time. (Sub minute shooter - this is on always on the money!) Any questions I have had, Bryan responds immediately!!! Keep up all your hard work on this one! Emailed Bryan - love to see US Optics added to the reticles! Send it!

Chris Johnson

Initial probrems Can't hook up my kestrel. Doc was very prompt in response to my email and spent time during the weekend trying to help me, so kudos to him. I have a 5300 kestrel, apparently the app will not work with this model. Wish I knew this before I purchased the app.

Ignacio martínez

Good but ... Works fairly fine for the basic functions but as you try to calibrate the result and tweak some values it either gets overly complicated or doesn't deliver ...

John Locklin

It should be better and updated more often. They could add other Bluetooth weather meters like WeatherFlow Precision, which would be more affordable to the shooter. Update reticles would also be nice. Program works as others do for less. Customer Service is great.

Francois de Villiers

Kestrel 5500 The app has not been updated to work with the Kestrel 5 series. Very annoying.

ty loterbauer

1 complaint Needs to include winchester ammo the winchester varmint x line

Rock House

Excellent App After using the App on a Samsung GALAXY Note3 for I have come to love it. Is there a plan to include Cross wind jump?

Lee White

Love the app! Can you add a 6 dot and a 9 dot mildot recticital to the list?

Jim Stephens

This app is dead on. The only problem seems to be my phone. Samsung Galaxy S5, on the "Get Look Angle" function, I must restart the phone to make the look angle work. Everything else seems perfect.

Mike Adams

To many bugs Several times when trying to get a shooting solution it gets a pop up stating there was an error. Not very pleased at all with how often it happens. Dope for elevation is over 12" off at 600yrds. Maybe it's my phone but I have reported the errors several times and nothing had changed. Really wish I could get my money back because this app is useless on my galaxy s7 and on an s6.


Great Have this and shooter. Very accurate within 1/10th Mil of Hornady 4DOF with berger 180vld

Tyler embrich

Great app. Easy to use an set up. Not many reticles to from choose from in the profiles

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