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20 Dec
Apex Notifier

Posted by Android Does in Personalization | Dec. 20, 2014 | 94 Comments

Apk file size: 2.0 MB

Apex Notifier is an extension application for Apex Launcher Pro (2.3+) and DashClock Widget (Android 4.2+). It provides notification data to those applications and does nothing on its own.

NEW: Apex Notifier now supports Android Wear devices!
Check the battery level of your phone straight from your wrist. There's no need to take the phone out of your pocket just to see how much battery is remaining. When an Android Wear watch is connected to your phone, a battery card appears on the watch that shows you the current battery level and charging status. To set up, just launch Apex Notifier on your phone and turn on Battery > Show on Android Wear. To customize the experience, you may control when the battery card shows up (e.g., when not charging or the battery drops below a certain threshold). You'll also find options to show additional battery information like health, temperature, and voltage.

When used with Apex Launcher Pro, unread counts will show up in badges on application icons. Please enable Apex Notifier in Apex Settings > Notification settings.

When used with DashClock Widget, Apex Notifier displays useful information from various sources. Please enable Apex Notifier in DashClock Extensions > Add Another Extension > Apex Notifier. You may enable up to 5 extensions for DashClock.

Supported Apps
• Missed Calls
• Unread SMS
• Calendar Appointments
• Gmail
• HTC Mail
• Samsung Email
• K-9/Kaiten Mail
• Battery Level
• Stock Email
• Google Hangouts (Android 4.3+)
• WhatsApp (Android 4.3+)
• Google Play (Android 4.3+)
• Google Voice
• Starbucks

• Unread SMS provides the number of unread messages, not unread conversations.
• Gmail unread count requires Gmail version 4.0.5 or higher.
• If you update Gmail or install K-9/Kaiten Mail after installing Apex Notifier, you may have to re-install Apex Notifier to get proper permissions.
• You do not need this extension for Aqua Mail. Just turn on external notifiers in Apex Launcher Pro, and you will see the unread count badge.
• Battery level will be displayed in a numeric badge on Battery apps (the Settings app by default) in Apex Launcher Pro. Some battery settings (e.g., status, time, details) are only applicable for DashClock.
• Notification data for Email, Google Voice, and Starbucks are retrieved from widgets. Please set up your account in those apps first. Depending on how often each app refreshes its widget, data may not be updated in real time.
• Features listed under Labs are experimental and may stop working in the future.
• When used with Apex Launcher Pro, please install Apex Launcher before installing Apex Notifier.
• Apex Notifier only works with official versions of Apex Launcher Pro (2.3+). Please do not ask for support if you are using a modified or pirated version.

Feature Requests
For now, only apps listed above are supported. Integration with additional apps may be implemented in the future if there is official API or public content provider.

Developers: Apex Launcher Pro also supports notifications from other apps. Please check out the notifications API at

Whats new

    * New material design UI
    * Added Greek translation
    * Updated translations

Android Does part of our Personalization and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Dec. 20, 2014. Google play rating is 76.957. Current verison is 3.2.0. Actual size 2.0 MB.

Download apex-notifier.apk 2.0 MB


Oprean Marius

Doesn't recognize gmail Doesn't recognize all accounts in gmail. Only Google account. Gmail has the option to display messages even from yahoo mail and Apex notifier doesn't recognize yahoo mails within gmail.

eugene bob

Kinda useful at best I support the developer 100% and appreciate their efforts, but this is only mildly useful at best. I do have apex pro but my droid turbo came with Moto notification thing which takes precedence over this. So I pretty much have to scroll twice to get to apex notifier and that is an arduous task indeed. Also I'm not a big fan of this app being dependent on both apex launcher (to be expected) and DASHCLOCK (not expected) which is made by another developer. Are you guys friends/affiliates or what?

Christine Aflak

Works but not well With Apex, I love it because I can resize icons. However, every time I get a notification and the badge pops up, the size of the icon shrinks back down to the original size. This does not look good and is annoying as I have to redo it.

Tigerue Alexander

Still needs work for some apps Not working properly for the stock voice mail app. Says I have 4 voice messages yet after I checked them the notifier still remains on 4. Works okay with everything else I have so far. Will rate higher when looked into and fixed. Thanks. Galaxy note 2

Yahya Adada

Not useful Apex, Don't know why you don't integrate a much better 3rd party notifiers if you are unable to upgrade yours to an acceptable level??


Not work! Problem please fix. No notification since kitkat.. my note 4 with lollipop does not show any badges with this app

Radu Mitrea

Notifications on dock Dock notifications are not displayed.Useless. Testla Unread for Nova was flawless. Also you weren't forced to uninstall and after install again when Gmail for eg was updated

Ethan Meleen

It's confusing It'd be a lot better if there weren't two seperate settings pages in two different apps for controlling notifications. Maybe just have Apex Notifier turn them on and off and Launcher decide what to do with them and what apps. That or putting all settings in notifier and you get redirected there from" Notifications" in the Launcher settings.

David Gonzalez

Notifier?... It simply does not work on android 4.4 i am using samsung galaxy s5 and it's not the fire thing does not work do not install this software. The default notification application from touchwiz works Apex Notifier doesn't

patrina sheffield

Galaxy note edge NOT WORKING, the point of the notifier is to be notified. I have the pro version love the launcher but please fix the notifier.

Daniel Kerr

Not working this worked for my galaxy s4. Just got my HTC m8 and badges are not working. Please help so I can rate 5 stars

Ellen S

Crap for Gmail & other apps The Gmail app now supports other email accounts but this only notifies me of mails in the Gmail account, which is very rarely as it's not my default account. Doesn't notify of Facebook notifications either. The Nova launcher has a far superior notification app, I'll be switching back if this isn't improved soon.

Glenn Vance

Was great, now doesn't work Wasn't working on 4.4.4 for Gmail, now not working on Lollipop. Task bar notifications work, Gmail icon in the dock does not.

Jason Donati

Great app. Question.. Is there a way to remove the blue ring around the badge? Is that just my phone or is it the app?

Jared Malvic

Great except... That past few months I have had 2 messages in the badge for my messenger app that won't clear even though I don't have any new messages. I've deleted the cache and etc for both the notifier and the messenger app with no results.

Marin Budimir

Doesn't recognize all gmail accounts It does not count mail from all accounts in Gmail app, only google email account. For example it does not count my hotmail account mail, although the account is fully functional in app itself. Please fix.

Derek P

Badge reset Everything was working fine but all of a sudden the notifier show one message (sms) when there isn't a new message. The badge will not reset. Any suggestions?

Christodoulos Xeros

Dock not working Dock badges doesn't work. If fixed I will give a five star

Kevin Stoker

Kinda ok It only notifies on the stock sms app. I use handcent sms. Please add ability to use other sms programs

Jeremy Hirsch

Settings Notification It says I have 15 notifications in stints but I don't know what they are! There is no setting to turn this if for settings. Please fix!

Norman Magnuson

Did work It worked okay until I had to wipe my phone because of a problem. When I reinstalled it didn't work anymore. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing several times.

Daniel Rice

Love everything about Apex! *Please* update badges to a flat design.. They really stand out as old looking on the screen and against the various icons i use. How about a flat dot minus the white ring border? Cheers devs, and thanks no matter what.

Niyi Ashaolu

Missed Text Phone notifier works but not text on my HTC One M8 running lollipop. Disappointed.

Melvyn Scott

Good but………….. Not working on SMS (Chomp) on Galaxy S6 Edge running Lollipop.

Ty Mason

Don't work Tried ever combo I can but still can't get a notification count.

Basil Yacoub

Works great on android 4.4.4 on my Xperia Z1c. If it had notifications for Facebook then I'd give it 5 stars.

Matt Hines

Does Not Work!! I love Apex Launcher but the Apex Notifier add on is not working for me. I have allowed it to receive notifications within the app/android settings but it still doesn't work. I'm on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the unread message count is not showing for the Messaging app. I am not seeing notifications on any other icon either, for missed calls or anything else. PLEASE HELP!

Marco Tomas

CMON!! I love apex launcher! But the notifier doesn't work on my phone.

Maria Villegas

At first it was working great, but all of a sudden it just went down the drain ? It keeps telling me on my voice mail icon and email icon that i have a msg or email when i don't and it really is annoying. Can you please fix it.


Notifier stopped working Keeps showing 8 text messages even after I deleted all and then removed the apps ..Help please .

Sujit N-air

? Doesn't work on my Cyanogen Yu Yureka running Lollipop CM12.

Anima Libera

Um..? Doesn't really work on my phone

Marcel Hobizal

Great app! After Lollipop update, if you have issues with Email notification on docked apps, go into the Badge Provider App and Clear Data.

Ira Schwartz

Barely works... Need to be able to pick and choose your notifications. Can't even get a tag.

Rinke-Jan Schaper

Works, but.. ..needs more customisation options for badges. Custom badge/font colors. Like Nova Launcher/Tesla Unread has.

Evan W

Doesn't work with textra or inbox Works with everything else but textra or Google inbox

Luthfur Rahman

Doesn't work The notifier for apex launcher doesn't work. Doesn't show how many messages or calls I get.

Roemy Vólquez

Always missed call notolification Please fix that and will be 5 stars.

Calvin Thorpe

Doesn't work on the LG G3. The concept is nice. I hope you fix it, I paid for apex launcher pro for this extension.

ayman Imam

It doesn't work properly I can't get any notifications of my unread SMS

Nephania Les

Fly IQ452 Doesn't work, even without MIUI theme.

Reastow Yukkey

Russian Language You should to make a Russian Language, it doesn't have that and it's bad.

Тимофей Дворецкий

Little notice Add Viber's notice

Andrew sdpsoft

Last update problem False alarm with the email notifications after the last update on HTC One M7 dual sim. Android 4.4.3. Showing the 1 unread message always, it not depends from email checked or not. Fix it please and you will get 5 stars.

Daylight Misery

Not so good Don't show notifications from third party apps

Benji B

More notification designs would be excellent Design previews and options would be a good addition. I'd prefer the boxes to be wider as well, more noticeable. Also, Google recently released a new mail app to replace Gmail. It's called "Inbox for Gmail" and it doesn't seem to be supported.

Nirav Chauhan

Plz do something On my oneplus one it gives error in showing notification badge...

Daniel Rice

Love everything about Apex! *Please* update badges to a flat design.. They really stand out as old looking on the screen and against the various icons i use. How about a flat dot minus the white ring border? Cheers devs, and thanks no matter what.

Nicholas Benigni

Note 4 Awesome

David McClelland

Great, and please keep updating this! This app is one of the main reasons I bought the pro version of Apex Launcher. Please keep working on getting the Google Voice notifications more reliable, and please work with the CloudMagic email app team to support their app. This works great for GMail for me, and if you need a tester for supporting either app I suggested, please let me know!

Douglas Mackin

Useless. Having too many missed texts alerts. If I go into messaging it shows the counters, but on my dock there are no notifications of what I recieved. But Apex Launcher is great. Just this extension needs fixing.

Stephen McBain

Does not work correctly App does not read contacts names correctly when displaying the unread messages. It either shows a random name, no even on my phone (currently 'HP Feedback' for me) or just the contacts number. Will re-rate when a fix is found

Teal Kintz

Pretty good It was working really nice for awhile, but now all of a sudden it keeps telling me I have 1 unread text message. I went through all my conversations and marked them as read, restarted my phone, and did a battery pull. Nothing has fixed it so far. :(

Kasnadi Ajisuksmoyo

Doesn't work anymore on ICS. Even on basic app like missed calls and unread messages. This app used to run in background to intercept notification, now it seems doesn't have background service anymore and no I don't use task killer or booster or greenify. Please fix. I use apex pro.

David Burton

I wonder if this will get your attention...? I sent an email with a Support issue and got no response. Having the issue with inaccurate notifications (FaceBook) getting stuck. No response. Not good enough.

Michael Lopez

Hangouts v4 not working! Latest update of hangouts does not get a badge for new hangout messages. Using Apex Pro. Two LG G3 phones exhibit this behavior. New SMS in hangouts gets badge correctly though. Please fix

Cali B

Almost no supported apps There are a lot more apps it could support which other launchers are supporting. Kakao, Facebook, inbox, line are supported on default launchers so why not here?

Juan Paolo Perez

I'm happy that it works But the only notification that has use to me is the messaging and phone. Since that popular apps such as twitter facebook we chat and etc are not included. I didnt know so I wasted money in buying apex pro

Jacob Powers

Support So few supported apps (facebook, inbox, etc.) not even worth the download. Don't waste your time.

Kyle Beroney

Lacking greatly No third party support for any other apps. Will this be a future update or a never gonna happen thing?

RH Friedman

DEV GAVE UP ON THIS APP!! Update #3: now long pressing on screens doesn't work anymore! Can't edit icons, add apps to home screen or folders from the drawer, etc... C'MON DEVELOPERS! TELL US THAT YOU'VE GIVEN UP ON THIS APP SO WE CAN ALL MOVE ON! Update: Now down to one star, would rate zero if could! No reply for MONTHS about many issues. It was a great app until lollipop update. WTF DEV!? Back to five stars when(if) fixed

Robin Fosse

Pretty good It does the job for me. However it hangs sometimes and I have to restart apex launcher to clear/refresh notifications. Would be nice to get a fix for this or at least a widget to restart it...

Daniella Bonagura

Was working fine now my email app is showing I have 2 unread email notifications but I don't have any mail. Has been doing this for a few weeks now.

Kevin McIntyre

Worth 5 stars except The phone calls notification shows 1 no matter what! Can't get it to go away. Other than that flaw, it's perfect!

Rik G

FIX! How do I get the battery to show up on icons now? I used to have it on the draw icon but since the last update is gone and no option to put it back. * I found its a dodgy Pro addon. After reinstalling Pro and restarting Apex Launcher its now working again. FIX IT! This is the 3rd time Pro has been disabled for me now and I've done nothing wrong.

Vasantha Pradeep

Slow Response If i read notified item, will not disapear correctly..

Rahul Chaturvedi

After clearing the notification for WhatsApp, count disappear's. Even if you have not read the message. Please fix this and will give 5 stars.

J. Sims

Not Enough! Love Apex, but may be forced to switch. Not a lot of everyday apps have notifications linked with i.e Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc

Ed Williams

Facebook issue Facebook notifications are not showing and the text msgs are showing up there. On the other hand TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher is flawless. Would rather not switch to Nova after having Apex set up but will do to get working notifications if it's my only choice. Please fix.

Ameer Ali

PLEASE....? Working Perfect But Please Add Facebook, Facebook messenger and Viber and also Yahoo Mail, IMO unread badge please....and please change whatsapp to original msg counter from that bar watcher

jon blackwell

Note 4 issues Will not show notification badge on Facebook on note 4 will on tab s2 ....doubt it will get fixed looks like the developer has stopped caring about this

Braden Tessier

Broken App now either constantly shows an unread message, or no notification at all, regardless of if there is an unread message or not. Fix it!

Mike Corlett

Great app Needs more compatible apps for five stars but still brilliant, works great on note 3 or note 4

Daniel Rice

*Please* update badges to a flat design.. They really stand out as old looking on the screen and against the various icons i use. How about a flat, one-colored dot, minus the white ring border? Cheers devs, and thanks no matter what.

Nicholas Corduan

Uneven It's a neat tool, but it doesn't always seem to update correctly. Usually on point with SMS and less so with Google Inbox. Hit or miss with my exchange email software (Nine). I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Android 5.0.

Ben Hughes

Just like all the other reviews Same as most of the reviews, doesn't work right. Email notifier says 146 unread across 3 accounts. Would be real nice if it could separate the 3 accounts not to mention I cleared EVERY unread in all 3 accounts. It said 152 before that.

Rik G

FIX! How do I get the battery to show up on icons now? I used to have it on the draw icon but since the last update is gone and no option to put it back. * I found its a dodgy Pro addon. After reinstalling Pro and restarting Apex Launcher its now working again. FIX IT! This is the 3rd time Pro has been disabled for me now and I've done nothing wrong.

Charles Finlay

Notifications Work Fine on GS5 w/Lollipop for Supported Apps Badges show as designed for *supported applications* (listed above) after Lollipop update on my Galaxy S5. This includes the dock. I did a factory reset before updating to Lollipop and another after the update. I then installed all applications. Then I installed Apex Launcher, Apex Launcher Pro and then Apex Notifier (in that order). External notifications are enabled in Apex Launcher. I did have one issue with a persistent notification that showed "1" unread SMS even after I cleared all of them. This was resolved by going into the settings for the Android "Badge Notifier" app and clearing data. This isn't Apex related, but I see several bad reviews here attributing it to Apex, so I thought I'd mention it.

C Matthews

Not working Used to work great but now when I read a text, the notification badge remains on the home screen and the only way to get rid of it is to restart the phone. Frustrating. May go back to stock launcher.

Ronald W

Sms notifier does not work correctly When I unlock my phone I see that the little notifier is there but it disappears as soon as I unlock the phone. The missed calls notifier seems to work OK. This is on a Sony Z3 with 4.4

Jessica W

Not customizable I was hoping for a notification badge like CM launcher. However this badge looks ugly and cannot change the number color. Only the background color. The color combination is so bad that I cannot even see the numbers on the notifier. Please fix it and make it better! It doesn't look anything like the pictures above!


Good job All of you haters it works but if you have a booster app you need to put this in the exceptions so it stays on you also need an applied icon pack also creators can you please make it work for all apps

Paige Ellenburg

I do like this app, for the most part. But we really need more options for the badges. I have a galaxy s4 and I don't have the option to see the badge on Facebook, which I really like. If this could get fixed, I would definitely give 5 stars and recommend this app.

Daniel John Sanchez

Used to be good, now no longer a top contender. Works well with missed calls, SMS, and e-mail accounts. However, labs are currently not functioning properly on my Huawei P9. Main issue is that unread counts no longer appear on Hangouts, Whatsapp, etc.

Chris Moffitt

Poor integration with Samsung email app Everything else works well (Gmail, Hangouts), but I consistently have a "2" badge for my Samsung email app, even when there are no unread messages. Restarting, uninstalling, tweaking the settings all did nothing. No reply when I emailed the developer.

Martin T

New hangouts doesn't work After last hangouts update apex notifier stopped to show badges. As mentioned before more applications would be great. Please add Hangouts support back at least

AJ Jonassen

Please Fix This used to work with my email app (Aquamail) but now it doesn't. The last update stinks. Please fix.

Patrick Richardson

Not bad, one issue Notification counts dont work on/in foldersConsidering the author of this app is the same author as Apex launcher, i would think it more of an oversight than a limitation.

Tjarda Stienstra

Gmail count wrong Most of the notification counts work OK but Gmail's adds 4 to the count. Irritating. Please fix this issue and I'll give it at least a 4.

Wesley G

Nice, although now it says Signal has 1 unread message. I have marked everything as read, even though I know I had read all messages. Rebooted my phone and it still says I have 1 unread message.

Dan Wheeler

Stuck notification Had a stuck notification on my old phone, a Note 3, back in November that wouldn't go away even after a hard reset. FF to now, I have a Nexus 6p and just installed the app fresh, and still I'm getting stuck notifications.

Emily Hilbrands

Won't acknowledge once notifications are read/viewed Everything else Apex related is fantastic. This extension needs some work. Please fix!**

Melvyn Scott

Used to be good Doesn't always work, numbers are still on the icons even after deleting items from an app. Not really very useful anymore.


Stopped working Badges for stock email app have stopped working. Fix for 5 stars.

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