Download Anvato Video Player - Android apk 1.13+L+V free for Android smartphone

7 Apr
Anvato Video Player - Android

Posted by Anvato Inc in Media & Video | April 7, 2015 | 117 Comments

Apk file size: 845.0 KB

This player has been designed exclusively for broadcast customers of Anvato, Inc. It is not intended to be downloaded and used as a general-purpose media player.

* Plays broadcast quality Apple HLS streams on Android 4.0 and above.
* Compatible with Live Streams as well as Video On Demand Files in Apple HLS format
* Closed captions compliant

Whats new

    Video on Demand Playback Enhancements.
    Playback Quality Enhancements.

Anvato Inc part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 7, 2015. Google play rating is 57.6855. Current verison is 1.13+L+V. Actual size 845.0 KB.

Download anvato-video-player-android.apk 845.0 KB


Bill Bowne

Anvato Stuck in "you need to download and install" loop. I have yet to see anything.. about to uninstall

Jerry Adney

Doesn't work Firefox just keeps telling me to install the plugin. Chrome never loads video. Uninstalling this pointless plugin. Sites shouldn't rely on janky third party plugins and players anyway.

Roy Mcdonald

Got nothing I can't get anything to work with this app. Don't waste your time.

Mike Nowak

In the past week I have not been able to use. Tells me unable to initiate player. Now I can't watch my TV news in the morning. Very discouraging and guess I'll have to find a new app. I have a galaxy note 4. You would have had five stars had this not occurred. Please fix asap if possible.

Loretta Long

I used to love this now I keep getting the message cannot initiate player please fix it

Lisa Padgett

Not working For the last several days, when I launch the player, I get the message "Cannot initiate player." Please fix! I'm missing my WCVB news stream!

Susan Liliha Warner

useless app kitv and anvato both tell me to install app, which google play says is installed... this app is useless. NO STARS, until you three get it together... AND they force “one star” in order to post this...

Jim Denniston

ANVATO ANVATO won't work with Kindle Fire HD .......WHY.... Works great with Android.

Jean Manni

I installed it but it keeps bringing me back to the screen that I need to install. Sucks! I uninstalled, reinstalled and it still won't work. Same issue on my husbands phone.

Rachel White

Not working Was working great. However hasn't worked in a few weeks. 1st just wouldn't play now it says "cannot initiate player". Not sure why. Checked to see if I missed a recent update but everything says up to date.

David Croft

Had app for months, worked fine. Now it stuck on I need to install. Uninstalled, then reloaded, still says same.

Chris Seals

Do not waste time! This app sucks. It continually crashes, which is not good considering tornadoes are in my area, the power is out, and this is the only way to get our news station coverage! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

akasha clanclan

Useless Even despite all the bad reviews, I decided to give it a try. Will not open past my local news splash screen. - 5 stars.

Donald Nash

Too many stops. At abo ut 15 seco seconds, like almost on purpose.

Sam Baker

Won't initiate, freezes/crashes on Samsung Galaxy S III Fix it plz. I NEED to see Michelle Imperato on my WESH 2 App !


Frequently Stops Working I've made it from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, but no more, before app stops working. Installed on Droid Turbo.

Ben Campbell

Very good It is a darn good app for live streaming. Just try it, You won't be disappointed.

Drisco Leyva

Sometimes... Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't ... WCVB please get it together and dumb this ANNOYING third party app...

Kirk Martin

Great, but had issue with koco app Continual loop to download/install within koco tornado app for live streaming. Went to koco website in my normal browser (chrome) - not the tornado app. Selected live streaming from website, then "always" use to view. Now works great from website & within the koco tornado app for live streaming.

Jay Grenard

Does not wok wit Firefox broeser. Get error message "unable to iniate". Please fix as that is my primary browser.?

Joe Panessiti

Not working Doesn't work on my LG G3 (Kit Kat)

Lester Solomon

Anvato player for HTC M8 Well I finally got this player to work. You have to download this player for android. I needed this app to play live stream broadcast for Click on Detroit app unfortunately, but it works. Hopefully this review helps others.


Too many stops Every time I use this app, it always stops in the middle of a crucial part. Almost on purpose. Then the error message, as if on cue. I will get back to this app later, you've had plenty of time to fix this.

David Vandeburg

Useless Site keeps saying I need to install the app. Wasted space.

sam eid

The app has not been working the last few days

Carole Ortagus

Wjxt 4 news 10 year old pays it forward

Warren Warnock

It sucks It has worked one time. Fix it people!

Jeff Horton

Work for minute then could not even find it to uninstall

joanne counelis

I like the old ways better myself

Rich Richards

Not working since April 12

Jose A Rodriguez

Mr. Rodriguez Great player in my opinion. Just watch the news, flawless.

Chris A Clark

Self Local Baltimore news

Ann Robbins

Doesn't work This app gives an error message and does not work.

Nancy Cunningham

Wont work Try using it and goes back to where I installed it.

Bob Rich

This app doesn't work. I've loaded it 3 times, and my Galaxy Note edge doesn't recognize this app, don't waste your time.

Jackie Fitzgerald Boyd

Doesn't work! I downloaded it. Tried to watch news. Says I need to download. Checked to make sure it was installed. Yup. So followed troubleshooting and cleared defaults. Still says to "install". Stuck in an endless loop. Doesn't even show as a choice for a player. So much for streaming the news anymore.

Debra Williams

Download loop It has no recollection that I've already downloaded it so I can never watch my news program. Pitiful.?

Diana Killen

Does Not Work Would be nice if it worked! I keep getting directed to the download page and have downloaded it. Please fix now!

Vickie Gill

Stuck in the loop Download ..can't find ... but it's downloaded.... must download to view... it's downloaded.... ugh!

Doug Myers

Wth? Doesnt work just says i need to install even after its installed. Welp uninstalling.

Edmund Johnson

Does not work This app is required to view wcvb but it does not work. I tried downloading it several times. I have an LG g3

Dianna Wentz

Just hype Just a ploy to get u to watch the ads..which you can't stop...then it buffers..then when they go to commercials you have to do it all over again..not worth it

Kevs Fukuda

Loaded. It 3 times as well It does not work!

donna West

Waj Gotta use stock browser will not work with firefox


Been watching fine It has worked fine for about a month..then just quit working

Billy Dishman

Sir, find a new job doesn't work SAMSUNG NOTE4 and it will not load. Un-installed and re-installed with no success.

Steve Brewer

Don't work Says I have to install it...

Catherine Sundy, BSN

Doesn't work Can't get it to work! -:(

Kevin Wright

It sucks can watch channel six news without this stupid app should be investigated

Steven Macintosh

Fool's Video As others stated, this doesn't work. If a person tries to download this once, he's a victim. If he tries twice, he's a fool. I tried three times. Better scan for malware.

Harry Smith

Pretty good but flaws Video started out being scrunched vertically but after a few uses will open as its supposed to. Closed captioning flys by too fast and should be defaulted to off. Can't resize video window.

Bob Canning

What the heck guys? Did ANYBODY beta test this app for droid to actually SEE that it worked ON droid? Epic fail, try again.

Joe Chandler

Tried multiple times I've tried multiple times to stream local news using this app and following directions exactly and it has never worked.

JoAnn Lantz

Boooo The channel I wanted to watch weather on told me to download this but then my android phone can't recognize it. It doesn't even show up as a downloaded app.

Hank Welch

Does not work System can not locate player, no way to redirect to find. Can locate independently of video stream so know its installed. Poorly supported app.

Sam Melville

Loops Forces itself into "you need to update" download loop even when no player needed and no update available. Going to uninstall. Even when uninstalled it inserts itself into an internet choice option when no fewer is needed. Very disappointing. Samsung note 4

Bobbi Ashley

Does not work Keeps telling me to install this app to watch my local live stream news,which I've already done. I'm using an android tablet which says its compatible before I installed. Anvanto please fix!

Brian Chumbley

Worthless as anything Installed and uninstalled a number of times over last several weeks and still can not Live Stream our local news channel. Contacted App. people but they have chosen not to answer as it has been almost 12 hrs since E-mail was sent.

Brandon Shipley

SUCKS!!!!! This app will not work. It will not even pop up on my phone with all my other apps. My local news says I need it to watch live feed but it still does not work. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!

Deana Hansen

App sucks! This is the app KCRA 3 uses to stream news, wheather,etc... This app doesn't run like it should, so the news stalls, cuts out, stops.

Frank L. Topping

Amateurish abomination! Surprised that KCRA News would team with a piece of trash like this requiring it to load & perform. fails to load most often & when it does times out constantly after inactivity instead of video play-through. expects you to tap screen often to keep playing. ...kludgy amateurish coding at best. Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

Robert McKelton

Garbage, There is not link to streaming, Worse player I ever tried to use. I am uninstalling now. Suggestion, watch it on TV.

Lynda Shepherd.

Upset, but I wasn't until now. I'm missing the news and weather from my home town New Orleans WDSU. I'm not able to connect. Avanto app still doesn't work for me.

Dennis Hurst

Downloads but won't install on Tab 2 & Tab 4. When an app comes up that needs it, my browsers come up to view app, but this won't. I can't even find it in the programs

Angie Garcia

Does Not Work Keeps looping back and telling me to install the program. From what I see no one can get it to work

Hank Stephenson

Useless waste of time After installation went to stream video from news station. In endless loop. Generates an error message with a URL then tries to follow the URL. Though the URL was generated by the program,it is declared an invalid URL.


I think this app may have been created exclusively for me, because I'm able to pick up my favorite (primetime) news program and connect with my twin flame... Way to go Anvato!!!!

mary p Tumelty

Doesn't work Note 4 doesn't recognize that it is installed anymore. Worked really well last year; this year not at all.

Melissa Heim

This app never works! I can never play the live video and if I do get it to work in place for 30 seconds and then locks up. The worst video player, it's a shame that what I want to watch only works with this particular app.

R.J. Frey

Finicky Not compatible with all internet browsers. Works with stock on Note 4, but not Dolphin.

Jason Baca

Doesn't work Tried loading it on my galaxy S6, the stupid car commercial loads just fine, but an error message after that when trying to load the live webcast, waste of time

Bertram Moshier

CBS Chicago app says I need this program, but Google Play says it exists on my mobile device. Worthless if CBS app can't use it.

Mary Brewton

Anvato Video Player for android. To whom it may concern. I have to agree with everybody else it doesn't work it use too but now it don't.I was getting channel 4 in greenville,s.c. but now its empty please fix this so I can get this channel again thanks for your everybody else i installed and uninstalled and still have trouble.Is there any other video player that's for android that will actionaly work to get greenville,s.c.which is wyff news on channel 4 ? If you can come up with something it will be appreciated let me know and everyone else that's trying to get this to work for them selves also .

C R Byrd

Sucks they force This app does not work. And there is no setting to change. The help icon only good for collecting your info and I am sure selling it. Downloaded it multiple times......

Gr To

News stations should steer clear of this interface Use a better standard viewer than this piece of crap software that doesn't even spawn correctly.

Dawn Averett

No news for me! ! I'm in the middle of rampant tornadoes in the south. Local news channel says to download this app to view life streaming weather report LOL this app does not work. I'll just go sit in the safe room.

Shawnee LeBlanc

Still not working after 9/28 update I have the Galaxy 6S and I have never been able to get this app. to actually work...even after the latest update. Very disappointing of of KCRA IT team. :(

Malynn Percy

Disappointed Not working at all. Since we don't have cable I installed this to watch the news, and it doesn't work.

John Nazzaro

It doesn't work with WBAL TV Baltimore who say I have to use it now. WBAL worked fine until tonight

Wylene Burrell

Wylene Burrell It works ... install first, then open live stream from Google ex: ktvu channel 2 news live stream load from Google not mobile app icon from play store, it plays. Don't open from mobile app from Play Store, it doesn't work. Enjoy!!

Abbas Ahmmad

horrible please don't download this app , it's doesn't work. it's just only commercial applications, after even i watched their ad it won't let me watch the news. it's simply designed for commercial . I call it "commercial app"

greg milner

does not work sometimes it works but a lot of times I have to reinstall it for some reasons when I try to get the news it doesn't a lays work it's great when it does...

Carrie kirkland

Constantly crashes I am forced to use this app to watch news... But this app constantly crashes and tells me I have to install it, even tho it's installed. I tried the trouble shooting they recommend, didn't help. About to delete this app and the news app

Kevin Drescher

Love it. I will use this daily to watch Valenti and Foster daily from the radio station studio of 971 The Ticket in Detroit.

Ben Walrod

Eh I can't find the settings, or app in my phone. Want to get rid of the closed captions? Minimized it and had to watch commercials again. Crashes and buffers allover again , commercials! Just watch it on tv.

Juan Gutierrez-Delgado

The app needs slot of tweaks and work. You throw me an ad before watching the news, how about give me an opt out option, I mean I am watching the TV stream commercials as well, unless they are not on air then it makes sense. The app is crashing constantly. Gives me an "error!". I press play, it does not work, I try to turn off the captions, probably is the culprit, or the in app advertising that is crashing it. I'd say test the app with out the ads and then see if it still crashes. Doesn't hurt to try. I am willing to use this as the quality is really great, just fix the bugs and tweaks and you should be good.

Just Sin

Why is this app?? I have been trying to load it to watch a podcast, and it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! People actually get paid to make apps that don't do anything??? FAIL!!

Nick Faitos

Worthless junk app. It's a shame that CBS, the "Tiffany Network," uses for its mobile local sites a cheap third-party video platform from the dollar store. Every other network and cable channel live-stream player works perfectly for news viewing. My complaint is the same as the other reviewers here; all we get is an endless loop of error messages to install an app we already have. Also Anvato works very poorly on desktops and laptops Live streaming news freezes and crashes frequently, and if somehow the stream plays it re-buffers so often that the video looks like a slideshow. Even playing on-demand video clips is absurdly difficult; the kilobit rate has to be manually increased each time so the video is clear. When the ad preceding the stream crashes after a few seconds, you know you're in trouble.

Pamela Neisz

I installed this app but there was no resulting pop up for me to press always as suggested. I have installed and uninstalled it 3 times trying to get the pop up to come up. Now I will uninstall it again

Mark Clayton

Did not work I had to download to stream a channel. Was not recognized by my android device. Help requires providing my contact info for followup in a business day. That's the same as no help.

Ryan Ruhl

Downlaoded but never worked, opened. Trying to watch online weather and it fails. Hope I don't blow away in unexpected tornado

Nick Faitos

Worthless junk app. It's a shame that CBS, the "Tiffany Network," uses for its mobile local sites a cheap third-party video platform from the dollar store. Every other network and cable channel live-stream player works perfectly for news viewing. My complaint is the same as the other reviewers here; all we get is an endless loop of error messages to install an app we already have. Also Anvato works very poorly on desktops and laptops Live streaming news freezes and crashes frequently, and if somehow the stream plays it re-buffers so often that the video looks like a slideshow. Even playing on-demand video clips is absurdly difficult; the kilobit rate has to be manually increased each time so the video doesn't look like its being viewed through water. When the ad preceding the stream crashes after a few seconds, you know you're in trouble.

Lisa McIntire

Need to be able to screen cast. The app works fine, but I want to be able to screen cast the news to my television. I also don't understand the opening ads when I also get the broadcast commercials.

Dave Thomas

Crap app This app ain't worth a crap it does not work uninstall and reinstalled twice still does not work piece of crap

Lori Decker

It works fine!!! To all the commenter's giving this app a poor review scroll down and find Wylene Burrell's post. Follow the directions and you should have luck. I don't even know how to use my new phone much and it worked. It took 2 tries, but I can now enjoy KTVU, KPIX and KGO STREAMING LIVE. Next station to try is KQED

Franciel Stevens

Had to uninstall within 5 mins After installing this software on my Samsung 6s, I tested the app and it worked fine. I then selected to use this software "always" when watching KCRA News app. Now the app doesn't work. I uninstalled the app immediately. I am surprised that KCRA would recommend using an app that performs so poorly. I was really looking forward to using this app to view KCRA live streaming. Oh well....

Ray Andrilla

Android Doesn't Recognize Player I downloaded this to stream my local news. Android won't even recognize it. The Play Store tells me it IS installed, but nothing else tells me that it is. I've installed this THREE times, each time rebooting and still... NOTHING. Don't waste your time on this POS.

Carrie Barnett

Just sucks! Dont waste your time. I wish my local news station knew how much this app sucks. Doesn't work and cant watch live news coverage from my phone. Just stuck on perpetual download install screen... garbage!

Candice Roma

It works just fine You can't use this app to watch a video through Facebook or twitter. Go to.whatever youre watching and "open in chrome" (or whatever browser you use. A dialogue box.will pop up that allows you to open the video with Anvato. Hope this helps.

Chris nunna

Get ur app to work. Does not work when loading page in galaxy note 4 default Internet app. Just keeps showing page to install anavato player. No stream. Looks like everyone else is the same. Google should pull ur app untill you fix it.

Karin Cloutier

App won't work Every time I try to use it to stream my news channel, I get a error message that says I need to download and install. I have uninstalled and re-installed 4 times. Worked better before this last update.

mumas candice

Worked then stopped for good I'm trying to use the WMUR news 9 app and it says I need anvato player to watch the live nowcast . Got it worked for a couple days straight, then STOPPED. NOT FAIR. what else can I do to watch the nowcast?!

S Jackson

Pointless app I am removing this app after this comment post. My radio station V103 in Atlanta recommended this in order to watch previous streams. I have downloaded and removed 4 times. All I get is the page telling me to uninstall ...not open as most apps do. When I go back to the radio webpage to click the link and it's as if it wasn't downloaded. This is a pos app and google should remove.

Steve D

Random Crashes Streaming a couple recent live concerts, the app worked very well with good sound and video quality... until it crashes. Happens randomly, sometimes not for an hour, then multiple crashes, over and over. Very annoying. Also, needs to support Chromecast!

Alan Patten

Very nice Now I can watch my favorite baseball team no matter where I am. Would love for the option to turn off subtitles. If there is an option then I have not found it yet and it would help for a reply letting me know if there is an option for that. It's very nice though.

Jason Betts

ADs after everything Switch apps, get an ad when you come back. Loose connection, get an ad. Accidentally pressed the home button or switch all button, even if you go back as fast as possible, get an ad. No option to pay for no ads, just ads ads ads.

Tom Wentworth

Flaky software works about half the time I (tried to) use this to watch WMUR in New Hampshire. Worked OK for a little while, then stopped. Unreliable at best. Loads identical ads over and over. Don't waste your time with this one. UPDATE 12/15: Just installed latest version. Now it doesn't work, period. Unfortunately there is no rating lower than one star.

Dony McClatchey

No Stars I found an app shittier than the CBS App and THAT'S AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! Loaded it after being told I needed it to view, continued to get the same message AFTER DOWNLOADING! #WORTHLESS BELIEVE THE REVIEWS

Cristian Alvarado

100% waste of space I downloaded it to watch my local news live stream and all I get is a sports stream with my local news caption while a baseball game is going on in the background and the screen is black and settings don't work at all on the app shiesh i recommend fixing it big time plz

David Cosby

Does not work on my Galaxy Tab S This app is a waste of time. I tried to use it several times with ZERO positive results. I followed all of the trouble shooting tips and it will not work. Fix the problem so I can watch my local news.

Roger Moore

Problems with drivers When I upgraded my phone to an samsung so edge, and I installed the drivers for the S6E and THE WMUR would not stream and tells me to install Aveno which was already installed. It played great in my Samsung S4.

Terri Kilgore

App doesn't work... Like everyone else has said this app doesn't work. I'd like to be able to watch my local news on one of my Android devices when I'm away from home but I'm unable to do so. I guess my next option is to contact the TV station and let them know the video player they're using for the "airing" of their news doesn't work.

danny martinez

Worst app ever... just won't play the streams... Uninstalled 5 times and re installed and no luck... I wouldn't waste my time this app again

scott hayes

Don't work My news app tells me that I have to install it. So I install it and then I try to get the news app to work. But instead of it working it tells me to install this app when I have it installed. If you have the galaxy s4 don't waste your time with it. I now have the gallery s6 and it still will not work so don't waste your time.

John LeFevre

Worst app News video never finds just tells me to install even tho I already have it

Amanda Fifield

Not worth the time Installed as it was required to stream the news. Went back to the news page to stream the news, and it says I need to install this app and brings you back to Google play where it shows that you have it installed. It's a vicious loop and now I'm installing it.

Kristy Matthews

stuck in the loop Download tried to open from livestream tells me I need to download download I've been from livestream tells me I need to download. I just want to watch the news

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