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27 Aug
Anti-Rat Sonar

Posted by envx in Tools | Aug. 27, 2016 | 152 Comments

Apk file size: 3.1 MB

The ControllX® Anti-Rat Sonar is the only electronic rodent repellent backed by more than 10 years of laboratory research and proven field results. The Anti-Rat Sonar rodent repellent displaces rodents, repelling them from your home with sound waves that create intense auditory stress for rodents. It works significantly different from other sonar applications because it will analyse your environment first using sensors and then selects the optimal frequency.

Ultrasonic frequencies do not travel between walls. Do not place your phone behind couches, curtains or other "soft" items which will absorb rather than reflect the ultrasonic frequencies.

The application might not work in certain environments where it is moist or loud environments (since it will block the signal). We advice the app to be active in the foreground for maximum repellent. If the app is run in the background it will run in low power mode (the signal will activate at specifically calculated intervals). In less optimal environments the application might not work the first try.

Warning: It is possible to adjust the frequency of the application, but it is not advised to do so. It can affect other animals (like your dogs and cats) if you do so. If the default settings disturbs your pet, lower the frequency. Normally the default setting will be optimal.

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Ben Taylor

Actually works Tried quite a few of these repellers but never been convinced. However had a lot of trouble with rats and mice gnawing away at my wooden chalet, pulling out insulation, being really loud in the walls and ceiling all night etc so decided to give this one a go. I plunged in laptop speakers to my phone as I didn't think my phone speaker would penetrate the walls and left it on all night. There was no sign or sound of rodents that night. Just to be sure, I put it on nx nite and haven't heard any sign since!

Eudroid Andy

It works! Jaw dropping experience for me, i have this f###ing rat gnawing something in the attick (spelling?) The instant i started this rat just stopped. Maybe a coincidence or whatever but amazing still. Thanks

Dale Lewis

Actually works in a small area. I watched a wild rat run toward his nest (where i had my tablet) and then quickly back out. He did this a few times and finally gave up. 6-8 foot area depending on surroundings.

John West

Early days but Pressed go and what ever was in the room dooms to have stayed away. Will try again tonight

Shelley H

Excellent First time I used it all the rodents were gone and have not returned. It has been about a week I run the app on a spare tablet with the volume all the way up. Thank you so much for this app I didn't know what I was going to do. Keep up the good work.

John Rae

Just started to use this so really can't say too much yet... Impressed so far though...

pro gram

Useless Best running in foreground? Using your handset entirely for repelling pests? Unreasonable...

Jerry H

Great No more rodents works wonders. I leave it running 24/7.

Lance Summerville

Jus Downloaded had a squirrel or mice in ceiling scratching around haven't heard it since I down loaded this so hopefully.

Bagheera Joy

Idk I played this for my pet rat. He looked up, sniffed it and went back to sleep.

Camille Valdez

Great App! Been using this awesome app for about two weeks continuity. Not more mice! Thank God and thank you for this awesome app!

Jordan Mcleod

I actually think this works! The scratching has stopped within a minute of using this app

Florance Ford

Started working right away, I'm very impressed.

Amit Ahi

Worth trying if you have mice/rats I downloaded this application today and tried to check with one rat. I opened the door and keep the app running. for 15 mins. Mouse ran away outside in cold weather. I will keep this application running on all android phone. I think it will do miracles..


Mr Very good can't hear no rodents around

Siddhartha Bhattacharya

Good Used for few min. Gave result in one day

reeco carva

Works great Winter brings in mice was heading one so i for this app and don't hear anymore

Phoutasone Phanithavong

Does this really work? Is there an off switch or explanation of how it works, do you have to Keep the media volume all the way up for it to work? Will it harm human ears, it bothers my kids ears ?

Amy Smith

I am shocked I installed this when we had a mouse in the wall. I had huge amount of doubt that this would actually work (I'm a major skeptic) but when I leaned my phone against the wall right where I heard the chewing, it instantly stopped. I'm in shock. I am definitely keeping this app! I used it on the experimental alternating frequency.

Amber Poole-Cardinale

Cool Honestly I only rated it this high because it told me to in order to remove all ads. Not sure if this actually works or not. I saw a mouse a few days ago. Haven't seen it since I used this. Going to give it a few more days then change my review.

Dr Haroon Ashraf

It really works.... I saw the mice running out of my kitchen immediately after I switched it on.

Y Bintang H

Best Android App Anti Rats It works! I've tried various anti-rats android apps and this is the best application I've ever tried. Rats in my house go away!!

Raph Hyett

LOLZ Got it just to piss of my friends its funny as XD

kitty daniels

dnt no if it works jst wantd adds gone

prince masuku

No more scratching sounds nice app

anti criminal

not worked nothing happened. rats still happy :(

Pras Tio

mere aca aca tum janahe mere aca aca .tu pagel he

steve dykstra

Samsung Galaxy s5 Had mice coming in attic at night above our room. Installed app. Turned on and the chewing stopped instantly. Freaked me out. I hear nothing but it seemed to work. Thank you.

Graham Penlington

Great app the multi frequency stops mice getting used to noise

A Google User

no trun off button? how can I make it stopped?

Maya Tut

No more annoying rat.thank you!

ishmael moeketsi

The movement sound is now quite

Dodong Dingdong

Frogs went crazy, mosquito and croaches zero

EUandPJ Soboro

Good After I used the program I Could here the mouse running away

Faizal ram

Faizal Very usefull app

Beltran Wanawan

does not work the mouse in the house keeps making noises

Ruli Setiawan

I dont if its works You said that its works for domestic rats, is my rat indonesia using indonesian languange so it doesn't work for them? Wkwkwk.... its so strange.... but its doen't work for me... keep researching..... ?

Desti Aisyah

It works ! At the first, I thought it didn't work. After some minutes, I heard many mice acted differently. But still they only act. Wish they will gone later . :)

Gen Mac

Great app I tried this app first time and it worked like a charm! The mouse from my kitchen is gone

Punta Wijaya

Best anti rat sonar It very work in my bedroom and make rat's runaway

Roberto Pérez

It works As long as you follow the directions!! Use big speakers for better results!

Crystal Kaleta

Feel better already!!! Im nor sure if the vermin are actually being repelled but I love the concept.

John Round

AWESOME APPLICATION Drives the rats away time after time, tried all the other apps, none worked as well as this, would give ten stars if able, a very well done to the makers and thanks. **********

Degunn Dimogu Gunn

Still trying the app, result will come much later.

Jeana SmoothOperator Speller

Ads are worse than mice. This app does not work. And after I did some research it turns out nothing like this is going to work. Mice dont care about sounds over a comfortable, safe, convenient place to live. I figured as much before I downloaded this but like I said, after research its obvious why this app didn't work. Don't waste your time. Call a pest control person or try some DIY pest control of your own. There is no easy solution. Just stuff that will make you waste time while the issue gets worse in the mean time.

Jan Insky

Total crap! The ear piercing noise of this app will destroy your eardrums before it will get rid of mice/rats. Commercial sound repellents work at the ultrasonic level where humans can't hear it. If it does somehow work, the rodents will just move to another spot where the noise can't be heard. Consumer Reports say mice quickly adapt to the noise and it has no effect. My ears are still sore two hours after running this crap app!

skip redding

I can tell you as a "scientific" person I have had my doubts. I have used this app a a short gap just until traps and poison worked. The subject has decided to start at very early morning hours. Within minutes of activating the sonar, the activity ceases.

kat Oro

AWESOME! I'm terrified of mice! big, small, tiny it doesn't matter... I just heard something and saw it, almost had a heart attack! it was shameless! On spite of my screaming it just kept eating my dog's food! I downloaded this app, turned it on, like 5 mins, or so, later I saw it running away! I'm so happy! I hope not to see it ever again!

Jonathan Awoloi

Works quite well if volume is loud enough Seems to irritate those rodents as long as it is loud enough. The mice attacked the phone in an effort to try and shut it off when I had not turned the volume up one time but otherwise chases those pests away

John Peak

5 stars because i Wanted to get rid of ads. Haven't used it yet. Guess we will see how it goes

Steve Clews

Holy bat signal! I've been persecuting a rat for weeks. Usually successful at chasing them off but this one even scurries over my bed at night. NEMESIS! As soon as I turned this on it left. 5 stars isn't enough, I'm having my hearing surgically altered so I can hear the sweet sound myself.

Donovan Ingraham

I had a rodent issue in my place. was an old house...and I didnt have any cats. I tried it...and the gnawing sounds stopped...I heard NOTHING. .but they did....I keep it playing 24/7 bye bye mickey!!!

Marian Anton-Onofrei

Is working But the problem is that they can come back in 2 3 days. Try to connect the device at a louder speaker.. And use the higher freq

Michelle Salzabilla

Wow That Work Is Work,b4 I download this application,ohhh my God I saw rat n mice just front of me,they make a noise in my kitchen but now I didn't hear anymore. thank u very much

Juan Lopez

Jeffe Field mice are a problem where I live. Turned it on , put it on high and got to watch a few mice get outta dodge. It works well. Thank you.

Robinwhertig Hertig

Rodent under my bed.This will be third night so far he is still here.Hoping this works.Or the mousetrap. I don't here any noise

Sarah Love

I have had sleepless nights. This fixes that. THANK YOU I've caught 4 big rats in traps and I couldn't catch the last of them. Ive had sleepless nights from hearing them knaw my walls. Had the idea of looking up something similar to a dog whistle and found this. It works. I had it on high and the rat or rats freaked out and ran towards a different part of my house. It bothered my ears but I suggest you leave this on and leave either your room (to the other side of the house) or leave it on on a device on high while you are at work (or gone for the day).

Stacey Davies

No more noise I have been hearing scratching all day, was scared to go to sleep thought they have to have an app for that, found this one put it to go about 30 mins ago and have not heard anything else. Tomorrow I will be setting traps

Marian Ajumalay Sesay

So fare so good Is it weird that I can hear the sound ..

Paul May

It works After a few seconds I noticed the natural ringing in my ear get a little louder. Then a few seconds later the scratches in the kitchen stopped. I'll have to put this app on another device and let it run from time to time when I'm not home

Abby Hughes

Great app This app is amazing, I have rats in my attic and every night I can hear them walking around and scratching the walls, so i downloaded this app and at night i put this on and I didn't heard a sound 5 STARS

Terry Rowe

Does not work on Texas rats. They were dancing in front of it. I could hear it and it bothered me. The rats were not affected at all.

amit gambhir

Works like charm (5 mins) At first I didn't believe it would be of any help. But it works like charm. I saw the rat running out of the window within 5 mins. Thanks a lot.

Michele Mayotte

Rat(s) Repel "r" Just got it,havent heard YET, will try soon,&let u know what happens for ME...

Rose Baxter

It works! Cant believe I dont hear any mice no more. So happy.

Denita Woods

Like it. Works well,haven't seen any in 3 days. Great app!

Sara Cartland

Without wanting to tempt fate......I think it's done the trick! Thank you very much :)

Zena MaNais

Rids Squirrels in Attic!! I've been plagued with squirrels keeping warm in the attic. As soon as I start running the app, squirrels disappear within minutes. Also, squirrels are a little quieter as if to not "wake" the sleeping sonar!! How about that?!!

John Nolan

Just tried it and the scratching stopped I hope it doesn't come back, Thanks.

Jordan Rosenberg

New Have not seen results yet, but hopeful.

Ann Herring

Wow one that work's Thanks, didn't think it worked until I got up and no mice

Stefanie Carter

Quiets my problem I have a squirrel problem in my ceiling. When I use the app they shut up

eva avilla

Too many ads though It works will try it tonight and see how good when they scatching


works Heard rat in the wall trying to get in, I used this app and the noise completely stopped. I recommend using this at night and leaving peppermint oil to deter them from your home. Also make sure you completely close all access points.

Winnifred Lamarre

Works! I kept hearing scratching noises, especially in the walls which kept me from sleeping. I looked for an app and voilà! It really works. Got quiet and I was able to sleep. :)

Randi Graves

Praying mice get panic attacks too. Spent 1/2 the night awake because I saw a mouse run across my bathroom floor and into a cabinet under the sink. Panic attacks from a fear of these things is a b!tçh. I trapped him there til hubs wakes up in the morning to kill it (don't want to risk letting it run into my bedroom) found this app when the §hït tried pushing the door open. I can hear him trying to find another way out when I turn it off, then gets real quiet when I turn it back on. I genuinely hope his lil' heart explodes from the distress.

Emily Klein

Good rat sonar Been using this app in my NYC apt. and have had much less mouse sightings

Amber Loredo

Don't attempt on raccoons Thought hey if it works maybe it'll drive away the raccoon in my yard, had the door cracked with the app running and raccoon charged at the glass!!

Scalett jander

Omg I was in bed and heard the mice had come back it was somewhere in my room chewing in something I turned this app on it stopped I have heard it since

Mike Spencer

Great Had a mouse put this on and have had nothing since thanks something that actually works like it says

Ritesh Chopra

Rach It seems good so far, had to get rid of ads so rating 4

Kenneth Hyde

Great The first night i turned it on didn't hear a peep,two nights later,still good.Im pretty sure this app works wonders


Squirrel problem I have squirrels in my ceiling. I haven't heard any since I turned on this app. Seems to be working great!

Ruby Askor

So far so good Been using for 2 days already noticed a difference!

Nyumnwi Chamfor

It actually works! I couldn't sleep at night because of the persistent sound of scratching and scuttering from a rat. Installed and ran the app and within a minute the noise was gone! So far so good....

Silverwolf 11

Scares the rats any! I'm a part of part pestcontrol And I install and it scares them away thanks for this app!

Rodolfo Melgoza

I don't think that it works I just don't hear anything from my phone speaker with this app. Are you so post to hear anything? Let me know please.

james wheat

It works Too bad it doesnt kill them also lol


Great product. Not heard the noises since I've ran this. Peaceful nights

Rain Macale

Its helpful theres NO aroundings RATS.

Metalia Permatasari

It works I saw a mouse under my bed. I was so scared then I installed this app l. It really works

Joe Spine

It works. Rats just can't stand the frequences!.

antoine angli

Works I guess I still hear mice but it works some what.


Rodent Repellent to the RESCUE It works, it does my cats job!!!

Jacob Joquino

Effective I didn't hear any noise of rodents creeping anymore


Job well done Works at the push of a button

Shannon Otake

One down. One to go! You gotta try it! It worked on the first try overnight :-)

gita masniyom

Good It's work for me!

Mihnea Mihail Mirea

Let us try First attempt noise stopped. Testing more

Andrew Samuel

Amazing Mouse detected in my room

Edie Sochib El Samah

First night It works.

ruby redou

Great It seems to work.


Squirreis gone from attic awesome

Jonpaul Dautrive

So far so good Just heard mice or rats scratching at my friends house and looked for an app. Haven't heard anything since downloading. Will keep on all night

lionel messi

Work I think its work,

Marian Jones

Unbelievable! I couldn't enter my kitchen without seeing at least 2 mice running for cover! I was a little skeptical but after moving my dog's food bowl and using natural rodent repellent and this app, I haven't seen any mice at all!

Tarrance Talford

I gotta give it uP honest... Remarkably a Wonderful App, it goes right to work, and they're gone instantly.

Mikaela Rose

Helpful for all out rat war I figured out I had rats. I wasnt too bothered by it, set some humane traps and home remedies but they kept chewing threw important school stuff. BUT THEN I took out my expensive itallian leather shoes and they had made a nest In there with things from all over my room. They ruined the stitching and HAD BABIES in the end of my shoe which were all dead with a bunch of ants. This was then war. I am with the app, strobe light and peppermint essence. I havent seen the rat but this app makes me feel safer lol

Rajesh Singh

I hate rats so much. I can't sleep once they start running in my room. The anti rat sonar worked well and i am still using the repellent.

lokesh jain

If this works I will b happy to see ads You are asking for 4/5 star to remove ads. But if this app works I have no problem with banner ads. You should get some money for your efforts. Make sure this app works. These rats are dangerous for infants.

Bambang Sudiyatmiko

Worth trying I don't know is it because of this app or something else, but now the mice is nowhere to be seen. Thank you.

Shadele Grier

Seems to work A mouse built a nest inside my (unused) radiator and now I have annoying squeaking scratching sounds from there all night. As soon as I put this on, the mice shut up. Saves my sanity.

Tony Murphy

Works a treat First night on holidays in an old house in the French countryside there came a scratching around 5am. By 5.05 we were going to leave the house the following morning and cause a storm with the owner. But with a quick Google we discovered that there is indeed an app for that. This is that app. It even has a spinning rat in the middle of the screen. What's not to love. So we leave our furry friends tomorrow after a very peaceful ten days and I must give all credit to this app for saving our holiday!

Terri pankukk

Oh my This is a totally cool app omg is has really helped keep these rats away. Thank you for letting it be free :)

Naima Williams

So far so good Just started using this app. only a week ago, but no noise from inside of my bedroom walls so far..

Anuranga Rajapaksha

Wonderfull In my home si many rats.i tried 1st time. It worked very well.still i cant belive how it worked.thx

TCA menta1

You lie I don't know how u got some good ratings, but I got to say this... It didn't work the way ur other ratings said it did. It failed and worse after using it for 6hrs. NOTHING happen. Is it the cell ph. Or do I need to use other devise?

Kanayya Shetty

This app works Noticed that the rodent has not bothered when this app has been activated. I hope its not a coincidence. But worked till now.

Yvan Kim

Hope the mice are gone I heared a big scratch from my roof. I thought it was a cat... But no it was a mouse trying to scratch the roof to get in... I used this app and it works. PS use a very strong sticker trap around your room and your house and put some cookies or some food that mice like. And also do not forget to close and cover your windows.

Mark Ledesma

Seems to work Have a little brown mouse that I see running through my room out into the house. Put traps down with no luck. Turned this thing on and I no longer see it.

hali ahmed

I'm thinking maybe it works, could hear a little mice under the bed and also saw it, been pestering for few days and I don't sleep well as it is so I found this app and now can't hear it so it must work n I heard the radiator pipe bang so must have ran, a bit of peace and quiet, and with my baby around its unhygienic so thanks if it keeps it away I'll give 5 stars

Albert Umali

Great app! Im amazed at how effective this app is until i saw it literally drove the rats like crazy. Got them through my bait every time. Wow!


So far so good After a few days the scurrying stopped...

Kerry Osler Harman

Not terrible This app sonar did appear to stir the rodents. However, they are not erradicated!

Kerry Libby

Noise eliminated My dogs were going crazy when a scratching sound kept us all up one night. I found the app, and the noises go away. I live in a farmhouse surrounded by fields so mice are always thinking my home can be theirs also. NOT WITH this app!

Ritu K

Pathetic app I placed a cookie near my phone after running this app.....and to my surprise rat take away the cookie?

Pam Hirst

Junk heard mice, and downloaded app surprise, nothing happened!! It didn't even chase them away!! Thank you so much.

Will Coyle

Was getting ready to bang my girlfriend who at the time was banging on the wall tying to scare away the mouse making all that noise. I installed and started this app and that noise stopped at which time she proceeded to start banging me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :-)

David Abdullah

It works.. Only really works if app is in foreground. You can scare them but sometimes they just keep coming back.

fortunata merry

I can't hear anything, is it work?

Jen Augustin

It works I haven't seen or heard them

Vincent James Ganir

Seems to work Heard the rats scurrying away when I turned it on. Suddenly the house is silent again.

Ines Altvater

Listen It might work on rodents in the house, but be warned when trying in a car. We have this mouse in our vehicle, so I tried blasting it over the speakers and after about 5 minutes, the car made some strange noises before smoke started coming from one of the vents! It must've went crazy and chewed some wires instead of leaving.

Kcire Oblig

Its Amazing I tried it and wait for the mouse to react. I really don't know if it works because i cant hear anything on my SGS3neo, but i sent it to my Nokia phone trough shareit and when i try it again, i heard the noise from my phone(NOKIA) and waited again to the mouse to react. It seems the mouse is in PANIC. Maybe after 4minute of using it. So, good job guys.

Rosemary Kindell

There is a God I was at the end of my rope my household has been rat free and roach free all my life. They tore down two houses one on my left and one on my right and all of a sudden my house was bombarded with rat and roaches. I had spent a fortune on different types of poison nothing was working, I said God help me and the idea just came to go to Google and type in rat/ sound your app popped up and the rest is history 2 days later my house is free of rat and roaches. Amazing Thank you.

Carpman Had loads of rats around my swim the other night found this app set it off and saw no more. Though it would blow my battery but NO. A great app cheers

JT McGinnis

Squirrels too I think So I had a squirrel that had set up house in my porch roof. Tried a lot of things to get rid of him. This seems to have worked.

Airry Li

The sound is painful to the ears and it doesn't repel rats away permanently.


Holy shit It works took less then 10 mins

Ryan Miskolczi

Thx Great app. Really needed it

emanuel sicilia

Works It cause the rat that has been in my house for a year to leave.

Rahul Vishwakarma

It works please improve it sounds

Ajendra Anjar Kusuma

Can't turn off?

Yaya desu

Worth it It works! One rat gone..

Siddhartha Bhattacharya

Good but slow to repel

Jerry Henson

it seems to be working good i havent heard a peep i a while now

shane dickness

Rodent Eliminator Good by MF MICE

Gail Gonzalez

So far so good I'm still evaluating this app and find it hard to believe it works but so far no more mice. The one thing that makes me think it works is that the one mouse I saw run under my bed came out when I turned this app on. I wonder where it went. I wish it would run better in the background. Overall I'm pleased.


Excellent I had rats in the wall space in my bedroom. I left this app on overnight and during the following day. The rats moved out during this period and have not returned. Thank you!

Mycheal Cathey

Mice problem So far so good. Going to keep checking on it to see if still keeps working


Squirrel problem I have squirrels in my ceiling. I haven't heard any since I turned on this app. Seems to be working great!

Elsie Flores

Works I heard some noises and when I turned this on they completely stopped. No more rats running around

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