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25 Aug
Anti Mouse Repeller

Posted by envx in Tools | Aug. 25, 2016 | 98 Comments

Apk file size: 3.2 MB

The ControllX® Anti Mouse Repeller is the a electronic rodent repellent with proven field results. The Anti Mouse Repeller mouse repellent displaces rodents, repelling them from your home with sound waves that create intense auditory stress for mice. It works significantly different from other sonar applications because it will analyse your environment first using sensors and then selects the optimal frequency.

Some things to keep in mind while using the application:
- Ultrasonic frequencies do not travel between walls. Do not place your phone behind couches, curtains or other "soft" items which will absorb rather than reflect the ultrasonic frequencies.
- The application might not work in certain environments where it is moist or loud environments (since it will block the signal). We advice the app to be active in the foreground for maximum repellent. If the app is run in the background it will run in low power mode (the signal will activate at specifically calculated intervals). In less optimal environments the application might not work the first try.
- We do not guarantee this app to be 100% effective all the time. In some cases mice have been known to return to the premises.
- It is possible to adjust the frequency of the application, but it is not advised to do so. It can affect other animals (like your dogs and cats) if you do so. If the default settings disturbs your pet, lower the frequency. Normally the default setting will be optimal.

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Download anti-mouse-repeller.apk 3.2 MB


Renato Gama

Seems to work I've let it on for about 5 days now and at first I could still hear the mice up and about, but now it seems that they gave up and left. Time will tell!

Arcangel De Guzman

i have a cute mouse it used to be just one mice but it grew up and we caught the bigger one not knowing that the smaller ones survived...Im not seeing any pf them now...

Asher Weis

Waste of time This did absolutely nothing to repel mice. I saw two in the kitchen. I turned it on and they continued running around. They left when I yelled "go away". Lol

Frank Brooks

Anti Mouse Repeller Interesting app. Be aware of birds and other animals response too.

Nanna Jax

Unbelievable Only tried this the other night after not being able to sleep with scratching and squeaking and so far no noise, no droppings around...fingers crossed! I would definitely recommend trying it.

Jerry H

Rodents be gone Works great so far. Have it running on a spare tablet to get rid of mice.

creeper doomman

Love it,but I can hear the sound it makes it hurts my ears


Effective Has an effect on the little pesty friend that likes to come out to greet and play hide and seek !!!

Manuel Carrillo

Anything else but worth the try so far Well. Have not heard a thing since we installed it. effective? Only time will tell.

Elecia Anderson

Love it Have not hear nothing since I gotten this app.

Veronica Baum

hopefully the mice will hear this and stay out of my place for good

Gordon McLean-Brown

shood the little bugger! Enjoying my life without droppings everywhere

Sorin Tonita

Uninstall,rubbish no working,the mice into the wall had no any reaction to this.....

Tom Ross

Great Keps all the aninals away from ski chalet

Shelley H

So far so good Works so far great app to keep mice out.

jdoghoney dueslavy

Den outta den I used it and he ran undee my stove and didnt come out(thats where they came from)

Hugh Kernohan

Does all it claims Know more in a few days. It seems to do all it says.

Darren Fletcher

Worked Ok for me Scratching stopped when I ran this coincidence?

kitty daniels

dunt no if works bt will post latter if does

Jason R

Holy crap It really does work! Day one I had used the app and I usually have mice running around squeeking and making all types of noise. Now. Nothing.

Zhafran Bashir

Zaf Feels like it sometimes works

Mohsen Farsi

Just rating to remove the ads! Not sure yet, hope it works even though it seems unlikely.

jorge torres

It works Very helpful

Steff Jenkins

Hear them running already

Peter Haney

Heard nothing since installed

Michael Caddell

seems to work I turn it on and seems to work ok

alka joseph

??? Will it work if the phone is in sleep mode?

Timothy Jackson

Helpful Worked immediately

Jay Griffin

Mouse repellent Seems to work

John Schenk

Anti mouse deterrent High pitch irritant for mice

Joe Romero

Odd but worked Within in 10 mins I killed a mouse that was in my closet. Weird situation but I think the sound disoriented it lol

Benny Cardenes

Seems to be working...

Tricia Fredrick

So far so good. I just started using it yesterday. So far I haven't seen or heard the rat that has invaded our apartment. I am not sure if it is working right. When I have the application on it says its working, but I can't hear anything. Is that normal? I was just wondering if am supposed to be able to hear it. Please can some one tell me if I'm supposed to be able to hear a noise

Aylin Mata

Doesnt work I can still hear them squicking ?

Mita Burgos

It doesn't make a sound How do I even know its really working.

Arash Sheikholeslam

This was useless If it worked it could save the rats life. But we ended up having to resolve to the old school snap traps.

dimas yudi

nice look like mouse dont like this app

Greg LeBlanc

Awesome. It truely does work.

Robert Bailey

Haven't seen any mice. It's hard to tell. Is it because it works or just had no problem?

Savannah Ziglar

Useful I like the app don't know if it works yet but I'm pretty sure it does. Also is it normal that I can hear the noise? Otherwise I love the app ?✂???

Danny Matta

Mice Mice have large ears in comparison to their bodies. They hear higher frequencies than humans; their frequency range is 1 kHz to 70 kHz. They do not hear the lower frequencies that humans can; they communicate using high frequency noises some of which are inaudible by humans. The distress call of a young mouse can be produced at 40 kHz. The mice use their ability to produce sounds out of predators' frequency ranges: they can alert other mice of danger without also alerting the predator to their pre

Stewart G.

Amazing! I've had this mouse problem in the past but the exterminator dealt with the first wave. Tonight I hear the little buggers behind the wall next to my bed. I'm thinking there's NO way I get to sleep tonight. But wait, maybe there is an app for this! I download this app, put it by the wall and BAM the noise stops! I stayed up an extra hour just to see and nope, the noise has stopped. I'll still lay out poison but dang what a great app! Using a Galaxy S5 with 5.0.

Jose Rojas

Wow really works I had 3 there mice on my room floor and when I turned on this all they all went squirming to their holes and went in one by one and had not seen them all night

Emma Watson

Doesn't work Saw mouse in my room turned it on mouse didn't care just hid behind cuboard they are really smart i had to manually trap it and kill it my self

Tammy Jensen

Tammy Figure will try. Tried everything else and found no ? dropping around in kitchen or no nosies. Plus, my little dog was not barking through night cause of not hearing the ?. ??

Hanns Mccammon

Great App I love it... We had a bad mouse problem, and since we started using it, nothing at all... Using LG Tribute... Great app...

David Ng

Seems promising General feedback seems to be good, so I'm hoping it does something for me and that it works.

hartono gunawan

Do the Job done Its Really worked, can't believed it.. I am happy now.. Hopefully doesn't effect to human health..


Great Mouse was driving us nuts. Used it once mouse gone now we have sealed on the holes.

Nadia Shafi

Best review ever One , there is no on and off button two I want to use other apps u dont no if this 1 is working and three I haven't seen any result what does foreground mean because I put it against the wall on the floor no results am disappointed I know its free but we can really adjust the app a lil bit

Sam James III

Fairly interesting Have seen less activity lately, but not yet sure if it's the app or the new traps I put out. Taking some time to decide which, but using both may be all right.

Trinh HaYen

They say that if I give them 4 stars rating, all ads will disappeared. Still wait for a result

Dale Ross

The mouse seems to like it. Apparently the mouse behind my wall enjoys this because it's not leaving.

Terrie Zimmerman

The best thing I've used I've had a mouse problem and since using this app I haven't seen any

Matt Livingston

Doesn't work I'm sitting here with the app open watching a mouse run in my direction.

Marc Dannan

Not bad To early to tell really but the mouse wasn't around for long when this app was running.

Zachary Dillon

Makes you rate Don't know if it works. Just stopping the ads

James Wood

Pretty good. Ultrasonic? I am losing my hearing but I can hear it. Wife and kids scream shut it off!


Amazing I live in an old late 1800-early 1900 year old brick home with an addition that was added in the late 60s with just a dirt crawlspace under it and live in northern IL and for the last 3 years every year this time of year I have to put out mouse poison or all I hear is clawing in my walls and ceiling I was just starting to hear the first sign of mice in the ceiling of my upstairs bedroom so I wanted to get some sleep so I thought hey they have apps for everything why not a mouse repelling app and sure enough

Sergii Maliarov

I don't really know if it works but looks funny

Rashion Wilkerson

Great It really works I haven't seen a mouse since I got this app

Onray Brainard

Seemed to have frightened our furry little wall scratcher away. 1 week now!

Jane Williams

Get rid of mice? The mouse I have is a pain in the royal butt I want it gone!

Limamou Laye Wane

Now i sleep easily because the mice are away, thanks to you.

Farooq Jina

Great app, works to keep pigeons off roof too (I can actually get some sleep in my attic bedroom now). One annoyance, sometimes phones speakers crackle badly.

Tamara Craig

I really don't know if it's working but I got lots of bait even the ones u plug in I seen it twice but found this app Bluetooth it to my super large stereo and I been sitting waiting for it to come back have not seen it yet been bout hour so we will see

Lee Cave

Mouse be gone. So far so good. Combine with drops of peppermint oil on cotton wall balls (mice can't stand the smell) around where you find droppings. And mice should pack up and move off. My mouse/mice never ate a thing from the humane traps I put down. So tried this and peppermint oil.

Nicholas Shipman

This works yessss The house next door from mine gave us mice and I could not sleep they are making so much sounds so...I went on here put in how to get rid of mice clicked on this turn on the sounds have stopped amazing thank you

andyoaklee AvidAmerican

Mouse Repel I am in a vermin ridden hell hole, and this works to keep them away from me!

Eric Jutkiewicz

Not bad does fair job Needs be a little more repulsive to chase mice away also thought humans was not suppose able hear the sounds but sounds like a high pitched hum to me so does that mean it in affective against mice and or rodents

ellen demos

Worked Love it had 15 mice in house used plug in Victor s didn't work used peppermint oil didn't work turn this on worked

Michael Gallagher

A good app that really works! I turned this app on, stuffed thermite in my walls, and burned my house to the ground. Not only do I have a 150% insurance rate for my house, but my mice problem is solved. This app makes money, and solves all kinds of problems!

William Ryan

It works!!! Get this app!!!

Raul Rodriguez

Looks like it works


Wonderful! I have had a really bad mouse problem. Just now heard a handful of them in my furnace closet and figured "I bet there's an app." Sure enough turned it on high and heard them all scuffle away. Not a sound since. Awesome. Thank you so much.

the Lost1

Oooohhhh HELL YEA!! This thing WORKS INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Ive tried traps ,cats,even bats! Baseball that is .NOTHING WORKED,and I detroyed my house with the bat. But the second I turned this on,mice,roaches,and something else,don't know what,all RAN LIKE HELL!!!!! It WORKS.I RECOMMEND THIS. Thanks guys!!!! Great work.

Fernando Alvarez Sr.

We have a mouse problem. It always seems to go through our drawers at night when we're sleeping and the noise wakes up, we'll I installed this app and have not heard him in weeks! Awesomeness, complete awesomeness

alucard dracula

cOver yOur eArs mickEy!!! thEy wiLL avOid gOing tO yOur roOm... yOu wiLL nOt seE thE effEct instAntLy... jUst usE it evErydAy... thE LongEr yOu actvAte it thE bettEr effEct fOr thEm..."?"

Szilvia Gy

Same as anti-rat app, which doesn't work either

Christopher Parchman

Did nothing Found the little critter, placed phone in the same room and mouse went about its business.

Gail Gonzalez

Still analyzing Started using on 5/14 after seeing one adult mouse and at least 2 babies. They were having a grand time running all over. Once they came into my bedroom I knew I had to stop the madness. Opened this app and either it was coincidence or the app really works because mama mouse came running out. Have not seem them since but I have seen 2 tiny dropping on my kitchen counter so they are still here but I don't see them. I think this only works in whatever room you are in at the time.

D Ras

I like Very efficient

daunie rizza

Not working with Indonesian Mice Not working with Indonesian Mice

erman satriya brata

Great Good job it work

Shandy Maokhamphiou

Ad free with star

Fred Thom

It works

Aaron Richardson

Doesn't work I left my phone on with the alt frequency setting and a mouse was climbing something directly in front of the speaker. Clearly not an annoyance in the slightest. I wish this would work like others said it has but it clearly doesn't.

Ed Sommers

Ed I can hear mice playing around in the space between the inner and outer walls of my RV. YOUR PROGRAM RAN THEM OFF IMEDIATELY!

Jon Milburn

Jon Milburn I have recommended this to many people because it works

Norm W

Gone Heard mouse installed app no more noise

Nicole Phelps

Thank you! I got up in the middle of the night to kill a spider as if that doesn't scare me enough, when I turned on the light something scurried across the floor! I jumped on the bed (where my 1 year old was sleeping) and automatically panicked. I downloaded this same app for rats and played it and didn't notice anything. I play this on high and what do you know! I look over and notice a tail under my door going the opposite way! I totally think this works. Thank you for saving me and my son!

Mac Yats

Seems to work So far will return if any changes.

noah Ghonda

I used it for a week and haven't seen the mouse for two months

Nathan Nichols

Rodent repeller This one has worked well for me! It has sent the mice and chipmunks out of small Cabin that I reside in.

Lm Wilt

Like a miracle! Can't believe how well it worked first night!


Ok Irritating ads

Daniel Marquez

This is a good app to have it does work really well

Andrew Probert

Awesome It works

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