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7 May

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With the Answers™ app from, you won't have to miss out on the latest in entertainment, current events, pop culture, lifestyle, food, and more. Get instant access to a beautiful, intuitive platform chock-full of content you won't want to miss. Follow your favorite categories to create a personal feed of content so shareable, you won't be able to put your phone down. Don't forget, sharing is caring: you and your friends can easily send your favorites back and forth to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Discover high quality content.
Thousands of articles on every subject.
Easily share your new finds with your friends.
Log in via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or email.
Ask and answer questions from anywhere.
Be notified by real time Notifications when your answer is ready.

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Whats new

    In This Release:
    - Misc. bug fixes
    After receiving feedback from users wanting a better way to answer questions, we implemented unanswered questions in your feed. You will now see unanswered questions from the categories you follow in your home feed. Let us know what you think, and keep giving us suggestions! part of our Social and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 7, 2015. Google play rating is 80.556. Current verison is 2.4.15. Actual size 9.0 MB.

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Avery Stephens

One problem. Every 2 time I ask for different questions, it loads the questions from the first group. Could you make it load a larger variety of questions? Say... 40-50?

Jared Bruce

One annoying bug It is notifying me and it is blank its annoying it makes me think i got a question answered at 1st look its blank and if i sumit yes partly or no it crashes never did this before

Rob Mota

Zoomed in App runs great but can't see pics.

Roy Ginter

Answers Pictures are too big for screen, need to be resized...

Ronàld Tàylor

Super interesting I have enjoy this app and learned a lot of different things.

Darlene googins

Good Ioved it

Javonne Leslie

VERY AWESOME, AMAZING. BUT... But when I Answer it doesn't. Show you any pictures of what he/she or thing what it look like. But still amazing. ???

Ellie Velasco

Amazing!!!! All i need to do is type or speak the question and it gives me an imediate answer

Eric Whittick

Get it Helps you with any hw question and it is just an easy app to use.

Keith Triplett

Perfect Gives me any answer I need from A to Z Thanks

Kiran Shahzad

Amazing...I got all my answers right

Lina Shafiee

Free answers I like cause it give me free answer.when i type the questions,it will tell me the answer

Ladon Smith

Answers Not bad, fast and fun.

qaid ali

It really helps It really helps me do homework.

david mcedward

How do I How do I make a question for people to answer their is no button that says new question. Ill make this 5 stars if you tell me.

Jeffrey ten Grotenhuis II

Can't find where to ask my question

Ajay Kumar Vij

Best for students All can be benefitted by this aap

Saira Aamir

Very Informative

Enrique Cruz

Amazing better than searching through a huge book

Jomoy Palmer

It tells me answers to my homework

Achi Moses Nwamaka

Cute and satisfying

William Furtado

Hard to use What a pain

Pikachu Gaming

Ads suck This ads ruin the whole app.

Tojan Martin

Loved it Very clear/simple to understand

Amir Alavi

Major design issues There are major issues with its design. Hard to find where to submit your questions, can't choose its category, etc.

Sriram Tanikella

Absolute Crap It's so full of ad's that the content is not viewable at all. Do not waste your time.

Dumee Lumpee

Disorganized You can't choose which category your question goes into. Asking questions is alot harder then it should be. Plus answering other peoples questions seems near impossible when u are bombarded with everything else! Its basis is good just needs a good tidy up and a new more organised look where everything is easily found!

Brandy Kates

Convenient It's great when it contains the answer, but I find that's only about 60% of the time. That can be frustrating.

Brittney Rose

Love this app but the pictures are too big for my samsung s4 screen... often making me miss the point on many photos :( also very difficult to ask questions?

Jacquelyn C

Great Entertainment app. Has good news and entertaining stories! Hasn't failed me once...

Monik Tamang

AMAZING................! Gives every answer except some of them. Try this.

Dalton Flax

Ok I am a supervisor for this Web site and I just wanted to say I love the app it just needs better features like able to read and send messages.


Pictures I can't see half the picture ok s5 screen.

Fedya I

Cannot login

Neil G

Worst app ever It is useless and ad filled. Try using the Internet it is much more useful

Jameel Mosley

THE BEST!!!!!! I Couldn't tell ya how important it is. If I needed a specific answer, this brand new app would give me just the point that I need. Great job and keep up the GREAT work!!!!! #FiveStar #ThumbsUp?????

Alisha Melcher

Kinda defeats the purpose of some articles if I can only see part of the pics. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

Aneel Chaudary

Too many ads App is nice and educative but ads irritate alot

Johnny Noble

John boy Great app lots of knowledge here

Kris Wicks

Just started But i can not see n e pics they r to large i cant shrink them so idk wtd

peshal shah

Too much ads 1 star for that it gives answers to my questions

James Butler

don't wanna sign up

Denver Bailey

Hmm Cool app but all of the pictures are zoomed in. Fix that and this'll be 5 stars.

Jackie Stanmore

Wonderful Awesome Love it

Rita Mimani

Very good Gives the best answers

Carmel Hope Ceron

I love it I love this app

Mohsin Naseer

Not enough satisfactory

Amir Ramzi

Very helpful

Diego Texis

This is a great help for hmwk

fairy Tinkerbell

Some answers are not available

Edward Gloria

Useless Ap this is the one you want This ap is designed to load your phone with ads. The artcles provided are articles you can look up on the internet. It is designed for them to make money on clicks swipes on your phone. I only downloaded it to give an honest opinion of this worthless ap.

Alvisha Fernandes

Nice app but some problems This app gives us nice and useful answers. But this app is filled with lots of ads and some times I won't get the right answer.


Cool app Getting cool and sure answers , before trusting any site i always choose this one because i know the answers are from professionals and i dont need to worry or check out millions of other damn sites.its totally cool and is a global social and smashing way to help millions of ppl. With my exams up this app helps but the pics arent clear and they are blurry and we cannot submit or answer any questions! The site is good but the app is bad

Michelle Moses

I LOVE IT but some things need to be fix I DO THIS FOR MY HOME WORK AND IT WORK but u can look up people's names and that's bad if u can fix that I'll LOVE IT :D

Tan YiXun

Love but then hate Its is filled with ads... EVERY single post contains at least 1 ad depending how many pages the post contains.Please Minimize the amount of ads or you will definetely lose rating and customers

Paul Thompson

"Let us know what you think, keep giving us suggestions." What good does THAT do if you don't pay attention?? PHOTOS TO BIG! ADDS!! ect., ect., ect. Geezus!! Here's a NEW one... App doesn't load correctly. Just keeps flashing first two screens back and forth. Get your act together.. Uninstalling now! Thx for waisting my time. Goodby!!

Kishmala Naqvi

I just hate this app! I don't know it may be a co-incidence but it never help me whenever i need it!..

Andrei Clear

is there a way for users to ask questions? if so can we do so when offline (no internet) an it would post when connected? thank you ..

Noobusing Hacks

Keeps getting better Im going to try and partner up with these guys to make an ai

Paul Sparlin

Not worth it. You can't ask any questions. What's the point? This app makes no sense.

Harrison Holbrook

Gr8 I like the app but I daz not have all the answers but I like the app it has most answers

Joyel Puryear

A few issues I know how to ask questions now. How do you review other people's questions and answer them?

Divinely DeeDee

It's a bad joke Doesn't do what it says, questions don't EVER load, a waste of time.

Javed Javed

That all what I wanted for my summer holidays studies My work was done from the help of ANSWER

John Molijn

Swipe swipe swipe, worst inferface ever You end up swiping like 3 time for a small article. Terrible interface design.

सारांश सागर

Spread nudity and sexually pictures Delete your nude images from app otherwise I will spread this news socially

kamryn ellis

Very Helpful This app is very good for a few reasons. 1. You can cheat at homework. 2. You can cheat at work - work. 3. You can ask stupid questions!!! ?????????

Cornelious Sterling

Pretty Good app It give the correct answers to your question most of the time

Isabel Torres

Usually I can Google something and it will take me to the app with the question and answer but now when I click on it-it doesn't take me to what I was looking for. It just opens up the app and I have to retype the whole question.

Rob Mota

Zoom App runs well but every pic I see is zoomed in and cut off.

Jansen Rosero

Dumbs Sucking my daughter could not find her questions of her assign.

Max Libardi

Answers This app is really helpful for my homework

dakota woods

Ok But more adds then I can handle

Abdulsami Ahmed

Very helpful It's highly recommended for use by anyone who are looking for an excellent choice of words and phrases

Cpu It

I like it but still trying it Wide range of such community content

Kaitlyn Schott

Its ok I do like but... I like the app??☺

Scarlet Anderson

Answers Just ask and ye shall recieve..

bhanu kamboj

Bhanu kamboj alum Creativity is new thing to know the world LIVE LIKE LEGEND

Thank You

No one. :-( No one answers on this app..

Manuel Escoto

This app is great Check it out u will be sorry. NOT !

Trever Bennnett

Not user friendly and buggy. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! Worse than Yahoo answers! I can't find out how to ask a question. Can't answer questions.

Stephen Godwin

The Adds Are The Best Get This App As Soon As Possible

Adrianna Hudson

Awesome app It gives me all the right answers??!! Yay!!

Glenn Lind

Absolute Garbage **"Pictures don't show except a small super-zoomed portion. Swiping through full screen ads automatically opens play store every time. 1/3 of every page is an ad. Don't waste your time.***

Emma-Jane Thomas

Login Failure I have an account , tried to login but unable to. I have tried 10 times. Ironically when I connect with G+ it expects it. But throws a wobbly when I try my email/username. Quickly uninstalled

VG'S StreetMagic

Can't log in I can't log in. I know my email and password but it says that they're wrong.

Seyvnn Marie

Great for most things Love it since I first downloaded it it's a terrific app and I would not trade it in for the world

Terri Matthews

This is the first time I've opened up this app. I need more time to evaluate, OK.

Night Fire

The Obvious Why can't I ask a question on this app? I LITERALLY looked through EVERYTHING in this, and not even a hint of being able to ask a question!

B M Sanal Kumar

Liked it It shows the ans of every question which I needed

Patrick Butas

People Google learn how to root your phone and the ads will be gone I INSTALLED answers and got no ads cause I control my phone and one way of doing that is to root your phone for android users and for IPhone users you learn how to jailbreak your phone OK the easy way for android users download Kingroot and say bye to ads and Delete systom apps to free your phone after so

Braden Dodge

Poorly written app OK I finally figured out how to ask questions but it never should have taken that long to figure out the primary function of the app! You should hire someone who knows something about design, because whoever wrote this little gem clearly does not. If anyone reads this, just Download Quora, it's a thousand times better than this piece of garbage.

Jameel Mosley

THE BEST!!!!!! I Couldn't tell ya how important it is. If I needed a specific answer, this brand new app would give me just the point that I need. Great job and keep up the GREAT work!!!!! #FiveStar #ThumbsUp?????

kamryn ellis

Very Helpful This app is very good for a few reasons. 1. You can cheat at homework. 2. You can cheat at work - work. 3. You can ask stupid questions!!! ?????????

Sunder Singh

Wonder full It gives sometime incorrect

Noel Cooper

My quote This is a helpful app in many ways. Sometimes it's wrong but I'll rate it 4 star,?

Cedric Adedje

Answers gives you 100% A It's true I mean it's totally similar than Quora just test it and know it, that's what my Science teacher always says and my Algebra teacher same thing.

brandon rekid

The grind is real If you're looking for a game where you click more times than runescape and diablo 3 combined to reach the end you've come to the right place! Otherwise, you'll end up with regrets and carpal tunnel

Silver Seo

Gd app U can get cool and fine answers of any question whose answer is discovered in human history.

peshal shah

Too much ads And why do it again and again ask for sign in? When i have already done so? At least it gives answers to only some of my questions


Can't even ask questions, maybe I'm just too lazy to find out but I've spent 5 minutes looking and gave up

Ratnakar Shetty

Hate it Hate it virst app dont want to give one star also not at all helpfull . Then u see wat u want to do .iam sorry to say this is a virst app

Bill Benson

Way too many ads Uninstalled. You're better off just going to the site.

Vass Gamer

Tells me everything I need to know This well help me get answer and make me succeed.

Jaiyden De Francis

Stupid Its stupid, i tried to ask a question but couldn't find out how

Shella Santiago

This App Is Helpful... This is Very Helpful To Peoples When They Have Questions That They Dont Know The Answer...

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