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13 Sep
Anova Culinary

Posted by Anova Culinary in Lifestyle | Sept. 13, 2016 | 182 Comments

Apk file size: 2.8 MB

NOTE: Recent updates to the Google Android API (level 23) affecting Bluetooth LE technology requires location permissions to be granted in order to use the Anova Android application.

The Anova Culinary App is the companion app to the Anova Precision Cooker. The Android App makes it incredibly easy to cook anything you want with Anova. You simply find the food you’re cooking, adjust the settings you’d like, and hit start. With our exclusive Serious Eats steak guide, there’s no need to search for time and temperature settings to cook the perfect steak. It will all be programmed into your phone. New time and temperature guides will be added regularly so you can cook anything you want at the touch of a button.

What is Precision Cooking?

Once limited to the world's best restaurants, precision cooking (commonly referred to as sous vide) is now the fastest growing kitchen appliance category. The Anova Precision Cooker represents the next evolution of precision cooking technology, making it easy and affordable for everyone to reap the benefits of this type of cooking. Precision cooking is extremely easy. It usually involves these three simple steps:

1. Attach the Anova Precision Cooker to a pot and set time and temp using the app or the device interface. Using the app, simply find what you're cooking and hit "start."

2. Put food in a ziplock bag and clip it to the side of the pot. The circulator moves water around the pot, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout.

3. Finish with a quick sear or broil, or even throw it on the grill for a nice, crispy finish.

The Advantages of Precision Temperature Cooking

Precision cooking produces results that are impossible through any other technique. Precision cooking gives important advantages over traditional methods, including the following benefits:

• Consistent results
• Taste and texture
• Food waste reduction
• Flexibility during cook
• Healthier meals

Don’t have a Precision Cooker? Get one here:

Key App Features:

• Pairs with the Anova Precision Cooker via Bluetooth
• Operates the device remotely when connected and within range (set your time, temperature, and toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius)
• Calibrates the Precision Cooker temperature to the nearest .01 degree F/C
• Provides exclusive access to our library of recipes featuring James Beard award-winning chefs, renowned cookbook authors, food editors, television personalities, and more
• Choose a recipe and press play! Once you’re paired with the device, simply select what you’d like to cook and press play to automatically set the device to the required time and temperature settings
• Receive push notifications when the device is preheating, reached temperature, and when the timer has finished
• Sort recipes by category
• Save recipes to your "favorites"

• Android 4.3, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
• The Anova Precision Cooker

Whats new

    Thank you for your continued support and feedback, you're part of what makes this app better!
    Version 0.0.160 changelog:
    • Bug fixes.
    • Enhanced onboarding flow with password suggestions.
    • Enhanced onboarding flow with connection suggestions.

Anova Culinary part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 81.9089. Current verison is 0.0.160. Actual size 2.8 MB.

Download anova-culinary-beta.apk 2.8 MB


Dom Hopson

Great device.. App needs work. I just used my precision cooker for the first time tonight.. Worked wonderfully. I love all the recipes available on the app, by amazing chefs, with videos and step by step instructions.. However it crashed on me a few times and it took me a couple minutes to connect my Bluetooth to the device, and even then it seemed a little wonky. Overall a great experience, just needs the fine tuning that I'm sure will come in time. 5 stars because of the perfect steak I just ate.

Mark McD

First impression: needs work. Looks like it could be good for following recipes but not quite so easy for setting our own details. I know the temp and time for my steaks, for example, so it would be good to have an easy settings page that is more than the tiny line at the bottom of a screen. Also, let me type in the figures - scrolling through a temp and time listing is going to get old... SOON. Other than that, glad to see it has arrived.

Gary Scherrer

Needs manual temp and time controls I like the recipes, interface etc.... fine app by most standards, but it's currently worthless if you don't agree with how long or how hot something should be cooked. Needs a way to set temp and time manually.

Wayne Lo

Great start, waiting for more updates At long last, the long-delayed Android app is here. It's a great start, with a great responsive community over on the Anova forum. One suggestion I made on the forum is to change the scrolling temp selector to a keypad entry. No one wants to scroll FOREVER going from 40 to 150, at 0.5 degree increments, EVERY time you start the app. For anyone having difficult pairing, the Anova WILL NOT pair the same way you do with a bluetooth headset (at least not on my phone). First hit the bluetooth button on the Anova. Then from within the Anova app, hit the bluetooth icon. "Anova" should appear, click, done.

Al Wong

Need better Bluetooth instructions Tap on Bluetooth icon at bottom, next tap start scan, when you see word ANOVA appear, tap on anova, should connect.

Glenn Vanspauwen

I like it! But... A menu just to only control your Anova would be great!

Race Bannon

Anova does not pair to phone. The app does not pair to my anova, which makes this app useless to me.

Aiden Farrell

Nonsense! Where is the stand alone interface to control the unit??? Sorry I dont want to try your recipes I've got plenty of my own thanks.. what is this Crap.

Christopher Frost

I can't pair with my note 3 So the app is OK. There are good recipes and it's easy to use. My biggest thing is pairing with my phone. When I use the Bluetooth a password comes up. It doesn't work with generic passwords. Is anyone else having this issue.

Chris Mulley

My only requirement is for me to preset programmes for what I cook frequently. This does not seem to do that. I would like an app which permits me to touch one button and set the temperature and duration.

Derrick C

Great app that works easy with the anova. Could use with a better ui to make browsing by recipe categories.

Trent Mason

Won't pair. Piece of crap. Pathetic app. Won't pair with my Moto G. Manual is no help. Zero in-app help. Anova's app sux.

Christopher Stemmle

c Asks for password, does not pair with generic passwords.

Deb Lovemytechy

Does not find anova bt. Other apps work but this.

Lee Drake

BT Connection problems One my Note 4 Edge (Galaxy) I can see the Anova when I scan for BT, and the unofficial app finds and pairs with the anova just fine, but the official app cannot find it. If I try to pair it in Bluetooth mode it asks for a PIN and neither of the typical pins (0000 and 1234) work. I will be contacting support, but you shouldn't need to.

Marilyn Karp

Perfect tool Makes using the Anova even more fun

Mike Hayne

Awesome!!! Far surpassed my expectations!!!

dov barak

Great app Tried it and loved it.

shane schilter

Does not connect Does not connect via Bluetooth to my galaxy s4. The unnoficial ANOVA Remote works perfectly

Joe McDaniel

Needs more times and temps OK but really wants you to have a Bluetooth unit. Lacks many foods. Recipes need an index.

Derek Starlin

I got the app before the Anova I already had a sous vide and I loved the app so much I had to add an Anova over Father Day weekend. I love this app and recommend to anyone with or without a sous vide. Only suggestion would be a more ways to sort the recipes. (Temp, date added, time, portein, etc.)

Mike Caprio

Easy Had been using a raspberry pi to do sous vide. This is infinitely easier.

Mormon Sniper

Great application. More to come I am sure.

Sven Rides

Anova This app works better than some people are saying.

vu bui

Delicious The app makes cooking so easy

Carlos Rios

Can't connect to Android

Rephaim Mpofu

Game changer The only thing that could have improved serious eats and chef steps is an app! This. Is. Awesome. Well done guys

Alexander Liu

Apps needs tons of work All videos unable to stream the actual video. I have to actually share it to myself (Facebook, email, etc) then watch it on my computer. Defeat the whole purpose of having an "app"!

William Rogers

I have to admit, i was a skeptic. Anova had some delays getting the Android Ap out to the public. Now that i have this app, i love it. Sous Vide can turn any ordinary cook into a chef! One feature i would like is if the app would also turn landscape instead of just portrait!

Jason Eacott

Nice start but needs work. Great concept but fails in too many ways. Bluetooth will not work from my tab 8.3. Its not possible to rotate the app for a better view. Pinch zoom doesn't work making many recipes very difficult to read and videos difficult to view. Video full screen button does not work either making videos nearly useless. I hope this app gets some attention. It promises so much.

Glenn Vanspauwen

I like it! But... A menu just to only control your Anova would be great! Edit: New Problem ! Timer on the App stopped after 20 minutes while the ANOVA was displaying another time while it went on.

Jerry Fagin

recipe index needed The recipe section should open with an index so you can click on the recipe you are interested in instead of having to scroll through pages of recipes you don't care about.

michele carpanelli

Good tool Be a Chef it is very challenging ...good help for those professionals and non.

Jeannine Ross

Get the update! I tried this last week and was unimpressed, it seemed very much a work in progress. May 29,2015 was a big update. So far, it looks better, but still a work in progress. For having 500 recipes, should be able to see a category listing. I can search for a food type, which narrows it down.

Steve Howard

New recipes add a lot more value when you buy Anova

Mustafa Matari

It' s not working for me... I can see where you're headed and its cool but still buggy. Recipes don't update the time correctly(always 1:00) and when the target temp is reached it automatically goes into the finishing process and turns off. still useful as a guide though

Jerrod Kogut

Needs filter by ingredient It needs recipe search and sort capabilities, including the ability to filter by ingredient. Also a quick reference guide for common doneness temps/times for things like steak or eggs would be nice.

Dave Brewer

Anova No workee. Much ado about nothing.

Sam Ho

Have simplified options! The recipes are cool but how about a simplified section where we can select meat, thickness or weight, and doneness to automatically calculate the time.

Kirk LaBarbara

Good app, works well with device Recipes in app need better sorting options, but otherwise works well

Jason Jennings

Crashes often Not stable... Crashes all the time

Steven Doan

Great product, mediocre app I wish they gave the app more functionality during a cook. Also widget support and or notification timer would've been great. I almost only use the app for recipes and not the pair feature because I trust myself more than the app.

Matt Wood

Good concept but... Well I have to give the app a low rating. You have a great product and a good concept for an app, but it needs a lot of work and preferably a version of the app that caters to a more professional user base without the recipe focus and other useless items. Take a look at yhe iDevices app and go from there. Temperature setting in the app seems to stay locked to celsius and stops the machine when interacting with it or the timer. Maybe this is a safety thing but its annoying.

Julian Calaby

Not good for monitoring a running cook Loading the app while the Anova is running can stop existing cooks. Switching temperature scales doesn't always switch the set temperature. Tapping the current status bar loads a recipe and stops the running cook. Not very good for monitoring the running cook, probably good if you're starting one from one of the included recipes.

Martin Cahn

Great product. App is useless for cooks. The unofficial ANOVA Remote app is a lot better and gives a lot more control for cooking.

John G

Disconnect Keeps disconnecting. Program I paid for does not. When this gets sorted out this will be awesome. It is a beta

Lee Tracte

Cannot pair Unable to pair with my nexus 5. Asks for pass key, but no info on what the 4 digit number would be

TianCheng Han

nice! recipe in different categories?.. load us with more more recipes!.. :D

Patrik Brynolfsson

Cannot use without Wi-Fi After the last update I cannot use the app without connecting the Wi-Fi. Before, I could at least use Bluetooth to send temps and times, now I can't even do that. You managed to make it WORSE? Don't you test your app before releasing?

Ross Marshall

Love my ANOVA Precision Cooker With the Precision cooker, and this app, food has never been better!

Hugh Briefman

I could not get my unit to link with my WiFi, and had difficulty connecting with my blue tooth. I previously owned an ANOVA ONE unit that I loved, but it died after a little more then a year. Great product, needs more durability.

Odin Bettinger

App works well, hardly any recipes I have the Bluetooth only ANOVA. The app works very well and I like the way its notifications work. We are cooking here, not getting Facebook notifications, so when this app keeps alerting it is a good thing. Downfall of the app in its current state is the lack of recipes, or at least time to cook guides. Seems to be curated by ANOVA. Maybe there would be more content if ANOVA used some kind of user feedback through the app for more content. More recipes= more stars from my review. Otherwise, good job!

Andrei J

Best money I've spent in a while I'm an okay cook, but the anova took my $7 cut of beef, and made taste like $30 cut. It was so tender on the inside, and after a quick sear in the pan, it turned out to be the best steak I've ever cooked. Highly recommended. As for the app it does what it needs to. Connected to BT without a problem on my galaxy note 4. Saw a lot of people complain about the recipes... If you need an app to tell you to salt and pepper a cut of meat, you might have bigger problems in the kitchen. Also JFGI.

tony trimboli

Where's the Wi-Fi? Seriously now. I haven't used the immersion circulator yet. Waiting on WiFi capability.

Andrew Werdna

Machine-gunned notifications at me until I tapped "ok" on a water temp popup.... Garbage. The third party version of this app (which was removed as soon as Anova released this piece of junk) was far superior. This one is stripped down, only gives temp and timer control... It's a platform for showcasing these bloated, slow to load recipes that look hideously disgusting. You'll see what I mean when you inevitably install it. Just dont buy an Anova at all, there are now better alternatives available for the same money.

D wrizzol

Unreliable connection I connected my Samsung Note 4 with the app. It is constantly connecting and disconnecting. Cooker works well but controlling via phone is horrible. I also can't seem to set timer via phone... Very disappointing! I purchased the more expensive WiFi version hoping for more reliable connection I guess that was a mistake.

Ezra Hoover

Awesome! Slick looking app with some pretty good recipes baked in. Love the cooking time charts as well. Minus one star because the "cook recipe" feature is a little wonky.

Dean Hertert

Pathetic interface Lame, completely lame, is the most positive remark I can offer.

Patrick Anderson

Hardly any recipes for the limited number of categories, and even fewer Time & Temp Guides. I selected to cook a recipe and clicked the bar at the bottom of the recipe. When ready, it showed the time remaining. When I went back to the app a bit later, there was nothing. I manually set the timer and it seems to set in the unit, but when walking out of range, it does not show on the phone. Even when checking out the app at various times during the cook, it kept popping up a notice that the water was ready and I was already cooking. The device itself is great so far, the mobile app, not so much.


The Best My Son in Law who is a Chef introduced me to this device, it's absolutely the best kitchen aid I have in my kitchen. The meats are cooked perfect. I can control it with my smartphone, connects without fail. Thanx!

Ryan Reynolds

Won't stay connected Easy to set up but Wi-Fi won't stay connected and Bluetooth keeps asking for a password and 0000 and 1234 won't work. Very frustrating, can't keep up to date without connection

Darko Zvan

WiFi does not work!!! As for the most of the reviewers this app is useless. Before the update I was at least able to control the unit using bluetooth, but now not even that... I am asked for the wifi password, then error msg pops out and i lose all connectivity to my anova. Anova/wifi AP (xclaim)/smartphone (htc one m8) are all within 3 feets, password is correct, channel is basic 2.4 GHz/20 MHz..

Patti Hernandez

My Anova So much better than a slow cooker! Love the tenderness of the meat. Been trying small amounts (cooking for one) of all different kinds of food. Veggies are great too! And WiFi is great. Having the info at the tip of my fingers, rather than having to run to the kitchen to check on it. . . Awesome!

Jon Stevens

So far so good I have had no issues so far. Maybe 25 cooks on it without a hitch.

Nicholas Bowen

Great recipes Great app for recipes. I don't use it to control my cooker but the recipes are great!

Lauren Marie

Problems with recent WiFi update I am trying to use the Anova app for time and temp settings. I'm glad to see WiFi is an option now,  but I am unable to get it to identify my precision cooker for either Bluetooth (which I was able to use before the update) or WiFi. It says to check my WiFi and plug in the device which I've done and now it no longer prompts me for WiFi. I have un-installed and re-installed just in case, but still the same issues exist. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong would be appreciated. Thanks

Luke Hagenbach

WiFi update broke connectivity I used to be able to connect to my Anova WiFi, but only through Bluetooth due to no support for WiFi with Android. With the recent update to support WiFi, I attempted to connect my Anova to the app, added the WiFi password, it said to wait up to 5 minutes to connect, then have me an error saying it could not connect. I tried again and now I don't even get to the option to add the WiFi password because it says no Precision Cooker can be found with a "cancel" and "done" option. The "done" button does nothing

David Gingrass

Great cooking device, lousy app. Can't remotely set time and temp. Recipe database is woefully tiny. Upgraded from the original unit. New appliance is great! Hope they hire someone to write a better control app.

Sheryl Shapiro

Anova is great and easy Love cooking sous vide. This is easy to use, reliable, convenient. I would like more recipes.

Serena Lissy

Can't connect Same as everyone else. Tries to connect, says may take 5 minutes, and just won't connect to wifi. Bluetooth setup asks for a pin, none provided. I'm using an Android device. If any Android users actually get this to work, please share

Andy Long

Doesn't work. Zero stars if I could. Samsung Galaxy S4.

Thierry Lemay-Proulx

Unusable without wifi Since the update to include control over wifi, this app is basically useless because the connection keeps dropping and there is no way to disable the wifi control. The only way I found was uninstalling the app and turning off the wifi on the cooker. As soon as my app connected to the cooker after reinstall, it found the anova but wouldn't control over Bluetooth. When pressing "connect" it kept trying to set the wifi.

Ryan Smith

Love love love my Sous Vide I cook many types of wild game with my Anova. It is as if it were invented for this purpose alone. Absolutely superb food every time. The app would be better if it allowed me to make notes/recipes.

Linda Ferguson-Muldowney

Condescending and Bloated No notifications unless it's the active app on my screen. Timer settings rely on internal recipes, so I can set a timer for an egg, but not for a specific amount of time. I spent extra money for the Wi-Fi feature, clearly a waste of money with this useless app. Ditch the recipes...provide a link if needed. Allow me to set the timer by entering numbers. Allow me to set temp in tenths. Allow me to enter type of food, degree of doneness, and weight and suggest temp & time. Uninstalling & returning the device.

Kevin Rank

Add move to SD. If developers can't enable move to SD card, I can't enable more than 1 star.

Jason Uehling

Persistent notifications are irritating The notifications don't need to keep going off rapid fire until I clear it. One notification tone is sufficient! And if I clear it, then walk out of range, I don't need ANOTHER water temp notification as soon as I get back in range. So it's either super obnoxious notifications, or none at all. So disabled until you fix this.

Guy Webster

Crashes and is limited It's been out for months and months and still no complete time/temp tables. Nothing for pork. Good grief. ...worthless gimmick


Easy to use I wish it could turn off the end signal remotely

Scott Croonquist

Touchy It won't link to my moto x, i have to use another phone or a tablet.

Michael Lovdahl

Sou vide for the rest of us This cooking tool and app are the best.

Michael Gregory

Worked the first time I connected to WiFi, never again. Cleared data and cache, reinstalled app, unplugged Anova. No dice. Very frustrating.

David Rockwood

A solid app The product is fantastic, the app could use a little tlc and more recipe variety.

Alex Kubrinsky

Bluetooth device is not supported After update it want only WiFi version.

Paul Patti

Great help in Sous Vide Cooking. Good app, works very well. They need to add many more recipes, which they promised to do "soon." I haven't had any real BlueTooth connection issues. Love it, use it almost every day.

Devin Abolins

Great resource for sous vide! This app has a very extensive list of sous vide recipes and all you have to do is connect your Anova to it and press play, it sets the temperature and tells you when to put the food in and then starts a timer for your recipe. Great for beginners, and eliminates the need for a recipe book!

Brian Sinnott

Considering options The app synced with my device with only a small hiccup. Runs well, wish it had a greater diversity of options.

Jeffery Hunter

Last update broke the bluetooth No connection to the unit via bluetooth after the last update for WiFi. ... I have a Bluetooth unit not a WiFi unit so pretty useless...

Alan Humbertson

OK for being so basic Nice to be able to change temps remotely and view recipes from your phone. REALLY wish there was a way to save your own time and temps so I didn't have to jot them down elsewhere..

Neil Stryker

Can't really see how they could improve on it. More features than you will ever need from your sous vide machine, on your phone. That says it all, really.


First time worked After the first cook, I cannot get it to accept settings through the app anymore. I purchased the WiFi model simply so I didn't have to stand in the kitchen. Now I am in the other room, right next to it, or away. No setting or choose to cook this recipe works.

Josh Bailey

Great product, lackluster app.. I would rate the actual cooker higher but would rate the app alone lower, 3 stars is the best I could do combined. Through the app I have no issues connecting or setting temperature/time through the app (Bluetooth only model) however I can't rate the app highly because it has very few recipes and the recipes it does have don't look that appealing. I really Hope they're working on a big update for this issue (only acceptable reason it's taking so long for an update, IMO).

Matthew Lytwyn

App can't find Wifi model Purchased the Wifi model but the app can't find the device 4 out of 5 times. Strong Wifi signal. I try power cycling the device with no luck. Tried uninstalling the app and starting over, still failed. Unit is great for cooking but don't count on wifi connectivity working.

Mike Stein

Update 4/18/16 Still not updated or improved in layout very annoying to use. Now supports wifi. Missing huge amount of features. No step temps like cook and then drop to hold. Can't set temp lower than 41 in app although can on physical cooker. This matters for ice baths before staring a cook while not home. No option to circulate without heating. Should be able to just move water around at will. Setting temp is beyond annoying with swiping instead of just selecting a temperature using numbers. Only can set the temperature to a half degree instead of 1/10th.

Arthur Bleeker

It was easy to get connected to my smart phone. It also seems to be stable. However, it has a dismally tiny set of recipes. Which would be okay if it was easy to set the temperature and time. However, it is extremely cumbersome to scroll a hundred times to get to the temperature you want. Which is useless anyway, because you can't set the time yourself. I don't even use the app anymore. It's much easier to use the device temperature wheel and set a timer on the stove. The app also does not support multiple devices. I returned the second one after waiting weeks with no reply from Anova. I also waited months for the "New Recipes Coming Soon" to actually come to fruition. Which it did not. It seems the company no longer supports this product.

Mark Sherman

WIFI's busted. Anova help still claims there's a separate WIFI app, which is ridiculous. There isn't actually an auto-start feature, just a remote start, which depends on WIFI, which doesn't work. Pairing to a single phone when using WIFI is a stupid and artificial limitation. UX is buggy. Settings appear and disappear without reason as you browse through recipes. But the recipes themselves, and search, are good. If they get their act together this could be a wonderful 5-star experience. But right now it's buggy, and you don't get your extra-money-for-WIFI worth out of it.

Alex Ignatious

Streamlined. Professional. Fun. I started to build my own sous vide. That's how badly I wanted to break into this method of cooking. Unfortunately most DIY builds are complicated and have a high failure rate on components. I don't want a bad pump letting the whole thing melt down and start a fire. I don't want high voltage shocks from accidentally wetted circuits. So I ended up just buying a unit with a square trade kitchen appliance warranty and I absolutely don't regret it. Yay 16 hour chashu for my ramen!!!

D Hagwood

Well... It's pretty useless, the app that is. I paid extra for the Wi-Fi version but it's not even Wi-Fi. The app won't connect if you do not have bluetooth enabled. It's the only "Wi-Fi" control app that I have/know of that requires bluetooth at all times. I would call that a being hoodwinked! I'm seriously thinking of returning my unit to Amazon for a refund and buy the lesser model. Hey $20.00 is $20.00. It would also nice be able to set delayed/schedule start times. It's just lacking. It's weak. A dissapointment. At least I didn't have to pay for the app. On the bright side I did cook a WONDERFUL med-rare salmon steak with it. DELICIOUS!

Marcus Krugel

Love the Anova.....but The cooker works great, the only thing that was/is a little irritating is that it need to connect via Bluetooth first then switch to wifi. It a little confusing when first starting. But this extremely minor inconvenience is over shadowed by the delicious food. Hopefully it gets an update to solve this issue. Overall love the app. And the unit.

D wrizzol

Unreliable connection I connected my Samsung Note 4 with the app. It is constantly connecting and disconnecting. Cooker works well but controlling via phone is horrible. I also can't seem to set timer via phone... Very disappointing! I purchased the more expensive WiFi version hoping for more reliable connection I guess that was a mistake. I am really in love with the appliance but is it too much to ask for an android app that works?

Matt Bell

Great app, has some room for bug improvements. When water comes up to temperature, you have to sometimes stop it and restart the cook process in the recipe in order to get it cooking. Having a button that says begin cooking and then actually works would be helpful

David Sherfey

I've had mine awhile now... And it has been reliable, but a friend has had nothing but frustration with poor temperature management. Display reads one temperature but the heater is running many degrees different. Anova was responsive with a replacement but was otherwise not thorough, sending her a refurbished unit with the same problem. So, for me it's trust but verify using an instant read thermometer.

Colin Jorgensen

I got the wifi model so that I could start my cook and monitor from work using the much touted Ice Bath check that my friend uses. Issue is that he has an iphone. You CANNOT USE THIS FEATURE ON AN ANDROID. also, using the app, you CANNOT SET YOUR OWN TIMER. you can start a cook at a specific temperature, but not a timer. Seriously lopsided support on android vs iOS.

Kyle Nordquist

Timer and BT need work Bluetooth doesn't stay connected even in vicinity and wish there was a more dedicated timer portion of the app.

Matt Mc

Should have bought the manual only version and saved $$$ App is horrible. Since adding the wifi capability to the app, you can no longer use via Bluetooth, which means if I take the unit elsewhere, I'd have to setup the WiFi all over again. Constantly have disconnect issues. WiFi claims my unit is unplugged. They replaced my unit, but I continue to have issues via multiple Android devices, via cell or WiFi on the device. It's probably not the unit, it's their app or server. This app is useless, and also the recipes and temp guides are lacking for common foods.


Very bad,can't connect with wifi Called customer service and no help, please test your application before you release it

David Lambert

Great construction, waiting for the app. Love the tool, but the Bluetooth only is definitely very limiting. Now I have the full WiFi version I give it a perfect five.

Jimorrio Tucker

Awesome Out of the box and straight into the kitchen this thing awesome! And with the Bluetooth app makes it even better!

Kevin Ristau

When leaving Bluetooth range/losing connection the Anova shouldn't stop it's cook timer. Makes the timer untrustworthy.

Matt Bell

Update: knocked off one star as the app now refuses to work unless you give it access to your location. Sorry, that is a shady way to get customer data. No way does a Bluetooth sous vide cooker need my location data. Great app, has some room for bug improvements. When water comes up to temperature, you have to sometimes stop it and restart the cook process in the recipe in order to get it cooking. Having a button that says begin cooking and then actually works would be helpful

Geoff Dunn

Amazing cooker, just good app The immersion cooker is amazing and the app controls it well, but it really needs a way for you to create and save your own recipes.

Eke I

Disingenuous BEWARE. The app refuses to connect to the unit if you don't give it access to your location services. I could just use it manually but then what would be the point after paying the premium for the WiFi version. It's getting returned asap. This is as underhanded as it gets just to get customer data. The claim in another review that location service is needed for the Bluetooth connection is simply not true. Connecting via WiFi is also not possible without giving Anova location services access.

Michael Tschernuth

For all the ppl complaining about required location access, please know that google requires that access to use bluetooth. As a fellow dev, I feel the pain every time you get a 1* review for that. Probably they are using your location otherwise, but they definitely need it to connect via bluetooth, so don't blame them for that.

Daniel Furrer

Not sure why the device was set to Farenheit when I order it with a European plug but ok. Connecting to the Anova was super easy (wifi setup didn't work on the first try but after I pressed retry succeeded) and changing that afterwards also. Started my first recipe and heating the thing up. For some reason I got 5 alerts that heating up was completed but when trying to start the timer nothing happens.

kris david valencia

But what if you have multiple set ups? The app should be able to pair with more than one circulator. I purchased 2 for the vilume for cooking im doing and come to find out i can only control one at a time. Please fix!

Bob Williams

Didn't realize there is Wi-Fi feature The only way mine will work is manual setting or Bluetooth within close range to unit.

Zain Hagawi

Great but It is great tool, but, we need more recipes. The range of Bluetooth isn't all that.

Nelson Tamayo

Lies about needing location access to connect There is no reason for requiring location permissions for connecting to something via Bluetooth, but the app refuses to work if you don't grant it. It tells you it's needed in order to connect. Very shady.

Jeremy Diaz

Requires location access Why could it possibly need my location to set a temperature? Other than marketing etc. Obviously unnecessary.

Kevin Luther

The Anova is amazing. The app.. SUCKS.. No matter what you do when you set a time and temp the time never works. I have to used a normal timer.. WTF Is the point of the app? Set Temp - Set Time - Start Cook.. It controls it just fine.. Timer never counts down..

Cyrus Hsu

Bluetooth does not connect well The Bluetooth connection does not connect properly. The first time i tried it connect immediately, the second time it does not connect even though the phone can detect the bluetooth.

Thane Price

Could use some help Not bad, but it is easier to control the cooker with the dial on the unit than with the app, still can't connect via Wi-Fi.

Jerome Brassard

Update the time table please! In general, does what it needs to. Would be nice they update "Time & Temp guide" with more things such as root veggies, lamb, etc. And time for some new recipes.

Michael Brown

If you are expecting to run this app on a Droid......good luck with that!. There are no "recipes", as promised.....The time & date cannot be set....."Data Plot is nonexistent.....And wait until you see what you get when you try to "NAME" your device or go to the "HACKER" section. Then about the time you give up & are ready to settle.......IT TURNS ITSELF OFF.............REGULARLY!! When it is actually running you can adjust the temp & turn it on/off.......THAT'S IT. The app is WEAK & nearly useless. Just figure on operating your unit manually.

David Streifler

Great Hardware, software getting there The hardware works well, software is lacking full manual control and a little bit fiddly to get working. Would love to have lamb and venison options in the menu also. And/or a basic calculator to work out times based of weight/thickness of the cut of meat.

Patrick Anderson

Hardly any recipes for the limited number of categories, and even fewer Time & Temp Guides. I selected to cook a recipe and clicked the bar at the bottom of the recipe. When ready, it showed the time remaining. When I went back to the app a bit later, there was nothing. I manually set the timer and it seems to set in the unit, but when walking out of range, it does not show on the phone. Even when checking out the app at various times during the cook, it kept popping up a notice that the water was ready and I was already cooking. The device itself is great so far, the mobile app, not so much. UPDATE: Still no recipe updates or temperature recommendations. There are better apps for this if you don't need remote access

Harris Kwong

Consistent connection errors As much as i like my souv vide cooker, the app is terrible! Constantly never connects! Please fix this

Stephen Walls

Timer function weak It's cool that there are recipes that you can program to the cooker with one touch. However, it's not obvious that the timer is running, and you can't start the timer independently of the temperature. Say, if you want to drop food in a couple degrees early (for convenience or whatever), you can't start the timer without waiting for the water to come to temp.

Keena Hudson

Best way to control the appliance I find not easier to control the appliance with this app than on the appliance itself. Two stars off for two big problems. A glaring omission is the ability to add your own recipes. Also why do they need my location? Makes me a little suspicious of the Anova company. Fix these and I will add the stars back.

Torrey West

Excellent Tool Works exactly as described and programming through the phone app makes it a snap to use. Warms up quick, and the key really is to get all air out of cooking bag. Would be nice to have more recipes built into the app, but there are lots online.

Andrew Scott

Amazing I've worked in commercial kitchens for years so sous vide is nothing new to me... But this device makes it simple and easy to do at home at a fraction of the cost of many other sous vide cookers.

James Hooker

Location needed? Why on earth does this app need my location to function? Total idiocy. Rejected. I'll just do it manually.

Shane Lesteberg

Great for my first sous vide cooker!

Joel Agalsoff

Why do you need location services? I denied location services permission and now it won't let me connect to my Anova. You don't need location services to connect over Bluetooth. This app is now useless except for the recipes.

Tristan Anderson

Control and options. Advice and recipes. If they get better it could only be by doing wondrous things. Thank you Anova.

Jasmin Folk

Nice...could use more features. Pretty good app, but I wish there was more to it. Like a step-by-step set up for the times that you aren't using a recipie. "What are you cooking? Pork. What type of pork? Chop. Is it boneless? No. Is it frozen? Yes. How well do you want it? Well." It would set the temp and time based on your answers. That would be WAY more useful for everyday use.

Alex Shatrov

Strange but ok :) you need to enable location in order to connect :)

Jeremy Robert Chang

Won't connect to the anova. It says anova not found.

Rob Brown

Disconnect resets tiner When the app disconnects from the heater and then reconnects it resets the time to whatever the app was at when it was last connected

Ben Apolinario

Will keep on updating this review while cooking. Finally wifi worked and connected. Cooking right now, we'll see if this gonna be good. Will try to cook some of the recipe here soon.

Willis leung

Great app Would like it to be easier to travel with currently the wifi model doesn't appear to be able to fall back to Bluetooth when you take the unit to a friend's house to your have to use Manuel controls

Reece Cakes

The UI is adequate but nothing special. WiFi connectivity is hit and miss and to make this worse there's scant technical information such as the usable WiFi band or quirks of the WiFi chipset used in the PC which might require particular configuration of the user's AP in order to connect reliably.

John Oglesby

Works great for me. Recipes are kind of lame, though.

David R

Pretty cool Works great. Plenty of recipes for now

Teng Wei Wei

Keeps disconnecting from my equipment

Joey China

Great device. App is good but can be much better Amazing device. The app is good but can be much better if they can add more recipes and stuff.

Elena Chan

Wifi password error After update unable to key in the password for wifi. It says the password should not have spaces. Never had a issue with wifi pairing previously. Pls fix this bug!

Reuben Silby

Fantastic Early days yet but I've been impressed, I have the WiFi version which is fun! Does what it says on the label, can't ask for more than that! App could do with more recipes but I'm sure others will add. Great job guys

Wilson Fan

18 character wifi password limit!! New version has a limit on wifi password length. Worked fine with the same password in previous versions. ?

Csongor Farkas

After the update: What about the loo long wifi password? I tried to pair the cooker to my new phone. It says that the wifi password is too long. Obviously, I won't change the wifi password for a boiler. Please fix this.

Jorden Henry

Does exactly what it said East to use, good recipes and simple install. Can't ask for more

Lorraine Wilson

Nova precision cooker Cooked my sirloin steak beautifully. No shrinking, juicy and very easy.

mike smith

Anova sous vide app Great! Works as it should

George Kruzyk

Connects reliably for me. Does the job.

Jens Christian Gammelby Jensen

A work in progress The app works as it should, but it looks unfinished. An example is that the food lab list ends with the words more categories coming soon! a status I'm sure have been there since the first edition was launched more than a year ago. It would be nice to see more guides like the ones found in the excellent ChefSteps app.

Will Brantingham

Since the last app update the connection always drops. The machine stays on but the timer doesn't work. Pretty disappointing. **after install of most recent update: still doesn't work. Can set it up and connect for 1 successful cook, then doesn't work again, even after a fresh install. Really very poor indeed.

Chad Cooper

Works again after delete and reinstall After placing a single star review, the manufacturer reached out to me and had me delete my app, reinstall, and then set everything up from scratch again. While this fixed the issue, I will hate to need to do this everytime there is a new update. Tech support was very helpful but I feel as though they should not have been needed.

Carol McGowan

Perfect Temp Meats ♡ Perfection, every time! Slow cooks inexpensive tough cuts to a tender, perfect rare! Expensive cuts will never be over cooked/ruined. Love the ease of the Bluetooth, and the recipes!

Useful app App is easy to use and has tons of very useful recipes to open the world of sous vide cooking. I find connecting to the anova via Bluetooth or wifi to be hit or miss though, so it limits the usefulness of the app.

Super Dexing

Great but a couple of suggestions Great app. But i do have a couple of extra suggestions that i think would make it truly awesome. Firstly, I'd like to see a recepie submission section that would allow members to share recepies they love. Secondly.. the ability to rate and comment on recipies would be great. Lastly, it would be awesome to see nutritional information listed on rescipies. there are several opensource nutritional databases where this data could be pulled from based on the ingredients list.

Zach Karpinellison

Used to work, but now... Hey, used to work great with my phone. (Samsung Galaxy S6) but now the bluetooth refuses to connect. Such a shame.

Dave J

Disappointing 2 issues - 1. My home network requires no password, yet the app will not let me log on without one. 2. Can't connect with only Bluetooth or WiFi, both must be enabled. Lousy. Nice cooker, lousy app.

Ryan Schmid

Love it! Best thing I have bought all year. But I can't find how to access my favorite (starred)

Steven Johnson

Thanks for fixing First Android version was useless, thanks for fixing. Great product!

Tom Grant

Was working Latest update on Android nougat can no longer connect via wifi. Tried resetting ANOVA and removing then installing app again and it hangs at the wifi set up that says should be done in 5 minutes. Soon as I got latest update I kept getting the app soon as I would start a cook it would stop and tell me to begin the finishing steps. Latest update: can now connect wifi but starting a cook in the app immediately stops and tell me it's done and to start finishing steps regardless of time selected for cook.

Martijn de jong

Why buy the Anova instead of something else? Because of their amazing customer support and established knowledge base! A breath of fresh internet-air when you still get an email back actually written by a person that is willing to help out.

Antonio Konitsiotis

Great App works like a charm Also has some amazing recipes. However, it's the functionality with my Precision cooker that's most important, and that works awesomely... Even from a different country I could check on my pulled pork progress ?.

Ken Zormier

It's awesome! !! Cooks great, but the clamp sucks. It broke before the third use.

Larry Walker

Almost a 5 star Works great, but loses WiFi once in a while. Once the cooking timer is done, you can't get the Anova to stop beeping unless you unplug it.

Unable to connect my cooker once updated to the new version

Damian Scott

Love it! All working very well for me. Loving my new precision cooker and it's app. Is there any chance of custom notification sounds please?

Ryan Jackson

You can't connect, if the wifi doesn't connect. But, it's Bluetooth? Eh... A) Google truncated the previous review. Thanks google. B) I can't connect to the device if the wifi doesn't connect. The wifi doesn't connect... Awesome!!

Matthew Yee

Wi-Fi doesn't work reliably, how do I get my favorites?

Tony Chung

The product is great but after the newest update I haven't been able to connect to my device from the app

Samy Wee

Cannot turn off after timer go off. Need feature to reduce temp after timer (keep warm) or ability to turn off. Cannot turn off after timer go off is a big miss.

Dennis Spence

Big help in cooking! Hoping for more recipes and stronger connection, but still a worthy product!

Julian Krady

Revolutionary The recipe list alone makes the sous vide more than totally worth it.

SJ Stanaitis

Connection can be flaky... But it works when it needs to!

Matt Klarich

Awesome app & cooker We are loving our anova! Amazing steaks.

Nick Rooney

Pretty good The app is pretty good and is handy when looking for times and temps.

David Bizzari

Great appliance Cooks some of my favorite foods perfectly

Michael Wilson

This is my best friend in the kitchen Does what it says and more

Brandon Bentley

Cook prime beef PERFECTLY! ... every single time. I used to be afraid to buy prime grade beef. But not anymore, because with sous vide, it's perfect every time. Make perfect asparagus and eggs as well. Pasteurize chicken at medium doneness for safe, juicy chicken like you've never had. I prep foods, vacuum seal pre-seasoned, then freeze for easy meals ready to cook.

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