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22 Oct
Anonymous NEWS

Posted by Hersix in News & Magazines | Oct. 22, 2015 | 87 Comments

Apk file size: 2.7 MB

This application have the BEST NEWS about ANONYMOUS and other topics:

■News updated Often.
■Ecology & Environment.

Attention: This app was NOT made by anyone of AnonHQ and/or Anonymous hacker group.

Whats new

    *Bug fixes

Hersix part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Oct. 22, 2015. Google play rating is 91.6309. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 2.7 MB.

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Good enough for beginner This app has filled alot of gaps in my self-taught knowledge of the hackers world. All i need is contact from the group to see if my skills can be of use Anonymously

YGRu WesTBracKin

We are anonymous! We are anonymous, we are legion we do not forgive, we do not forgot, United as one, divided by zero, to the world as always expect us.

Jacey Neubauer

Its always up to date it has the old info if have missed it and takes very little my battery :)

Kanitha Mabry

These are the good guys!! Kickass group!! These guys are the voice of true Americans. They speak truth in spite of the suits and badges that weaken this nation with their lies and relentless hypocrisy. We are a weak people. But Anonymous makes us a little stronger with their movement, and for that, I say GO TEAM!! Keep on keeping it real.

White Sound

Murder The Government "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." --Thomas Jefferson.-- Do you fear the government, or does it fear you?

David Stephens

Good news to see everyday Your local news station won't give you need to know information like this will.

halo fan 1337 _

Good anonymous news source It's mostly good. I just wish there was less adds.

Mike Barnett

Just what I was looking for Basically this app is just a full index and interface to the original site. App gives easier access to navigation instead of using a web browser ... keep up the great work. Fear nothing! Expect us!

Jon Tocchio

Real unfiltered news Finally, an app that let's the mask speak, an idea that cannot be killed, as it sits cradled behind guy fawkes. Thank you for real news, biased towards the people instead of money hungry corporations... Freedom of media, freedom for the people, liberty for all, and justice for the corruption hidden in our government, straying from the light. Viva la revolution!

gigi graziano

LISTEN When u start school in America what's the first game ur taught "FOLLOW THE LEADER" if your still playing the game as an adult then Anonymous is what ur taught to deny everything your scared to admit and everything that defies you pretty little white picket fence the truth is scary but there's power in numbers we can change the world they just don't want us to when they tap our phones tell me what happened to freedom of speech oh is called probable cause hummmmmmmmm.

Dennis Kennedy

I was labeled, an"international computer terrorist" What the label says is the truth, who recalls, "Tech T.V.,"they showed me, 'how to do certain things'.I did the same thing that I learned from listening and watching them. I did inside a federal facility, back in the 1960's, when they were stringing up internet and communication wires. So from that experience, came the "label"

Seth Makungu

WE ARE LEGION WE DO NOT FORGIVE WE DO NOT FORGET Really like it great 4 starters an stuff. Ive been an anon 15 years now but ther is kina lag

Janet Henning-Rivera

Keeps me in the know The only thing I have trouble with from time to time is the app throwing me back to the front page when you open it. But the topics are great-I can always research outside the app if i have too. Recommend to any one that wants to know what's really going on.

Karl Thorpe Morgan

Doesn't fit my screen... All pictures are stretched and any video is half screen in portrait mode. Plus there's no settings..

joey ali

Real Service What Anonymous does for people is a service to humanity.#keepgrowing



Chad Williams

Great App Love how I can see what's really going on by just the press of a button. The corrupt fear us. The honest support us and the heroic join us.

Anthony Lewis

Respect Very helpful info the best i have ever, nothing you can find on fox news i love it.

andrew belogurov

Great I love it I wish there weren't as many advertisements but otherwise it's awesome

Steve Russell

Rubbish All this app is, is three buttons which are links to you tube, Facebook and twitter! ..really?????!!!!!!????? I'm sure you guys worked hard on this.

Kelli Vogleman

Love it! The only real news you can believe!

Dalton Hill

The Truth! The Anonymous are THE true Americans, even if they are not from this country. Keep it up, Anons! You're the best!

Robert Tiefanbrun

Am Greatful For The Hounesty Good app a little Slow but Nothings perfect !

Scott Johnson

Ads In your face intrusive ads. I'll use my browser.

No Name

I'm lovin it Love reading the articles. Especially reading over 9000 comments, that's pretty fun too.

Ryan Collett

ANON We are Anonymous. We are a Legion. We DO NOT Forgive. We DO NOT Forget. Expect US! WE THE PEOPLE stand as one to fight for our freedom that was stolen from us since before we were born. WE stand United! Not as a country, but as a single race standing for one common goal. Peace. Happiness. Freedom. And to know that we can walk freely down the streets without fear or complications. We will be at your doorstep congress. Sooner than you think.

Anonymous Robin

Great It helps me know the shout outs of anonymous

sheri treat

Oh yes we need to be informed Finally a real media established for normal people

Bella Lenglui

I love anonymous!! One world must download it!!5⭐

adolfo rodriguez

Anonymous We are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect Us.

Matthew Rush

Great Honestly I have never known what the anonymous were up to, but this is a good app and always up to date.

Adrian Barge

We are Anonymous. We are legion. Love this app it keeps me updated and makes me feel not ignorant to what is really happening in the world. If there is anything I can do as one person to help change the world, all you need to do is ask and I will stand by Anonymous threw life and death.

Justyn Scissom

We are one We are anonymous we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us

Seyh Clawson

fight I as well as others will fight for our rights as human beings who will stand by my side

Jay Barbera

Nothing but respect to you all Anonymous

Andrew Jackson

I am anonymous We should not have to feel punishment from the government for speaking up

Buddha Marrujo

Anonymous Anonymous we are legion we do not forgive We do not forget expect

Steven Houle

Love it It's nice to be able to keep up with there news

Bala Govind

Need improvement The military section has been removed from the list and lots of ads pop up!!

Casper Riley

Malware Alert ⚠ Do not download this. It is full of malware and random Asian porn will advertise on your phone.

Aidan Duckworth

Ads It has ads and more ads and a wee funky thing always lurking at the bottom of the screen but other than that it's all good!

Dalton Hill

Glad to have this app Anonymous is now revealing the truth. Glad to have you all, Anons.

Mark Ocampo

New me. I will be the next unique anonymous someday.

James Woodson

Heroes The best Heroes and hackers we got to save the world

Bradley Skyrim

Loved it I personally think that this is a good time to get a chance to look at the end of the individual or entity to which it is a good time

Born Fabu

Get rid of ads Get rid of them

Le Marc

all for the ads

Jessie James

Jessie James Far to many advertisements and pop ups for a anonymous site. Those pop up advertisements make the application annoying and hard to use. Love the information though. But truly dislike all the ads.

Matt Korba

Back button and Less ads! The ads are getting a little ridiculous.. Trying to closing 3 ads per article that won't close but on the fourth sequence of tries they close. Still support the cause.

Corey Hazard

Good news from good people In the end, this is a good way to get some good (albeit somewhat biased) news by people who are trying to make the world a better place.

Desiree Delaune

We Are Anonymous I love this group. I love what they stand for. Most of all, I love that their are actually standing up and doing something about it! Not just sitting around complaining like everyone else yet doing nothing. They are what "we" all think and wish we could do something about! If only everyone could take action we would be in a much better state.

Rafael Garcia

Locked in loop of ads ridiculous almost as if the app has been hacked maliciously Waste of time

Simon Cotton

We Are Legion I think it's fantastic. The good work you do for our planet in a place in one place. Bit like a diary of good deeds ?

William Thomas

Use to love this app but now i cant exit the ads so im uninstalling

Bob Faulkner

And in Not The Only One! Was, Fairly -Comprehensive- & 2 - The Point! .

Rikki Hoffecker

I only give the App. Itself a 1. I love and respect Anonymous. The ones who control the computers control Everything. Rock it babies. The app. however, choppy, and resetty as it is, is better than censorship! !!

Desmond Roybal

ADS there are WAY too many ads... when i first opened the app it loaded 3 ads at once and crashed

Raul Lopez

BS Scam site redirected It redirected me to some scammy site upon opening the app. Do not trust and/or download.


Anonymous Doing good things for this world. Time for the peoples voice to be heard. I am one with Anonymous.

Lauren Colley

A back button would be nice. No other complaints though

Kevin Cole

Good information Please cut back on the adds

Edwin Davis

Today's Paul Reveres ! The Best app I have !

Travis big T

Anonymous = THIS IS OUR POWER POWER of a idea... ANONYMOUS is people. People that Believe in a better world for this life and the next generations, Believe in your self, freedom is our power ....believe ANONYMOUS they are our words that are not heard. ------- I BELIEVE ----- in you all.

Travis Sayre

Great app too many adds Ive had this app for awhile & I strongly support anonymous, but the amount of adds has increased & is rediculous. Every 30sec another one pops up. Guess I'll use the webpage. Uninstalling. Offer a paid version without adds please. Would have given 5 stars.

Jahlani rochester

Add a 'Go Back' button! Everything's perfect other than the fact that pressing the back button on ur phone restarts the app

David Gonzalez

Pop up ads are killing me!! I love what they stand for. Just give me the truth and let me come to my own conclusion. A back button would be nice too. Oh and the constant pop ups. Please please fix.

Lee Maris

Interesting information especially if your tech They always that have interesting information there is also a very interesting to see what they're doing throughout the world. Realizes the world by group and they tend always do their stuff for good. L.M.


My brothers will rise We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us.

America Yahya

I Completely Trust It There's nothing different about the app and the website which makes it liable and great!!

Jason W

Great & easy way to remain informed. Except all the darn advertisements.

Ernest Brown

The whole world has been scammed by the Governments and the rich. We are nothing but voluntary slaves. For digging up the truth! Remember to research all things.

Sheldon Sternberg

Thanks guy's for the work that you do the people. Wish I could join lol let's hope you could do the same for South Africa

Sajana Janamith Kalansooriya

Amazing! This app gives you real details of day-to-day incidents all over the world.

Alex Wood

Great information too many ads The app used to be great with only a few adverts every now and then, but now it becomes impossible to read anything.

Larry McKinley

Scary larry Just get this app to open on my galaxy 5

King Calvin Jones Jr

Anonymous This is a great app i am so delighted to be Anonymous

ben redmond

Much better than the usual news I hear about

Darla Nguyen

Anonymous News News from Anonymous! I love Anonymous and I do appreciate having them around to help us all out during these very trying times we are going thru here in America! I thank you from the bottom of my heart Anonymous!! Thank you for everything you've done to help us all out all over the world!!! I will always be ever so grateful to you and you have my full support %100!!! Thank you and have a wonderful day my friends!!

Elsie Flores

Anonymous news Needs a 'back' button. Doesnt take you back where you left off everything else is great

Hacker 666

About Apps Force closed using note 4 costumeROM

Clara Jansen van Rensburg

The only way to get the Whole and true truth.

Brian Matthews

Used to be good Impossible to read articles without video and Safeway popups. Every 5 second's or so there's a popup!!

Josh Appleseed

Not avaiable Two ads then web site not avaiable.

Jay Patel

Perfect app... But hire an app designer , Please , i think the app designer will make it free of cost , for your good work :-)

Rafael Garcia

Provides essential news that the Establishment Big Brother Mass Media will not. Back in the 60's and 70's, Free Press grassroots journalism flourished as a result of the anti Vietnam War movement, the counter culture and the radical Left political movement such as the Black Panthers and Brown Berets. So now Anonymous is the avant-garde purveyor of truth for the seeker. I would give five stars but I have to sign in on Facebook if I want to share and I'm not comfortable submitting username & password here

John Rathbone

Good to know about the work that anonymous do in the world thumbs up from me

BJ Coleman

Truth is power. I love the unbiased, truthful media that isn't controlled by the government.

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