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24 Sep

Posted by Anomaly Productions, Inc. in Comics | Sept. 24, 2013 | 42 Comments

Apk file size: 33.0 MB

NOTE: We are currently investigating issues concerning Android 4.3. If you have upgraded and are having issues please contact us or request a refund. A 4.3 compatible version coming soon.

App requires 550 MB of free space.

EARTH 2717: THE 3RD GOLDEN AGE. Building a better tomorrow today… The planet we call home slowly dies beneath us. Most humans now live in teeming surface “Terrarium Cities,” off world colonies or orbiting space stations. All of earth’s resources have been depleted. All corporations, nations and technologies have merged into THE CONGLOMERATE.

ANOMALY the Interactive Graphic Novel. Combines animation and interactivity to create a multimedia experience of unparalleled proportions.

- 300 Page Epic Sci-fi/Fantasy Story
- Over 1500 Panels of Art with Animation
- 3 and Half Hours of Professionally Voice Acted Audio
- Over 175 Informational Touch Points to learn the story behind the story
- 2 Different reading modes

Far beyond any book or eBook, the ANOMALY APP lets YOU choose how YOU want to enjoy this groundbreaking work that’s setting the publishing world on fire! At the heart of this adventure is a cast of 15 actors, drawn from FILM, TELEVISION and VIDEO GAMES, lending their amazing voice talents to bring over 90 speaking roles to life!

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*** FEATURING ACTORS YOU KNOW AND LOVE!!! ***Vincent Corazza, Olivia D’Abo, Dave Fennoy, Ryan Cooper, Nana Visitor, John Bentley, Hudson Leick, Richard Doyle, Lauren Storm, Joseph Culp, Anthony Cistaro, David Lodge, Molly Hagan, Keith Szarabajka & Vic Polizos. Don’t just take our word for it. IMDB them!




A Graphic novel is nice. A Graphic novel that reads to you with movie-level voice acting is what previous generations could only dream of in their wildest fantasy! That dream is now REALITY! This is much more than “book-on-CD” type narration. This is “digital books” done in a way you’ve NEVER experienced before!

Explore each gorgeous panel at your leisure. Go ahead. We can wait…

Panels move in ways no static page ever could. Simply tap when you’re ready to move on.


Sit back and relax… Auto-play will “act out ANOMALY for you” without any additional input. Don’t want the letters in the way? Turn them off! This is as close as any graphic novel gets to a theater experience without being fully animated!

Whats new

    - Bug Fixes
    - 4.2 Compatibility Fixes

Anomaly Productions, Inc. part of our Comics and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Sept. 24, 2013. Google play rating is 90.9091. Current verison is 1.0.6. Actual size 33.0 MB.

Download anomaly.apk 33.0 MB


Mark Price

Note 10.1 Very good story, and really interactive. Thank you. I would very much like to see an Anomaly part 2.

Joost Shinre

Cliché and predictable. Minor spoilers. The drawings are decent quality and the audio is pretty good although there is some cringe worthy dialog here and there with pretty repetitive music that does not always does the scenes justice. Sadly the story is as overused, predictable, naive and Cliché as they come. It's like saying Iran, Russia, China and the US could be best friends tomorrow if only they had a cold one together because all it really is is that we don't know each other that well after thousands of years.

Norman Miller

BUY IT WHILE IT IS ON SALE! BUY IT NOW ON SALE! Like my Lite review The one caveat about this app is that it's optimized for a tablet. it is readable(barely) on smaller screens and it does take up alot of space so be prepared. The story is good with a few twists.

Krx Hrvoje

Entertaining untill 1/3 of content After finishing reading, I'm actually dissapointed. Story isn't finished. From promissing SF it turned into World of warcraft. It looks like story is taken from various SF and fantasy books. Nothing new or breathtaking. Directing and story telling is sometimes below average. Biggest plus goes to actual art. Also, this app drains battery too fast. My Sony Xperia Z tablet got pretty hot during reading, and battery went from 85% to 25% after approx 2 hrs of reading. It seems that thidps app uses a lot of cpu. Dont plan to read this on longer trip without external battery pack

Martin Wiggins

Fantastic app/graphic Novel Wonderful implementation of movement and sound make this a thoroughly enjoyable Experience which I highly recommend.

Kevin Chan

Well worth the price! When I first checked out the trial version, I thought this book was overpriced; but once I got to know it better it was a no-brainer to buy this full version. There are areas which I hope they would improve. Things such as have someone to read out all those extra information (grouping them together in a encyclopedic format under Extra for easy reference would be nice too); offer a button to stop reading out the dialogs and immediately display the whole picture (with all the dialogs, if any); multiple bookmarks, etc. I look forward to seeing more graphics novels from this publisher in the future.

DS Phelps

Nice Sci-Fi Story I take my hat off to the developer for this excellent piece of work. They've brought all the elements together here--story, art, voice and music--in a very creative and believable way. Particularly worthy of note is the voice acting, which is better than I've heard in many big-budget games. I also like the background material that you can call up in many of the scenes, and which go into great detail about the items in the world, from the spaceships to the individual characters, yet if you want to skip these, the story is still easy to follow--you could come back and peruse the details later. It's very interesting to see this kind of hybrid media, which I don't quite know how to label, being new to me. It reads like a graphic novel obviously, but flows and sounds like a movie. Of course, the story is all important and even though I'm impressed with the bells and whistles, if the story was lame I wouldn't give it a good review. I found it meaty and well-crafted, with enough typical sci-fi elements to make it comfortable without being cliché. If there is any downside, parts of it might be hard to read on a phone--a tablet seems better to take it all in.

Stephen Karnas

The "AVATAR" of Graphic Novels ANOMALY is to graphic novels, what James Cameron's AVATAR is to motion picture features. Visually, the book is gorgeous. The pictures look painted and really bring the story to life. The technology enhancements are a nice bonus as well - though not a true "motion-comic" the frames are panned or zoomed to give the illusion of movement; the voice-acting is adequate - not outstanding but adequate; the sound effects and music add to the experience, although the same three pieces of music get old after a while (I recognize Holst's "Mars" and, I think, "Jupiter".) Furthermore, certain panels have "augmented reality" touch points, which link to supplementary information about people, places, and things in the story's setting. I looked at a few of these as I began the story, but ended up turning them off for my first read-through. They aren't essential, and I can go into them later when I revisit the book. Like Avatar, however, the story is nothing impressive. Pretty standard dystopian SF setting, with a multi-planetary society run by an oppressive and corrupt corporate-militaristic regime called The Conglomerate. The protagonist is sent on a mission that he's not expected to return from, and once on the planet it becomes a pretty standard high fantasy story, with a Chosen One who must unite the world's various peoples against the Evil Overlord. So, an impressive use of technology in the evolution of the form, but not much in the way of actual content. Just like Avatar.

Adrian TAI

Why not the full story? I was expecting to get the full story... But it feels like the story was left hanging... Or there'll be another paid apps for the continuation? Art wise, it was below my expectation but the voice and audio effects do make up for it!

DeAndrew Dillard

Anomaly is epic Completely awesome comic. I cannot wait for the next installment.

Mark Joseph Del Rosario

The best comics I have for ages! Very intuitive as I see the dilemmas in the future world, I am glad I live in this time line ;)

Paul Dominguez

Great comic but buggy interface I enjoyed it so much on iPad that I got it for nexus 7v2. The story has some predictability but novel elements more than make up for it. It's really great interactive comic. So why do I give two stars? Week it crashes constantly. Takes several tries to start it. When trying open one of the dialog circles, it crashes maybe 25% to 50% of the time. Also now, I cannot get past chapter 3 without crashing. I have deleted a reinstalled it several times but no improvement. If this is fixed, I'll give it 5 stars.

Mark DesLauriers

Amazing! This app beautifully blends technology and print into an amazing landscape of mathematical goodness!

Aaron Mathias

My first purchase of a digital interactive graphic novel & it's AWESOME!!! I purchased this graphic novel at a discounted rate about 6 months ago! To be honest - I would gladly pay the entire price because this product deserves it. An epic sci-fi saga that has simply the best audio voice over that I have ever experienced, Anomaly is that rare breed of apps that would compel you to read it again simply because it can!!! Buy it already!!!

Matt Parker

Buy this now! Why does this have so few downloads? This is a fantastic package and a must buy, especially if you have a 10 inch device. One of the best looking and biggest graphic novels I've ever seen. Add to that great music, voice acting, and extra material. To buy this in a book shop is super expensive, but here you can have it with extras for a few quid. Great story too, I'm hooked and looking forward to future releases.

John James Brennan

Cannot download I'm giving this one star just now as I can't download it yet, hmm, finally fixed the download, so have upped the rating.

Ken Leong

Perfect for Tablets Reading this on a 10 inch tablet is just perfect. Not to mention considering the graphic novel costs $75, I honestly think 99 Cents for the app is a steal IMO. Will see if I can get the the graphic novel in my country later.

Jacob Barclay

Its amazing I set it to auto and just watch like it's a movie

Matt Steele

Gorgeous! A great experience. Well done, guys! I'd like to buy the hardbound book and try out the augmented reality stuff! Thank you for this!

Kyle Bell

Simply amazing Fantastic art, great story and voice acting, loved everything about it!

Robert Preston

Cool This graphic novel may help demonstrate why I like graphic novels to my lady friend. Huzzah!

Justin B.

Amazing I saw this at comic Con and knew it would be as extraordinary as it is. Just stunning

Daniel Dybinski

Great artwork!!good voice acting. Truly something special. Can't wait for the sequel!!!

nicholas hewitt

Easily my favorite! Best graphic novel ever!

Dylan Isom

Amazing Beautiful art and grade a voice acting the story was pretty good too. It kinda reminded me of "John carter of Mars" but better. I certainly hope this studio creates more because their work is worth every penny. Five bucks well spent.

tone mine

Superb Loved it. Looking for more. This is how I want to consume graphic novels.

Dharma Yoga

Excellent !!! This is just Excellent !!! I am waiting for the next episode.

JuDuStIc AlDrIn

Great Great love the interactivness of it highly recommended been waiting two years to read this never could get it to work on my old HTC vivid finally got it on my HTC one

Muzzy Ali

Spectacular Thoroughly enjoyable. Five hours of content. I just wish there was more like this. Bring on a sequel!

Jamie Harvey

Awesome! It was pretty cool with the voice acting, and the story was great! Couldn't put it down cant wait for the next one.

Christopher Purcell

Superb. Brilliant art, story, extras and touch controls.

Auto Reflex

Yay Awesome

Eric Chan


Heath Rickmond

Excellent to read more than once. I love world-building. The story is creative, yet familiar. It's just plain fun and the universe has a lot of creative potential. The author created a labor of love that was evident. I own the app and hardcover. It's definitely worth the price. Check it out!


Totally immersing! ! What an awesome way to enjoy a visual novel!! The interactive hot spots really added to the experience, along with the voice acting! It's been at least a week since I finished it, but I still can't get it out of my mind! Please, please, please make more of these . . . Not juat companions to other visual novels, but fully immersive total visual novel apps like this one!!

Niclas Andersson

Great stuff! I own the book and thought it was time to get the app as well. Worth every penny, amazing story!

Ryan Rucker

A beautifully executed design. And a wonderfully done story.

Roy Ferguson

This is the First Graphic Novel I have ever read, including paper graphic novels. I love sci-fi and normally will just read novels to get my fill. I love to be immersed and have as much information about the story and it's universe as possible, so I was a little skeptical whether this would be enough for me and if it would be long enough. I was not disappointed! The plot was beefy and held my interest. Anomaly not only held up to the amount of reading of a novel, but also gave enough backstory and info about the world and plot as a novel would... But the icing on the cake was the fact you could choose whether or not to fill yourself in with backstory or continue on the main story path. This is something you can't really do with a novel for obvious reasons. With this Graphic novel it's as close to the Offspring of a full feature movie and a Novel as you can get. The visuals are outstanding, well illustrated and if that wasn't enough, you get a full score of background music that changes to suit each scene, sound effects and Voice acting! Looking forward to the sequel! For less than the cost of a pint, enjoy Anyone who gives this less than 5 stars is a spoiled child.

Kevin Lausen

I was instantly blown away! I was only sadened, that I didn't have enough energy left late last-night to read the full first chapter. The waypoints are fascinating/rick and the voice acting is top notch!

Alexander Budai

Nice Good concept, nice long story as long as you read all readable content. The first chapter took 3 hours but by reading almost everything. Very fun when you are in an airplane travelling long distances. Can be very catchy and the film feeling becomes more intensive while reading through chapters. Good job!

Alex Budai

Stopped working! Chapter 3 it stopped working. Nothing that I can do. I tried to restart it several times with no success... Please fix and you will get back the five stars

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