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16 Sep
Anki Drive

Posted by Anki Inc. in Entertainment | Sept. 16, 2015 | 83 Comments

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Anki DRIVE Starter Kit (contains 2 cars, Race Track, Fast Charger & Tire Cleaner)
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Part toy, part video game, all-out high-speed family fun! Anki DRIVE is a battle-racing game the whole family can enjoy on any floor in in your home. Roll out the track mat, download the app, and battle with real robot cars.

Compete with up to four Anki DRIVE cars per game, in two exciting game modes: Battle Mode and Race Mode. In Battle Mode the first car to score a set number of takeouts, wins. In Race Mode it’s an all-out fight to the finish line. Each human-controlled car requires a dedicated Android device, and cars not connected to a device can be set to steer and fight for themselves. So, challenge your friends to a head-to-head battle, or see if you have what it takes to beat a self-controlled robot car!

• Connection to the same Wifi network required for multiplayer
• To report an issue found on a supported device, please email [email protected]
• Anki DRIVE does not support the experimental Android Runtime (ART) under Kitkat (4.4.x). For more information:
Newly Added Devices: We are working hard to add more compatible devices and Anki DRIVE will be available for download on new devices as soon as they become available. For more information on newly added devices, visit

Whats new

    Software updates to allow for the use of Anki DRIVE cars in both Anki DRIVE and Anki OVERDRIVE

Anki Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 16, 2015. Google play rating is 82.4458. Current verison is 2.4.5. Actual size 127.0 MB.

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Mike Bushman

Galaxy S4 active not compatible! So I bought this for my son for Xmas and tried to download on the s4 and it's not compatible, are you kidding me? So I downloaded on MY phone and iPad, but go figure iOS and android aren't compatible either.... smh

Matthew LaBruyere

App fails at open on Droid Turbo Every time the app is opened on the Droid it "stops unexpectedly". My son installed the App on his iPad Air and it works perfectly. Fantastic combination and interface between a game and a physical system.

Barbara Hogan

Connection failed Just got the Samsung tablet for my son to use instead of his dad's phone. Able to download the app but when we try to race the cars we get connection failed. Disappointed since we can't race each other.

Gale 27

Great but My sister wasn't able to install this app on her Samsung galaxy express. She also wasn't able to install it on my mom's iPod touch. So,we had to use my moms galaxy s 4 in order for my sister to play with me. Other than that, this app is GREAT!

Antonio Soriano

Best innovative toy out there!!! I recently purchased this from my local Toys R Us, and I have to say, this is the best $200 I've spent in a long time. I bought the starter set and Corvax and I've been playing about 4 hours a day since then. I have the Galaxy Note Edge and I've had zero problems with it. It's fun, addictive, fast paced, crazy and challenging. I just wish you had store reps or people that went to different stores to demo this product. I'm sure if you had, you'd sell a ton more sets and cars in stores.

Blaise Evans

Glitchy on S4 mini Shoot and magnet buttons get stuck on, then whole app freezes. Wish it worked. It's awesome when it does

thomas oshmago

House divided. Game is awesome. Kids and i are having a blast building cars up. However my kids have iphones and i have android so we can't battle each other. I'd give 5 stars when platforms can work with each other.

Steven Corbo

Disappointed. great concept, cheap execution, lack of compatability I purchased this as a present for my son. I have a Galaxy Note 3. But I also have a note 2. I expected to download this application on the note 2 as a second control. It didn't work out. What a crummy game, costs over $100 and it doesn't come with its own controllers. The track is made of printed paper. Tears easily.Production cost can't be more than $8 to produce. We couldn't play it becase we only had one compatible phone. It brought immense disappointment to a young boy. Respectfully Steven Corbo

angel Lopez

I love it I enjoyed playing with my nephews! ! But for real the cars cost 50 bucks?? A bit pricy but I think it's worth it for four players

erik skala

Galaxy Note 2 finally After checking for compatible devices and found that my son's note 2 was on the list I ordered this for xmas. However... after opening and set up the note 2 could not download the app as it was NOT compatible so had to use a couple note 3's and a note 4 to play. As far as game play, this thing is awesome and after an email to anki and a response in just hours the note 2 was up and running. Great job anki and thanks for great support!

George Brumm

Limited compatibility... Update: I'm bumping my rating up to two stars because I failed to review the official list of compatible devices. Before purchasing on Amazon, I checked the device compatibility list on the ad which said it was compatible with "lots of Android devices". I made the wrong assumption that my devices that are a few months old or less would be compatible. Ironically, my oldest device (18 months) is the only compatible one. My newer devices, which are not listed as compatible on the official Anki site, do support the necessary BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) so I'm hopeful they will become compatible with further development since investing in more Android devices just to use the Anki Drive is not a very appealing option. In short, your device may have the necessary specs but it isn't compatible until Anki says it is.

Mike Barns

It works now! I had some trouble with my galaxy s5. It said my device was not compatible with this app, even though they say my phone is compatible. I asked them why it was doing that, and they helped me get it working. Thank you Anki Drive for all your help! Please make Anki Drive cross compatible with IOS and Android please. Then will give 5 stars!

Caradith Sprouse

Awesome but not comparable My boys can't race together. Wish I would have known first. It is a ton of fun. But the i pod and the Samsung Galaxy s4 can't play together. And I can't load it in my nook. I hope these issues get fixed soon, because it is fun.

Shannon Gerton

Compatibility Issues - Disappointing Christmas for the kids - Compatibility Issues - First thing on Anki site SHOULD be a compatibility list instead of burying it in the site map at the bottom of the screen. Didn't even imagine the compatibility list would be so damned short when we bought this and didn't know until it was bought, gifted, set up and ready to get started with the kids. I see that Anki is working to rectify this but I can't rate higher than 1-star until they get it right. Very disappointing Christmas for the kids. [EDIT] I am adding a star for the simple fact that Anki personally responded to apologize for the inconvenience. I can not and do not completely blame Anki... Though it wasn't in flashing red text or the like, they DO have a compatibility list. Still a disappointment to the kids, but we'll patiently wait for updates that add devices.

Robert Peters

Read up before buying I'll say that this is great toy for kids of all ages but the caveat is that you MUST have the proper equipment. This is especially true for Android devices because there is so little support due to the vast number of devices. My youngest kid enjoys playing solo on the iPad and my oldest and I play on Nexus 5. Upgrading to all of us playing is an expensive idea as it would involve buying a VERY expensive new device.

Ethan Bryan

Omg this game is great, but there are some problems If you get this, you won't be able to connect and play with the people that have an IOS device, but it is still an amazing Game and they are working on it to let android play with IOS.

Kellyann Elam

Quick with fixing and lots of fun! I sent an email saying it wasn't compatible with my brother's tablet (it was his Christmas gift). They quickly responded. However, the email response said it would never be compatible with his type of tablet. BUT I just found out it updated for his tablet so now he can use it! I'm very excited and I loved the quick response, the item is tons of fun and I'm glad I can share it with my brother now. Thank you for the quick fixings!

Tim Watkins

This looks awesome... Can I stress the LOOK part :(. Boys have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s. We have Samsung Note Pro Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I have a work phone that is an iPhone 4. I have a personal phone of a Samsung Galaxy S4. My wife has a Samsung Note 3. All of that and we are still not able to have more than 2 races, which we still didnt do since we didnt get our phones charged last night. I have to say that that is a little bit frustrating. I should have looked at the compatibility of the devices. Not sure if I would of seen the cross platform issue though. So... I guess we will keep looking at AWESOME! Tried downloading again on the Tablets... Still says we cannot download. Any way to get a beta version another way? UPDATE However, we "borrowed" Grandma and Grandpa's HTC 1's. That allowed us to have 4 devices to attack each other. Game has a few glitches that I am sure will be fixed soon (lap count, host phone sometimes freezing up). However, when it worked it was a lot of fun. Moving up to 4 stars now! Let me know when you want to test the Tablets again!

Donna Perkins

Limited devices=limited play I'm upset that this company would build a track ran by electronics and yet gives only a limited number of electronics to use with it. Please rethink this! If it can sync with a Samsung phone then it should sync with all samsung devices... and so on. Limited devices limit your clients. -when my boys do play it the cars just cut doughnuts instead of going around the track.

Peter Mancini

Check you have compatible hardware! I'm changing my review. The hardware compatibility and cross platform issues are HUGE and need addressing. However once working this is the best toy I've ever seen. Incredible fun. I'll update to 5 stars when android and iPhone can play together.

Nicholaus Webster

Anki Drive is Amazing New Age Slot Car!!!! Great AI and the stability has been very impressive. The upgrade system is good and keeps you looking to advance. My children and I enjoy race and battle modes but unfortunately we have android and apple products so we can't all go head to head. Looking forward to software updates to make this possible, oh and more expansion tracks and cars. Would be neat for kids if Anki allowed online custom build cars, i.e. body style, colors, decal kits. . Remember we are in an age of customization!!!

William R

No LG GPad???? So I really love the app since the Galaxy S3 is finally fixed, and I got the app on my mom's LG G3, but for some reason the app is not compatible for an LG GPad. Can you tell me what's up with that? BTW, I'm not an adult, I'm ten years old.

Bobbi Burquel

Great, but not as stable as on iOS They need to give the Android version as much love than the iOS one. Features like online profile and teams seems to be missing from the Android version. Also, I can't wait for the day cross device compatibility arrives! (IOS and Android devices playing in the same match!)

Richard Levy

Awesome Originally saw this in Harrods a few months ago would have bought there and then but at the time there was no android support. The family Finally got a set for Christmas. Brilliant fun. Easy to set up. Works fine on my galaxy s4. Extra cars already ordered! Only hiccup is can't mix android and iPhone. Used to love scalextric. This takes it to the 21st century.

Joshua Caldwell

Next Gen slot car racing?!?! So. Freaking. Rad. No bad things to say about it. The play is not too intensive, yet not so boring it gets too repeatative. Favorite Christmas present of the year.

Adnan Zaidi

Compatibility Got it for Christmas will not work with Samsung Tab 3 4.4.2 KitKat all my kids have Tab 3s. I guess will be boxing this back up and sending for refund

Matt Gilles

Awesome App and Game This thing is so much fun its ridiculous. Far from perfect, but still the coolest toy out there. Please add a Race only option!

Elisha Kirby

Christmas Day was AWESOME! ! Best gift I could have given my husband. ..well my family, ever member that came to our home enjoyed n said they will b getting one. We had no problem with our phones...I have s4 active n note husband has s5 active.

Philip Nicotra

Truly Awesome Game Great..just another remote control racetrack game was my first assumption. After a few laps, the kids will give up with it and get bored. I cannot express how wrong my initial assumption was. After suffering through the compatability issues between iPhone and Android we started then tutorial and were utterly amazed. The game is a blast and the technology, in my opinion, borders on witchcraft. Compatability between iPhone and Android is the only negative so far

jason romano

NEVER WORKED This app on the Samsung s4 was terrible, I would click on it then it would say "unfortunately anki drive has stopped"

Dana Foltz

Very Cool! Got this for my son for Christmas and I was petrified it wouldn't work on my galaxy s3. Well I am extremely happy to report it works great! Very easy to set up, simple to pair the cars, fast charge times. Thank for that! Just a fun game so far. Now to get more weapons and more cars. Can't wait for cross compatibility with other devices so I can play too!! Any eta on that? ?

Donya Peay Lewis

My LG G3 works...yah!! My husband's LG G3 doesn't work but mine does. Samsung Avant works too. He said neither device is on the approved list but we check'em all regularly since the engineers are working constantly behind the scenes to perfect their systems. Thanks!!!

Austin Smith

Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4 App works great with other players but will not connect to AI cars for solo game

Rachelle Myers

Doesn't work! My son has the s4 mini and my husband has a s4. When comparing software they are both running android 4.4.2. So why does one work and one not? On the plus side, the game is fun! The app just isn't available on many devices.

Rick Kapuscinski

iPhone and Android When will we be able to use both phones at same time? Kids have iPhone wife and I have S5. When will be able to battle

Colm Smyth

Devs: Please read Great app but can you please let all Android 4+ devices download the app. My kids have LG G Pad 10.1 and they can't play. Thanks I haved joined the group and added the LG G Pad 10.1

Patrick Myers

Won't work My son got this for Christmas and it won't work on his S4 mini. It works on my S5 and my husband's S4, just not the mini. We are pretty bummed because we bought an extra car so all 3 of us could race together and now we can't.

Jerry Chaparro

Just listen First the product is probably one of the greatest toys I've seen in along time old school race track meets play stations twisted metal in actual reality! Wow the thought process that went into this is amazing till you realize they forgot about the very people they were marketing the product to.....the kids....the is no reason a kid should have to wait to use mom or dad's cell phone to play with this amazing toy... it clearly states on the box 8and many 8 year Olds do you think on $800 cell phones

Aaron Salvio

No toy in Philippines I got a answer anki inc. I would rate this five star but I can't play with it if i don't have a car

Rudy Alvarado

Android and Apple not compatible together :-( I have a Nexus 5 with the latest Android version and I cannot play with my nephew who has an iPhone 6 and Apple tablet. Seems to only work with Apple products. Disappointing

Elisha H

Horrible doesn't connect with android products. Always says press bottom when I've already pressed it

David Mcculley

Fantastic Brilliant game. No where near the same frustrations as overdrive. Hopefully drive will still get supported with additional features. Altho i hav both drive and overdrive i will not be getting rid of the superb mat.

Erik Meline

Almost there! Only complaints is not being able to play against iOS with android and saving my progress/accomplishments to my account. I dislike having to restart if something happens to the phone or app.

John May

Doesnt work with Nexus 6P Start the app and the intro movie plays, the my phone goes to a black screen. If I force close the app and start it back up, it freezes at the anki drive splash screen. Tried the OVERDRIVE app and that one doesn't find the cars. It just says to put the cars on the charger.

Tester Lane

Great game... but I would rate it 5 stars if I could cross over with my friend's iPhone.

Raul da Silva

Doesn't work with Nexus 6P. App starts and hangs on the ankiDRIVE splash screen. Totally locks the phone. Understand that Android and Apple devices cannot play together. This is a severe limitation.

Bruce Ostrout Jr

Probably the best toy invention ever But the android app needs to at least be able to log into your profile so you can universally access your accomplishments whether you used an IOS or Android device. Right now if you upgrade your Android device you will lose all of your work which SUCK. Even better we should be able to join and or host iOS games. Get it done Anki! ☺

Isabel Valenzuela

Great Game Awesome game just wish I could race and compete against iPhones.

nabeel jawed

App not opening on my Samsung galaxy s5 When I open the app it gives me an error "unfortunately anki drive app is stopped " and then gives me a notification that the app is not working because you may have not purchased the App , please help

Aaron Kuchenski

Needs iOS simultaneous play Good app but super frustrating its not iOS compatible at the same time with android... Want to play with my bro who's got an iPad while I use my android C'mon guys... You have one job.

Sam Mora

Ok This app is ok but could look a bit more modern

Kyler Collins

Anki drive Is fun but could you buy me the cars to find me de4444

Sebastian Negron

This game is awesome It works, it's fun, it's competitive

Anthony Oliva

DONT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!!! I downloaded this app and it said this app has stopped and now I'm mad I got anki overdrive for Christmas and now I can't play with this at all don't download this app if I were u go return your anki overdrive back from where ever u got it from because this ruend my Christmas for me as a kid so don't open the box go return your anki overdrive back from where ever u got it from and get your money back!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

FutileMonkey JR

When is the overdrive app comeingout because it is shiping out tomorrow

Athan America-Pepe

This is awesome!!! I love it its amazing and sooooo fun!!!

Jared Fremlin

Awesome game App needs an update after having seen the overdrive app. Some new race modes would be great also.

V0LT Shadow28

I don't get it Why can't I play with my friend that has a iphone but I have Android

Mike B

Before I spend $130,for my 8 year olds "Santa" gift, please put on your Nickelodeon commercial that you exclude my Moto G. And my son's tablet making this a complete loss of a gift. Thanks Anki for a disappointing holiday

Ayeni Jenkins

Still as much fun a year later

Shalev Bashan

I do not regret buying this

Malachi Johnson

Best This is the best game ever

Nigel Adamson

Futurerisric Cool awesome cool awesome cool awesome

popcornsalmon official

Don't download if you have an apple and an android We pay money and it doesn't work with a apple and android. Please fix, it looks fun.

William Messerschmidt

I wish l could play a different app while playing anki drive and I would like it if it was in the new one.

Mark Ignatowski

Fun Best thing toy ever

Adam Belmontes

Nice But they should been more quick like if I shoot the other car they should get down right away u know

rodney morrow

Cool Fun but when will anki overdrive be available for android

Jacob Nedelsky

Awesome But it sucks because you have to buy it

Chad Campbell

Little bummed Why won't this app work for nexus 7?

A Google User

Won't run android and apple together

Callum James McMahon

AWSOME When me and my brother played it we loved it

Jessica Ramos

Ankidrive Its a awesome game

Mario Gudino

This game is dope

Aidan Lemley

Genius!... Where's Overdrive? After having played Drive for a while, I tried out Overdrive on an iOS device. It was genius, but there's a few garage problems for me- the upgrades don't stick with the cars. Also, I scoured the Play Store for Overdrive and found nothing. So much for having it on my personal device. Can you fix this?

Louis Kraft

Fun game Like it a lot it's just really nerve racking how android and IOS aren't compatible. Fix this then I will give it five stars.

Lucas Costanza

I like it I like this program its just I like overdrive better

Fazal Memon

The worst Not yet opening. what is this the game is not just opening.

Erin Moody

LAME! you can't play You can't play with a galaxy note 5 against an iphone 6. Thats seriously disappointing. You think only iphones want to play againts eachother?!

Adam H Hsieh

No longer works in my two Android phones Used to work, now just crashes every time I go to garage or try to race/battle. Samsung Note Edge and Samsung Galaxy S3

Anthony Oliva

DONT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!!! I downloaded this app and it said this app has stopped and now I'm mad I got anki overdrive for Christmas and now I can't play with this at all don't download this app if I were u go return your anki overdrive back from where ever u got it from because this ruend my Christmas for me as a kid so don't open the box go return your anki overdrive back from where ever u got it from and get your money back!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

Neva Manners-Limonta

The best game ever seen to me

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