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12 Jun

Posted by Gamenami in Entertainment | June 12, 2015 | 125 Comments

Apk file size: 14.0 MB

Create your own anime character!
Send fun anime memes to your friends starring you and them!
Express yourself in a way never seen before with AnimeMe.

- Huge variety of Manga / Chibi style avatar / face
- Numerous preset templates to easily generate your meme

Feedback and Bug Reports:
Please drop us an email at support (at) if you encounter any issues with the app~

Whats new

    Animeme 0.6.4
    Uploaded a fix for in app purchase. For players who successfully completed the purchase but didn't receive the coins, please click on the in app purchase that you bought previously, you will receive the coins without having to pay again.

Gamenami part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 12, 2015. Google play rating is 70.2998. Current verison is 0.6.4. Actual size 14.0 MB.

Download animeme.apk 14.0 MB


Christina Roode

Just Dress Up I was hoping maybe games for your little person would be available, but no. It's honestly boring and would be a lot more engaging if it were like Social Life and allowed you to at least interact with the character. Or am I missing something?

I am Jery

Hey GameNami Id like this game but please make social life to our phone......i didnt have PC to play social life :(

arsonist ourworld

Great work This game is addicted to me,:-) it would be more better when you get coins easily

Lizzy _

Doing this to get more coins. This app gets you so many coins for Social Me. Soon I will rule the world. MWHAHAA~

Zaharina Seraphine

It has great potential except . . . I do not like that it costs so much to make your character look the way you want it too and the options are far too limited. I will be uninstalling it since it does not meet my expectations

Cataline Jones

Can't even play it I have a strong internet signal, but this app will not let me play it or anything. It will only load a bit, but then it will pop up with something, saying that there was an error with the internet connection and to try again. Thirty tries later, it still doesn't work. I had high hopes for this game, but all in all, I was disappointed. Please fix this soon.

Lucy Batters

I was looking Foward to this game! Really, really looking foward to it. I don't bother with Facebook because I already have Snap and Insta, but when I press the 'X' button it won't load. Such a shame, fix and let me play it for myself (and the others with the same problem) please.

Charles Gibbs

Great fun game I love how you can create your own anime character. Also it looks all chibi. And I like how you buy things cause you wanna play more.

Aria Cantu

Loading *le rages* Do I really need a Facebook to do this? I really don't want to log in to Facebook because of possible spyware or other things like that. I request that you add an option that where you can use the off Facebook. I really don't want to lose any personal information to people who have either hacked, bugged, etc. This game. Please fix it to where you don't HAVE TO log into Facebook.

Iceamethyst Valentine

Screen Flashing Every time I go on the shop my screen flashes white and sometimes crashes my game; I literally just downloaded this game and this is the only thing that is making me unable to play.

Usman Khan

What the hell I have a perfect Internet signal but u know like in the start it loads it won't load property.

Ryan Hanson

It won't let me play This game says go on Facebook when I'm not aloud to ik I'm loyal to my family espeshily my mom I'm scared of her O.O I'm not aloud on Facebook and I really want to play it please please please please fix it up soon PLEASE I &#xe015 animie PLEASE thank u

Nyheem Housey

Okay,I'll just give this app 3STARS because the viewer's look OK.....But the only reason why I gave you 3 Stars because This app won't Load I don't Know why but pls fix this app you people can do better :) I just know

Pusheen Cat Lover

The game's update is stuck at 67% and i really wanna play the game!!! It looks really fun and I'd really like to play it!! If u can try to fix this, I'll rate it 5 stars

Cr0w Crow

Wont even load It loads up too the point of asking Mel to log into Facebook, then it stops loading. Do we Need Facebook for this? I don't have that bullshit. It's stupid, and if it's needed for this, why? That seems so dumb.

G Gresham

I WANT TO PLAY. everytime i try playing, it brings up the facebook sign in but i X it out,then it only loads up to about 7/8 and i would be waiting for minutes. ヽ(`⌒´)ノ

Brenna Bliss

Does not work Tried a couple of months ago and again today. Even though I am logged in to fb and given permission for the app to connect, it will not cease asking me to log in. It never loads the game.

Irish Abarquez

I totally like it I totally like it because of I like and love Anime! So much than myself! I often watch anime and draw anime chibis and also I sing anime songs even if I am not a Japanese

Miriam Hernandez

Ok It was working great the first few month but now it load complete at all and I can't open the app

Madiera Vath

I don't wanna sign in to Facebook It asks that I gotta sign into Facebook, but I don't want to because of the possible spam and/or annoying things you can get from things like that. I can't even play it without logging into Facebook! Please change it so that I can play without logging into Facebook! Then I'll rate higher!

Marewin Armenta

Hm.... :D Do we need facebook? I read the reviews, one of the reviews says "do we really need facebook?". Well, i bet this app is amazing!, Anyways looking at it's graphics,i saw a coin something something XD so do we need to earn coins before we get the clothes and stuff ? :)

Jinelle Gutierrez

Tells me I need to have Facebook acount please fix :(

Linda Nguyen

It's alright. The app still has bugs and need faster way to earn free coins!

Magneto The Wise

Mislead I thought I would be able to sync it with my social life account seeing as they both log in with my Facebook and have the changes my animeme character makes show up in social life and vice versa

Stefan Butnaru

Waited 2 hours! I waited two hours for it to load and guess what it never even worked so if you can fix it ill give you five star. I recommend no one installs this game . You would say what the hell oh by the way I'm a girl.

Ju yeon Choi

I like it *Q* It has a lot of things of social life XD but wr can buy it without diamond

Skylar Thate

Just so stupid It just won't work and ones it was half way full then it just stops,so it's stupid , stupid china peps!!!!KAZAM!!!!!!!!

Bara'a Lhm

It's cute but when I share the emoj it doesn't apper all the picture that I've chossen it

Besan Jorifu

No facebook spam plz I can't play it because it spams me to sign in with a facebook account, i dont have one nor do i want one. Please can you do something about this.

AbLAzE Fr05t

Facebook bug It won't let me share/post my emoji to Facebook, I still like it though. Plz fix

Fumiko Berushi

Hated It. The loading is very slow. And I already posted the meme to Facebook like already 3 times. But, my coins are still 1050.

Justin Jake Ashton

Nice App AnimeMe is pretty much like BitStrips. I like both. But please, can you add a change color function? The clothes only have 1 color pattern each.

Soul Evans

It's really fun and amazing! It's a really good app if you love Anime and Social Life. Except it's annoyingly slow to earn money.

Chelsey Hickmon

Amazing Game. I like the ability to easily buy outfits and hairstyles. I also love the different types of ears they have.

Austin Hewitt

It's alright, but there could be more. There isn't much to start out with for diversity of the people playing.

Jerome Lester V.

Great! Nice game and all! I like it. Helps me express my emotions a bit better. P.S: Sometimes, adding friends don't work. Still, a great app though.

Cloud Nya

It looked fun... , but it does not work for me. v~v

Agustin Ventrice

Like it Its really cool it has so much stuff that you could put or change on your character

Ruben Llamas

For the moo-lah I'm just doing the for the in-game currency...I have no shame lol

Wolf and anime Lover

Does not work It won't load it just says downloading updates

Devin Butler

Still can't play I still can't play the game. Help!!!!. Samsung S5

Daniel Deleon

Best app you anime lover :)

MrsBaby Sgsg

Tip for Creators Please add a Chatroom also more hair styles and clothes...but keep a price range such as 500-1000 coins ...This will get more people to play.

Lauren Howell

Wont load Do u have 2 b on FB?

Michael Dubose

Like the game but.... I like the game but can't you make it more social then just doing emoij

Vi Zetsubou

Realy good I make pers like in Social Life.

Sera Sokimoto

Facebook I was really looking forward to playing this app, but it only allows people with Facebook accounts. I don't have Facebook but I do have a Google+ account. Can you please add Google+ as a login also? Until this issue is fixed, you only get one, lonely star.

Tiffany Pink

Crashing It crashes when after the loading screen... and if it didn't crash after the loading screen.. it will crash at the clothes screen.. why? And last year I used this on other phones and it's good.. help? And I also did try installing and unstalling

Zoe Wang

Needs more options! It would be so perfect if they could let us also edit the second/ third characters. Other than that, I think this is such an awesome meme creator.

James Desrosiers

So fun! Me and my friends swap pics and get coins all the time plus im a total otaku

Castiel Romo

Awesome Coins are annoying to get without buying but beats most avatar creators

Pinkie mania

Facebook Why dose it only allow use to Facebook users? PLZ fix,this looks a fun game!

Jigoku Hinote

I like.... but Half the screen is cruppted. Every time I click on anything it turns all gray and cuts out.I will reinstall once fixed.

Mariko Iorga

Awesome !! This app is very good but i wish i could have more money to spend... the clothes are so expensive ;-;

Mo Courter

It won't let me on :(

Devin Butler

Add Google+ Please add google+ as for login

Jinx Hakashi

It says you have to have FB It says that I have to have Facebook to play the app. If people don't have Facebook and want to play it they can't. So please change that. I really really wanna play the app. So please fix!

Gabrielle Futrell

It not loading

Aislynn Parnell

Sucks I was really looking forward to playing this but I can not even play it. It told me to login to Facebook so I did and all it did was go to home screen and when I pushed it again it told me to login to Facebook again. Please,please fix it because I really want to play!

Fantasmo Sprinkles

.... Ugh!!! Please please please make this available for everyone! I am not part of Facebook, and I'm not bound to be. It sounds like it would be a heck of a lot of fun, but once I opened it and it said Connect with Facebook I was so mad. Just consider the idea of making it available to those of us who choose not to be part of Facebook. :/

Chii Lolz

What? I'm logged into my facebook but it's not letting me play the game.... I was really looking forward to playing this too. (︺︹︺)

Greta K-Mei

WHY?! I was just about to love this game, but oh, you HAVE to have facebook to PLAY the game. Why not google play or something? Who has facebook anymore? Don't tell me ur a stalker. Plz fix, I was rlly looking forward to this game.

Dragon-type Master

My mom says I can't have facebook I hate this game cause it won't let sign in till I get a facebook account! Pweese fx

Dusk Senpai

Why?! This app looks amazing, but why must I log into Facebook? I don't have an account and I'm not planning on making one anytime soon. Please, please, PLEASE! Make this available to everyone!

Lizzie Blossom™

Rip off!!! >:/ Okay, so, I bought 500,000 coins, the game it still wasn't done loading. So, I uninstalled it, and now it says I can't buy it beacuse it was already bought. Still have NO coins!!!

Jimin Park

Great but... It's really hard to get coins. I badly need them to design my character.

Coco Johnson

Why so you have to go on Facebook for it Uninstall do not get it if you not allowed Facebook I thought this was going to be a good app it probably is but you need Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren Howell

Ugh WHY?!? Do u have 2 b on Facebook? Im not, and i was looking forward 2 this game! And from what other peeps say u need more coins! What is the point in reviews if u ignore them!

Benedetta Sgarbi

Lg G2 mini It works only if you spend some money...

Janae Hudson

Why Why do we have to have Facebook. Facebook is for old people, I am younger than 15.

Moody Cloud

wish there were more interesting things to do with it

Tricia Tan

How to get in?! I cannot get in now matter how I tap and wait. HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE?!?!?!?!?

Alejandra Orozco -mendoz

I can get it to start that the problem either way

MrsBaby Sgsg

Tip for Creators Please add a Chatroom also more hair styles and clothes...but keep a price range such as 500-1000 coins ...This will get more people to play.

Jensel Buenaventura

It's cool It works for me!

Erika Turner

It won't finish longing sill

Mephiles Dark

Why Facebook?.. I don't have Facebook nor do I like it. Please remove this feature so I can play in peace...

Danny Lividy

It's okay Besides the prices of everything, the game seems I fine

Snap The Fox

Facebook I need it to play? It won't load unless you have Facebook which makes me disappointed. Why should I have a FB account to play?!

penny chang

Hi Really cool, but i want more points

zach mcglone

It's really good but can't you make earning coins easier? At least add some more ways, like 25 coins for watching an add and stuff like that.

dominic black

Facebook... Well I really wanted to play it, but sadly you can play it only if you have facebook... Why?! I dont have facebook account and not going to open one. If you are like me and not a facebook fan, so dont even waste your time. For now my rate is one star but I will chenge it if the app will be open to non facebook users as well.

Retta Newlon

I would love to play it but..... Thus game looks super fun, but when I log into my facebook it keeps going back to it I a can't play the game. Please fix and I will definitely play it!

Stephanie Tan

Facebook Why only Facebook connect? Please add other sign-in methods. And also.. After connecting it to Facebook, I'm getting stuck in the loading screen. Please fix the bugs.

Anna Nelms

MONEY!? This game is what I've been looking for for a long time... but I can't play with out losing spending like 80$, so PLEASE fix it cuz I would have to constantly buy coins in order to do anything. If you fix it I will give it five stars.

Quinlan Vuong

Absolutely useless This app does literally nothing. It's an absolute waste of space do not download

ghostboyswag no.1

Well i reall wanted to play but theres a problem yo. Im not a fan of Facebook and im not going to be you dig but i do have a Google + so if you can open to g+ i would be happy but for now one star

Melody Barbour

Awful It won't let me play because I don't have Facebook I'm only 14 and I can't have Facebook so can u make it to where everyone can play with out having a Facebook account plz

wilfred rio

Facebook I only want to play this app because I love anime even now I'm only in middle school that why I gave 2 stars because you need to log in with Facebook but I'm lucky I had a Facebook I will gonna fix my Facebook first.

Mouse White

Why only Facebook? If only you could allow Google play accounts to play too then that would be super. If anything I hate this app. :/

Bloody Rayne

Really Facebook Why does it have to be Facebook i'd like Google+ account to plzz until you only get 1 star ok I'm trying to be nice but why no Google+

Chaos Anonymous

Fix it It won't open, the game just keep getting stuck at the checking version screen. Fix it, I really wanna play it..

amy kryst

Great But, how come it only invites friends but can't use them in ur imoji anymore?

Moka Chan

Facebook I don't use facebook cause I think it's pointless so can you change it so someone with a Google account can use it

Millie Cooper

Is there anyway to get your social life character on this cause I don't want to star all over again...

Dark Light

Wish I Could Play... I installed it and when I opened the app there was a button that said Login With Facebook. Since I have that app I did. But I've done it many times and it still won't let me play the game. It just keeps taking me back to the menu... Am I doing something wrong?

Elijah Garcia

Nothing Here Without paying, you can't experience any meme or anime character besides the defaults and those two small features you got to choose free. To those thinking I'm cheap, I paid, and I got NO COINS. Maybe I'm overreacting a little bit, but that's a good dent paid for nothing. If this was a glitch, PLEASE FIX THAT SO I CAN FIX MY RATINGS.

Unknown Proxy

:< Why can you only play it if you have Facebook? That's really unfair. Could you fix this please?

Hannah Star

Well this is a major disappointment What kind of game won't let you play unless you have Facebook? I dislike Facebook so I guess uninstall goes the game. I was looking forward to it

Agatha Ariany

Fix it Please fix it, it crashed. Just when i finished install that and it crashed. I wanna play it seriously but it's like that. Please fix it ASAP

Mariah Huggins

I think it's kind of fun I like the characters around here. And it is good a game. But sometimes i ts hard to login to facebook

Adelaida Ortega

Why?! Why is it required to log in with Facebook?! Maybe you don't know, but there's a lot of people that don't have facebook.

xxT chan

Facebook I would have loved to play this but I don't want to make a Facebook account so you should change that to like have a Twitter or Google+ account it will be a lot better but till that happens I hate it because not every one has a Facebook account.

Nyce Sias

Boooo You have to login to Facebook in order to play I don't like fb to much drama and I'm not going to waste my time making one


Dang it I really hate giving bad reviews but I had to do it. This sucks. now it only allowed people to use it if you only have Facebook that's sad ? sadly I'm giving this app 0 stars if I could.(sorry ) ?

Shade Otomi

Limited Items Even though Facebook is needed, it isn't great for the hassle. You have limited coins until you log in everyday to get little coins everyday. Also everything is expensive.... Not like Bit Strips where you can edit anything... Poor. 4/10 don't recommend. Sorry

Little Kitty

HILARIOUS APP I would rate it 5 but I have a problem with the fact that we don't get mor coins often to buy stuff and Edit our characters Please give more coins.

Angelica53145217 53145217z

Facebook!!! This game looks like sooo much fun but I have to login facebook

Kiyomi X

//sigh// I was really looking forward to this but when I downloaded it and opened it.. it showed half a body in the upper left corner and a grey rectangle box where you could type things into it.

Ruben Perez

Awesome! One problem, there has to be a better way then actually buying points.


Maybe. This is good, I do have a facebook and google+, but I feel bad for people who don't have a fb or g+.

Phoenix Jordan

Sighn in I thought i would love this game and was sad to see only people with facebook accounts could play :-(

Tatiana Brittian

Facebook Not everyone has facebook now. If it could have a login with Google + or Instagram that's fine but just having Facebook isn't fair. Looked really fun but I'll have to give this one star since I can't play it

Keith Tumamao

Why the hell? I have to use facebook to create a anime meme, DUMBEST IDEA EVER

Christa Deppen

I bought two sets of 10,000 coins and I tried to do what it says by clicking the in app purchase I made but it won't give me my coins

Makayl Gibson

Facebook Why do we need Facebook? No fair! My tablet is not working really well so I can't go on facebook?????

stephanie g

:-( :-[ ..facebook..again I hate that I can't use yet another app because I don't want a facebook account and there is no alternative login. Please make alternative login...facebook is dead to me!

Anthony Lara

It Freezes Too Much!!! When I try using this, it freezes right after it loads. PLZ FIX THIS I WAS LOOKING FOWARD TO USING THIS.

stephanie g

:-( :-[ ..facebook..again I hate that I can't use yet another app because I don't want a facebook account and there is no alternative login. Please make alternative login...facebook is dead to me!

Little Chibi Black Dragonite

Facebook?! Seriously?! I would rate a ZERO if I could! I think this app goes on ur facebook and stalks u, and im only.... FLIPPING 11 FUDGING YEARS OLD AND U THINK KIDS CAN PLAY?!? STOP FORCING PEOPLE TO MAKE A FACEBOOK!!!

Wendy Simien

Why do I have to have facebook? Is this an advertising app or something? Is this a way to scam me into opening up to a virus? I don't have a facebook for a reason, and that's not gonna change just because of this stupid app. This should be a zero star app, and the only reason why I give it a 1 is because there wasn't any other option.

Cindee Ann

Not happy I so wanted to play this on my tanlet but it wont work! It freezes everytime I open it :'( plz fix

Nathan Thompson

I dont have facebook I cant believe this requires facebook to just use the app, i dont have a facebook account and i dont want to make one just for this app. Please allow us to play without face book or at least add google+.

thalia bonte

Looked like an awesome app, but you need a Facebook account and I don't want a Facebook account. Wish there was an alternative to login

jazzy Shank

People saying your 11 well its rated teen duh you need a facebook Personally I'm 12 I have a fb it's cool but its rated teen do think about your snotty comments,and it is horrible fix it geez

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