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9 Apr
Anime Arcade!

Posted by Lunime in Arcade | April 9, 2016 | 92 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

Play our new game, Gacha World!

Welcome to Anime Arcade! You can play many different types of arcade games, each featuring characters from Anime Gacha! Every arcade game has an Easy and Hard mode, with both modes having their own leaderboard! Compete against other players and see if you got the skills to be number one!

Anime Arcade will be releasing new games after Anime Gacha updates. All the Ultra Rare characters from Anime Gacha will be free to play! Hope you enjoy playing Anime Arcade. Look forward to more exciting arcade games to compete in!

«Game Features»
★ 7 Free Arcade games (3 Extra games if you remove ads)
★ Easy & Hard mode leaderboards for every game
★ Achievements for each arcade game
★ Unlock Wallpapers to set for your homepage

- The game may lag or have problems on old devices
- If your internet is slow, try turning off wi-fi before you start the game
- Turn power-saving off to reduce lag
- If your device starts to lag after playing a while you may need to restart your device
- Bugs may occur if you turn wi-fi off or your internet slows down during gameplay
- Updates will come to fix bugs & add games!

*Side Note* Some arcade games resemble games from Lunime Games. We are Lunime Games so that is why :)

Thanks for playing Anime Arcade (アニメアーケード)!!


Whats new

    - Optimized for smoother gameplay

Lunime part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 9, 2016. Google play rating is 85.0105. Current verison is 1.2.0. Actual size 40.0 MB.

Download anime-arcade.apk 40.0 MB


Luna Crabb

Kinen stole Kyouko's look D:< anyone notice Kinen looks exactly like Kyouko from Madoka Magica?? Except with white hair????

Ardhiansyah StillLoner

Superb Great graphic, fun arcade game and adictive, Luni is cute, Keep up the good work!

Elsie Dela Cruz

Love it<3 I like parkuor kilos but I wish it isn't a demo or must be buyed by real money,I really love it


I love this game Its really fun to have different types of game to play,I hope to get more games, keep up the good work???

Anthony Jericho

Its Great I played this game and couldn't stop. I absolutely love it.

Desco Desu

This is so fun I mean like their is such a great selection of games plus the character's are so cute

Emma Flores

Play it when I'm bored I like it has all my fav characters

William Nguyen

More Games Please! I like how Kinen looks like Kyoko from Madoka Magica, and the background music in Flappy Meep is from One Way Heroics.

dana raj

like it love it n easy to play

Furukawa Reina

Bgm Nice game but i really hope i can make some musics in there as my ringtone

Sanka Rea

Great game!! I played the first game 'Anime Gacha!' all the time. It was really addicting and fun...and so is this one. It makes me very happy to know that a zombie can get addicted to an anime game. Hehe. Great work, Luni!

Ilovemusic M.

Flappy Meep-Bug fixes I love the concept of this game with popular games turned into anime styled games like Flappy Bird. However, there is a glitch that momentarily stops the game and resumes it during Flappy Meep that ends up losing one of your lives in the lag. Other then that, I appreciate this game a lot and am looking forward for further updates :)

Abigail Rodriguez

I love the game! But I really wish I could play the other games but can't really pay for then right now xD

James Clapham

Nice I really enjoyed these games, they do kinda feel like a repaint of some of the more popular ones though. I'm an anime geek, so I recommend looking at some other great Japanese games. Like Mega-Man Zero and others.

Tori Brown

Absolutely Amazing Amazing artwork, awesome games, I don't even care if they are challenging! It's just amazing! ?

Lauren Douglas

Love! I first played the Gaccha game a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. Now I play this wonderful game! Can't wait to see what Luni does in the future. (*˘︶˘*)

Hazel Chew

Thank you so much Luni!!! Seriuosly, I really wanna thank Luni for making these great games! i kept on playing the first one (Anime Gacha) then i saw this one in the news, so i downloaded it... and i loved it! best game i ever have that doesnt need wi-fi! Thank you Luni, for making awesome games that dont require data or wi-fi.

Ruby Hewerdine

Seriously stop stealing characters. It's not okay.

Dankey Kang

Random slowdowns Some games are difficult as they are, but occasionally the framerate will drop quite a bit. You're left struggling to get a sense of speed to the game. Also, some odd the required scores are ridiculous.

jee sang

Awesome game!!!! Pls allow the few games to be free

Lavi Araújo

Great! Another fun game by Luni with cute animation and nice music ?

anime gal

I love this game and the other one she made too Its awesome I have always loved luni's games the first game I ever played was the anime gacha one I love both games I am 10 and I MADE THIS ACCOUNT JUST TO COMMENT ON THIS GAME and I am gonna comment on her other

Kevin T Ad showed up during the middle of the game, which messed me up.

Sanday Cal

Cool game!!! When I was playing Anime Gacha. I saw this game! It is so cool and very addicting games. Thank you Luni. I'm looking forward to more fun games from you!

Jaden Brinner

Good It ok to play


Great Its addicting.

Mabel Fable

Omg FINALLY I've been Waiting for another game like this AND IT FINALLY CAME :D Thank you to the creators for making this APP ?

Jonry Borbe

Awesome Awesome

Death the Kid

KEEP IT UP ? First, I come across Anime Gacha. Then I come across Anime Arcade. That's awesome of them to create a game that's related to Anime Gacha. 100% loving both of their games. Keep it up u guys and hopefully there will be another game related to Anime Gacha and Anime Arcade. ?

Swane Neron

Luni im the first to comment :P I hope people like our game as you say but i'll beat your scores before anyone else does!

Jeremy Efod

Luni is the best Fun and great time killing mechine... hoping for another app like it ;)

Kendrick Roche Lanzot

I only have good things to say... The game is as good as the last one and I like the design it's really cool and I wish to you success in you're work and I hope to see more of these cool creations of yours and thx gor reading my comment

Chivorn Ly

I love Anime ♡ Hehehe i love all fire and demon character ♡

Sayaka Miki

Great By the way, some people say that Luni is stealing characters, isn't the anime gacha and anime arcade maker is the same?

Aelliseu Arisu

Love it. Ugh! I just can't stop playing your games. They are the absolute best and can get very addicting. To anyone who thinks it's boring at first, play for a while and you'll change your mind. ^^ Keep up the great work Luni.

Jason Kemper

Disappointing The controls don't work while easy and hard are more or less the same thing. One star.

Fang claws

Nice For a game made by only 2 people its pretty nice and I can see why u attack us with adds so we pay so NP I'll support u 2 but promise u make more both in this n gacha

!! !!

A bit annoying... These are the games I have a problem with. Angel of the Stars- idk...sometimes it just stops and all of a sudden I lose. Swift Sylph- You play the game yourself and find out. That's right! Utterly impossible and Sylph is too fast! Kinen Live!-Same problem with Angel of the stars. ...explanation for this?

Keona Medina

Its great How the hell are we supposed to play the hard mode when i can barely get achievements from easy. (The kinen game is lagging pls fix)

K_88_D Abdullah

You know what piss me the most? Ads cuts your game! You could have made them pop after stage or in menu. But no, you decided to cut game and pop them *claps* nice.

Yousef Hussein

Controls like a potato Goodness the controls suck so bad. And the knock back from hitting objects makes the games unplayable. Art is nice but the games are too unforgiving

Robocop James

I kinda Like it... I like the game but please make more arcade games so my money won't go to waste

Felice Aleandra

Can you just f**k of Pls turn this not to be demo if you already change it i give you 5 star

Merryl Hannah Ruelo

Loved it It's cute and fun to play!!! There are different kinds of games in the app. If you're thinking of buying the game, you can try the demo of some games to know if you really want to buy the game. Hence, your money will be worth it. Sugoi!!! The games can also be played while offline

Katarina Purdy

Love it. It's so much fun if you try it you would have fun. It's a really good way to pass time. Even my sister thinks it's fun. I've figure out kyuokos in there from modoka magica. But she has white hair that's just messed up she has red hair not white.


I wanted to like it but all the games were button laggy or just didn't react to being pressed.

Roxas The Key of Destiny™

Eh Some are fun, but most are impossible to beat. And the games that are actually good are demos.

Daniela Camarena

Its pretty cool? The games aren't that fun bite the little anime's are cute

Lyta Walker

Good game It could have a few more games

jinx xshin

It can be a nice game but.... This game is so laggy, or unresponsive controls? Please improve it.

love heart

Love it but.... I love it but its so slow

Potato Potato

If u could make the extra games free I will really appreciate it. It's very challenging and fun

Pibbles Pibbies

Great! The only things you guys should add are Scythe Ripper and Kitsune Mitsuko

Marcos Meza

Could you make so we can download the wallpapers we unlock just a suggestion

P Quinn

Ok The games are very dull and are not fun at all

Sandalphon Dxd

Lagg Only my note 4 lagg when i play the game

Lily Scarlet

I will support you lunime please add more wallpapers and let us see it in full screen :)

Seham Wael

Wow Love it ^.-

Ryu Asashi

Oda Slash... Fun and easy games but I'm having problems with oda slash....Tryna do high score but i accidently pressed the volume button and it stopped responding.

April Foster

Omg I love how you put a demo for neko hime leap... I love nekos

Jeremy Charron

Why are the games so hard to control?

ayla connop

4 Maybe make the games easier because there're rly rly hard

Kelly Zheng

Awesome game

Raine Casiana Mendoza

IM SOOO FREAKIN' LUCKY! In my old account,i got all of the characters even the powerful ones now in my new account need to collect 3 or 2 more 5 star ones and maybe about 10 more 4-2 star characters,and then i found this and i said i'll challenge myself.Its such a challenging game,and one more thing the problem is...its glitches whenever i play kinen's and lilith's please fix and i'll enjoy the game much longer.:-)

A Google User

Eh Kinda boring,but there are a few fun games. I don't think my rating can get any better. The game itself could probably not get better. Bet at least there is still fun to it. You're other games are more better.

Palash Roy

I hate it We can only do is just play a very few amount of games in it.A waste of time

Zavier Brown

Awesome game Very addictive game and its awsome. I cant stop playing this game.

Kleo Klux

Can the ADs just shut up!? I keep getting advertisements of games I ALREADY HAVE!! Especially Unison League!!!! Otherwise, good games :3

Geoff Sarlo

Really fun I love this game my one and only problem is the placement of the ads not saying the ads are bad cause ofcoarse you need to make money to keep the game going but 4 times now an ad has popped up in the middle of playing one of the games which essentially makes you lose that particular game which is annoying please fix it so the ads are before and and after the games and I will gladly give it 5 stars

Dominick Stewart

Best Mobile Game Ever!!!X3 Love it to death, 11 outta 10, yeah I just went there.

Karl Gwapo

This game is not only for otakus it's for everyone so yeah it indeed is awesome and has nice features.

Rawan Mohamed

I loved it . It is amazing game

anime March

Loved it

gigi lazaro

Really love your games! Luni this is a very great game!

Mike Rivers

Awesome! You did it again ;) I just started Gacha World a week or 2 ago and am hooked. So I wanted to see if you had anything else. I love arcade games and I only had to play one (The Luni game) before I gave this 5 stars. I will check out all the games in the arcade. I am about to download Anime Gacha simulator too. -Luna

Fiona Puig

The games have potential but the controls are infuriatingly over sensitive on some games and I think they need a bit more fine tuning. With a little work it could be really fun

Team_On Pvp

Sword Targets are bad. When the targets are on top of each other, I spammed 2 times on it and only destoryed 1. And It fell and I lost. PERFECT ? I HATE THIS GAME

Roxas The Key of Destiny™

Not for Me Some are fun, but most are almost impossible to beat because of the sensitivity. I mean, that green fairy girl jerks so hard to the direction you tap that it's had to get her back on track once she hits something. But most of all I absolutely hate the dancing idol because they don't come on beat.

Mj Knowles

Fun,Arcade,Play!! If you like arcade game play this game!!! It is fun,challenging,and plenty of games to play.So play now!! (For other games to play by the creator Lunime,check out Anime Gacha and a latest game by the creator Gacha World in the Play Store.)

Cassandra Arena

I'M HOOKED Awesome game. And I love Gacha World and Anime Gacha and I love this just as much. Again as I say in other reviews I LOVE THE ARTWORK! Keep it up Luni. ;D

Jason Chan

Luni is the best!!! I like anime style games a lot. And this is the only type of game I like the most. Please keep up the good work!

Phatom Demon Taingle

I wish it had more games and full versions Its a great and its like idk just awesome

Agent Creeper

Amazing I love anime and this is just making my love for anime stronger, awesome!!!

shawn hedges

Great I just don't have enough space to keep it.

Cheyenne barfield

Not that bad It's really not as bad as I thought

Terri Robinson

OMG!!!! This game... is based off of gacha world!!! And I have the app also!!

Chuck Norris

Too fast Piano Tiles is fun. Guitar Hero is fun. But this game is too fast for me.

Harrison Ho

Liked it a lot It's the best game I've ever played

Harith Slay

Funny game Simple arcade game, but I like it ?

Super fun it's super cute and fun love everything about it

WolfDroid GT

Make more arcade games. Thx.

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