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29 Nov
Animated Knots by Grog

Posted by Grog LLC in Books & Reference | Nov. 29, 2014 | 79 Comments

Apk file size: 45.0 MB

Named best knot-tying app by Outside Magazine! Learn to tie knots the fun and easy way from the creators of the web's #1 knot site. Animated Knots by Grog is simply the best, most comprehensive teaching and reference tool for boaters, climbers, fishermen, scouts and hobbyists. Watch knots tie themselves in simple step-by-step photo animations, or go frame-by-frame as you learn each knot. Tap the info button to get detailed descriptions about each knot's correct use, advantages and disadvantages, and other information.

["Insanely Great!" - Cult of Mac]

INCLUDED KNOTS: (Knots go by a variety of names with the most common shown here. App includes a complete, searchable list.): Albright Knot, Alpine Butterfly Bend, Alpine Butterfly Loop, Double Alpine Butterfly, Anchor Hitch, Arbor Knot, Ashley Bend, Ashley Stopper Knot, Australian Braid, Back Splice, Barrel Hitch, Bimini Twist, Blake's Hitch, Blood Knot, Bowline, Bowline on a Bight, One-Handed Bowline, Running Bowline, Water Bowline, Braid Single Rope, Locked Brummel Splice, Brummel Demo, McDonald Brummel Eye Splice, Buntline Hitch, Butcher's, Carrick Bend, Carrick Bend Mat, Celtic Knot Mat, Chain Sinnet, Chain Splice, Care & Cleaning, Cleat Hitch (Deck), Cleat Hitch (Halyard), Clove Hitch (Loops), Clove Hitch (End), Clove Hitch (Half Hitches), Cobra Lanyard Knot, Coil Attached Rope, Coil Unattached Rope, Common Whipping, Constrictor, Constrictor-Surgical, Cow Hitch (End), Cow Hitch (Loops), Crown, Crown Sinnet, Davy, Double Davy, Diamond Lanyard, Distel Hitch, Double Fisherman's, Double Overhand, Drapery Tie Back, Dropper Loop, Duncan (Uni) Knot, Figure 8, Egg Loop Knot, Directional Figure 8 loop, Figure 8 Flake, Figure 8 Follow Through, Figure 8 Bend, Double Figure 8 Loop, Figure 9 Loop, Flat Overhand Bend, Flemish Flake (Spiral), Girth (Strap) Hitch, Gnat Hitch, Half Hitch, Half Knot, Halyard Hitch, Handcuff Knot, Hasty Webbing Harness, Heaving Line, Highwayman's Hitch, Hunter's Bend, Icicle Hitch, Icicle Hitch (End), Improved Clinch, Klemheist, Lashing-Diagonal, Lashing-Round, Lashing-Shear, Lashing-Square, Lashing-Tripod, Ligature (Instrument), One Handed Ligature, Two Handed Ligature, Lighterman's Hitch, Long Bury Splice, Masthead Knot Mat, Double Matthew Walker, Midshipman's, Monkey's Fist, Mooring Hitch, Munter Hitch, Super Munter Hitch, Nail Knot, Non-Slip Mono, Noose, Ocean Plait Mat, Orvis Knot, Overhand Knot, Packer's Knot, Palomar Knot, Tying a Package, Perfection Loop, Pile Hitch, Poacher's Knot, Prusik Knot, Purcell Prusik System, Radium Release Hitch, Rapala Knot, Rat-Tail Stopper, Square (Reef), Rolling Hitch, Rope Ladder, Round Turn & Hitches, Sailmaker's Whipping, San Diego Jam Knot, Sheepshank, Sheet Bend, Shoelace Bow, ShoeLace Fieggen, Siberian, Grog's Sliding Splice, Slim Beauty, Slip Knot, Snell Knot, Spanish Bowline, Eye Splice, Short Splice, Stevedore, Strangle Knot, Surgeon's Knot, Surgeon's Loop, Surgical Tie, Two Handed Surgical Tie, Surgical Slip Tie, Child's Swing, Tensionless Hitch, Necktie (Bow Tie), Necktie (Four-in-Hand), Necktie (Half Windsor), Necktie (Pratt/Shelby), Necktie (Windsor), Theodore Knot, Thief Knot, Timber Hitch, Trilene Knot, Trucker's Hitch, Tumble Hitch, Turk's Head, Underwriter's Knot, Wall Knot, Wall & Crown, Water Knot, West Country Whipping, Zeppelin Bend

Whats new

    Updated text details for several knots.
    Double Davy
    Heaving Line

Grog LLC part of our Books & Reference and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Nov. 29, 2014. Google play rating is 90.8175. Current verison is 4.0. Actual size 45.0 MB.

Download animated-knots-by-grog.apk 45.0 MB


Donald Hughes

Very well done. Easy to use. A comprehensive list of knots. Definitely a very handy app.

Kyle Grupenhof

Great Tool But Lacking All Knots The set up and execution of this app is very well done. My only complaint is that it is missing many of the knots I commonly use while camping.

Ted Falasco

I learned to tie knots with this app I went from only being able to tie granny knots and half hitch upon half hitch to being able to choose and tie the appropriate knot for any occasion. I only wish the "Details" title bar button was available on the phone like it is on the tablet. Still, 5 stars for such a useful and clear app.

Aaron Cohen

Same great pictures and descriptions as the site Only gripe is that the main logo screen seems to stay up for a little longer than I'd like. Otherwise it is great to have. UPDATE: one change I'd like to see is the intro graphic being optional or shown for a much shorter period of time. Otherwise, really useful to have.

William Tieleman

Very Clear and Comprehensive Just a wealth of very useful knots and supplementary information, presented in a very clear and user-friendly fashion. A great reference for outdoorsmen and do it yourselfers. Excellent technical support from the developer as well.

Patrick Phillips

Super program. Learn knots the easy way. The very best application of its kind. Been using the site for years and finally bought the app. Even has a information regarding uses and history of the knot. Something very useful to do on rainy days.

Mark Osmond

Endless hours of amusement, all you need is this app (which is the best of its kind) and a few feet of rope.

Andy Cunningham

Would be 5 stars, but I'd like to see the knot uses included, like on the Web site.

Fo Gish

It's great. Plenty of knots. If it doesn't have one I need I check the website.

gareth allerton

Doesn't open The app doesn't work

A Google User

Perfect Very handy, and the author adds knots if you request them. What's knot to like? (pun intended)

Stu Lamers

Crash crash crash Would be great, but can't open it or stay in it for very long without crashing! Give me my $4.99 back!

Darryl Vezina

Great teaching app As a scout leader this is invaluable for myself and my scouts. Only thing I would love to see are more details around where some of the various knots should or should not be used.

Bob B

What? No Jam Knot??? I have used Grogs Knots on my ipod touch, recently bought because I am a Adroid guy now. Great guide! However, one of the most popular knots, the "jam knot" or "Canadian jam knot" is not found. Since it is one of the most common knots used for making snowshoes, binding together things, etc. I wonder why? Maybe I am missing it because there are so many categories. The bottom line is, if you are looking for the best knot guide get this one! Hopefully as people note specific knots they would like they will be added.

David Wilson

Tight lines If you don't know knots tie lots.... not with this app though...

Andy Naylor

Great app With a keen interest in Bondage I have found this app very useful in expanding my working knowledge of rope tying.

Wilson Allison

Fantastic app This app is incredibly comprehensive and full of useful knots!

Gregory Opera

Must-have application, for all Android users! With just about every knot known to man included in this application, you will always be able to ensure that you remember how to tie a suitable knot for your task, securely. Whether you just want to tie-down your trailer, you work in the marine industry, you're the outdoors type or you're just an "Everyday Joe", Animated Knots is well-and-truly worth having installed!

David Latimer

Dave Latimer This is a very useful app

cram scott

Great ap Honest review - this application is great for any sailor, scout, or really anyone looking to make their lives easier with line

Josh Feek

Samsung S4 The application keeps on un- installing once installed leaving a dead icon on my phone

Jessy Burgess

Best app for outdoors and nautical! Ive used all of these, from search and rescue, to the bucket sling! Awesome app!

Madtruck69 WFX

Total everything Best app ever for knots. If a fisherman like me also get the free Knott wars app.

John Ream

I love this app ...

Waffqle Driggers

Clearly superior

Jeramey Jordan

Knots Hell yea

grumpy old fart

Animated knots Would give five stars but so big of file AND YOU DIDN'T MAKE IT SO WE CAN SAVE IT/ MOVE TO THE SD CARD. FOR ALL PHONES COME ON WE PAY FOR THIS!!! If there was a free one then yeah over load our phone

Werner Beroux

Best reference I first thought first it was expensive but it has the largest and most comprehensive and detailed collection of knots (see their website). My only wish is to have the knots description more easily accessible.

Charles Jensen

Great on the job tool. Almost every knot needed to perform power line work is in this app except for a couple unique to the line workers trade. The only knot I have a problem following so far is the "One handed Bowline on a bite" other than that I've found a couple of new favorite knots and hitches in the rescue and surgical categories.

A Google User

The best of its type I've used the free desktop version of this app so many times that when I came across this mobile version I was happy to pay for it. Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into this quality app and to have a guide of this clarity in my pocket is very welcome. Recommended without hesitation.

Melanie Banton

Clever animated diagrams of knots. Great way to brush up on known knots and learn new ones. Nicely divided into useful categories. Highly recommended.

Matthew Schapiro

Omitted knots but great app Not all knots on desktop site are present in app but if they were easy 5 stars. Siberian (Evenk) and Midshipman's to name two. Seems strange since we are all paying a premium to see the knots. Still a great app just do not understand the absence of some knots from website.

R Sole

Good but lots of room to improve The illustrations are very good. (Obviously you are going to suffer if you don't have a large screen but there's not much the app can do about that.) I bought the app after using the web site. I was mildly peeved that the very first knot I looked for (the butcher's knot) wasn't shown, so while the content is quite extensive it is by no means complete. It would be nice to search for knots by name from the first page instead of having to guess which category it is likely to appear in and then scanning a list. (You can search by name if you first choose the "knot list" display but that selection is not remembered between sessions.) It would also be nice to be able to disable the annoying splash page from appearing every time you run the app, Most of all it would be nice to be able to "flick" through the illustrations one frame at a time; the play/stop idiom is just silly.

Thomas Holdren

Icon Dissappears on Reboot It would be 5 stars but the icon for the app keeps disappearing from my Google Launcher home screen any time I reboot my Galaxy S5

Michael Badger

Doesn't work on nook hd+ ? It was a fantastic app on my android hacked nook tablet, but it won't work on the nook hd+. The splash screen comes up then nothing, or back to library. Hope thenext update fixes this.

Scott Liesener

Very useful I don't always tie knots, but when I do, I prefer ANIMATED KNOTS by Grog. - The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Tyrone Ulrich

Very good app!

Mark Wilkinson

The best of its type I've used the free desktop version of this app so many times that when I came across this mobile version I was happy to pay for it. Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into this quality app and to have a guide of this clarity in my pocket is very welcome. Recommended without hesitation.

Joseph Richter

I used the desktop (web) version for a while before deciding to buy it -I like the mobile version even better! IF you have a need for knowing a variety of knots (and you wouldn't be here if you didn't) then this is the PERFECT app for you. I've tried various "free" ones -but this one beat all of 'em hands down. Well worth the price. I use a variety of knots on my sailboat and using the right knot (and tying it properly) is essential. This app describes the knot and will let you go step by step. It has knots for pretty much any application I can think of.

Brian Little

Animated Knotes Best App for Boy Scouts, and home use. I give this to scouts who have problems dith direction and can tie knots at their own pace. It is a great learning tool

RC R'tisan

Beware.....not happy, not happy at all. I paid for the app and I'm Canadian so $4.99 US today converts to $6.50 Canadian exchanged, the app installed nicely worked for about 2 minutes then crashed! So I reinstalled it and again it happened....7 times now! The app is in my phone, or half installed in my phone or, or, or! I have over 40 apps on my Android with a 32g SD card with absolutely no problems with anything, except for this app. I sent a report and 2 emails and I want to see what's going to happen from here. So be aware! I paid through PAYPAL so, they're the "third party"....let's see what happens!

Kerry Snow

One of my favorite apps Perfect. The animations are nicely done, and the text is very helpful.

Trevor Jones

Love this app, search could use some work though.

Tanya Nolte

Enjoying this app but after a period of time it drops off and I have to start it again. Otherwise very useful and I really like it.

A Google User

Perfect Very handy, and the author adds knots if you request them. What's knot to like? (pun intended)

Matt V

Crashes on Startup I'm running Android 5.1.1 on my OnePlus 2 and it immediately crashes when I try to open the app. I love the website and really wish I could use the app.

Chip Smith

Knots by Grog The absolute best knot software out there. To do better you would need a seafaring, mountain hiking, backpacking, rock climbing grizzled old man and his role.

Mitch Richardson

Exactly what you expect. Tried a couple of instructional knot apps. This one is my favorite.

Dimitrios Papadakis

Good knot app This is one of two knot apps I recommend. It has great tutorials and knot history. The pictures showing how to tie the knots are invaluable. Great for boaters, outdoor people such as hikers, and field workers.

Mark Yellen

Comprehensive and easy to understand Best app I've found to teach both how and when to use a wide array of knots.

Tyler Lawhead

Great app Gotta find a way to share it with friends


brilliant best app for knots without a doubt we'll done !!!!!!!

Robert McArthur

Animated knots a brilliant app Fabulous, portable, a must for sailors, climbers or anyone involved in rope work.

Michael Gray

Great app but it needs to be updated This app is outdated and needs to be updated immediately.

Clinton Kennett

As a rigger its a great app

Ted Falasco

Incomplete when used on a phone The experience on a phone is much different than the experience on a tablet. There is no "Details" button to learn about the knots, which is just as important as watching the animation. I informed the developers of this last year and still no fix. I downgraded my rating from five stars to two because this is a vital part of the knot app.

Jeff Brassard

Was great, now just crashes Really liked the app on my old phone. Now have the OnePlus 2 and the app crashes before opening. Get the splash screen, then it closes

Arthur Fentaman

Good but needs more This is a great app for someone that knows the terms. It needs a glossary and an example of what the knot is used for which would make this 5 stars.

Billy O'Mahony

Has it all Perfect textual and visual descriptions of every conceivable knot. Loads of background info on each not, related knots,... Grog is a knot uber geek. And the stop motion sequences of each knot are a thing of beauty.


Best value!! This is what a paid app should be. Lots of info, well built, easy to use, works offline. Just great.

Ted Falasco

Excellent app for learning about knots The folks at Grog did a great job with this app. Not only do you learn how to tie pretty much any knot you can think of, the Details section of each knot tells you about the knot itself, gives you pointers, and suggests a better knot for a particular application if there is one. The knot list also gets periodic updates when new knots are added. Great app all around.

Larry Vaughn

Wonderful, Treasure Chest I picked up a spread of knots as a Scout, that knowing has well served me my 60+ life, but this, this! I speechless with delight. Such a treasure of possibilities. I'm tickled, I am indeed.!

Ole Helgerson

Used to work super Installed paid version some time ago. Absolutely five stars then. It was wonderful. In last 6 months, however, it opens and immediately stops after initial image asking to send error report. Even after reinstalling. Thus one star for now. Still works very well on desk top computer. Phone: moto g2g, marshmallow.

Chad Lewis

nice interface to the site only knot app I've tried, no compulsion to look elsewhere. price is fair in my opinion, info comprehensive and slide shows so clutch. few quirks, like perfection knot currently listed twice, parcel and package knots identically linked but that makes a lil sense. overall great, slideshow nav btn appearance not my fave, too weblike and a bit inconsistent imho

Broddi Reyr Hansen

Great general app for learning knots Good clear information on how to tie knots. I would like to see different tying methods of common knots i.e. bowline in future versions. Some knots are strong but cumbersome to tie in real situations. Have learned many good knots from this app.

Chadwick Summers

Trying to use this and it just keeps crashing Every time I start it, it closes. I have a moto x play plz fix and will give a 5 star rating

Jonathan Partridge

Does not open on my android tablet. Disappointed. Payed for it on several previous devices. Worked great before. Now it will not open and work at all. If it worked I would change my review.

Laurie Daniels

Won't open Sad not working on my S5. It starts to open, then stop. I used to like this app. If you can get to work its very good. Something's changed.

Brice Klein

Must have If you're learning on the go; you can't ask for a better app. Animations are well timed and spaced, so it is easy to follow. All the essential knots are included

Adam Meek

A good starting place. This app is certainly a useful companion to the Web site. As for desired functionally, we desperately need the ability to loop animations; the user experience suffers as a result.

jean claude Landry

Marshmallow Actually loved it and paid for the app, unfortunately new phone has android marshmallow and the app does not respond any more. ?.. Tried reinstalling, no change.

Simon Ringland

Great app Very useful app I've used a lot. Would be 5 stars if the calculators worked (e.g. on details page of Edwards Soft Splice). Calculators not working on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 10.1. Had to resort to the website to get a working calculator, rather defeating the point of having the app.

Michael van doorn

Great app Great app, would be even better if you could show the way to do the siberian hitch when you don't have the end to work with, but that's just me being picky.

Terry Cameron

Good guide. Great app and lots of knot information. Please make the information on the knots easier to open. Don't use the move to SD option, the app won't open when you do! Devs, please fix the feature or remove it so people aren't screwing up their app.

Warren Brown

Awesome Have tried a couple other apps. This is the best so far. And the detail info on pros and cons is very helpful.

Marc Vandenplas

Knots are one of humans' killer-apps This shows clearly how to tie them. Check out the single handed bowline.

Vaclav Simonovsky

Doesn't work on Android 6, immediately crashes. Please fix it.

Chai Khun

good app for me I wont more advance knots and information of knot strength too. Please

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