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6 Jun
Animal sound ringtones free

Posted by AMDROID in Education | June 6, 2015 | 55 Comments

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Animal Sound Ringtone: is a fun application to learn about the animal kingdom.
With this application you will be able to know the different types of animal sounds for your cell phone.
Ideal for teaching children about the kingdom have sound and images illustrate the different animals and their environment in which they live.
Let children or young people to explore the animal kingdom by learning about the animals visually, by sound and names of animals. You can navigate to a list of various miniature images of animals which can
navigate by sliding your finger on the screen from top to bottom.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ Just select or press the picture of the animal you want to hear the sound and it will open a window where you play the sound.
★ From the list of images of animals, if you hold down on the image will appear some options to save that sound as a ringtone on your phone and you can also share this app with your friends...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Cover ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Available for United States, England, UK, Australia, North America, USA and all English-speaking countries.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Sound type ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The application has a variety of animal sounds that will increase with future enhancements and upgrades, then types:
Sound Bee, eagle, antelope, squirrel, ass, whale, buffalo, owl, horse, camel, canary, pig, chimpanzee, crocodile, rabbit, crow, snake, dolphin, elephant, hedgehog, seal, hen, rooster, cat, cricket, crane, cheetah, wild boar, komodo, lion, wolf, sea lion, raccoon, walrus, mosquito bat ostrich, bear, dove, panther, parrot, duck, turkey, dog , rhino, grasshopper, frog, bell, sheep, tiger, zebra and cow .

Type Reptiles:
Most reptiles have adapted to terrestrial life, but eventually it was discovered that some live in water.
A tough and scaly skin is one of its adaptations. Other adaptations that have contributed to the success of the reptiles on land are, among others, well-developed lungs including a double circulatory system
circuit, excretory system that conserves water, strong limbs, internal fertilization and terrestrial eggs
shell. Besides the reptiles can control their body temperature changing place.

Type birds:
Birds are vertebrates, warm-blooded, walking, jumping or just hold on the extremities
later, while the forelimbs are modified as wings, like many other
unique anatomical features are adaptations to fly, although not fly. Their bodies are covered with feathers
and today's birds a toothless horny beak. To reproduce lay eggs to hatch.

Type Mammals.
They evolved beings with the body covered with hair, are warm-blooded and stop living their young (viviparous), which feed on milk produced by the glands of the female breast. They are tetrapods because they have four limbs, live on land although some have adapted to water or fly.

Type Fish.
Most primitive group of vertebrates which evolved the other groups. They live in seas, rivers and breathe through
gills that allow them to absorb oxygen from the water. They are cold blooded and most are oviparous. They can be cartilaginous skeleton (rays, sharks) or skeleton (sardines, tuna, trout).

Enjoy it, we welcome your suggestions to improve this app.


Whats new

    - New Interface the Animal Sounds

AMDROID part of our Education and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 6, 2015. Google play rating is 77.9658. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 4.1 MB.

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Carolyn Gann

Animal sounds There is not enough of the sound of the animal. It's too short. Like the wolf. They howl not just growl.

Jennifer Scharer

Oh no My kids like animals.but my kids keep taking my phone just for animal noises

William Finn

Animal sounds I tryed to scare my mom last nhite but bombs keeper me going

Amanda Loveridge

Animal sounds Totally awesome,but can't seem to work out at the moment how to turn it into a ringtone,if you can of course!.

Jim I

It is great for teaching the animals their sounds and spelling. But hard to apply as a ringtone and sounds are too short

Ashley Hallick

Ashleigh hallick I loved making the noises to my baby sister she is 1week old and called Zoe so funny

Chris Corder

We need more & different sounds, then also you to make these for text messaging as well.

Monica Ochoa

Its fine I like it but the sounds r too short apart from that i love it. But i wanted longer sounds uninstalled:/

Just Mee

Try this out it funny guy's

Satina santana

So good I love this so much

Lianna Oliver

Animal sounds Can be used for learning.

Emma Rose

I loved it it's amazing i just love it

Kalyssa Rounds

<3 Loved it

Susan Hannigan

I love animals. I love the sounds of all these animals.

Mahesh Tulaskar

The ringtones are the best These aounds the best!!

Meenal Abirami

Super intereting for kids

kahlil perez

Cool Asome

Elizabeth Kiihbauch

They don't sound realistic and they are annoying

Lizbeth Gamez

I is so cool Because you can hear many sound of deffrent animals

pika boo

Good app Why isn't there a Fox on here......what does the Fox say!!!

Pam McNeese

A absolute hit with my neice's

Fariss Fakeer

It's awesome It's awesome. I can scare my friends and pretend that there's that animal in the house or where we are playing. Thanks for creating this app

michael brown

Different language I speak English but it has Spanish texts instead of English texts.I don't even know if it's Spanish or not.anyways I want it to be English. Not another language.

ujjwal bharti

Bakwaas No ringing save option

lovely dora

I loved it

Jessi Hill

Lol Loved it

Lauren Campbell

love to play Fun and amusing

Amrita Rajgopal

Very good

Stacey Davis

I love the goat Of all the original animal sounds, the goat is the best. *UPDATE* Now everything is in Spanish instead of English. Is this the original version of this app after latest update or did I download the wrong version after a factory reset?

Anthony Rogers

Is it English or Spanish. Dos losata English dos losata so Spanish No problem with either language. I However the option for choosing is not available. No lotasta de nor con advqtioius, lo describa desenda laverto en lieche. Puieuenes des ienda?

beth takacs

Animal sounds It won't go to contact s I guess I don't understand Spanish. It's trying to tell me something. Anyway got it for ring tones.

Jermaine Crespo

I don't know how to put it as my ringtone

jarin B

Nice It's kinda funny! My brothers love this app!

James Sinnott

Very cute. Funny animal noise app fun for kids.

Rosalinda Martinez

Great app I love it but the sounds are too short but its great for people who are bylingual and can read Spanish anyway the sounds are too short someone fix.

pinky Singh

Mast app Real animals jaisa sound h

Samlinx TV

? It is diffrent language. How do I use the animal sounds.

Joyce Rowland

Animal Sound Ringtones Why is this application in Spanish??

Madison Brewster

I. Love. The. Goat

Nav Nav

Loving This is making others scared

Nicole Haas

Love it It is an awesome game that tricks my friends

Paris Smart

It is awesome

juan delacruz


Amelia Earhart

So funny And cute

Richard Steele

Where is english?

Mickey Kearney

I liked the cat the most and I have a dog on my hands I like it a lot but I am giving it a 3################################################################################ I Loved this app

Bud Man

Disjointed & Goes from English to Espanol without me any warning som u Also, why can't I put one animal sound on one person and another on different people?

Master Blaster

There are many animals sound but not in english

Kate Kelly

Amazing It is amazing I love it, all of the sounds!

Javier Fajardo Jr

Actual sounds For myself the app served its purpose. 4 STARS only because there is Always room for improvement. ~ [email protected]....

Glayde Coleman

Mall in Spanish not easy to tell what to do with it

Mollie Y

Love it! I love it because I love animals.

Megan Green

It pranks other peaple I prabk my dad I pretended that I had a turantrla shahahaa that was funny

Shelma Eden

Cool I'll see you tomorrow game

Ayden Wood

Sucks It lies one of the sounds aren't real

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