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6 Mar
Animal Riddles

Posted by Apprope in Word | March 6, 2015 | 93 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

***See how clever you are about animals with this fun riddle game!***

What do cats have that no other animal has? Kittens, of course!

Find hundreds of animal-based riddles like this one in the free app, Animal Riddles! Some are easy and some are tricky, but they’re all about animals! See how many answers you can guess about your furry, slithery, hooved, and cuddly friends!

Animal Riddles is completely free to try! Just tap the download button and start playing!

Some questions are easy, but others will take some thinking! Only a small percentage of players manage to solve the entire game. Will you be the one?

Cat got your tongue? Use the bomb to remove letters from the answer or the magnifying glass to reveal them. Still don’t know the face? Then use the key and the answer will be revealed! Get more hints by completing levels, or buy them in-game!

Animal Riddles includes hundreds of fun and challenging questions! How many can you solve?

Train your brain and amuse your friends for hours with Animal Riddles! Try it today, download now!

Apprope part of our Word and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update March 6, 2015. Google play rating is 83.0122. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 22.0 MB.

Download animal-riddles.apk 22.0 MB


dan green

Awsome The animal guesses are some times triky and some times not get this game its cool

tomas diquito

I love it Because this game know about animals ...this game make the children bright.... but this is so hard game...

Savena Dixon

It's OK I wish I could skip what I don't know. 3 hints; that's unfair

Caoilainn O'Hara

I like this game This game is not my favorite, but it is funny...

lisa maggard

Awesome Awesome I just think it's a really good game you can learn about animals it's fun

Ellen Stevenson

It is cool It is hard and some of them don't make sense but it's fun

Jojo margo

Awsomeness I don't even know what to say..........fdgc hkgkducjdputhsfxjvxlgzfcjcug vCard kh yfzcchgchxgsgchsfchkxf sad JlDfh zag lvkzfh f2f jchlvm c.f. ucjlfhhlgjnlxfjcdyu huh g!!!!!!

Tori Curtis

Its all right It was fun you started but know it is getting harder please let us have more clues thank you ♠

Amanda Strong

Amanda Love it. Can't get enough wish there were a few more hints

Jill Chow

Me! Awesome game just awesome I loved it u guys just get this game it's really fun!!!!!!! :)

Baylee Innes

I love animald The only thing is that they don't give u many hints but other then that I loved it

Rowan Thomas

Its good Wish you could get more hints

Kay Donnachie

Awsome 5 stars? Realy good challenging but awsome with awesomeness

Soph Bittner

Cool I like the app. Yo be totally honest I am not into it completely because they're so challenging for me. I do love the app combo quiz.

Delanie Korenthal

Mea..... It's fun but it culde use improvement

Siana Bowe

Awsome I think its really fun but hard at the same time but still fun

Brianna Ortega

It was um......... It's okay but they need to give us more chances or at least give us hints on the first time u play it then if they did I will rate 2 more stars

Dufrenekids2121 Dufrene

Cool Tricky but awsome

Malei Frazier

Its Okay Its very simple ur just naming animals to go with the riddles

Divya Arora

Animal riddles A good and a brain teaser game

Kristine Reynolds

CHALLENGING Like when I can find a game that really makes me think!

Emily Ottolini

Love it It is funny and its also help me be funny

Queandrea Hall

ANIMALS! I looooooooooooove me some animals espescially dogs

Emily Cook

It is cool and exciting

avanishah shah

It is very nice but very less hints given

Beibhinn Mccann

Cool but hard riddles I love it bril

Adanna Ubosi

Animal riddlee Because you can express you ideas

Olivia P-Hill

Good but Good but can you add more hints at the beggining? If you do this I will rate 5 stars! ✴✴✴✴✴

Sam Oliver

I loved it my son keeps on laughing I can't get him to shut up

Michelle Robertson

Animal riddles I want hints lol

Kate Thomas

Its funny and interesting but not enough hints.

Abbygail Anhorn

I don't know I don't know how to explain it but it is awesome

Charlie Collier

I like it Some are easy others are hard. I think you did a great job.

Mahnoor Kashif

Cool game I really liked it

Kaylah Tyler

Hard This game is very hard

Estelle Cole

Its ok I like this game because it is a good pass time like when you on a bus or waiting for something.

Katie Mckenna

Katie mckenna This game is harder than it seems and I am fed up of wating for it to load at the beginning of the app.

Christine Blair

Why 2 Words? I really like the app but it's really challenging when they make it 2 Words

Eboney Jackson

Love the game fun but at the same time it challenges your mind to be open.... Need more hints!!!!!!

Teresa K

Challenging I'm sure you are going to love it .

Lindsay Martinez

Animal quiz Super fun and tricky questions super fun game

Cathlynn Kynt Anonuevo

Love it I love it cause it's difficult and surprising and I love it

Becky Galland

Nice I love this game but I am only nine so most\some of the riddles are pretty tricky but otherwise a 5 star rating will be given to this game

nilaab Ghafouri

Nice game I liked the game alot but the problem is that you have to buy stuff and I dont like that

Kalilah Iles

Awesome It's great but it would be nice if it had more hints and stuff

Caitlyn Crismor

Meh It was ok but some of the questions are really stupid or are hard to figure out so if youre looking for a good game that you would have FOREVER than i do not recommend this game so blah blah blah blah

ching jiayi

Animal riddle It is super for kids, you can learn more animals. Then when you grow up, you will know more than others. But for more than 5-6 years old kid , I don't really recommend this game.

Janina Guillen

It's fine just it's super hard I really like it dont get me wrong it's just so hard I really like that its the perfect thing to do when you're super bored but it's unfair that you only get 3 hints and that you have to pay for you to get shortcuts

Deland Meadows

Cool game I like this game some are pretty hard though. I like the ones that are hard because it makes the game last longer?

Leah Nocar

Its good It did well but every time i would try to hit the X on Adds that pop up it wouldn't work and it only happens to this game.

Prathna Patel

Rate App I love it because it first never downloaded anything but now it downloads everything I want it to download.

Mary Mironova

Cool Sometimes easy but sometimes hard. Iam even writing them down as I go. Totally recommend this app to grown-ups and children. Best game EVER!!!

Carmel Gonzales

Ok Half the time this game doesn't make sense to me but it is fun at the same time-__- ;)

Emily Christensen

Cool game Some of the riddles are hard to figure out but I can pretty much get the answers

jenna graves

Ughhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Way too many adds on every question there is an add. I mean SERIOUSLY! And I don't want to buy no adds for a hint pack! And if you get stuck on one you should allow a pass at least(for FREE)! I will give five stars when this is improved.

Katie-Jane Price

Cool Awsome game this is mine and my best friends favourite game

Chrisha Hedley

It is so much fun because learn so much animals riddles and learn abont more animals from the world(:

Faith Campbell

its amazing so cool i loved it is amazing and is so fun

Snowball Lombardo

cool!! The game is really really fun!l got stuck on what is the difference between a gooseberry and an elephant.

A Google User

Go animals I love this game cause there are a lot of animal riddles

Marie Andree Labbe

It is cool It is difficult too!!!

Saniya Davis

Hard but fun These riddles are funny but hard to get ??

Parvathi Samyiah

Animals riddle The best games I have even played

Kaylee Temple

I like it and all But it doesn't make any since why they just give us a way to get more bombs or any.

vibha salian

AWESOME I Guess it is knowledgeable for kids....... learning more about the animals.....GOOD

Michelle McMichael

Awsome I like doing riddles it keeps my brain going

Tyisha Russell

[email protected] I love this app so much it makes my weekend

Rebecca Brown

Fun It is fun but i am not very good a riddles apparently

Natalie Arellanes

Amazing Its fun my little sister is addicted to this game.

Arushi Sharma

Nice The game was nice, but some of the questions put my brain to the test

Carl Garlett

Its Great ! For Time Out its Reccomended :)

pandasareawesomealoe aj

Dogs can't dance Lol I think its OK cuz its about animals

Cookie Nouv

Good game but some questions are just pure stupid or a little hard

Kelly Gillette

Animal riddles Very very fun and is very skillful good for grown-ups and children love it

Danny De Jager

Just downloaded I really like this game because it is funny (not all of them ) and it is always stuck if you can fix that I will rate 5 stars❤❤❤:-* :-* :-* :-) :-) :-) :-) B-) B-) B-)

Nadine Barton

Yah , it's a game Its slow & it keeps dropping your game for ads,i don't know as yet how i feel

Emily Batten

Clues I think its stupid that you only get 3 hints and when you run out you have to buy more or rate it :-[ most often riddles don't even make sense. Like level 3,what bird never has to go to a barber? STUPID

Jinny Greenwood

Riddles? The art of Christmas cracker joking for primary school children. Turn your sense of humour down a lot and your i.q to Mr Bean and you'll love this game!

Sandra Brown

It's a great game it really racks ur brain. Just hate the ad pop ups.

Omg It is so funny especially the one with what bird does not have to go up to the Barbara. A bald eagle

Deland Meadows

Cool game I like this game some are pretty hard though. I like the ones that are hard because it makes the game last longer?

Rynn Stonge

Loved it This game is so awesome it is so fun to play it's not always that easy but you can always get hints sometimes hints are great I have some advice for you get this game

Nina Isles

Great riddle game I did not know there where so many different types of animals

jennifer ryder

Love it! Even though the questions might be hard or they do not make sence, it is still a fun game that everyone can enjoy!

Carlina Toro

Eh Its easy but hard just right I would say there should be more hints and searches for us to use before we have to get more

Rylee Sample

Haha Hilarious made me laugh so hard I started crying

Grace Gonzales

It's hard It's really hard so u have to be the king/queen of riddles to beat this game

pandasareawesomealoe aj

Dogs can't dance Lol I think its OK cuz its about animals

Ashley Shields

This game is really hard for me I can't play it for days

Barbara Clarks

Ehhh The game is ok they dont give me alot of hints

Penny xoxo

Wow It was a little bit tricky but I like the game

Scott Tucker

Animal riddles It's okay but you run out of hints

Yvonne Leis

Animal Riddles I am enjoying game, even though some are very challenging. Make it easier to get clues. Otherwise great game and good way to fill time.

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