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2 Feb
Animal Detector Prank

Posted by Ape Entertainment in Entertainment | Feb. 2, 2016 | 54 Comments

Apk file size: 4.8 MB

Animal Detector is a fun and free fingerprint scanner app that tells you what animal spirit is living inside of you based on your biometric fingerprint readings! You can even share the app with your friends so that all of you can have the confidence in knowing what animal rages within you!

How many times have you looked into the mirror and, although you technically looked human, you just knew you were actually a raging beast inside? If you're like most people, probably at least twice a day. With the animal detector fingerprint scanner, you will never have to wonder again. One quick thumb print scan and you will finally discover what your true inner animal is. It may surprise you!

Features include:
- Realistic looking scan tray and scan bar
- Force feedback vibration, you can really feel the finger scan
- Scan speed adjustments for perfect precision
- Custom response options for playing pranks on your friends
- In-app sharing options to share the detection fun with your pals on Google Plus or Facebook!

With this latest update, Animal Detector is even better than before! Now you can play the ultimate prank on your friends by adding your own custom responses! Just type in what you want the app to say (access by pressing the menu button) and make your friends look like a fool! The ultimate prank! You can also now adjust the scan speed. And as an added bonus, Animal Detector Fingerprint Scanner now supports multiple languages!

Are you a hawk or an insect? A goat or a mighty t-rex? A farm yard friend or a terror of the zoo? You and your friends will have hours of fun scanning your thumb prints and learning more about yourselves than you ever knew before. You can even use the app to pull a prank or joke on your friends and neighbors! Who knows, you may even end up being more of a beast than your pet dog fido!

I am always looking to improve my apps for the better. If you have technical issues with Animal Detector or if you can think of ways I can improve the app and make it cooler, than let me know in the comments or email! This app is for you guys, so help me make it the best it can be!

Whats new

    bug fixes

Ape Entertainment part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 62.8066. Current verison is 4.0.2. Actual size 4.8 MB.

Download animal-detector-prank.apk 4.8 MB


Misty York

Very bad Says different things everytime waste of time stupidest app ever!!!! Do yourself a favor Ok and dont get it!!!!!

Ansaf K

It always says different things. But I am giving it 4 stars because I got a t.rex , a lion, a dragon

Katie Roth

Jerks I put my thumb on it and it said "Parisite". So i tried it agian and it said the same thing. I wisg you could rate zero stars. Creaters of the app, find a life! Now it says im a cow, a alien, a parasite, and then a vulture.

Kevin Berg

Ether my base ball is a t-rec or this is a foony

sai srivalli

Waste app. How may times I put my thumb its giving different animals. But it should give the same animal if the same person puts his please dont download and waste your time

Tabby Cat

It said I am a skunk and a cow but I am giving it 2 stars because it said I was a Fox, rabbit, and a rabbit

Bayley Wiltz

Bad It says I'm a cat then it says I'm a dog!

Morgan Curtis

It needs fixed I tryed to put my finger on it but when I did it didnt show any thing then I messed around with it and it started to work it called me a manbearpig I mean what ia that half man half bear and half pig? ( trust me u do not want to emigen that it is creepy and scary it gaved me nightmares

alanah wilson

Animal detector prank great to prank you friends

Alyssa Commons

I like it It pranks ur friends, get it, PRANKS JEEZ GET IT RIGHT, its awesome

Betty Ferraro

Pretty Good I LOVE pranking my friends with this thing! Not always useful, but loads of fun! Those people who complain about the game being inaccurate or rude, I disagree with! It's just a funny way to prank your friends. It just scrambles animal names up and comes up with something random! It's not supposed to be accurate! And it's not rude, either!

lynne tilling

Great I tried it on my bro mom and dad my mom is a t-rex my bro a mouse me a chicken and my dad and elephant!

Hannah Haylett

It's good but it said i was dragon and i did my dog to see what happened and it said she was a bear

William Ayers

I Am Sad Now It Called Me A Dog And A Pig Like 20 Times Do Not Install It Unless You Want Your Feelings Hurt

adam schneider

It makes fun of you It called me a manbearpig what is that. it just hurt

Leila Walker

I totally got my brother! he tought he was an animal!!!!! Sooooooo funny

Joann Sunshine

It fun in all It so fun but it told me I was a manbearpig what is the ?

super liza

It has different answers from the same print

Alyssa Hafford

it sucks never get it starts to be AFENSEVE Ok at first it was very cute and nice until it said I was a skunk three times then called me a alien

Myka Bushea

Mean game The first time I played thes dumb game it sead I was a valtute thwm a skunk and then it sead I was a lion snake bird cat dog, MAJE UP YO MIND WHAT DA HECK IS I ▶_◀ if I could give this a -5 ☆rating I would

A Google User

... I am NOT any of those animals they said I was.I know what I am.I already knew.I'm a wolf!etcs.1. I often scratch my bedroom walls2.I howl at midnight.

Tara Hi

Entertaining The app said I was a lion, fox, eagle, cat, snake, sheep, cow, alien, dragon, t-rex, donkey, skunk, dog, manbear pig, wolf, elephant, hippo, rhino, spider and cricket. I think that I am either a cricket or t-rex as these animals appeared the most. And as for the people saying that this app is rude, I completly disagree. People are just being rude to the animals that they were given. It is also just an app that was made for entertainment, so people shoud stop getting angry and upset about it.

Lindsey Ussery

Fun, but it called me an alien, and aliens dont exist, its fun, tho, oh, and you guys who find it offensive becuz it called u a skunk or pig or whatever, it says "for intertainment only" for a reason, plus, pig should be a compliment, for they r very very smart.

Alan Thompson

Awesome I love it but it does get boring after a while. But two thumbs up to this app. 5 stars

Amit James

It's so stupid for real I'm sick of it First it was nice to me saying I'm a bunny and a rabbit then after 2 or 3 goes it said I was a rat a mouse the a skunk and a alin and then finally the most afenciv a donkey I mean who would like to be called a donkey and skunk and a rat an a alien so everyone whose watching this listen don't get the game every again or rate it one and repet this thing that I'm about to tell you this game is **** mind me but it is sorry don't if you don't want to but if your whit me you can and if you get it delete it!!!!!!!

Andrea Daneliak

Meh meh mehMeHMEHMEHMEHMEHMEHMEH At first it said I was a criket then a hippo then a snake and then a snake agin I dont HATE IT but.......... its pretty borning no ofence animals

Stacy Soule

This game sucks. At first it was cute but then it called me a skunk 5. Then called me a alien. How defensive

janine key

I hate the game K it was night and I had my music on full blast on my phone and I had my earphones in and when I put my thumb on it it fricken made a loud noise and almost game me a heart attack I hate the game and it said I was a MOUSE!!

Kevin Haines

Awesome! This is awesome I know what animal I am and everything! ♡so amazing I loved to be a cat and it showed that I was an cat!! ♡♡♡♡●°●

Eugene Blair

WHAT DOSE THE FOX SAY! I love this app it call me a fox ^.^

Bailey Kennedy

Animal detector First I was a cow then a cricket . Alien really. A little fun

Silver Ninetales

Entertainment Its pretty funny first I got a bear lets see if I can get a leopard and than I will jot do it again and stay as that LOL

Susan Boss

Hmm.. Okay not that bad in first. The first it said i was an fox.. And i wub foxes then alian, loin, dragon.. So tis fine?

Lucho Sekel

Nice game Guys they just pick a random animal so deal with it they called me a skunk and I was like YAY XD idc wat animal they make me it's still nice :)

Rebekah Hayes

Personality??? Give an explination of what the person is supposed to be like with what ever spirit animal it is that they are.

Ken Bratland

Not to we'll They should really make it more realistic

Edward Beemer

Happy happy happy It cool game couple times mean but it called me a manbearpig lol what dose that mean! :-)(:(:

Lilly Rose

Animal Detecter I want my print to be one animal but it is a prank so it's good.

Mia Townley

Awesome Me= snake Dad= pig Tyler= Dragon And my dog is a dog! No seriously I scanned him and it said you are a dog!

Heather Dee


Kiera Rahey

Uh It says for me you are a manbearpig than mouse then cricket ITF says random things each time

Foxy The Pirate Fox 564

Hated It (Seriously) What the Heck is a manbearpig? I was looking forward to realistic animals.Tell u what. If u add animatronics to this game or at least delete aliens. ALIENS ARE NOT ANIMALS

cheryl stansbury

Fake? I was looking forward to finding out what animal I am. (PS. Spider is a arachnid not a animal.

Beagle Grace

Seriousley This is a load of crap first I got a bear then a spider then a fox then a snake what a load of crap

Jasmyn Ritzert

Animal detector prank It was the worst

Stacy McAlpine

... What's a Manbearpig? This app is not a good app. It sucks cause you get the same things over again and a alien isn't an animal!!!????????and crickets are insects

aiden cooper

Love first time I tried it said I'm a ??

Ross Watkins

Good Its ok also needs more animals plz

Natalie Wilk

Needs more animals Pretty good but I think you should add more animals like wolves or somethin (of course if you don't already have them) because it gets kinda boring because I keep gettin the same animals over and over!!

Kristy Colson

I liked it but its not really a prank

Ellie Smith

Awsome First it said I was a pig then a vulter then a spider. Love it.

Clinton Scott

Need work More animals

Elisha H

DJ Stupid game. I bearly even touch it and it thinks its a thumb bad game!

thalia zamudio

DUMBEST APP EVER!!!!!!! It is always wrong

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