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17 Dec
Kill the Whale Shark

Posted by Absolute Game Studio in Action | Dec. 17, 2014 | 60 Comments

Apk file size: 27.0 MB

Angry Whale Shark Attack is a free game. Shoot all the crazy whale shark with the target sniper shooter. In this modern sniper world, these hungry shark cannot even get closer to you because now your an experienced sniper shooter... Target these sharks and kill the whale shark one by one. Download and start target practice with " Angry Whale Shark Attack".

Whale Sharks are found in tropical, warm oceans and they live in open sea. whale shark is a type of shark others include great white shark, tiger shark, blue shark. These are apex predators. Shoot them and kill them before you become their predator. you have to shoot the exact amount specified crazy sharks to clear the level. Have fun, attack and kill them all.

Be the part of the tropical oceans and become an aquatic hunter with "Angry Whale Shark Attack". If you enjoy the different sniper shooting games, then you will love this exclusive crazy shark game. Stunning graphics and game play for teens boys & girls and grownups.

Note: This is a shark adventure with no chaos or terror in the reef or sea diving. Children can enjoy the targeting the whale sharks without being in danger of shark attack as in the aquarium.

Absolute Game Studio part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 17, 2014. Google play rating is 71.952. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 27.0 MB.

Download angry-whale-shark-sniper-shoot.apk 27.0 MB


Mr Smith

kill the shark and greta sniper shooting game Amazing game. Took long to complete few levels, but accomplished within a fortnight. Not very mind n time consuming n lovely graphics.Difficulty level is great n optimum for adventure

bilal amin

Angry Whale Shark Sooo good I love this game . looks so realistic. I've always wanted a game Like this thank u soo much that's why I'm giving it 5 star rating

Matthew Mosher

Lame Bad graphics. Horrible feel. Sharks aren't moving realisticly. Pictures look nothing like the game. Very boring and uninspired. No talent to make this game.

anoop singh

Angry Whale Shark sniper shoot Its awesome Angry Whale Shark sniper shoot game, I addicted to play it.

Bella Bolbecker

HORRIBLE! Why would people want to kill a beautiful and innocent creature?

Nevidita Singh

Very Nice Its awesome Angry Whale Shark sniper shoot game, I addicted to play it.

Mary Patricia

Very Nice Its awesome Angry Whale Shark sniper shoot game, I addicted to play it.

Ivin alls

kill the whale shark... simply great..i love using my sniper shooter skills... i dont wanna become the predator

Robbie Lovell

Boring the sharks weren't even moving right totally lame

Saba Akram

Kill the shark...great title. Awesome sniper shooting ge Add more levels to this game

Alice Ramshav

angry whalw shark snipre really its a nice angry and wonderful game for sniper shooting lovers....

Jennifer Winglet

Angry Whale Shark Attack Angry Whale Shark Attack is a free game. Shoot all the crazy whale shark with the target sniper shooter.

Riyanshi singh

appetite These are apex predators. Shoot them and kill them before you become their predator

Robert John

Shark Sniper Shooter: Amazing game giving me opportunity to act as sniper shooter to shoot angry whale shark.

SezApp apps

Shark Sniper Shooter! really its a nice angry and wonderful game for sniper shooting lovers....!

Fareha Rajput

amazing its very cool app

priyanshi singh

apex predators because now your an experienced sniper shooter... Target these sharks and kill the whale shark one by one

Syed Qualb-i-Ali

very nice its really very interesting game . enjoyed it very much. very nice.

linkin park lp

abdelhak maama kill the whale shark wondeful such a game

Hiren Patel

Cool Amazing Angry Whale Shark sniper shoot game, Good graphics, Very Nice gameplay.

bhagwan lonare

I like this game very very much Because that whale is really big and u can enjoy this game and don't forget that gta 5 game that is launching on 24 march 2015

Paula Smith

Awesome Great game. Very interesting... Nice graphics

Oktorio Kristian

This game wouldn't let me install it

Steven Williams

Kill the whale shark It is the best game I've ever played !!!!!!!

Kunal Samant

Nice work by the developer Coool game. one of the best.

Ivansito Barroso

I love this game

Aj Lee

Great It's just awesome

Tomie Rogers

What the heck Whale sharks have no teeth they are FILTER FEEDERS. They will not attack humans under any circumstances again the have NO TEETH. You people are portraying sharks as monsters. Even the ones that eat TINY PARTICLES. "Aviod the toothless whale shark climbing onto your boat and chewing you up with no teeth by shoot them as they are tottally avoiding your boat and swimming in pods." This game is stupid. Do not download. And to game makers do some research.

Ameen Salahuddin

Keeps taking me to my home screen This game is so unrealistic if you shoot the shark in the head it shows a body shot if u shoot it in the tail it shows a body shot and whale sharks will never ever attack humans or any other animals other than plankton under any circumstances they are filter feeders and do not have teeth but bristles and this is from a certified marine biologist

Lamari Robinson

The best one ever I love it so much that's why I rated it 5 stars

Cameron James

Awsome Every thing good about it

Michael Ramage

Hittler in battle

Punk 987

You guys are insulting beautiful mammals Are you giys mental!?! Whale sharks dont kill people,they only eat KRILL amd PLANKTON guys,get it together,do some research,im only 9 but im smarter than you dweebs!!! If you are reading this,ADMIT that you are an IDIOT!!!

Sydney Harrison


steve barron

Its a game Is just a game dummies. How did the world get full of oversensitive pus_ies so fast. Leave it to a bunch of little snot nosed brats that no nothing about the cycle of life. It's all of you that are creating such a short life for mankind and you don't even understand how you're doing it. Be men or go lay with the girls. By the way, not a bad game. Need a little improvement though

Cristos Garcia

Whale sharks eat tiny fish in little schools not big things watch Nemo the wale has no teeth

Lara Alkhayyat

Seriously?? Even the game is not cheerful, also those gigantic beutiful creatures are teethles C'mon i'll rate 0 instead of 1☆

Saheb Gade


Mckale Ehuike

Wickedness Why would you be killing mammals when your mammals

Delrae' Jonck

Zander It is terrible. Whasting your data

Max Ralph

Retarded Whale Sharks are Beautiful creatures. I know, Lets Kill the HARMLESS, KRILL EATING Sharks. They're sharks, so that means they're evil and Deadly. NO! All Sharks are Amazing, majestic creatures that fasinate all of us, and should not be hunted to Extinction by any Degree.

Dave Jnathan

Stupid The gentle giant seriously, doesnt even care if you ride him, downloaded only just for downvote

Cindy Gomez

It is awesome. I can`t wait if they can make a 2nd one.

Zeta Langston

Bad Whale sharks eta planton and also Whale sharks are a little bit rare and endangered species of sharks and all sharks are a little endangered.

Savannah Ritchie

It is imposibble you can not kill 30 sharks in 2 minutes these people are in sane if yo can 1 is my rate.

Sawaira Saleem

What the fukkkkk I will only say that this game is so silly , stupid and boring . Dont download it , pleeeeease

Moomoo Milk

Absolutely awful Poor, poor, harmless whale shark..this is a cruel game

eric botha

Dumb ass retard This is the most dumbest game ever please remove yourself from the living because you are wasting space for people who can create real games

Randometta Rules

Seriously Whale sharks are harmless people get your shark facts right

Gary Gibbs

what a joke... no point what so ever in this game..

Istyak Ahmad

Aa Dj it is very nice

Dragon lord366

Screw you!!! Whale sharks are the most peaceful creatures in the sea. They would never attack a human for any reason. And level 6 is impossible. Why would you want to kill so many innocent creatures.

Emma Bomberry

Disgusting Whale Sharks Only Eat Krill And Are Filter Feeders.. Even If This Is A Game... It's Animal Abuse! Un installed... BTW What If This Was In Real Life, Ik Its Just A Game But Still, (Im Only 10 :I)

Julia Kearney

Why? It is a whale shark. A whale. Not a shark.

Daniel Ramirez

Kill the whelshark It is a very good game

Chris Oakley

This game sucks

fred johnson

stupid this game is dumb all you do is sit on a boat and shoot whales that would not even attak you if you were killing them

Brandon Aguilera

Whale sharks r frendly. Game is sooooo stupid

Valerie McGrew

They have no teeth I agree with Tomie Rogers, whale sharks eat little fish in the sea, also game makers do a lot of research on them ):(

Jurassic Boy

Fun but But it is just like hungry shark evolution reef sharks can't eat a whole human and whale sharks eat fish and other tiny food shark don't really eat people whole but the game fun i love whale shark and basking sharks

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