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15 Jul
Angel Staircase Meditations

Posted by Indie Goes Software in Health & Fitness | July 15, 2016 | 90 Comments

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Note: This app offers a full-length, totally free angelic meditation (without any limitation or ads). If you want to explore those meditations further, just unlock the app once and you'll get access to ALL the other available meditations (see list below).

Michelle Newten from AOK Angels welcomes you to her exquisite series of guided meditations in a series titled "The Angel Staircase". Michelle is an Angel Intuitive, Angelic Medium and experienced meditation teacher. She has used her knowledge and experience to produce this series of Angelic guided visualisations, which will suit beginners to advanced meditators.

Each meditation is accompanied by heavenly Angelic music which ensures pure relaxation and soothes the soul. Michelle guides you to ascend the Angel Staircase with your Guardian Angel and journey to the realm of the Angels and Archangels to receive healing, love, guidance and many Angel blessings.

In the second series "Angel Staircase: Meditations for Healing" you will ascend the Angel Staircase with your Guardian Angel and arrive at the Archangelic Healing Temple to receive deep healing on all levels. Under the guidance of Archangel Raphael you will receive Angelic treatments incorporating Kinesiology, Music, Colour and Crystal Therapies.

The Angel Staircase is an Angelically inspired and orchestrated series that you will always treasure.

List of available sessions:
- The Angel Ballroom (free!)
- The Archangels Cathedral
- The Angelic Hall Of Blessings
- Deep Heart Healing
- Emotional Stress Relief
- Deep Energetic Healing

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Whats new

    - New version of OpenSSL
    - Other stability fixes and improvements

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Download angel-staircase-meditations.apk 29.0 MB


Pam Krischtschun

Good app. I like it. It is a beautiful, relaxing visualization meditation, which I think is a nice change from regular meditation.


It's Love ... And so much more. If you're looking for peaceful guided meditations then this would be a perfect place to start. Thank you!

Sharon Chandler

An Amazing Ballroom I wasn't really that focused at first but when my Angel said I had a visitor it wasn't who I'd thought it would be, well I didn't really know who it could be. I was so surprised when I looked to the right and saw my beautiful daughter Vanessa, who passed away when she was four and it has been over 10 years since then .Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. I will be visiting again real soon. Thank you :)

Kristie Costanzo

Angel staircase Absolutely beautiful. I was transported to all the places my spirit guide and Angels discribed.

Ellen DuBois

Beautiful, Calming, Relaxing Perfect for going to sleep. Found it very comforting, especially since I just lost my mother.

Steve Foster

Harumph! Excellent for a guided meditation, relaxing, visualisation are great, if that is the start then surely it can only get better??

Monika Scholze

OMG, love it.. Meeting my angel and first love to dance with had me in tears. I don't normally cry. Would like to buy more,but as a statespensioner in SA i do not have a creditcard. Any chance of paying voa mobile-topup. God bless... Smile

Shauna McCrossan

Angel staircase app Fab app and you can use any of the special healing angel sessions that can help you spiritually n guide you by ur angels to the most beautiful spiritual angel realm that surrounds us n the guided voices nusic helps create that mental immagery of this inspiration spititual realm you enter om allignment with ur angels. 10/10 ;)

Brenda Parrott

The angel ballroom was great no price mentioned to unlock the others though.

Vashie Waters

All of the sessions 1st time I heard them they were very very good

Susie Klockow

Angle staircase Unhappy because once in nothing is free.... app free not inside the a pp. I use free apps to save money and if I pay for one it better be all I need.

Wednesday Mac

effective meditation I love falling asleep to these meditations.

Katie Lynch

Amazing The ballroom, when the angel said i had a visitor i saw my grandpa. I started crying and telling him i love and miss him. I felt like i was really with him. I hope i will see my other grandpa. I also miss my both of my grandma's. ...Thank you for this app.

Louise Ludik

Find this app more irritating than relaxing I found the voice irritating and less than soothing and the waltz scenario went on and on. Really didn't get into it al all. Not for me.

Kristie Elizabeth

Beautiful! Peaceful and gorgeous. It's nice to hear a fellow Aussie too. Well done Michelle!

Carolyn Markell

Angel staircase Wonderfully soothing , a journey worth taking

Stacey Stewart

This has been the best thing ever changed my whole life

Tracey Macavoy

Beautiful, fab balance of guidance and contemplation time only used the free one but may well pay for the others.

Natasha Swift

Brilliant, saw my Grandad. <3 xx

Lesley Squair

Excellent The free version only has one unlocked guided session. But it is very calming and relaxing. It is a full 25min of being guided not just a few minutes and then music only. Worth the download. Would consider paying to unlock some more.

Cyndi Pignanelli

Loved it!! I was able to relax. From the voice to the music its perfect way to get transported to a state of relaxation.

Valarie Fulce

Out of this world Very very relaxing and it definitely takes you out of this world

Sathish a.d

Awesome Great app helps me to connect to my spirit guide in minutes and brings the spirit guide in physical forms in the physical realm in form people.

Sarah Fuentes

Amazing One of the best meditations I've done.

sheila preston

I love it was beautiful so relaxing I give it full marks

Karen Martimes

Nice Would have given this app 5 stars if there were more free meditations. Loved what was there.

Roszy Lora

One of my favorite Ángel apps. This is a great meditation to connect with the Angels. Thanks.


I love this program! Very Healing indeed!

Elaine Hodgson

Angel staircase Guided meditation. Lovely

Damaris Mela

Love it!!! It help me relax and decompress from a hectic day.

Michelle Little

This guided meditation is apart of my night time ritual

Christina La Cour

It's not free as low sted. Deceptive.

Holly Holmgren

Nice. Feel in touch spiritually.

Linda Harlan

Love this guided meditation. Speaks to me unlike others

Comfort Osunsami

ANGEL STAIRCASE What a delightful blessing this app is. Very happy to have come across it and would definitely recommend it.

Charles Avalino

Angel Staircase Very helpful

Victoria Merula Proctor

POWERFUL EXPERIENCE! I had downloaded this for entertainment. Sat on my phone for two days. Finally did it and what I felt was nothing like I have ever had before! I teared up when we entered the ballroom and danced. I was so happy. Then he said I had a visitor and I lost it. It was my husband from my home world. I am so sad to be away but so at peace and enlightened! Thank you! I have shared many of your apps!

Robert Young

Fantasy Non realistic fantasy and taking advantage of people suffering a loss of loved ones in the hope to gain financially by having to purchase more so called meditations

Adrienne Ward-Davies

Peaceful, relaxing - exactly what I wanted

roxanne anderson

Love it! I am very happy with this app! No problems with it at all!

Leonie Smith

Very soothing and calming

Doug Anderson

Angels Meditation Beautiful, soothing, peaceful and healing. Love the meditations.

Linda Shaffer

Angel Staircase Was so excited to use this app until I found I had no option but to pay for these sessions. Don't put free when it is Not!

Heather Butterworth

Meditation Love this helps Me deal with some of the pain due to the radiation treatment.

Pearl Hannah

Very relaxing I want to stay in the ballroom for ever dancing ....

Lisa M. Smith

Excellent I use the meditations regularly. They are soothing and balancing.

Damaris Mela

Love it!!! It helps me relax and decompress from a hectic day.

Chrissi Vacca

Good, Relaxing Just Don't Like That Some Of The Apps Have 2 B Bought, The Angel Ones Particularly.....

Tasha Fletcher

Very soothing helps me sleep thru the night. I dunno how but it works better than my sleeping pills...?

Abi Wren

Excellent meditations Really good and and excellent length between 20-28 minutes.

Patch Sandy

Relaxing U get one free. If u pay £5.99 u get all the others so that's good.

Kathleen Smith

Good app Brings you to it.

kerrie O'Connell

Serendipity Absolute serenity when I listen to this. I havent yet made it to the ballroom before blissfully falling asleep. Thank you.

Jolie S Adam

Love it Have the free one, find it very comforting.

An Sapphire Gael

Music is awful.

Rae G

No balance. The visualization was fun at first, but about halfway through I visualized myself telling my angel I was bored. I did my best to stay engaged by focusing into environmental details. Additionally, I think it focused too much on one energy center of the body and I came out of it feeling that my qi was out of balance. I could feel lots of high energy in the frontal lobes of my brain to the point of feeling heat in my forehead, but my body from the chest down felt uncomfortable and tired.

Jazz Bastard

Truely Disappointed I am extremely disappointed with the whole app. How it is created, as well as, the contridicturous use of god!!! To the blasphemous intent of using god and his helpers to profit off of other sadness and struggles. It is truely disrespectful to god, as well as, the constant number of people who are continuously victimized by the creaters selfish acts of financial gain!!! May god one day provide u with the justice that is deserved for your inconsiderate and careless act of greed...

Kathy Kingston

Just try it Ive never had success with meditation until I was told let thoughts come and go, don't focus on them, don't answer questions. Hear them then let them go. So I was skeptical. This is the first guided done I've had work. While my imagery was blurred and I could only feel not see, I have been told it's cause I'm still new to the process and to keep going, as I y used to what will happen next, the vision will come because I'll know what to expect. I love that she has an accent. It makes much easier to connect

Louise Pike

Highly recommended I enjoyed it so much I brought the add on ones. The angel ballroom is my favorite. I got to dance with my Dad. And the best thing is that I can go back when ever I want. Thank you so much, this app is a great healer.

Lisa Jepson

How much are the extra sessions This app is good. However, the extra sessions I'd like to download but wont unless I know how much they are first. I want to know before I confirm a download. Anyone know??

Monika Scholze

OMG, love it.. Meeting my angel and first love to dance with had me in tears. I don't normally cry.God bless... Smile

sundown man

Angel ballroom I was happy that I got to meet my guardian angel. And I thought it was God that I was going to dance with turned out to be my great grandma and Aunt Sue. Got to dance with both of them during the meditation so brought happiness to me.

Peter Nichols

Beautiful, app when my angel said there was someone to meet me I tho it would be my MUM, but it was my best mate who died tragically on new years eve, really helped me to feel at peace and accept the loss. Brought tears to my eyes but felt so much love..

Donna Maez

Dancing with my Angel This will put love in your life

Kim Philo

Angel staircase Lovely meditation. Always helps me in times of stress

Clare King

This app has helped me a lot it is brilliant

Lisa Seydel

Fantastic. Would highly recommend

Karen Wall

Good Loved it

Donna Watson

Angel staircase Amazing very spiritual app listen too free one n bought the rest well worth the money.different staircase for whatever stress you have,soothing voice n music.anyone that has a interest in reiki very useful.more intense if used with earphones many of my friends hav bought this and use it during the night if the wake n can't gt back over lovely b4 bedtime 2

Michelle Gilchrist

Disappointed with saying free but you have to buy the rest. Better ones out there.

Stephanie Barag

Beautiful sayings These quotes are very uplifting, angelic and soothing to the mind and soul.

Gabrielle G

This is an amazing program I don't think I have maxed to stay awake all the way through any of the sessions it works so well and is so calming and relaxing.

Michelle Mould

Lovely Very calming

Shabana Khan

Very relaxing Loved it

Lindelle Shaw

Great meditation & music I use this to go to sleep to. I have severe anxiety and this helps.

Libby Heartson

Feeling angels love I've never felt anything quite like this. It takes me to another place for a while sometimes I laugh sometimes I cry but it helps so much xxx

Kevin Mehegan

Right on target Beautiful Feather by my car door this morning angels are real

T Hill

Best series I've tried so far Paid version. Voice is at just the right pace and the music is high quality. The time of each one, about 25 minutes is just right. I've tried many of these and this is the best one.

Priscilla C Stewart

So peaceful.... Thank you for this

Bhawana Jain

Very beautiful & soothing

Lori Pawsome

Awesome I collect angels and I have two grandson, and when they were little. We collected angel feathers we have a angel vase filled with them. Ok they are turkey feathers lol,? but the Angels dropped them so they could find them...?

Stephanie Stsvens

Don't know what u would do without Have a hard time sleeping without. Just lost my dad, which has been 1of the hardest things to deal with in my life and this has been the only thing that has helped. Thank you

Elizabeth Pratt

Angel Staircase Gently calming. Calming journey. Slept right through night after listening to this. Emotional, in a very nice way. Will purchase more journeys. Everyone should try this app.

Mariola Nawracaj

M Very helpful

Napdong Longs

Nice app Best of the best app ever

Tasha Fletcher

Very soothing helps me sleep thru the night. I dunno how but it works better than my sleeping pills...?

Brenda Orazio

Love this App!!! Really love everything about it. Helps me really relax and go right to sleep. Just wish it was completely free. Otherwise am definitely loving it! !!

Kim Halls Dance

Centering and Relaxing I use this app at bedtime and anytime during the day when I need to center and re-gain peace.

- Sz

Bliss What a way to relax so soothing definately recommend

Melinda Barnes

Lovely app blessings.

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