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10 May

Posted by Madalynn in Communication | May 10, 2015 | 117 Comments

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AndroIRC is your new IRC client!

• File transfer (DCC)
• Compact mode to reduce screen usage of UI
• mIRC colors
• auto join channels on startup
• nickserv auth
• Android notifications
• copy & paste
• logging
• sasl auth (plain and blowfish)
• Multiple servers connections (SSL support)
• Easy access menu to kick, ban, change privileges...
• FiSH support (needs Android 2.3 or above)
• Tablet support
• SSL certificate support
• /Ignore support
• Nick and channels completion
• Proxy support
• Shortcuts
• Handle irc:// links
• And much more!

If you want to report some issues or bugs, please use our support page: You can also find all latest news on our website,

Note: Starting with AndroIRC 3.2, a new permission is required to get access to your location. This is *only* for the new action "Share my location" and nothing else! Moreover, AndroIRC *does not* have access to a precise position (given by GPS), but only to an approximate one (given by the network).

Whats new

    - File transfer (aka DCC) is finally supported! Exchange files with your friends right now!
    - A new compact mode is available if you want to reduce screen usage (see options in preferences).
    - Ads are no longer shown is the user is premium (sorry for that!)
    - Fix for blank window on screen rotation
    Full change-log is available here:

Madalynn part of our Communication and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 10, 2015. Google play rating is 79.8559. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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dodi novianto

Almost perfect Only sometimes it closed all server and channel, after dcc received finish. Could you fix that bug?

Dwayne Duncan

Great IRC app Really works well on my Samsung Galaxy.

missie rose

disconnect is grayed out couldnt press on disconnect and reconnect.option is juat blank

Firecrystals Crystals

Broken in the last update This app was working like a charm till the last upgrade which broke it. I can no longer download books through the app and that was the only reason I installed it in the first place. I'll increase my rating if this can be fixed

Robert Root

Awsome Keeps randomly disconnecting

Robert Enright-Pasic

Solid IRC client I haven't had any problems with it, it's fast, with no lag and is stable.. Haven't tried other clients for android, but this one is great and solid. Definitely worth the purchase to remove the ads... I would do it again in a heartbeat.. One you learn it...everything becomes second nature...PROPS on adding colors and styles.. The only thing I ran across as striking is that (for now) /CHANLIST is not included, but than again, if you're going to IRC, you likely know where you are going ... Cheers, happy chatting :]P


Ok Very happy about DCC despite occasional hiccups. My biggest complaint is the settings. Every time I quit the app or restart my phone all of the settings are lost and I'm shown the quick start guide. Frustrating to have to setup everything again including nick and auto join. Otherwise it is a very simple and useful IRC client.

Isai Castro

ZNC doesn't work AND it crashes I'm a VERY heavy IRCer so I use a BNC, I read on the description of this that it works great on ZNC but I have many messages so the minute I connect it freezes then crashes. And sometimes it crashes for no reason, nothing is happening then it turns black and crashes! My system doesn't even say it crashes, it just randomly closes

Megan Thrasher

Good app, but it disconnects too much on it own. It's good, easy app. I don't have a problem with it. But if I go to another app or even to the home screen. it'll close out and restart the app on it own. It didn't do it so much at first but now every time I open the app it does it. And it'll keep doing it until I close the app out myself. It doesn't matter if I'm connected or not. But other than that problem it's a good app. When you fix that problem I'll give it five stars.

Ahmed Afdal

Problem with dalnet I can no longer access using dalnet niether via wifi nor data sim ، always unable to resolve loop , am not sure why

Zachary Miscikoski

Crashes constantly and random disconnects With the recent updates AndroIRC crashes constantly often to the point to where the device becomes unresponsive and must be hard powered off (not good). I loved this app prior to these last few updates. The issue becomes worse with each new update. Also the application randomly disconnects me from IRC servers. I am a long time IRC user and network admin and know these are not due to ping timeouts, etc.

Helena Glowacki

Problem with DCC once file completed Love the DCC option never thought this option would be brought on to mobile app for irc but loving it. There is only 1 problem with DCC depending on the file extention,once completed the application crashes on numerous occasions ever since the last update.

Omg Xai

Strange behavior If i manually /quit from a server it automatically reconnects in 5 seconds. If we forget for a while how wrong that is from a design aspect, to automatically respawn the socket i explicitly asked to be killed.. is it possible to stop it?

Rain Silves

It's nice But I have to log into a server manually each time. It doesn't save it on a list.

Murtaza A

No problems so far, nice design, lots of options. Ideal app for IRC.

Lincoln Baker

Random disconnects, notification bugs This IRC client is okay, but I'm finding that it has severe issues with unexpectedly closing and duplicating notifications. If I try to press the home or back key, it will occasionally disconnect from all the servers that are running. Notifications are glitchy as well, clogging up my notification bar with copies of the same query or refusing to tell who the sender is. On a lesser note, I would like to see nicknames assigned colors, but this is not really an issue and more of a personal preference.

Jory Seibert

All that I needed This app does everything I wanted it to. It's a lightweight IRC app.

Ursula Major

latest version broke nick complete Samsung note 3 doesn't have physical search key. previous versions had a little transparent magnifying glass for nick completion, this is now gone. been using this app 2 years now, the loss of auto complete is the only thing holding me back from rating 5

Chris Hemmah

Nice app Love the app so far. One thing. Support page isn't working right so ill post here. Would love to hide the big color theme icon right in the text field, it does not need to be there taking up valuable screen space, put colors under settings.

Pietro Sammarco

Finally a decent IRC client for Android. For the developer. Man what can I say, good stuff. Just it lags way too much when moving from a channel to another especially if one of the channels have many users. Give me a smooth transition between moving back and forth between channels and I will buy the pro version and bump the rating up to 5. Thanks

Jeffrey Matthews

Like the new design, some issues and suggestions I had strayed away from Androirc in the past because of cluttered design. I think the new material look is doing wonders for the aesthetic and functionality of the app. Honestly I only have two major gripes with the new app. One, I wish there was a way to put channels into a navmenu on the side instead of tabs, as a user with many channels can be swiping for quite some time. And second, not sure what is causing this but when I get a new query the app keeps telling me that user is online. Great otherwise.

Daniel Kempton

Great IRC Program for android I am a lover of mIRC for the PC. This is closest IRC Program I have found for my Android phone. Allows to connect to multiple servers and watch multiple channels at the same time.

Jez Hamann

Nice Does what it says. Would like a option to have notifications on people saying stuff in channels. Aswell as that an option to remove the colours button as it is buggy and I dont think it applies to the channels/servers I go on. Also maybe an option to clear the channel whilst staying connected

Mauricio Mora Meza

WiFi connection Lost I cannot connect with WiFi. With mobile data everything is OK, but as soon as I connect to WiFi my irc servers get disconnected. What is wrong? Help please.

Nick Brocchini

A bug? I can't adjust music volume while the app is in the foreground? When I background it, I can. Weird.

Not An NSA Agent

Much needed update It actually works now. Thanks!

Dustin Bennett

Permanent Icon on Notification Bar Will rate better when fixed.

Joseph Bruce

Well done. Very well done. The developer consistently updates and is always improving the client

Paul Lorette

Crashes after file transfer The client becomes non-responsive and closes upon completion of a file transfer. The file does finish transferring and remains intact however it's kind of annoying. Otherwise a great app, will change rating to 5 stars and consider purchasing ad free version if this is fixed. Samsung Galaxy S4

Gord Allott

Random disconnects Disconnects at random in places AndChat does not, probably for power saving but unneeded and unwanted. Would be basically perfect without the random disconnects but essentially useless with them.

Alice C

Lagged my phone As soon as I entered a channel my phone slowed to a crawl and I couldn't do anything. I had to force a restart by pulling out the battery.

Jenny Scy

The app has definitely improved over time.

Yannick Garwig

Whois broken Will add a 5th star if /whois functionality is restored, currently trying to whois people results in a "wrong command" error, why is that? Whois is a pretty basic irc command/function after all. Other then that, no problems with the app at all

Lorenzo Stilo

Almost perfect... If only you add support for DCC Chat too this will be awesome! I'll wait and hope...

Ethan Phillips

Much better now The weird bugs have been fixed, and I am happily using this client again

Dallas Vinson

No sound Love the interface, but it does not give me any kind of notification sound when minimized. Would also be great if it supported the /sound command.

Zac Hess

Persistent Notification I can't stand not having the option to disable it

Carl Kuhn

Sucks Don't see the means to sort or search for channels.

Павел Евгеньевич

Nice, new release fits all :)

Miscanthy Bluebell

3 years passed. Still no color nicknames function. Are you even serious? Sorry, this is just bullshit.

Eugene Philippov

No support for many of the necessary features Motd is not being displayed; the command /motd does not work as expected (does seemingly nothing). Rusnet IRC network servers' motd contains the vital cyrillic encodings (character sets) config info.

Никита Кириллин

:'( I do not understand English at all nor understand anything, please add the Russian language

Aital Xenofontov

Bad Very bad

andre oid

!!! Stupid chat

Edward Domka

One flaw Many irc clients have the option to assign random colors to users. This way each nick has a unique color making each user stand out. With everyone's nick the same color it's not only Hard on they eyes but also makes the experiance very unpleasant.

Alex Patrenko

Fantastic App! Great client if you like to IRC alot and just cant stand to be away from your favorite IRC server even for a moment. 5 Stars. However, its probably just my Droid, but I have trouble getting it to notify me on highlights and such. This is of no consequence though. Great app!

Gabriel Hardesty

Great Client, but missing auto-reconnect I have a spotty connection at my house. Most clients have an auto-reconnect feature, but this one unfortunately doesn't. Hopefully it'll come in a new update because I really like the ui/ux

Matt Ixlair

A good IRC app with some flaws I enjoy using this IRC app but it has some glaring flaws and things don't work the way they should. For instance, when disconnected, the app should automatically switch to the next Nick you specified in the setup when it sees the old Nick is still on the server. The automatic reconnect function also doesn't function correctly. Also, when you disconnect and reconnect, any query windows open don't function anymore. Otherwise, its a fine app, but these issues need to be resolved.

James Ryan Villamora

Finally! My prayers have been heard. Thank you for making dcc available. You don't know how happy I am with this. Its just that everytime a download finishes, the app seems to restart. But still, I like it. /ctcp doesn't work though, if you can add that I will donate :)


New update sucks the new update screwed something with the menu(the one from the right side up) on phone with res of 400x800 doesn't show.

Niels de Vries

Good Works great, only sad thing is that i get a NickServ message window open

Nolan Wagner

Colors Some of the colors are a bit hard to read on the dark theme on the MOTD page. There also doesn't seem to be an option to strip colors from messages. Should be an option for those of us who don't want colors in messages at all. Also give the option to color nicks randomly, as that helps keep track of who said what. If you can correct these issues, I'd be happy to give 5 stars.

Daniel Mason

Great app Just needs coloured nicks and it'll get 5 stars :)

Randy Long

Can't connect Says I need to connect via SASL. WTF?

Ginger Everhs

It Was Great While It Was Functional I'm not sure when, but I fairly recently am no longer able to connect to any Freenode servers. I thought it might've been something I accidentally set to make it not work, but a reinstall didn't resolve it. It seems to not matter if I'm using 3G or WiFi.

Mike Hess

Great design, all the features you need. The design of AndroIRC really impressed me. Boring protocol stuff is easily automated in settings. Gets you straight to the chat. Well worth the $3 bucks.

Akim Aziz

Great apps It works well on me

Isai Castro

Bug For some reason, if you /join #channel,#channel2, it'll make #channel into ##channel.

Oguz Ergin

Great but Save custom server and recent channels

Rishabh Tatiraju

Perfect IRC app This IRC app is the best in the market. Material design makes it a beautiful app to use.

Kyle Sandeman

One or two irritations, but great overall. One, i often use an unconventional internet connection (usb) and this app refuses to join new server since "there's no connection" but connects just fine if its autoconnect on launch. Two, please only rotate the screen if it is enabled on device... Three, please add a confirmation dialog to closing a channel, as it has happened accidentally a few times now

Daniel Mason

Great app - however lack of colored nicks Just needs colored nicks and easy 5 star. Would even pay for it!

Andy M

5 star app but I wouldn't pay (yet) The best designed and function-wise irc client on android I think. Only downside its a bit too pricey for a leisure/chat app. The technology is old, all APIs are well known etc etc so the price should hit bottom, I wouldn't hesitate to pay if it is, and I think many would agree.

Mohamed Hamouda

Great app but.. ignoring with the ip address isn't working and it's annoying .. fix and you'll have my 5 stars .. great work!

Griffin Lewis

Lovely app, but a few suggestions for improvement Works well with a bouncer, mIRC colors are perfect. Love the custom notification list, especially that its per server. Few suggestions though: 1) Fix the rotation in the settings even though I have it disabled on my phone. 2) Colored nicks 3) Make max history size per server, as highlight list is. 4) Add a confirgurable reconnect attempt feature, like AndChat's. Overall though, very nice and well thought out app!

Flegheru Albert

Since the last update it disconects itself every 5-6 minutes ( Ping Timeout) It is a very good app but the latest update screwed it up. Before that, I could have stayed logged in for days and never got disconnected.

Dan Mossor

Possibilities, but not quite there Two advertised features simply don't work - androirc will not authentic me to Freenode either through SASL or nickserv. Also, it will not reconnect to the network, even though the setting is turned on. I'm off to search for a new IRC client, this one ain't it.

Jeffrey Cyr

I so very much love this app And beyond working as one would expect. .. they also had trick or treat as the advice on Halloween! I'd give extra stars for style if I could!

Courtney Ruggiero

Can't connect. I can no longer connect to any of the servers on the app. I now have high speed internet and even that won't. Servers still work with mibbit so they're not offline.. Please fix.

Joseph Armstrong

Great App Would just like the /List command to be more organised, such as sorting by users or alphabetical.

Bhurin Chucharat

Hard to connect There are few issues I had when using this app. First, sometime I cannot connect to server I want while other app can connect right away. Secondly, whenever large file (300mb or above) download finished, this app error and force close. This app would perfect if these issues are solve.

Mark Cramer

Awesome application Very well written application. It takes me back to when I was a mIRC script kiddy in the 90's/early 2k's when I made very clean and elegant themes.

Becky Ward

There is no support for this app. The irc channel is abandoned, the twitter is dead, the facebook is dead, the "AndroIRC Support Centre" website is gone. So if you have any problems, well. Maybe you'll get lucky and find help in the community. I liked the app, but no support is a serious problem.

C Rogers

Major bug: Changing nickname has no effect. Always connects as AndroUser, which is in use on freenode. Unusable. Edit: once you connect to a channel, you are stuck with the nick you had in settings. Changing the settings then has no effect. Uninstall/reinstall required to fix, then stuck again once you connect to freenode. Fix for 5 stars.


nice app works perfectly fine. If there is an option to keep the screen awake, it would be very good. Not that it has to be the default, though.

Tobias Karlsson

You still has ads in today's world? No thank you I'll just pick up a IRC version that does everything this can do, and possibly better which also doesn't have ads.

Austin D

Frequent crashes App works great when it works. Crashes often and have to reboot my phone each time. LG G3.

Rodrigo García Martín

Problems... Type bar/indicator is white and background is whiye, so you cant see where are you typing...

Mr Big

Buggy This app works but is extremely buggy. For example I often get crashes whenever I query a user (2 of my phones did this). There's a bunch of other bugs that are annoying and affect not being able to connect to servers. The people who work on this app should seriously do some bug fixing with the next version because it needs it badly.


Does not work or not following the instructions given. Enough uninstall

wendy champion

Terrific! I use this so I can chat with everyone on osu! Whilst I don't have my PC and it's very easy to use, set up, add servers, chat. etc.) I can keep up with everything well and the highlights are great! A couple of suggestions just to improve this almost perfect app, maybe add swearing filters, and allow people to assign colours to users in order to spot them out quickly! Thanks again! ^-^

K. P. Badertscher

I love this app, and I use it whenever I need to chat with my IRC buddies when I'm away from my computer. I even sprung for the premium version. It's great!

Kay Eff

Works Just works flawlessly and has everything you need for irc for mobile.

Kyle L.

The app is designed nice.. Not a fan of the permanent notification in the status bar

Tony Hoyle

This app is abandoned, which is a pity as it was quite good. Crashing bugs have forced me to look elsewhere.

Shane Olds

Ping timeouts Every few minutes using the same WiFi as desktop which stays connected to the same channel.

Angel Lemus

Nice IRC client Needs an ignore list like andchat.

Kevin Carlo Honrade

Really good Except for the lack of auto-reconnect after ping timeout

Prana Adiwira

Pretty good! One thing that I want is like do this command when joining that channel.

Malachai Oder-Kies

I'm having problems with Wi-Fi and connection with this app. I can connect to the server when I'm using mobile data, but I can't connect to any server via Wi-Fi. I have tried this on many different Wi-Fi connections, and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I have also tried restarting the device, all to no avail.

James Preston

Looks great, has plenty options, doesn't drain battery like crazy, and has no issues with bouncers. Only problem is with nick completion, it doesn't add a comma or colon and space after doing so, which is a minor nuisance when trying to address someone.

Chris Vydas

CON: awkward GUI. closing connection to channels by holding down on the tab feels strange, but even more strange... how do you close connection to the server when there is only a close all option. CON: no bandwidth options of any kind. so say i am connected to the home wifi and begin a DCC transfer, what happens is AndroIRC steals all the available bandwidth for the download...not cool when your wife/kids in the next room are streaming netflix. CON: opening irc links from the web browser or irc xdcc search engines does not connect me to the proper channel that the packages are on, the client gets as far as the server but then i have to do additional commands to connect to the correct channel. PROS: Finally a android irc client that supports resume on DCC transfers, however i was sorely disappointed when AndroIRC failed to notify me it had in fact resumed. As of now this is probably the only reason to choose AndroIRC over my preferred android irc client. So good job on that score, too bad AndroIRC doesn't have more going for it.

Federica Scalvini

The main problem with this app is notification. You have only from query or if someone use your nickname in a channel. It is really so difficoult to improve it? Everything else works just fine.

mihai alexandru

I cannot see someone's idle/online time, also i can't set an away msg longer than 1 single word (is not taking more) and the interface..must be changed a bit.. Maybe nice colours, dark theme.. Similar to irccloud

Sgt Pyroman

Please add pitch black theme for AMOLED devices! (Or, the ability to change the colour variables for the default/primary text but especially the background.)

Michael Chan

Need nick highlighting Good client. Wish it could highlight all nicknames using colours like Textual does.

Haider Ali

Nice but Authentication with NickServ needs improvement I like this client a lot but the NickServ Authentication keeps the message window opened and displays my password

Brandon Horn

Good IRC app, But one thing... Why is it so difficult to completely exit out the app. Sometimes I find myself still connected when I thought I disconnected. Nope it's stuck running in the background eating up my data when I'm not on my Wi-Fi.


This is a great IRC client, the design is nice diverse settings and I might end up throwing the money down for this client. The one thing it lacks is robust auto reconnect with settings for it. If the author added this I'd say this is the best IRC client on Android.

Stank Pants

It's still a good app, but... Unfortunately I think the devs have abandoned it at this point, no news since May 2015, and I have frequent timeouts from my bouncer. Frustrating considering this was the best IRC app available while they supported it.

Chris Vydas

Growing on me PROS: Now that I've used this more it's starting to grow on me. Resume on DCC transfers is supported and that is a big deal! Seeing how androirc is the only client that supports it. CON: no bandwidth options of any kind, AndroIRC steals all the available bandwidth for DCC downloads...not cool when you don't have those options available/accessable in the router you're connecting through not to mention data plans. CON: opening irc links from the web browser not handled well.

Dahlia van Gelder

Thots at install. Have been using ANDchat. Love it with exceptions: (1) I cant copy from the backscroll. (2) It disconnects, web pages, switch from wifi to/from mobile data. \n. I fear in-app purchases. What are they? AndChat has no ads. AndChat has SASL, autojoin, logging, colors, font size control, inpur history, nick completion. It is a great program; 2 desires.

Kevin Rickman

Good app Its a good app for irc on android, but if you dont use the servers they have you have to enter your own and it doesnt have an option to save it. It is very tedious to enter an alternate server when you use the app alot.

Firecrystals Crystals

Broken in the last update **Update** As promised, increasing the rating as i can download books again!! This app was working like a charm till the last upgrade which broke it. I can no longer download books through the app and that was the only reason I installed it in the first place. I'll increase my rating if this can be fixed

Jc Adduono

Doesn't stay connected I always lose connection at some point and the channels get strike-out and it won't reconnect. I have to start a new server connection. I wish it would reconnect properly.


Good but missing features It would be nice to have the ability to run on boot and automatically reconnect on disconnect or perhaps a scripting system (written in javascript or a custom syntax) where users can customize how the app works, sort of like mIRC.

Danila Gerasimov

decent client with essential features missing Works well, but long-term usability suffers from lack of small but essential features: autoreconnect, colored nicks, monospace font. These are not hard to implement and would improve the experience a lot.

Fahad Mehar

Fix This. If you want 5 stars. ** You are now disconnected (Ping timeout)

Shaun J

Hamburger menu Would be nice to have the option to switch to hamburger menu channel switcher. Scrolling through can be a chore and have accidentally closed channels a few times

Matt Ward

Won't identify me automatically I changed the settings and still won't automatically identity me, so i have to put in my password every time. Uninstalling

Christopher Bonini

Update: @blinkseb on Twitter recently said an app update is incoming! I give this app four stars because of one issue and three missing features. The issue I have is that occasionally, after some time in the background, AndroIRC will disconnect from the servers and then will reconnect fresh when switched back to. For features, it would be nice (especially in regards to the above issue) if the last 20 or so lines from the last session were shown when rejoining the same channel on the same server. Logging is already built-in so this seems easy to add. Second, on servers that use NickServ authentication it would be nice if the NickServ query tab is suppressed during the initial connection. Having to close these queries gets tedious after a while. Last, I'd like an option to dismiss the user list drawer on tablets, being able to summon it with a swipe from the right just like on phones.

Chris Rehm

Love it. My only gripe is that I wish the color pallet icon was removable or moved because I frequently hit it instead of the send button.

Fahad Mehar

Fix This. If you want 5 stars. Hello, There is an bug in AndroidIRC. It disconnect by ** You are now disconnected (Ping timeout) please resolve this issue thanks.


Used to love it Locks up my note 5 running stock 6.0.1 and will not work at all since last update. Would be 5 stars but it no longer functions for me.

Works great Can we get an import and export function on configuration? I have some long server passwords I can't paste so this would be really helpful

Phill Evans

Sweet IRC app Apart from a Notify facility (if it's there I can't find it) this excelent app does everything you could need.

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