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26 Jul

Posted by Elad Avron in Entertainment | July 26, 2016 | 190 Comments

Apk file size: 2.1 MB

"Android Troper" is now simply named "Troper" to comply with Google's new app guidelines. 
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A browser, searcher and reader for the popular website "TV Tropes".
• Browse and read TV Tropes articles (you can even set the app as a default for TV Tropes links!)
• Read tons of stuff at once with TABS!
• Night Mode - protect your eyes and your screen in the dark by turning the interface dark.
• Be safe with spoilers hidden by default - read them by clicking!
• Optimized view for tablets.
• Search the website for articles of your interest.
• Bored? Use the 'Random' button for a random article!

This app has been tested on Android 4.4, 5.1 and 6.0.1.
It is highly recommended though to use the latest version of android!

All the actual content displayed in this app is by the users of

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

Whats new

    • The app will no longer crash on startup if it fails clearing cache
    • The closing tab graphic caused crashes so it has been removed.
    • Offline Articles - save articles for reading even when you have no connection.
    • Caching! Re-visiting a page should now be much faster
    • You can now delete all contents of a list (Favorites, Recent, Offline, etc.) from the list itself.
    • Pull down to refresh to get the newest version of an article.
    • Even more bug fixes

Elad Avron part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 26, 2016. Google play rating is 88.8852. Current verison is 2.9.1. Actual size 2.1 MB.

Download android-troper.apk 2.1 MB


Gordon Wetmore

Charge Money! Sell Ads! This app makes Tvtropes viewable on Android. The nighttime mode alone is worth the price of admission. Which is free! Be sure to show your professors how you have applied the knowledge they have imparted to you. Also suggest they adjust (UPWARD! Very Important Distinction!) your GPA to reflect this! No cost, no ads, no bugs. Well done.

Conal Walsh

Great app, beautiful features Clearly a lot of care has gone into the design of this app, I'm very happy for the involvement of a read later list, favourites and, most importantly for me, night mode. Thanks for making this app, I reccomend it very highly!

Amy Symons

Awesome Just as addictive (if not more) than the site itself, I am glued to it most of the day!

Zachary Battle

Best way to see tropes on the go This is probably one of the best tvtropes apps on any app based marketplace and it's rather simple to use. Only problem I've had is more due to tvtropes rather than the app.

Ken Varghese

Interesting feature If you use it for longer than fifteen minutes, it will subtly prod you to do something else by crashing

Tanya S

Best way to read tvtropes This has been one of my few must-have apps since I first started using a smartphone. Update: Even if this app eventually does malfunction due to tvtropes' upgrades, my rating stays the same.

Keegan Schneberger

Thanks for fixing it! :) Now the top bar of the page with Triva and YMMV is fixed! Thank you so much!!! :) :) :)

Oisin Linnane

Wonderful reference tool. Great resources for writers and actors

James Rake II

Great app, but This was a great app for viewing TV Tropes, however with their site update, it no longer works. My rating of five stars will remain however.

A Google User

Great features, please improve speed This is, in terms of features, theoretically superior to Lampshade. The only reason I mostly use the latter is that it loads pages 3-4 times faster than Android Troper (about 4s as opposed to about 14s).

Rhyzak Hoellenth

Much time lost. I love it! I like the new blue! So quick, Read-later, favorites, quick browsing of related tropes on same page. Really good!

Laura Noe

Cool app Love the app. Hope you can support it going forward.

Sammy Huang

Oh, I get it No wonder the app crashes a lot. The app might stop working

Caleb Webster

Thanks This is an amazing app and I just wanted to thank you for using your free time to make it where people like me can still browse tvtropes.

rachel fleming

Great site I visit this app at least once a day and I don't know how I coped without it.

Pluto Bone

Thank you for working so hard on this. You're a pretty cool guy. : )


I love it This sure is a Crowning Moment of Awesome ! P.S : Can you please port it to iOS ?

Marc Schiffres

Great Does everything right, but the only problem is that trying to back out if the app takes to from the home screen to the home screen again, and pressing back a second time gets you out.

Jesse Vangarde

Great App This app is a Crowning Moment of Awesome!

Max Zitzer

Great TVTropes wrapper. I find this better than Lampshade.

Andrew Stead

Smooth and clear

anirudh narayan

Helpful! An absolute must have for crazies like me. Thanks.

Rael Garcia

Something missing There's no option for me to check relevant pages of a work, like going between the main article and the YMMV one or the FanficRecs one. Please add that feature. In addition, the "browser history" has ONLY the first page I visited.

Curtis Alderman

Thank you Love this app I have both tvtrope apps and use them both. People that gave it low scores where can I download your tropes app...?

Eleanor Kearney

Awesome app.

Vlad Ilie

Great. Works flawlessly on 2.2.2

Alec Rozmiarek

Nice looking with a good interface to easily browse. Far easier than your phone's web browser. There, unfortunately, is no offline mode, and the pages will sometimes reload automatically, causing problems if you want to open a page and save it for later. The only real issue for me is how often the app crashes. Often the app will get stuck in a loading loop and crash, or just crash without warning. Often occurs when you open more than two or three pages. Good app overall, but has some crash issues.

Aslak Cornelis

Good but unreliable Hi. I like the way you handle the browser and I use this app frequently. However I have experienced numerous crashing issues that close all my tabs. It is the most annoying thing ever. It seems to especially occur when I click links directly instead of opening in a new tab however sometimes it's pure random. Please fix this glaring issue so I can give you the 5 stars that you perhaps deserve.

Rogelio Cortez

Night Mode needs to be fixed I feel like the new color scheme is distracting, especially in night mode. The blue side bars and white context notifications demand attention away from the actual content and hurt the eyes. It defeats the purpose of the night mode in my opinion. The color scheme is fine for regular more. Other new features are welcome and satisfactory.

Ryan Curtin

Worse with every update I like the new style, but there are more bugs with every version, the newest one being the worst. Pages cycle endlessly, pages refresh themselves every five seconds, text loads in minutes after pictures and links, and that one bug that closes the entire app when pressing back while typing in the search bar still persists. EDIT: I'm on android 4.4.2, Samsung Galaxy S4, I have more than enough ram.

Sam Maza

Having a bug with the new version that removes titles upon loading the page (so I can't go to any subpages). But otherwise one of my favorite and most used apps, great interface, love the read later and favorite options! 5 stars despite the bug.

Ember Leo

I wish more wikis had this interface! Especially the "read later" vs. Favorites vs many tabs reading now options. Well done!

Joshua Elmore

Titles and images missing. App is great for when I can't fall asleep, but since upgrading to Galaxy S5 Active the titles and images don't load. Even on the menu that shows what articles are open they are just blank.

Christopher Cuthbert

Its a really awesome app for TV Tropes addicts, however with the recent update I can no longer switch between sub categories on pages, and the trope/work title isn't showing up either.

Pasha Spira

I love this app, but currently every time I click random article it keeps taking me to the same one over and over again! Very annoying.

Brandon C

Love It Thanks, now I don't have to go on my crappy browser, but use this on my phone!

Ronel M

Even if the latest update were to break this app I'll still give you 5 The mere fact that you aren't even putting ads on this is amazing.

Finn TheHuman

All of a sudden every time a use the search funtion it always says that what searched doesn't exist...:(

Scout A. Loud

Basic This is brilliant, love the random article function and that i can share stuff :)

Rhyzak Hoellenth

Much time lost. I love it! I like the new blue! So quick, Read-later, favorites, quick browsing of related tropes on same page. Really good!

Harikrishnan Warrier

A Quadratic Wizard is you! You, my friend, are my hero. This app is beautiful, quick and efficient, everything tvtropes could hope to be on android! Monetize the app if you feel like it, my rating stays the same

Lefty Wright

Why can't i log in 5 stars if you add log in button

Benjamin Gaylord

Simple, but works great. Beware how much more time will be spent in the bathroom...

Cody Carson

Warning: Previous updates will lose your favorite list but I'd say the new updates are definitely worth the minor setback

Space Nazi

Amazing This app was amazing, But with Tv Tropes website change it is now broken, once they update this app and fix it, I will change it back to 5 stars. But the guys who run this app have prooven that they will fix it in the past, I expect no less this time around

Seumas Finlayson

Love the app but... The site has undergone development with the Kickstarter fund and this has evidently triggered incompatibility with the app. It urgently needs an update to accommodate the new code. Please move quickly on this! Then I'll rate 5 stars again!

Joseph Monis

Does the job near perfectly I far prefer using the app to the actual site because it has Recently Read, Read Later, and Favorites, which is AWESOME. However, there is one AGGRAVATING deficiency: you can't save tabs across sessions. As such, if you have a lot of tabs open, and it crashes or you accidentally clear it from recents, you have to open each one again manually from the Recently Read list. It would be perfect if not for this. Also, it sometimes crashes when you click a link if "open in new tab" is disabled (see above rant).

Deanna Luster

Search Function has stopped working When it is fixed, I'll go back to rating this app 5 Stars


Great but Lately I can't load any tropes, it keeps asking to load in an external browser but the website is pooooooo! 5 stars when it functions 3 for now

Jared Morvan

Fixed! TV tropes' overhaul rendered this app only half usable. New patch took care of alot :)


Currently not loading pages Normally a 5 star though as of this moment it's not loading any articles with the usual error message. Will 5 star again once issue is resolved

Ellis Meredith-Owen

Was great but not working anymore The App no longer functions, which is a shame as used it all the time.

Drew McLean

Fantastic App! I really like this app- thank you! Had some issues with screen rotation, but the developer suggested locking screen rotation. Currently not working due to changes with TV Tropes. Won't load any pages. I'm very confident developer will fix this- they seem pretty proactive. Low rating is only so this issue is flagged.

Duane Bauer

Great app I use this app instead of the main tvtropes site. Unfortunately the site overhaul made the app not work, but I still give it 5 stars while waiting for that update

Will Abbott

Broken It was working all right, except for the occasional crash, then TV Tropes updated itself to 1.3 and it broke this app.

Lynwood Latourrette

Recently started to constantly fail to load pages, 5 stars when fixed...

Jabar Henv

One current problem It doesn't load any tropes, just shows a blank page...regardless of what you are looking for

Fedor Dubovsky

It used to be good Since the site was redesigned, this app doesn't work, at all.

Joshua Flier

Mostly great app I love the app and it's great that it mostly works after the TVTropes reformat but it can be a little unstable. I've had multiple pages where the app gets stuck constantly reloading the page and eventually crashes.

Jamie Williams

Great TV Tropes app. I only wish I could log on with my account.

Robert Cruz

Not working Not loading searches, my favorites, no idea what's wrong. Please fix ;_;

Finn TheHuman

It stoped working yesturday! I can't load anything!!!!

Matt McDonough

Fine at What it Does, When it Works While the app does its job very well, there is room for improvement. The layout if lackluster, it seems like it can't handle too many tabs that are too big, and sometimes the search tool flat out doesn't work. Aside from that, it does Exactly What It Says On The Tin

Jason Cambra

Fantastic before, but no longer connects to articles.

Alex Miller

Amazing app, but currently Broken I use this great app to browse my tropes, but with the redesign to the site, the app needs a significant update as every page is now broken and inaccessible. Please update soon, I need m' tropes!

Louise Renard

I love it but... Since the last update, the app often gets stuck in a loop where a page keeps opening over and over again (connecting, loading & parsing) until the app crashes...

Ron Baron

No Longer Works I loved this app but it stopped working for me. It is unable to load articles.

Rhonda Shea

Hopefully a fix will be upcoming for the issues caused by the update to the tvtropes website. But I've been a long-time user of this app and always hate when people only start rating stuff when anything goes wrong. I've never really had a problem outside of the current one.

Paulo V

Broken. Overhauled layout caused app to not work. Needs a majot update.

A Google User

Cool app Love the app. Thanks for the search fix!

Keith Henk

Favorite App Only complaint is lately after trying to load a trope page it says it cannot show page after the parsing is done. Fairly sure a fix will come out sooner than later but I figured posting the issue may help the dev.

Chris Smith

Not working at the moment. Avoid until it's fixed.

John Tough

Excellent app I use this app every day.

Azure Ignem

Never enough tropes But sadly the search function stopped working. Help!

Ella Katrine Fischer

Broken I'm a big fan of TV Tropes, but the app appears to be broken.

Ember Leo

I wish more wikis had this interface - When it works Especially the "read later", and tabs options. Well done! ... BUT It stopped working a few days ago suddenly. :( Likely the website's end. I do hope for an update soon!

Omid Tavakoli

Doesn't work I get an error every time it tries to load an article.

Cover Studio

Fix it Recently , it's not loading the page . Only the error message was displayed

Neil Ellwood

One Star until it works again

Emily Humphrey

Great app, but wont work all of a sudden. articles will open in chrome, but i get error message when i try with the app.

Afterthought Carver

Decent It would be nice if you could create the ability to search and view forums and reviews as well.

Casey Rosen

Something broke. I can't open anything anymore, it says there was an error. Fix it it'll be 5 stars.

Seumas Finlayson

Love the app but... The site has undergone development with the Kickstarter fund and this has evidently triggered incompatibility with the app. It urgently needs an update to accommodate the new code. Please move quickly on this! Then I'll rate 5 stars again!

Robert de Dios

Fixed! Now it's the best app ever again Now that it's fixed so that pages can load properly, it's back to being my favorite Android app! I love losing hours just reading up some tropes and trivia about my favorite media! Highly recommend if you love both wikipedia and TV/games/movies/books/music etc!

Ron Baron

Works Once Again This is the definitive way to read TV Tropes on mobile and it's great that it is now working again. Thank you!

Ember Leo

Back to Awesome :) I wish all wiki readers worked like this, especially the "read later", and tabs options. Well done! And the developer is good about updating it whenever the site changes, though major overhauls naturally take a bit longer to fix.


Great This application is a nexus to other worlds. This past month I have felt a little lost without you Android Troper

James Cawthon

Great! Amazing app, easy to use. It may just be better than the actual website. Thanks for fixing everything!

Robert Cruz

IT LIVES!!! App is back and works just like it used to. One minor thing though, please let the back arrow bring back the exit menu to the "Yes I need a break" or "On second thought" pop up. Aside from that, thank you for bringing it back

Ella Katrine Fischer

Broken I'm a big fan of TV Tropes, and the app is really nice

Atomic Robo Tesla

I always loved this app! I'm glad that you've kept it up to date for so long because you did a downright amazing job making it! keep up the good work!

Wesley Sam

App was broken, EDIT: it's working great again. TV tropes updated their website yesterday and this app is broken by the changes. EDIT 2/24/16: the app has been fixed and is working properly again.

Drew McLean

Fantastic! Having TV Tropes in my pocket makes anything bearable. This app is great as it makes access so simple. I recommend this to any user of the site, after trying other TVTropes readers.

Casey Rosen

It's fixed! Yes! It's finally back! I love this!

Dong-Soo Park

Fixed! The update fixed the problem. Now everything is back to it's good self!

Travis Vance

Update fixed problem. The Feb 2016 update fixed the error. Wishlist: new site version matching appearance? Heavy CSS tweaking and porting though, so I know that's kind of a long shot.

Deanna Luster

Hurray! It's working again My favorite app! Use it every day!

Au Yong Kah Kiat Sean

Thank you admin. The app works again

Chris Smith

Not working at the moment. Avoid until it's fixed.

Kecora Valheit

Works now. Thanks for the update!

Lynwood Latourrette

This is the best app in existence...

Ellis Meredith-Owen

Works like a charm Since the update it works perfectly. Good job and thanks. :)

Finn TheHuman

Awesome it works again!!!! Thanks!

Richard Eggert

Yay! It works again. Now that it works again, it's back to being an excellent way to kill time.

Keith Henk

Favorite App Dev responded to complaint kindly and fixed said app in a timely matter without removing or shifting any key features. This is one of the best apps I've had. Would recommend.

Colleen Weighill

Awesome Better than the web page.


Thanks for the fix!

Chaz Kildare

Meh. Was excited for the app, but it keeps failing to load any article. .period.

Denise Perry

Even easier than reading on the computer! Sadly, it no longer works after the web site updated. It's a shame, because the "read later" feature was fantastic.

Andrew Holka

Does not work. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Ben Conner

Best toilet companion. Bug report: has not been loading pages, possibly due to a change in TV tropes site. I'm not going to be a d-bag and hold you hostage with a 1 star review. Great app. Would poop again.

Helen Yip

Love this app. It's so handy and easier to read compared to the phone's internet browser. One thing I do wish to see would be a link preview option. I dislike clicking a highlighted chunk of text and redirecting to another page to see what the trope is when I'm not done reading or opening a background tab to it that I will forget until I close the app.

Daniel Braunstein

When it works, it works fantastic. Problem is, it isn't working (again). Randomly stopped accessing pages around 8pm PST yesterday. Same problem as the one a few months back.

Jason Grinstead

We're back, baby Droidtropes is back and working after the major sits update.. Bathroom breaks at work will never be the same...

Lisa Krajecki

Much better! It seems that the vast majority of the bugs were fixed.

Jennifer Wiggins

Edit: It works great! Love it! Sorry for being angry before.

Dipanjan Das

Awesome App! Just what you need. I suggestion though... Is it possible to integrate an offline read or save page feature??

Richard Fu

Disappointed Was a great app, but disappointed about the loss of search. Have you considered using a different search provider to get results? Or require your own API key for search?

Tavo Torres

Developer Goes All the Way Despite horrible setbacks and the like, I love how dedicated the developer of the app works to fix it regardless of what happens. Personally I wish TV Tropes would contact him to work with him regarding the app, they're missing out.

Robert de Dios

Great App, Dedicated Developer Despite facing difficulties, the developer is incredibly dedicated to making the experience as smooth and updated as possible. If you like TV shows, games, movies, books, and such, this app is a fantastic way to access TV Tropes. I highly recommend it and, again, I wish to praise the developer for being so hardworking and caring of this app. :)

Nick Z

Still Excellent Is the search function ugly? Sure. Does it work? Yes! And the rest of the app works so well that it doesn't matter how awkward the search function workaround is.

Drew McLean

Fantastic! Having TV Tropes in my pocket makes anything bearable. This app is great as it makes access so simple. I recommend this to any user of the site, after trying other TVTropes readers.

Jacqui B

UPDATED REVIEW 16/6/16 Confession: I uninstalled this app, but reinstalled it today. Sure, the search is a bit slow and clunky, but there is now a search! That's all I needed! However, I actually really enjoy my previous way of searching- hitting "Random" and clicking links until I got what I wanted! Also- I found that if the search ever goes kaput again, you can search through your Internet browser, and when you click the link, my phone, at least, gives the choice of opening via this app. So we're good either way. Thanks!

rachel fleming

Its working again. Thanks for both replying and getting it working I am very grateful!

Wesley Sam

Working properly now App's been fixed. Again. You, sir, are a true hero.

Rasheeda Joshua

Working again! Yay! The app is working again! Search is better now Imo since it looks more like the actual site. Happy the app didn't have to be scrapped entirely

Keegan Hoover

Love the app Have you considered adding another random button, one for tropes and one for media, like on the website? Again, great app, thanks for putting in the effort to make and maintain it

Ahmed Reza

Update It works now.


Great The app works great and the developer is seriously amazing

Jam H

Working once more :)

Stanley Ramdhany

Update: The developers have since fixed the problem below, and the app is essentially perfect now. Great to see developers who care about their product! Previously, I had also been having the problem others described where the search function turns blank results, on both Lollipop and Marshmallow devices. In any case, this is a great app for browsing and saving TVTropes articles on any device, and it's well-optimized for tablets (where I do most of my reading). The night mode is especially appreciated, and with this app, you can browse through TVTropes even more efficiently than the website itself!

Michael Metzler

In the meantime, Google searching a particular tropes page and then opening it seems to be a workaround. Google Chrome seems to be able to open search results within the app

Ron Baron

Sad to See it Go This was a fantastic app but I understand that the developer really has no choice since.

Henry Castro

The designer is a saint He takes the time to update the app, for no money, no matter how drasticly the website changes.

David Kontra

The best way to waste time Hands down the best way to read tvtropes. To the developer, you are a gosh darn hero

Alec Toller

Fixed search function Search function has been fixed! I love TV Tropes!

robin kirk-whitman

Remember how you fixed the bug where searching doesn't get any results? It turns out you didn't.

Deelan J.

(Edited) Thank you for the update! It's a shame about Google's API being the showstopper. Please know that I still love this app. Not removing those stars anytime soon. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in so far, and without requiring any money from us to boot. Hope you find a workaround in the future! :)

Nick Fisherman

Is there anything we can do…besides maybe donating money? Should we contact TVTropes to ask for their API, or should we start a petition? What do you need? It's ridiculous that the site doesn't have an app. If we could just get this to work, we would be golden. EDIT: I see. That's terrible. Welp, I'm not dropping your stars, because I still prefer your interface.

Will Abbott

Broken It was working all right, except for the occasional crash, then TV Tropes updated itself to 1.3 and it broke this app. EDIT: As of 14 May search doesn't work. EDIT: The update to fix the search problem worked for the first search and not again.

Daniel Izzo

Sucks about search But that is completely not your fault. The app is still great. And hey, random still works.

Andrew Digby

A+ app An amazing TV Tropes app, it's too bad Google limited searches like that. Still works if you open links externally into the app, but you can't search the site with the app.

William Vollrath

Understand about API price versus licensing & DMCA. Wish you had a separate, unrelated paid app, so I could expre$$ appreciation.

John Devitt

Give him 5 stars regardless! App was great while it lasted. I hope it starts working again soon. Thanks for everything!

Kyle Seger

Great For the short amount of time I have glad this app it has worked beyond expectaion. Though it has stopped working I am throughly impressed by it being add free.

James Cawthon

Search is still broken for me Just as the title says, the search is still broken for me. Still an amazing app, and major props to the developer for responding to every single review I post about minor bugs and fixing everything. This app is, without exaggeration, better than the official website when searching works. Also, good job on open-source! I approve.

Omar Ramírez

To bad it won't work anymore. I loved this app.

Grey Wind

Fantastic app and dev Kudos to you, I've had this app for a long time and have never had any reason to complain, save for the search (which the dev invested a lot of effort into fixing) - beats the site in convenience

Finn TheHuman

Yay! The search function works again!!!! Thanks!

Sterling Guess

Update: Wow I could read this stuff for hours on end, but there's an issue i'm having with the search. I search for tropes and nothing appears. Already redownloaded and still nothing please fix. EDIT: God that must suck, hope it gets fixed soon, summer break just started for me and I need time to waste

Lisa Boetti

Very well made! Lots of options in the settings to tweak it as you like (like Dark Mode). Has tabbed browsing. And lists for Recently Read, Read-Later and Favorites. It's awesome. And to top it off it has no ads and is free. Respect for the developer.

Shawn G

Appreciate the hard work


Great app for people that love TvTropes.

Seumas Finlayson

Love the app but... The search engine doesn't work at the moment. The site has undergone development with the Kickstarter fund and this has evidently triggered incompatibility with the app. It urgently needs an update to accommodate the new code. Please move quickly on this! Then I'll rate 5 stars again.

Miles Edgeworth

It's so unfortunate the app doesn't work anymore. Kudos and thanks to the developer who did all of this free of charge.


Good...but search function is not working. Would give five stars but the search function suddenly stopped working a while back. Otherwise great. Note I am not in the USA.

Kenneth Chaput

Good way to read the site on phones, but has some character rendering issues This app is a nice way to read TV Tropes on the go. The text is legible, images load well, and being able to read articles offline are nice. However, I found out that certain characters on the original pages, like ellipses, completely fail to render in the app. I would like for characters like these to be supported in this app. (Edit: I found out that TV Tropes' em dashes, which are rendered from two hyphens in the source text, are actually rendered properly in the app, but ellipses are still not.)


Searching stuff is too tedious now The new way of searching the app, is incredibly clunky, And needs time to load. Previously it was incredibly responsive and didn't require heavy load times. Was a good way to kill time when my data has gone over it's cap. That is now impossible, it is now so inconvenient I find it easier to use google chrome so surf TV Tropes, unless on Wi-Fi.

Firemoko 526

Ok but with a problem Now the app runs better and all but there's still the crash problem. At least for me it's not a big annoyance, even if fixing this will make Troper a very entertaining and useful, just like your wonderful website

Evan Theilig

A perfect TV Tropes client Everything you can do on the TV Tropes website can be done on this app really well. I haven't encountered a single issue, and no ads.

Jacqui Banks

Never mind. There was a problem with the search function, but as ever, the developer was on the ball. It's working now

Joan Cherryl Laude

Offline article saving sold it for me, thanks.

Janique Woogie

Pretty Good overall but it's been somehow laggier after the recent updates.

Charles Winslett

Sorry but Now it won't load at all. It says "Troper has stopped". I hate bugging you about different things like this. It's ok tho I know you need feedback in order to try to fix stufff like this.

Johan Kartahadikusuma

Loved it I've read your struggle in every changelog, but I must say, keep up the good work! Ever since I've installed troper, i have no need to use browser to read tropes ever again. Thank you

Damn It's a good app

Lai Pigeon

OFFLINE MODE This is the one feature I've always wanted because I live in a place with terrible mobile net. Thank you so much!

Alix Taylor

You're app is broken. Every time you open a link to something, it says "ERROR" and is gone. Also crashes every two minutes. I counted.

Niall Shannon

May as well be the official tv tropes app Such a great app for reading tv tropes. Now with offline articles it just keeps getting better

Dipanjan Das

Awesome App! Just what you need.... And now with offline reading feature. You Rock!


A must have for tvtropes addicts I thought the search fix would be the last major update, but the developer keeps delivering. I love all the new subtle changes, and I couldn't be happier with the current state of the app.

Mike Emeritz

Random and Search are the only options? Am I missing something, or is Random Page and Search the only way to use this? What about a Browse feature? Not at all what I hoped for. The site is great for research, but this is useless.

Chibi UFO

EDIT My app isn't able to connect to a server, please fix thank you.

Will Abbott

Broken It was working all right, except for the occasional crash, then TV Tropes updated itself to 1.3 and it broke this app. EDIT: As of 14 May search doesn't work. EDIT: The update to fix the search problem worked for the first search and not again. EDIT: Fixed as best it can be


Love this app As another hopeless TV Tropes addict, I've loved this app for a while. It's great to see the various issues addressed. The new version worked really badly/slowly, but after a clean install it's looking good and running really quickly.

James Cawthon

Great! It's all fixed now, and working faster than ever. The developer will always comment if you have a problem and those problems are fixed quickly. This is better than the official website.

robin kirk-whitman

Pages sometimes don't display When I open a page (from search or from random) it sometimes just shows a blank screen. As far as I can tell, it's random, and it doesn't happen often. Apart from that, it's fine.

Nick Fisherman

WZRI Thanks for fixing the "weird zooming rotation issue". That WAS weird, I didn't wanna say anything.

John Menard

The best TvTropes App If you are looking for the best TvTropes app on android, look no further. This is the most complete, prettiest, most functional of the lot. You can't go wrong with Troper.

Dalton Williams

Best quality application It's really good! The best way to let TV Tropes consume your life.

Mohd Zulfitri Firdaus

Just need to fix the YMMV errors that keep on existing then this app is golden, one of a kind

Lin Jia Rui

It works fine now.


Love It Well, with the newet update, it still runs okay.


Continues to deliver This app has seen it's ups and downs but is always in a constant state of progress. I can say there is always someone trying fix to problems that arrive with the app and in the end is always in that sweet spot that allows me to get my trope fix.

Abhishek Jain

Great app! There have been some ups and downs, but the dev works really hard to make sure the app is up and running again. It works very well too! Good job!

Ron Baron

Great Search now works, so great once again

Wesley Wu

Now Material Design compliant!


Lags my phone Any time I open the app, it makes my phone lag to such an extreme degree that it can't be used. It only started doing this after the latest update. What happened?

Seumas Finlayson

Love the app but... The search engine doesn't work at the moment. The site has undergone development with the Kickstarter fund and this has evidently triggered incompatibility with the app. It urgently needs an update to accommodate the new code. Please move quickly on this! Then I'll rate 5 stars again.


Problem with spoiler text. Great work with the recent updates. However, when I choose to reveal spoiler text, the empty line that should disappear and be replaced with the text is still there. Right next to the text. Should be an easy fix. EDIT: Yep, latest version. EDIT 2: Thanks. EDIT 3: I forgot to mention, the page I'm using is a saved for offline reading article. I just tried the same article online and the spoiler text works fine.

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